Who Are The 144,000?

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

Israel has witnessed Miraculous miracles over her past 21 years history surviving three wars that sought her utter destruction. Why has God befriended Israel while Satan has sought desperately to destroy her? What miraculous event is prophesied to occur shortly in Israel which shall affect them religiously? How shall this event affect the Gentiles? Who is destined to preach the last gospel this world shall ever hear? Read this amazing story that your Bible reveals of how 144,000 men are destined to change the course of the Age. In the book of Rev. Chapters 7 and 14 is recorded a mysterious group referred to as the 144,000. Who are they? How do they fit into God’s end-time program’ ‘Why are they mentioned in the scriptures? Before us is the Word of God as it was written in. days of old, but we must rely upon the Lord to give us understanding of its meaning. Why were these scriptures placed in the writings of John in this particular place?

Jesus as Priest


For years there was a particular religious movement who claimed they were this group, until their number far surpassed that of the 144,000. Now they stagger backward wondering themselves, who is the 144,000? Is this a people taken from the denominal churches and called the Bride of Christ? Or is it a people taken from the house of Israel for some precise calling? What saith the scriptures? God’s Word plainly states who they are and where they were taken from. Note: according to scripture these people are not a mixed nationality of people, as the Gentiles would be. Everyone of these 144,000 is of one nationality. This multitude comes from no other race of people than Israel.


Reading from Rev. 6 we note this great chapter contains the opening and closing of the six seals. Chapter 6 closes with the sixth seal being mentioned as to what is means and how it points out certain events surrounding Christ’s return to earth to rule and reign. It is the application of the 6th seal which brings about the close of the age, with the coming of Christ executing His wrath and judgement while their ungodly cry for mountains to fall upon them. Further more the 6th seal over-shadows the dreaded tribulation period of 31/2 years or 42 months. These days, according to Matthew must be shortened in order that flesh might be saved alive for His new reign. (Matt. 24:22) But notice when that 6th seal was written the 7th seal had not even been brought into the writing of scripture, as far as chronological order was concerned. We note that after the closing of the 6th seal John did not begin to write about the 7th seal, which chronologically should have followed the 6th. The next sight he witnessed WAS NOT A SEAL, BUT ANOTHER EVENT WHICH HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH A SEAL. In Rev. 7:1 John sees four angels standing on the four corners of the earth. What an unusual place to be standing! Other translations say AT THE 4 CORNERS. What does it mean? Could it mean one angel stands on (at) the north pole while another stood at the south pole? If that be true then I would like to ask the question, where is the cast and west pole of the earth located? The four corners of the earth is none other than the center of the earth. Do you know what we speak of when we refer to the heart or center of the earth? That my friends is no other place than THE MIDDLE EAST!! THE MIDDLE EAST These four angels were standing in no other part of the world than the middle East. Why the Middle East? Here is where south and north begins, where far east and the west all begins. Jerusalem is geographically known to be situated in the center of the earth. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear of new troubles and up risings in the middle East. Are you aware that Palestine is the center of Earth’s surface? Note in chapter 7, what the angels where holding back in the Middle East.


Beloved, these are the same four winds seen by Daniel in his vision. Do you recall where Daniel was situated at the time of his vision? No where but in the middle East. Where did the first world Empire originate from? The Middle East! True, all the first three world empires originated from the Middle East! But take note to the fourth world empire, ROME. It originated not in the East, BUT IN THE WEST, in Europe. This fourth empire called Rome originated from the four winds Daniel saw blowing upon the sea, which, according to Rev. 17:15, represents the mass of humanity. John says after this I saw four angels standing on (at) the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth that they should not blow (up) any world conflicting serious conditions. “These winds should not blow upon the earth or the sea (humanity) nor on any tree.” This could mean nothing other than the conflicts leading rapidly toward Armegedon, or in simple terms the 4 angels were holding back conflicts pushing toward Armageddon, that dreaded battle that must occur in the Middle East very shortly before the return of Christ to the earth to set up His kingdom. From the 16th chapter of Rev. we note the vials of wrath are poured out during the tribulation period-the same as the trumpets are sounding during the tribulation Period. We note also that in the sixth trumpet and vial, four angels were loosed in the Euphrates country. This according to scripture was for the preparation of the dreaded battle of Armageddon.


John says he heard a voice saying to the four angels holding back these four winds that were ready to blow in the middle east (where north, south, east and west meet), John heard still another voice of an angel who was ascending from the East. Note what this angel was carrying! THE SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD. He cried, with a loud voice to the four angels standing at the four corners of the earth firmly holding back the four winds saying “Hurt not the earth, the sea, (humanity), until we have sealed THE SERVANTS of our God in -their forehead.” Here we note world conditions such as war and strife were mounting heavily, but the four angels are restraining the four winds from blowing death and destitution, no doubt through an atomic war, upon the earth until 144,000 servants of God would be marked.


The great angel was to seal (mark), these servants of God in their foreheads. Remember it has already been stated, this 144,000 men servants were not taken from the Gentiles but from the great House of Israel. THERE IS NOT A GENTILE IN THE GROUP. For John plainly states he witnessed the sealing or marking of 144,000 and every one sealed was from the tribes of the children of Israel. Yes, all came out of the tribes of the descendants of Israel, 12,000 from each tribe. Note, according to Rev. 5-8 the same number of men were taken from each tribe. WHAT DOES MARK IN THEIR FOREHEAD SIGNIFY? I Let’s talk momentarily about the forehead. Why was the mark placed in the forehead? Why could not the seal be placed upon the arm or back? Why particularly the fore-head? Before we touch on this lets turn to Rev. 17. Where John tells of an experience-being carried away into the wilderness, seeing a beautiful woman riding a scarlet colored beast. This woman also had a mark on her forehead, further-more, she was holding something in her hand. What was it? The angel told John he was going to see the judgement of the great whore. To witness this judgement he was carried INTO THE WILDERNESS, where stood a scarlet colored beast carrying a rider on it’s back. This rider was a woman, clothed in scarlet, decked out in all manner of precious stones. In her hand she was holding something, on the forehead something was written. In her hand she held a cup, FULL TO THE BRIM OF ABOMINATIONS AND FORNICATIONS. In their forehead was a strange writing. It simply read “MYSTERY BABYLON THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS.” (Rev. 17:5) From this marking the woman is identified. This only goes to prove that the mind of man is none other place than were a revelation of teaching works. Revelations of the scriptures do not originate or work in the heart, but within the mind. Yet, we realize that out of the heart man speaketh, but first there must be truly an allegiance with the mind. It is the mind that causes the heart to speak what it does concerning the scripture or any other belief. Looking into Rev. 14, we see that mark or the name written in the foreheads of the 144,000, they have the Lamb’s fathers name written in their forehead. Notice there are 3 markings of people in Rev. (1) The multitudes will be forced to accept the name of man, or his number 666. (Rev. 13:15-18) This will identify the masses with the antichrist, while the 144,000 all from the House of Israel will have a different name—the name of God, not an antichrist. That third marking was recorded in Rev. 17 a woman carries a mysterious name in her forehead, not the name of the Father as did this 144,000 but her own name Mystery Babylon the Mother of Harlots, showing that the woman did not have a revelation on who the Father was, hence she carried her own diabolical name which had been derived, not from a true revelation of God’s Word, but from the cup of abomination, filthiness, pollution and fornication, carried within her hands. The 7th chapter of Rev. did not reveal what the 14th chapter revealed concerning the 144,000 servants of God sealed out of the tribes of Israel, nor does the 7th chapter give us as much detail concerning their calling as the 14th chapter. The 7th: chapter merely states who they were. (2) How many they were—and (3) what they were—SERVANTS OF GOD!! The 7th chapter merely informs us the entire 144,000 were chosen out of the house of Israel though it does not tell for what precise reason and purpose. They were scaled while wars and strifes were being held off. Remember each one was a man, NOT ONE WOMAN IN THIS ENTIRE GROUP. For they were all servants of the Living God.


