Throw Him Out

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


Take your bible please and turn to Matt. 22: for one of the most enlightning stories ever spoken from the lips of our Lord. We are about to launch upon a message of the greatest importance, one that shall affect every believer in such manner that it could determine whether or not you are properly dressed at the moment of entering at the marriage supper. We are living, I believe, in the time of this parables fulfillment. Often we are prone to look upon many things of scripture with such a natural understanding while attempting (hoping) to constrew something of spiritual value from the natural illustration or parable. However when time does present itself that the Parable be fulfilled we find ourselves to have been deeply involved and was even one of the star players! Such is the case in this parable to be fulfilled shortly before the rapture of the church. Jesus in his own way is telling of something that would definitely transpire shortly before the very end, something that will affect everyone desiring to go to the marriage supper! Turn to Matt. 22. I’m speaking on the subject THROW HIM OUT, although the parable states cast him out, the word cast used in this sense is no longer used in the English language, therefore it would be THROW HIM OUT, shall we examine the parable together? The poor unstable religious world will never be aware when this transpires, although they have their weekly Bible studies and even their seminaries remain full of those who are ever learning, yet ,never coming to the knowledge of the truth! In this little parable Jesus hid something so basically truthful, and yet so frightening. I am glad to be associated with a realm of people which for some reason has been singled out of all this confusion by the Almighty that together, we might be recipients of His benefit. Reading this parable we must allow certain facts to formulate within your minds “And Jesus answered and spake unto them by parables”– Recall, Christ was always using the little natural conditions and illustrations which surrounded Him to portray great spiritual truths. Here He concealed. the spiritual truths within these natural illustration while the intellectual mind slips completely over them never once being aware of what the parable actually holds – in store for them. “And said the kingdom of heaven is like a certain king who made a marriage for his son,” I don’t believe there could be any confusion concerning what our Lord was driving at; yes, it is none other than the great Eternal Spirit (in that capacity of king) who prepared a marriage for His Son. Before time ever began God had purposed the day would come when His Son would have a throne on the earth and would rule and reign with a wife (a bride) but in order for His Son to have this wife He (God) must first purchase one for Him. As the parable continues we find the Almighty’s servants had been sent forth and were busy calling and bidding people to a wedding. Notice the word (were) is in the past tense—servants were previously inviting. One word can easily conceal a true thought which God wants you to receive—they were invited (past tense) as the beneficiaries of this glorious event which would take place, therefore he sent servants to bid them, in other words to refresh their memories of that which they had previously been invited – already they had been invited to this glorious event and notice these heartbreaking words! “And they would not come.” In Luke 14:21-26 we learn from another parable exactly what these people began to do.


They immediately began to make excuses — one said I have bought 5 yoke of oxen, another had invested in a piece of ground, “Then said He to His servants – the wedding is ready but those who were bidden are not worthy, go therefore into the highway” -Observe please, where had he previously invited these from? The city! and those from the city had refused the calling — mistreating and slaying the vessels who carried the message to them! When the king heard of this rejection — he was wroth with these so what did he do? Sending forth his army he slew those murderers and burned down the city! Notice where did he then turn?? To his servants he said, go out into the opposite direction from that of a city environment, go out into the highways and hedges and as many as ye shall find bid them to the marriage. Luke says, “Go out into the highway and the hedges and gather in hither the halt, the blind, the lame, the poor. Go into the highway and as many as ye shall find bid them to the marriage.” Christ’s parable in Matthew states those servants went out into the highways and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good and the wedding was furnished with guests.” In other words, the king is going to have that wedding supper filled with someone, someone is going to sit there, someone is going to benefit from it. When the time arrived for the wedding table to be set, those living in the city who previously had received invitations were not there but had been replaced by another group. Their refusing the invitations to this royal occasion naturally made the king furious. His feeling was, if you refuse to come and occupy the place I’ve prepared for you after I sent you special invitations, I’ll see to it that you won’t ever come to this supper! You shall never taste of my supper that was prepared especially for you. From a people who could have benefited much from such an invitation, now he turns in the opposite direction and begins gathering a people from an opposite type of environment altogether. The city life illustrated in the parable is not necessarily worldly people. Neither are they a people of city occupations or any such thing. The city people only signifies a class who was really preferred (who had first preference above the second group) never the less this wedding will be furnished with guests!


When the king came in to see the guests, – notice what happened! Beloved – the coming in of the king to inspect his guest before the wedding reveals that before that real wedding actually takes place with his son, the King goes in (Spirit himself) to inspect his guests, inspecting those who actually were going to sit in their proper places at the wedding supper! Inspecting his guests, he observes one of them does not have on the wedding garment. When the king came in shortly before the wedding to see the guests, his eyes fell upon a man who did not HAVE A WEDDING GARMENT – when we finish this parable beloved there’s one thing I want you to have clearly understood it will be of a necessity that you and I have the baptism of the HOLY GHOST!! I’ll go a step further saying this, once you have received that true Holy Spirit he will cause you to believe and act upon the basis of whatever revelation God has extended in the hour which you live. This idea that the Holy Ghost received from God will allow us to be tossed about here and there believing anything we want to, is false!! God won’t grant His Spirit on such a basis, yet many claim it on such basis. Watch this thing dove tail, the Holy Spirit and the revelated word will always agree. I said will without exception always agree, your spirit may not agree with the Word, but the Holy Spirit will every time. “And he said unto him — Friend how tamest thou in hither not having on a wedding garment?” (Recall no one had gone into the wedding supper at that hour). And he was speechless, “Then said the king to his servant bind him hand and foot and take him away and cast him into outer darkness there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. For many are called, but few are chosen.” WAS HE AT THE WEDDING SUPPER? Through the centuries many questions have arisen concerning this unidentified man. HOW DID THIS CHARACTER EVER GET TO THE MARRIAGE SUPPER which according to Rev. 19 was scheduled to take place in glory? Through a close observance of the parable we discover he was not in glory, although at first glance it might appear he is actually in glory at the wedding supper – especially since John saw in Rev. 19 the wedding supper taking place in glory. But this man was not in glory. Then actually where was this character when God took a look at him? Note all these symbols deals strictly with the spiritual, for certainly there was no king to literally walk into a room and examine anyone – yet you will be examined!! But how? Recall this is strictly a parable using natural, tangible illustrations in this manner to reveal for us through such a setting the many different spiritual aspects which are portrayed here.


Breaking down this parable we notice two classes of people involved! First a people of the city who were previously invited to the wedding supper had refused, second the servants were sent to the highways and hedges gathering in every kind of person. Our second group signifies an entirely different class of people than the first. Luke records these who had not previously been invited as halt, lame blind etc., in other words, those who were looked upon as the scum of the earth. Matthew called them the good and the bad, but note I call your attention to that first class who had previously been invited, these are illustrated as that more elite, dignified, sophisticated class, the upper class – naturally speaking this is the type of people one would expect to be invited into the presence of royalty, would it not? – Certainly not the second class.


Now let’s observe this one who is preparing that glorious marriage feast. Is this someone from the hills, being some backwoods hillbilly? No sir, it is royalty — this is the working of a king! A king has gone to all this expense for his son who one day shall have that kingship of the father invested in Him. However, before this kingship is to be invested in his son to rule and reign on earth he must first take unto himself a wife.


This first class of people who had previously been invited was none other than the Israelite Jewish nation (under the dispensation of the law) when through the law age prophet after prophet had been sent from the Eternal God warning them of this glorious event when the Messiah, this Son would come. Announcement after announcement had been sounded through the nation of Israel by different servants and also by the giving of the law, they were the chosen people to benefit by this glorious event, and get this, this class did not receive their final invitation when the Law Age closed out either. Oh no, it was quite a few years after the grace age began that the invitation was still extended unto the Jews. (Acts 18) Not until then did the gospel go solely unto that second class.


