The Serpent Is Talking, Part 1

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson




I HAD NO INTENTION OF DEALING WITH THIS SUBJECT AGAIN, BUT I HAVE READ SOMETHING IN A MAGAZINE I JUST RECEIVED, THAT CAUSED ME TO KNOW I MUST SAY SOMETHING. I JUST PRAY THAT THE LORD WILL GIVE ME THE WORDS TO SPEAK TO YOU, WHAT I SEE COMING DOWN THE ROAD. IT IS A SERIOUS TIME WE ARE LIVING IN; AND IT IS NOT GOING TO GET ANY BETTER BEFORE THE LORD JESUS COMES AGAIN, SO WE NEED TO PRAY EVERY DAY, THAT THE LORD WILL GRANT US THE WISDOM TO LIVE IN THE MIDST OF HUMAN DEGRADATION WITHOUT BECOMING A PART OF ANY OF IT. Just this past Thursday, I received the magazine with this article that is responsible for me dealing with this message we are going into. It is Newsweek. Some of you may have seen it too. It shows a picture of two young men and a young woman. They are bisexual. Inside, there are articles of individuals that have told their stories to this certain journalist. They are all bisexual. The lifestyles they testify of, are becoming more accepted in this perverted world society every day, some of the most perverted you can ever imagine. We are living in an hour, and in a generation of young people that have had the Bible taken away from them in their learning institutions. They have had prayer taken out of their schools, even though today there seems to be an upsurge within a certain element of college and high school students, to have prayer brought back in. They are coming to the president, and coming to the Supreme Court; and are being told, This has never really been done away with. You still have your right to pray, you have your right to discuss certain religious things on campus. But regardless of what they may say, there have been too many articles written in the past twelve years that prove otherwise. Wherever young people of a Christian family background did congregate and want to read the Bible, and have prayer as a group, they were met with hostility, and so humiliated, the environment became such that they were eventually forced out of the picture. Many times, when certain religious items were displayed in college rooms, they were taken down, and taken away, all because of atheistic minded people in politics, and in the intellectual realm, that are very prone to fight religion, to get it completely out of the American society. In one way, we can see, that if they can get it out of the institutions of education, they have won a great start in taking away from the up and coming generation of American youths, what God is all about, what salvation is all about, and what the Bible is all about. Keep in mind, the Bible is the oldest book in the world. We know it is absolutely the word of God, even though modernists will say it is just a myth, and that we cannot scientifically prove any of its contents. They are right about the last part: We cannot scientifically prove any of it. It is so put together, that educated fools will never be able to scientifically prove it. God has it so constructed, that it makes bigger fools out of those who are already fools. Those who brag and try to show the world that they are so wise, are good examples of why God did certain things in such a foolish way. The Bible itself says it is to confound the wise and prudent of this world, and bring to naught the things that man esteems as being something important. We have titled this subject, “THE SERPENT IS TALKING.” It is true you do not see the original serpent walking around. The original serpent in the Garden of Eden was not the devil. I want to put that in, for the benefit of the critics. You doctors of divinity, if you should hear this, you accuse the Branham following of saying that the devil had a sex act with Eve. He never did say that; and neither do any of us. First of all, the Bible does not in any way tell us the devil was in a corporal body. We know he is a spirit. God is a Spirit: We do not think of Him being in a corporal body either. There is one thing we have to realize though, The devil is a very powerful spirit being; and because he is, people underestimate what he is capable of doing. He can take over something that does have a body. He will always try to take over a body that at least has some kind of intellect that can be impressed by him. When we see in the Bible, that there was an original creature referred to as the serpent; and that creature allowed the devil to use him, and cause him to seduce Eve. God called him the serpent; but He did not call the serpent, the devil.


We are going to take our text from the 3rd chapter of Genesis, the very book we get the creation story from. I was recently given an article titled, Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so, a letter from a so-called Christian homosexual. In the front there is no indication as to who the author is, or where the testimony might be from. However I will read to you, what is written over in the back. “Peace, from Father James Lee Walker, August 16, 1993 the feast day of the dormation and assumption of our Lady by transfer.” It is Catholic. I read it yesterday. When I look at these two things together, the Bible, and this book, one comes from a religious source, and this comes from a social, intellectual source of the world. When I read the details and see it all, I see what the devil was after six thousand years ago, when our beginning started in the Garden of Eden, in the land of Eden, which is a geographical area that lays between the Nile and the Euphrates and the Tigress Rivers in the east. Evidently what is now the Mediterranean Sea to the north, and the dry barren desert land of Saudi Arabia, because there is where the Havilah River ran. That was before the flood. After the flood we see the topography begin to change, because there was no Mediterranean Sea before the flood. There definitely was a river valley which is now completely desert, in Saudi Arabia. That is geographically where Eden was. It is called Eden. That was not the garden, that was the place of Eden. That is where God placed the beginning of mankind in his present day genealogical reproduction of himself on the earth. It was the garden in Eden, that God placed His present day creation in, in this geographical area we have just mentioned. We might say it this way, God took a little bit of heaven and placed it right here on earth. God is heaven. In Him, the spirit world exists. He is the spirit world. He fills the spirit world. He fills the universe. Do not ever sit down with a mathematical ruler and try to figure out how big God is. When you have exhausted all of your figures, He is still bigger than that. When you measure the light years from here to space and beyond, He is still bigger than that. There is no end of His being. He fills all the space of the universe.