Time Is Running Out, Part 1 – 1997, May

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson






Please turn in your Bible’s with me, to the 2nd chapter of the book of Daniel. We are going to read about a dream Nebuchadnezzar had. When he woke up, he could not remember it. He had his wise men, his magicians and astrologers all walking a tight rope. He sent word for them all to be brought in. He gave them all a commandment, Tell me what I dreamed, and then tell me the meaning of it. If you cannot come up with the dream and the meaning, then I have put up with you long enough, you will all be executed. This was all planned of God. We are going to find out one of these days, that God has planned some things to take place in our world, that mortal man has no control over. Things are going on right now that educated men think the course they are taking is the way things are really going, but I have news for them: It is not going that way at all, they are following a decoy. For the last fifty years, since the close of WW2, there have been enough things going on, and enough preachers have preached things in the past fifty years that should have been, or according to their calculations, was supposed to have been, that this is that and it cannot be anything else, and all of it has faded in the wind, and those who made the prediction never bother to say, I was wrong. You never hear these guys touch on what was said fifty years ago. They treat it as though, Well we can all be wrong. We know this, when God puts a prophecy in His word, God does not keep men from playing with it through the years, but when the times comes for that particular picture of prophecy, which concerns an event or condition that is to affect a certain people at a certain time, rest assured, the world and all its education, never has, nor will it ever understand it until it has already been going on right before their very eyes. History proves that the wise men of the world are never the men that can anticipate what tomorrow will bring when it comes to the things God has planned. Now let us read here, in the 2nd chapter of Daniel. When Daniel heard that all these magicians and astrologers were going to be executed for failing to give the King what he wanted to hear, he spoke to the captain of the guard and intervened on their behalf. Notice now, as we read the account. Dan. 2:24 “Therefore Daniel went in unto Arioch, whom the king had ordained to destroy the wise men of Babylon: he went and said thus unto him; Destroy not the wise men of Babylon: bring me in before the king, and I will show unto the king the interpretation. (25) Then Arioch brought in Daniel before the king in haste, and said thus unto him, I have found a man of the captives of Judah, that will make known unto the king the interpretation. (26) The king answered and said to Daniel, whose name was Beltshazzar, Art thou able to make known unto me the dream which I have seen, and the interpretation thereof? (27) Daniel answered in the presence of the king, and said, the secret which the king hath demanded cannot the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians, the soothsayers, show unto the king; (28) But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days. Thy dream, and the visions of thy head upon thy bed, are these;” So he began to show the dream and the meaning. I like what Daniel said: He did not desire to speak to the king just to save his own life: He told the king, I will not only tell you what the dream was, I will tell you the meaning thereof, and you are not to execute any of those men. Is that not the grace of God? If it had been turned around on their part, and Daniel was the one in the negative picture, they would not have cared less what happened to Daniel. That is the way it is today: These educated people who sit on these big decorated platforms, producing programs on TV, could not care less who you and I are. I watched a sketch the other night; they are carrying on a monetary drive campaign because they want to build so many more TV stations to broadcast their traditions and programs to the world. At that time they had already pledged four million and some odd thousands of dollars. I thought, Isn’t it strange, the Bride of Christ does not get one tenth that much to work with, yet God, by His grace, gets the job done. It is interesting to note, that in our intellectual world of education, in our political world of modern leadership, where they have all went to the church of their choice, they had just as well gone to the pagan altar of their choice. Spiritually, they would be just as well off: They went to the church of their choice to make it look good to society on their part, that they believe in god, that they are religious, that they are not against religion, but they disbelieve everything of reality, and what they do accept, they end up making it just another tradition.




We want to do our best today to deal with something, to straighten up a picture that is being projected to the world. I realize many of you have gone to school longer than I have, and have studied more history than I have, but hear me: I do not study history just to be a historian. I study it in the light of how it correlates with the Bible. That is my purpose. When I read the articles the people in Canada sent me, articles from the Messianic Jews, this particular Messianic Jew is teaching that the Roman Empire will not be the Roman Empire in the end time, like it was in ancient times: It will have certain Roman tendencies and likenesses, but it is definitely going to be a universal, new, one world, order, that is going to be the beast, and so on and so forth. I am saying this, not to be critical, but to be a voice that will speak in defense of a truth I know is in this Bible. I say this, to defend the Bible, not necessarily the Jews. I appreciate the Jewish people that we got the Bible from. They cannot point their finger at me and say that I am one of those crazy Gentiles that has persecuted the Jewish people. I am not one of them. My people never have been a people that persecuted anyone else. I appreciate the Jewish race that God, in His time, chose to be the recipients and carriers of the promises God made concerning the way He would deal with lost mankind, both Jew and Gentile. What little I have read, how the Jew looked upon the Gentiles in ancient times, to a point they had a right to look upon them as dirty, filthy dogs, seems to have been justified. The ways of the Gentiles, were terrible. We have nothing at all to brag about, that is, from the standpoint of being Gentiles. I do have to thank God, that there were some Jewish men from the area of Jerusalem, that one day, hundreds of years ago, began to break down the barriers of differences between Jews and Gentiles, and began to preach this glorious gospel to the heathen, a people which were educated people, in the Mediterranean area, in that hour of time. Out of that, came a message of hope that began to convert some of those Gentile heathen to the reality of a God that the Jews had proclaimed and were worshipers of, which we read about in the Old Testament. The Jew today is very proud of his Torah, which is the first five books of the Bible. When God spoke to Abraham in the land of Mesopotamia, he did not come out of Mesopotamia carrying a lot of religious traditions with him. He did not have the Bible at that point in time either. The Torah, which is the first five books of our Bible, was written by Moses several years after Abraham’s hour. Many of the things that were in men’s minds, which their lives were guided by, were just handed down traditions, that which prior generations had passed on to them. I have to say, A lot of the tradition was true, as it was handed