By use of illustration, let’s say someone’s daughter is getting married, the wedding shall take place sometime in the summer, the exact date may or may not be set, the point is it will be sometime this summer. Naturally those closest to the family in friendship will no doubt be fully aware of this wedding long before formal invitations are sent out. The parents will have orally announced the wedding saying to those intimate friends, when our daughter gets married, we certainly want you to be sure and come. Notice, that informs them that once the time does arrive they’ve already been legally invited. Finally the date is set and officially announced — invitation cards printed and sent out — not only will those who previously through oral invitation know about it, but all who this family desires to attend the wedding. To many who receive invitations this may be their first knowledge there was to even be a wedding, but those friends especially close had received special invitations through the wedding conversations. Yes, closest friends always know first —so it was with this first group in the parable – naturally those who you esteem closest to you those you usually orally invite in advance, ‘now be sure and come,’ these are little extra special invitations. However in order to place it all on the same level once that announcement is printed and sent out, not only do the new ones receive it that you want invited but also those who you have previously been telling — this way
everybody gets their announcements simultaneously Special attention is always shown unto those intimate friends, likewise, we see the Israelites, under the dispensation of the law and the prophets, had received many oral invitations to this glorious event. Certainly the first group should have been in the position to receive this bride-like relationship once the glorious event did occur, however their previous teachings blinded their eyes to His first coming when that first advent of Christ did arrive (for Israel) and He came to present Himself as King — for said He when Pilate questioned Him, are you the King of the Jews? “For this cause came I into the world” was His straight-forward answer. (in. 18:37) They were unable to accept Him on that basis, actually not knowing Him as they should, they were unable to recognize Him in the manner of which He came, and through failing to recognize Him in this disguise (of Sonship) and not coming as some flashy dressed king on a white charger they did unto Him exactly what the parable stated they would – killed Him also – although the Jews — personally during that first advent never literally used such excuses as spoken in the parable—I bought a piece of ground, I just married, or I’ve bought 5 yoke of oxen etc. —theirs was that literal excuse of blasphemer and insulting the spirit of grace (the King) by spurning his invitation. The purpose of the parable is to only illustrate the over-all picture. In reality they used false accusations against him, in other words they’re so busily taken up with their own self-righteous law and everything else, they couldn’t even find time to recognize that final invitation when given, and yet they had been fore-warned and fore-waned of this glorious event that was to occur. By receiving the oracles under the law, showed the Israelites were first chosen to be the beneficiaries of this glorious event, so through their ridiculous excuses expressed in the parable one having married a wife etc, showed placing all these excuses together the Israelites, as a whole, had refused to accept Christ only because they were simply too taken up with their own self-righteous ways – to recognize God’s invitation.


We could illustrate it like this, once those marriage invitations were sent, usually they are printed upon a some what finer grade of paper than other things carrying some beautiful type of engraving on it. It may only state just a few words of actual invitation, but usually the finest material in paper that one can afford is used for wedding announcements! Coming from a king, certainly you would expect nothing but the finest money could buy. Suppose someone sent you a wedding invitation scribbled in a few words on an old piece of brown paper, how would you feel?? What would be your reaction? You might get angry, you might even think it was a practical joke! That announcement was not on the better grade of paper – bless God I’m not going! Remember this special invitation did not come from a pauper, but a king. It won’t be sent on ordinary material either – for Christ Himself was their invitation, that invitation came on a material that was priceless, that material – had been conceived by a virgin — MORE VALUABLE THAN SILVER OR GOLD, He was their special, priceless invitation, yet His coming was in such simplicity, so insignificant not portrayed in any manner expected by the religious leaders —still He was the very invitation Himself, printed in the most extravagant material heaven could afford – for the marriage, the wedding was set, but the marriage could not transpire until the people who had keen bidden were ready to accept and go along with it. Had they done so beloved Christ would have taken up His kingship immediately, and there would have been no need for the servants to have gone in search for anyone else. (that second group) BUT ISRAEL REJECTED IT.


Further in the parable we notice what happened. In sending out servants we notice Christ first called the 12, later He called the 70, saying go not by the way of the gentiles, neither the Samaritans but rather to the LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL, (this first group) healing their sick and raising their dead, etc. (truly these received the gifts) and say untc them the kingdom of heaven is come nigh unto you (or .the kingdom of God). Later He sent forth the 70, what for? To further announce to Israel – the table is ready, the fatlings killed, IT’S DINNER TIME, the invitation is open, COME! Israel’s actions as a whole toward this invitation was expressed in the parable as one character, stating this and another saying that, in other words the nation as a whole excused itself, because of their rejection to His kingship – came Calvary. 50 days after His crucifixion the Holy Ghost is being poured out on the day of Pentecost, and over 3,000 Jewish people partook for the first time the New Passover Iamb. —CHRIST, FOR STILL THAT INVITATION TO THE NATION ISRAEL REMAINED OPEN. Yes, even at Pentecost the gospel of grace went to the Jew first, (Acts 2:5) didn’t it? This first group (the Jewish nation) was still in God’s program even after Calvary (Acts 3:) the early teaching by the apostles went forth first unto the Jewish race – although only a few thousand accepted – the nation as a whole rejected the gospel. Mentioned twice in this parable are servants going forth, especially to this first group. (Verse 4) What happened to the ones who went forth? The parable states they were spitefully entreated, that’s what history and the New Testament both records began to happen to the apostles, they began to be spitefully mistreated, some even being martyred by this first group. What happened next? According to the parable the king became angry sending his armies to destroy their city. How beautifully this was portrayed and fulfilled in 70 a.d. that Great Eternal Spirit who is portrayed by the King in the parable became angry toward the Jewish nation seeing they only continued to excuse themselves and mistreat his representatives. According to the parable when he became angry with that first group, the king sent his army. Beloved the Almighty never sent 10 legions of angels out of heaven to deal with that group.


He only raised up the earthly Roman army in 70 a.d. to fulfill that very verse in the parable. Vespasian and his son Titus’ came with the Roman army against the very city that was the pride of this Jewish (Israelite) nation. That’s why the city is portrayed there. Jerusalem was the very heart-beat, the pride and joy of the Jewish nation, within the city was their glorious temple where the Jews would go through a form of worship believing Jehovah would receive what they offered him. Here they proceeded to go through their rituals and ceremonies. It was in this city they would gladly congregate themselves time after time – yes, Jerusalem was truly the pride and joy of the Jew. Because of this God sent his army to the Jewish nation burning and destroying their city, martyring and slaughtering her citizens by the 10s of thousands. One last statement to be considered concerning this first group, before having their city destroyed and burned to the ground, those very servants who were being sent for the last time bidding the Jewish nation to come, while witnessing to them and seeing that final rejection to the marriage supper one by one the Eternal Spirit began to say “Go out into the hedges into the highways and bid them to come in (one translation was compel them”). No wonder then Luke records it in this manner “bring hither the halt, the blind, the lame etc.”, I’ve actually heard men say since the scripture is worded thus, it goes to prove this was intended to be accomplished through healing campaigns. Recall Christ’ ministry at that time was within the Jewish nation yet never once did He call Israel halt, lame and blind although that second group was referred to exactly in that manner, this other group referred to from the hedges and highways, bring hither the halt, the blind and the lame etc. Matthew stated the good and the bad alike were brought in.


