The Serpent Is Talking, Part 2 – 1996, May

Rev. Raymond M Jackson
Rev. Raymond M Jackson

WE ARE DEALING WITH THIS MESSAGE “THE SERPENT IS TALKING,” BECAUSE WE ARE LIVING IN A DAY AND HOUR OF MULTIPLIED SPIRITUAL DECEPTION. WE HAVE NEVER SEEN IT LIKE THIS BEFORE, BUT I WANT TO SAY RIGHT NOW, IT WILL GET WORSE BEFORE IT EVER GETS BETTER. THIS PRESENT DOWNWARD TREND WILL CONTINUE RIGHT ON UNTIL THE COMING OF THE LORD JESUS, WHEN HE COMES TO POUR OUT THE WRATH OF GOT AND SET UP HIS EARTHLY REIGN AS KING OF KINGS. THE REASON I SAY, THE SERPENT IS TALKING, IS BECAUSE OF THE WAY PEOPLE ARE SO DECEIVED IN THIS HOUR. PEOPLE WHO AT ONE TIME HAD SOME CONVICTIONS CONCERNING RIGHT AND WRONG, JUST SEEM LIKE THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE ANYMORE. IT IS BECAUSE THE DEVIL IS USING THE SAME TACTICS ON THEM THAT HE USED ON EVE. SHE KNEW RIGHT FROM WRONG CONCERNING THE COMMANDMENT OF THE CREATOR, BUT HE WORKED THROUGH THE OLD SERPENT TO DECEIVE HER: BECAUSE THE FIRST THING THE SERPENT DID WAS ASK HER, ARE YOU SURE THAT IS WHAT GOD MEANT? ONCE HE PLACES A QUESTION MARK IN YOUR MIND, HE HAS YOU GOING HIS WAY; THEREFORE WE HOPE THIS LITTLE MESSAGE WILL SERVE TO ALERT YOU TO THE SLY METHODS YOUR ADVERSARY USES, AND CAUSE YOU TO TAKE A FRESH LOOK AT THE WORD OF GOD. HE HAS NOT CHANGED HIS MIND: WHAT WAS WRIGHT SEVENTY YEARS AGO, IS STILL RIGHT TODAY. If ever there was a time since the days of Adam and Eve, that the devil was using all of his bag of tricks to put ideas in peoples’ minds, this is the time. He is going the limit, to take a slap at Christianity, and at the marital relationship between one man and one woman in their home life. I just do not see how the educated people of the world can look at the moral picture today, especially the religious world leaders, and fail to realize that this has to be a reflection of what started in the Garden of Eden. If the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden had been the simple eating of some plant life fruit, I am absolutely sure the devil would be exerting all his efforts to promote the fruit business, instead of sex and perversion. There would be refrigerated trucks running the highways in convoys, hauling nothing but fruit because the consumption of that fruit, whatever it would have been, would be at an all time high. Instead of X rated movies and houses of prostitution, you would have dealers going into the fruit business. Saints: I only talk like this, hoping to awaken someone, somewhere, so they will realize how ridiculous it is to believe the original sin in the garden of Eden was eating some type of forbidden fruit with their mouth. To you Doctors of divinity, with all your Hebrew and Greek, I would say, Think seriously before you continue squawking about the serpent seed teaching. With all the evidence out here in the world today, to let you see what those who refuse the knowledge of God are caught up in, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT THE SIN IN QUESTION WAS A FORBIDDEN SEX ACT? It was sex for pleasure only, instead of for the purpose of replenishing the earth, as the Creator had instructed them to do. The very fact that you cannot even stand the thought of serpent seed, is very good evidence of the idea that you may be one. The serpent seed teaching is not necessarily something that everyone should receive and understand the first time they hear it; but every person predestinated to be of the bride of Jesus Christ will receive it in due time. The devil has blinded the multitudes of this generation and deceived many of them into believing they are right in the center of God’s will. To those such as the Catholic Priest that wrote the article we have been reading from, I must say, You have the audacity to stand up in the realm of religion and tell them you have the answers to the problems of the day. You do not have the answers: You cannot even read the sights of the time. Hollywood comes closer to having the answers than you do. Some of the movies they put together is a reflection of what really went on. I do not hear of these doctors of divinity squawking about what a person like this says at all; but just let some Holy Ghost filled preacher come alone preaching the truth about serpent seed and they are ready to climb the wall, saying, That is of the devil. Well I want you to know what took place in the Garden of Eden really was of the devil; and what we see going on today among mankind is of the devil; but the truth we are presenting about, is of God. The reality of it, is the thing that is speeding thousands toward hell. They think they are free and enjoying life at its best, but hell awaits them and there are very few preachers today that even know the truth; and most of them will not speak it, lest they hurt someone’s feelings. I am called of God to tell you the truth regardless of whether feelings get hurt or whether you run the aisles rejoicing. I certainly hope all of you appreciate hearing the truth, instead of me just trying to pacify everyone who comes through those doors. It is still a learning time for all of us, if we love the truth.