down from generation to generation, a lot of it had lost most of the truth it started out with. Therefore when the time came, that God would cut man’s average life span from 120 years to 70 years, it became necessary for them to have something more than just tradition. It would no longer be a means for having truth remembered. Therefore when Moses was the instrument God used to lead the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage toward the promised land in those forty years, Moses became a very special instrument for the Creator to use. The first five books of the Bible, in the Old Testament, were written by Moses. I am thankful today, that we have that record. I want to say something in defense of the other portion of the Old Testament also: If it had not been for those Jewish prophets, we would not have known what God had in mind, what He had planned to unfold in our day and time. I am thankful today, to be a Christian. Being a Christian, does not make me a Jew, and neither does a Jew being a Christian make him or her a Gentile. That is not the way the plan of salvation works. A Jew by the name of Saul, who later was called Paul, wrote in his epistles, giving us a very clear picture of how God has taken from the two, both Jew and Gentile, and made one new man. Remember also, that being a Christian, does not keep a Jew from being a Jew. Being a Christian does not keep a Gentile from being a Gentile genetically. There are a lot of Gentiles who have been converted to Judaism, their religion, but racially, they are still Gentile’s. They still have blue eyes, blond hair, or red hair, freckled faces, or whatever. I am saying all this to acquaint us with the reality, that even Jews today, are hung up on the question of who has the right to come home. It is a truth, the past two thousand years of their being dispersed among the nations has caused many Jews to take Gentile companions, which has mixed the bloodstream with Gentile and Jewish blood. I would have to say by looking at things like that, There would be very few Jews today in the existence of the nation, that are really, genetically, still true Jews by the seed of Abraham. It does not matter how many Gentiles have been converted to Judaism, that still does not make them Jews. It does not change the color of their hair, the color of their eyes, nor the build of their stature. All it has done is give them another religion or idea to carry around. It in no way changes the physical makeup. I am saying all of that to make us remember, When God called Abraham, he was married to his half sister. The Bible says ABRAHAM WAS A SYRIAN. That was the parent material God began to use to start this particular race of people, a people in which He invested an enormous amount of responsibility, a revelation, a commandment, and certain types of things they were to observe as they multiplied into a race of people. Them being a race, out of a race, they were going to be a very peculiar race. Their makeup is going to cause them to think different. Nevertheless as centuries of time came and went, some of those things begin to fall by the wayside. The Jew today, many times, will argue and debate the question, Who is a Jew? Now they are even saying, If he had a Jewish mother and a Gentile father, then the child can be considered as a Jew. I find that is the opposite of the way it worked in the Bible. I am saying these things with a measure of respect toward them. I realize there may be a Jewish person somewhere, that will get hold of this message, so I want to speak with that in mind. Nevertheless I feel that any true Jewish person ought to know full well, that in the Old Testament, it was the man they considered to be the carrier of the genes. It was the man that was to carry this genetic likeness of what God had willed the Jewish people to be. As long as the Jewish man, even though he might have taken a Moabite wife, or another Gentile wife of some nature, that child was looked upon as a Jewish descendent. Here it is today, they have turned it around to the absolute opposite side of the genetic picture. I have to say, We do not have time to argue genetics, and quibble over what was written in the Bible. I am bringing all this in because of a certain reason, for we are going to cover a big category in this message we are giving the title, ‘”Time is Running Out.” Every preacher in the western world is making his bid for time, trying to tell somebody that Jesus is coming, and that things are going to be like this and this and this. A big percentage of it is just a lot of talk, with a lot of political motivation and intellectual speech terminology to attract a certain following. It sounds convincing to the carnal mind, but there is nothing factual to it. We are living in an hour when many people do not even concern themselves with whether they have proven facts or not, just as long as they can come up with something that gets them a lot of attention.




Well anyhow, Daniel is brought before the king. Here he stands. Daniel knew this man Nebuchadnezzar, was the beginning of the Babylonian Empire, and the children of Israel have been carried out of their homeland back to the city of Babylon, to be there as captives for the period of seventy years. We are going to jump down to the 31st verse, so notice how Daniel starts out by talking to the king in this manner. “Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible. (32) This image’s head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, (33) His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. (34) Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces. (35) Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth. (36) This is the dream; and we will tell the interpretation thereof before the king.” I would like to have been standing there when Daniel started this speech. Here the king has already told his wise men and magicians and astrologers, tell me the dream and the meaning, or I will execute you. Now Daniel has put in a plea to the captain of the guard to tell the king that he will interpret, and not only interpret, but tell him what the dream was. Can you even begin to imagine the thoughts that went through Nebuchadnezzar’s mind? He could have thought, I wonder what this young upstart is going to tell me? When Daniel began to speak like this, I cannot help but believe there was skepticism, criticism, with him not really believing he is going to hear what was really to be revealed from that dream. Nevertheless as Daniel starts talking and says, “This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible. (No doubt, just that much opened Nebuchadnezzar’s mind. He could have said, Yes, that is right! I seriously doubt that he spoke anything audibly, but in his heart, he had to be saying, That is right: I believe this little fellow has something those others do not have.) This image’s head was of fine gold, (The more in detail Daniel went with this, the more interested he became. After a while, I can see this king scoot forward on his seat. I see him take hold of the arms of that throne saying in his heart, Come on, young man, you are on the right track.) His breast and his arms of silver, his belly and thighs of brass, (By now he has the king’s complete attention.) His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. (The more in detail Daniel got, the more excited the king got.) Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, (I imagine by now the old king is saying, Well what do you know about that, he is bringing in everything.) Which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces. Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth.” By now the king has forgot all about his skepticism, his criticism, his doubt. This king has literally been caught up with reality: Here, standing before him, is a man that knows everything. No doubt he thought, There has to be a God somewhere that is guiding this young man’s life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if God was to allow men today, politicians, world leaders, who are to blame for leading this modern world into an hour where it is facing a death trap, to see ahead of time what is awaiting them? Daniel begins to interpret the meaning of the dream and he has the King’s full attention. He says to the king, “This is the dream; and we will tell the interpretation thereof before the king. Thou, O king, art a king of kings: for the God of heaven hath given thee a kingdom, power, and strength, and glory. (That made the king sit back. He could not help but reminisce on the victories his army had come home proclaiming. The Assyrians had fallen at his command. Israel had fallen, Egypt had fallen. He had stretched his borders to an unheard of scope.) And wheresoever the children of men dwell, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the heaven hath made thee ruler over them all. Thou art this head of gold.” That could not help but cause the king to stop and think, This man has got to be serving a God that surpasses any god of any other race of people represented in this kingdom. That was Nebuchadnezzar’s way of bringing about his government. When he would conquer a people, he went about searching for the wise ones of that particular people, royal families and such. It was his method to take certain young ones of this particular people who had certain qualifications, and appoint them to an office. He tried to find out if there were any soothsayer’s forecasters, dreamers, visionaries, things of that nature. He wanted to incorporate all that into his beautiful kingdom. He wanted to put those men in a category all by themselves. He would sue that as his advisory council. But this particular time, God was not going to let any of those that used witchcraft, sorcery, or anything like that to give this king any kind of answer. He has shut it all up. God wants to be seen and recognized in the whole affair. That is why he has dealt with Daniel in this manner. Daniel is telling the king the interpretation of his dream and up until now the king knows the dream or vision has been told to him precisely as he dreamed it, right down to the minutest detail. The king cannot doubt that. Then he told him his kingdom was the beginning of this great image, the head of gold and so fourth, so let us read some more of it and then go to our chart and map we have up here. “And after thee shall arise another kingdom (another beast, notice, inferior) inferior to thee, (inferior in the sense that gold is the most valuable of all minerals, silvers is of lesser value and so on. Notice, he speaks of the third one to follow) and another third kingdom of brass.” Lesser quality yes, yet each mineral is stronger in its makeup than its predecessor, Silver is stronger than gold. Brass is stronger than silver. Actually, this marks time wise, also, man’s progress in the age of time he lives in. We have all heard of the bronze age, the iron age, and so on. That shows man’s progress coming down through time.




We have been living in the iron age for many hundreds of years, longer than all the rest put together. I want to put emphasis on what I am going to say now. This third kingdom of brass, has been misrepresented. (I will say this as polite as I know how to say it.) The Jewish man who put together his Biblical prophetic interpretation about the last beast, (which we know was the Roman beast) how that in the later days as it says in Daniel 7, that the fourth kingdom, which is Rome, he interprets it in the later part of it, that it is the new world order, because he uses this as it says in that particular verse, and he shall devour the whole earth. Just allow me to say this, God has let His word be constructed in such a way that it corrects itself as it goes along. It is written that way so that His people that are spiritual, and willing to walk with Him, and not walk to find favor with the world, or recognition with the world, can see the true picture unfold before their very eyes. Notice the third one was to bear rule over all the earth. I want to remind any historian. The third one was the Grecian empire under Alexander the Great. He did not, after he conquered that kingdom, rule over all the planet earth. Therefore that should be a lesson to anyone who attempts to interpret these scriptures without a revelation. All the earth here, is not referring to the entire planet. All the earth, in that scripture, is that prophetic portion of the earth, the Biblical earth man was acquainted with at that time. At this point, I am going to go the map. Here is a map of the total universal planet earth. Look how large it is. Look how much territory it covers. Over here, we have put together what we are referring to. I have an old Biblical history, atlas. It gives you the outline of all the so-called world empires. There are different colors represented here. Right here in this green line is the Babylonian, Syrian Empire. That was the time of Daniel. When we get over here to the blue and the brown, we are dealing with the two empires I just read about, the Medo Persian and the Grecian Empires. The Medo Persian, which was next after the Babylonian, stretched over to here. (We are not able to print all of what Bro. Jackson is pointing to. >EDITOR.) Right here, is as far as it went this way. Watch the blue line. This pertains to Alexander the Great. He went further east than any of them. That is the third beast government, that was to bear rule over all the earth. Look how much of the world was left unaffected by his rule. It just goes to show, you cannot take any one verse of the scripture and say, This is the whole sum of everything. Then when the Roman period came along and took over the Grecian period, we do not have to trace the black lines over to here, because they took over what these had already conquered. Yet Rome itself never did try to push her domain as far east as the others did. Here is the black line. It covers everything from here westward throughout Europe. The black line signifies the Roman period. WE have it marked here. The Babylonian is the green. The Medes and Persians are represented by the red. The Grecian period is the blue, and the Roman period is the black. There, you have the borders marked, of all four of the beasts. Shown right there, is as much of the earth as either one of them, at any time, ever conquered and ruled over. I am sure you can see quite a bit of difference between the areas of these kingdoms, and what pertains to the whole world as we know it today. That is all pertaining to the prophetic earth. Why do I title it like that? Because it tells me in Genesis, that God planted a garden eastward in Eden. Where is Eden’s dimensions, as we define it from the account of Genesis? Here is Egypt, and here is the Nile. Right here is the Euphrates. That is the eastern side. Then from the river Havilah, which today is a dry river bed across Saudi Arabia, it goes this way. Remember though, before the flood, we do not know how the geography of that portion of the land lay. Havilah, was a river that helped drain this Eden area. There, is where civilization started. There, is where mankind began to spread out from. Even after the flood the boat came back down on Mt. Ararat, which is in Turkey today. Again man began to descend from that region down into the plains of Shinar, because they lay parallel to the Euphrates River valley. Secular history records the same area as the Fertile crescent, meaning the cradle of civilization. From that area, right here, is where all the races