Here illustrates the Jews position by the law and the prophets, showing their stand was in a justified position, falling right in line with the benefits of this glorious occasion, therefore nothing is stated here concerning that first group needing to clean up, (take a bath etc. a statement to be clarified later). For the law, and all it demanded of the Jew as he walked obediently under it (up to a certain point) had justified him to that point where he had come to believe he was the only creature on earth who even knew how to worship and serve God! Because of that, this poor pathetic group of gentiles was displayed and categored in scripture as the out-cast from the hedges and the highways. Certainly not in the eyes of Almighty God but in that self-righteous Jew who saw the gentiles as no good. That’s the reason they are displayed as the halt, lame, blind etc., however spiritually speaking that was certainly the condition of the gentiles. Spiritually he was blind, lame and halt, through many ways he showed deformity, these physical conditions express in the parable display paganist belief his soul had been wrapped up in. An those paganistic ideas the gentiles had embraced left them in such shape spiritually they were similiar to warped, maimed creatures struggling to find life. Think a moment that Jew possessing the true oracles of God should have been fully enlightened certainly by the time his final invitation came —however once that final invitation arrived — do you think he rejoiced over it? NEVER! He showed absolutely unconcern being too involved in religious programs, business activities to take time out to attend the featured event — all that had been going on in Israel for centuries was pointing to this very hour, now they rejected it. God takes it away from them instructing his servants to go now to those that are blind, halt, and maimed, an expression showing the spiritual condition of the gentiles when salvation came to them. Truly the gospel did find many of the gentiles physically in this condition, but physically Christ found many of the Jews also in that same condition, yet through all these physical miracles performed for the Jews Christ was still rejected! So I repeat – sending servants forth into the highways and hedges finding those in that condition shows no indication he intended to fill places for the marriage feast through divine healing campaigns.—! NO SIR, Christ had already been accomplishing this within the Jewish nation. That is why Christ could say through John’s gospel “I have finished the work which ye have called me to do,” — that work was the miraculous thing demonstrated through signs and wonders which he did.


Turning strictly now to those under the highway and hedges category (lame, blind, halt, good and the bad) points to all gentiles (nations) irregardless of their previous religious pagan backgrounds. No matter how spiritually deformed these were, invite them, even COMPEL THEM TO COME IN and fill the feast. Bear in mind when you look upon the Jew in his proper relationship to the parable, then look at the gentile in his relation to the parable, one was looked on as a justified people o had previously been bidden, while the others unclean, certainly this second group would be the least kind you would ever expect the king to invite to his royal palace, right? Today we have few kings left on the face of this earth, I venture to say none of them would be going out into the slums, the ghettos, along highways, down by the railroad tracks to the freight yards and bring in the bums, the scum, and everything else to fill his palace. Although we truly were not worthy, I’m thankful to God —that he did visit the gentiles and take out (spiritually speaking) just such a people. Before grace was extended to our forefathers they were in a terrible condition. Were it not for the grace God extended down to us we wouldn’t be saved even now. We are approaching our basic theme of the message —notice once the king sent the servants unto the gentiles (that second group) irregardless to their spiritual condition they received an invitation and was brought in. Everyone draws the conclusion immediately after being called from whatever state of pagan life they were in all because he said go quickly, immediately they were ushered in, and sat down at the table! Not So! Here we must understand beloved once you receive an invitation to someone’s party, regardless to whom, you don’t barge right in, simply because you receive that invitation! You don’t suddenly hear of the invitation then start running saying HERE I COME, bursting through the door asking, WHERE IS MY PLACE, do you? Certainly not — If ever you had any upbringing certainly you better begin to show it. I grant you some of us don’t have much, but lets remember this is the king’s invitation – this is royalty that has invited us. The king is the Great Eternal Father, he is the one who has been doing the bidding, where? Let’s place this in the physical sense only for illustration. Where would you expect to go if you were invited into the presence of royalty? would you immediately barge into the banquet hall and sit down at the table? YOU WOULD NOT! Many of these invited guests will hay e traveled for miles would they not? Common sense teaches some are going to arrive sooner than others, certainly — not all guest would arrive at the same time, just because you received your call doesn’t mean you go barging immediately into the banquet hall, the banquet hall is the location for the marriage ceremony to take place. THAT LOCATION IS IN GLORY! And may I repeat no one is there yet sitting at the wedding table! For 1900 years that invitation to the second group has been extended and though everything is already prepared, the table set, the fatlings killed, everything is ready – COME TO THE FEAST— No one is yet present in the banquet hall! Then where does one go upon receiving the royal invitation to come to the palace, where can you go if you don’t immediately go into the banquet hall? True in royal terminology you would go to the palace, however it would only be to the guest chamber.


A large room designated in royal palaces for just such occasions, and according to this parable I believe God has his guest chamber designated much the same. Once you have heard and received your invitation you are not immediately ushered into the banquet hall to the wedding supper. NO SIR! Along with all the other guest, you take your place in the guest chambers. The banquet hall is always further on inside the palace, (in other words you would need to go into another room – to the banquet hall.) Recall Christ used such a setting of a Kings palace to illustrate his truth! Notice in the parable the king came in, showing that he came into another place other than the banquet hall to. look over the guest, didn’t he? As he came into this room to take a look what discovery did he make? Jesus said “There sat a man who DIDN’T HAVE ON A WEDDING GARMENT!


This room area, or spot was designated strictly for the inspection of Garments — Notice no one could enter into the next room where the wedding supper would be held unless he wore the wedding garment! Here we note the king speaking of the wedding garment. From this parable it is clearly shown one may get to this room without wearing the wedding garment but they can go no further – to proceed any further than this spot every one must be dressed alike. Time has come to find out how these invited guest reached the guest chamber! How did they get this far? To do so let’s watch just such a setting based on kings of ancient times. Often kings prepared such an occasion always there were certain of his subjects he would choose to invite,, again we must understand under our natural setting many of the invited guests would come from afar traveling by camels, donkeys, or . other modes of ancient travel — by the time they would arrive at the royal palace, weary, sweaty and dusty from the travel and perhaps even caning the scent of the camel or donkey upon which they rode —their clothes had been slept in through-out their long journey (recall this was the day before modern conveyances. Naturally the king is not going to allow anyone in his guest chamber looking and smelling like that. If no natural king would permit such a sight then you know the king of Glory won’t permit it no he’s not going to permit you to sit around in that royal guest chamber looking like something dragged in off the streets. Remember, salvation isn’t based in this. Let’s continue observing what an ancient king would do – many guest have been invited of his subjects, unless they were all wealthy people some would be dressed in fine robes while others could not afford these fine expensive things for certainly if you were going to a king’s palace you would dress in the best you could afford—there would be some of the more wealthy who would have nice robes to wear once they entered the guest chamber — while others would not be so fortunate the poorer class of people might not be able to afford the very finest in clothing, therefore not desiring to have all these different assortments of robes (clothing) represented there and in order that there be no clash in clothing, — all these guests would be dressed the same – to look alike — Always the king would furnish his guests with apparel appropriate for the special occasion. In this parable the garment furnished was for a wedding. This king is not willing that some sit in the guest chamber dressed in rich splendor while others would be poor etc. So as far as clothing, he prefers these invited guests to all appear alike — clothed from the same material. Remember that wedding garment was furnished!


Naturally speaking here is the procedure followed by kings, before anyone ever approached the palace where he had been invited to come into the king’s presence, enjoying his presence and blessings, certain accepted steps had to be followed — there was what is referred to as the bath-house, (1) – The Bath House, what was the purpose of a bath-house in connection with the invited guests? By examining one of these bath-houses much can be learned. Certainly it was no crude. affair, but most meanful, we can quickly see its spiritual application. It’s a place prepared especially for such occasions as this. Plenty of warm water was found in these bath-houses where the invited guests were brought to wash away all their previous contact with the world acquired in their earthly travel to this designated point. As the weary travelers enter they are invited by the king’s servants to wash and cleanse with oil or ointments which gave off different perfume Continued from Page 3 odors. This alone was very refreshing, however we must go a step further before being ready to appear in the presence of the king. This is one of the most important steps of all, not only was the traveler washed and anointed with oil hit servants stood by to pass out robes which had been purchased by the king (God) himself-PRAISE GOD! Note how Christ referred to such a setting as this which was followed by kings of that hour to teach a spiritual truth that shall affect every believer in Christ. How beautiful -the king was not willing that some of his guests should be in the guest chamber dressed poorly while others displayed their riches in wearing the finest in robe material – some looking one way while others appearing another. Important in order to give the rich and poor the same look, servants stand there issuing out beautiful robes same material. As you reach out and yield yourself, you are robed, you are clothed in a garment not purchased by yourself but bought and purchased by royalty himself.