If that was the only number out of Israel that God ever intended to save while permitting all the rest of Israel to be destroyed during the coming of Christ when His wrath is poured upon this wicked world, where would He ever get Jewish seed to repopulate their nation? How could He fulfill His promise unto Peter and all the other apostles recorded in Matt. 19:28 if He only intended to save out 144,000 men? Men alone can’t repopulate a race. Yes, with only 144,000 men it would truly be impossible to have a great Israelite nation during the millenium as He will have other nations (Zech. 14:16). It is quite plain from Rev. 19 when Christ does come on this earth, out of His mouth shall proceed a sharp two-edged sword that shall smite the nations in judgement and wrath. Second, according to scripture Christ takes the remnant of the nations left after His judgement is poured out and rules them with a rod of iron. This remnant of nations was spared for one purpose—SEED FOR REPRODUCTION OF THE EARTH DURING THE GLORIOUS 1000 YEAR REIGN. (Consult our August issue of Contender for the message The Age of Regenera-tion, which explains from the scriptures things tha: must transpireduring that glorious reign called the millenium.) The law of reproduc-tion still working in the HUMAN BODIES during the millenium shall demand that something more than 144,000 men be saved. At this rate there would be no male and female for reproducing the Israelite race during the 1000 years. How could Rev. 20:8-9 possibly be fulfilled? That is why the Sept. issue of the Contender carried the story of the woman in Rev. 12 showing this was none other than the true Israelite nation CONSISTING OF BOTH MALE AND FEMALE, But WITH-IN this woman, Israel, was the sealing away of a special 144,000 men for a precise reason—God using them in a certain period of time and for a certain purpose. Although the woman in Rev. 12 portrayed the over all picture of the true spiritual Israel in her natural environment, that chapter revealed how God would purpose to deal with His people as a nation in order to perserve the seed for the mil-lienium. God recorded these two separated chapters in this manner showing forth the distinction. Chapter 7 deals with the 144,000 sealed away in Israel, while Rev. 12 overshadows the entire nation of Israel both male and female, and revealing how God works out his purpose in sparing the nation.


Many people read Rev. 7 feeling, while it is true, God will save a 144,000, before the millienium begins, there will be no work for them until the millenium comes into being. Many people feel this 144,000 will be shelved after their sealing and has no obligation to God or mankind until the new reign begins. Beloved this is not true! God has no intentions of sealing away this number and not disturbing ,until the 1000 years reign. God saved this number for a purpose, and that purpose was not for them to be put on a shelf and used over in the millenium. While it is true He will use them in the millenium also He shall use them mightily before the millenium begins. FOR WHAT PURPOSE WERE THESE CALLED? We note reading from Rev. 7:4-8 that 12,000 men are scaled from each tribe of Israel. Yet one name of the tribe does not appear, therefore NO MAN WAS SEALED FROM IT. That tribe was Dan. Why did God leave Dan out of this picture? It is most unusual. It seems the Eternal does not remember having a tribe named Dan. The reason perhaps God did not choose a man from Dan is a secret locked within His own mind. The scripture does not comment as to why. Verse 8 finishes with the sealing of the tribe of Benjamin-12,000 men. WHY DID GOD REFUSE TO CALL 12,000 FROM DAN’S TRIBE Perhaps to have a clearer under-standing as to why the Eternal God called no man from the tribe of Dan we must observe three very import-ant portions of Old Testament scripture—(1) THE WARNING.. Deut. 29:10-21 shows Moses instructing the children of Israel concerning what would happen unto a man, woman, family or tribe who would ever observe graven images or idols. Verse 20, Moses states God would blot out forever their name from under the heavens (how would this apply to Dan’s tribe). (2) THE WARNING IGNORED– Judges 18: records the tribe of Dan as having already been affected by this spirit of idolatry. It appears the tribe of Dan had not been given an inheritance, so they I began to seek for themselves an inheritance. Five men were sent to s spy but a certain area of Caanan called Laish. On their way to this area, these men passed the house of Micah who had taken unto himself a young priest for his household. The spies enquired of the young priest to seek the Lord whether the land would be delivered into their hands. He instructed them that the Lord was with them and it would he delivered unto them—AND SO IT WAS. On their return trip they propositioned the young priest to go with them and become the priest of the tribe of Dan. Dan, does not now only have a priest separate from the house of Israel, they also have in their possession, which is property of the priest, an ephod, teraphim and A GRAVEN AND MOLTEN IMAGE— both violations of Deut. 29:10-21. The graven image was a god. Remember Gods stern warning to any tribe that would observe images— He would blot their name out forever from under the heavens. It appears this tribe of Dan was the influential tribe leading others to worship idols according to 1 Kings. When the tribes split into two 12:25-31 Jeroboam who had be-come king over the ten tribes, feared that if Israel was to continue worshipping at Jerusalem eventually the Northern and Southern kingdoms would reunite. To prevent this he introduced unto Israel two golden calf idols, telling Israel these were the gods leading them out of Egypt. Verses 29, 30 tells us he placed one image in Bethel while the other was set up in the furtherest point away from Jerusalem in the tribe of Dan and THIS THING BECAME A SIN FOR THE PEOPLE WENT TO DAN TO WORSHIP IDOL GODS— this idol worship remained until the carrying away of captivity. For this sin, evidentially God blotted out the name of the tribe of Dan according to His warning in Deut. 29., as we note thousands of years later when He calls the tribes back to the homeland sealing in 144,000, NOT ONE MAN IS MENTIONED FROM THE TRIBE OF DAN. It is interesting to note that under the law dispensation that only the, Levites were the ministers, however, after the Bride is taken it will be the entire House of Israel (144,000) carrying the everlasting gospel unto the Gentile world.