of the earth today originate from. Before the languages were changed, it was right in this area where they all spoke one language. They said, let us build a tower that will reach into heaven. In the same ancient area where Babylon was, there, is where they took clay and began to make bricks to build a tower to heaven. I bring in all this to show you there is a prophetic, Biblical earth that is not dealing with the whole planet at all. It is dealing with the cradle of civilization. Think of it, from here to the Euphrates, is where time has caused the parent material of all the races that now exist throughout all the earth, to settle after the flood. Back here is where the roots started. The Bible does not bring in histories and prophecies about other nations, other than certain ones we have preached on. So I am saying this to stress the fact that, This last day world beast will not be a New World Order. Bro. Jackson, you are crazy, some will say: Look what all these other men are preaching today; and you are standing there saying it is not going to be that way. I have a right to say it that way. First, I am not trying to please them. Daniel was not trying to please anyone either. If you will try with all your heart to please God, He will let you say things many people cannot like or understand, but there will be a certain element of people that will benefit by it in due time. That is the true purpose of it. Let us go now to the 40th verse, because this will touch on the fourth kingdom. “And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron.” We notice that this will bring us into Daniel 7. We have this head here, really that is what Daniel saw as he saw it in the 7th chapter, this huge head, but let us read it in this setting, because it is all represented right in here, the fourth kingdom. “And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things: and as iron that breaketh all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise. And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potter’s clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay. And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.” On this image, the head of gold of Babylon, as I said, It was a city empire. When we come to the Medo Persians, which is the chest and two arms, that is a combination of two peoples, the Medes and Persians. These two kingdoms were connected together by a royal marriage between Darius’ daughter and Cyrus, a Persian prince. I have read in secular history how Cyrus was the one (This was written in Jeremiah’s prophecy.) that made the decree for the children of Israel to go back and build the temple. However the beginning of the Medo Persian kingdom was with the Medes. They were the people that seemed to be predominant in that hour. For the sake of the prophecy in our message today, Back in the Gulf War, when we heard a lot about the Kurds in the mountain regions of Iraq, laying over against Turkey, they are sort of a misplaced people. They are the present, twentieth century descendants of the ancient Medes. In other words they had dwindled away until they are existing in racial structure in the minority, while the Persians, which they used to be part of, when that was a kingdom in itself, have become the Iranians of today; and they are in the majority. Just remember, The Iranians today, which are the descendants of the ancient Persians, are in the majority , and they rule a vast area, while the Medes have had to take the back country and back picture in everything. We bring all that in for the sake of the history account. This represents the Grecian Empire. It is single. There is no dual part to it. It is brass. But the Grecian Empire, in its hour, pushed further, for its borders reached from here, like this, all the way into the areas of India. You can read about that in the book of Esther. You know how it tells about the provinces and such, laying next to India. The Medo Persian Empire and the Grecian Empire pushed further eastward than any of the others. We have it drawn out like that on the map we are using. These colored lines are just to help recognize the boundaries of each kingdom. You may have trouble seeing them from where you are.




When we come to the Roman period, this Roman period will last longer, cover a longer period of time, than all the rest put together. That is the part we are going to read about right here. “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.” Now we have to go and look at the feet of that image. We know, since this represents the time factor, that when we come into the Roman period, not only did she rule from Europe, she crossed into Asia and ruled in the Middle East. That is why Asia and Europe, which is represented in the two legs, and shows the time factor involved, as time is moving through the Roman period, you are coming down the legs, and while the time is coming down the legs, it is like the sand draining from one chamber of the hour glass down into another, the toes have not yet materialized. This is what we have to look at, this stone that was hewn out of the mountain, I will emphasize it like this, How many have traveled through the western part of our nation? When you go out into the areas of Colorado, into the foothills of the Rockies, or into Utah, New Mexico or Arizona, and see that vast area, actually, the best I can describe this stone hewn out of the mountain, is this, You can be driving along a highway, following the foothills of a mountain region; and it is not unusual to look out, maybe eight, ten, or fifteen miles from the base of the mountain region, and there is what they call a butte. It looks like a giant rock sitting there all by itself. Just imagine, somewhere that was part of that mountain. Do you understand what I mean? Maybe twenty thousand years ago, that thing was on top of that mountain. But when there came a giant earthquake that shook that region, that stone broke out. When it started rolling and tumbling, that is where it stopped. Try to portray this stone hewn out of the mountain, that it is time that does it. In the mountain regions of the west, there is a place called Chimney Rock. It looks like an old fireplace. It is balanced on a little pedestal. I have to think that a few more hundred years and time itself, with just a little shaking, and there will not be a Chimney Rock anymore. It is going to be somewhere else. I use that to illustrate what was mean there. The stone hewn out of the mountain, not with hands, time did it. As time passed, weather, storms raged against the base of this thing on which it was setting; and then comes a dramatic change. Isn’t it strange how sometimes those huge stones will sit on such a small pedestal? It looks as though you could touch it and push it off of there. But weather, storms and time keeps hewing away at it. Then finally, one day the last little pebble breaks out of the base. A torrential rain hits; and begins to wash away the little pedestal until finally that stone comes rolling down. We are living in the days the sands have drained completely from the legs, out of the feet. WE ARE LIVING IN THE DAYS OF THE TEN TOES. Ever since WW2, time has brought the ten toes into correlation with the ten horns. If you remember, and look back for the last fifty years, since the closing of WW2, all your political plans by western man in this industrial era, have been putting the European nations back together, because we are dealing with them as the nations and the individual territories of Europe. That is why time is running out. I have to say, Biblically, the stone which was hewn out of the mountain, not by the hands of politicians, but the storms and conflicts that have raged on this earth, have brought us to this hour of time. That stone