am going to ask you to go back once again, to the 3rd chapter of Genesis with me, because I want you to take a good look at this 16th verse. Young and old, I stand here realizi8ng I do not have a doctor of divinity degree: I would not know a Hebrew word from a Greek word, if you put a car load of them in front of me, but I look upon you with all my heart as my brothers and sisters in the Lord, and in sincerity, I desire to help you, because I know we are living in an hour of time the devil is out doing everything he can to brainwash, warp and twist the intellect of human beings, and pervert everything that is right in the eyes of God. He perverts everything that in its original purpose would have been holy; and right here in this scripture, we see a picture of it. I have already shown you pictures of those couples here in this magazine, and how it speaks of their bisexual attitude, which means that the male is not only drawn to male, but the same male can be drawn to a woman also, and it does not have to be his wife. In here, are examples of man and woman, which are husband and wife, yet both testify that they have slept with others of like sex, the woman with woman, and the man with man. Each one of them is looking for someone else of the opposite sex to sleep with. What does that tell you? Should that not be, in the eyes of the world, an alarming picture? When Jesus said in Matthew 24 and Luke 17, AS IT WAS, SO SHALL IT BE, you can certainly begin to realize what it was like back then. The agnostics of the world in this day and hour will try to tell you that we cannot put any dependence in what is written in the Bible about such things, but I say to you, You can put your confidence in the reality of every bit of it. It is the only book that was written thousands of years ago, and especially the words of Jesus, which were written two thousand years ago, that will come to pass 100% as it is fore told to. As it was, so again will it be, speaks of conditions that will be brought about by evil spirits in our society; and not necessarily of conditions that have been brought about by a legislative act of Congress, or of some governmental body: Yet as these evil tendencies begin to pop up within our modern day society, and especially as it began to go into apostasy, we find that politicians wanting to gain the vote for their interests, soon began to become more liberal, and less likely to hold to convictions of their past upbringing or ideas, so that now they are to blame for this picture and the articles written inside. Yes saints, every senator and congressman, alog with the president and vice president, and all the rest of those leaders of today are going to stand before their maker one of these days and give an account to Him of their misdeeds. They have allowed their influence with society and mankind, especially young people, to affect the way people think. That is why I want to go back to Genesis and show you something. When we read Genesis 3:16, we do not read a thing about a picture such as this. It is just not there. This verse of scripture is short, but there is a lot in it. If you do not know what the fruit of the tree of life was, then go back to the articles we have printed, for you have not read them right. I have a few statements I am going to read to set your mind in a certain frame of thinking. The tree of life was God’s way, that through the intimate act between one man and one woman who would be husband and wife, this act would have been carried out, not for mere pleasure, but for the sake of bearing children. That is where the Puritans got hung up. They misapplied the scriptures they used to justify their way of life. If you do not know a thing about the Puritans, then you did not study your history. You just looked over it. Since this intimate relationship was introduced to Eve first, NOT BY THE DEVIL IN PERSON, BUT BY THE SERPENT WHICH WAS INSPIRED BY THE SPIRIT OF SATAN, the devil, as he took possession of his whole physical makeup. It just goes to show that Eve then fell for the trick that it was alright to partake of this act for pleasure, because that is the way the serpent introduced it to her. When this was introduced to her for pleasure, outside of the thought that child bearing is to be involved, she saw it was good. That is why the Bible is written in symbolic language, so the doctors of divinity do not have it spelled out for them. God hides certain things in that type of language to keep those guys from tampering with it. I talk this way because I realize out here in the listening audience of critics, that kind of characters would like to get hold of something that would give them good reason to brand us as a cult. I will have to say though, If you really want to see what a cult is like, modern Protestantism, along with Catholicism, has become the very thing they like to accuse people like us as being. Their deceptive systems of religion that stalks the face of this earth today, is absolutely more like a cult than a body of Bible believing Christians. That is why the book of Revelation refers to Catholicism as the mother of harlots. HER DAUGHTERS ARE NONE OTHER THAN PROTESTANT DENOMINATIONS; BECAUSE THEY ARE EVERY ONE PATTERNED AFTER THEIR OLD MOTHER. That is why God has to judge them: because both have failed the test of true Christianity. That is why He brings them into accountability. Looking back to the Garden of Eden. He judged the serpent, stripped him of his physical makeup and put him out on the lowest end of the animal kingdom. He is crawling out there today as a serpent, a reptile. We do not know which one it is: We just know it is still out there. Partaking of the tree of knowledge which they had been introduced to, is the thing that brought the judgment. This is what kept them from ever knowing the joy of eating, or partaking of the fruit of the tree of life. After they had received a knowledge of this act for pleasure only, God realized He could not let them live in the interior of this garden, which is where His presence was, which was a little bit of heaven on earth, as though nothing contrary to His will had taken place. That is why He drove them out, lest they partake of te tree of life and live forever in their sins. If they had been allowed to remain in the same setting, the woman would have retained the same emotional makeup that would have enabled her to know exactly when to partake of this sex act for the purpose of childbearing. There is no such thing as, you can do wrong one day and right the next day, and still remain in the same level of fellowship with your Creator. There is a penalty, a great cost for going contrary to the will of God. That is why we realize the tree of knowledge was partaking of this intimate act for mere pleasure. What was Eve’s penalty? Listen to this verse. (Gen. 3:16) “Unto the woman He (God) said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow any thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” To serve God one day and the devil the next was not in the picture. This is what the devil did later. The devil is never content. I want you to know, the foremost thing in this verse is, (in my words) WOMAN, YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE THE OBJECTIVE I CREATED YOU FOR, YOU WILL STILL BE A MOTHER AND A MEANS OF BRINGING LIFE INTO THE WORLD, IT WILL JUST BE DONE FROM THE OTHER TREE. It is all in how the commission is carried out: “Be fruitful and multiply.” When you read that commission, you do not find language like, Be happy and gay and cultivate the lifestyle of your particular passion. Does that make any sense, when you are considering what a holy God had in mind for His children? That is what they are doing today, but it is not with the blessings of the Creator. In this verse, God is sentencing the woman: “I will greatly multiply (add to) thy sorrow and thy conception.” God is going to add something to her which has already been appointed for her to go through. Her sorrow would have to be her physical, emotional, and psychological feelings that would come upon her as she goes through that state of pregnancy, and then childbirth. Also, the chances for her conception were multiplied. Which at first would have been that feminine period which you are physically aware of, that will set up in your body, it is that and that alone which would let you know exactly when this relationship, intimate wise, was to be carried out by you and your husband for the purpose of childbearing. In the eyes of God it was to be looked upon as a sacred relationship. Now they are multiplied to every woman, but she does not know the exact time that such conception will take place. I want to say this to all you young people, old ones as well, It is an object of thought that is hard to speak of today without society thinking you are talking vulgar. In the beginning it was not so. The genealogy starts out in the Bible, “And Adam knew his wife.” Read it. Knew, was a word that pertained to that intimate relationship. You do not have to be knocked over with a bulldozer to let you know what that means. (I just speak that way to make my point. It makes me sick to read some of the items that our professors of sex education in our institutions today are putting over on my grandchildren. If some of the grandfathers of fifty years ago could get hold of them, there would be an old time horse whipping event from time to time, but it would not be horses getting whipped. I know that kind of thing existed years ago. I have heard of some of the deals that went on back then. When the Lord says, I will add to thy conception, it means I will multiply those periods.) That lets you know normally there is going to be a certain period or cycle set up in that feminine body because God designed it to be that way. This part is not something that sin brought: God created the woman to be that way. She just has those periods more often because of the penalty of sin, and all women are faced with it. This lets you know why every feminine creature that is born today of the human race, when they grow up and come into that state of womanhood, that cycle begins to set up in their body. It is just not set in motion the same as it originally was in Eve. It is set up strictly on the basis of the judgment that was added to the woman It is the curse that was brought upon her. The end results of it all is this, “In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children.” You will not escape that. That is your ordained objective. What is reported in this article I have been reading from, has no child bearing in mind at all. This priest has no child bearing in mind. A man cannot father a child by have perverted sex relations with another man. Regardless of what language they want to use, what Hebrew word they want to use to try to justify their mis-translation of the Bible, what they are doing is because of a lie of the devil. That is why we have titled this message, “The Serpent Is Talking.” In our schools, in our colleges, in our news media and in our entertainment world, it is the same story everywhere you go. He has setting there, educated characters of highly recognized world renown, (And God does not know a one of them) ready to pounce upon every unsuspecting human soul and cram down their throat the idea of this perverted life style. It is just like it was back in Genesis 6, when they had men of renown that had attained unto that world recognized position in life. They want the world to know, I am professor this or professor that, and I am a recognized authority on so and so. Yes, and you are going to die and split hell wide open because God does not know you. The end results were pronounced, “In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children.” That is the end results of this intimate relationship between man and woman. It goes to show, though you have attained the knowledge of the pleasure of this relationship, you will not escape the purpose for which you were created. You will still repopulate the earth: It will just simply be done by partaking of that other tree there in the MIDST of the garden. Notice now, here comes the knowledge. “And thy desire shall be to thy husband.” That was God’s way of saying, Eve, up to this time you would have been the one that would have said, Adam, now it is time for you and me to make love. (I say that with all due respect to God’s word. As a human being, it is the only way I know how to say it.) But now that she is judged, from now on she is not going to know, because Gdo was going to strip that knowledge from her. That is why they are goign to be driven away from that tree of life. Keep in mind, the tree of knowledge now exists in the mentality of the human being. It willb e the male side of the picture now that will have the agressiveness. That is why it says, And thy desire shall be to thy husband, which means, thy desire shall be to please him. Now when I say that, keep in mind, I know in this world of macho, male this and male that, there is every kind of twisted, diabolical idea being perpetuated by man. I am not justifying that type of demonic attitude. No. But when I see in this feminist movement we have in America, or that is running rampant over the world, and they have boastfully said, We will destroy the home, it gives another side of the picture. They have practically done that already. I have Bible for it. They have succeeded in keeping their boastful thread; but for how long will it stay that way? This is the pleasure side. God is giving the pleasure of it, because they have attained the knowledge of it, so now He gives it to them, but they are cut off from the tree of life in that pleasure relationship. Then God established a covenant, pleasure only, as far as their knowledge was concerned; and God watches over it, because in the end God will have the children He wants.