Verse 9 commences with a NEW THOUGHT and a new scene. Following the sealing of the 144,000 verse-9 says, after this—notice NOT BEFORE THIS. You may be startled to learn that the 144,000 is responsible for the remaining verses 9-17. It was their labor that produced verses 9-17. “AFTER THIS I beheld a great multitude which no man could number of all nations, kindreds, and people and tongues, who stood before the Throne and before the Lamb. Clothed in white robes and palms in their hand. NOTICE THIS MULTITUDE CAME FROM ALL NATIONS, WHILE THE 144,000 CAME FROM ONLY ONE NATION. Note also, the following statement shows beyond any doubt this new segment of people could not be the Bride of Christ, although the Bride of Christ was taken from all nations, it does not consist of AN ALL MARTYRED GROUP AS THIS NUMBER DID. Further I more, the following statement- “were clothed in white robes and palm branches in their hands” proves they were not of the Bride. I Do you know why? Simply because THE BRIDE ISN’T GIVEN WHITE ROBES. Notice this new multitude wearing white robes, and crying with a loud voice SALVATION BELONGETH TO OUR GOD—which sitteth upon the throne and unto the Lamb. Yes, THIS MULTITUDE KNEW SALVATION WAS DUE TO OUR GOD AND NOT TO SOME CHURCH SYSTEM. Here they testify salvation belongeth to our God and no one else. In this hour when these scriptures are fulfilled, this will prove to be very unhealthy testimony. Note also in Rev. there are two separated classes of people who are given white robes. Neither group was of the resurrected or translated Bride, who were now in their new glorified bodies. An elder asked John a question. Do you have any idea who ‘ these are arrayed in white robes? Or where they come from? John’s answer was Sir, thou knowest, (Rev. 7:13-14) Notice although John did not recognize this great multitude nor did he have the slightest idea where they came from. He had no trouble recognizing the first group, the 144,000 or where they came from because they were his people. So in reference to the great multitude coming out from all nations and seen standing before the throne, John said Sir, I don’t know, but thou knowest. The elder answered saying, THESE ARE THEY WHO CAME OUT OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION. (Great afflication or great persecution Rev. 7:14) Here we note the dark hour. All of these saints had waded through death-it was the great tribulation. Remember the great tribulation will not occur until the last 42 months. Before the coming of Christ. Among this VAST NUMBER THAT COULD NOT BE NUMBERED WERE THE POOR FOOLISH VIRGINS, who had been unable to classify as wise virgins when Christ came for His Bride (Matt. 25 1-13). Do not think for a moment this great multitude consisted of only foolish virgins, though foolish virgins were in this great slaughter. They had maintain-ed their testimony through man’s darkest hour. Rather than receive the mark of the beast or his image they gladly forfeited their life. These were well acquainted with the anti-christ system, and his image which will be the world council of churches. It was THIS GROUP OR IMAGE THAT WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR DEATH. These had simply refused the mark on their forehead or hand during that our of the greatest height of Pagan likeness of Ecumenicalism WHO STOOD FOR GOD AND CRIED OUT UNTO THE WORLD — GET AWAY FROM THIS SYSTEM as now all groups will be rapidly uniting to save their unworthy lives (Lk. 9:24) Certainly not the Bride of Christ although the last messenger in the Bible shows the Bride inviting everyone to come to this fountain of living water. But HERE IN THIS HOUR THE BRIDE OF CHRIST HAS GONE TO GLORY. (Then who shall be a voice for God during this dark hour?? Any volunteers? Yes, they have already volunteered and have been chosen and sealed for this hour. IT IS THIS 144,000 JEWS —BUT WHAT DOES JEW KNOW ABOUT BABYLON? Truly some-one who does know something about it, will be obligated to instruct them all about this diabolical system and REMEMBER THEIR CRY MUST GO FOURTH BEFORE THAT MARK OF THE BEAST IS GIVEN ELSE—Who ever received it would for ever be doomed. Rev. 7 tells of an unnumbered multitude coming from all nations of the world WHO HAD GOTTEN VICTORY OVER THE BEAST. These poor Souls would not receive his mark. Rev. 15:2-3 revealed a great host who had gotten victory over the Beast—and his mark standing on the SEA OF GLASS MINGLED WITH FIRE, (This demonstrates these standing here had come through fiery PERSECUTIONS AND TRIAL.) Another translation states they stand on a sea of glass shot through with fire. Since they had the victory over the IMAGE according to verse 2 it could be no other Period than the tribulation FOR THE IMAGE DOES NOT APPEAR IN ANY OTHER PERIOD OF HISTORY EXCEPT THE TRIBULATION PERIOD. Yes they had come out victorious over the beast, but to do so they had lost their lives – now they stand on this sea of Glass mingled with fire depicting what they had endured. (The number no man can number). Who had warned this unnumbered multitude? Who instructed them to flee from this system? NONE OTHER THAN THE 144,000 WHO HAD BEEN SEALED UNTIL THIS SPECIAL HOUR. The Bride could not preach to this multitude during this hour of tribulation – she had already gone to be with the Lord. This multitude was killed during the great tribulation.


Remember John didn’t recognize this group although he recognized the 144,000, the elder told John this multitude had come up out of (the) great tribulation and had washed their robes making them white in the blood of the lamb. (Later you shall see why this group could not possibly be the Bride. For the Bride is never once pictured washing robes in the blood of the Lamb). So in reference to the great multitude who had come out of all nations seen standing before the throne John said, “Sir, (I don’t knowest but) thou knowest.” Then the elder answered, THESE ARE THEY THAT CAME OUT OF THE GREAT ‘TRIBULATION – (Great Affliction, The Great Persecution) Rev. 7:14. Verse 16 testifies they shall neither hunger nor thirst anymore. Neither shall the sun light on them or any heat, for the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne. shall feed them and shall lead them unto living fountains of water, and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. (Much sorrow
and tears will be witnessed during the darkest 42 months in man’s history.)


We have now reached the part of our message where we must explain why we have placed so much emphasis upon the word robes. THREE TIMES in the scriptures THE WORD “WHITE ROBE” IS REFERRED TO. Each time the words white robes appear it is given unto A MARTYRED SOUL, or someone who died because of desiring to serve God. First in Rev. 6, under the 5th seal those MARTYRED individuals were given white robes. Rev. 7, refers to a great unnumbered MARTYRED MULTITUDE GIVEN WHITE ROBES, another place says they washed their robes and made them white. ALTHOUGH REV. 5:11 AND REV. 7:9-13 DEAL WITH MARTYRED SOUL, THEY ARE CERTAINLY NOT THE SAME GROUP. Rev. 19:7-8, Pictures another group in glory. This group is the Bride. Notice how they are dressed NOT IN ROBES that have been washed in the blood of the lamb. They are not holding palm branches, but they are arrayed in something entirely different!! FINE LINEN, CLEAN AND WHITE, (Rev. 19:8) WHAT A DIFFERENCE?? Rev. 7:9 shows this number that received robes was so vast it is beyond mans power to number. These were MARTYRED according to verse 14 during no other period of time than the Great Tribulation. TWO GROUPS HAS ROBES, THE BRIDE WORE a far more expensive material called FINE LINEN. This is the garment of the Bride.


Although we can’t give a precise time of their sealing, there are certain clues as to the time element. To understand this time element we must examine briefly the 6 seals recorded in Rev. 6:1-17 in the light they were delivered to believers by Bro. William Branham, God’s Messenger to the Age. Many of you no doubt heard the revelation of the seals as they were broken in 1963. Remember what the first seal was? It was the spirit of the anti-christ which had arisen during the first church age and began riding and projecting itself. By the time we travel down to the second age we find there was another seal (2nd) pointing into that period of time. What was the revelation of the 2nd seal? It was none other than the second horse rider—riding a red horse. This was an age of modern-ism, but the same spirit that was riding in the first seal had now taken on another characteristic in the 2nd seal, and begin to martyr and destroy the true church. First Satan tried this accomplishment by send-ing in false teachers, when this cunning means fail to bring to naught the true church who would cat only apostolic revelation of the word, Satan decided on a second thought, that was to kill them off. With this in mind Satan agitated the Roman government and ushers in the great era of martyrdom. When that didn’t succeed he personally entered into religious leadership during the 3rd church age, and through the next 500 years slaughtered all who did not uphold his teachings. This was the age of Romanism setting in motion the Roman Catholic Church era, watch what happens. The 3rd seal which also coincides perfectly with the 3rd, and 4th church ages was produced from its rider on a black horse. During this period of time Rome was selling the gospel, they took this true gospel with all its ordinances and made a monetary gimmick out of it. History reveals how they began to sell it to the world. While doing so, Rome was busy tearing down the true funda-mental doctrines that had originally been taught by the early apostolic Fathers. CLAIMING THEM-SELVES to be apostolic, yet tearing out from under the church her true christian foundation and in it’s place inserted their own Babylonian dogmas and creeds until by the time 1000 years expired, the world was stooped in spiritual darkness. It knew nothing of the origin of apostolic teaching by Christ, all because of the effects of the black horse rider under the 3rd seal. Spiritual death hit the world as they continued selling the Bread of Life-(The written Word itself) FOR MONEY. No wonder under the third seal a voice was heard saying hurt not the oil and wine Neighbor YOU CAN’T SELL THE HOLY GHOST (OIL) ANY MORE THAN YOU CAN SELL THE TRUE REVELATION OF GOD (WINE) OR A GENUINE HOLY GHOST EXPERIENCE. FOURTH SEAL Coming to the fourth seal we remember the horse Bro. Branham brought out by revelation was a pale or gray horse showing when black and white is mixed together. It represents the period after the reformation when Protestantism, which AT FIRST AROSE IN ALL ITS PURITY, LOST THAT PURITY, coming down through the era of the reformation, WHAT’S IT DOING? Its running its course. The closing of the entire Gentile dispensation will be a time when old Roman Catholicism, which is none other than the BLACK HORSE ERA, and Protestantism which was white IN ITS ORIGINAL MAKE-UP, blends itself together to become the one world church ushering in the tribulation period. You have nothing there Beloved BUT DEATH, because A PALE HORSE ALWAYS REPRESENT and portray A HORSE WITH THE BLOOD DRAWN OUT. That’s exactly what this modern day religious world has come to. NO BLOOD!!! They want nothing to do with the blood. Don’t discuss with them a bloody religion. Certain groups have even dropped the blood from their hymnals. But brother they will lift up every doctrine, creed, dogma, ritual or anything else. This entire apostate Gentile world has become political-ly and socially minded. Their only concern today is with world ,problems, not for the salvation of lost man kind. Neighbor that fourth horse rider rode right off into the bloody tribulation where Satan incarnated himself into a man. We note this spirit, first rode a white horse, next the horse turned to red then to black, last of all it turned to a pale color. Going right on out into the tribulation period where the man of sin is fully manisfested.