speaks of nothing other than the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a fact, if you stood up today to speak against Clinton or any other president, or any congressman that is doing their best to try to push this New World Order, if you could say, Sir, it is not going to work, you need to be prepared for a battle. If you got very positive with them, to the point that they could see what you were actually saying, it could be interpreted as hate propaganda, so they might resort to drastic measures to shut you up. We are living in an hour, and in a world of change. They will say, We want you to know we are preparing the world for the twenty first century. Yes, and President Clinton is going to build a bridge from this one to that one. (I would not want to talk on such a bridge: not for anything in the world.) I have to believe that with all the light we have of prophecy, THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY BELONGS TO THE LORD AND THE COMING OF JESUS CHRIST. Politicians, educators, philosophers of every description can have their analysis, their plans, their plots, their dreams, but without God inspiring them, their whole outlook is futile, fruitless, as worthless as it can be. It is just so many words, so much wasted energy being put forth that will accomplish nothing like they are hoping for. This is why I have to say, It is ridiculous, when we think of the number of preachers today, educated people who have traveled the world over preaching their gospel, for anyone to actually believe there could be so many versions of truth. IT IS THEIR GOSPEL, IT IS NOT THE LORD’S GOSPEL, yet if they heard me say this, they would warn people, Stay away from that crazy man! He is naive, he is narrow minded, you had better not get anywhere around a spirit like that. We are living in a day of compromise. Preachers of denominational backgrounds have climbed to an image of renown. In some respects many of them have been introduced by certain politicians in certain realms of activity, simply because they provide them with a certain identity that works on their behalf. They enjoy being looked upon as a Christian, as long as they can go ahead and live like they are so prone to do, and their “Christian Realm” thinks nothing of it. But if you opened up in a public way today and began to speak out against organized religion, first they will say, You are not supposed to talk like that, you are spreading hate. I sometimes wonder if that was not what some of those Jewish Pharisees were saying when they began to hear what Jesus was teaching. That man spreads hate: We need to get rid of him. He is against our establishment. If you begin to speak against the establishment and what it upholds, they have to say you are preaching a hate gospel. I have to say something though, If it is hate, then it has to be hate, because it is the revealed truth from God’s written Word. I will say this today, I hate what some of these educated preachers, men that ought to know better, are doing and getting by with in this hour of time. I hate to think of the millions of dollars they are swindling from the audience in the TV fields, millions to build TV stations, and for what? Will they come on and say anything against the pope? No. I believe with all my heart, if I was to get on a TV station and begin to come out against the papal system, the power of it, what it is destined to do here in the end time, they would be some of the first ones to say, through government officials, shut that man up! He should not be allowed to say these things. I will say this, both to the Messianic Jew as well as the Catholic or Protestant Gentile preacher, This is an hour of compromise. To the Jew, you know good and well, the reason you as a people did not accept Jesus as your Messiah two thousand years ago, was because He was uncompromising to Judaism. He was uncompromising concerning your religious traditions back then, and He is exactly the same way today: There is one right way and all the rest are ways of compromise. Everything He said, was considered by Judaism as an evil.




Judaism did not like what John the Baptist was saying when he came upon the scene preaching, REPENT! THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND! John the Baptist, was down at the river minding his own business, and they still confronted him about his authority. At least he was not on anyone’s church grounds. When he began to preach the things he did, they were offended. Then when he talked about Herod taking his brother’s wife, he was really dealing with a social, moral thing of society that they felt he had no business messing around with. Did Herod like what he said? Not one bit: It cost John his life. I have to remind some of these educated, learned philosophers of our day, No matter what category of religion you come from, Judaism, Catholicism, or Protestantism, you can know all about your church history, and many of you feel that you are some great authority on the scriptures, but you are talking about a man who is supposed to be your Messiah, a man that preached against all evil, and you who claim to be called to preach His gospel, dare not speak out against the evils of our present day political, and religious systems.  Where do you get your authority? Whose gospel are you preaching? There is not one of you that can take the Bible and prove that denominational religion is the Church of the Bible, simply because the true Church did not start out that way. Judaism, after it has existed thousands of years, is still basically, just a tradition cloaked in the formality of interpretations, while the people walk on, blind to the reality of why that man Jesus, who was known as a Jew, laid down His life at Calvary. Naturally they do not know He laid it down willingly, in obedience to the perfect will of His Father. They just know their forefathers had Him crucified because He dared to open His mouth against their religious leaders. He said, You doctors and lawyers, you Pharisees and scribes, you are all a bunch of hypocrites. Let me just read one instance where Jesus stood up to them like that. We can go to Matthew 15:7-14, and get a little sampling of how He looked upon compromise. “Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, (8) This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoreth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. (9) But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. (10) And He called the multitude, and said unto them, Hear, and understand: (11) Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man. (12) Then came His disciples, and said unto Him, Knowest thou that the Pharisees were offended, after they heard this saying? (13) But He answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up. (14) Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” He sure did not pull any punches. He laid the true picture right before them. Those traditionalists were all a bunch of hypocrites. They required so much of their disciples, but none of it pertained to true righteousness. It is the same picture today. This is a day when religious leaders of our nations the world over, like to paint a beautiful picture of what Christianity is, but where is the fruit of their endeavors? I just have to say, What I saw here this morning, is the beauty of genuine, Bible authorized and Spirit vindicated Christianity. That is the beauty of it all: It was not done on key, just for a TV show. What we have here, is not a stage with running water, or flowers decorating the platform. It is how the water of the Holy Spirit can come down and warm the heart and begin to move human lives with a purpose of true godliness. They begin to rejoice and feel free, because they are made to realize that