That’s exactly what God did beloved when he came into this world to give us life – HE was paying THE PRICE for our robes, in so doing he purchased for you a robe of righteousness. Christ is that righteousness of God, stripping himself of his own righteousness he made a garment for us to wear-only we had no accepted righteousness (robe). Our righteousness was as filthy rags in his sight, therefore if we be willing to allow ourselves to be cleansed by the grace of God and clothed in his righteousness which we must understand is the complete revelation of himself and remember the wedding garment is not part of the revelation – the wedding garment embraces the entire revelation of Christ. As we journey from the bath-house (baptism) and become anointed with the oil of the Holy Spirit – we too receive a robe and shall be ushered into the palace to await inspection by the king himself—this inspection was made after they washed and cleansed themself and waited within the guest chamber. In other words everyone walking in this last day revelation is living in that environment now, present tense, you’re in fellowship having already come past the bath house and over a period of time put on the revelation of Christ (our robe). Do you understand now where you are taken? Automatically you’re introduced to other fellow travelers who have journeyed along the same route as you, being robed and awaiting inspection inside the guest chamber – to see if they can go into the wedding supper. In this place you’re introduced into the fellowship of other weary earthly travelers who too have come from far and near, from various walks of life. Remember this when they arrived they too came through the same bath-house for the same purpose you did. Watch this now as it takes on its spiritual application — we see this invitation still going to the Jewish nation at the time of Pentecost in Acts 2: Peter stood bravely preaching his message giving those Jews the first invitation under grace, 3,000 Jews accepted it. True it wasn’t the Israelite nation as a whole accepting the invitation – they rejected it, however 3,000 devout Jews did accept it. “Men and brethren proclaimed this multitude what must we do that we too might be receivers of this glorious benefit?” (Acts 2:37), Dramatizing it we will say Peter told them he would have to take them down to the bath-house, “repent everyone of you (spiritually speaking) and go into the bath-house and wash yourself with water.” How many know where the spiritual application of the bath-house comes in? “Repent everyone of you and be baptized in the NAME of Jesus Christ,” that’s the proper soap used for scrubbing away or the removing of those old sins cont acted through out your earthly journey. Baptism for the remission of sins according to Acts 2:38 is for the removing of old sins – washing them away, we have been baptized according to Acts 2:38 for the remission of sins (not for sin which is unbelief – the blood of Christ took care of sin) those evil deeds are the sins which are caused by sin (unbelief) done in the body during our past life. (Rom. 3:25) Through obedience to his.word in repenting and being baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins places you in line to receive the robe, because the moment you step from the water there is a robe of righteousness awaiting you! You have gone into the water for the right purpose, and in the correct manner – you shall come forth from that water appearing cleansed from sins Said the servant (Peter), you are entitled to wear the apostles teachings of Christ.


What does it all add up to? Automatically, there will be that robe of righteousness awaiting you – recall that wedding garment is more than some revelation, its the entire revelation of Christ. Now allow the servant to begin clothing you. Your soul shall be robed upon by the spirit of Almighty God – absolutely never forget, in order to receive our wedding garment it will take all that revelation of God’s word revealed to the bride Church! While that robe of the Holy Ghost goes upon your naked soul are you aware beloved what that’s going to make you resemble? It’s going to make you look exactly like all the rest in the guest chamber – fellow believers also clothed in the revelation of Jesus Christ – most assuredly it’s going to cause you to speak the same thin& Truly it will compel you to act the same as all the others who are in the revelation of Christ! Why not? you are wearing the same revelation (robe), it’s going to cause you to say Amen to exactly the same things the others in the guest chamber are saying Amen too! Beloved, that’s why I emphasize to each of you when God gives the Holy Ghost he doesn’t give it to one in order that he may believe one thing while others believe something entirely contrary! It wasn’t so in the beginning, and it won’t be so as we wind up in the end of the revelation of Christ — That true message of Christ has never been like that – this end time message will produce exactly the same kind of faith as the true believer had in the beginning of the grace age. Once this was all confused – people had no idea which robe to wear when they stood before the king, they believed it was proper to stand robed in a Denominational robe! But for the end time it’s different — God sent forth a prophet to the end time church to call out a people, furthermore God gave this prophet the proper robe to be worn in the presence of the king – the entire revelation of Jesus Christ – So put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ – here is the robe you must wear. (Rom. 13:11-14) (Send for your free copy of “The Mystery of Elijah” giving full details on a messenger sent at the end time to turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers. Mal. 4:54.) Watch carefully as we receive this spiritual robe to cover our naked souls and don’t forget you will go to the inspection room either dressed in a Babylon garment or in the fullness of Christ!! Now we are invited into the guest chamber where in time the king will inspect the entire group of invited guests shortly before going to that marriage supper — we of this hour must all be clothed in the same revelation. —Remember no one has yet gone to the marriage supper – All are waiting out in the guest chamber according to the parable – God will inspect this entire end time bride through the revelation delivered by his prophet. I warn you don’t try to sneak in without it. —This parable shows plainly the consequences.


Scriptually speaking the guest chamber is none other than that position wherein believers fellowship who are still on this earthly journey toward glory for the marriage supper – that spiritual realm where believers are placed. Already we have been justified (Rms. 5) and set apart from the world, though yet we are still in the world, we are not of this world. Listen to the apostle Paul as he explains it in this manner (Col. 1:13) we have been translated out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the glorious light of Jesus Christ – and we are sitting together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Eph. 1:3) (the guest chamber) yet fleshly we remain here in this old world, beloved rejoice we are in the last stages of our journey to the marriage supper, we’re in the guest chamber having fellowship one with another. As we continue to walk in the light, as he is in the light we will continue to have fellowship one with another and the blood of Christ (God’s son) will continue to cleanse us from all sin (1st John 1:7) Therefore causing us to be clothed with the wedding garment.


We’re communicating one with another and ever so often someone comes through with a message from the king’s room, things are getting closer – soon we will be going into the marriage supper. The king wants to know how everyone is getting along in the revelation of Christ! (Guest Chamber), everything’s going just fine. Recall no one has burst into the banquet hall just yet. Not one person knows what the table looks like yet! You can’t even hear the knives and forks rattling, for everyone is sitting outside in the guest chamber minding their own business, just fellowshipping one with another, even looking and thinking alike because the greater percentage of the people are dressed alike wearing that same kind of robe, the revelation of Christ. Although we do not like to think about it everyone in that guest chamber was not clothed in the same measure of the revelation of Christ. (For their hour.) as clearly illustrated by the man who was thrown out – therefore every one in the guest chamber will not go to the marriage supper. In the early church everyone wore the. same robe of righteousness because the apostles preached the same doctrine this furnished the guest of that hour with the same kind of robe. But after their death along came the devil who was the King’s worst enemy, and changed ingredients used within the bath house, he substituted a much weaker ingredient for cleansing and presented the poor souls with a different robe – one of his own choosing (Nicean Council 325 a.d.). From the parable we are about to learn how this guest got into the guest chamber dressed in the manner he was. Recall this man was only one step away from the wedding supper and he had on no wedding garment, yet we are sure he was wearing something he felt would be presentable. Well did he go in the rapture of the church? Certainly not!! Somehow the way he got into that place has puzzled the theologians greatly – However once we understand the place where it was, it’s no mystery how he got that far. This place was not in glory, it was one step this side of the rapture – soon after the inspection those who have been faithful shall step through the rapture and into the banquet hall in glory for the marriage supper of the Lord.


