No archives will play on my Android device:

 The archives will play on Android devices in the Chrome web browser. Some Android devices come with another default browser installed. You may need to install the Chrome browser from the Google Play store. The services will play in some other Android browsers, but only the Chrome browser has been fully tested to ensure compatibility.

Some archive play on my devices but others will not:

Not all archives are compatible with all devices. Archives made before April 2011 were made only for Windows devices. We have converted some pre-2011 archives to be compatible with most devices. Archives that are only playable on Windows devices should be indicated on the archive page. Archives from April 2011 through December 2011 can be played on Windows, Apple, and some Android devices. Archives from January 2012 through May 2014 will play on Windows, Apple (in the safari web browser), and Android (in the chrome browser). Archives from June 2014 to present will play on Windows, Apple (in the safari web browser), Android (in the chrome browser), and Smart TVs using the Maple or WebKit browsers.

Poor video quality:

 The player automatically detects the speed of your internet connection and gives you the best picture possible without buffering. The lowest quality requires at least 300kbs of bandwidth. To get the best picture possible, you must have at least 1mb of bandwidth. If at any point while watching, your available bandwidth drops below 300kbs, your video will buffer. Most home internet packages do not guarantee a minimum speed, and the bandwidth available to you will fluctuate depending on how many other people in your area are using the internet at the same time, and other applications on your computer that are also accessing the internet. To maximize your bandwidth, avoid using the internet for other activities while watching a service. Also note, that the video quality of our broadcasts has been gradually improved over the years. HD quality is only available in archives since April 2011.

If you have a slow internet connection, try watching the audio only to avoid buffering.

Excessive buffering:

If you have a very slow connection like dial-up, which is less than 300kbs, you will not be able to watch the live video service without experiencing buffering. You could try watching the audio-only version, which requires only 50kbs of bandwidth. If you think you have high speed internet, but the video is still buffering, try pausing the video for a few seconds then resume playing. To run a test to measure how much bandwidth you have, you can visit this website: and click on the city nearest you.

Archives are unavailable:

The archives are not available during live broadcasts, if you want to watch an archive you must wait until the live broadcast has ended. Power outages, internet outages, and maintenance downtime sometimes also affect the availability of the archives during non-broadcasting times. We know that many saints depends on the archives, and we want to do our best to keep the times when the archives are unavailable as brief as possible.

Archives skip while playing:
An archive is missing or not working:

We have upgraded our servers and archiving methods several times over the years, and during the processes some links may have been broken or archives become corrupted and need to be repaired. We have over 5,000 archives linked on our website and we are not always aware that one is not working. If you come across an archive that is not working then please let us know and we can try and fix it.

To let us know an archive is not working, use the form below and choose "General Inquiry" as your department.

I can't find a podcast I am looking for:

 We started podcasting in July 2013, and services prior to that are not available as a podcast. Also, due to occasional technical problems, we were not able to create a podcast for every service. If you are looking for the newest podcast, it can take iTunes up to 24 hours to update our podcast feed and give you access to the latest downloads.

Archives or Live Broadcast is not working on my Smart TV:

Archives and Live Broadcasts work on newer model Samsung TVs. Archives work on most LG and Vizio models. Live broadcast does not work on most LG, Vizio, or older Samsung TVs.

Your Smart TV must support HLS to be able to watch the live broadcast using its built-in web browser.

How much data does watching a live service use?

If you have a internet plan that bills based on your data usage, here is some useful information to help you compare video and audio data requirements.

Click here for video

Watching a video service is about 700 MB

Click here for audio only

Listening to an audio service is about 90 MB

Which web browser should I use to watch service?
Operating System compatible_chrome compatible_ie compatible_firefox compatible_safari compatible_opera
Windows Yes Yes Yes No No
IOS\Mac No No No Yes No
Android Yes No No No No