The Testing And Fall Of Satan, Part 4 – 1997, November

The Testing And Fall Of Satan, Part 4 - 1997, November

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

There appears to be an all seeing eye watching you, on the right side is the seal of the United States government. The point is this, If I take what Bro. William Branham said, and this is not to discredit anything, I say this in respect of the Branham family, relatives, and followers. If you hear what I am saying, I am not ignorant of what the histories prove. I did not study this to disprove Bro. William Branham and what he said about the dollar bill. But when in 1988, I read in the National Geographic magazine that they had found the burial boat that carried the body of the pharaoh or king, whatever they were called in that era, down to be buried there, then they buried the boat, I knew there had to be something more to know than what I knew up until then. It let me know for sure, that there is a lot about this pyramid that has been written from a mythological, traditional viewpoint, that is void of facts. I refuse to let my mind indulge in and be caught up in that. As I said earlier, There is no spirituality in what I am talking about, but I do not want anyone to judge me, that I cannot be a follower of Bro. William Branham‘s teachings, because I do not take every word he spoke as fact and try to say everything just like he said it. It is a fact, that in the early origin of our country, our founding fathers, many of them were of the order of the Masons. How many have heard of the Masonic Order? The Masonic Order did not originate in the Americas. It originated in England and France. From the Middle Ages, starting in 1300, 1400, 1500, and 1600, which this history refers to as the Renaissance, now we will say they have done away with all the stupidity of not letting the pyramids be explored. Europeans in hordes went there to visit, and to study. Out of going there to study this order of the Masons, which strictly is European, basically English and French, as they study this monster, they adopted the thought that they would use this as a symbol of their order. Because as they have studied this, to them they could see the Bible characterized in all the numerical figures and what it stood for. There is a place in this history that tells about it, but why is it on our dollar bill, if it came out of Europe? George Washington and many of our early fathers were Masons. I want to say this to anyone in other lands who might think, Well they were pagans. No they were not pagans. They were Christian men, yet they belonged to an order of men called Masons. In older times the Masons were to Protestantism what the Knights of Columbus are to Catholicism today. Now how many know what I am talking about. I will say again, the Masons were a body of men of the Protestant world who organized themselves, and bound themselves together, to set up a framework of fellowship as guardians to the Protestant cause, to counteract the cause of the Knights of Columbus in the Catholic Church. Since these Masons, these men founding this new nation, are going to establish a government, here is what the writer says:




“According to Manly P. Hall, an expert on Masonic teachings, not only were many of the founders of the U.S. government Masons, but they received aide from a secret and August body existing in Europe, which helped them to establish the United States for a peculiar and particular purpose known only to the initiated few. The Great Seal, says Hall, was the signature of this exalted body and the unfinished pyramid on its reverse side is a trestle board setting forth symbolically the task to the accomplishment of which the U.S. government was dedicated from the day of its inception. The eagle was apparently intended to represent a phoenix or symbol of the immortality of the human soul. Great currency has been given to the pyramid and phoenix symbols by placing them upon a one dollar bill.”


It is irrelevant to the fact that the pyramid had never been completed, because the time the Masons are going there, it is after the destruction has set in, the destruction that was brought on by the Arabs in the 8th century. I am not going to read any more because I do not want this subject to be boring. As I look at this and see our time, every time you turn around, from government, state, federal, and local, they want more money, better education. To me, this goes to show when any nation, any society, no matter what they have reached or attained to in all their learning, if they put God aside and He no longer is recognized, that society is headed for doom. Whatever their natural achievements are, whether it is how big their buildings are, how high they reach into the sky, what kind of space platform they have built, or we found rocks on the moon, water on Mars, you name it: What good is all that if we only wind up in hell? I don’t want to wind up there. That is why I cannot help but believe, that is a memorial to an ancient society, whether we want to equate them with the Egyptians after the flood, or the society that lived in that same area before the flood. Anyhow God brought it to an end. There has not been a geometrician or mathematician since then, that has been able to pass it up. Think about the space platform, The other day I watched on the News, twenty one rich celebrities, it was their request when they die, that they be cremated and their ashes be put in a rocket. Then they launched that rocket with twenty one canisters of ashes of these atheists. How many millions it cost to launch that rocket, I do not know. The rocket will traverse the earth for ten years. After that it will lose momentum and re-enter earth’s atmosphere. As it re-enters earth’s atmosphere it will burn up and the ashes will be scattered somewhere. You know, the Bible tells me that at the great white throne judgment, the last resurrection, that the sea give up the dead, hell gives up the dead, but there is nothing said about space giving up the dead. Saints, we are living in a world that is teetering on the edge of reality and many are going the wrong way. It is wonderful to learn to write your name, learn how to read about God, it is wonderful to learn to use figures and be able to buy and sell. When you really think about it, in the ancient world of that hour, it was necessary that numbers, measurements, distance and all of that be learned. It was important. However one does reach a point where they can overdo that. I believe we can say they reached the peak, and that is the symbol of it. It has driven people crazy. Now we have the computer and high tech learning. We have made instruments that can do what the human brain is supposed to do, but when that thing breaks down, it takes a smart brain to come along and repair it. While it is functioning right, it can almost make a fool out of you. To me, it just shows where intellectualism has come to. I have to believe we are at the threshold of a modern society being wiped off the face of this planet. The only people that are going to survive are people that are still common enough, and earth wise enough that they realize, after you learn all that, there is still no peace except in God. There is no security in that. The only security we have is to know God. That is why I had to say, This man Moses, that was called out of Egypt at a time when he was learned, schooled, because he had been brought up in Pharaoh’s household, why would he not have known all about the Pyramids? Political leadership always wants to pass on to their sons and daughters all the knowledge possible. It is the same way in America. Why not look upon Moses as a learned man? Acts 7 said he was learned in all the ways of the Egyptians. He was mighty in word and in deeds. He was a smart man. Yet Moses reached an hour, as it says in Hebrews, when he counted the cost and chose to follow the leadership of the Spirit of God. I realize you people that are still in school have to sit there while those atheist try to cram a lot of junk down your throat, but my advise is, Keep your own faith in God alive and well and just let them say whatever they choose to, because you are not going to change them, no matter how much you argue with them. You know in your heart, that there is a God in heaven that will one day judge all of that atheistic nonsense. The only people that are going to come out of this miserable state, are people that have an understanding of their God. Therefore I want to deal with this enough to give sufficient proof to those who are teachable, and then let the rest believe whatever they choose to. I am not trying to be smart, just factual, and I want to get back to what we were looking at, how we have so many varieties of each species living today.





Just in case there would be someone present that likes to criticize, we are not here just to talk about dogs and horses, but this will help you see the reality of what we have about us every day we live, how it got to be this way. We are using this chart because we are definitely dealing with a subject that is very controversial, “The Testing and Fall of Satan,” in an effort to show the religious world that there was truly a prehistoric time prior to Genesis 1:2. We are not going to be like the pope of Rome, that has just stated that it is very possible Adam and Eve were existing in some lower form, then when God spoke breath into them and they became a living soul, that is when He spoke the soul into them. No saints, you do not have to compromise to please the world, when you know the truth. He said that because he does not have a clue from the scriptures, what really did take place when God made man in His own image. I realize there are a lot of educated people today that will say, You people talk like you know it all. No, we do not claim to know everything, but we do know some things, and the day will come when you may wish you had tried to find out some of what we know, instead of just finding fault with us all the time. We are not just playing around: We are trying to show some people how science actually proves the reality of a Creator, rather than disproving it. I want to use this chart up here behind me to illustrate what you need to understand. Under each picture, there are readings describing the different types of dogs. It tells you what this type of dog and that type of dog was bred to be. Some are called the working breeds. These are of old, the hunters. They come from various nations. Then these are known as the toy breeds. These are the kinds you see sitting in the back window of a car, running from side to side as the car moves along. Just imagine this, Suppose this was back over in the prehistoric hour and you were to find the carcase of one of them. You might think, What in the world would that creature be. My point is this, All of these came from the pair of dogs that were in our garden of Eden. Young people, that is evolution according to the plan of the Creator. In the modern, 20th century, that is scientific evolution, because the point is, Man, knowing the laws of the genes that carry the chromosomes and those things that carry the hereditary record of the species, studies them, examining the various breeds. This tells how old, some of these particular breeds are. They go back to a time before the birth of Christ. As we look at this, it shows the many varieties that have come into existence in the last two or three hundred years. Some of these breeds are famous in other areas of the world. They have just found their way into our part of the world. As people travel and see these particular types of dogs, they want one for a pet. Some of these breeds were bred to be dogs for fighting. We are not so much interested in them. That goes to show you, Satan is behind some of these things also. It just depends on what they were initially bred and designed for. Pit bull dogs have been as worthless as anything can be. Yet some people say, Oh but they are so nice. Study the nature of that person who says that: You will find that they like to see them tear up something. Listen carefully to me. In parts of the world when Sunday comes, there will be more people gathered at dog fights than at the house of worship. In the Spanish world they will come together and watch bull fights, a man fighting a bull. Do you think you are going to see anything like that in the Millennium? If you like that stuff you better get your fill of it now, because when you get into the Millennium, there will be no bull fights, dog fights, or any other thing like that. That was not in God’s original plan. The devil wanted to take something that God had created and pervert it for his own enjoyment. It is very sad, that so many people will allow their nature to feed on something like that. This is to show you, that from two dogs in our garden of Eden, this many colors, sizes and breeds have come. There is no way they could have come from what was way back in Lucifer’s beginning. Those who breed these dogs have studied this sort of thing, so they know exactly what type of dog to breed with another type to get that genetic offspring to look like what they want. This is what was meant when Adam was told, Subdue the earth, take dominion over every living thing, the cattle of the field, the fowl of the air, and everything that swims in the sea and so forth. It is true, there are a lot of species in the world at large that have not been domesticated to the point we see here in these dogs. I am just using dogs to illustrate my point: If we had a chart of the various cats in the world today, you would get the same type of picture. It shows evolution of the species. Not one scientist or evolutionist can dare say, I created that dog, I created that cat. You did not. You just happened to know a law that works in the genetic structure of reproduction, and you worked with that, but you did not create. Just as I read about the horse, every once in a while down through time, God the Creator allows a female horse that has been bred to a certain type of male horse, to all of a sudden bear an offspring that does not even look or act like its mother or daddy. When you come to horses that is especially true. Some of them may have the same color, but be different in size. They can be the same size, but different in their gaits. Man, through time, has bred horses to obtain certain objectives. Some like the trotting horses, some like the galloping, or the cantering horse. Then there are other horses, like it shows in this book, that are of many breeds, from the draft horse that would weigh a ton, such as the Clydesdales, the Belgians, Suffolk Punch, the Percheron, and all of these that were bred back in the Middle Ages to carry the knights and their armor. Imagine a horse weighing a ton with about 150 or 200 pounds of armor on his head and chest, with a rider on him wearing so many pounds of armor himself. Then just watch that thing charge another man on a similar horse. Something has to move. They had two types of horses. One was the light horse for the sword calvary. Then there was the heavy horse, for the one with a long pole. It required a big horse behind that thing. In here, it tells all of that. This one is a horse magazine I subscribe to. In it, there are some pictures of various one’s. It tells about the Tennessee Walker. He comes from the Standard bred, the Arabian and the Morgan horse. These horses have a certain gait. In Tennessee, Virginia, southern Kentucky and northern Georgia, land owners used those horses riding them on the large plantations. They were bred mostly for that purpose because of their soft, easy gait. Those horses, back in the years when their breed was established, color wise they were usually black, but some were dapple gray, and some could be sorrel with stocking feet. Just in the past few years within the other elements of the riding horse, the Pinto, the black and white, the red sorrel and spotted horse, he has become such an attractive horse, down in that part of the country they have bred into the pinto bloodline. It takes a smart breeder to know what he is doing, what horse to use, but now they are getting the spotted horse bred into the Tennessee Walker line. It shows pictures of some of them. Here is a Tennessee Walker. See how black he is. Here are pictures that show a Tennessee Walker with the Pinto bloodline in him. They want the gait, the ride, but they want the spotted color. Where did this spotted horse come from? He came from the regions of North Africa, Morocco. He was brought over by the Spaniards. I am saying these things to show you that evolution can be directed by man, or once in awhile God can drop a gene for something different. If God drops the gene, it is a mutant. He is the author of that. On the other hand, if it is done by man studying the breeding techniques, it is called mutating. In other words, this is what man has done. However it is still evolution, whether it is God doing it, or man directing it. Also down in that part of the country, they have something else that further explains evolution. When I was a kid I never saw a spotted mule. Most were black or mouse colored, but now they are breeding this pinto with black and white spots into the mule. Besides that, they are crossing the Walking horse gait into the mule. In these magazines, once in awhile they will show a picture of a mule that is black and white spotted, with that Walking horse gait. My point is, This is evolution in the 20th century, and we ought to understand it. All of this is for good, because if man was not interested in this kind of thing, you would only see two or three breeds and that would be all of it. With that in mind, let us look at something else. If carnal mankind of the world today gives himself to the spirit of Satan in some of these terrible games such as rooster fighting, bull fighting, dog fighting and all that type of evil sport, do not think for one moment that this spirit just originated in our era of time? No. It was all designed by Satan, back in his prehistoric time, when he and other angels were in charge of an animal kingdom. When those other angels finally cast their lot with Lucifer to partake of this sort of thing, it brought about their fall. What I am saying is, Lucifer and one third of the other angels experimented with such techniques in the prehistoric era. That period no doubt lasted long enough, once it got to the perverted stage, that every angel God had created was tested by it. They either made their choice for good or bad; and the bad was many of these evil things you see going on today. They were originated and acted out by the devil and the angels that fell with him, in an era before Adam’s time. There was evolution in the prehistoric era and I want you to be able to see evolution in our era of time. I see evolution. Is this something designed by man? No. God designed it. No doubt, when we get into the Millennium, where there is an animal kingdom of peace, we will probably see domesticated animals that are wild right now. When it says a child shall lead them, and a cow and bear shall feed together, the lion shall eat straw like the bull ox, there is no doubt in my mind that when the Millennium comes, there will be animals domesticated. Only the Lord knows the types that can be domesticated out of the wild creatures. Whatever suits God’s purpose, is how it will be.




I want to go on with the serpent we mentioned earlier: what type of creature he was, and what he did that caused God to strip off his arms and legs and send him crawling on his belly. I want to assure you at this time, that the first book of the Bible, the book of Genesis, is really the history of the genes of God’s Creation. God created the first pair, and all life that is brought forth on this planet afterwards is propagated because each species carry a law of heredity in their genes, so that kind will produce its kind. That is why the flow of genes passes from one creature to the next. If it is man, then man will beget man. A horse will beget a horse. God designed it that way. As for Lucifer and the other angels that sinned, you just have to read between the lines in scriptures like Isaiah 14, and Ezekiel 28, and allow the Spirit of God to lead your thoughts beyond that. I am convinced, that before the prehistoric era came to a close, every angelic being that had went contrary to the plan of God and helped desecrate the creation, had done it through perverting God’s true purpose for the animal kingdom they ruled over. There is no doubt in my mind, that a lot of evil was designed in Lucifer’s mind concerning that animal kingdom, and those angels that fell with him, fell because they helped carry out his perverted plan. It says in 2nd Peter, as well as the epistle of Jude, that those angels sinned. Where did they sin? They sinned back there, in an era before the world was found in a void state in Genesis 1:2. “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” It was like that because God judged their deeds and wiped all life from the planet. He froze the planet back then, and in Genesis 1:2, when the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, He began a slow process of restoring the planet back to an acceptable state for life to again exist on it. 2nd Peter 2:4, says “For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment,” and so forth, and Jude 6, says, “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day,” so we have to realize they were already fallen angels when God began His new creation in Genesis. By various scriptures, we learn that they departed from their original, created position of authority, and from their righteous state, because they were perfect until iniquity was found in them. The word iniquity, means lawlessness, disobedience, exercising their own will to go against divine authority. The choice for them was what they would do with all this power and authority that had been given to them. Once they did choose to go against the Creator’s plan for them, they no doubt helped design every evil type of thing that could be imagined. I believe they did a lot of things with the animals, within that era of time, that it would be almost impossible for us to imagine right now. The scriptures say many are chained down, meaning they are not loose right now. There were many fallen angels, that are now Satan’s helpers in his evil schemes, but some of them did things that were so bad in the eyes of their Creator, that He had them chained down, bound up and forbidden to move about, and they are going to stay there until the day of judgment, a time when God will bring all things into accountability. The Bible says saints will judge the world, and that we will judge angels also. With this in mind, I am going to turn to the 6th chapter, but before I do I want to bring certain points up to that hour. In the religious world we live in today, especially the denominational world, if they ever hear me say some of these things they will say, That is one of the most damnable doctrines I have ever heard in my life. Who in the world wants to listen to that? Well if one was to watch this video or hear it on tape, I want to express this to you, I am going to ask a question later in this message. If you want to write me, then write me, but give me an answer you can quote from the Bible. I said the other night, that the serpent, in all probability was a creature that looked much like this character on our chart that the evolutionist refer to as the modern man. The evolutionists theory is, that this creature came into existence about ninety thousand years before the end. Well where did he come from? If God is the Creator, this one somewhere, as he evolved to a certain point in time, then species like him begat this one. Somewhere he was born, and when he was born he was a little more unusual than his parents, because time had come to that hour. Just like I talked about the Morgan horse: The biography of him shows that he was a mutant horse. In other words, when he came forth in birth, he was not like daddy or mother. That goes to show that God dropped the gene. Once that gene was dropped, he established himself as a progenitor of a breed of horses that every one he fathered into the world was just like him. I have to say, The Creator wanted that breed to come out. If you take that to the human species, God did not create man with the idea that all of them were to be farmers. Some young men have been born of farming parents, and they despised growing up on a farm. That is just not their interest. On the other hand, there have been boys born of city parents that do not like city life. They have an inner desire that is altogether different than their parents. I have to say, as I defend education in the true sense of the word, If our education system was run with God in mind, the essential thing would be, give them four years of basics to start the child out, but then see what that child’s capabilities are, and where his or her interest is. If every child going to school knew they faced four years of basics as a necessity, but after that there would be things offered that would better suit their interest, I believe the world would be in a lot better shape today. It is through the offering of these choices that teachers and instructors could begin to figure out what the interest in that young person’s life really is. You simply cannot make violin players out of all of them, so why subject them to that atmosphere? Let them avoid those useless subjects. Down on Vincennes Street at the old high school, there used to be a restaurant across from it, where we would eat once in awhile. If you were there when school let out, it was ridiculous to see so many students carrying horns, flutes, violins, cases of every description. Common sense would tell you, when they get out of that school they are never going to pick up a violin again, so why go through all of that? They are required to take so many lessons whether they like it or not, so as a detour many of them say, I will take music. Musicians are born, not produced by a music school. That might not set well with some people, but it is true. Others can go and learn all about notes, and that has a practical acceptance, but if inside the person there is not something they want to express through music, your schools will never make musicians out of them. For example, a hog grunts, but try to teach a horse to grunt and see how far you get with it. It is just not in a horse to grunt. Stick around for a while, and we will see how young children are taught in the Millennium. Satan will not be able to influence anyone over there until after the thousand years are ended.