Beloved, once we have been invited by this royal king to his wedding there’s no soldiers standing with fixed bayonets demanding we do this or that – it’s strictly on a free-will basis – you may accept truth or reject it, the test will come in the guest chamber shortly before going to the marriage supper. Nobody’s going to jab you in the ribs as you go through the bath-house demanding you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sin, the test comes in the guest chamber. No servant is standing there with a spiritual side-arm demanding you be clothed in the proper robe – if you choose not to – if you aren’t – it will show up in the guest chamber, just remember this – the wedding garment is the full revelation of Jesus Christ – plus nothing, minus nothing! It will be in the guest chamber shortly before going into the marriage supper that the king will inspect his guests to see who is wearing the true revelation of Jesus Christ. It will be in that chamber the spirit will see if you are dressed in Christ — Yes the attitude of receiving is left strictly up to you to express your will and submit yourself to the hand of the gentle servants who are only seeking to guide and direct you through the process where you will eventually find yourself, once you enter into that guest chamber. Oh how frightful it will be in that place when the King inspects you to see what message you are wearing!


Here we must pause briefly to examine something of utmost importance – the king stated one man did not have on the wedding garment! It has already been clarified this wedding garment especially for our hour and dispensation is nothing short of the full revelation of Jesus Christ to the church – as it would be for saints before 325 A.D. or up until what ever time the apostles teaching had control of the bride of Christ. God can expect the invited guest attending the wedding of this hour to be wearing nothing short of that full revelation of his word – for through his 7th church age servant – messenger and prophet he has revealed back to the true bride PEOPLE OF THIS HOUR — ALL THAT PREVIOUS revelation destroyed through carnal teaching by Satan and his crowd through the ages especially from 325 A.D. up through 1000 years of church history. There will be no excuse accepted for the bride who stands ready for the rapture not being fully clothed in the full revelation of Jesus Christ – that is her wedding garment – nothing else will do — but the question arises what about the true church in generations past who never had the full revelation of Christ — say from 325 A.D. until this last generation finally arrived when God sent his prophet to restore the hearts of the end time children to the father (apostles) – that prophet with a r e vela ted message from God restoring the end time children back to the original teaching of the apostles making the wedding garment for the end time children correspond identical with that of those who entered in before 325 A.D. Remember, that parable affects every generation in this grace age – yet all Christians did not have the same revelation on the Word through the grace age. Furthermore we hear the spirit speaking through John on the Isle of Patmos saying to believers in all of the periods of the grace age . To him that overcometh will be with me or (shall wear white) – note in each age were some who were counted worthy to wear white, yet their wedding garment cannot be measured on exactly the same basis of revelation. In other words the Christians of the 10th through the 15th century who made bride material could not be accountable for the revelation of this hour – or the first hour saints, realize the doctrine of the apostles has always been the proper garment – but because of what has happened through the ages they will not all be required and examined on the same basis of revelation. Had not the devil entered into the church and destroyed its original foundational teaching thus clothing it differently – in other words had Satan not gotten into the king’s bath-house and troubled the water, changing the soap and so forth for the weary travelers who were bathing and dressing for the wedding – the requirement would be exactly the same. Because of what was going to happen – we must realize with each of these seven dispensations of grace God dispatched a special messenger for each of the 7 church ages, and God will judge that messenger and all who stand behind him on the revelation he brought to the church in that hour. If whatever age is to be examined by the spirit for bride material out of the age they will be examined only in the light of revelation delivered by God’s messenger servant of that dark lour, although God’s original wedding garment has never changed from the beginning. Luther’s hour must stand sheltered under Luther’s message — Wesley’s hour must stand sheltered and be examined under that message, etc. One age cannot stand under the protection of another’s message. The saints under the Wesley’s dispensation could not hide under Luther’s message etc. The revelation of the hour on the original word was sufficient only for that hour, that was their wedding garment which must be worn to the wedding supper. The parable states the king examined his guest and one wore not the wedding garment, showing how each age is affected by this parable and how each age received benefits from it also, for the bride is the overcomer of all the 7 periods within the grace age. Those overcoming believers walked in the full revelation of their hour. God accounted them bride material and looked upon them in the same light as those who lived when God’s word was fully revelated to the church. Period after period faded always drifting on in darkness but regardless of the spiritual darkness that prevailed throughout the grace age God continued to bring a people into enough of a relationship with himself that he might continue calling out a people for his name sake among the gentiles. Time eventually brought the grace age through the dark age period but it took centuries to recover from the drunken hangover produced by the wine that was boot-legged through that lengthy period, sad to say though, Cod allowed 3 ages to follow that terrible period allowing the church to recover from this hangover – the greater percentage never did, but will try to be in the bride without the proper dress -this alone proves the church never sobered up.


Proceeding slowly from the dark ages little by little God began to restore the proper truth of revelation whereby people will be brought into a correct full relationship with him and benefiting from this (dress pattern). Luther’s justification by faith came first opening up the way, next came Calvin’s teaching of the security to believers, then Knox’s pre-destination found the way, Wesley’s sanctification etc. All this material that had originally gone into the bridal garment of the early church is now being restored in order that the last generation of believers wedding garment will be cut from the same pattern as that of the early church’s, we must remember from those movements out of the last 450 years came only a small amount of original turth. True, it was light in measure on the Word and with this measure of light came also a measure of the spirit for wherever you could find the revealed word taught there will be the same measure of the spirit with that and that measure of light accepted by these persons within the past ages as they walked in obedience to all was their justification for the hour, (their wedding garment). God looked upon that person as one who stood in the same relationship with a person who had come from the first church age, however had you compared these persons with their teachings, it’s true they weren’t in the same likeness of light (yet God overlooked or winked at these ignorances looking only upon their obedience to what they had and justified them, therefore God saw all of his overcoming saints dressed exactly alike.


Age after age, generation after generation passed on but those who walked in full obedience to that hour (spiritually speaking) sat in that designated relationship with Christ wearing their robe. Physically these died but spiritually went to sleep in Jesus.
Beloved most of the bride has died, and awaits the I st resurrection, (1Cor. 15) but
spiritually that man or woman who went into the ground regardless to their hour whose heart was right before God walking in all the light they had, these shall hear his voice in the first resurrection and come forth going to the marriage supper. Notice each died in faith believing in the revealed word of the hour. There will not come out of the crust of the earth one person who had not already gotten his proper robe for the hour and ascension that lies ahead. Before he left here he received his robe not in glory! His robe is his revelation he was wearing when death caught up with him. What is death? True it’s an enemy to this natural life, but death to the spiritual man is the Limousine that transports his soul unto the presence of God — where he shall await the wedding supper. What about that person who did not walk in all the light of his hour before he went into the ground, who was not prepared, who was not ready? He’s not coming out of the ground in the first resurrection because he did not go into the ground wearing the proper wedding garment. No doubt he was wearing some type of garment as death overtook him, perhaps a denominational garment, a Babylonian garment. Recall God hated the Babylon garment so much he killed Achan because he took one! (Josh 7:21). That was natural, how much more would the king’s feeling be against someone trying to slip in wearing one? Perhaps he wore only, a garment of his own self righteousness. No one comes out of the ground in that first resurrection of 1 Cor. 15, but those who are properly dressed for the occasion wearing the wedding garment — the revelation of his word. For each age that person sat in the guest chamber in a relationship with God, rejoicing in his presence, having the knowledge that he was sitting in the house of royalty. That’s why Paul could say “Seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus,” and don’t forget we’re seated in that position right here on earth – but still enjoying heavenly benefits, heavenly blessings, right? That’s what it means to be sitting in the guest chamber, seated in that spiritual atmosphere of the revelation of truth – after coming through the bath-house. Let’s examine the natural guest chamber such as would be in the story – then make our spiritual application. The guest have arrived and awaiting the marriage supper of the king, wonder what kind of conversations we could hear? Do you think it might be like this? Well I’ll tell you brother, I’ve come from many wilds and walks of life, the old devil buffeted me on every turn of the road I’ve been on, everytime I turned around he was after me, I even broke down, my mule died and my camel ran away on the way here, but praise God I finally arrived. AMEN AMEN What stories of great faith you would hear as you sit in the guest chamber with all these individuals of the past who are attending the supper – truly they would be interesting! Do you have a story of your journey? Do you have some miraculous testimony how God dealt with you in life, and how the devil has worked against you? You probably say my car broke down here, I had a wreck here etc. But praise God I am here!!