I Notice carefully the fifth seal. A ‘Efferent seal altogether than the first four. For the 5th seal steps pack quite sometime before the tribulation period. Although it is dealing with Jews, it is dealing with Jews BEFORE the tribulation period—with reference to the tribulation period in one statement. Speaking from a time element :standpoint the 5th seal doesn’t follow the 4th seal for remember hat 4th seal carried you completely nto the tribulation period, but the fifth seal in its revelatory application !Kings you back this side of the tribulation •period to World War II into the Hitler era. Look carefully my friends as to who is under the 5th seal, Revelation 6:9-11 says 11’When he had opened the 5th seal I raw under the altar the souls of them that were slain, for the Word if God, and for the testimony which they held: and they cried with a loud voice saying How long O Lord Holy and True, doest thou not avenge our blood, on them that dwell on the earth.” Please notice once again that white robes were given unto each of them, land it was said unto them that they should rest a little season until their fellow servant also and THEIR BRETHREN SHOULD BE KILLED AS THEY WERE. Note it was WHITE ROBES that had been given unto those WHO WERE MARTYRED for the word of God and the testimony which they held. Accord-ing to the revelation given to Bro. Branham these were a portion or part of the 6,000,000 martyred Jews under Hitler’s purge during World War II. Just another diabolical Lord, why does this have to befall me? Why was my life like this? I am just a young woman, all I ever desired was a home and family. Bravely she took her place beside the pit as the German machine guns silenced her prayer. And her riddled body along with the multitude toppled into a mass grave while bulldozers awaited to bury them. YES MANY OF THESE SPIRITS CAME OUT OF THOSE BODIES AND WENT TO REST UNDER THE ALTAR. (Rev. 6:9-10) Now we hear them crying out “How long 0 Lord,” Yes I see them as they look up to the great Eternal Throne of God asking How long it will be before he avenges their blood on that murderous, barbarious group on eat th. It was said just be quiet a little while longer THERE ARE SOME MORE OF YOU THAT MUST BE KILLED. What is it? God who liberated prison camps also. Many of you no doubt became sick at what you saw. Pictures of Jewish bodies stacked like cord wood. Why kill 6,000,000 Jews? No doubt it was Gods only means to get the Jews to go home from all parts of the world. Just as God permitted Pharoah to place the Israelites under servitude they too began crying out until God heard their plea, sending them a delivered to lead them home. Note this horrible persecution led Israel back to the promised land. No doubt had God not permitted Hitler to kill 6,000,000 Jews they would never have gone back to the promised land, which had laid vacant for centuries Ezekiel said it would overturn meaning that the city of Jerusalem would be turned upside down, over and over until He comes whose right it is to rule and reign. Since that dreadful day Babylon lead King Zedicaiah away into captivity after having gouged out his eyes and killed his sons in his presence. Jerusalem has continually been turned upside down until we come to the very closing hours of the Gentile dispensation just prior to the Lord returns—who is the rightful ruler and restorer of peace to this world. Before you is a horrible picture of a railroad boxcar full of human bodies, remember those martyred souls under the fifth seal were people under Hitler’s purge. Perish the thought that every one of these 6,000,000 Jews received robes, THEY DID NOT. Though all were martyred, probably many an atheist was in that group. There were many a Jew in that number who never believed in God. But with in that great slaughtered host there were many a sincere orthodox Jew who found himself going into the gas chamber, or before the firing squad, would call upon the God he had faithful served, or perhaps found himself being forced into some boxcar, crammed in like sardines, as. one ex-soldier informed me who was on hand to open boxcars full of poor Jews who had been shipped out of Poland. For days they had stood upon their feet, many starving to death, packed so tightly they were unable to fall, only to die leaning against each other. This man informed me when the boxcar door’s opened they tumbled out stiff as cord wood, WHAT A TORTURE! But neighbor it took that to awaken those Jews to realize that His God was saying it is time to go home. Yes many of those 6,000,000 were true orthodox Jews. An article by an escaped Jew prisoner tells of one such case. A young Jewish girl who had been condensed to nothing but skin and bones was on her way to a massacre that she was to participate in. Being lined up on the edge of a pit with many others soon to be massacred, the young girl looked up with tears streaming down her cheeks. The aim of satan’s to exterminate the Jews. Satan could foresee that Gods purpose was now getting close at hand. But note how the Eternal God used Satan’s means to exterminate the Jew to fullfill his own purpose. The remaining Jews who were not executed in Europe began to cry out, WE WANT TO GO HOME, BACK TO PALESTINE. After the war that is exactly what they did. It was Hitler’s dreaded persecution on the Jew that caused him to want to go home. Below is shown a picture sent to me from a brother in Oklahoma, who was in an outfit that helped liberate Jewish concentration camps in 1945. Remember last month we published pictures taken by another outfit has the nation Israel back in her home land once more before that great national purge begins during the tribulation, after which lie ushers in the Millinium giving them David their long awaited Messiah King. Can you picture hundreds of those bodies, similar to the ones in the pictures, having been faithful Jews in observing the law of Moses—to them it was the Word of God—it was their testimony they held. Believing in one God called Jehovah, and when their Messiah does appear He will be that Jehovah manifested in the flesh, not some second person of a Babylonian trinity which was originated by Gentiles, NOT THE JEWS. Picture these poor souls slaughtered in the massacre desiring their blood to be avenged, only to be told they must wait a little season until their fellow servants and brethren should bet killed as they were. More Jews must be killed. More Jews must face the same thing that you have faced. But notice white robes was given unto them. White robes speaks of righteousness. It is life that was imparted unto them, because they had not denied their God Jehovah. Keep this in mind. World War II began in 1938 and ended with the German defeat in 1945, thus THE 5th SEAL WAS FULFILLED DURING THAT PERIOD OF TIME. Though we as believers did not know its revelatory reality or what it applied to until the messenger of the age through divine revelation interpreted its meaning. Note careful from World War II until our present time God has used that period in order to launch His time factor in dealing with Israel. He again sent forth that long awaited call into the earth calling Israel back into the homeland. The minute those Jews began to depart from Europe and South America, Jews from all over the world began returning into the promised land of Israel. By 1948 Israel was recognized as a nation. But we are Gentiles, what is God doing with the Gentiles? By His sovereign grace He begins, for his last time, dealing with us WHEN HE BEGAN DEALING WITH THE JEW. For what purpose is God dealing with us Gentiles? His only interest now is dealing exclusively with His Bride church body preparing them for the rapture and the marriage supper of the Lamb. Notice that 5th seal under Hitler’s purge lasted from the latter part of 1938 until 1945 when the Jews started home. Shall we say for the last twenty years this has been a time God has spent dealing exclusively with the Gentile church to take out of it a people for His name? Today we realize as the church age closes out, THINGS ARE BEING SET IN MOTION in not to distant future to usher in the tribulation period. Seemingly today there is great controversy among people as to the length of the tribulation period.