I would not care if there were forty doctors sitting in here, and that many nurses also, I would still talk the same way. When I have said through the years, No woman, from the day Eve’s cycle was cursed until now, can actually know when they can positively carry on this relationship and know that they can get pregnant, I meant exactly that. Some of you may say, Bro. Jackson, be careful; but I will say, If they did, why has the medical world spent so much through the years for all the various versions of contraception, if there is any way to be sure about it? I am not throwing off on the idea, if it is used in a practical way, where it is supposed to be used. I think you know what I mean. Listen brothers and sisters, when you have thousands and thousands of human beings playing around in this relationship and women getting pregnant; and then heading into a clinic somewhere yelling, I want a free abortion, tell me, give me an answer: If she could have known when she could have that relationship without getting pregnant, why did she end up like that? Will some of you doctors who seem to have all the answers, just give me that one? She did not know; and neither do you. You are just guessing, and hoping you can beat the odds. It is true there may be certain points of proximity that you can feel safe to play with; but when God cut you off from the tree of life, He intended for you to lose all contact with that sure knowledge. I thank God, that as ignorant as I am in the opinion of some, for allowing me to grow up on a farm where I could observe the mating habits of the animal kingdom, their behavior, their conduct and the conclusions. If you will study them, they will give you a picture of how it could have been for the human family. I do not have to go into great details to explain what I mean. When it comes to mating for reproduction, the animal kingdom responds the way God meant for His human family to, except for the husband and wife part. They have more sense than we human beings who were created in the image and after the likeness of God. Even after the fall, God meant for this relationship to be only between husband and wife, and at the husband’s time, “And he shall rule over thee.” Shows that man somewhere in the end results of all this, was to have the major objective, as God, with man and woman would establish the beginning of their propagating life on earth. This in itself would create a human environment. Every since that time, if you will study the history of mankind through the ages of time, in every race, as man and woman choose each other for companionship in marriage and go their way, the objective is to establish the beginning of not only a family, but also what constitutes in the eyes of God, what we call a home. It is an ordinance that is as old as time itself. Even if it is in a cave, it is an ordinance: Because it is one man and one woman in that relationship and it does not matter whether there are two children or a half dozen, it is an ordinance. They might be out in the desert somewhere, in a tent, it is an ordinance. Wherever you go, whatever the background, whatever the way of life, it is an ordinance recognized by the Creator.


I have been allowed for a specific reason, to say certain things a certain way. WE are getting close to the end; and I know that one of these days no doubt there are things that will take place among us, that God will use to cause an element of the type of people who disagree with us, to inquire of us, and look among us for specific reasons as to the WHY of certain things, just as they did the David Koresh group. They see us as the same kind of people, so do not think the doctors of Methodist theology, and the Baptist, as well as the others, will hesitate for one moment when they get a chance to speak against us. All of those men, regardless of what they may be associated with, will be ready to contribute their advice to the politcal realm, or to the news media, if for some reason they want to investigate us from a negative standpoint. Therefore when it comes to that, I want it to be said on tape, I AM NOT ASHAMED OF WHAT I TEACH; AND I AM FULLY PERSUADED THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE A TEXT BOOK OF ANY KIND THAT CAN TEAR IT APART. They do not have enough education to counteract it, because if they will read the lines right, and ask themselves, What is the point in question? They will realize they do not have a leg to stand on. IT is how man and woman will relate to this affair between themselves. God gave the man and woman this relationship to be entered into for the purpose of pleasure, as well as for reproduction, just as long as it is a man and woman that is to be husband and wife in the eyes of the Lord. The end result is, God will still get His children for the purpose of replenishing the earth, because the commission was, “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.” May I say also to every doctor of divinity, You do not replenish the earth just by eating apples. There is nothing in the form of plant life that you can point to and say, This is it. There are two things that stand out after Adam had partaken of the forbidden fruit. First, they realized they were naked. Then they sewed fig leaves together and made aprons to cover the loin area of their bodies. (Genesis 3:7) “And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.” I have asked this question many times. I ask the critics, If you are going to insist they ate something with their mouth, then why did God when He judged them, not give them something to cover their mouth? You know that was not what He gave them. The fig leaves were all they had to cover their nakedness with. There was no Department stores around. China had not yet come into the picture, making cheap clothing. So there they were, hiding, having on aprons of fig leaves, because they had suddenly come into the realization that they were naked. God looked at them and said, That will not do. That is not the covering you have need of now. Common sense would tell you why God rejected plant life as a covering for them. He provided sheep skin. Somethign has to give its life to atone for sin. If something has to give its life, then it shows blood has to be involved in the atonement process. When they covered the part of their bodies they had sinned with, they sure did not cover their mouth, which they would have covered if they had eaten some kind of plant life fruit that caused them to realize they were naked. All you have to do is look at the thing face foreward and it will talk to you. After that, God had no choice but to drive them from this beautiful environment, this atmosphere of heaven on earth. He did not drive them from the geographical area of Eden: They still remained in the same area where they had always been. That puts the Middle East right in the beginning of secular history, the cradle of civilization. All secular histories will run you right back to the Middle East. There is where Adam and Eve became the progenitors of the various races that began to come forth on the earth. They were all sinners though, living off the fruit of the tree of knowledge, which is pleasure. Nevertheless, in the end God still get the offspring He wanted. The difference is, they all have to be redeemed. They do not come into the world innocent, free from sin and death, like they would have if Adam and Eve had obeyed God’s command to them: (Genesis 2:15-17) “And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. (16) And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: (17) But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” You may say, Bro. Jackson: It says there, that they could eat of every tree of the garden. Yes, they were given the fruit of every tree growing out of the ground for food; but the two trees in the MIDST of the garden were not growing out of the ground: they represented two laws God had set there for them to choose between, the law of the tree of life, or the law of the tree of knowledge which would bring sure death to them if they chose it. You all know the choice they made. That is why we all came into this world with a sentence of death hanging over us, which is why we had need of a REDEEMER, someone who would pay our sin debt and reconcile us back to our Creator. Let me go ahead and read verse 9, of that same chapter. “And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the MIDST of the garde, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” I just read that verse to show you that these two trees were not included in the same category as those that were made to grow out of the ground. God made a covenant with the man and woman and they broke it. Nevertheless, even though they broke the original covenant, man is still living under a covenant. This is God’s permissive covenant that mankind is living under, not the covenant of His perfect will, but it became an everlasting covenant. Satan cannot defeat or annul the plan and purpose of God: he is only allowed to hinder it somewhat as every one of us are tested. Adam and Eve were completely innocent in their created state, but even they, there in that heavenly atmosphere, had to be tested. God knew what would happen, but if He had fixed it so they could not disobey His command, He would have had a family of robot-like people repopulating the earth and that is not what He wanted. He wants an earthly family that loves Him enough to live their lives according to His revealed will for them. He also knew from the beginning who would fit into this category and who would not; but in order to obtain the desired results, He had to give everyone the same chance. Sure, He knows every predestinated seed of His, just like He knows wheat and corn from the weeds; but the Bible says He sends the rain on everything that is growing out there. He is a just God. No one is denied heaven because God is unjust: They miss out because of the choice they made concerning the will of God. All of this requires a lot more explaining than we have time for right now; but whatever we fail to explain in this message, is covered in other messages we have preached and printed.