How often did this king inspect his guest? According to the parable he inspects them only once, that was shortly before the wedding –Shortly before the wedding the king made his appearence for inspection — Are you prepared to be inspected? Beloved, if you are not wearing the complete revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ revealed in this hour, you certainly are not ready for inspection – you may have a perfect attendance record for church and Sunday school, you may even be a wonderful church member, you may even be a great asset to your church and what minister would not give anything for such dedicated followers — But I repeat if you are not walking in all the light that Almighty God has revealed in this last church age especially through his church age. messenger, a man who through many vindicated proofs is shown to be the prophet messenger to this age, William Marrion Branham from Jeffersonville, Indiana Beloved if you are not clothed in this revelation you are in no condition to be inspected! Individuals often find fault for using this man’s name – when we speak of a last day messenger to the church age – and getting angry saying drop my name from your mailing list is not going to help you get dressed either.


For sake of argument only, let us suppose William Marrion Branham was not this earthly vessel used by Almighty God to fulfill the revelation of the Laodicean Messenger to the bride, although his message corresponded with Saint Paul’s who declared if any angel or man preach any other gospel than that which he himself did – should be accursed’. You say Bro. Branham was not that man, alright then — who was that man —Someone is going to fulfill that office! You see because you don’t believe he was that man that would not lessen your responsibility one bit. Some man was chosen within this age to be messenger to the bride people, that man was responsible for bringing revelation to the entire church —and who ever he was, it would be his responsibility to present a message that would restore an end time people to that full apostolic faith which was in the beginning. His feeling toward organizational religion would be shared exactly with those of the early apostolic fathers — else how could he restore a people to that faith in doctrinal belief and practice unless he was in perfect harmony with their teaching? Each age did have a messenger! “Unto the angel of the Laodicean write” – note each age had one special person who was the messenger to that age, (angel used here is earthly messenger). There would be seven earthly messengers who naturally would receive revelation from the throne room and pass to these in the guest chamber of all ages. (fellowship of Christ ) Whether you accept this man or not is entirely up to you, we offer no apologies but say by every infallible proof from his birth to his death this was the man for this age and if he be not the man, truly that man would have a ministry like this man had — but who ever it could be, you see it was not his name that was so important, although in Bro. William Manion Branham’s name is carried perfectly – 3 sets of 7 letters each. It was his message that you must be clothed in – that was the importance of his revelated message – It is the bride’s wedding apparel for this hour — It was a material to be used for the wedding garment for the end time bride people. Whoever that man was to fulfill that role, he brought your wedding garment -find it and get dressed — the hour is later than you think!


Note, unless the king waited until the final invited guest had arrived in the guest chamber (inspection room), He would be forced to make other inspections. Patiently he awaits the last individual to come from the bathhouse into the guest chamber before his inspection, showing he makes only one inspection. As he inspects one guest he will inspect throughout the Seven Church Age periods. You say, but most of the saints have passed on — that will make no difference. If when the king looks and sees the soul of every person is fully clothed with the revelation of their hour, those who had been faithful to the revelation of their hour will come forth in the First Resurrection to make up the Bride of Christ, for `many are called but few are chosen’ said Jesus. Yes, the king will inspect each age in the light of their revelation on the true Word as taught by the. apostles. Recall in Revelations the Holy Spirit never once openly named these messengers He had chosen to represent the Bride through each period, did He? Had He done so, that would have done away with His office work of Revelation to His true Bride people of the ages. I say by revelation those who were ordained before the foundaton of the world by the foreknowledge of God knew which message to follow and which message to reject. sheep know my voice and a stranger they will not follow’. You can’t deceive the elect of any age. These are His chosen ones. Read the scripture concerning the elect — this priceless group is not merely some group of religious people unconcerned about the truth of the Word for their hour. It is more than a people constantly looking back into the past for ideas. THE ELECT LADY The elect lady spoken of in John’s writing is none other than those who have an ear to hear what the spirit saith to the church — without it you could never be in any part of the Bride of Chirst. So many have a deaf ear to the Spirit’s voice although a most keen ear to the denominational teachings and programs of their particular group. This will most assuredly fail to qualify anyone as Bride material but will cause a complete and total rejection of the individual once the king comes forth to inspect those in the guest chamber. After the inspection is completed — the dead in Christ are called first, then we which are alive and remain who passed the inspection shall also be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye, to ever be with the Lord. Comfort ye one another with these words. Note, according to the parable those chosen went in to the marriage. These are the wise virgins found in the endtime age spoken in Matt. 25:1-13, while the foolish were cast into outer darkness where there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. Remember, each time the Spirit reveals something, that revelation of the Spirit goes into the making of the Brides clothing. So these who desire to be in the number of guest passing inspection once the king examines his guest must be sure of one thing — that they have walked in all the revelation given by the Holy Spirit for their hour ‘else they shall be rejected for ‘many are called but actually only a ‘few of each calling will be chosen ko go to that banquet table. Just remember, your chances are as rood as the next person. All you must do is humble yourself under the mighty hand of the Lord and -emain that way until the end.


When will people awaken and realize the Holy Ghost is not only !a spirit that can give people invigorating feelings and manifest Itself in different gifts, but that he is a REVELATORY SPIRIT also, :John 16). The Holy Ghost’s coming on the day of Pentecost He for a number of reasons. First, He was the gift of Eternal life, Second, He was a Comforter Third, He was that spirit of power that could express Himself through different manifestations but most important, He came as the spirit of Revelation and remember this the holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost came in the absolute fullness of Himself. According to history it took approximately 500 years to throw out or do away with all that the Spirit was to the church. The first thing they did away with was true revelation of the Spirit by accepting false revelation or ideas contrary to the revealing Spirit. Always remember, anytime you accept false revelation and preconceived ideas you have not only deeply grieved the true Spirit of revelation but He is going to take His flight from you allowing you to be led by this Spirit of error which is certainly not wedding clothes. That is why the devil has always harassed people throughout every move or movement of the Spirit with all kind of ideas contrary to the leading of the Holy Spirit because if He can succeed in causing the people to accept what he places in their blind about their revelation and get them to follow him — then he knows that would drive off the
spirit of revelation from the people and they could not pass inspection when the king comes to inspect the guest. In the beginning of this message we stated this parable was being fulfilled in our hour, further, we said we must have the Holy Ghost for ‘without the Spirit of Christ we are none of His’. ‘They that are led by the Spirit are the Sons of God.’ When we began speaking of the Spirit immediately people’s minds, because of carnal Pentecostal teachings, think you must express one particular gift in order to have the Holy Ghost, when people forget they must be led by the Spirit to be Sons of God — led by the revelatory Spirit. It is every fiber of Revelation from that Spirit that goes into your wedding garment, not just the manifestation of some gift. Satan has tricked many people by giving them a counterfeit gift which has never led anyone into the revelation of His revealed Word but only out after some Spirit of error. If you profess some gift of the Spirit yet you discover your spirit is refusing to obey the Spirit of God by walking in His true revealed Word, you could easily have accepted a counterfeit — yet the real was for you. Any gift considered to be from the Holy Spirit should lead you into more truth of the Word and if not something is drastically wrong.