May I say this, in order for there to even be a tribulation period there must first be a period of introduction to this dreaded hour for the man of sin, the Pope of Rome, to receive his world recognition as the (false) peace maker where he makes a covenant with Israel for a scheduled 1 prophetical week. Remember, before the anti-christ can break the covenent with Israel, he first must make a coven-ant. According to scripture he breaks the covenant 31/2 years AFTER IT WAS MADE. Breaking this covenant issues in the tribulation period upon Israel and the foolish virgins. The tribulation period itself will last 42 months or 1203 score days, or times time and (144,000 continued from page 4) a half a time as Daniel explained it when the anti-christ crack the whip over Israel, while for 42 months they tread the Holy ground under foot. The tribulation itself shall be only 11/2 yrs. The question could be asked how close are we to those BUILD UP YEARS? Many of you no doubt have read the recent article in the papers and because of it’s importance to this message I am going to print it in full. It discloses the Israel Jewish foreign minister Abba Eban who was scheduled to confer with Pope Paul VI October 6 at the Vatican. It was to be the first official meeting ever held bet-ween a high ranking Israel official and the pope. A foreign minister spokesman stated the arrangements for the meeting was promoted in the great interest shown by the Roman Catholic Church in the East and THE HOLY PLACES, Friend did you realize the Catholic church has placed shrines ALL OVER THE HOLY LAND? Each place of any Biblical significance is represented by a huge Catholic church. Through out the land of Israel where ever an angel appeared or where ever God was to have done something super-natural, since the era of Christ the Roman Catholic church has built shrines all over the land, referring to them as holy places. Naturally the pope is interested in the Holy places in the East. He doesn’t want his holy places tampered with for one rea-son or another. Beloved I am convinced the God of Heaven looks down and frowns upon it all. Think of it, this Israel official actually conferred with the Pope, it only goes to show that even now WITH IN THE POLITICAL FRAMEWORK OF THE GOVT. OF ISRAEL IS THE VERY MEN NEEDED WHO WILL SOON REACH OUT AND SIGN THAT COVENANT BILL OF GOODS WITH THAT MAN OF SIN. We are only waiting for the rest of the world to come to the conference table to hear for themselves declared by the man of sin, his false peace negotiations. All that will be needed is for the world leaders to place their signatures on it. The tribulation period of 31/2 years or 42 months must BE INTRODUCED by the man of sin, anti-christ, or false peace maker whose declaration was to show the world how to have peace. Today that’s the worlds major concern, THEY WANT PEACE. Israel herself wants peace. Although God isn’t going to allow any peace until He comes and establishes peace in a righteous way. Remember it was prophesied by Jesus in Matt. 24 that our age would not end in peace BUT IN WAR! Somewhere beloved as the time gets closer to this covenant week period. The man of sin will make a covenent with many nations, But BASIC-ALLY ISRAEL, for it is ISRAEL WHO IS THE MAJOR, IMPORT-ANT NATION. It will be thru the nation Israel that constitutes the time factor which initiates this tribulation period. In the middle of that covenant week period the man of sin breaks that covenant, forcing the stopping of their sacrifices, especially their evening oblations, and according to Daniel this very thing ushers in that dreaded period of 31/2 years known as the tribulation period. This is when the Jew will flee, though millions will be martyred, slaughtered and butchered for they will rise in rebellion against the very anti-christ they signed a covenant with. Notice, from Hitlers era until now has only been a short period of time. You and I lived in that period! How close arc we to this? No one knows, but we are already witnessing in the daily news the foreshadow of it. As we move closer and closer to that period of time it shall become less and less a shadow until it has become a reality. World conditions are set-ting in. This apostate protestant world council of churches is now beginning to merge with Rome. That old black horse is mixing, becoming the gray or pale horse, READY TO RIDE INTO THE TRIBULATION PERIOD. What’s ahead for Israel? THE SOON EVENT OF THE SEALING AWAY OF THE 144,000!! What happens before their sealing away?


Somewhere God will have two Jews who is being prepared to fulfil a number of scriptures in revelation. If we are living in the closing hours of time these two Jews must be alive somewhere today. Somewhere God has them set aside. No doubt He is speaking to their hearts and many things are buzzing with in their minds concerning world conditions. They are not two atheistic Jews somewhere thinking about the moon. They are two Jews who are interested in the coming of their Messiah. Perhaps they are wondering why is all this going on in the world today as it is? And why after all these centuries are we back in our homeland? Slowly but surely God is molding their thinking, bringing them closer and closer to the hour when He will make Himself known to them by some supernatural means. THESE TWO JEWS ARE ANOINTED AND DESTINED TO FULFILL REV. 11! ONE WILL CARRY THE MINISTRY AND SPIRIT OF ELIJAH, while the other CARRIES THE MINISTRY AND SPIRIT OF MOSES. Their first objective after appearing on the scene in Israel and Jerusalem will be to proclaim something to this Jewish race concerning Jesus Christ who for almost 2000 years has been rejected.


In Rev. 14, we learn from the marking in their foreheads (under-standing) these two prophets did a marvelous work. From their teachings came the quick sealing away of the 144,000, a number to be sealed away for a service and a purpose for God. Now that this is accomplished from their preaching, does it re-lease these two prophets from further obligation? Not for a moment!! Their second objective will be to prophesy in the midst of Israel 31/2 years BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF THE TRIBULATION OR THE LAST HALF WEEK OF DANIEL’S PROPHES-CIES. Then their prophecies must begin some time around the signing of the covenant or the first 31/2 -years of the week before the tribulation begins. Remember IT IS THE BREAKING OF THAT COVENANT of the antichrist with Israel which SETS THE TRIBU-LATION IN MOTION. Also it was because of these two prophets (eagles) prophesying for a total of 1203 score days that the woman Israel (Rev. 12) portraying the true spiritual seed of Israel took two wings of an eagle (the 2 prophets messages) which instructed them how and where to flee into the wilderness AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TRIBULATION where she was nurtured and cared for 31/2 years. (This also was previously discussed in our Sept. issue of the Contender) Beloved a question—if these two prophets only arrive in Israel IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK or the last 31/2 years to proclaim a message WHICH ITSELF lasts for 31/2 years, and they no sooner would arrive in Israel when suddenly the tribulation begins and the woman is forced to flee for her life. How could Israel possibly hear what these two prophets had to say? There is no question about it, THESE TWO PROPHETS MUST APPEAR IN ISRAEL SOME-WHERE WITHIN THE FIRST 1/4 OF THE WEEK, or what is refer-red to as the BUILDUP YEARS leading to the tribulation—to DE-LIVER THEIR MESSAGE. In order for this woman in Rev. 12 to be equipped with the two wings of the eagle message IT FIRST HAS TO BE DELIVERED by these two prophets and again I say that message according to scripture TAKES 31/4 YEARS TO BE DELIVERED. (Rev. 11:3) Once that man of sin breaks the covenant and rises to take author-ity over Israel, he reaches forth and CUTS OFF THESE TWO PROPHETS. (Rev. 11:7-8) But remember their message has al-ready been delivered to spiritual Israel, including the 144,000. Now they are scattered quickly over the face of the earth to proclaim THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL. 2nd—By this time the true spiritual Jew making up the 12th chapter of Rev. has also heard the message of the two prophets and away they flee—before the antichrist can lay his hand on them. What does that leave within the holy land? No-thing but a group of old apostate Jews who shall suffer the wrath of the antichrist.