they are free. What did Jesus say? “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” I have to say, That is the kind of Christianity I see in the Bible. That is the kind of Christianity I want. That is the only kind I want to have any part of. In the world, they will hate us, simply because we expose their hypocrisy. The hour has come, or is getting much closer, that organized religion will open their mouths and say a lot of evil things against anyone who dares to stand for Bible truth. I want to be sure you get this part, where you can see from the Biblical setting, that this third world empire which was the Grecian era, where it was said, “It shall bear rule over all the earth,”did not pertain to the entire planet earth. I will go back to it once again. It did not bear rule over all the earth. This part of the world that we live in, had not yet been discovered when that was in effect. How could it bear rule over all the planet earth? We should be able to understand that the third world empire, as it was called, could not possibly have ruled over all the earth, because much of the now known earth was not even known to men back then. I am stressing this fact, because of so much misunderstanding of these scriptures. When it speaks of the fourth beast and says, “And it shall devour the whole earth,” you just have to realize that the terminology applies to the then known earth, which we refer to as the whole prophetic earth. That is why it is pictured here in this state. When we read about the fourth beast that came up out of the water, and Daniel saw it move off through time, he saw it have a mouth of great iron teeth. That is to symbolize the power of the Roman system, through its army, as it devoured that geographical phase of the old world, the prophetic world that then was known to mankind. Because of the time factor represented here, everything is heading for the time when importance, or preeminence will be pinpointed in the toes, because the ten toes, in the hour glass of time, are indicators of the ten horns, which is the ten nations that geographically were to develop out of your European sector of what this man shows. Daniel 7, never did describe the body of that fourth beast. That is why this Jewish man, in his writing, says, Notice that the body was nondescript, which means it was never described. Therefore he is saying that since the body was nondescript, his interpretation of Revelation 13, is that this represents the entire planet earth. It only brings in the same territories that Rome ruled over back in this former time. I do not want to deal with any part of this message in a prolonged way, because it is too much to deal with like that. I want to deal with it in its different dimensions, and dwell on the different important parts of it, so we can see how it is all going to be put together here in the end time. I do not have a bone to pick with anyone, but at the same time, when I see these powerful, religious men, with money and programs and all the necessary facilities to send their dogma out to the world, it causes me to realize more and more that the little Bride of Jesus Christ has to have something that stabilizes her; and keeps her going straight down the road toward the end.




People out here in the religious world are always asking, Why do you teach this subject of the serpent seed? Is a knowledge of that essential to salvation? No. That is not the objective. Why preach the necessity of the virgin birth of Jesus, if you cannot show by the scriptures why it was necessary? What is the importance? Why was it necessary for Him to be born into this world apart from a sex act between man and woman? Did you know there are preachers today within the overall religious organizations that even doubt the virgin birth of Jesus Christ? They even doubt the resurrection of Christ. Why is that? Is it because they never were made to understand why mankind needed a Savior in the first place? Could that be an indication that within the systems of religion that have come through time to this present century they are gasping for their last breath of spiritual life? They are losing contact, or relationship with the word of God. They are losing their conviction of sin. They are no longer able to separate what is right from what is wrong. They are winding up helpless. They are winding up with a form of religion, but without the reality of a personal relationship with the Living Christ. They hold on to a form because it is the last straw in the struggle for their survival. Today someone brought up the subject of how years ago, Pat Boone was sort of a nominal Christian; and he sang a lot of songs that are sung in the Christian realm, but now he has come out for hard rock music, showing himself in the image as a follower of this lifestyle. My salvation does not change like that. I may change some, but my salvation does not change. What God liked or disliked fifty years ago, He still feels the same about all of it. If I leave my former convictions and begin to look like a tramp, it will not be because God has changed His mind about what portrays godliness. That is what I have to say about that kind of a change. What Pat Boone has done, just goes to show what will eventually happen to anyone who fails to get their spiritual life established in truth. That is the only way anyone can grow spiritually stronger. Why did the apostle Paul say, (Phil. 2:5) “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” It is because Jesus always had a mind to please the Father: so when we begin to think like that, we walk in ways that are pleasing to Him and He feeds us spiritual food that produces growth for our inner self. If we fail to grow like that, we are destined to go backwards. It just looks like God is reaching out and taking hold of the religious systems of this world and is squeezing them for the last time. They have nothing in them to respond to the wooing of that great Spirit anymore, so they are dying. I do not say this to belittle or make fun of anyone, but when I see celebrities in the religious world, that at one time looked like they did uphold a certain image of what a Christian ought to look like, and now they just look like all the rest of Satan’s crowd, I just have to realize that there was no love for truth in them. They have just become entertainers that use a religious front, and that is to appease and pacify an element of dead, church going people who no longer want truth: They just want a little entertainment that is done within the framework of religion, because it makes them feel secure. They are clutching for a straw that is not really there. Well we were talking about why we preach serpent seed, so let me say once again, Why did God strike Eve in her reproductive organs, if that is not the part of her body she sinned with? If she just ate a large red apple that was hanging from a forbidden fruit tree, why did HE not curse her mouth? Can you Doctors of divinity answer that question for me? Come on, with your Greek and Hebrew, and tell me why He did that. Why did He make aprons to cover their sex organs, if they only sinned with their mouth? You want to say this teaching is of the devil. Well, for your benefit, I will give you the opportunity to answer another question: What brought about the condition we read of in Genesis, chapter 6, that caused God to say, “I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them?” I want to show you where the serpent’s seed appear on the scene. Verses 4-5, give you a clue, if you are not totally blind. “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. (5) And God saw that the wickedness of men was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” God judged Adam, Eve and the serpent while they were still in