Let us open our Bible’s to Isaiah 24, and read what Isaiah prophesied seven hundred years before the birth of Christ. God looking down through the ages, and with that great omniscient foreknowledge of His, He saw what mankind would do, the choices that would be made, how low he would go, and pronounced the results of it all. Throught he prophet Isaiah, seven hundred years before Christ, God spoke these prophecies and they are written for us to read. “Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty (That is coming) and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. And it shall be, as with the people, so with the priest; (No rank of society, not one race, sex, gender, or anything, is going to stand so important in the eyes of God, as to prevent Him from carrying out this prophecy) as with the servant, so with his master; as with the maid, so with her mistress; as with the buyer, so with the seller; as with the lender, so with the borrower; as with the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him. The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the Lord hath spoken this word.” Take a look around you today, and you will see that corruption, immorality, violence, evil of every magnitude is running rampant. Then when politicians would try to speak out and present some kind of advice to the entertainment world, you are educating the younger generation, you are affecting them to become more violent in nature, less sensitive to right and wrong, what do we hear? We hear the entertainment world sitting back, rolling in their billions of dollars, saying, If you do that, you take away my constitutional rights, my freedom of speech: I have my rights. Oh, if George Washington were here today, what would he do? I would have to say, If ever that man would look at a bunch of people with hostility in his eyes, he would probably say, You bunch of reprobates, the Constitution that was written for fairness to all, does not give you a right to use things that are evil as a means to justify anything: you just want to use it to rake in billions of dollars. Anyone ought to know when evil is recognized to be evil, then it ought not be licensed to be talked about, to be used as though there are benefits by such stuff, especially in the entertainment world. However when it is mentioned they say, Oh but the Bible is full of it. Well that may be true, but when you read the end results, the Bible always gives you the verdict, and it is not words of praise. IT will always give you the final outcome, but these money grabbers of our day do not give their potential victims the possible outcome: They just advertise the immediate (so called) benefit. Notice verse 4, The earth mourneth. Yes there is an element of society that is crying and mourning today, because of outright sin on every hand. “The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away, (Where are the people who used to have a heart felt conviction of things that are right and wrong? I am not talking about people who necessarily went to church. I can remember as a boy, there were a lot of farmers that never went to church, but they had more religious convictions than a lot of people who go to church every time the door is opened today. That is a fact. It is these people today that feel suppressed, abused, talked about, ridiculed, pressed down, because the liberals want to let hell run loose. They are the ones behind the scene, that are mourning and fading away. People who have strong, righteous convictions about the evils of our day, based upon a true revelation of the scriptures, fall into a different category) the haughty people of the earth do language.” They are the loudest, they talk the most. Look at verse 5. That is the one I wanted to get to.  “The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.” He was looking right at this generation “The earth (the planet) also is defiled.”(The environmentalists have their story, but God’s spiritual people have their story also. The environmentalists are ready to tell you, Oh farmer, you cannot plow that ground any more, you are messing up the environment. A lot of people do not realize it, but there are certain agricultural magazines that every once in a while you see appear therein an article about certain states, how the government, along with the Environmental Protection Agency, (the E.P.A.) A branch of government that has more power than it seems like the Supreme Court has, will dwell on certain things. They go all over the country, here and there, looking for the spotted owl. They see certain lizards, certain wildlife here and there and they set about and restrict and limit the type of agriculture that can take place in that area, all because of their desire to protect these certain species. Well when they come along and begin to condemn that farmer for plowing that ground he uses to make his living, because of environmental reasons, then I have to come along and condemn that school system we have today, because so much of what they teach in those places is of a derogatory nature when you look at it from a Christian standpoint. They are constantly defaming, debasing and trying to destroy the total Christian image this country once had; and our entire society as a whole was affected by. You pollute the social and moral environment of our nation, preferring certain wildlife species above humanity, and there is no place in the Bible that even indicates to me that God is half that concerned about the spotted owl and some of these other things they major on. I would like to tell some of those characters, Just wait until God gets through shaking this thing and then tell me what you are most concerned about. God knows how to preserve whatever amount of spotted owls He wants left here. In fact, God could very well speak to those environmentalists and say, Now where is the spotted owl you were so concerned about? Everything they can get their nose stuck into, they do it, trying to get society to think, Oh they are loyal: They are wanting to save the planet. You are not going to save this planet. God is going to rip it to pieces. Yes He is. He is going to rip it down the middle and sink some things and raise up something new, and bury a lot of those who think like that, while He is in the process of doing it. He is not going to take up a tax collection to pay the bill. Think of the oil wells that will be ruptured. Fires will be ignited. Cities of the nation will fall. An earthquake that will make this planet reel and go into convulsions. All other earthquakes will be looked upon as minor headaches compared to the ones God’s words peaks of, that are yet to come. Yes, Isaiah prophesied, “The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof.: It is not what the animal kingdom has done here, it is what the two legged creature called man, which was originally made in the image of God, has done here. They have deviled it. Why? “Because they (mankind) have transgressed the laws.” What is it talking about, Bro. Jackson? People are blind as a bat. He gave one man and one woman a covenant, a law to live together in pleasure and still replenish the earth. That was His business. That still forbids fornication and adultery. I believe you will have to agree with me. It is the same act, but there are two sides of it and they are both wrong. That