Turn now to Rev. 14, remember Rev. Chapter 7 overshadowed Chapter 14, yet BOTH chapters bring out certain details which further explain the working and dealing of God in behalf of the 144,000. Some have thought the 144,000 in the 7th chapter is a different group that what is re-corded in the 14th chapter. THIS IS NOT TRUE, THEY ARE THE SAME. The 7th chapter shows them being sealed in their fore-heads, while the 14th chapter shows what the writing was placed in their forehead. “And I looked and a Lamb.Stood on mount Zion and with Him, 144,000, having his Fathers name written in their fore-heads.” How many know what the name of the father is?? JESUS! Christ said “I have come in my Father’s name and you have received me not, But there will be another who you will receive.” THAT’S THE POPE OF ROME! He comes saying he’s the Vicar of Christ, and some of these apostate Jewish leaders within the Jewish government is going to receive him. He’s going to come in his own name. Christ said, “I came in the Father’s name.” Furthermore He stated I have given them thy name. I have delivered unto them, thy word, I have done my work. (Garden Prayer Jn. 17) Yet in all of this the Jewish race still said away with Him! But note, these 144,000 will not say away with Him, for they have received a revelation of who He is. The scriptures state the Father’s name was written in their fore-heads (or understanding). Bear in mind I am not speaking of two separated persons which has been hatched up by Bablyonian theologians. I speak of the Father who was the Great Eternal Spirit covering all space—and the lamb who was Jesus Christ within which this Eternal Spirit dwelt—having hi; name written on their forehead. What is the meaning of this? 11 merely means that from the mouth of these two prophets came a revelation that was sealed into this special number of 144,000 Jews. They learned that the Jesus—their ancestors crucified, was none other than their true Jewish Messiah, and because of that, beloved, they are sealed away with the same identical spirit that the early Jewish church received on the Day of Pentecost. Now watch! “I heard a voice from heaven as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder? and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps.” THEY ARE REJOICING OVER THIS. Oh Hallelujah!! Great rejoicing in Heaven over what was seen. Remember a Lamb was seen leading them. This of course is symbolical, for Christ doesn’t literally return to earth in a Glorified body to lead this 144,000. How many know that the spirit of Christ is none other than the Holy Ghost? It is the Lamb’s Spirit leading! Symbolical yes, shown in this manner to let you know it’s the same Holy Ghost leading them which came at Pentecost and remained with the Gentiles for 1900 years. Now it’s that same spirit that has opened the eyes of 144,000 Jews. This shows us beloved that they must accept that same revelation which was offered to the Jews by the early apostles. That revelation which their ancestoral Jews reject-ed, is the very revelation that sealed in this 144,000! THE NEW SONG—Rev. 14: 3 We note the great rejoicing con-tinues as the (angels) sang a new song around tilt; throne. And think of it, no man on earth could learn that song except the 144,000. It was a revelation unto these who had been redeemed from the earth, rescued and perserved from this earth of humanity.


Rev. 14:4 Beloved, this is the part I enjoy. The scripture says and they were not defiled with women; (not woman), Notice women is plural. This carries no reference to all these men being single as far as the flesh is concerned.Reading further it says, for THEY ARE VIRGINS who follow the lamb wheresoever he goeth—Meaning they are lead by the Holy Ghost. These will follow Him only—and perform the perfect will of the Spirit of God—knowing where to go and what to do. LETS DISCUSS THESE WOMEN. Why does the verse speak of women and not woman? Remember it was the woman in Rev. 17 that was identified as the Old Roman Catholic System—who never had a vision of converting the Jewish nation. They never bother-ed to send missionaries to Israel or throughout the earth with a special purpose of converting the Jew. Oh yes, if for some reason a Jew came along who had gotten tired of practicing Judaism and desired to practice Catholicism, they would say a “HOLY MASS” over him, and no telling what else. What I’m saying is, this woman never had a vision to convert the Israelite nation. So then the 144,000 had never been defiled by that woman. But we note in Rev. 17, from the writing in the woman’s head, it said she was a mother of many harlot daughters. After the reformation started and these little harlot protestant daughters began to be born out of old mother Catholicism – soon as they reached a certain growth one by one they began to receive a vision to convert the Jew. From the scripture they could see that one day God would bring the Jew back to their home-land. So immediately the Lutherns wanted to help, then came the Baptist with new ideas of converting the Jews. Then the Presbyterians with a similar vision. Your Methodist had a great vision to help convert them, and because of the – lateness of the hour when Pentecost was born they really stretched out with a vision for they knew the time was short, for it was almost the hour that God would deal with the Jewish nation. It only goes to prove that once all these protestant (women) denominations were born out of the reformation of old Roman Catholicism. Each one wanted to begin a program attempting to convert the Israelite nation. That is why the expression echoed down through the ages—Gentiles can’t do any-thing with the Jews.’ Why could not these perverted women reach the Jews? Simply because God Would never permit His one God Jewish nation to be defiled with a group of perverted Gentiles teaching their gospel. Neighbor, we Gentiles received this true revelated Apostolic Gospel from the Jews in all its purity and God will not permit it to be handed back in any other manner. No sir! This Gospel will not return unto them until it is just as pure and clean as it was when it left them 1900 years ago. Oh yes, God will permit their denominational treasurys to be exhausted in sending thousands and thousands of bibles—The Gospel in the written word form is pure. It only becomes defiled when these women place their carnal interpretations onto it. This grieves the heart of God. Remember this, when that 144,000 is touched by the Gospel of Christ, they will be touched by a pure revelation Gospel which will plainly exalt the Jesus of the bible as to who he is, and, what His relation-ship is to them. “These are they which were not defiled with women.” These present day apostate protestant denominations with all their missionary endeavers will never convert the 144,000. This special 144,000 whom God has reserved for Himself is perhaps somewhere today sleeping within the ranks of old Judaism, Slumber-ing away with hands folded just waiting for that appointed hour when the hand of the Almighty God will reach out for them, giving them a pure gospel message which was handed back in all its purity, by the Gentiles who had borrowed it, saying, “here it is.” Beloved, I tell you when these two prophets sound out this gospel message that elected number will come out of their slumber, open their eyes perk up their ears and say “Glory to God!” That’s why there was great rejoicing in heaven. While down on earth only the 144,000 were enjoying’ their new song, sung by the Angels in Glory. No, these were not defiled with women, no defiled Gospel had penetrated them. These had been set aside for the Kings mission during the dark 42 months of tribulation.


(Rev. 14:5) The scripture says they were first fruits under the Lamb, and above all notice this, there was no GUILE FOUND IN THEIR MOUTH. (It is not referring to a cud of tobacco). “Without fault” has reference to the word of God meaning, they were not preaching any false doctrine; false theories about God; raise baptismal teachings; no false this or that; no lying on God for a )setter position or salaries, no compromising as this Gentile perverted religious world had been adjusted to witnessing. For these men realized they had a job to do and a very short time to perform their mission. Would to God we had such a ministery today in this closing hour with such an attitude as did this multitude concerning the Word. Guile, according to the Hebrew, means, (1) Would be no deceiving, (2) No Fraud, (3) No treachery. In the Greek text the word guile means, (1) No decoy, (2) No trick, (3) No subtility. So you can see truly these 144,000 are true servants of God. What a day that will be when 144,000 men sound forth the same message! No wonder the scripture says “These men were without fault before the throne of God.” They will be a rebuke to this group of preachers of this Gentile one world church who will be lying on God. For truly no perverted Gospel will ever flow from their lips. What will be their message of opposition to this Gentile ministry in that hour who sold their birth right for a mess of pottage? (lining itself up behind the anti-christ beastly system). Neighbor, you can’t imagine how influential and persuasive this ministerial group will be, and were it not for the grace of God who shall raise up a mouth piece in that hour (144,000) to rebuke the nations for their trend of thinking, all would bow and submit to this diabolical system and God would be forced to destroy all man kind in anger and wrath during his second coming to earth. Calling forth this 144,000 Jews will give Israel and the Jewish race an opportunity once again to shine forth as the light of the world. Their message will riot be a gospel preparing a Bride. The Bride has already received her message and is no longer here. Remember, white robes had been issued to these martyred Jews, Rev. 6: I I, and unto the unnumbered multitude from all nations. Rev. 7:14, after the sealing away of the 144,000. The Bride has been taken sometime about the time God began to deal with Israel for that spiritual purpose. Though no body knows the day, hour when Christ comes for her the scripture says, “Be ye ready for in such an hour when you think not the Bridegroom cometh”. Cometh for what? HIS BRIDE BODY! While Israel and the rest of the world drifts rapidly toward the tribulation period, God raises up His annointed 144,000, giving them the true revelation of who Jesus is and where they are to go into the world to declare this everlasting Gospel. Rev. 14:6. Language wise, which nation is better prepared to reach the world on such short notice than Israel? A nation who has been scattered throughout the world until recent years, mastering the tongues and dialects of the Gentile world. Again I repeat, which nation is better equipped to decree a warning to a world on such short notice than the Jewish race? Who knows every language of the world better than a Jew? While visiting in the Holy Land one could walk down any street and find many Jews who spoke more than one language. You could visit the wailing wall, greet a Jew and ask him if he had been born in the Holy Land. No, would be his reply, I was born in France, or I was born in Romania. To another he might say he was born in South Africa. To another he might say I was born in the United States or Europe. From all parts of the Gentile world God has called for the Jew to return home. Again I would ask, do you know of any more language equipped to carry a message to the world than this race of people? We Gentiles would be so limited. Perhaps we would require years in language study before we could speak distinctly enough to carry the message. This 144,000 will need no special interpreter. They master well their own mother tongue, the old Hebrew language, as well as the language of the country from which they came. A Russian Jew goes to Palestine, a Polish Jew goes to Palestine, a American Jew goes to Palestine, neither able to speak the language of the other’s country. But when they meet they are not hampered by any language barrier. They will simply use their old mother tongue (Hebrew language) understanding each other perfectly. So this 144,000 will certainly not face any language barrier. No doubt they will hear the message in Hebrew and return to their same country of which they still remain a citizen and preach the Everlasting Gospel in the language of that country—While others will return their own area and do like wise. Certainly the servants of God will need no schooling or language preparation to return to the Gentile world with the last Gospel ever to be preached. I can see that Jew who came from Russia, do you think when he receives this call he is going to head out to South Africa and preach this gospel? A thousand times no. No doubt this man would return to Russia. He was a Russian Jew. He would not understand the language of South Africa. But in Russia he would face no barrier and like wise would each one of the Jews do in like manner for this is the only race of people who legally are citizens of two respective countries. JEWS ARE THE ONLY RACE WHO LEGALLY BELONG TO TWO COUNTRIES. So language or citizenship would not be any hindrance to the true ministry of that hour. If you can receive it, God has simply brought back from the Gentiles these Jews where in is the number of 144,000 to allow them .to hear the revelation of a truth preached by two prophets of their own race endowed with the Moses and Elijah spirit, when, upon hearing their message, shall evident-ly return to their own countries where they still remain a citizen and preach the everlasting gospel. THE LAST MESSAGE Rev. 14:6 “And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to PREACH UNTO THEM THAT DWELL ON THE EARTH. and to ever kindred, tongue and people.” Here is the Gospel message carried by the 144,000, portrayed in the heavens as an angel flying through the air carrying the end time message. THE ANGEL HIMSELF IS NOT GOING TO PREACH, though he is carrying the message from the Throne of God directly to the 144,000. THE SCRIPTURE REVEALS THREE IMPORTANT THINGS THIS END TIME MESSAGE CONSISTS OF. As this message goes forth truly it will be an hour when there is PROBABLY NO GOD CONSCIOUSNESS LEFT AMONG THE NATIONS. Already we see the trend through our colleges and universities becoming more and more atheistic each year. Each year they become more intellectual, scientific and modernistic. Already they have reached the place where we must prove God scientifically in order for anyone to believe in Him.