I want all of you to listen carefully to what I am going to say. This “man” that stood there in our garden of Eden, Adam called him serpent, and the Bible says he was the most subtil, or the wisest of all the animals. When he came to Eve in Genesis 3, and spoke like he did, finally she consented to his enticing offer and the rest is history. That creature knew all about sex. He was of the natural world, the animal kingdom. He was the highest educated of them all, and he did not go to school to learn what he knew. He did not come into the garden carrying a degree. He was the highest in intelligence of all the creatures that had evolved through the time before this whole thing was catastrophically judged and the Ice Age set in. Remember though, behind his deeds was Lucifer the devil, inspiring him. I know our archaeologists and scientists of today think we are some kind of strange people, that would believe Eve had a sex encounter with the serpent, and that the serpent was the father of Cain, but that is exactly what we believe and we can find plenty of evidence in the scriptures to back it up. If there is a God, and this Bible is the word of God, He has been in control of everything that has ever taken place on this planet. Only that which He has allowed, could transpire; and the testing of His angelic helpers was part of it. Some of them failed the test, but nothing can stop the final outcome the Creator determined to bring about when He thought it all through before He ever started to create anything. He is going to take us to a new world, a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness, regardless of all the hindrances along the way. There will be nothing over there, that has not been right here at one time and been tested. If God is going to have a people over there that He has redeemed, and there is going to be an animal kingdom over there, we have got to accept the fact that He planned the whole thing before time began. He already knows who and what will be there. I will say also, If He is concerned about what happens on this planet in our era of time, He was just as concerned in the prehistoric era when Lucifer enticed His angelic helpers and His creatures to go contrary to His plan. That serpent God gave Adam to be his servant had been a part of that prehistoric animal kingdom that God suddenly froze up. Therefore when God resurrected him over in Adam’s Garden of Eden, he had the intellect to be the type of creature that could yield himself to Satan. When Satan began to impress him to talk to Eve like he did, his (Satan’s) sole purpose was absolutely to get Eve to partake of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I must say again, That tree did not grow out of the ground: It pertained to a law God had set forth in the midst of the garden. The garden of course, was a little bit of heaven placed over a little spot of the earth. It was a place where the spirit world and the natural world were in harmony together. Having said that, I want to express emphatically that the two trees pertained to life and death. To partake of the tree of life would have been to have sexual relations just for the purpose of fulfilling the Creators command to “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.” On the other hand, to partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, was to learn that the sex act could be for pleasure also, as well as for bringing forth offspring, and to partake of the act for that reason. Either way, the earth would be filled again: One way, would have been according to God’s perfect will and would have produced children with eternal life abiding in them. The other way, the way it went after the serpent seduced Eve, and Eve conveyed her newly attained knowledge to her husband and he also partook of that fruit, it brought forth children with a death sentence hanging over them. In other words, The two trees in the midst of the garden were two basic laws by which man and woman were going to reproduce themselves in the world as they have been commissioned to. I realize there are educated critics in the religious world that will say such an idea is Satanic, that it is of the devil. Well if you will continue listening to me, after a while I am going to ask a question; and then we will see what you want to communicate to me. My point is, Adam and Eve had to be faced with some kind of choice. If Lucifer and those in his hour of rulership were faced with some kind of choice, then Adam and Eve which were given dominion over a kingdom to have authority on the planet as God-like creatures, would also have to face some kind of choice; but before the right thing could ever be done, which would have been Adam and Eve coming together and making love strictly for the purpose of her conceiving seed and bearing a child which would have had eternal life, the devil devised a plan to forerun that, a plan that caused Eve’s children to be born with imputed death in them. Reproduction by the law of the tree of life would have brought forth children just like Jesus was, totally sinless and perfect and there never would have been any need for a Savior, but what did God tell Adam? (Genesis 2:16-17) “And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” That terminology did not mean MAYBE you will die, it meant YOU WILL DIE. If not for their sin, every woman from that day until now could have given birth to the same kind of baby the virgin Mary gave birth to in that Bethlehem cave, 2000 years ago. Mary’s baby did not have that fallen nature in Him, simply because she conceived by a supernatural conception by the power of the Spirit of God. God created a cell of life in the womb of Mary that bypassed all of man’s genetic attributes; therefore Jesus was free from that death sentence that God imputed to Adam and every child that would be born by the seed of mankind. HE was truly the SON of GOD. His Father was, and is still a sovereign SPIRIT. God created in that womb the very beginning of life itself. The baby that Mary bore that night, was the type of child every woman should have given birth to, if Eve would have just said to the serpent, Get away from me, or I will tell Adam what you are trying to get me to do. Keep in mind, The disobedience occurred inside the garden. Adam was led to partake of the same thing while they were still inside the garden. Then when God came on the scene in the cool of the day to have fellowship with his creatures, His children, they were hiding. They already realized what they had done. They realized they were both naked, and even tried to cover with fig leaves the naked parts they had sinned with. I realize doctors of divinity naturally say, That is ridiculous, even Satanic, for anyone to talk like that, but I say to them, Just hold your peace and keep listening. I know it sounds ridiculous to those who have gone through life believing that Eve ate a beautiful apple from a natural fruit tree the Creator did not want them to eat from, but anyone who has the ability to think for himself, ought to be able to read that 16th verse of chapter 2, and realize Eve’s sin could not possibly have been that, because God had said, “Of EVERY TREE of the garden thou mayest freely eat.” When He said, EVERY TREE, He meant, every tree. If you will just pay attention, and read verse 9 with the right attitude, you will see clearly, that the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil did not grow out of the ground. “And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; (Every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food grew from the ground. That is a fact, but in the midst of all of that, God instituted two laws that pertained to the family tree, if you please. It is just that simple.) the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” Yes, to you it sounds fantastic, but it is the most basic, sensible answer to it what really happened to cause man’s fall, that there ever has been. God drove them out of the garden. That is what it says, but I want to assure you, when God drove them out of the garden, He did not drive them out of a geographical spot of the earth. Eden is from the Nile to the Euphrates, from the Havilah, (which is now an old dried up river bed, but it was not so before the flood.) northward to where the Mediterranean Sea is: That was the garden of Eden. Historically, that has been the Fertile Crescent where civilization started. God did not drive Adam and Eve out of the place, which was to be the beginning of civilization. What He did drive them out of, was the spiritual environment I describe as a little bit of heaven down here on earth. When He positioned Cherubims with flaming swords at the east of the garden of Eden to guard the way to the tree of life, that is when we can say God closed the door to the spirit world for mortal man. Man, from that day until this, has never been able to enter back into the spirit world at his own will. Only here and there, God would let man have a vision of what the spirit world, in a little way, is like. This has happened all down through time. This is exactly why the scientific world cannot see it, they cannot explore it with instruments. After they were out of the garden, then it says Adam knew Eve and she bore a son. She said, I have gotten a man from the Lord. Notice though, we are saying this first child was what she had conceived from this creature right here, (the serpent) because he was the first creature that had a relationship with Eve. Then it says she bore Abel. That tells me she literally gave birth to what would be called twins. She gave birth to two offspring, but only one of them was a son of Adam. When you get into the New Testament, you cannot show me one mention anywhere in the New Testament records where Cain was ever referred to as a son of Adam. He was not. He is not mentioned in the genealogical lineup from Adam. With this in mind, we can say that because the devil knew the law of genes, and knew what he could do with them, he thought he had a master plan. In the prehistoric era their test did not originate in the beginning. It came about on over here in the last number of thousands of years of that time. When things had evolved to a state of acceptance in the eyes of the Creator, then is when God allowed the devil to make his choice wherein he went contrary to what he had been commissioned to do. Listen, if things had not already evolved to the point wherein God’s purpose had been accomplished, concerning the different creatures that were existing then, and had not got to that point, God’s purpose would have been defeated. I hope you understand what I mean. This is why, if God would have allowed death to strike Adam and Eve the minute they had done this terrible thing, how would the commission given them ever been fulfilled? God would have had to design something else to fulfill what He commanded them to do, replenish the earth. Therefore with this in mind we can see that when the serpent gave himself, his emotions to the devil’s plan to plant this gene seed in Eve, this gave the devil a tool to work with, to get at God. To you educated doctors of divinity that always say, That is ridiculous, I say , No, it is not ridiculous. I am looking at this thing six thousand years later, in an hour when it took this kind of long haired professors, looking down their noses through thick rimmed glasses at our young students, to determined that they should start teaching sex in our schools. After thirty five years, what have they done? Out of the pit of hell, has come teachers that have taken young daughters and sons of Christian families and raped their conscience in a public classroom, totally embarrassing them and their families. They call it being sexually active. Out of wedlock children are born by the thousands as a result of this foolishness. That is exactly why we now have abortion clinics. Abortion clinics are none other than places where medical doctors take the life of a conceived child that has been brought about because two people went out to have pleasure, a good time, and they got caught, but they don’t want to assume the responsibility for what they have done. That is what the devil has been after all along. He laughs at God and all who believe in God. Yet modern day people just ride right along with the whole thing as though everything is as it should be. I heard on the News, that someone set off a bomb at one of the abortion clinics in Atlanta Georgia. Naturally I do not endorse that kind of thing, but the point is, there are a lot of people that are carnally irked at all of this, and I just have to say, Satan will fight Satan at times. That is the way I look at it. God is not fighting Satan that way. God has His own way of dealing with man’s degradation.




We are seeing the first human family outside the garden of Eden. The devil has planted a seed by the cooperation of the serpent. As he grew up with his brother Abel, their nature’s were totally different. (We are in the 4th chapter of Genesis.) When both sons began to get to an age of maturity, where each one mentally and spiritually begins to relate and to draw from their spiritual heritage, or the spiritual attribute that they would have drawn by hereditary law through birth, we find that Abel sees there needs to be a bloody sacrifice for sins. He sees also that he is a sinner. Cain also sees that he is a sinner, but he has no revelation that there has to be a blood sacrifice. I do not want to dwell on this, but you can see existing in the two sons, a vast difference. One has an ability to see and understand what God wants him to do. The other has the natural, carnal aspect of the thing, but without any revelation. He knows he needs to worship God, and he wants to bring a sacrifice, therefore his father being the serpent, and the serpent knowing all about melons, pumpkins, squash, cantaloupe, and all such stuff, he fell heir to that knowledge, so he brought God an offering prepared by his own hands. It was in his makeup to see things like that. I can see him bringing his melons and such, and figuring God is going to gladly accept it, and let me say to the educated of the world, God never did accept plant life as a sacrifice for sins. When Adam and Eve wanted to hide their loins because of their nakedness, why did they not go to the tree of life and pluck leaves, if the tree of life was a natural tree, like you think it is? The answer is very simple: the tree of life was not a tree of plant life, no more than the tree of knowledge was a plant life tree. Those two trees are basic laws, symbols of something. All the other natural trees grew out of the ground, so they went to the fig tree for their covering. With this in mind we can see when they came out of their hiding and God saw their condition, what He said to them. Hast thou eaten of the tree of knowledge which I told thee not to eat of? Then they began to lay the blame on such and such. This goes to show the most logical thing they could do would be go to the tree that would have something they could cover up with, and that was a plant life tree. They saw the tree that had the most convenient means to cover their nakedness. The fact that they covered their nakedness with plant life speaks loudly to me, and you doctors of divinity still try to say that they ate fruit off of a plant life tree. Well if they ate fruit off of a natural tree they ate it with their mouth, so why did they not cover their mouth, instead of their loin parts? Why did God put a curse on her reproduction organs instead of just giving her rotten teeth or a toothache, if your version of this thing is right? Common sense should tell you they covered the parts of their body that they sinned with. After confronting them, God then kills a lamb and covers them with sheepskin. There had to be a life taken, to provide them a covering God would accept. The rest of the 4th chapter gives you the genealogy of Cain. It came to pass that Cain left the presence of God. Cain went out from the presence of the Lord. In other words he has already killed his brother, he has broken fellowship with the God that he knows a little something about, and now he knows he is plagued, so he left the presence of the Lord, meaning he had to get out of Eden altogether. “And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod.” The word Nod, means wanderer, or like a vagabond, but let us turn this around: He went to a place where he felt God would not be there to convict him, to taunt him and make him feel bad. Over in this land, he became a wanderer, a drifter. He went from here to there. That is like a man of the world today. Once he knows God in some way, yet never surrenders his life to God, many times he will choose an occupation that moves him to some other locality, just to get away from people he knows, and that know him, feeling that by doing that, he can get everything out of his mind. Notice, “And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.” This would just be across the Euphrates and Tigress Rivers over in the region of what we know as Iran and Persia today, and all that vast region east of there. Now it says, and I am reading this for a basic reason, “And Cain knew his wife.” Who was his wife? It would have to be a sister. I say to doctors of divinity and anyone else who likes to hold on to traditional ideas, Cain’s wife would have to be his sister because in the reproductive laws of God, we notice in the Bible, for every male child that was born, even though you do not see the female mentioned, there was a female that followed, because that was the only way the male child could ever reproduce himself. Somewhere after his birth there will follow a female. That is the way God gave him of reproducing his kind to fulfill the commission, so Cain took his sister with him. I know we have a lot of carnal people that say, Well that just does not seem right. Look what happened to her. Let us leave that all in the hands of God. “And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.” From there on down through the 24th verse every carnal attribute that you see Satan cultivating in the world of fallen mankind at large today in the world, was designed by the devil through Cain’s line, dwelling over in the land of Nod. Polygamy was designed over there. Killing also, because we see that a man by the name of Lamech had to kill a man in self defense. They were the progenitors of the Elvis Presley kind that put up a religious front and then go about seeking to please the world and gain popularity. Also of the Beatles and their kind, Hank Williams Jr. and his kind, and world entertainers of all sorts. I ask you all a simple question, When you turn on the TV, who is it in the headlines of public attention today? World musical entertainers. Many that started out years ago singing only gospel songs have now picked it up and cross bred the gospel with that rock beat. This is a low down compromise. Does that mean God is not the author of music? He is the author of music, but it was something that would glorify Him, up until the devil perverted it. None of this rock beat mess they call music could ever glorify God. It glorifies the devil, and sin. Cain’s line were the inventors of musical instruments. They were the ones that first made them. Who is it that manufactures high priced guitars today, designed after Elvis Presley? You do not pay just three hundred dollars or so for them: The price goes up into the thousands. On and on it goes like that. This goes to show that in the land of Nod, in the Cain line, every carnal attribute that was going to be a basic influence in persuading some other kind of subjects, was bred up over there. As time went on, yes, back in Eden, as we get into the 5th chapter of Genesis, we see Adam and his line. His next son was Seth. From Seth on until we come to Enoch, the seventh from Adam, we see nothing about them being inventors of evil things, designers of things of a perverted nature. They were just doing what the Creator had commissioned them to do, “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.”