the Garden of Eden, and then HE drove them out and placed Cherubims between them and His continual presence. You everyone know about Cain and Abel, and how Cain went out from the area where they were, to dwell in the land of Nod. (Gen. 4:16-17) “And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden. (17) And Cain knew his wife; (which had to be his sister) and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.” Well saints, time stands still for no one. The first thing you know, you are reading of something in chapter 6, that has to have a meaning, and a relationship to the events that follow. What is this, that we read in chapter 6? How does it fit into this picture concerning the sons of God? Notice, (Gen. 1) “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, (That has to be Cain’s genetic line.) (2) That the sons of God (This is Adam’s line.) saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. (3) And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. (4) There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. (5) And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that ever imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. (This is a condition that came about after those mixed marriages between the sons of God and the daughters of men began to produce children. Those sons and daughters of God, Adam’s line, were not like that. They had a sentence of death in them, but they did not have evil ways, simply because those evil attributes were not in them.) (6) And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart. (7) And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. (8) But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.” When God announced that He would destroy all of that rotten mess, He still waited 120 years to do it. Noah built the Ark and raised three sons of his own, and they married women from families of those mixed attributes, but none of the others who were alive at the time of the flood, ever repented and turned to God for mercy. Only Noah’s family were saved by the Ark. All the rest perished. The point is, a few hundred years after Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden, daughters from Cain’s line began to entice those sons of Adam’s line, and the first thing you know, they were marrying each other and producing sons and daughters with those mixed attributes. As I said, Time stops and waits for no man. Time moves on. It says in verse 1, Daughters were born unto them. This is not daughters of Adam’s descent. This is the daughters of Cain’s descent, because he went into the land of Nod. But for the sake of the critics, let us follow this reading, the sons of God. Who were those sons of God? I have to say they are those of Adam’s descent, those who are living in Eden. They have not crossed the borderline into Nod. It was not the inhabitants of Eden that went looking for some new experience in the land of Nod. It is what the devil brought out of the land of Nod, penetrating, crossing the borders of Eden, hoping to spread their lifestyle and perverted way of living. Who are the sons of God? Doctors of divinity, both in the Gentile world structure, as well as the Jewish sector of Judaism, have put in their histories that these sons of God were none other than fallen angels. Are they serious? Fallen angels? They are laughing at our teaching on serpent seed; and they have the nerve to suggest something completely contrary to the scriptures. How come hundreds of years later you are coming up with the idea that demons are in charge of this scene. That is telling me you religious doctors of divinity are actually secretly saying that there was a time when demons came down, projected themselves into flesh, and enticed the daughters of Adam to have sex with them, and that is what started the inroads of evil that brought the flood. How come there was no curse that followed that deed? I ask the question, Why did God not curse somebody for inventing such a life style? No saints, All the cursing took place back in Eden, in the paradise of God. The Bible is well written, and it can be understood. The only thing is, it does not go into specifics in that which is unwritten because the unwritten behind that which is written is like a back drop. That becomes the scene for the natural setting you read. The skeptics and educators have laughed and scoffed through the years when certain truths are dug out of the word of God and made known to believers. Because of their traditional belief they laugh and scoff and make fun of people who believe the Word of God, but that takes nothing from the truth that believers receive. Histories show what this has brought upon mankind. I am saying, If they do not want to accept serpent seed as the initial thing that went wrong that brought the curses, and the downfall that started man on his course downward, then somewhere in the process of time they have to acknowledge that something went wrong somewhere that caused God to send the flood. Regardless of what skeptics believe though, I am absolutely certain that the plan of God is being worked out exactly as the Bible portrays it. I am just as certain that all who ignore the wooing of the spirit of God will pay the supreme price for it. I was switching from channel to channel the other day, and came across a certain scene portrayed, a scene that took place just a few short years ago, I believe it was in Ecuador. It was about a volcano. Most of the time when volcanoes erupt in this earth, whether it is the Philippines, India, or Guatemala, South America, wherever, most of the time they hit headline proportions. For some reason or other this particular event did not strike the interest factor: It was just a short sketch of this volcano erupting. In that one area twenty three thousand people perished. That is a lot of people to just be taken out of this world, covered up by the debris, mud and stuff that came from that volcano. Did you ever stop to think, when we read in the Bible that the day of the Lord is near, those things are going to repeat themselves in multiplied numbers? What is going to happen when suddenly this planet goes into convulsions? Nobody can say the epicenter is thousands of miles away, it feels like it is under your feet. All of a sudden cracks appear in the earth, towns are swallowed up, valleys appear where there were none before, and suddenly mountains sink and new ones appear where there had not been any. That is what the day of the Lord really shows us. I am saying all of this to warn you, while we are in this wicked world, we are not guaranteed that we are going to get through without being ridiculed. Nevertheless God has got to have some voices in the land. He has go tot have some testimonies that glorify Him. Young people, a few months ago, God gave you something to start your trip to the end with. Do not let it slip from your grasp. Recognize what it was for, and at the same time recognize what truth is, because it is your weapon of defense when the world comes against you. Yes, it is a fact, you can argue with the most intelligent people that serpent seed is a fact, and you might be able to twist a few arms and have them acknowledge that it is a possibility, but unless God is dealing with their minds, they will still just grin or outrightly laugh at you, simply because that is their natural human makeup. That is what his father before him had done. His father is none other than the devil. The devil has been a mastermind at this for centuries of time. He knows what is truth, but he also knows how to ignore it, and laugh at it. He wants to make you feel, that if he humiliates and shames you enough, you will give in to him. Well true saints are overcomers. They know where his kind of pressure comes from.