So in such an atheistic hour as that, hour. When he becomes void of God God raises up a voice, a mouthpiece, consciousness there is no depth of saying WORSHIP GOD! Worship wickedness he will not stoop to. But Him who created the heavens and if he were awake unto God the earth! And all things there in. consciousness he would carry a Today the world drifts far from the little more respect for some things. belief that it was God who created Remember if this message is not this universe. For THIS TEACH- declared in such an hour of apostate ING we can thank the atheistic conditions, God would be obligated world, but to that Jew, God will to destroy the whole lot of have proved Himself over and over humanity. Satan would have ac-until finally he allowed them to complished the goal he set out to receive a revelation of who He is. accomplish, there would be no flesh First through that six day war and, saved alive. There would be no seed no doubt, through other conflicts for the millinium and all would end that shall come upon their land at the closing of this age. But God causing them to awaken more and runs an interference with satan’s more to the reality that Jehovah plan through his chosen 144,000. God still sets upon His throne. Thanks be to God through the Through such dealings with God message of the voice within that and His chosen people, they shall tribulation, those recorded in Rev. become more and more GOD 7 given white robes, did become CONSCIOUS until the hour He empties His revelation into their hearts concerning the Jesus of the Bible. Do you think that once this revelation strikes the heart of the 144,000 they are going to remain contented in the homeland merely basking in the sun and eating juicy grapes saying”Glory to God, isn’t it wonderful!! No, it won’t be that way, for this God given revelation will stir their hearts unto the point they swarm out of the Holy Land as quickly as possible preaching and warning the world. REMEMBER THEY ARE THE ONLY RACE, LANGUAGE EQUIPPED TO PREACH AN EVERLASTING GOSPEL ON SUCH A SHORT NOTICE. So the first part of their message is found in verse six and seven, THE HOUR OF HIS JUDGE-MENT IS COME! We see the angel who is bringing the everlasting gospel, it will be like fire shut up in the bosom of this new ministry. With a loud voice the angel declares, `fear God and give Glory unto Him. For the hour of His judgement is come.’ In this hour the world is rapidly coming toward the dark tribulation era. God’s judgements hang low over the horizon, ready at any time to be emptied out upon this modern atheistic world Now ripe for the marking of the beast. We hear these screaming. MORTAL MAN YOU’D BETTER WAKE UP AND BEGIN TO FEAR GOD, BECAUSE HIS JUDGEMENTS ARE JUST AND TRUE. HE IS NOW READY TO EXCUTE THEM INTO THE EARTH. Yes, this message is to make mortal man become aware and God conscious of this Eternal Being. No wonder man is at such a low ebb at this God conscious. The 144,000 races quickly to the world as the anti-christ reached out to suck the whole world into its environment. Note the cry.