When you get on into Genesis 6, you get the rest of the story concerning the earth’s population at that time, so that is where I want to take you at this time. Genesis 6, is the biography of the total progress from Eden to that present hour, as the writer records it. “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, (All religionists will say that is mankind in general. You can keep your thoughts like that if you want to, but notice the rest of that verse.) and daughters were born unto them, (Do you mean to tell me no women had been born up until that hour? This is worded this way for a reason. If Cain could take his wife and go eastward, why is this mentioned so profoundly here? There is a reason. Let us look at it logically.) That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” The religious world, the doctors of divinity especially, will tell you this is where fallen angels, demons, devils came down and incarnated themselves in flesh, to have sex with women who were supposed to be daughters of God. How completely ridiculous! Doctors of divinity, that is your bedtime story. You talk this in your seminaries, from the Catholics through the Protestants, and use it as a crutch, but it adds up to nothing but deception. You will say, Well the word son of God, points to an angel, because the same word was used for angels that was used for Adam: They were sons of God. I have no reason to question the usage of that word in that way, but we are dealing with inhabitants of the earth now, so sons of God points to sons of Adam for sure. Those carnal minds always hang their argument on something like word usage, because it looks to them like logic, but we know this, at no time in the Bible, has angelic beings ever been spoken of as having done such a terrible thing in the sense that they are allowed to project themselves into flesh to carry on a sex act with natural earthly women, daughters of Adam. If they hang their theory on something like that, how in the world can those same people think it is ridiculous when we are saying the serpent that we had in the garden, was a resurrected carry over from the prehistoric hour, and that he had the ability to talk and also to perform a sex act with Eve? How can people who call themselves Christians, people who are supposed to believe in a resurrection of the dead, choose to believe that angels would pervert themselves like that, rather than believe that the serpent was resurrected from the past, and that he fathered a son as a result of seducing Eve? It ought to be very obvious to anyone who knows anything at all, that our troubles in this life are not a result of Adam and Eve eating apples from a plant life tree. It is not nearly as hard for me to believe that this serpent was the progenitor of the line that fathered those daughters that displayed themselves before those sons of God, as it is to believe angels took on human bodies and seduced the daughters of Adam’s line. The serpent already had the physical body, and he already had the physical, genetic capabilities in his body. Naturally God gave him a help mate to reproduce himself by, so what is so hard to believe about that? I have been asked, Well what happened to his mate when he was cursed? His mate went with him. If his mate did not go with him, then he could not have reproduced himself: He would have become an extinct creature. Yet Isaiah 65 says that in the Millennium, the serpent will still get his meat out of the dust of the earth. God had to send his mate with him, because that was the law of God, that every creature should be fruitful and multiply. (Genesis 8:17) I am simply saying, Which is more logical, for Eve to have had a relationship with a creature like this, to fulfill the devil’s purpose, or for angels that have no need for sex, to project themselves into human bodies and come in unto the daughters of Adam? The devil, in order to bring forth his genetic instrument and have a line of natural minded mankind upon the earth, worked it all out by inspiring the serpent to seduce his master’s wife. Cain was the serpent’s son, but his line would be referred to as men, because all the elements of his physical makeup were derived from Eve’s body, and she was taken from man. I am saying this, and I hope you can see it, Those daughters of men, of Genesis 6:1, were what was being produced over there in the land of Nod. Then there came the time that those daughters of the men of Nod began to parade themselves before the sons of Adam’s line, and when they saw how beautiful they were, they began to take them for their wives. They were very beautiful to look at, but they had those evil attributes in them because they were descendants of one that the Bible says was of that wicked one (the devil). That is how John referred to Cain, in 1st John 3:12. I will read it to you. “Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous.” Cain was not a son of Adam. If he had been a son of Adam, he would have been a son of God. I challenge you, to find Cain’s name among the sons of Adam in any Bible genealogy. Here is what Genesis 6:1-2, says. “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, ( over in the land of Nod) and daughters were born unto them, (2) That the sons of God (Adam’s sons) (Cain saw the daughters of men ‘s daughters) that they were fair;(pretty) and they took them wives of all which they chose.” You may ask, Why would those women come after the sons of Adam, which were sons of God? I believe the answer is very simple. Over in Eden, the place Cain left to get away from the presence of God, the sons of Adam’s line went right on propagating themselves according to the commission given Adam. In order for them to do that, God made sure they had a balance of male and female offspring. Adam’s first son was Seth, so how was Seth ever going to have a son, if he does not have a female counterpart? Therefore from Adam, his father, there was going to have to come a female child in order to give Seth the ability to propagate himself. When he grew up, he takes a wife and has a son. On and on and on the chain went like that, in Adam’s line. Therefore, even though emphasis is not placed upon the female children, there were female daughters being born in the family of God’s sons right on down the line. On the other hand though, since this other line was not established by the Creator, but exist because of perversion, God was not obligated to keep an even balance of male and female among them. Therefore because every carnal attribute was being bred up in them, there became an over abundance of female babies being born. In what God has established, He will keep a balanced picture, but over here in the line of men, they were not only giving birth to male children, they were giving birth to many female children. Because of that, I can visualize the hour when this excess of females began to explore the possibility for companionship. They no doubt began to explore the borderlines between Nod and Eden. How else would the sons of God ever have an opportunity to look upon those creatures? The sons of God did not go looking for them. Those daughters of men began to appear at the borderline between the two areas, and the sons of God began to intermarry with them. Then from those mixed marriages came children with attributes of both lines in them. Therefore from Cain you are going to get men like you see out here in our society today, stubborn, mean, ornery, and cruel as the devil himself. They will take a woman and knock her eyes out, break her ribs and beat her to a pulp. Why do you say that Bro. Jackson? Because the devil is behind every bit of it. Child abuse did not originate from the sons of God, the devil is the instigator of all of that. You can educate them until it runs out their ears, but if you are not able to change that nature, you are spending money in vain, and that is exactly what our society is up against. Naturally people who have no moral decency about them are forever in situations where children are born to them, which explains why there are so many more of them. Every human being is born into this world with attributes of both lines bred into them, so there is no way for anyone to know which way the child will go, but I believe it is very obvious that the bad out number the good in this day and hour. Oh there are many who profess to be Christians, but when it comes right down to the final test, a great majority of them go right back to the world, or they just live a life of compromise. Anyhow over in the land of Nod, every evil device that could possibly be thought of was being designed by the devil. When the females that were in excess of the males could find no companionship in their own territory, even though polygamy was already being practiced over there, they began to explore the possibility of finding a mate in Eden, and a lot of them did. As the sons of God began to look upon them, it says they saw that they were fair. I doubt if those females were any prettier than the ones born of Adam’s line: It was probably a case like we see today, wherein the women of the world display their bodies before men in an enticing way. There are some females, that this is all they live for, just to exploit their legs, their breasts, and as much of their body as possible to every man they come in contact with. Bro. Jackson, should you talk like that? Wait until the first warm day of spring, and they will look worse than snakes sliding out of their skin. They cannot hardly wait to show their legs. They cannot wait to show the midriff. They cannot wait to show the top of their breasts. They are out to exploit every possibility. That same spirit is here today that was in the land of Nod, where it was bred up and then finally brought over to Eden. When the sons of God saw that they were attractive, they reached out for them and there were so many of them, they took more than one. Does it not say they took them wives of all which they chose? That is what that means. They took unto themselves wives. They had their pick of choice. Why would the devil make such a move as that? Because that was his plan from the time he inspired the serpent to seduce Eve. There were certain genes that flowed through this line that had characteristics he wanted to become hereditary in the sons of God line. The devil knew that if he could take this excess of females and expose them to the sons of God line, he again would have a chance to strike another blow at the plan of God. Enoch knew what was going on, when he saw those sons of God running around with those Canaanite women. It is the same today, you Christian boys, and you young men, if you have a desire to live for God, do not go outside the family of faith and pick something out there in the world to be your wife. It seldom ever works. You are subscribing to a life of heartache and trouble when you do that. There are a few exceptions, but you do not have any guarantee that your situation will work out favorably. There are some that seem like they are willing to walk right along with you in your Christian walk until after the wedding, and pretty soon after that, there begins to be unresolvable differences, and pretty soon you are both going your separate ways. I realize when I say this, that when my wife and I were first married I was not a born again believer: I was just a church member. I married her on the basis of what I was, and she did me likewise, and the grace of God has given us a good marriage, but you have to understand, God got hold of both of us and moved us along together. The formula for a successful marriage is to love God and serve Him by upholding the Christian principles you have been taught, and when He reveals something more to you, be willing to walk in that. Those females from the land of Nod, were carrying in their loins every gene that could help break down the purpose of God. When the sons of God began to take them for their wives, what did this produce? The devil knew exactly what it would produce, and that is what he was after. It says, (6:4) “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” Giants! Yes It is one thing to be seven feet tall, but it is another thing when you get 8 feet, 9 feet, 10 feet. Everything is out of proportion. How many understand what I am saying. When this came, the devil had an objective. Not all were giants, but some of them were. There were a few born that way, but there were also a few mental wizards in whatever size they were. When the Bible says men of renown, that means they had a great reputation, Dr. So and So, Professor So and So. Is it not strange though, that you cannot follow up on them through the Bible? No history records anything about them. They were the same sort we have in our colleges today. I do not say that to belittle the human race, but I do have to say, When that same kind took over our institutions of learning, and they have used their sophisticated mind’s to rape the conscience of Christian young people, I have no respect for them. They have absolutely desecrated the image of God, the purpose of God and the ways of God. They have thrown the Bible in the trash of human learning and brought on silly philosophical ways of introducing new concepts of life. That is why we have heartache today. People are crying. What are we going to do? Children are killing their parents and anyone else that gets in their way. Every day when the sun comes up, somewhere a teenager has just stabbed his mother, his father, or someone. You and I are seeing today exactly what went on just before the flood came. The mental wizards, the philosophers were the ones society went after, because they were men of renown. The world went after them, projected them to the forefront of everything else. What it all boils down to is, there were only a few people, a man by the name of Noah with three sons and their four wives, that God so fit to save alive when His judgment struck. The whole thing had become so perverted that even through the genetic flow of propagation of mankind, there stood three sons with no sisters to take as their wives, so they were compelled to take their wives from another household. Think of it. Someone in Singapore wants to say Noah was pure seed, but I say, If he was pure seed, why did he not take one of his sisters for a wife? It is absolutely obvious that his sons were not pure seed, so you want to believe that a righteous man who was a pure seed, went out and took a wife that was not? How foolish it is, to even suggest such a thing. The Bible says Noah’s father, after Noah was born, still begat sons and daughters. That is the lineage line. So Noah would have been very unwise, being a righteous man, not to have taken his sister. It goes to show, the seed line, the gene line, had already played itself out. Here, is what the Bible says about Noah, (6:9) “These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.” Now, whether Noah married his sister or someone else, their grandchildren are proof that at least his wife was not a pure seed. Everything by that time had all been mixed up because of what the devil planned in Adam’s beginning. I do not hesitate to say the serpent was the character, this fellow right here, (pointing to chart.) That fathered Cain into the world. The critics could say, Bro. Jackson, you are saying that God resurrected him from the prehistoric era and brought him over here to start His plan of an animal kingdom, is that right? That is exactly right. Why do I say it that way? All because you and I have our physical beginning right here. Through the different ages, dispensations if you please, man arrives here, in the Millennium, and when it is all over, and Revelation 21 and 22, is in effect, wherein we see the new heaven and new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness, did you know that everything that will be there will have been redeemed from here? It is right here, that man was put, and man was tested, and only those that are redeemed, are going to be put over here. I want you to understand, that you have to look at our beginning here, and realize that God salvaged part of the animal kingdom that had evolved to a state that He was pleased with, over in the prehistoric era. God salvaged that portion of it, that met the qualifications of fulfilling His purpose, and brought it over here and gave it to Adam. Back here, God was testing angels. Over here, He is testing man. The thing to remember is, Over here, He has his righteous angels that have already been tested, working with Him, carrying out His foreordained purpose for man. Then on over here, He has all of redeemed mankind with Him, in an era that is referred to as world without end, and there is not going to be one thing there, that has not lived here, or here. That includes both the angelic world and the human world. I hope all of you understand me. I am saying all that to show you that evolution is not an endless, haphazard thing, that is just running rampant. There is an architect behind every bit of it. That is why I said, If you could hang charts of cats, charts of chickens, and all the different types of cattle and horses we have today, you would have to realize they are products of evolution, because God just started out with one pair of each. This shows you what man has accomplished by knowing the law of reproduction, and what he can do to make these things become what he desires to have. They are all helpmates to man. I grant you, a little Chihuahua may not be able to carry a person out of a swimming hole, but he sure has a viscous bark. One of these small terriers like Ronnie & Lois had at one time, are not very big but they sure have a bark that is something terrible. He came up home one summer day, and the garage door was wide open. A black snake had come crawling through the yard and right into that garage. When that little dog saw that snake, do you think he ran? No. He got twice as big as he normally would have been, stood on tip toes and let the world know, Hey! There is a devil in here, come and get him out of here. You see, he is a help mate. They have an instinct for smell, eyes to see and ears to hear. They will let you know when something is going wrong around the place. That is why God wanted man to have these help mates. I am thankful for them. Therefore evolution is not some poisonous word. We just need to have the right understanding about it. I say again, It is not just a guess when we say the devil used the serpent in our garden to get at God’s plan, a plan which was ready to get under way. It is just as easy for us to see that, as it would have been to wait until we see the flood come, and just before the flood hit, here came fallen angels down, putting themselves into flesh, and doing what some believe they did. That is doctors of divinity kind of talk, coming from the highly educated world. That has become a fantasy, a crutch for them. They use that and throw it out there to excuse the issue, but I just have to say, Believing as we do about the serpent, makes it even clearer why we need a Savior, born of virgin birth, ONE in which there was no sin and iniquity. He came into this world, took upon Himself our sins and our reproaches, and God laid upon him the iniquity of all mankind. Hallelujah! What a mighty God we serve, and what a Savior!




Saints, I am enjoying this message and I sincerely hope all of you are to. I do not say that just because I am the one bringing it: I say it because I sincerely believe that somewhere before the end the Bride of Christ has to have a little insight as to what has been going on down through the ages. God will not resort to the educated world to educate the bride of Christ. Once again, let me say to the young people. Please do not think I am against you getting an education. However if you spend years in school to learn something in particular, and I see you doing some stupid things, that I know for sure, if you had the right kind of education you would have done it right, then do not be offended if I remind you of it. There is such a thing as practical learning. It is a fact, there have been people through time that never went half as far in school as others have, that knew a lot more about most things in life than those who went all the way through College. Others with an educational background that causes you to think, they have much knowledge, go out here and get themselves in a terrible dilemma, and along comes a fellow with very little formal education and says a few simple words that changes the whole picture. That is just the way life is. It reminds me of something that happened to Bro. Fulcher one time. He had just bought a new car. The first Sunday they had it, they decided to go for an afternoon ride. They had not gone far when it started spluttering. They came to a garage that happened to be a dealership garage. The mechanic said to them, We will have to take the carburetor off, it is definitely in the carburetor. They pulled the carburetor off and started to take it apart. This was back in the 1950’s, so keep in mind, the carburetor system back then was different than it is now. You did not have all the electronic gadgets on them. They tore it down and put it back together and said, Well, it should run now. It started up just fine, but as they went on down the road a few more miles the same thing happened again. They were fortunate enough to be in sight of a little road side filling station. They went in and said to the guy, This is a brand new car, but we have a problem: It just splutters and then dies. If I let it stand for a while then it will start back up and go so far before it happens again. The man walked over to the car, listened to it and said, Now don’t laugh at me, but that sounds like there is a leaf in the gas tank. Now just imagine, this was just an old hillbilly filling station attendant, but he knew what he was talking about. He said, When there is something like that in the gas tank, it just floats around as the fuel pump pulls on the gas line. Then, ever so often it comes over where the gas line comes up to the front and shuts it off. He said, I would be willing to bet my life there is a leaf in the gas tank. He took it off, turned it upside down and drained everything out, and that is exactly what it was. Someone had stuck a leaf in the gas tank. The dealership mechanics did not find the problem, but what some would refer to as an ignorant hillbilly, listened to the car run and told them exactly what was wrong with that brand new car. I realize that is exactly why the auto industry has computerized everything, changed the whole ignition system, the carburetor and everything, to fix it so you cannot work on your car any more. It is completely out of your category. You might be able to put new spark plugs in, but even then you may have to take a front wheel off to get to them. Nine times out of ten you have to tear half the side off to just do some simple little thing. They do not want you to be able to work on them yourself. They want you to bring it in to that shop and let them charge about two or three hundred dollars for doing something you could have fixed for seventeen dollars back in the 1950’s. They get you one way or the other. Those fellows did not go to school to learn to be that crooked: That part just followed. The point is, When you go to college to get an education, use it for the right reason when your are out of school. Well so much for that. At this time, I want us to go back and review what we have been looking at. If we were just studying evolution from the standpoint of the prehistoric age, we would have to explore a lot of what scientists and evolutionists, who have done the archaeological diggings have found, and let them give you their ideas. It is because of what they have found, digging here and there in the earth, that causes them to come up with so many years of this, and so many years of that. They know for sure that the planet has been in existence for more than six thousand years, but because they do not accept the Bible as anything worth believing, they have to concoct some kind of theory to explain what they find. They find certain things they date to have been on earth so many millions of years ago and your denominational religious systems jump straight up: That is impossible! We will have no part of your evolution. Or they will turn about and start compromising, like the Catholic Church is doing, instead of trying to reconcile these archaeological findings with what is recorded in the Bible. The scientist and archaeologist will say, It took so many hundred million years for this layer of rock to form, and so many more for this layer of rock to form and so forth. I just have to say to them, What yardstick did you use to determine how old that rock is? Do you have something to compare it to, that gives you a direct knowledge that it took so long for this and that to form? No. They do not. It is all based on an assumption, on a theory, but because they have taken their theories and ideas and swapped it one with another, then to the world in general they put it forth as, This is fact, but if we will look at the Bible the right way and will be honest with ourselves, there are some things we do not have to look at with misgivings. We cannot help but see the hand of God in them. I will say this, However many billions of years it took for all the layers of rock and such things to be formulated, the planet earth did not have to be where it is now. When you get this planet and all these other planets out here, collectively brought together somewhere in space, when the greatest chemist and scientist was at work, I do not have to worry about how many millions of years it took for this to be made and that to be made, or if there was a lot of combustion material burning at the same time. If everything eventually became scattered by a bang, I am persuaded that God was the ONE that caused that bang. I do not have to accept the viewpoint of those teachers of evolution. If there was a big bang, God was in the bang. So what this piece was, was just a part of that which had been millions of years in the making, but this is a part of it. As He brought it out here, God was in no hurry because He does not exist in time, time exists in Him. I just leave all the millions and billions of years of this and that, and let the scientists play with it. That is the only play thing they have. When it is all over and they have to meet God face to face, they are going to be the most sorry human beings that ever walked on the surface of this planet. About ten or twelve years ago, periodically in different magazines and on TV, scientists were caught up in this thing of cloning. They could clone life, take cells from this creature and clone another just like it. I think up to a point some scientists thought they ought to be allowed to go ahead and do it. But they were afraid if they did clone, they might get into some sort of problem with other types of society. One particular night we had been at home and turned the TV on, and there was a panel discussing what had been discussed in the magazines in previous months. This one scientist which was an old man, said these words, The scientific community has come a long way, but there is an old proverb we scientists have to live by: When the time comes we scientists can create life, God is going to pull the curtain and say, That is all boys. In other words He calls a halt to it. I thought, Here is an old scientist that had enough insight to recognize, that yes, they can do this if God permits. They can do that if God allows the time, but if God does not allow something, He will pull the curtain on them and will leave them sitting on the outside, ignorant, wondering why their theories and ideas were not allowed to be fulfilled. We are a people that are beneficiaries of what God is doing in this era of time. We can see from the Bible that the God of heaven, the Creator of all things, has a reason for doing things in three’s. How many are aware of that? It seems that in threes, is a way He completes certain things, so let us look at the planet from this standpoint: Here is the beginning of the prehistoric era, here is the beginning of our era, and here it is in the eternal age, world without end, Revelation 21 and 22. Here is the earth, you might say in its initial onset. God was in no hurry as far as how long it took for the planet to cool down, to develop and come through the various stages we have already discussed. I realize there are probably a lot of critics in the religious side that will hear this, or view the video and make their remarks, but that does not matter to me. I am saying all this to try to give God an opportunity to be recognized in it, and not just the scientists. I refuse to listen to a bunch of scientists, carnal men, that were created by the same God I was, going through their theories of ideas, when they do not even have a yardstick to measure by. Their theories are merely hypothetical, presumptuous ideas that fit their carnal reasoning, without giving God any opportunity to be recognized in any of it. Nevertheless I can say without hesitation, This was an era God designed for angels to be tested. He gave them power. Whatever kind of life God starts with here, we have already gone through that. Evolution as it was back then, was well known by the angelic body. We do not want to think angels are just little ornaments hung out here in space to decorate the universe. No. They are spirit beings, offspring of God, and they every one have a purpose to fulfill. Sometimes they are referred to as sons of God. They have been invested with power to assist God in carrying out His (God’s) plan the way (God) has delegated it to be carried out. God did not have to do it that way, it is just the way He chose to do it. God did not have to have anything: He alone is self sufficient. It goes to show God wants to share Himself with something. That something has to be something that loves Him in return, that can give Him honor and respect Him for being allowed to be part of His plan. Therefore when the angels were tested, out of that era was a body of angels that passed the test and were accepted. Whatever stages the animal kingdom, and however many animals there were, the last Ice Age did not come until that animal kingdom had finally come to the finished results God wanted. Nothing happens by chance with God. Why do I say that? All because when we do come to this era, we have the Bible that tells us where we started from and where we are going. It tells us and shows us, that we are at the threshold of the coming of Jesus Christ. Back in the prehistoric era something was done on the planet, and God judged it. According to Genesis 1 and 2, and the book of Jeremiah, the planet hung in space at one time, void, useless, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. This very thing sets a beautiful type of the sinner of our day. Keep in mind sin did not enter into the picture back then until later eons of time, but with us it entered the picture right at the onset. We can ask this, Was God caught unaware? Not at all. God knew exactly what would take place in our garden. Therefore that is why we can read Ephesians 1, the way it is written by the apostle Paul. With this in mind, in order for our era to be brought in, what does God do? Sure, He could have created us on some other planet, but to show forth His plan of redemption, that He is capable of redeeming something, what does He do? He reaches right out there to this planet that He has judged from another era, and justifies it. God is a justifier. Once God moves on the scene of that darkness and light begins to separate the mist and the vapors, so that the sunlight of the universe can begin to beam its ultraviolet rays upon the earth, then God looked upon the planet just as if it never had been in an Ice Age. This sets a beautiful type also: He is a Redeemer. He is a reconciler. He justified the planet. Therefore, even over here when we, at our onset, suddenly find ourselves born in sin, actually we have physical life. That gives us existence, but we are so earthly we have no spiritual communication with God whatsoever. So in order for us to really function in our era, the way God designed it to be in the beginning, we have to be justified. God could have absolutely destroyed Adam and Eve just because they did what they did, then went out and created another pair, but no, He wanted to show that He has the power to redeem, and He wanted to redeem something that will love Him in return, so it took this over here to establish an angelic family that would love Him. God knew He would use those righteous angels over here in this era to assist in what He was going to accomplish over here in this hour of time. Now, while the planet earth has existed for eons of years in its former state, we realize, and we have already discussed this, that our beginning and ending of all of this, will not take as many years as that did, and we realize also, that evolution continues right on, in the animal kingdom. That is well understood. I would have to say to religious people who have closed their ears and eyes to the reality of what evolution is all about, You will never have an answer for your critics that makes any sense. There are people in this world, their minds are so filled with the concrete of tradition, it is pitiful. You cannot get them to look at one earthly thing that goes beyond their tradition. They have played with fantasies of traditional ideas and assumptions, imagining this and that, and they have lived on that so long that when you talk about something that really begins to make sense, they look at you like you are a devil. I have to say to defend that statement, They said the same thing about Jesus. He came saying things that Jewish doctors of divinity despised. There are religionists today, that despise the fact that you would say something to rub their traditional ideas the wrong way. They would rather carry that tradition and guard it like some old people will antique furniture. I just use antique furniture as an example. Some people love antique furniture, they will give a fortune for it in order to fill a house full of furniture that is one or two hundred years old. There are people today who will fill their minds with antique religious ideas the same way. They guard it saying, This is what my grandpa believed. If it was good enough for grandpa, it is good enough for me. On and on they go, but they are as far from reality as one who knows nothing. God has restored the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to this age and they have rejected it, so where does that leave them? Where did it leave those pious Jews that rejected it the first time it was presented? There, is your answer.




In our era of God’s dealings, we no sooner start, then bingo, Adam and Eve fall. This was the beginning of how sin starts to become a hereditary thing: It is imputed into the soul of the person. So after sixteen hundred years, the planet again became desecrated as a result of what man did in his hour of testing. We have already gone through all of this, how Lucifer used the serpent creature, which was in our garden, to do what he did, because he, (Lucifer) with the knowledge he had already obtained back here, knew exactly how to take that character and get at God, right here, with Adam and Eve. Nothing happens by chance. God knows exactly when it is going to be and how it is going to be. Therefore when God told Noah to build a boat, notice, the flood was going to come, to destroy that element of sinful, wicked people, but Noah was saved through his obedience in building the boat. As we look at the planet itself, what does this stand for? He (God) has justified the planet out of darkness and now He baptizes the planet with a water baptism. Right? If God justifies you, what does He say? Repent, and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ. God, all along, is using the planet to set a type, what He would do in His redemption of the man He is putting here on the earth. Just as man is to be baptized, so has the planet also gone through its baptism and it was not just a sprinkling. We can ask this, Did that baptism of the flood of water bring an end to sin? No. But it sure did set a type. Still sin is inbred: It is in the soul, not in the flesh. It is only through the flesh that sin, which is in the soul, is really allowed to express itself. Once again though mankind propagates himself on the earth, and we can see that God had already looked further ahead and made preparations to send us a Redeemer. This Redeemer was not the product of evolution: God bypassed every bit of that to bring forth a perfect Son. This is exactly why God created in a virgin womb that little nucleus of life. Then one night when Mary, Joseph’s wife, lay down to take her rest, she went into labor and brought forth that sinless son. Sometime during that night, with heaven looking on, she gave birth to her firstborn. That little child she bore was the first child born to a woman on the face of this earth that had everlasting life in it. Think of it. She was the woman that Eve should have been. Now you religionists that criticize me, if you have a better theory for the virgin birth, then I say it is time for you to come up with it. When God cursed the serpent and put enmity between him and Eve, He could have destroyed him from the face of the earth, so why did He leave him here and just strip him of his arms and legs and his vocal capabilities? God did not want to bring a total end to this creature that had been resurrected from that previous era. He was the highest means of intelligence that the former era had produced in its evolution process through all that time. I am not going to argue with the scientists because they do not have that man here to talk with and they just assume certain things about him. I just have to say to them, My way of looking at it is just as important to me as their theories they cook up in their schools are to them. You everyone know evolution is a fact, because we can see it here, in the horse business, in the cattle business, the chickens, dogs and whatever: so we understand that wherever man has domesticated certain species of animal life, you can see evolution in it. Back here, in the former era, angels knew all about evolution, how it functioned, what it was to produce, and what it could be made to produce. Therefore I can say this, Somewhere when the first man appears, (or man-like creature) God has created it as a species, but in the process of time God will mutate from the two and there will come forth this (the one you see on the chart). Now let me explain something to you, to expand upon this thing of evolution.