At the turn of this century when the Holy Ghost was poured out upon the believers in tongues and other manifestations, they readily accepted the gifts of the Spirit but failed to remember the Holy Ghost which came on the day of Pentecost was also a revealing Spirit the same as a distributor of the gifts of God. The fact that so many continued saying – all truth has come, there is no more, showed they were not following the revealing attributes of the Holy Ghost. What about you today? Do you accept only His gift attributes while rejecting His other attributes especially His revealing office? Remember, It is from that revelatory office of the Holy Spirit that He is weaving you a wedding garment appropriate to pass the kings inspection. Yes, Pentecost quickly accepted the gift attribute of the office work of the Spirit but it wasn’t long until the Revealing aspect of that office work began to function, when it did it split Pentecost down the middle with the Revelation of who Christ was etc. This was perhaps the first real blow against the Nicia Council ever to be given by the Spirit until His Seventh Messenger came on the scene to restore the endtime bride believers back to the original revealed faith of the early apostolic fathers. There is no question about it, since the out pouring of the spirit in 1906 into the church, people have felt strongly toward the gifts, but cared little for the revelatory office of the spirit – just remember it took both the gifts of the spirit and the revelation office – yet it was the revelatory office that produced the very fiber gone into the spiritual garment worn by that end time bride. Everyone knows that a garment is woven from some fiber? It’s fiber neatly woven together, in this case it’s the very fiber woven by the Holy Spirit, fiber taken from the revelatory application and weaving the very garment that you shall wear, therefore the spirit anti the word agree – they work hand in hand because the life of the word is the in spirit and the spirit lives r substance of the word itself, Amen. Coming now to the closing verses of the parable we witness God dealing with the gentile church age shortly before they are to be taken out of the guest chamber and carried to the banquet hall where the table is set. Yes, as soon as the king inspects his guest there will be the rapture of the saints and the catching away of the bride into glory to be wedded unto the Lord, then on to the marriage supper. Before this can actually happen let us illustrate what goes on in the guest chamber. The king is now aware that the last guest has arrived and time has come to inspect the guest — when that last person finally arrives completing the bride membership it’s time for the wedding to take place. Recall physically all the old saints of past ages are buried in the ground but the great king who’s eye sees all things knows where everyone of his guest lies in his respective guest chamber relationship with him. Everyone has on the wedding garment (those who died in Christ) but recall also there is a living element here in those very closing hours as this event is getting ready to take place, which God is dealing with. It will be from none other than this element that the last soul shall enter into the fellowship of Christ – and you must remember how could you be in fellowship with Christ if you rejected his 7th messenger and message? Proof the last soul to enter in before the rapture could not possibly be one who ignored that message and still be in fellowship with Christ! You could be in the guest chamber without it but you could never be in true fellowship without it! Before anything can be raptured and taken to glory, the Lord will inspect a living element of people on earth who are busy for him, in fellowship one with another! Are you in fellowship with other believers of this last hour message? We are a people who were brought together by the pull and drawing power of the Holy Ghost as we recognized God had done something at this end-time. In mind we have been brought together, with our lips we can testify we believe the same thing, but God who is spirit knows all things about you heart he knows whether we believe right or wrong. Beloved he knows whether I look proper in the guest chamber relationship or not. Deep in my heart there might be things that could only be seen by the eyes of God and not others. I would not be a creature that has been fully and properly clothed with the wedding garment if that be my case. He is not going to throw those banquet doors open and let anything enter into that banquet hall that doesn’t look proper. One thing is certain He is not calling out one person from the ground in the First Resurrection who is not properly portrayed in His righteous apparel. Neither shall he take one from the living element either! This parable calotosdodk by tisowing the king taking guest – that Great Eternal Spirit, the Eternal Father who invited and brought this
glorious thing about inspects His guest. The parable closed with the fact that he has gone unto the gentiles to the good and bad and gathered them in until it has filled the invitation program.


Perhaps you already know this but how is this king in reality ever going to take a look when he himself is Spirit, already filling all space and actually can go no place? Most important we understand from this parable how that king actually takes a look into his guest chamber. From a natural illustration, if 1000 persons come into a building upon invitation all dressed in white suits and along came a man wearing a black suit he would immediately be spotted. Someone might say, hey, buddy, what are you doing here? Didn’t you know orders were given no one sits in here unless wearing a white suit of clothes?


We can understand from the natural setting how simple it could be done, but this is not a natural setting. However, since their king doesn’t dwell in a body form to come walking into any place taking a look, how will he perfarm this? The king comes into our midst through the divine revelation of His Word, revealing Himself by divine revelation in His Word to the body of Christ. Remember, if that robe of righteousness which I wear is the true revelation of the Holy Ghost, the spirit is the Father of it and the revealed word (revelation) makes up the body of its fiber–I’m now sitting in the guest chamber having fellowship with other believers, clothed in the same Spirit the king is, as he enteres by divine revelation and looks at me through His revealed word – You know what? If I am of that same spirit that He Himself is, My spiritual soul is going to reflect a true light back to Him, through that same revelation which he is, expressing to me that my spiritual soul is going to look right back to him through that same revelation as one who is portrayed in the very color that he has ordered everyone to be portrayed (dressed) in for the wedding. Though, spiritually speaking, it is going to be expressed on my part in this manner – when the revelation of the Word strikes my soul I am going to say — AMEN, I BELIEVE, GLORY TO GOD, HALLELUJAH, THAT’S RIGHT! This king who is spirit will not come walking in on two legs, but will come in by divine revelation into the age as it is closing out taking a look, just before the invitation for the rapture takes place – By divine revelation he comes through His Word and brother, anyone sitting in the guest chamber who can’t see that king when he walks in must be blind. There is something wrong with his spiritual eyesight! If he was in the natural you would not have any trouble seeing Him! Placing it in ‘ the spiritual means that your spiritual soul must be clothed in the same spirit of revelation of which He Himself is so when He looks upon you, you look to Him just like He wants you to look. You can express back to Him the gratitude, the greatfulness, the thankfulness and sincerity of heart that he wants expressed from you in thanksgiving and praise —AMEN, OH LORD THANK YOU, I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS INVITATION AND REVELATION OF YOUR WORD!


Do you know what is going to happen? i Everyone in that fellowship won’t be of the same spirit as He is. Someone was looking for a cheap way out. Recall this parable takes place at the close of the age among the living not the dead. Although the application applies to the dead also, the parable deals with the living. QUESTION— How is this one not having on a wedding garment going to react when the king takes a look? True, we realize he will be portrayed in an off color, won’t he? Oh, he will have something on but it will be an off color revelation of the Word. Though his garment (revelation) will be off color he must also express himself in some manner. This person cannot spiritually express himself in the manner everyone else does — rejoicing. In other words, if there is one sitting there who is going to absolutely fill that place, not having on the wedding garment as the king comes in to take a look at him, everyone in His Word wearing the revealed word garment when that revelation begins to be lifted up -this man in his heart will begin to say I DON’T BELIEVE THAT, I DON’T SEE THAT now you know what the king is going to say? FRIEND, HOW COME YOU ARE HERE NOT HAVING A WEDDING GARMENT?