The scripture says the second angel follows saying, “Babylon is fallen,” meaning this one world church is ready to go up in smoke. Here now is another question I desire to ask. How many of you Gentile believers are awakened to the reality of what Babylon is here? Naturally it refers to THE OLD APOSTATE CHURCH SYSTEM. The scriptures reveal an angel flying through the air with the message, BUT WHO ON THIS EARTH WILL PROCLAIM THAT MESSAGE?- You are right, it’s the 144,000, but what does a Jew today know about this Babylon, as recorded in the scriptures. They are familiar with the account of being taken to Babylon captive for seventy yrs. That’s as far as their knowledge extends on what Babylon is. How would they know that Babylon was fallen? How would they know what was or was not Babylon? Only the Gentile believer has any knowledge of this Babylon (the woman who rode the beast in Rev. 17). What would they know concerning its origin or its environments? Only the Gentile knows that! THEN HOW ARE THEY GOING TO BE PREPARED TO DECLARE A MESSAGE AND KNOW where of they speak, WHEN THIS BABY-LON ORIGINATED UNDER OUR ENVIRONMENT? I can see them in that hour stanain-g, 6h-serving inic God rejected conglomeration of a one world church which has been turned completely over to the devil, becoming an habitation or (resort) of every bird and unclean spirit. No longer is it a spiritual habitation, now it has become a fallen political abomination. Remember it will be Jews and not Gentiles declaring all this. Where did he get his revela-tion? Today he has no revelation, but in a short period of time he will have a full revelation. Today he would hear you and I speak of Babylon and his ears would be dull of hearing. But in that hour everywhere he looks, wherever he was sent, to Africa, South America,- Europe, North America, yes even Asia, all these places will show forth the handy work of the institution. He cries out, Get back its ready to go up in smoke and ruins. THIRD ANGEL The third angel following close behind with the third part of the message declares with a loud voice, `If any man worships the beast or his image,’ which means if any man submits his will or his life and what is demanded for the basis of salvation and physical existence or what ever else it might require in that area or time. The Jews on the earth will cry out if any man worships the beast or his image. (This world council of churches) Or receive his mark which identifies every one as going along with this system either marked in his forehead or his right hand, ‘WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN IN THIS LIFE OR THE WORLD TO COME.’ Remember also the 144,000 carry a mark in their forehead, But it is a God Mark!! They receive this mark through a revelation. This crowd of Gentiles will receive a mark of the beast showing they arc in alliance with the system of that hour. The cry of the 144,000 is DON’T TAKE THAT MARK!! God will never forgive you. A number so large they could not be numbered (Rev. 7) will become God conscious and be saved from the mark. A mark, brothers and sisters, that is sure to come into existence by some physical means or identification of who is and who isn’t. Take your unions today for an example. I’m not saying this to speak evil against unions, but everyone knows that today it has become such a cry for monopoly—unless you pay you don’t work. Now wait until all this has been turned over unto the anti-christ. You aren’t going to work, you aren’t going to buy, you aren’t. going to sell unless your entire mind, soul and spirit has been sold out to this system. Everyone will be forced to carry a tag, a number or something to identify themselves with this system. First this agreement must take place in the mind. Your mind will have to come with an allegiance to this thing, and the last angel proclaimed in his message that if you receive a mark, either in the hand or forehead the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out with out mixture into the cup of His indignation, and shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angel and the presence of the Lamb, and the smoke of their torment ascended up forever and ever. And they have no rest day or night who worship the beast or his image and whosoever shall receive the mark or his name. The phrase, poured out with out mixture into the cup of his indignation, means that every guilty party will drink the same amount of drugs or judgement. None is exempted, or neither will some get a smaller sentence than others. No Sir, this is a judgement where each will be measured out the same amount from the cup of indignation. Yes, the 144,000 will preach the last and only gospel left- to judge this world in such an hour as this. This world will have an opportunity to hear that message shortly before the return of Christ to the earth to execute wrath and judgement, destroying all apostate religions, and destroying all political systems. Yes even all world military and monetary means shall be swallowed up in the wrath of God. Remember a long side those Jews, WHO REFUSED THIS MARK, CAUGHT up within their ranks were the foolish virgins who were unable to go in the rapture. (Matt. 25) Here it appears that the message of the 144,000 carried more weight on them than did the preaching of the Bride. There will be an element of people who the man of sin sees is being affected by the message of the 144,000 who will in anger and wrath, raise his sword against these people during THE TRIBULATION PERIOD. This tribulation period does not only affect the Jews who were warned to flee the wrath to come, BUT THE GENTILES AS WELL. God brought the Jews home and shortly after came the tribulation period. Out of that crowd of returning Jews was the sealing away of the 144,000 who must return unto their own countries to preach the everlasting gospel. With these there will be no immigration trouble or language barrier to face when they return to preach this everlasting gospel. The world over will be bathed with the blood of martyred saints because a great unnumbered multitude became God conscious through the preaching of the 144,000. Now it is easier to understand why Rev. 7:9-11 portrays this great multitude of martyred saints no one could number, coming up out of the tribulation year shortly after the sealing of the 144,000 from Israel. These tribulation saints were issued white robes and stood before the throne, as proof of the short ministry of the 144,000. Remember the BRIDE OF CHRIST in Rev. 19, WAS NOT GIVEN WHITE ROBES, she was arrayed in fine linen. The most costly of all clothing material. Robes and fine linen both are symbolical which indicate different measures or positions in this eternal life. BOTH MATERIALS REPRESENT life, BUT ITS LIFE IN DIFFERENT MEASURES. The Bride is the highest calling of God in Christ Jesus offered through the preaching of the apostolic Gospel of Grace. Therefore she wore fine linen and not white robes WHICH WAS GIVEN TO ALL THE MARTYRED in Rev. 6 and 7. THE BRIDE WAS GRANTED A FAR MORE COSTLY MATERIAL BE-CAUSE IT HAD COST THEM FAR MORE OF THEMSELVES under the Gospel of Grace. For remember, the martyrs under the 5th seal in Rev. 6 and Rev. 7 did NOT COME FORTH UNDER THE GRACE GOSPEL. Therefore there is no scripture indicating that through the hearing of the GRACE GOSPEL of Christ that ANYONE WAS ISSUED WHITE ROBES. The ISSUING OF WHITE ROBES CAME TO JEWS UNDER THE 5TH SEAL WHO DIED BECAUSE OF THEIR TESTIMONY FOR THE WORD OF GOD, (Law of Moses) While Rev. 7 pictures the great multitude receiving white robes under the ministry of the 144,000 Jews. As the last angel flew through the midst of heaven, crying “Babylon is fallen,” he warned all to get back from this world system. Rev. 14:12 declares this to be the darkest hour, as the pressure is beginning to be applied upon the people to accept the mark. Note verse twelve declared as the 144,000 spread their message through the world here is the patience of the saints. First to them who keep the commandments of God. (That’s the Jew) Second, and the faith of Jesus (That’s the Gentile foolish virgins) for notice the voice from heaven saying to John (Speaking of this period) “Write blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.” This verse speaks of the martyred who were the fruits OF THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL which naturally include the Gentile foolish virgins along with all the other Gentiles who were affected through the ministry of the 144,000 and the Jewish people who suffered martyrdom, for the scripture says they overcame him by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY.


Again’ we say this could have no reference to the Bride Saints who were cleansed by the word of the Gospel of Grace proclaimed by the early apostles from the day of Pentecost unto the hour of the catching away of the Bride. Here the scripture states “and they rested from their labors, and their works-do follow them.” (Rev. 14:12-13)’ Remember John saw on Mt. Zion A LAMB, be careful now you don’t make this lamb CHRIST IN HIS GLORIFIED BODY leading 144,000 I around, for now until the latter part of Rev. 14 He is pictured sitting on a white cloud. How could this be, if He’s down on earth leading the 144,000 around as a shepherd would a sheep. To the natural mind that is how it would appear, the 144,000 walking around after ONE MAN, this Lamb is symbolical. It is the Eternal Spirit who is within the life and ministry of the 144,000 leading them and guiding them where ever He wants them to go (unto all the nations). Preaching and warning the multitudes to get back from this system for just a little while the judgement and wrath of God will be on its way. Watch Rev. 15 tie right into the tribulation period where John saw the great multitude who had been slain and slaughtered standing on the sea of glass mingled with fire. (Or shot through with fire). This pictured the great mass who stood there having come through the great tribulation and gotten the victory over the beast. For thanks to the warning of the 144,000 these were spared at the cost of their own lives. Scripture shows them standing on a sea of glass. Everyone knows that glass is made from sand (and sand is an earthly element). In order to make glass you must first put sand in the fire and burn out all the impurities. John saw this earthly group standing on a sea of glass. This glass is to symbolize the faith of these martyred saints during that dark hour. Many were Jews and multitudes were Gentiles. This can be derived by the two different songs sung by the group. One being the song of Moses, while the other was the song of the Lamb. The foolish virgins of the Gentiles sang the song of redemption of the Lamb, saying great and marvelous are thy works Lord God Almighty, Just and true are thy ways, Oh Thou King of Saints, who shall not fear Thee 0 Lord, and glorify thy name for thou art holy, for all nations shall come and worship thee, for thy judgements ate made manifest. Beloved, let me say in closing, had it not been for God’s grace being EXTENDED into the area of another gospel period, though only for a very short period, after the Bride was taken and had not God loved this world enough that he called forth 144,000 Jewish ministers to go forth with the everlasting gospel, THIS MULTITUDE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN STANDING ON THE SEA OF GLASS SINGING THE SONGS THEY DID. This resulted from the preaching of the 144,000 who faced no language barriers or immigration problems getting to the multitudes. What a setup for such a short ministry. In our final remarks allow us to reemphasize somewhat of the fuller extent of the ministry to the 144,000. Do not think for a moment their ministry only influences the Jewish race. The Foolish Virgins, who, among other Gentiles, shall be slain during the tribulation for failing to comply with the anti-christ orders. THEIR MINISTRY SHALL CARRY A FAR MORE REACHING EFFECT, even upon those who helped protect many of the brethren in which our Lord Jesus commended (The remnant of the nations in Matt. 25:32-37.) No doubt it was the great ministry which caused the righteous remnant of the nations to be allowed into the ruthenium. Today it is exceeding difficult for us to believe we are actually living in a transition period, wherein this generation will witness the climax 1 of all things, and that there is actually ‘going to be people living in their mortal fleshly bodies that shall be taken from the close of this age over into the following age, (Millenium) and live through that 1000 yrs. without seeing death. All because of the ministry of the selected 144,000 whose calling comes at the closing of this age to preach the good news of an everlasting Gospel to the world.

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