I would have to go into certain breeding techniques of the professional horse breeders and such like, how they go about the things they do, in order for you to understand completely, this process of evolution, and that is why I have to say, These educators today, who only study theories, really have no background in the animal kingdom to compare their theories to, as to what they are implying. They assume this and they assume that, but they have nothing to vindicate their assumptions. It is a known fact, when you take human beings and isolate them into certain parts of the earth where there is a certain climatic condition, along with certain types of food and so forth, the genes that flow in their bodies are eventually affected by those conditions, so that in process of time the reproductive qualities of the bodies they possess, (because the Creator that designed those bodies had this in mind) will begin to express that difference. In whatever state they are in at that time, once they are put within a certain environment of climate and food the body being subjected to all of that will begin to affect the genes they pass on to their offspring, as to what kind of offspring they will bring into existence. How many understand my point? When the horses were first brought into this country by the Spanish, some of those herds were captured by the Indians. Then over a period of years some of those horses were freed from the Indians and went into the wild. They bred in the wild. Some of those herds actually became extinct in their native area. Some of them became lost, in the Grand Canyon, and because of their food intake, as well as their environment, and because of that, many years ago they found the miniature horses in the Grand Canyon. He was the descendant of what had been brought over by the Spanish. The environment he had been brought up in, as well as the inbreeding, the type of terrain, the food intake and everything else he was subjected to made him a miniature species. Well just reverse that and take it the other way. Bring him out of there, put him in an environment where the food he eats is rich in nutrients and the climate is different, and this begins to communicate to the body’s reproductive capability. Why is it like that? The Creator has established a law that through whatever this body is subjected to, it will transmit this into its ability to reproduce itself, and it will reproduce itself according to the environment that it is subjected to. You scientists ought to have enough sense to realize that. Let me use modern techniques. In WW2 it was a known fact, that during WW1, they took the average height of the Allied soldier of that hour. He was one inch taller than the tallest Medieval knight. The knights were always the largest men. But the average soldier of WW1 was one inch taller than him. When you come to WW2, though, the average soldier was an inch taller than the WW1 soldier. Why? It is because time, living conditions and the things he has used his intelligence for to prepare his habitation, his environment, to take the strain out of life, the strain out of living, then we can see the ability to reproduce himself is governed by something the Creator himself has designed through a law. I have to say, common sense tells me you do not have to go to college to learn that. Just watch over the face of the earth and pay attention. Take the Eskimos for example, they have the characteristics of the Asians in Mongolia. Follow the Eskimos traditions, the bone structure and the hair. Then come on down the Rocky Mountain chain, right off into the plains of North America and you will see that all those Indian tribes carry certain characteristics that are different. You will find in the various tribes of Indians, that there begins to show a breakup, and that is attributed to the environment. It is what they are subjected to that causes the change. That is the way the Creator designed it. I say that without elaborating any more. Back here, those angels watched over this. There is no doubt in my mind there were a lot of things that went on in the breeding of this animal kingdom, that maybe the devil thought, I need them much larger. I saw a program on TV that was showing a zoo somewhere. They showed a lizard that at full length would be ten feet long. When it bites or stings it is death. When that thing came crawling around, they move very slow, but I thought, That thing looks exactly like a dinosaur. Use lens that multiply him about ten times, and you will have a dinosaur. I hope you understand what I am saying: I have to believe that God, when He created the beginning of life and the various animals, that evolution eventually brought about what they ended up with. It did not all start from just one cell, like they want you to believe. It all started from God. God was that beginning cell, because He is life everywhere He is. He caused everything to start in different forms and shapes. As things on the planet began to change, plant life, vegetation, this in a sense affected the habitat, which in turn affected the particular animal species that found its way into that habitat. Then the Creator, having created these laws by how this creature will reproduce himself, what he will become like, I can see the reason why so many millions of years have come about. With God being the architect, the designer of every bit of it, He got the results He was after. The only thing is, the devil perverts what God brings forth, and runs things to extremes. When you come to this character, (What they call “The Modern Man”) whether it was ninety thousand years back, or a hundred and fifty thousand, it matters not to me. Our modern day scientists look at it from the standpoint that we are his offspring, I will say this, A little bit of his seed did get mixed in, back in the garden of Eden, when the serpent seduced Eve and she brought forth Cain. Do you understand what I am saying? That is what the devil was after. Keep in mind, The devil is not taking shots in the dark: He knows what he is after, he knows why, and he knows when. The beauty of it is, he will never succeed beyond what God permits. When things did reach a certain stage in the prehistoric era that the animal kingdom of that hour had reached a state of evolution that went beyond what God wanted, because the devil has taken it and perverted it, God said, That is as far as I can let this go. Only God Himself knows what the devil was allowed to do, and only God Himself had the power to do anything about it. One thing is sure, when He did bring it to an end He reserved the right to resurrect any of them He wanted to give Adam over here in our beginning. He did not have to make a new bunch of animals. He resurrected from the planet earth an element of them to be Adam’s help mates. Bro. Jackson, why do you say He had to do it that way? Because if He did not, then He would have lost everything he had purposed to accomplish in that former era. When man has passed his Millennium and we get over into the eternal age, there will be nothing there, that has not been redeemed from this present era. God is a Redeemer. When He resurrected an animal kingdom for Adam, He resurrected them in proportion of size the way He wanted them for Adam’s benefit. Someone asked the other night, Bro. Jackson, we read in the book of Job something about the crooked serpent, that sea monster that has a special name, Do you think that creature really existed? I have no doubt he existed, and probably some more like him. How would you like to be in a pleasure yacht fifteen miles off the coast, minding your own business, enjoying your beautiful boat you spent about sixty thousand dollars for, and that thing come out of the bottom of the ocean and upsets your little plaything? Be glad that you do not have to contend with that thing. They rescued a man near Australia the other day. I think there were two or three fellows in it, but a whale came along and upset their yacht. Here it was floating on top of the water, upside down, when the rescuers came along. If a whale could do that, what would that other rascal have done? My point is this, In the prehistoric hour, there was no man floating around in yachts on the water bodies that were here then: Therefore those creatures no doubt existed. I have no reason to doubt it. When the time came, that God gave the planet marine life, He knew that one day man would be traveling the seas like they are today. Therefore He put marine life here that is in proportion of size, where it is safe for man to travel the seas. The shark is an enemy, if man is left in the water alone, but we all understand that. Also, when God knew that it was time to re-activate the planet and bring it out of its void state, He had an angelic family He brought over to this era to assist Him. He resurrected a portion of that prior animal kingdom and gave them to Adam to start once again the multiplication process, and the subduing of the planet, dressing it, replenishing it, yes filling it up again, just as it had been done back here. Man has now lived here for hundreds and thousands of years having no knowledge of most of the past, but I am convinced that many a man, two, three, four hundred years back, if they were privileged to find one of those fossilized bones, were amazed at the vast size of it, and no doubt had a lot of questions about it, but there were no ready answers. The Bible does not go into great specifics and explanations, but there are clues hidden among the chapters and verses, and when the time came for it to be known, the Spirit of God began to lead toward those clues. In the last hundred years of this Age, there has been much truth come to light. There has been more fossilized bones brought out of the face of the earth and put in museums here in the last fifty years than anyone would have ever dreamed of. It is an open testimony to the fact that God had this planet populated at one time.




Well we were talking about types, so the earth has had its baptism in water. We are in the second stage of the earth being used. We have come through the flood era. (The water baptism) We are now living in the Grace Age. This whole thing covers six thousand years of time. In this Grace Age, sin is still present in the human race, yet there are a few that find redemption in the overall plan of God. Here is what is getting ready to happen. In 2nd Peter 3:10 it tells us that one of these days, in the great day of the Lord, God is going to shake this planet, and it is literally going to be purged with fire. Peter said it would burn. In the New Testament, John said that when Christ would come He would indeed baptize us with the Holy Ghost and with fire. What does Holy Ghost fire do? It is not for flesh: it is to purge the nature of the inward soul, thereby cleansing that nature, and that helps the soul to be released, to really live a devoted and dedicated life to God. Yet that is not the end. We are looking for the finished work, and that is to be glorified by being changed and resurrected in the likeness of Jesus Christ. That is why from baptism, Holy Ghost fire baptism, we are then changed and made immortal. Everything then meets those three stages of redemption for man here on this planet. We can see then, that before the planet goes into the Millennium, God is going to cleanse it with a baptism of fire. Now there are theologically different opinions. Many will say that the baptism of fire does not come until the Millennium is over. I have to repudiate that. That baptism of fire absolutely comes at the coming of Christ when the heavens and earth shall melt with fervent heat and the planet is going to be shaken and such like. That baptism of fire does not destroy all animal life. No. It is going to devastate things, it is going to bring an end to life in a lot of different places, but it is mainly sinful mankind that God is after. There are going to be animals left alive, that will survive all of it. That is why in the book of Revelation, it plainly says God speaks to the fowls of heaven and the beasts of the field, come and eat flesh till ye be filled, drink blood till ye be drunk, for this is the supper of the great God. You and I know if that fire is going to be of such a devastating extent that it destroys the existence of human beings completely, then animals have to have oxygen to breathe also. So if there are a few men left, so will there be a few animals left. Your environmentalists today, who are trying to save this earth, I would have to say, Forget it, God is going to tear your play house to pieces one of these days. When God gets through with it, He is going to cleanse this planet from all the traces of mans abuse, and from all the affects of sinful, selfish, greedy mankind that is propagated upon it. Then through the Millennium reign itself there will be an element of mortal flesh (people) that will pass right over from this hour right into the Millennium. They are the servant type people over which the Bride will rule and reign. These are the people, that from one end of the earth to the other, they will multiply and propagate life again on the planet, but in that day, because there is a righteous people who have already been immortalized, and are in glorified bodies, they will rule and reign with Christ in a righteous reign. They are His queen. Therefore only divine knowledge and the righteous laws of God will be executed. That is why it says in the Psalms, and I believe also in Isaiah, and the knowledge and the glory of God shall cover the earth as the waters that cover the sea. For one thousand years, this planet is going to go through a redemptive process that will return it to its original state.




Some may ask, Why is God doing all of what you say He is doing, He already has part of His family redeemed? That is why they are already glorified, but He is leaving them in the present world system, not the system of government, but in the world in the natural sense as it is right now, because that is why He is going to have a mortal people pass over into that era. Our redemption has to start having its effect on the planet. This is why for one thousand years, nothing but peace, tranquility, righteousness, and true, divine knowledge is established again to the propagating society that God is using to replenish the earth. There will be no beer joints. Death will only be a means of discipline. (You read that in Isaiah 65.) It is very possible for the natural man to live a thousand years, if he lives right, because the knowledge of the Lord will be propagated here. I will have to say, because of the righteous people here with these mortal subjects, Here, is where every law that God wants to be put forth, in nature, vegetation and everything will flourish. There will be no corporate industries hogging the natural resources, filling the heavens with all kinds of monoxides and pollution that makes it hard for people to breathe. We are going to see an era of time for a thousand years, when nothing but righteousness rules. What a beautiful place this is going to be. What is God doing? He is taking His redeemed that have already passed into immortality, those that already have glorified bodies, and for a thousand years they are going to live here on this earth ruling with the KING. As for the mortal people, there will only be a few that start out, but as time goes on these few people that God will use, will multiply over the face of the earth and fill it. Those people will only know to do good during all that time because evil has been kept from them. The devil is bound for the entire time, so he (old Lucifer, as we see in Isaiah 14, that did what he did, will not be allowed to pollute and pervert anything during the thousand years. However, because those born during that time have never been tested, God will loose him for a little while and allow him to go among those people and test them. As soon as he gets his crowd sorted out and gathered together, God will intervene and end all of that for the rest of eternity. Therefore as the Millennium comes to a close, we can say, Seven thousand years of man’s existence here on earth is completed and God has fulfilled His redemptive process. He has redeemed His foreknown family, and He has redeemed the earth. Then, is when we can say the earth has gone through its baptism of water, and its baptism of fire, and now it moves into the eternal stage, and here is where heaven and earth kiss. Do you catch the picture? That is when the new city (Jerusalem) is seen coming down out of heaven, adorned as a Bride prepared for her husband. Heaven and earth are again merged together. That is why Paul wrote in Ephesians like he did, how that in that day He will gather together all things that are in heaven, (the spirit world) and all things that are on earth, all in one glorified kingdom, and that has consummated God’s ability to redeem something that became lost. We can see the earth glorified, because God is her glory. Here then, is the earth with a family of immortal people, saints of the various ages. God has the earth repopulated according to His perfect design, known of Him from before the foundation of the world.




Man lost the serpent in the very beginning in our Eden. The serpent would have been a servant type creature to do man’s work for him, had things not turned out as they did. They looked more like man than any other of the animals, and they had the ability of vocal communication with man. God designed it that way, in order for them to receive instructions from their masters. They were to do all the manual labor. Do not ever imagine that Adam would have ever had any reason to speak harshly to the serpent. It was not meant for there to have been any such, and we will not hear things like that in the Age to come. Through the centuries though, look what man has done to other living beings all over the world since sin entered the picture. Entire races of people have been taken out and exterminated, simply because of man’s greedy, sinful, lustful purposes. When I think of Egypt, and how long the children of Israel were in bondage down there, it really brings the reality of man’s sin to the forefront of my mind. That last hundred years, God only knows the number of Jewish people that lost their lives, being worked to death just to build that empire of the Egyptian dynasty. There will be no more of that when this present Age ends. Nevertheless, God will have to allow this mortal element that will repopulate the planet again, to be tested by the devil when the Millennium is over, but just for a little season. I am going to explain it like this, He will not be turned loose so he can start another war. No. When Armageddon is fought here at the end of this Age, that is the last earthly war between human beings that will ever be fought on this planet. Well why is he turned loose? Well just try to imagine living on earth in the Millennium and all those mortals out of this era passing over to repopulate the planet, and think of all the children born to them during that thousand years, human beings that have never been tested, never tempted, never knowing what it is to be tempted and tested as you and I have been. Would God be fair to have had all these other saints that are going to be there, who have lived in these other eras of time and been constantly harassed by the devil, if He let this last bunch go into the eternal age without being tested? Just think, what many of the others have suffered because of the devil’s schemes. Some were slaughtered like animals, martyred and all such like, just for believing in God. No saints, Satan is loosed just for a little season, so he can separate from among those mortals all such as can be deceived by him. Is he going to pollute the earth again. No. Whatever the animal life, and whatever the plant life looks like, since God has restored perfect knowledge and His laws by how these people are to apply these things to the earth, to vegetation, to the animal kingdom and such, it will all remain that way. That is all part of redemption. The devil himself is a spirit. He is going to be turned loose to come against those people. Naturally he has a plan. He is going to come against those mortal people to see if they will line up with him in his plot. We know, according to Revelation 20:7-9, that many will be deceived. I want to say something now and I want to say it in the right way. It says in the book of Revelation that he will go out upon the breadth of the earth from Gog to Magog. When we take those words to the Bible, there is no other lineup in the scripture, except in Ezekiel 38 and 39, where we can find them. Young people, I want to tell you something, Education is not the cure for the world’s ills today. Modern man thinks it is, but we had less crime when we still had more illiteracy. It is the spirit of this Age, that is the problem. When we were in Russia, there is just something about the environment in Russia, as you are walking down the sidewalk, or riding on a bus, that you cannot help but notice. You see young people, maybe in their late teens or early twenties, all going to a university, to an institution to learn, thinking that is the answer to their problems. I have to ask, What are they learning? They have never been allowed to learn anything about God. You find very few Russian people that have ever known the joy of being able to stop and say, Good morning Joe, and then being able to stand and chat for a while. You saw very little of that. You could not help but feel that there was an environment of hostility present everywhere. They have lived that long without being able to communicate and be friendly because of fear, not knowing what that other person believed, or whether he might betray him to the Communist party or not. All of that adds up to this, After spending all that money to educate their society in Marxism and Leninism, they have a society that is scared half to death all the time. Person after person would come through the prayer line and say, Pray for me: I have hallucinations, I see things coming into my home, I am scared of this. I thought to myself, These people are telling us what has been going on. Did they learn that in their universities? No. That is something that all the education that system has crammed down their throats, has not been able to help them entertain something that is actually a positive part of every human. They have a high rate of suicide. They have a high rate of alcoholism. They have a high rate of insanity also, because they cut God completely out of the picture. They did not want Him, and without Him, this is how you end up. I remember a young daughter that came with her mother to our meetings and asked, Pray for us. The woman’s husband was an alcoholic. Every dime he got was spent on alcohol. The Russian people are drinking themselves to death. Many of them are being tormented by demons. They are a people that are vulnerable to everything the devil wants to throw at them. As I would get on a bus, I thought to myself, I can see why the devil will know exactly where to start his plot when the Millennium is over. When it says from Gog to Magog, I have to believe, even a thousand years will not heal the scars of what a hundred years of atheism has done to their society. Can you see what I am talking about? If they were vulnerable to let the devil come in to them and do what he has done for the past eighty to one hundred years, then somewhere the effect of it has left itself embedded in the spirit of those people. That is why most everyone in Russia is saying, We have to get a good education. Only through a good education, can we achieve what we need to in life. Well if you do not know God, your education will do very little for you. I am thankful to God, for His love and grace. I thank God that He allowed me to be born in a nation that has, at least in its past, upheld the existence of a sovereign God. This atheistic thing has moved in and seemingly taken over our institutions that at one time upheld the Bible. The Bible was the number one book in every library, yet today we have a vast number of teachers in our educational system that will not allow the Bible to even be recognized as the inspired word of God. When all this gay stuff, homosexuality and perversions of every sort began to slip into our society, in various colleges they were teaching homosexuality. When they start teaching sin, the devil is standing in their doorway. That is what the devil was after when he brought that serpent creature into our garden, talking to Eve like he did. I realize this might hurt a lot of religious theologians, but let me say to them, Sex started man’s downfall. It was the way the devil introduced it, that caused the problem. If the devil had never been allowed to come into the garden using the serpent creature like that, the word sex, would have been no more embarrassing than any other word. Every living being on the face of this earth, whether it is a bird, an animal or whatever, propagation has come about by an intimate relationship. The devil knew what he was doing in our garden of Eden. He knew those two trees in the midst of the garden were not plant life trees. I explain it like this, The tree of knowledge was a symbol. That is why God told Adam, Of every tree thou mayest freely eat, even of the tree of life, but He warned him, Do not eat of the tree of knowledge or you will die. He had no reason to warn him about the tree of life: They were supposed to partake of it. That would have been to partake of the sex act only for the purpose of reproducing themselves. That is what eating, or partaking of the tree of life would have been. All plant life was for the replenishing of the physical bodies they were placed in, but the tree of life was for the replenishing of the earth with others like themselves. If the tree of life would have been the only tree that the intimate act would have been related to, it would have been a different story. it is through the female, that this law is regulated. In the animal kingdom it is the same way. It is that period that sets up in the body of the female, allowing her to know exactly when it is time to give herself to the male in that intimate relationship for reproduction. In that relationship, there would not have been anything derogatory. How could a Holy God institute something filthy as a means of His children fulfilling His command for them to “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth?” Are you listening to me? I hope you are! The devil can always turn something holy around and make something filthy out of it. If Eve would have said to the serpent, Get away and leave me alone, and then waited until she felt that period setting up in her body and gone to her husband, she would have given birth to a son or daughter that would have had eternal life in them, instead of imputed death. I want to say to the critics, When that period would have passed from the woman’s body, they would never have been driven down the avenue of lust and burning passion. They would not have even known that this same intimate act could be used for pleasure any time they chose. That knowledge came to them through that other tree in the midst of the garden. That tree fulfilled the devil’s plan for replenishing the earth. In other words, to partake of that tree, is to enter into the sex act for pure pleasure, instead of just for the purpose of the Creator. They still fulfilled the command to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, but by doing it from that tree, they filled the earth with offspring that had death abiding in them. If they had fulfilled that command from the tree of life, there never would have been a Cain in the picture. Neither would there have ever been murder or perversion of any kind in the picture. All of their emotions would have been under control at all times, just like the animal kingdom. When you watch the animal kingdom, you never see them enter into that act except for reproduction. Through the years, I have always had some horses on the farm. I have had five stallions since 1968, and I have let them run with the females. Very few times would I stable them to keep them away from the females. The reason I did that was, as long as the male is allowed to run in freedom with the females, most of the time he knows none of them are ready for such a relationship, so he is just minding his own business. You do not see him fighting the mares like man will a woman today, beating them up and raping them. You do not see that in the animal kingdom. I am saying that to make it as simple as can be, yet make it sound like God is glorified in it. When one of those females begins to come into her period, you see that female look him up. That is the way it was supposed to be with the human family. Lucifer knew what he was doing when he inspired the serpent to use his physical body to seduce Eve and plant a seed in her that would produce a man in his genetic likeness. After that gene is planted, then God cursed the serpent, so he could never repeat that act again. But because intimacy has been introduced for pleasure only, and not just for the purpose of child bearing, God had to fix things so they could not partake of both trees, (both laws) so he cursed the woman’s reproductive abilities. He fixed it so no woman after that, would ever know exactly when she could go to her husband just for reproduction only. Then, as a penalty for disobedience, He added all the pain and sorrow that goes with child bearing under the law of the tree of knowledge. If God would have killed them for disobeying Him, His plan would have been thwarted. Instead, He made a provision for redeeming them. He provided a substitute. He drove man from the garden to live under this law of pleasure, the tree of knowledge. To the critics who climb a tree over what I am saying, Do you not see your own generation of youth ravaged, in our institutions of learning, exposed to all this physical perversion, yet you are willing to say that what I am teaching is out of the pit of hell? You are ignorant and do not know it, and refuse to accept the truth. The devil is laughing at you, because he is taking your own generation of children away from you and has marred them, raped their innocent minds and conscience, and has turned them into creatures that feel like they should have the freedom to enjoy an active sex life at any age, no matter what anyone thinks about it. I noticed in the Jerusalem Post, that the president of Israel, I believe his name is Wiseman, was asked in a public place what he thought about the gay Israel. Here was the president of Israel, a Jew, that had to reply to that question, and he replied like this, I admire the man that wants to be a man. I admire the woman that wants to be a woman and act and conduct herself accordingly, but I have no use for these perverts and their type of lifestyle. Do you know what happened? Out of the Jewish society they said, Away with him! We want a better president than that. This goes to show, all over the world today, there has settled a spirit of perversion on mankind. It is the same spirit, or from the same source as the one that caused some other Jews to say, Crucify Jesus! And give us Barabbas. Crucify righteousness! Crucify truth, but give us all the perversions of the world and we will be happy. Our trouble started with a sex act in the garden, and is has been a main source of trouble in the human race ever since. What we are really faced with in this hour, is the reality that ungodliness is fast becoming the order of the day, just like it was before the flood in Noah’s day. Only the coming of Jesus Christ will change these conditions that are prevailing all around us. If you want to know what God thinks about that kind of lifestyle, go back and read what the Bible says about those perverts and all of their ungodliness down in Sodom and Gomorrah. God destroyed all of them, burned their cities, and decreed that no one will ever live there again. Notice also what it says about those who align themselves with Satan when the Millennium is over and he is loosed for a little season: All those that yield to him are cast completely out of the plan of God. Then we see the books are opened, the sea gives up the dead, hell gives up the dead an all receive final judgment for their wickedness and they are cast into the lake of fire. Anyone whose name was not written in the book of life will be cast into the lake of fire. That cleanses the planet from all the traces of sin that has been multiplying upon it ever since Cain murdered Abel. God will not let the planet move over into the eternal age having graves with the bodies of sinners still in them. The planet must be completely redeemed from all traces of sin before it passes into that age. With this in mind just try to visualize, There goes the planet earth into the eternal age, a planet that has been completely redeemed and glorified. Vegetation is back on it, there are no more huge bodies of water, and once again, everything is back like it was before Adam sinned. The Bible says, And there is no more sea. That means there is no more Pacific Ocean, no more Atlantic Ocean. There will be bodies of water, yes, but no mass bodies of water. Why do we say that? Because the Bible says it. What is the reason for that? It is because the planet has been redeemed, reconciled back to its perfect relationship with God and the spirit world. God can once again come down and glorify Himself in it. As Paul says in 1st Corinthians 15, when that last enemy, which is death itself, has been destroyed, through Jesus Christ and His redemptive work, only then can that be done. Then, is when the kingdom shall be delivered back up to God the Father, the eternal Spirit, that He (God) may be all in all. It is going to be wonderful, living here then. When we get over into the Millennium and look back, we will be able to see things a lot better then, than we do now. I hope you can now see how the earth moves from a justified state, through a sanctified state, and then to a glorified state, never to be marred or changed by sin again. Amen.