is a law of God. Then those who take the pleasure side of this thing and debase it beyond unfaithfulness to their mate, man with mand and woman with woman, and then try to justify their behavior by twisting the scriptures, are really pushing God to the limit. They refuse to believe that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for those same deeds. Yes, they have transgressed the laws. To transgress means to go opposite of what the law allows. You are a law breaker. “Changed the ordinance.” The law and the ordinance and the covenant are all connected together. That has to be understood. They are all dealing with one and the selfsame thing in the different stages. The ordinance is the home by which the man and woman knowing each other, establish a family. That is the beginning of a home. It did not matter whether it was in a tent, a tin roofed building, or whatever, it all together constituted a home: It was an ordinance: IT was where you and your companion build your beginning together. Every race on this earth through the centuries, have established such an ordinance as a man and woman enter into that relationship together. I will say this, It is the only justifiable way God ever intended for a little baby to be brought into this world and grow up. We have them by the thousands today, being born and brought into the world by a young man that is not fit to be a daddy. The young woman is the same way. A large percentage of such, want to give that little fellow away as soon as possible. Where is the ordinance that God is going to be allowed to work through to speak to that little fellow? I am not trying to degrade or debase: I am just speaking the truth as I see it. I just try to draw the picture as it really is. This character we have been talking about, I am not talking about him because his skin is off color: I am talking about his way of life. He is part American Indiana nd part Afro-American and I have nothing to say about that; but he is bisexual. Taht is where my remarks spring from. He is going to strap a milk bottle to his chest so that when the wife does feed it from her breast, then he can feed it from his chest, artificially, trying to make that little fellow feel there is no difference between the two bodies that hold him. How do you think God looks upon such stuff as that? Is that a home? No. That is worse than being born in a hog pen. I have to say it that way to try and express my true feelings about such a thing. This society is far off course in the light of the Bible. Looking at another aspect, a young woman comes into worship service in this day and hour and has to go somewhere else to nurse the baby on her breast, simply because we have developed a society where nursing a breast fed baby is off limits in most places. I twas not like that when I was a boy. Those old country church houses did not have a nursery or Sunday School room for the young mothers to go to for that. In nearly every congregation there would be a young woman come in, maybe her and her husband would choose to sit in the back just because there would be time she should have to nurse that little one; but regardless of where they sat, that was part of life. That is how God ordained these little ones receive their nourishment. When it was time for that little one to nurse, she might turn herself sideways and expose her breast to that little one, and cover his head with a handkerchief or something. As long as there has been such a thing as a man and woman bringing children into this world, that has been the God ordained way for them to be fed. Those two lumps on the woman’s chest were put there for that purpose. God created her that way. In this day and hour, and especially in America, they think they are something sexual to look at. They are nog. God is not going to change the shape of a woman’s body because some smart aleck wants to think that is something to laugh about. Some may think I do not know what I am talking about. Well, in the south Pacific Islands, I have seen naked women, half naked women, almost naked women, and those women were not displaying themselves: That is the way they lived. In fact, you get to the point where you wish you could just see a woman with clothes on. In Mexico, women come to church with their little babies, and they do not think anything at all about it not being right to nurse the little one right there in the crowd. There is nothing wrong with it. I still have my first time to hear anyone say, Oh that is terrible. That is the way God ordained it to be and there are people the world over that have not cultivated the idea that it is crude or vulgar. In this country, we have cultivated a counterfeit, sophisticated society, that does not have enough common sense to even know where the real values are in life. Everything seems to have some kind of false value. You can go to west Africa, into some of those interior cities and see exactly what I am talking about. Here will come women walking to town, to the market place. They are carrying produce on their head and their baby on their back; and they have nothing on from the waist up. That is the difference. Why am I saying that? To say this, God ordained that the little mother that gives birth to a baby, would not have to send someone to the grocery store for formula in order to feed the little thing. When God designed a woman’s body the way He did, all of that was designed for a useful purpose of life. I still remember when my wife started nursing our first child, what a joy it was to see that little infant become conscious after a while, of where its feeding came from, and then to see how it looked up into it’s mother’s face. You see the twinkle in its eyes as it looks up and strokes its mother’s chin while it is nursing. Is there anything wrong with that? That is the way it is supposed to be. The devil has perverted the whole picture, putting emphasis on the wrong thing, making something that was ordained to be normal, decent practice, to be looked upon as vulgar. No wonder God’s word says, They ahve changed the ordinance. This N.O.W. organization is designed to tear up the home. They want it where the state can control that infant from the time it is born. That is why we have a society that thinks like they do today: People’s minds have been filled with junk that is anti to the word of God. It has all been engineered by the devil, through our economic system, our political system, and our work system. The way things are set up now goes completely contrary to God’s original plan for His human family. The home was supposed to be the place where the woman contributed her efforts in the marriage union. In this country, that all changed when we got into a war and the healthy, able bodied men had to go across the water and fight. The women was pulled out of the home and put to work in an assembly plant of some kind; and after she got used to making good money working, she had no desire to return to the home. When the war was over, many of them continued right on working in those jobs. From then on, Satan seeing the attitude of the on coming generation of young women, set about to lay his traps. We now have an economic environment that makes it almost impossible for two young people to get married and start a home, even if they are just renting a place to live, without both of them