Why did the king call him friend? It is because he had been previously invited. Somewhere along the line he had been introduced into this end time revelation perhaps he accepted the justification, sanctification, and the Holy Ghost teaching but somewhere along the line he took a short cut and brought himself in and sat down acting like the rest, You know what the king said to his servant “Bind him hand and foot and cast him into outer darkness”. Picture someone rising up against the revealed word as it comes forth, saying I don’t believe that, his rejection of that true word automatically throws him out of the fellowship of the king and other true believers – does it not? The man who sits there having not a wedding garment on must portray his offcolored revelation. As he sits there naked before the king, the king said “Friend how come you in here not having on a wedding garment”. Why did the king say friend? I want you to know every person that has experienced any of God’s grace in any measure whether he’s been justified from within and by faith he has believed on the Lord , he’s come so far, God has allowed him to clean up from his evil habits but if he didn’t go far enough to see that God wants to fill him with the Holy Ghost and teach and instruct him and give him a revelatory way of life and communion with his brothers and sisters, somewhere that individual Person purchased himself a robe of self-righteousness. Sure, he has a good time sitting in fellowship with those dressed in white robes. But the Icing ask, “Friend how did you get in here,” Notice, he isn’t going to throw the doors open unto the wedding guest while that character is sitting there so he is bound hand and foot and thrown out.


This demonstrates to everyone that somewhere God’s will does perfect all things. Perfection is when everything will be made right. Separation time means everything that is not right will be gotten rid of before that rapture takes place. The person sitting there in his odd color (his own revelation) is truly not like everyone else, and that color of what he is will express itself somehow through an attitude toward the true word before the end. Now think with me, they bound him hand and foot, do you realize once you tie a man’s hands and feet, you render him completely helpless and the very fact that God said “Throw him out,” shows he isn’t concerned how the man lands once he is thrown out of this revelation! Notice he didn’t say lead him out or show him the door and ask him to leave – but it said “Throw him out,” that’s God’s way of saying I don’t want that character back in here ever again. Remember when you bind a man hand and foot you render him helpless, and once he is thrown out, there’s is no telling where he will land and furthermore the king doesn’t care, the fact this person would be sitting there having on no wedding garment shows he must react that way. He had to react in rebellion against the truth, or either he would have whole-heartedly accepted it being clothed in a wedding garment. The very color of his garment caused him to express himself as God reveals himself by revelation, and every revelation you are clothed in had better coincide exactly with that revelation of God’s or there’s going to be enmity set up, between you and him.


Notice the king now saying to his servants bind him hand and foot – again this part doesn’t mean God actually sends men along saying, Hey buddy you don’t belong in here. Oh no! it’s simply that God sees your attitude; God sees your spiritual off color which is showing enmity against Him. You find it impossible to say Amen to His revealed word! you can’t say Praise God! You say I can’t see that, I don’t believe although I like these people, so I think I’ll just sit here. God will put up with that just so long and then he says no sir you’re not going to stay around here, if you can’t believe along with these people you’re going to get out of here. It means this man’s attitude became an attitude that was off color, to the word. The Holy Spirit comes along and somewhere He allows an enmity or a difference of bitterness rise up and brother that person will say Bless God I’m not going to change my mind on this or that! I’ll believe it like I want to, no one will ever be the wiser. A man’s own ideas bind him and renders him spiritually helpless until he becomes so tied up in confusion that he is never able to’ go any farther with God. It is the Holy Spirit’s way of taking people once he sees their minds and their spiritual attitudes are made-up, he will not change them, neither will they go any farther in Chirst. Now they become bound in their own attitudes and the Holy Spirit seeing that – just casts them hither and yon, anywhere, makes no difference, but He won’t allow them to sit any longer in the fellowship of His people.


I can break this down by saying in this movement many people who don’t have the Holy Ghost, have only a mental conception of what God was doing. They had just enough spirituality about them for the hour. Living close enough to know that God was
getting ready to do something ana when they saw that movement going forth they to were found in the guest chamber – brother they slipped in there and sat down but there’s one thing certain they’re not going to the banquet hall looking like that — that which goes to the banquet hall will all look alike AMEN! and that’s why people have risen up, one saying tliis and another saying that while more and more the Holy Spirit is causing those people to become bound by their own ideas allowing them to go this way and that. It is the Holy Spirit’s way of throwing them hither and yon. Though it may look like they’re in the middle by great blessings you just rest assured when the rapture does take place and those banquet doors are thrown open and the invitation has come – everyone take your place at the table – there will not be one with that kind of an attitude who will go in and take a seat. — Notice once that character has been taken out of the midst of God’s people and God sees the living realm of people sitting there in that beautiful realm of fellowship, as God comes in to take a look at these, do you know what is happening? The rapture is ready to take place. 1st those who died in the Lord, the dead in Christ, those that went in the ground in their respective age and hour walking in all the light that was within. their hour, He’ll say rise up! As they rise then in a moment of a twinkling of an eye the scripture says we are changed.


Watch carefully, this is where we leave the guest chamber relationship going to the banquet hall. Now we shall see the doors actually swing open, as mortality and corruption has been changed. The doors fling open for the entrance into the banquet hall. Everybody is still not going to break and run like uncouth things for one by one as we rise to meet the Lord – we shall go to take our positions at the table. I will say there is a place at that table for everyone ordained to be there. We’re not going to break and run for the table for fear there won’t be a place for us — ever see kids going to somebody’s home like that, I’m going to sit here, no,` I’m going to sit here, and after while there’s broken plates and everything else – perish the thought — I believe once we enter that realm there we will, one by one, be escorted by angels. I believe there’s a place already designated for each and everyone that’s to go through those doors to the banquet hall. You’re now in the presence of royalty, that’s the way royalty does it. If you were invited into royalty’s presence that’s the way they would do it, you don’t go in and say where am I suppose to sit? You be still, someone will tell you where to sit and I’ll guarantee you there’s a place for everyone that meets God’s requirements and when it’s all over there’ll not be one empty place nor one empty chair. They will all be there who is suppose to fill the invitation, and when you see them sitting there, everyone will look alike. That is why people have asked for ages how did that person get into the wedding supper without the wedding garment on? The point was they just didn’t know where he was – they thought he was up there but he wasn’t – he was still down here, because no one is at that banquet table yet. You’ll have to agree with me on that! It was in the guest chamber relationship. Beloved this thing is rapidly coming to a close and spiritually speaking He’s taking a look. You can’t say the Lord’s coming soon unless you acknowledge the fact that he’s taking a look-now, there never has been an hour outside the Apostolic age when the Holy Spirit break and run like uncouth anymore than He is right now through His word, and there’s person after person saying I don’t believe that, so they go their way. Do you know what it is? God’s just throwing them out of the guest chamber, they got in there but they didn’t have the proper wedding garment on. When this thing is fully wound up m me end-, it will look like the beginning and correspond exactly.


I want my own life to measure up, to look just exactly like that for God is taking a look at the people. When you see people begin to rise up saying I don’t see it that way or well it might be, you better watch yourself, it’s a good sign, brothers and sisters there’s some fiber there that isn’t just right, but if that soul wears the true genuine Holy Ghost fiber word saying Amen, God really works Himself through his word to his people – that child of God sitting there – Amen, Praise God I see God in that – beloved may I say I am truly thankful to God for saving my wretched soul when I was in denominationalism and I know tonight what God did for me, but I also realize if I was trying to get in on just that basis of what I believed back then, it would not be sufficient knowing and having an opportunity to see what I see in the word now, and seeing what God has done. I’d have to say God would have thrown me out 7 ways for Sunday, and I’d never get back in this revelation, but I’m so thankful to God that he enabled me to see this glorious way and when we see God straighten up the bath-house – when it gets fully restored back the bathtub has the same kind of water, the soap’s the same and everything else – it mean: “Repent everyone of you and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and you shall receive your robe of righteousness, it is the Holy Ghost. AMEN.

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