The Testing And Fall Of Satan, Part 3 – 1997, October

The Testing And Fall Of Satan, Part 3 - 1997, October

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

The minute they saw each other they were locked in a battle. They used trick photography to make them look large like dinosaurs. Here they are, locked in battle and rolling head over heels all over the place. It makes everything look like that was exactly the way it took place a million years ago. I am explaining it that way, because as this animal kingdom began to grow and flourish, nothing was going to happen until it had become populated the world over. What if malice, cannibalism, hostility, the negative side of everything would have set in when they were all still here in Africa? You would not be getting dinosaur eggs out of China. Do you understand what I am saying? Neither would you get skeletons. Neither could you go to the Painted Desert or the Petrified Forest and find any fossilized remains. Nor would they have found those Mastodon Elephant remains down here along the river close to where we live. They just simply would not have been there. Down along the Ohio River close to the falls, they say there is one of the largest deposits of fossilized bones there is anywhere in the area of North America. My point is, everything has to move in harmony to a fixed objective designed by God, and executed by His servants the angels. Somewhere though, a billion and a half or two billion years ago, whatever that time was, it began to reach a matured, fixed development of animal life, plant life and such, and there, no doubt, is where Lucifer, the most anointed angel of them all, began to put his plan into operation. All of those angels had to be tested, so remember, they had dominion over all the planet. The planet, then, did not have all the bodies of water it has now, so Lucifer began to plot and make his plans. As he began to correspond with the other angels and such, I can imagine weeks and months, maybe a few years went on with him sowing seed of doubt and suspicion among them until finally, he has sowed the seed of betrayal to God, and this is what caused Ezekiel the prophet to say, “Thou wast perfect in all thy ways until iniquity was found in thee.” That pertains to lawlessness, taking the laws of God and turning them into a negative picture, beginning to pervert nature, and beginning to pervert the animal kingdom as a whole. Here is where cannibalism comes into the picture. Here is where disease starts. He is out to disrupt the entire plan of God. It plainly says in Isaiah, that Lucifer said, “I will be like the Most High.” Yet the end of it was, thou shall be brought down to hell, but God is going to give him a process of time to continue on with his perversion, so as this animal kingdom went on, I have no doubt in my mind, that some of those animals were never intended to be as large as they were. Bro. Jackson, why would you say that? Listen carefully. The dirty devil knows every genetic law there is, in the natural aspect. Man himself does not just devise evil: It is because evil is already out there knocking at the door, that mankind finds so many ways to be evil. How many understand my point? As Lucifer began to disrupt and plan and pervert, those animals begin to turn on one another and they lock themselves in battle. They began to kill one another. How is it, that when the devil begins to build this type of environment into something, that the inhabitants sit upon the mountainsides and laugh and jump with glee? That is the devil’s great joy, to create such an environment. Go to Spain, to old Toledo, the ancient capital, where there is a giant arena and read the history of it. In ancient times, when they had the bull fights, Spain was known for this type of thing. Here would come the matador. He might be on horse back. Then they would turn that male cow in. They would breed those male cows to give them an instinct to want to fight. I just have to say, Behind all of it, there has always been a devil. As that animal comes charging out of that tunnel, here stands that matador, teasing it with a cloth over a saber. After awhile he gets him so tired and so mad, then he starts sticking little spears in his back. That is to agitate him even more. There, you can see thousands of human beings that is supposed to be created in the image of God, sitting in the bleachers yelling and screaming, Kill him, kill him, kill him. Where do you think that attitude came from? Was that designed by God? No. Behind it, you will always find the devil. The aim and purpose is to entertain a bunch of carnal minded human beings, and they are going to see an animal die and they will come in with a team of horses and drag him off, butcher him, and they will have a big feast. It goes on in Mexico the same way. I have seen that same spirit in the Philippines during the war. Here would come those Filipino men with their bantam roosters. I have seen them take olive oil and rub their heads until they shine. They will rub those legs. They might bet so much against the other guy’s rooster. If they don’t bet to the death, then they won’t put a blade on their spur. They will let them fight using the natural spur on their legs until they decide which one won. But if one says, Let’s fight them to the death of one, I have seen them strap razor sharp blades on that spur. Those poor things will stand there, and then suddenly hit each other. All they need is one stroke and the other one is lying there, dying. I bring these things into the message to make a point: To me, that is not entertainment. The only kind of people that relish such stuff are people who think like that themselves. Out of the Orient we get the pit bull dogs. Read about them. They were bred to fight: They were not bred to be house pets. This is why they have a jaw that is able to crush the average jaw of a normal dog to pieces. Their nature is to fight. When they go into the arena, where they are put against another pit bull dog, it is very common to see them to pull flesh and tear a leg. They fight to the finish. I bring these things in to encourage you to let your mind go back and think this thing through and realize, There was something going on, on this planet, long before what we have a record of, in Genesis 1, and onward, and all of that brought time up to the point where what the scientists today call the modern man, had evolved to. Of course that modern man they speak of was the serpent, which we will study about later on in our message. That was the last stage of the evolution of that “man.” That was as far as God let it go. Within the animal kingdom by then, in many other realms of the animal kingdom you had cannibalism, and also diseases coming in, all kinds of disruptions, chaos of every description, going on all over this planet. That is why I said, If you will travel the world over and look at your geographical maps, right through here (pointing to map) is also a desert, but look at the whole of North Africa, just a giant desert. That desert crosses over and takes in a big sphere over here. In China, you have a desert. Look at southwest America, a desert. Look in South America, you have deserts. These desert spots are not so big that clouds do not pass over, but why do the clouds never come together and give a normal amount of rainfall? I just have to say, There is something standing there. I do not believe it will be that way in the Millennium. I believe God has let it be that way to tell us something, if we have perception. In many of these areas of deserts, many times, deep down is where we find traces of a giant past that goes back many millions of years. I have a book that shows, in China, a certain person on a slope of a field, where they found this big collection of dinosaur eggs. For some unknown reason they never hatched. They are archaeologically digging these eggs loose from the substance they are caked in, and now laboratories and universities all over the world will pay fabulous sums just to get a dinosaur egg. Do you think God is ignorant of all this? Not at all. I believe right now, because it is a proven fact, that professing Christianity as a whole, is as bad off as the unbelieving part of the world that has refused to acknowledge God. Christianity has tried to appear to the world to be a voice of the existence of God, but refusing to accept certain facts of scientific discoveries, and failing to acknowledge the reality of it all and move along with God, has projected them into a place spiritually speaking, where they appear totally ignorant of the true workings of the Spirit of God. It is because they reached a certain point, believing that God is, and believing that God was, but somehow they just shut the door to any further revelation and knowledge of the existence of God, or that He has any other purpose or plan, beyond what their forefathers knew about, therefore because they have shut their minds, God just cut them off. He turns around and lets a bunch of unbelieving people rise up just to antagonize them, to agitate them. God has a right to do that, because after all, that unbelieving man was created by God also. Somewhere in that prehistoric era, when God saw that Lucifer and a category of the angels had done something so terrible on the planet that they had totally marred it, polluted it, and perverted the whole picture, He called Lucifer in check. God has a right to call a halt to the activities of an angel, and He has a right to call me in check any time He wants to. He says to the angelic beings, Come here, I have a question for you. When He began to ask questions, He was interrogating them, bringing them into judgment. When Jesus said in St. John 8:44, that the devil was a murderer from the beginning, He did not mean our beginning, which started right in here. (Chart-Genesis 1) Our beginning started right there, but Lucifer had already been around a long time then. He had already polluted and perverted the entire creation of God to the point that God had to judge the whole thing, wipe the slate clean, recycle the planet, and prepare it for this present creation. Our beginning was in what is known as the Fertile Crescent. This is known as the cradle of all civilization. From right here, we all got our start. All recorded history of the human existence starts from there. With Satan, we will say his start was from here: (Pointing to chart, back in prehistoric time.) There, was his Eden. It does not refer to the day he was put there, but since he was in charge of the original beginning, then we will say this, What was really going on there, God was holding him responsible for, and it was all in the negative. Therefore God can call it to a halt and that is what He did. Keep in mind, time, as far as that is concerned, could have went on for millions of years. However long it was, the animal kingdom had reached a development of which God of necessity was going to stop it. When He began to question Lucifer and he began to lie, keep in mind, Lucifer is the architect of everything evil and wrong. He began to lie. He committed the first murder. There were bodies scattered all over the face of the earth to prove it, so God judged him and cast him down from his exalted position. He then became a judged angel, and all those with him likewise. As I said, God can bring a catastrophic judgment to the planet when it takes that, because it will not hinder God in the future as to what He is going to do. He judges in various ways. A huge earthquake could have developed that shook this planet tremendously, to the point that the water that was on it could have rushed to one side and caused the planet to act like a ball out of shape going across a ball field, and God pushed it out in space just far enough away from its perfect relationship to the sun to bring about the lasting condition. Keep in mind, Somewhere in the eons past I have to say that the earth existed when there was a perfect climate, because, in many of the Arctic regions they find palm leaves. All of that has to have an explanation. They find the remains of an animal kingdom that is still in the flesh. Bro. Strommen told us they have found palm leaves in the glacier regions of Norway. We just have to realize, God is the God of the glacier also, so He lets things start freezing up. As I said earlier, It killed life in the regions where it reached the coldest the quickest. Life had to be taken from those huge specimen instantly, in order for them to be found in the condition some of them have been found in. Such an instantaneous, cold environment, as it spread and increased around the earth, brought all life to an end.




Let me stop here for a moment and tell a story of something I watched on the TV. It has been about five months ago since I saw this documentary. The setting was out in the state of Idaho. Have you seen the potato commercial, how the man says that so many thousands of years ago there was a volcano erupted and blew out this dust that settled over this territory? And then how, over a period of time it eventually became the type of soil that grows the beautiful Idaho potato? Right in that same state there was a rancher went out one Sunday afternoon for a walk on his property. As he came to a place where a little ravine started in, it just kept getting deeper and deeper, until after awhile it was a gully, or a large ditch. Finally he got down into the floor of this and began to walk along. The bank on each side was higher than his head. As he looked to the right he saw something white and shiny in the soil. He reached and took hold of it. It was a giant tooth. As he took that tooth, he knew it was not the tooth of an animal species in our day. He came back to the same area with hand tools and began to dig. After digging for a little while he began to unearth a fossilized skeleton of a hippo. This startled him. Then he notified some of the universities, archaeologists and scientists. They came in and brought construction equipment that they could use to excavate. They excavated eleven feet down, through a gray type earth that had come out of a volcano thousands and thousands of years ago, in the prehistoric time. They got down to a place they could see the color of this, to the color of soil under that, that there was a difference. They could see that at one time this was like a small lake where animals of that era would come to drink. Apparently, when this volcano, wherever it was in the western mountains, erupted and belched this out, it was coming into this area and has been spreading this for miles. These hippos fled and took refuge in this lake of water. That would be their natural instinct. They found them in different sizes. They found some laying on top of one another as they were trying to escape and get away from something that was after them. When they had excavated that area, they had found 150 some skeletons of the same kind of hippo that is in Africa. They had existed there. That lets you know one thing, when God gave Adam an animal kingdom, He did not make him a different kind of hippo, He just resurrected something of the same ones that had already been here, but were destroyed. He resurrected that which would serve His purpose. As I sat there that night and listened to all of that, I said, Now it is just common sense to realize how the earth has been, so that through the centuries and eons of time, in some places, the actual soil is deeper than it is in others, and that is why it has different colorations, because it depends on what that volcano has belched out there, and what kind of plant life had been allowed to live there, and used to help build up that particular soil. As we look at that, then let us begin to realize, God had a plan for all that has taken place. I am thankful to know that He does have a plan, and that our future does not just depend upon uncontrollable circumstances on His part. Like the Psalmist said, The steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord. Let us read a few verses from Psalms 37, beginning with verse 21. “The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous showeth mercy, and giveth. 22 For such as be blessed of Him shall inherit the earth; and they that be cursed of Him shall be cut off. 23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and He delighteth in his way. 24 Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand. 25 I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” That is because the Creator has everything under control. Nothing is left to chance with Him. Evolution is still going on, but I am going to talk now in modern terms. Open your bible to Nahum 2:4. “The chariots shall rage in the streets, they shall jostle one against another in the broad ways: they shall seem like torches, they shall run like the lightnings.” When you read that, you might think you have not read anything, but you certainly have. That was not a prophecy to be fulfilled back there. That is a prophecy that applies over here, telling us what is going to be on earth one day before Gentile time comes to a close. It is for a time when mankind, you and me, have developed ourselves into an advanced stage of learning. We know that for centuries of time, in our era of time, man has guided, and has caused the animal kingdom, especially the domesticated side, to really flourish. Actually, if you can take what I said about the horse, how it has evolved, how it has reached a state of evolutionary development, you can apply that to all of God’s creation. Right here, is the picture of the American Quarter Horse. It gives his genetic origin. In this other book, is the same thing, only it breaks it all down and covers many other breeds. I will say, in respect to my brothers in other parts of the world where they have not been as closely related to the horse kingdom as we have in the new world. It is what man has done in America, that has developed the horse species into creatures that are some of the most beautiful creatures there are on earth. I say that with all due respect to every situation. Most all our blood lines and breeds today go back to the Arabian horse in the Middle East. Out of the initial Arabian horse, which was the first to be domesticated, different nationalities of people began to work with it. As they would invade the Middle East, they began to capture those horses and bring them home. Studying the law of genetics, and knowing how and what to do, has caused the Arabian horse to be the progenitor of much of what is in these books I have here, along with some of the other wild things that are crossed in. When you see what has happened to the horse in the new world, I have to say, We have some of the most beautiful breeds there is to be found anywhere. Now the Arabian and Egyptian world, which is the center of the Arabian horse culture, for a long time would not let you come into their part of the world and breed your mares to any of their Arabians. They did not want anyone fooling around with the bloodline of those horses. They were very sensitive. They did not want that bloodline of the famous ones they still had, to be spread around. But now, as the Kentucky Thoroughbred, he is known the world over. He is the fastest horse around. Go down to Lexington Kentucky, when they have a horse sale. Those fellows will be sitting on the buyer’s benches with their turbans on, waiting to bid on them. When they start leading those Thoroughbred colts in there, and those fellows look at that shiny coat of hair, they know they are looking at a twentieth century development of the very thing they had thousands of years ago. They pay thousands of dollars for them, because they want to take some of that bloodline back home. I have brought all of this in to show you the evolution of that genetic flow, how it works. In this which we have just read, when we come to the new world in time, and it was time for this prophecy to go into effect, do you think there is a school on earth today, or a college at the time this prophecy came in motion, that could have educated you on how to make a car? I said, Is there a college anywhere that could have told you how to make a car? No. Well I wonder how these things that make so much noise up and down the roadways out here, ever got here? Somewhere there was a boy that got tired of riding a horse. He complained every time he did, that his back side got sore. He began to think, because he did not like to patch a saddle or repair the harness, what can I do? He was vexed with it all. You have to have this kind of mind somewhere, in order to have advancement in technology. No, he wasn’t lazy: He just did not like the old ways. He began to hear about somebody developing a steam engine. His mind began to think. It went beyond what he was learning in school, reading, writing, and arithmetic. They thought this guy was crazy, that he was nuts, but the guy that invented the combustible engine, once he got the combustible engine figured out, another man comes along and puts it in a finished product. He put it on the back end of a buggy and made it chain driven to the right wheel. Now here is a buggy coming down the road with no horse in front of it. I have seen them. Years ago, where I was raised up, there was some people that had an old Stanley Steamer. Once each year they would get that thing out and clean it up, and fire it up. It was more than just a buggy: It was a two seated contraption. The steering wheel shaft was just a shaft that went down through the floor, with a stick on it. The motor was on the back end. You could hear it coming five miles away, pop, pop, pop. How many have heard the old fashioned one cylinder steam motors they had around feed mills? That was the early days of the automobile. My point is this, The ones that invented that stage of the automobile, only fed off into a younger generation of minds that began to think deeper. As they looked it over, well I can improve here, I can improve here: That is mechanical evolution, designed by God the Creator. Now that they have it all figured out, they put it in text books. They will charge you a fortune to go to college and learn all this, but if there are any more new inventions come into this world that you have not seen yet, they will not come out of a college. They will come from some man’s brain somewhere. I am not talking about school teachers. You go on and teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, but leave the important inventions up to God. When we needed a washing machine, we got it, and we did not get it one hundred years ahead of time. How many understand what I am saying, and what I mean by that? The same way with an airplane. Do you think the Wright brothers went to college to learn to fly? They did not. They were two boys that got tired of walking here and there. They watched the birds. They glued together and tied together all kinds of sticks and paper and stuff to get their idea started. Yes the world says you are crazy until it works, then they all want to get in the game. There are some that will listen to me preaching and say, Jackson has gone crazy. Wait until it goes around the world and thousands of other people hear it, then see what they say. I am sure there are things over there, that they know, they have seen, they have unearthed, that they will add to this. The point is, You are living in a day of modern, mechanical evolution and none of it came from a college. What comes out of a college is the memory written in text books, that if you are inclined to be an engineer in mechanics, you can go and study and learn the techniques of those that have already designed it and put it in a finished state. You can learn that, but you will never improve it until you have first had your own dream. When you have had your own dream, it will be because the Creator Himself put it there. I want to say once again, Evolution is not a dirty word. Not if you keep God in it. The minute you take God out of it you are at the mercy of the devil. You are hanging on a limb, hanging by a thread, your life will be taken out of you one of these days and God alone holds your destiny in His hands. To me, there is a God behind all of this, and I am so thankful to know that God is the One that all glory and honor belongs to, because this whole creation is by His design. I just pray that we can finish this up in a way that glorifies the heavenly Father. We do not want any loose ends dangling when we finish.