working. This creates the opposite picture from what the Creator meant it to be. They are forced to put their children in the hands of a baby sitter and you know the stories we hear about some of those setups. I cannot change it; and neither can you, but you can see what has taken place in the last fifty some years, that has led us to where we are today. Speaking of our own nation, A war brought the nation to a certain point in time; and then the people had to make a decision. That is when the devil began to invade the home, the church world, and politicians began to use it as they scrambled for some kind of leverage. That is why we have a corrupt society today, so corrupt that only God Himself can change it. It will not necessarily change anything, but I have to preach the truth as I see it, why things are as they are. I did not cause conditions to be as they are, but I can tell you how it should have been and could have been, had the devil not been allowed to disrupt the procedure of everything through time. Yes saints, “The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.” That just about sums it up. By changing the ordinance (God’s objective) God’s purpose is diverted, not defeated. He will still obtain the end results He desired, bu it will all come about through the law of the other tree in the midst of the garden of Eden. When you take this pleasure thing and take it into this setting, (the magazine article) you cannot take it any further. That is not mere fornication, that is not just mere adultery, it is all of it all mixed up, everything twisted and perverted. Every one of these characters such as these will go to bed with the opposite, or with the same sex at any time: It makes no difference to them. That is why they have broken the everlasting covenant. There is not another thing, no other system that governs the affairs of man and his existence here on this planet. It is not how many dollars you make that determines how many children will be born on this planet. I hope all of you understand the significance of what I am saying. It does not matter how you cook, how you make gravy and biscuits and coffee, that determines how many children are going to be born on this planet. It is not where you work that determines it. It is not even where you go to school that determines it: God gave man and woman a covenant. That covenant is established and functions through an ordinance, because the minute a man and woman come together, and they live together to start carrying out God’s commission, immediately there is going to be a home of some nature established. That home, with that man and woman, is in the eyes of God to become a certain environment, how these next offspring are going to be taught, how they are going to be schooled and brought up in life. You see how it is today, when children are brought into the world, how the officials tell parents they do not have a legal right to force religion upon their child. I just have to say, When state, local or federal government becomes so powerful they can legally start throwing that at you, they have gone too far. They have no more right to take the Constitution and point the finger at you, because in the eyes of God that is what you are obligated to do, bring up a child in the way it should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. That does not promise that he will not go out and sow wild oats. Neither does it promise you he will not get out here somewhere and have a terrible wreck. What it does say is, If you do your best to bring him up right, teach him the ways that are right in the eyes of the Creator, even though he or she may go out and get drunk, get in a fight, tear up something and end up in jail, what you have instilled in them is still there. They may go thirty years down the road, but if you ahve instilled in them the things that are basically right, brothers and sisters, God has watched over that person. Sometimes daddy and mother is old and gray headed by the time it happens, but sooner or later something happens and that son or daughter cries out, wanting Dad and Mom to come to their aid. Oh how it makes the heart rejoice when that rebellious child says, Dad, I wish I had listened to you years ago. Mom, I wish I had taken your advice long ago: I just did not have sense enough to believe what I was taught until now. God is a God that watches over His promises to you. If you do your job, He will do His job. If you fail to do your part, then do not hold God responsible when things end up wrong. That is what we are faced with today: we have a nation that had thrown everything out the door.


There are a few more scriptures I am going to refer to before we end this message. Some critics will say, Bro. Jackson, I have trouble believing these things you have been saying. Well as I said in Norway, You are not the first to say that; and you will probably not be the last one. I am not preaching this to you. I am not preaching this, expecting millions to believe it. There are some people on earth today, people that have like values in life, who will believe what I have presented in this message, and those are the ones I am interested in helping see things in the light of the scriptures. Let us look at a scripture in 1st Corinthians at this time. When the apostle Paul was asked the question about marriage and divorce, please remember, he was a Jew that had been converted to Christianity because of an encounter with the living Christ. He had experienced the NEW BIRTH, knew he had been called to be an apostle of Christ, and he was answering the question on the basis of the revelation God had given him, not according to some tradition. In the 7th chapter, verse 2, here is what he wrote. “Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, (Fornication is the sex act carried out unlawfully, by those who have transgressed God’s laws.) let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. (Verses 3 and 4 will take you right back to Genesis 3:16) Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: (That is sacred language as sacred as Paul could use concerning this subject.) and likewise also the wife unto the husband. The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.” (You must remember, the marital relationship since Adam and Eve were driven from the presence of God, is a pleasure thing. God will watch over it and see that children are born according to His way; but it is a sex for pleasure relationship according to the tree of knowledge.) “Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinence.” Meaning because of your lack of self control. Go to Hebrews 13, now, for another scripture. The reason I am reading these, young and old, and I care not where you went to school or who taught you, this pleasure relationship as God gave it in Genesis 3:16, and as it is written here by the apostle Paul, is still in effect. Notice how Paul speaks of marriage in his epistle to the Hebrews. Chapter 13, verse 4, “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” Now what other kind of language do you have to use in order to get people to understand the mind of God on this subject? Could I stand here and speak to you in Hebrew and Greek and give you the basic meanings of all these words and make it any clearer than it already is? Would Hebrew and Greek translations make