Welcome to Faith Assembly Church

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus! There is a message we would like to share with you. It is a message of truth, power, and salvation that will change your life and take you out of this world. Join us online or in person and discover what it means to worship God in spirit and in truth.

Faith Assembly Church is a non-denominational church founded in 1955 by Bro. Raymond Jackson and home of The Contender, a magazine Faith Assembly has been publishing since 1969 to share the Word of God with hungry souls. Following the death of Bro. William Branham, Bro. Jackson continued to expound the message of the hour and spent decades in God’s service on missionaries journeys around the world building up the body of Christ and promoting the unity of faith. Bro. James Allen has been pastor since the passing of Bro Jackson in 2004, and we continue to carry on this great work of God as we prepare for the soon return of Christ.  We are standing for the truth of God’s revealed word and desire to share a message with you that is timely for the hour we are living in. We are part of a body of believers spread around world who God has united together in fellowship around the truth of His Word, and you are invited to join us.

Our three weekly church services have been livestreamed online since 1999 to our viewers who tune in from all over the world, and you are invited to watch live and join us in fellowship around the Word of God.  There are thousands of recorded sermons and hundreds of editions of The Contender available on our website. If you have questions about the end time, a desire to have a closer walk with God, or are wanting to understand the things written in the Bible, then you will find many answers in our archives. You can use the the search tools on this page, or visit our index page to search through the archives.  You are invited to contact us with your prayer requests and questions. We pray you find the contents to be blessing. Faith Assembly Church is located at 1715 Old Potters Lane in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Anyone who seeks to know the truth of God’s word is welcome.