I have a few things written down, that I want to read later, things that I want to put in the message at just the right time, so they can fill the gap between the prehistoric era and our era of time, especially right here. (Pointing to chart) We have up here, 65 million years of time span, but I am not overly concerned with how many millions of years all of this could have taken: I am concerned more with what really took place, regardless of how long it took to reach the point where Adam came into the picture. I was reading an article a day or so ago, about some scientists and archaeologists that are talking about traces of rock layers they have measured, and they described their eras of time. If we did not look at it right we could wind up as a people hung up on, Was it 30 billion years ago or 60 million years ago, which is it? When you get carnal minded men looking at rocks, layers of rock, trying to speculate how long this thing has been here, you realize more and more that we have to look at it from the standpoint, that this planet hanging out here was at one time a part of other substance in the universe, and God has to be the scientist and Creator of every bit of it. He has to be the collector of it. At what point in space He did it, that is His business. I do not think He has to commit that information to our little finite minds. It is too much for us to digest. God might have started this thing trillions of years ago. What difference could it make to us? Whenever the whole thing was composed, as far as matter and material, that is God’s business. If He took 60 trillion years to collect it all together, I do not think the whole mass was a round thing in the first place. But when He did begin to want to put it in its place in space, we have to believe He is the originator of the explosives that created the bang. Whenever the big explosion went off, God knew exactly where this would break up and each part would go to. It took a master mind to design such a thing as that. I would have to say to scientists, that they are like first class fools, to play around with something that is absolutely too big for them and their finite minds. They actually create much confusion with all of their probing into the unknowable. They could not create an ant. All they can create is problems and troubles for other human minds to crawl around over. I do not shame them: I am thankful for the things they have discovered, but I look at their own understanding and have to say, You are not a god, you could not create one iota of anything. The only thing you can create is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding, and mislead people, that there is no God. My point in saying this is, I do not care how many layers of rock they go down through, they will not find out everything they want to know. If they go too far they will hit a hot spot. In National Geographic magazine it shows the whole interior of this planet, how it is a box of fire, burning thousands of degrees centigrade. In some places the crust between here and that point can be several thousand miles. In other places it is not that thick. Who knows how much time was involved as each and every other planet broke off and went spinning to its place? We have to believe it could have been trillions of years coming our way in time. Whenever that explosion took place, this planet was a particle flung out here, and God knew exactly where to stop it. As He stopped it here, that is why I said earlier, All of this could have involved millions of years, waiting for this planet to cool down. By whatever means God began to choose, He had already planned that and informed His angelic hosts. They are ministering spirits within the spirit world that scientists and evolutionists cannot probe. They do not have an instrument that can take a picture of a spirit. There is not an electronic gadget that can tap into the image of anything that exists, or the communication that goes on in the spirit world. When we see here, where man was driven from the beautiful garden that God planted eastward in Eden, it was not a situation where God took a stick and drove them out of a geographical territory. If you look at it right, between the Nile and the Euphrates, and those other points mentioned, that forms the Fertile Crescent. God did not drive them out of there. That is where He put the man in the first place. When He drove them out of the garden, He drove them out of that spiritual atmosphere, that environment of the spirit world, which was a little bit of heaven coming and touching a little spot on earth to begin our era of time. We have 65 million years up there on our chart, but I did not choose the 65 million years figure myself: That is the way many scientists put it out here for mankind. I believe that is long enough for us to look at and argue about what time life did begin to appear on the planet. It had to definitely cool down enough to accommodate life. As I have already said, However long that was, God had already planned with His angelic body how life, in its different microscopic forms, would begin to be introduced into the various surfaces of the soil that began to be formed back at that time, because we have to understand there has to be a beginning of life, both in plant life and then in other types of microscopic life, because it takes these two balanced together, working in harmony with the plan God has predetermined, to eventually climatize the planet for its intended inhabitants. It took all of that preparatory stage to build the surface into soil that could be functional, for the life in different forms that God was going put here. Every detail had to be just right.




Now I will do my best to read these things I have written down, because this will fill us in as we look between this point, the closing of the Ice Age, and coming into our era of time.


When God placed angels in charge of the earth, He gave them power and authority to carry out His predetermined plan. I know there is no scientist that will believe that. Maybe a lot of our religionists will not believe it either: That is up to them. Do not forget, you have too many scriptures in the Bible that let us know angels were tried, they were tested, and some of them failed their test. It is obvious, that somewhere prior to our existence they had already faced their choice and some of them chose to follow Lucifer instead of their Creator. That is why in our era of time some of that angelic host that was once perfect and righteous, are now referred to as demons, or devils, though there is only one devil. They work against us in what God has put us here for. The purpose of this was preparing the earth to accept life in its many forms. I want to say this, God is that life. Whatever forms of life that were eventually introduced to the planet, they were no accident. That was not hocus pocus. God had it all planned out and the angelic hosts knew exactly the way this was all going to be introduced, because God Himself is the life of every living thing. Outside of Him, there is no life. Even angels are a product and offspring of God Himself. There was much to be done as the planet had to be climatized. The various forms of life, microscopic, microbic, or whatever you want to call it, each thing was designed to function and eventually accomplish a certain thing in preparing the earth’s surface for its intended purpose. When the earth did begin to grow vegetation in some places, it took bacterial life to break down the dead plant into food for whatever marine life was appearing in the waters. We must understand that the starting of life in any form had to be watched over with a calm objective. There was no devil hindering anything back then, because he had not yet made the choice to go up against the Creator. Everything had to work in harmony. Since everything was starting out in a very unclimatized beginning, what if there had been cannibals? What if everything was hostile against each other? We would never have reached this point in time. Hostile life and cannibalism did not start in the early years of the earth’s beginning. The angels worked in harmony with God for a long period of time until the earth began to become well populated. The history of prehistoric times and archaeological discoveries show that on practically every major area of the planet where there is dry land, there are fossils, decayed, all kinds of forms of prehistoric life. In this process the earth began to become well populated by the gradual process of evolution. I want to say at this time, If we can look at this right, the word evolution, is not an evil word. It is not a derogatory word. It is a word that describes a process that a mastermind has chosen. It keeps man from messing with it. What man is there, that can create anything? Show me that man that can be subject to God and I will show you a man that can put God’s mind into action. We read the Nahum prophecy, of things that are to be. For centuries that prophecy of Nahum lay there, seeing the lights, how they jostled one another on the broad ways and to travel like a flash of light. That is the only way the prophet could describe seeing our super highways today, in the spirit. What college or Bible school was there 150 years ago, that could train a young man or woman to the point where someone could say to them, Now look, the time has come that we need a car like such and such? Who knew what a car was, or what one would look like? Would it have one wheel, two, three wheels? As I described it, it took some young man somewhere that began to day dream. This is God taking part of His creation, and that is the man He made a little lower than the angels. He has invested in him a knowledge to fulfill His purpose. It looks crude sometimes, even very foolish. That is why most inventors, in their era, were looked upon as nuts, crazy, and everything else, but you and I are benefitting from their silly dreams, all because God is the one that gave the dream. God is the one that made them sit around thinking. What did they have their mind on? They were just thinking. If there are any other inventions that man is to benefit by, between here and the coming of Christ, rest assured, it is not yet written in a book what they will look like. It is not described as to what it will be, or its function. That day dreamer who will design them has not yet come upon the scene. With this in mind, let us continue looking at the animal kingdom. There came a time when in the animal kingdom, from one end of the planet to the other, there were all kinds of large, prehistoric life, and the entire earth was covered with giant forests with vegetation of all kinds. Go to the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest for a little look at some reminders of a prehistoric era. As you get out and walk over some of those places, you can see those giant pieces of rock that look like trees turned to rock, which at one time stood upright. Only the Lord knows how high they towered into the heavens. I read an article in The National Geographic magazine, how out in Oregon and Washington, the giant redwood trees can grow to a height of 200 feet. Then who knows what these trees grew to? Picture giant ferns, picture all kinds of vegetative life that began to show itself. Then the animals that were here. We might ask, why so large? Keep in mind, it was angels set in charge over them, to have dominion over them, to supervise the population and growth until this planet had reached the potential of God’s purpose.





There were birds that had wings like bats, but they also had teeth. I am glad we do not have those creatures around anywhere today. We do have bats in various parts of the earth that resemble those: They are just on a smaller scale. Young mothers, how would you like to turn your little three year old tot out in the yard and have one of those giant birds come down, pick up the child and carry it off into the high cliffs of a mountain somewhere, to devour it? That is what happened in the final stage of the prehistoric era, when cannibalism, murder, killings of every description became the order of the day, those things began to devour each other. All of this life process continued harmoniously right on through until it reached a point in time where the angels had done their job and the animal kingdom had reached a point where in the mind of God it was acceptable, and the planet as a whole was acceptable. Then the angels were tested and were allowed to make their choice, whether they would remain faithful to the plan of the Creator, or be turned against His plan. This testing lasted until every angel that was going to fall had made the choice to follow Lucifer. They contributed to the plot of taking over the whole thing themselves, and turning it into a kingdom of their own. This lasted long enough until God saw that it had served its purpose in the testing. That is when He called a halt by judging the whole thing. There is no need of me repeating what I have previously said about what followed that. Therefore whatever we imagine the dinosaurs to have looked like, how large they were, it is a fact that on the face of the earth today, in various continents, you have species in a small dimension that represent them. As I said earlier, In the Amazon jungles of South America, there are two species of lizards that grow to four, five, or six feet in length. They are very hostile to each other. If they come in contact, they immediately lock in battle. That is what Walt Disney used back in the early 1950’s. They captured two of these and brought them to Disney World in California. They made mock scenery where they wanted to shoot the battle scene. They turned the two lizards loose in that area to lock themselves in battle for a period of time. They used trick photography, then blew it up, and many of you have seen the results they obtained. They titled the film, The Fight of the Dinosaurs. That ought to teach us that when God gave man an animal kingdom, He did not take another bunch of mud and water, then sit down and role out legs and this and that. He resurrected a certain category of that animal kingdom. He knew exactly, before it ever happened, that man would fall. Prior to that time, Satan’s fall did not come until that era had fulfilled its purpose. On the other hand, when we come to our era, we fall before we get started. I am saying at this time, Giant lizards, all kinds of cattle and creatures that you could ever imagine, from the giant mastodon elephant, which is larger than any we have today, and right on down, all these huge creatures were in existence on the planet in that prehistoric era. Somewhere all this animal life had been affected by this perversion process. I have already explained how that came about. In fact one of these birds, I believe it is out in a mountain region in Oregon, I was reading about some years ago, they found the skeleton of one of these giant dragon type birds. It has teeth. I believe it had a twenty some foot wing span. As they dug it out of the rock, they put it all together with wire. It was then hung in a museum. I am glad we do not have that type of birds flying around us today. We have bats in South America, Africa, all over the world. There are bats of different descriptions. Let us therefore take a look at our animal kingdom, because it all falls right in line. All life became extinct, but not all at once. We will say, in major places wherein God had judged the planet and the angels, and He cast them down, to bring a close to this era of what we call the prehistoric hour, life eventually came to a halt. In some places it was instantaneous. In other places where the cold was not as prevalent, life eventually did decrease until finally it was all gone. That is why Genesis 1 says, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. You scientists and evolutionists, just go ahead and play with your time. It does not matter to me: There was a Creator that created all things; and He is the God that rules the universe. He does not live in time. Time moves in Him. Satan is referred to as the prince and power of the air, but he can only do what the great Creator allows him to do. In the 2nd verse of Genesis, the earth, the planet, was without form and void, and we can certainly understand why. That is exactly the way it looked, because God had judged its inhabitants. All of these scientists who want to think time just went right out of the prehistoric era right into our era without any interruption ought to check up on themselves: They have missed the boat and do not know it. We can reconcile Creation by a sovereign Creator, and then evolution among the created species with all of their actual discoveries, without compromising in any way, but their version of evolution is nothing short of just plain ignorance. Without a Master Planner, you do not get the kind of precision we see out here in the universe. When Jeremiah saw what he did, he saw the earth was dark and void, and that man was gone and the birds had taken flight, and that darkness was upon the face of the deep. All of that is easily understood when you give the Creator His proper place in it all. As we drove up the river road this morning coming to church I said to my wife, Look at the steam coming off of the water. The air is cold, the water is a little warmer, so it gives off that effect. I said, If we would just look at the 2nd verse of Genesis concerning this planet, with that in mind, it would be a lot easier to reconcile what we read there, “That darkness was upon the face of the deep,” because God is the one that controls it all and He knew exactly how all of it would turn out. As that last Ice Age did set in, the environment around the planet was very cold, but the moisture, the water that had been here on the planet and been associated to the planet, just became a fog that the entire earth had been engulfed in. With ultraviolet rays heating this spot, the earth and atmosphere around it became darkness. Therefore when God spoke light, He did one thing to begin to cause the fog to dissipate and begin to clear the atmosphere, so that eventually, the sun that was always out there could begin to cast its ultraviolet rays of light onto the planet again, so that the rays could generate heat. Between the earth and there it is cold as can be, but it is those ultraviolet rays of light that strike the earth, that generate heat, that begins to cause life, such as planet life and other types of life, to begin to activate. I hope you understand what I have said in that particular lineup. It is not always easy to put what you see into words that can be easily understood. Our denominational religionists of today will take Genesis 1, the first day God did this, and the second day God did that, and third, the fourth, the fifth, the six, and on to the seventh where He rested, and make it sound like it was six days of twenty four hours. I believe we are going to see, as we go through this message, that it was not that way at all. That is not even the way the Bible reads, if you will think about it. That is just an assumption that far too many people hypothetically make. They project a religious tradition out here to religious people, and they expect you to fall over backwards believing it. If someone comes along that does not have their degree, or their stamp of approval, he is looked upon as a nut, or a devil, and they say, Don’t listen to him: Get him out of here! Well I just happen to be one of those they say that about, because right there with those days of creation is where I want to focus our attention for a little while.




Those days of creation, were not days of just twenty four hours each. That first creative day was of necessity a very long period of time. When God spoke, and said, “Let there be light: and there was light,” that is when God began to pinpoint the planet and its environment, to begin to deal with it, because He had to slowly draw it back into relationship with the source of light and heat that would eventually climatize it and condition it once again for life to be brought forth. He did not create another sun. He did not need to: The sun had already been created in the eons past. He did not create another moon either: It was already out there. The only thing is, nothing was working in harmony, because the planet was in a judged state. Then when you come to the second day, God speaks again saying, (verse 6) “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters,” and so forth, and that again was not just a day of twenty four hours. Everything was being reconciled, preparing the planet to again be filled with inhabitants. The third creative, or restorative day, God said, (9) “Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. (10) And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called He Seas: and God saw that it was good. (11) And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so. (12) And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good. (13) And the evening and the morning were the third day.” When God said, Let the earth bring forth seed of its kind, He was talking about vegetation. When He said, Let there be lights in the heavens, the planets were already out there, One to rule the day and the other to rule the night, and they were for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: (15) “And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth.” In other words, on the fourth creative day those two planets were definitely set in relationship to the earth to become our instruments of calendar time, so how could you take that, which was done on the fourth creative day, and use it to calculate how long the first day was? You could not, because it was not even in existence then. Now as God does these things, keep in mind, again He is speaking to the righteous angelic assistants. He is establishing the knowledge of certain things He wants. These spirit beings know exactly what to do, where to go, and how to begin to carry out the plan of God on the planet, to produce a finished result. After He has spoken, and the lights are in relationship to what they are to be, we come to the fifth creative day. Now is when He speaks and calls for marine life and such. When we come to the sixth creative day, then He speaks the animals back into existence. Then He concludes by saying let us make man in our image. Let us, has always been a controversial term. The Trinitarians have always argued that this terminology proves the trinity they hold on to, but I say, Regardless of how many doctors of divinity say that is proof of a trinity in the godhead, there is no such thing: GOD IS A SPIRIT, AND HE IS ONE, NOT THREE PERSONS. That is not talking about God being a trinity at all. You may know more Greek and Hebrew than I do, but you sure miss the boat when it comes to a revelation of the scriptures. Man was created in the image and likeness of God, that is true, but that likeness has nothing at all to do with physical appearance. We are spirit being that were created in the image and likeness of God, and our physical makeup came later. When God said, “Let us make man in our image,” He was speaking to His angelic helpers which are spirit being also. Man is not a trinity of persons, so why would anyone believe God is a trinity of persons, knowing that we are created in His image and likeness? That is foolish. Look at Genesis 1:27, and see if that terminology sounds like God is three persons. “So God created man in HIS own image, in the image of God created HE him; male and female created HE them.” HE, is singular. HE created man in HIS OWN image. How plain does it have to be written in order for you to see it? Just remember saints, when you come up against this old trinity spirit, that when God said, Let us, (Genesis 1:26) He was speaking in collaboration with His angelic ministers that were there to assist Him in this re-creative, regenerative period that was going to take place on earth. When He did make man, in what state was he in? He was a spirit being. The flesh had not yet come into existence. When God made man, He first spoke him into existence as a spirit being. That man had to come out of the very life from which all life comes, and that life is God Himself. He came from a cell, but that cell was God. He is so big He fills the universe. When He took of Himself and separated it from His own being, it was life. Then, when He instills in it the ability to have knowledge and wisdom and to think and make decisions, and to know right from wrong and so forth, he was then in the image of God his Creator, but he was still in the spirit world. He had not, at that time, taken one step in physical flesh upon this planet. We will notice the chronological order of time in Genesis 1 and 2, and if you will follow me carefully, these creative days bringing you right up to the sixth day when finally He has made man in His image and after His likeness, male and female made He them, they still existed in the spirit world. They were not down here walking on this earth. There were no animals down here yet, and yet He had already spoken the spirit of animals into existence. I will say at this time, He did not go forth and speak millions of each species into existence, but as He spoke the original spirit of those that were to be brought forth, the angelic hosts knew what genetic laws that pair of creatures would be guided by, in order to reproduce their kind, once they were put in the earth. As they were put in the earth to reproduce themselves, the genetic laws that had already been established in these two creatures, whatever they were in the animal kingdom, God is the supernatural, super minded architect of it all. Angels know these laws, but they did not design them. This is what angels are in charge of. It is their responsibility, to make sure those genetic laws are followed exactly. That is why I have said so many times, Who knew what color the first cow was? or what size they were? We do not know that, but in the reproductive parts of their body, the parts through which the genes from generation to generation will flow, there is a law that will keep that species separate from all other species whose life is derived from genes. God Himself, the One that established these laws, knows exactly what time He wants this gene flow to arrive. He can cause a gene to conceal certain qualities, certain attributes He wants to express in that kind, and you will have an animal born that has unusual characteristics. Once again, there becomes gene qualities established in that creature, and you cannot doubt that God is the Creator of it. He is the mastermind that works through these laws He has established. That is why, as evolution became a process back in that period, it is still alive today. Only that which the Creator created can evolve. Evolution the way the scientific world teaches it, is pure stupidity. Yet many people who profess to be Christian’s, go to Sunday school and read their lessons, sing their songs, get up and go home, turn on the TV, and then spend the afternoon watching some ball game, or some other sports affair, and they do not know beans from potatoes about how this whole thing got here. That just goes to show, that in this world, we have billions of people that are as spiritually ignorant as ignorant can be. When night comes they will know the score of every game played across the United States, but year after year they remain totally ignorant of spiritual facts and reality, and they are ready to climb a tree with rage, if you say anything to tear down that traditional idea they have committed their soul’s state of being to. I am saying all these things to try to glorify the God that is the Creator of everything that exists today. There is none like Him. There are none that have the power He has. Satan is not a creator: he just perverts that which God has already created. No matter how it looks in the Middle East, and no matter how it looks for Netanyahu, there is something coming up the road like a storm, something the word of God tells us all about, and when it hits, this world’s society is going to start reeling and rocking, and when they begin to open their eyes they will start to realize, There really is a God that controls this thing, and there really is a God that designed the whole thing. Who is the man that can say it isn’t so? I believe it is in the book of Proverbs, it says, Only a fool would say there is no God. When we see that man now has been put in the spirit world, I want us to notice the breakdown of the recording of Genesis.