this scripture any clearer? I doubt it very much. Why is the world not content just to leave it like that? Because they want to do as they please and still pretend that God looks favorably upon them. That is exactly why the devil moved like he did 6000 years ago, to get a general picture of human behavior like we see today. He does not go around telling people there is no God: He just simply tries to convince them that God did not mean what they might think he meant, as He commanded the man and his wife. I am just going to refer briefly to Genesis 6, because we have it listed on our little chart as one of the last scriptures we will use. To every educated, religion, theological minded person who thinks what we have taught in this message is some hypothetical, carelessly thrown together, makeshift kind of thing, I want to ask you this, If you doubt what happened in the Garden of Eden to be as we have illustrated, then will you please tell me, for the sake of truth, what you believe the Bible portrays this to be. Come on and give me a sensible evaluation of Genesis 6, where it says, (1) “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, (because the commission was in effect) and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” I will remind the critics, that daughters, as mentioned here, does not tell me these are daughters of Adam’s seed, which would mean daughters of God. They were not daughters of God. They were daughters born to the Adam line, and I am convinced that they were upright in their ways prior to the time of what is recorded in Genesis 6. From the same like that came the sons of God, there were daughters of God born also: The genealogy of Adam says, and he begat sons and daughters. You will have to agree with meo n that. From here on though, is where some will disagree, simply because they are yet spiritually blind. This is telling us that at that particular time God had to make a distinction between the propagation of life that had come about since the birth of Abel and Cain; and Cain, who was of that evil one, was the seed of the serpent. HE was the instrument the devil was after in the first place. Cain rose up and slew his brother Abel, because Abel was the son of Adam, which was the son of God. Cain slew him because of the difference between them. Abel had the nature of his father and Cain had the nature of his. When you read the Bible you see, that after God talked to Cain about this incident, it plainly tells you Cain left the presence of God, which was in Eden and he went eastward and dwelled in the land of Nod. Which means the land of wandering. He took with him hiw wife, which would have had to be his sister. That is the only way you can explain it. When you read chapter 4 in the initial beginnings, you see the genealogy of Cain first. Then you go to the genealogy of Adam. Adam knew Eve again and she conceived and bore Seth. His name meant, God hath appointed me another seed. Right there, is the son of God. The genealogy, as you see it in the New Testament concerning Christ, goes back through Seth who was the son of Adam, who was the son of God. My point in saying that is, There were daughters born in that sons of God line and those sons of God had been taking them to be their wives, but in Genesis 6, it speaks of Cain’s line in another way; and refers to his daughters as the daughters of men. Then we see that the sons of Adam’s line (which were sons of God) began to notice those very attractive daughters of Cain’s line, (which were called the daughters of men) that they were fair, and they began to take them for their wives. There was just something about those Cainite women that drew the attention of those sons of God. No doubt Satan had caused them to portray themselves physically in a very eye catching manner. That is the reason the scripture is written the way it is: “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.”



want to speak now, to the religious critics. You will have to agree with me, that the end results of this act involves sex, not apples. Those women did not come across the border with baskets of apples, tempting those sons of God to eat them. Eat our apples and let us have a good time. No saints, it was pleasure presented to them in some of the most alluring, tempting ways, just like it is today. Up and down the highways of America, across the billboards, newspapers and magazines, you see the woman’s body, the physique, the picture of it in the entertainment world. They become the role models for modern, teenage girls, to entice the teenage girl to walk like that, act like that, use the same kind of makeup and all of that. Well when those two lines of humanity began to mix, and began to bring children into the world that went about devising evil schemes continually, that finally caused the Creator to say what we read in verse 3. “And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. (God gave them that much more time before He brought about the flood that destroyed them.) There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, (wholesale polygamy no doubt) and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” It breaks my heart when I look back fifty or sixty years, back when we went to school. We went to school with the thought, learn reading, writing and arithmetic, which was taught to the tune of the hickory stick. We did not have all that foolishness in our schools back then. Of course there were times when certain one’s would misbehave, but we were not out robbing and murdering and taking drugs, like so many school age children are today. I remember so well, a man by the name of Bill Thompson. He came home from WW1 and taught in our school. He only had one eye. He addressed himself to us on the first day, saying, You might say, He only has one eye and that is true, but I can see better out of my one eye than you can with your two. He had a way of walking around the room just to see if people were studying. If he saw you playing around, the next thing you know, when you might have thought he was sitting at his desk, he would be behind you, just watching. He had a slick way of walking around. He would come up behind you and get you by the ear, and say, Don’t you think you ought to get to work? When he did, we had better not give him any back talk. He would lead you by that ear if it was necessary. Oh Bro. Jackson, you know it was not like that. Oh yes it was like that. We learned though; and we were not expected to learn a lot of nonsense. We had no sex education, nor did we ever hear anything about a perverted lifestyle. We were just taught those necessary subjects and our very human nature was sufficient for the rest.

Well Saints, I have said enough on this subject, so I will bring it to a close, but please, I admonish you, Do not forget that the SERPENT IS TALKING. HE is talking to you through two legged creatures you have to associate with from time to time, saying basically the same things he said to Eve: Are you sure that is what God meant? Don’t you think He might have meant so and so? You are missing all the fun in life by interpreting the Bible like that. Saints, Does that sound familiar? It should. That spirit is present in some form everywhere you go. Just remember this, God is on our side: He is not trying to trick us. That is the devil’s work. God bless you. Amen.