Turn to Genesis, chapter 2. As He commissions man to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, God took a good look at everything. Did you know that at that time there was not so much as one little rose blooming yet? There was no bluegrass growing yet. There was no birds in the trees singing their songs. Look at the breakdown of the scriptures here, how the progression goes. In the 31st verse of the 1st chapter it says, “And God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.” We get in trouble if we make this a day of twenty four hours. I read the 31st verse to lead right on into chapter 2, which begins to give us a breakdown of what has been going on. “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.” This is not talking about a prehistoric finishing: It is talking about the fact, that in the mind of God it is all finished, everything that He had determined to do. God does not wait for tomorrow to get here before He decides what was going to take place. He designed everything trillions of years ago, as we mark time. That is why Paul could write in Ephesians 1, like he did, how God counseled with Himself. It simply means He meditated, He chose, He reached certain fixed thoughts. Before the foundation of the world, before there was an atom or anything, God thought, counseled with Himself, and settled in His mind everything He would ever do. In Acts 15:18, we find the apostle James saying this, “Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world.” Therefore though it says that God labored six days and rested the seventh day, I want you to notice there are no birds chirping, and no cows mooing yet. No. We can say this, He has spoken, and the planet is slowly being drawn back in relationship to the proper light that will generate light, life, and heat and climatize the planet. The spirit world has now got every law established that is to govern the repopulating and refilling of the planet with plant life, animal life and such. Every righteous angel, again, is in position, and they know their jobs. “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made; and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made.” I am going to say, When God rested, that became His Sabbath. There is still not a thing crawling on earth. Why? God is waiting until the planet is slowly pulled back into proper relationship with the sun. As the planet is slowly being pulled, it is not brought back in relationship by a gigantic catastrophe taking place. It is a gradual process brought about by the angelic hosts. We will know more about it when we begin to get into our Millennium over here, and we begin to see what takes place on this earth, since we will be alive forever, then. Then, when we reach that eternal age and we see there is no more sea, that does not mean there will not be bodies of water. That goes to show us, that through that Millennium, that thousand year reign of peace, some of the redemptive process will relate to things that are going to be done on the planet for its redemption. The planet is slowly going to be brought back into relationship with the sun, because that is an era of redemption for the earth itself. Therefore it being an era of redemption for the earth, the righteous are ruling and reigning, and the divine laws of God and knowledge is going to be taught. That is why the knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth. Isaiah 11:9, “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” It is a process of redemption. As the earth is slowly brought back to the way it was, by the time it reaches the end of the Millennium and Satan is tested for a period, by turning him loose to gather a following, he does not affect the earth at all, in marring it again. He will not have the privilege of polluting it again in any way whatsoever. It is only an element of mortal flesh that has been born and raised during that thousand years, that he will be allowed to test. Then when time takes that on over into the eternal age, worlds, ages, eons of time without an end, again it is an earth that has a proper time balance. Time will be 360 days in a balanced year. 12 months of 30 days each. The moon regulates that. Everything will be back like it was in Adam’s beginning. Well God rested the seventh day and the question could be, How long did He rest? A day, it says. I am wording this like this, and you critics, you religionists and you scientists will have to think about it: How long was that day of rest? There is really no way to know, but if we could look at it in this light, I am convinced that the day of rest as well as the other days was approximately 1000 years each. I have a verse of scripture here, to look at. It is the 4th verse, “These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created,” I am going to say this to you, This was not an initial beginning of creating, but really the creating by redeeming it back, to become an inhabited planet once again, to start this process of replenishing it. Therefore we can refer to it as a recreating, to be more accurate. As this planet comes through this process, God has instilled times by what He does to the earth to set and establish certain types of what He does for mankind and how He will relate and deal with mankind upon this earth. Because, if God is justifying the earth out of a darkened, cursed state, bringing it slowly back, He is renewing it and justifying it, so once mankind was on it and became vessels with a fallen nature, we are in the same cold, dead state the planet was in. As the Bible says, and this is because of the fall, We are born in sin, shapen in iniquity, we come into this world speaking lies, so really, we are actually, in a spiritual sense, in the same cold, dead state the planet was in. Do you follow the point? Just as it took light shining to justify the planet when it was in that shape, it takes light shining on our pathway to bring us back into a justified relationship with God so He can begin to deal with us. Therefore we need to realize, that as God would justify the planet from this point to this, and it is not really creating it but redeeming it back to its initial beginning state, it is redeeming it so He can recreate on it, a likeness of atmosphere and life that He can show Himself through. When man is cold, barren, indifferent toward God, then God reaches out and justifies him and speaks life upon his soul, and his soul begins to respond, what does the scriptures (in the New Testament) say about us? It says we are a new creature in Christ. We are part of God’s new creation. That is why, in the book of Revelation, Jesus is referred to as being the beginning of the creation of God. Not the initial creation, but the renewing, the recreating, which is a redemptive process. Well it says, These are the generations, so let us look at the word generations used here, in the light of our natural understanding. That is related to human existence. We are not choosing the existence of a particular animal to set the stage, we are choosing the existence of man. That is why when we say generations today, we are dealing with mankind in a short limited span, but generations back then would be different: They would be according to the life span that God had allotted to man, and we know that man back then lived more than nine hundred years. That goes to show that a generation then was referred to in the language of centuries, not decades. Therefore looking at that, then these creative days would be more like one thousand years each. I hope you understand my point in looking at this in that way. Instead of creative days, they are re-creative days, they are the gradual time that evolves while God is slowly beginning to justify the planet, beginning to bring it back, that life may eventually come forth on it. There are six stages of this, and each stage involves a period of time equal to a thousand years. In the sixth stage, which is the sixth day, the last thing He made was man, the spirit man. He is still in the spirit world: he is not walking here on the planet immediately. Think of it, (as we would say) God just sat back and rested. I have to say, when God sat back and rested, He was assessing all that He had done. Well I have done this, I have said, Let this be. He was looking at His entire plan in its full scope, and He saw that everything was good. He was pleased with what He had purposed to do. There was nothing He needed to change. Now if that was six days of twenty four hours, and He had already put Adam in the garden, then God would have been resting while Adam would have been falling. Do you see the point? No saints, while God rested there was no one doing anything. He was looking in the spirit world. Every law was in place, every righteous angel had his orders. There was nothing left to be done in that way. I know this sounds like a fantastic story to the scientists. Let it be that way. I have to say, Stick around, we are going to have the last word before God winds up his ball of yarn and wraps this thing up. Because one of these days the saints are going to judge that bunch of infidels and say, Why did you do this, why did you believe like that? With this in mind, when God’s Sabbath day was over, let us take a look at the planet. Everything was finished in verse 4. Let us read about four verses. (4) “These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens, (5) And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground. (6) But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground. (7) And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” What does it mean, in verse 5, “And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew? He had already created it in the spirit. for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, (Notice the comma, that ends that phrase, the planet was still in the process of being pulled back into a proper balance while God was resting, but as God’s Sabbath was over and as He takes a look, now the planet has been brought to its proper state of conditioning and God, (if you want to use this terminology about Him who is Spirit) rises up from His throne, and now He is going to execute His plan and set everything in order,) There went up a mist from the earth, (yes, only when God said for it to) and watered the whole face of the ground. (Now here is how God, after his Sabbath was over, began to take out of the spirit world, along with his angelic assistants who are ministering and functioning in the position they have been assigned to, begins to establish all this into a productive, finished state of existence.) And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” That is the first physical thing He puts on earth. Notice, in the spirit He created the animals first, and established the law that will reproduce them, but they were not down here munching on grass while God was sitting on his throne resting. There was nothing here during that time. I am saying this, Of these seven thousand years, the last one was his rest day, so all you young people that are still going to school, listen carefully how I say this. This could be why many students reading books of human technology today, try to relate to certain organisms existing, let us say, ten thousand years ago, or such like that. You take those seven thousand years and put them together with our known Biblical record of six thousand years, you have thirteen thousand years from the time God began to deal with this planet, bringing it out of that chaotic, judged state. I cannot help but believe that as the planet began to be dealt with back then, things did begin to change. That is why they try to figure, when did the last Ice Age appear? I am bringing all this in to show you, We are against a wall, if we just say six thousand years takes us back to a time when everything was not, and the planet was in that void state. Try to keep in mind that those days of regeneration were a slow process of time. When you add that on to the time when He activates what He has established by laws and such, you get a long period of time. How many understand my illustration? Let us not fuss over it. That is not the purpose. Well God now forms the man’s physical body from the dust of the earth. What does He form man for? He formed him to be a Godlike creature, to rule over the rest of His creation. The time had come for Him to put the man in his physical body and put him on earth, because it has warmed up down here. He was not putting him down here in an ice box. No, the earth was sprouting, bringing forth life in all kinds of vegetative forms. God knows when his Sabbath is over, it is time for Him to activate what He has already spoken into existence, so He just says, Now let it be so. It is man He puts here first, in the physical form.




What did God do next? It says, (Chapter 2, verse 8) “And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden.” I love this word, planted. Do you know why? Because the carnal minded religionists in the world see God like some hunch backed old man with a hoe, going along dropping seed and covering them over. That is the way in ancient times we would have done it. But you have to transpose that word planted into an action altogether different than how man sets about doing things. The word Eden here, is pointing to a geographical spot. Right here it is between the Nile and the Fertile Crescent. That is where He planted the garden. I am going to read it like this, That is where God placed a little bit of heaven, which was the spirit world, over that part of the geographical earth. We look upon that as the heart of the earth. I will say, at that beginning of time, that is the part of the earth that had warmed up, where everything had become suitable for God’s purpose. That part of the earth responded first, to what had been going on through that long period of time. Now He can put man there. He did not put Adam in that physical body and then place him down in a spot that was barren and desolate, a place that looked like the Mojave Desert? I hope you know what I mean in saying that. That was not the purpose He made man for in the first place. “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there He put the man whom He had formed. And out of the ground (it was already going on) made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; (That is talking about all herbal plant life in that geographical area, I can see the bananas, oranges, citrus of every description, apples, pears, peaches, and all such growing there, but notice) the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” Now please notice, that not one time does it say that these two trees grew out of the ground. It establishes the fact they were in the garden. All of the other trees grew out of the ground, because of the garden being over that. There was a natural garden, and there was a spiritual garden. It was a little bit of heaven on a little spot of earth. What a beautiful beginning. It could not have been any better. Adam really had it made, but the dirty devil ruined it all. It tells the geographical description, a river went out of Eden and watered the garden, from there it parted and so on and so forth. Then it repeats it again, “And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” I do not want to get started on serpent seed yet, because I want to get this beautiful picture established first, as we are moving from the prehistoric era into the beginning of our era, that this was not some gigantic explosion and again a catastrophe takes place, boom, there is man. No. It is a gradual process of time, moving from a darkened, judged state back to where eventually, an environment becomes established. Adam was male and female, complete. This is going to hit the evolutionists where it hurts. Of course it means nothing to them, but there is no evolutionary man that has ever been put to sleep and a rib taken from him, to make him a wife. Let us follow this. He puts the man here first, in a beautiful garden, in the beginning. “And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field.” When it reads that way I have to say, out of the ground, God resurrected the bodies of every animal that He wanted to be a part of the existing animal kingdom we have here today. Notice, God said these would be Adam’s help mates. Did you know, if we look at the animal kingdom just right, that is what they are. It is hard for us to be able to communicate it in our day and time, but it was not like that back then. When I look at the types of animals we have domesticated over the earth today, and the joy they bring to human beings, I realize we are living in a time when Satan is in charge, and there is enmity between the animal kingdom and us; therefore I have to say, Wait until the Millennium comes. Wait until you see the hour when the lion comes walking out of the forest and the child no longer runs, screaming. The bear and the cow shall feed together, and the lamb and the wolf shall lie down together. A child shall play at the hole of an asp and a child shall lead them, and so forth. Scientists, can you change the animal kingdom, and make them do that? No. It is becoming more and more important that all those animals we take for granted and look upon as nothing, they were put here to be our friends. It is just hard to conceive of that now, because the devil has changed the nature of all of them. PRECIOUS IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD IS THE DEATH OF HIS SAINTS, Psalms 116:15. As we read here, Out of the ground the Lord resurrected, we will say, an element of the previously existing animal kingdom, and brought them over here and gave them a beginning with this man who now is set in charge. As God resurrected them and brought them to man, it was this man that He put there first. He is the last in the order of creating the spirit, but when it comes to putting them on the earth, he was the first that was put in the garden. Then God brought the animals to Adam and says, Adam, you name them. Every lizard, every bat, every elephant, every tiger, every hippo is in likeness to their previous ancestors. But God gave them a size that He wanted in relationship to Adam being able to rule and reign over. What helped me come to a conclusion on that was by watching that man on the documentary in Idaho, while he was walking over his range, and discovered that place where they unearthed the fossil bones of 150 some hippos, just like in Africa. God did not need to create a bunch of new hippos, he just resurrected a couple of what was here before. Why do you believe that Bro. Jackson? Because I believe that God is a resurrector. If He could not resurrect those animals and bring them from that era over to Adam, I would not have much hope of a resurrection over here, at the end of this age. If we can see God in all this, as evolution moves along, then we are going to see how resurrection plays a part in it all. We do not make it evolution all the way, because after a while we have to find redemption is portrayed in here. As He brings the man into the garden, He then brings him the animal kingdom that He resurrected. When the last one is brought before Adam and has been named, the 21st verse says, “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam.” He said, it is not good that Adam should dwell alone. I have to say at this time, We are in the initial beginning of man’s purpose on earth, and we are going to see an operation here that is not evolution. God brought a deep sleep on Adam and took one of his ribs. If God took one of his ribs I do not think He reached in there and just pulled a bone out. I believe He took a little flesh with it. In the first place, when Adam came to himself and saw her, he said, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. (Do you see my point? He knew that God had taken an equal balance.) And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made He a woman, and brought her unto the man.” That is not evolution. Eve was not evolved: she was taken from the very side of Adam. This again sets up a type, that if this man that has been created in the image of God is destined to fall, not that God willed him to fall, but He knew he would choose to fall, then to give him a help mate to populate the earth, this sets a type that one day God would have to bring forth a begotten Son, and He would give him a wife by death. What a beautiful picture, redemption, and God working in harmony to establish types, so that unlearned men, knowing the reality of these events, cannot help but see God in His love and mercy, looking way ahead, wanting to plan a means to redeem His creation back to Himself. Be sure of this, We are not evolved children of God, we are redeemed children of God. Yes, when God brought the woman to him, Adam said, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.” There was no reason for shame. There was nothing but pureness in the picture until the serpent seduced Eve. I will say this, Out of the ground the Lord God brought forth that animal kingdom to Adam to see what he would name them, and this fellow we see up here on the chart was among that resurrection, and Adam called him SERPENT. He was the most intelligent, the most wise. I can see the eyes, I can see the nose, Professor Fosdick as seen in the comics. You name those educated, God denying, big wigs of this world, this fellow is the daddy of them all. He is the fellow that yielded himself to Lucifer in our garden of Eden, that got you and I into the trouble we are in, needing redemption. If you talk about him and preach about him and the extent of his plot, you get our religionists today pulling their hair out, screaming, That damnable doctrine of serpent seed is of the devil. They do not understand the prehistoric world, neither do they understand this one. It is very strange, yet Hollywood capitalizes on all this stuff. If that devilish place knows it, what in the world is wrong with these religionists? I thank God that He has a few people on earth that has a mind that is willing to open up to Him for the truth. The truth will set you free.




I want to talk some on the great Pyramids of Egypt, and I know some will say, What is your purpose in talking about and using the pyramids as a Biblical subject? I believe we are a people scattered throughout the earth, that truly make up the Bride of Christ, but I do not believe we ought to be a people that has passed through this life and not kept our ears open to what is being said in the world at large. It is true, there are many followers of Bro. William Branham, that will take everything verbatim, just as he said it, never investigating history, and never indulging into reading for themselves. I want to say to the reader or the listener, My remarks are not to be considered derogatory, but only to show you, if you are passing through this life and are expecting somebody else to do the digging into facts and things relative to truth, and you have no sense of responsibility yourself, to indulge into what I am saying and find out if this is a fact, or am I just standing up here beating the air, you need to rethink your position. I do not believe the Bride is to be made up of ignorant people. I believe as she passes through this era of time, somewhere along the line some of them are going to be asked, Do you go along with everything the Branham movement advocates? We are going to have to be able to look them in the face and say, What are you talking about? Make them come to the point, then stress what you really know. When Bro. William Branham would say the pyramid was never capped, he believed that. I believed that too for a while, because of the book he gave me to read, until I found out later, that a lot of this is just handed down stories. Some of this is taken for granted, because on the dollar bill you see the picture of a pyramid with the cap off. Right above that you see an eye. Above that you see what was supposed to be the cap stone. People just assume, because Bro. William Branham was a prophet, that this has to be right. Indeed he was a prophet, and personal opinions have no effect on that, so we must face reality. That is why I am saying, Moses was also a prophet. As I read out of the Bible, (Acts 7) Moses was learned in all the ways of the Egyptians. Do you think he did not know what those things were? I have to believe he walked around them, and looked them over many times. I also believe he had been inside of some of them. As far as Egyptian history and science, it says he had been taught in all the ways of the Egyptians. That is what the Bible says. He was a man mighty in words and in deeds. God chose that man. Keep in mind before the hour of Moses, there was no written Bible. Everything that transcended, has more or less been oral, from patriarch to patriarch, and generation to generation. I believe, when Noah built the boat, God did not remind him, now don’t forget to take the books: There were none to take. He built a boat, and God gave him the specifications of what that boat was to be in size and so forth. It was for the saving of an element of the animal kingdom and eight people. I have to believe when the flood was over, Noah never carried out of that boat a library of ancient writings. I am fully aware we have writings in the earth today, both from Judaism and Catholicism. They call them the lost books of the Bible. It is very strange Moses never mentioned them. Think these things over. Why did God set Moses to write the account we find in Genesis, if they already had a pile of other books that had been carried over from the flood? What would have been the purpose? God knew men would be creatures that would like to write. A lot of times men write traditional things. They get carried away into the fantasy of it all. It is a strange thing, that in every major court today, when they go into session, somebody is ready to write a book. Ninety percent of what you read is just the way the listener interprets what he is hearing. He is going to express things he saw and heard for himself in a way to stimulate and encourage an audience that becomes fascinated by what he says. I have been reading from this history book, a book written by a man named Peter Tompkins. He has conferred, written, and recorded after every historian you could think of. I am using this subject, but when you indulge in it too far, it becomes Satanism. It is even scary. The history here goes into French history in the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. Every great man in his era has become fascinated with the pyramid. He had to go see for himself. Napoleon Bonaparte took men of learning with him. On one occasion it says he requested of his officers, I want to be left alone for a little while in the king’s chamber, meaning where the body was to be buried. After being in there for a period of time he came out, and it is said he had such a scared, pale look, that his commanding officer asked him, what is wrong? Napoleon said, I have nothing to say. It is believed by others who investigated this pyramid and became so engrossed in the mystery of this thing, that the thing was haunted. They were supposed to have seen spirits and just about everything else. My approach to this is, There is no spirituality about it at all. It is just a memorial to an era of time when man lived, and in whatever era it was, whether before the flood or shortly after the flood, I am convinced, regardless how historians want to put the record together, that most of those things go back before the flood. They testify of a knowledge of human learning that was as unspiritual as our scientific research in space is today. To think that our nation is spending billions of dollars to help the Russians build a space platform, which could be one of the nine wonders of the universe, is almost unthinkable. The pyramids used to be one of the wonders of the world. Just think though, man had become so intelligent he no longer has any need of God. He has left God out of his planning, out of his program and everything. He is putting a monster platform together out there in space with the idea, Somewhere in the next few decades we will be able to put plant life out there also, but I ask, Why? They want human beings to be able to go there and live, using that as a launching pad for further exploration into space, investigating the universe as to whether there is a God anywhere. Saints, if God had any purpose in it, He could open their blinded eyes and let them have a look at the spirit world. That would make them look like small fish in an ocean of whales. I believe the Bible is a record of man’s fall, but it also testifies to some of man’s foolishness and ignorance of his God.




Turn with me back to the book of Genesis. I am reading from the 15th chapter. According to the chronology of the writing here in Genesis, this is some 1900 years before the advent of Christ. We are talking about Abraham. God has told him to leave the land of the Chaldeans and come down into a land that He would show him. From his departure out of the land of the Chaldeans, he has already passed through this land and gone as far as Egypt, right where those pyramids stood. However when we pick up and read in the 15th chapter, he is back in the land of Canaan, realizing he should never have gone down there in the first place. Abraham has come to a point in life, he is becoming concerned about, Why am I here? What is the purpose of my being here? I will begin reading in verse 7. “And He said unto him, I am the Lord that brought thee out of Ur of the Chaldees, to give thee this land to inherit it. And he said, Lord God, whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it? And He said unto him, Take me an heifer of three years old, and a she goat of three years old, and a ram of three years old, and a turtledove, and a young pigeon. And he took unto him all these, and divided them in the midst, (in other words, cut them into and lay them out) and laid each piece one against another: but the birds divided he not. And when the fowls (meaning the buzzards) came down upon the carcases, Abram drove them away. And when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and, lo, an horror of great darkness fell upon him. And He said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; (I said earlier four hundred and thirty, it is four hundred years here the Lord is telling Abraham) And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. And thou shalt go to thy fathers in peace; thou shalt be buried in a good old age. But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.” The reason I have chosen this setting, is because I read this morning in the 7th chapter of Acts, as the speaker there is introducing the subject to preach Christ to the Jews, he picks up how the Lord had brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egyptian bondage. There is something about the land of Egypt in its ancient Biblical times, it was somewhere a society, a nation of the embodiment of intellectual learning. But when it came to spirituality and the things of God, they were pagans. It is known in ancient times the Egyptians worshiped the god of Osiris. They worshiped the god of the planets, the god of the sun. Just like other uneducated pagans, except they were educated, they were the first modern society this side of the flood. I want to explain to you the word Egypt. It is very strange, how that name stands this side of the flood era, because the word Egypt itself, in the Hebrew, is referred to as the land of Mizraim. When you look at the genealogy of Ham, after the flood, he fathered Cush, Phut, and Mizraim. When they all got together to build the tower to Babel, and a city, God let them build to a certain point and He said, There is nothing that man cannot do, when he imagines to do it, so He said to his angelic body, Come, let us go down and confound their language. When He did that, it set in motion what followed after the effects of it. That was all in the land of Shinar. It was from that point God began to separate the people. It was necessary for him to separate them by confusing their language. He never divided husband and wife. He never divided family structures, but He did divide them from clan to clan. This was the beginning of how He separated the races and began to send them on their way. I chose to say that, and I want my listeners and viewers, wherever they are, when you study history from the secular standpoint, notice that the chronology of secular history is the opposite of the Bible. You cannot get them to correlate together. That is why they will say the last pyramid, Cheops, was built 2700 years before Christ. It is the last of the pyramids, and there are many of them. At one time, I read an article that told the number of those things. I am saying at this time, that after the flood, I have my doubts that very much of this was going on in the land where the pyramids are. For a long time, in the land of Shinar, you would have nothing there. Yet a civilization came up. It was after that, the tower of Babel, the descendants of Ham began to spread. Canaan peopled the land of Canaan, or Palestine. Cush peopled part of North Africa, like the Sudanese. Phut, Ethiopia and Libya. Mizraim is the Hebrew name for Egypt. So after the flood, all that part of Africa eventually became peopled by the descendants of Ham. I have to believe that the builders of these pyramids were long before that hour. I believe there was something that had been going on in time, but because man existed for a long time without keeping any kind of records, you have a gap there. However I am not going to stand here and argue or debate that point. My point is, Whoever these people were and whenever they lived, that time lasted long enough that it covered thousands of years. Do not forget what I am saying: There was close to a hundred pyramids built by a people who had reached an extreme level of human intelligence. That human learning, in the era it was learned, really stood out and achieved such a height that God did not like any of it. I have to say, That is what hits Genesis 6. When the Canaanite women, and the sons of God line began to cross, it does not tell us in full detail, every deed, every act, everything they thought and did, but it does tell us this, that those from the Cananite line became inventors of evil things. From the Cananite line came the world magicians, the world musicians, the world philosophers and such like. I have to believe before the flood, as time went on, there was an era of knowledge from a carnal standpoint that eventually grew to a Satanic level, and that it got to such proportion God was forced to destroy it. I bring that right back around by reading this text, because when the time came for God’s people to leave this land of Egypt, just think of how it is in our day. We are living in a time when the world as a whole, from the pagan world, from the Hindu side, the Buddhist side, and all of them, as well as the so called Christian side of the world, religiously speaking, we are a modern society that has drifted far from the concepts of the Bible. It is a tragedy to think the pope is now ready to say that it is possible that Adam and Eve evolved from a lower level of human life, and will now try to interpret the Bible, that when God took Adam and breathed into him the breath of life and he became a living soul, that is when He changed him from an evolved creature into that of a son of God. I have to believe there is a realm of learning in the carnal that leads you into a Satanic era and I want nothing to do with it. To me, that is exactly why the devil has incorporated himself into every world phase of human government, and into our whole intellectual system of education. I am not anti education: I am just anti what much of education produces. Learn enough to do the job, but don’t forget God while you are learning. He has a right, at any moment, to snuff our life out. This is a day we parade the professors, we parade the philosophers, we parade the mathematicians and all the rest. These are the men the world loves and worships. They adore them. They are the pinnacle of Satan’s learning, because they will not open their mouths and tell you one thing about God. Now allow me to introduce you to the natural history of this monster. I am not going to read it to the extent that it will be boring, but I do want to read certain sections, not to distort it, but to let the reader and the viewer know I am reading from the writings of things compiled by historians, as they have viewed this monster, this pyramid. The reason, I have to believe, somewhere if there was a Bible flood, and it was a flood that covered all the earth in that day, common sense would tell me from the time the flood struck some 1600 and some years after the beginning existence of Adam, it took a while for the earth to become populated again. Then when I read here, that it took thousands upon thousands of people over a period of hundreds and hundreds of years to build every one of those things, I have to draw my own conclusions. It was several years after the flood before the world became populated enough to build a canal, let alone start that kind of work over again. I hope you are listening to me. I will not argue with scientists: They can go ahead and dig all they want to: I just have to look at this in a simple way. There is not a mathematician, nor a historian, not a modern scientist that has been able to study it and come away satisfied that he has learned anything. Before this is all over, I am going to read to you, I believe it was 1985, that some scientists went to one of those pyramids to set up some scientific instruments that could put forth ray beams and such like. All this was fed through some kind of computer. While in the process of looking at this, examining this and taking these pictures, they were pleased while they were in the pyramid; but when they take all these hundreds of feet of film back to California to run all this through newer, up to date computers, everything they had photographed and analyzed, all went completely backwards, giving them the impression that there is something about this monster that is a mystery we are never supposed to learn. Embodied in that, is all the powers of mysticism and the devil is the author of that, not God. Are you listening to me? It is a fact, societies can become so Satanic infested through ignorance, that through certain types of learning the devil has them under his spell; and Catholicism is an institution and spirit just like that. I will not point the finger at any individual Catholic person, but that system is none other than the embodiment of a Satanic, religious spirit, cloaked in so called Christianity. It has ruled the people for thousands of years and kept them in utter darkness. Is it not strange, that from one standpoint the devil can give some people the gold of the world. On the other hand, from another standpoint, and especially in another continent he can lead them into nothing but poverty and ignorance? That is a devil for you. Here is what it says, and I will make it brief, but enough to let you know how great writers, great men who have traveled to see this thing, report it. There is a chapter in here about Ulysses S. Grant, our president. He took a group of tourists there. Standing on top of that thing, after they had looked it over, he had something to say. I will read it before we finish this article, I want you to hear what he has to say. It was like he was standing on the top of Cheops tomb and says, We cannot say anything good about you. Now for your learning, listen to what we read.




“Ten miles from the modern city of Cairo, at the end of an acacia (an avenue or boulevard) tamarind and eucalyptus avenue stands a rocky plateau. A mile square, it dominates the luxuriant palm groves of the Nile Valley from a height of 130 feet. On this man-leveled plateau called Giza by the Arabs, stands the great pyramid of Cheops. To the west stretch the vast wastes of the Libyan desert. The pyramid’s base covers 13 acres, or (the equivalent of) 7 midtown blocks of the city of New York. From this broad area, leveled to within a fraction of an inch, more than two and one half million blocks of limestone and granite, weighing from 2 to 70 tons apiece, rise in 201 stepped tiers to a height of a modern 40 story building, etched against the cloudless blue of the Egyptian skies. In terms of solid masonry, the structure contains more stone than all the cathedrals, churches, and chapels built in England since the time of Christ; as a feat in masonry it was not to be matched until the construction of Boulder Dam. (Yet Boulder Dam is not looked upon as one of the wonders of the world.) Near the pyramid of Cheops stand two more pyramids, one, slightly smaller, attributed to Cheops’ successor, Kephren, and another, smaller still, partly sheathed in red granite, attributed to Kephren’s successor, Mykerinos.


What the great pyramid looked like when it was completed, or even for the first one or two millennia thereafter, is not recorded in history. (Listen to this) No description of the pyramid has survived in Egyptian texts. (Then where do they get this? They have to get it from all other world historians, scientists, and leaders who have gone there to write, to study, and do research. It will tell you here, where this literature or learning went to.) The first eyewitness description from classical authors are pitifully sparse. Thales, the father of Greek geometry, who visited the pyramid some time in the 6th century B.C., is reputed to have astounded its Egyptian guardians with a correct computation of its height by measuring its shadow at the time of day when his own shadow was equal to its height. Unfortunately he left no detailed description of his visit. (Now here is the work and the writings, the men’s names.) The works of other classical authors known to have written about the pyramid, such as Euhemerus, Duris of Samoa, Aristagoris, Antisthenes, Demetrius of Phaleron, Demoteles, Artemidorus of Ephesus, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Alexander Polyhistor, Butoridas, and Apion are all lost, and survive only in fragmented quotation. Herodotus, who saw the pyramid about 440 B.C., by which time it was as ancient to him as his period is to us, (here is what he says) says that each of the structures four perfectly triangular faces was still covered with a mantle of highly polished limestone, the joints so fine they could scarcely be seen.”


That tells you that when he saw this thing in the 4th century, it was a complete object. It tells in here also at what time in history it came to look like this. Modern drawings and photos of this, which is the core stone, this is with that highly polished stone. It tells in one chapter since this was covered with white limestone rock , it was known that white limestone rock, did not deteriorate with age, it only hardened and the surface became more polished. That was the reason for making it from such stone. This core stone is of a cheaper, lesser quality. That is why it is called the core stone. Naturally when you remove the sides, you have got to take the cap off. Who did that? The Arabs did it in the 8th century A.D. There was four hundred years in the Christian era, up until this time the pyramids and Egypt have become a drawing factor to all the known world, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, wherever they were, men of learning came there to learn, to study those things. Every geometrist, every mathematician came to study this thing. As for me, I am about as interested in that as I am in rabbit hunting. Why do you say that Bro. Jackson? I know there is a place for math, but I want to look at something in simplicity. I hear them teaching what they call new math. Well what is the difference between new math and old math? Can you change the equivalent of numerical figures? This is one. There is only one of them. That is a standard identification, one. But when I get to the place, well why is it one? Why? Then tell me why the sun shines. Why can we not accept it as a standard, a fact, and reality, instead of having to investigate, why, why, why? When I went to school one was one, two was two. Well what makes two? Take two singular items and put them together, that makes two. They never asked why? It was just a fact, and the truth is, it still is a fact. When you take more than one, you have to deal with plurality. I just have to say this, even though you might say I am digging. I am digging, because I see where it is driving this world’s society to today, straight to hell. When a man can not take and study his human learning and keep God before him, he will wind up in the pit. To me, it all goes to show that this thing it is a memorial, along with all the rest of them, to a society, a human element of people that have reached the highest peaks of human intellectual learning. What happened to them? God did not want anyone else to pick up their life style and study their culture. He erased it from the face of the earth. Well, on another page here, we will read a little more.


Diodorus Siculus, the Greek historian who lived soon after the time of Christ, described the great pyramids 22 acres of polished casing stones, as being complete and without the least decay. (This was shortly after the advent of Christ, so at that time the pyramid was a complete item. Did I not hear Bro. William Branham say, well we know the pyramid was never completed. He was only saying that from what little access he had to read from.) The Roman naturalist Pliny gives the report of natives frolicking up the polished sides to the delight of Roman tourists. (In this drawing the ascent is too steep, because we have to put it on such a small scale. But imagine barefoot kids running up and down this, just to entertain Roman tourists, shortly after the advent of Christ.) A man who may have had a lot to say about the pyramids, in the 47 books of his history, was Strabo, the Pontine geographer, who took a trip up the Nile in 24 B.C., but his history is lost: In the geographical appendix which survives, he does little more than describe an entrance on the north face of the great pyramid made of a hinged stone which could be raised, but which was indistinguishable from the surrounding masonry when it lay flush. (There is a drawing here, high up on the side there was one of these stones. From the natural, it looked like the rest, but a certain way it could be moved, it would swing in. That was the entrance, according to the drawing they have here.) Strabo reports that this small opening gave way into a narrow and low passage, less than 4 feet by 4 feet.”


Now here is what happens. Those men that existed before Christ, and those that existed around the time of Christ and shortly after, they have been there, they wrote their books and gave their description. Time has caused some of their writings to become extinct, of course, but it tells us here, that in this era of time, Christianity comes in. As Christianity comes in, by the second century A.D. all of Egypt and North Africa had become greatly affected by the gospel. As time moved into the fourth century, I am going to read another part here, that covers that period.


“Sometime during the early centuries of the Christian era, the precise location of the movable door was lost. It was a period when information of all sorts began to grow scarce, when worldly learning came to be despised and denigrated. (In other words, by the account of the Christian world at that hour, they looked upon it as evil. Regardless of all that I have said, that sounds like I am against education, please do not make me anti education. I am not. It is a shame though, that a man of this high caliber of education today cannot walk up to you and say, Good morning brother, I love the Lord, and then sit down and talk to you. These creatures, all they have in their head is a bunch of figures and historical data that they have learned and compiled, and stored there. They like for you to listen to how smart they are, how much they know, but you just open your mouth to talk about God and they will say, Well it is hard for me to even believe there is a God. It is hard for me to believe a God of love would send poor people to hell because they don’t know this and they don’t know that. You read articles written by these types of minds today, they think the God we talk about is an evil god that sends people to hell for no good reason. God intended for everybody to have a chance. We were made free moral agents; therefore we were made to be able to make a choice. However if I fail to make the right choice, I can educate myself, and make myself into an educated idiot. If I go the intellectual route, God no longer leads me: I am on my own. The Bible portrays the spiritual people as farmers, sheep herders, a common people of a simple lifestyle. Think of it. There is a place for the smart man and his learning, but when that smartness and that intelligence can only brag and boast and deny the existence of a Creator, they are of no benefit to God. Now that type of humanity are very concerned, Is there water on Mars? What difference does it make? We can prove this rock came from there. So what? How can that help us? I am about as interested in that rock, as a crocodile that lived three hundred years, and is now petrified, lying in the bottom of a swamp somewhere, is. I say these things only to establish this one fact, The Bible is going to have the last answer to all the questions of mankind. When this thing is all said and done, the Bible will have the last answer, and all man’s worldly, intellectual achievement is going to go down with the trash. That is why I say, To have assumed that this tomb never did have a body in it, then why was there a boat that carried it? The boat brought the body down the Nile. The capital, in the days whenever this was, was in upper Egypt, and is now in lower Egypt. Whether it was before the flood or after the flood, does not make a bit of difference when you look at it. The boat was made to carry a body that was to be placed in a chamber in the top of that thing. If that body was never carried down the river, there would have been no boat buried just outside of it. Do you understand what I am saying? It tells us here, that in this Christian era, as we are coming into the 4th century, that the Catholic spirit that was settling all over the Catholic world, caused them to begin to shut down institutions of learning.) The great library of Alexandria, accidently damaged by Julius Caesar and restored by Mark Anthony, was intentionally destroyed by a Christian mob on orders of the Christian emperor Theodosius in 389 A.D. (I said earlier, that it was 397, so I am correcting it here. This was the beginning of the destruction of all Egyptian libraries and writings. This is what caused the four hundred years, from the beginning of this until the 8th century, to be lost to the world. This is what created the gap of knowledge between the time that it was seen by writers as complete, to the time when now the world sees it as incomplete, and as a deteriorating object. As they set this in motion, they became serious and intent.) All that was ancient was pagan, and therefore sinful. Those interested in mathematics and astronomy were persecuted and put to death for their inquisitiveness. Even women weren’t spared, as with the lovely Hypatia, who was seized by an angry mob, incited by the monks under the control of St. Cyril, then bishop of Alexandria, dragged into a church, stripped naked, and scraped to death with oyster shells. Her crime was to have been the daughter of the celebrated Alexandrian mathematician, Theon, to have edited her father’s works, taught mathematics, and became a leading philosopher in her own right, renown for her beauty, modesty, and learning. As the Dark Ages continued, little or nothing more was heard of the great pyramid of Cheops.”


That is what Roman Catholicism did to education in that sense. Now do I justify that? No. Anything I have said, I trust you to hear me the right way. There is a right place for mathematics and so forth, but I have to say, Look at me and tell me plainly, that you can prove by all your mathematical learning, that you can prove by figures and calculations, that there is no God, I will have to say, Take your mathematics and go somewhere else: I know better. Mathematics in all of its learning, was never meant to annul and discredit this blessed old book (the Bible). Well, after I read another little section here, we will get back on some Biblical things. I want to read where it tells about the American money, and here is the picture. If you like, get out a dollar bill and look closely at it. Notice on one side, on the left hand corner, there is a picture of a pyramid. You see what appears to be, but the capstone is not there.