As we think about the evil conditions that caused God to destroy everyone except Noah and his family, the Bible does not say when this actually started, but we do find over in the epistle of Jude, when he was referring to Enoch, who was the seventh from Adam, how Enoch, in his day, (He was the one that was translated without seeing death.) Saw something begin to take place that no doubt troubled him greatly. Enoch was a witness in his hour. He saw, he heard. He knew by some means what was going on over in the land of Nod, but Enoch also knew what was going on in Eden. It is apparent, that most of the religious world today has not explored what is behind the scene. Somehow or other they want to mix the whole thing up and make the daughters of men, Adam’s line, and these sons of God, they have to call fallen angels. To me, it is worse to say that, than to preach serpent seed. When you have no Bible to justify the idea that an angel, which is a spirit being, has the authority and the right to project himself into a physical body to carry out such an act and relationship with women on earth, you are telling me you believe in demon seed. That is what fallen angels are: They are demons. When you do that, you really open up a can of worms. We know this has been like a scapegoat, or a crutch, or a handy alibi, that has been an excuse by educated doctors of divinity, both of the Christian and Judaism philosophy, to avoid facing up to the truth. There can be nothing any more ridiculous than that. It all goes back to the fact, that in the garden, this was what Satan was after. Morally, principally speaking, the world is a great big wreck that is getting ready to happen; and they do not realize it. We are just a few short months away. If it was fifty months off, it is still too soon for the world. The world thinks, and our president things, that he is going to be the man that will lead the way and lay the groundwork for a giant bridge construction of some sort to take us into the twenty first century. Well I have to say, The twenty first century belongs to God. Everything in this Bible tells us where this world is heading, and how this generation will end up. The fact that we have that woman, Hillary Clinton, in the White House, makes it an even more sure thing that this it eh generation it will happen to. Now, we have a woman, Secretary of State, and head of the judicial system, head of the health system, and on the Supreme Court. When politics was going on, in both settings, whether Republican or Democrat, it is woman that seems to be making the headway. This is the day of the woman’s image. When I say that, I am not putting you sisters down: I am merely saying your counterpart out in the world is leading the way for the destruction of the human race. It all got started this way, because Satan had a plan that looks like it has been working very well. He got prayer out of our schools, and go the Bible thrown out along with it, and our society has produced a generation that will surely fulfill the words of Jesus before very long. (Luke 17:26) “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.” How was it in the days of Noah? (Gen. 6:11-12) “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. (12) And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.” Now, the sons of God, and I am talking about those sons of Adam’s line, were multiplying and replenishing the earth, and there was no evil going on. There had never been a murder from that line, nor adultery, nor polygamy, and no perversion of any kind, and no one had died yet, because this evil thing took place before Adam had died. He lived to be nine hundred and thirty years old. Therefore everybody in Eden knew what it was like for all of them to be a peace, having harmony in their society, no crime, and no reason to have to lock up anything. They did not know what it was like to have their faces spat upon by critics. However, over in the land of Nod, which seems so insignificant here, because they want to place the whole picture together, not realizing there was a time in the initial beginning when what was left in Eden was Adam’s line, which were sons and daughters of God that had no evil attributes in them. When Cain left there to get out of the presence of God, that left Eden free from evil influence. You know, there are a lot of people that do not like to be around where God’s presence is. It is getting that way in America today. There was a time in America, and I can remember it, that church houses could leave the front door unlocked, because the society of youth would walk by it with respect. They were brought up to be that way. They were not compelled with a whip, to be a Christian, but they were taught to respect a house of worship. They were no even taught at school that they need to be a Christian, but I remember when teachers would, at times, resort to certain events within the school, and it would be centered around the purpose of Christianity, the purpose and need of religion to be the center of man’s earthly activity. Without it, you are heading for a wreck. Everything about your life will be ruined. This scene we are speaking of, the daughters of men and the sons of God were kept apart until there got to be too many women in the land of Nod. That is why, when the feminine species began to appear in the multiple setting in the land of Nod, no doubt they began to say, there are too many of us and not enough men. What men were in the land of Nod were growing up to be devils, brutes, wife abusers. Every time I hear of wife abuse, I see them showing pictures of a wife with her black eye, she has suffered broken ribs, a broken jaw, I have to say that would never have been so in the days when the early pioneers settled along the New England coast. I can remember when the story was told how it used to be back in Civil War times, if in certain communities it began to be said, Did you know Mr. So and So, has physically abused and beat his wife? (Vigilantes used to do this, but this Ku Klux Klan today is as worthless as a dead leaf. Why do they not straighten up the community where they seem to speak so loud from? All they are is haters of Jews and Blacks, but they have no hate for the devil. They used to hate the devil.) I have heard my dad tell these stories, how in certain communities, if it was a known fact a man abused his wife, mistreated her in any way, men would go at night and leave a bundle of switches on the porch, which meant, Straighten up your life or we will come back and used them on you. Most of the time those men took a lesson in time to avoid that. They realized they could not lick the community. They realized they could not live at home abusing their wives, so they had to make a choice: Straighten up, or pay the price. I have to say, you might make fun of what I am saying, and you may think it is a rude and cruel way to handle a situation like that, but it worked better than the way the judicial system is doing it today. They stand back with hands off, saying, We cannot do a thing until we witness such abuse with our own eyes. They are ready to listen to the man, but they cannot look at the woman with all the bruises and open cuts on her face and make any kind of determination about it. I realize there are many times a lot of things in the picture, but that still does not mean a man ought to be a devil enough to strike a woman, knock her down, and beat her half to death. That attitude originated in the land of Nod. If she is at wrong, if she has done something that defiles her life, then leave her if you must, but why beat her half to death? Why make her a slave? That is only an indication of a devil. I have to say, I believe Jesus Christ is the head of the Church, but I have confidence that the Bride of Jesus Christ is going to one day stand in His glorious presence. They are going to be physically changed and have a glorified body like His. We are going to be so glad to be His wife, and we are going to know that He will not stand over His wife throughout the Millennium, with a club, ready to knock her head off, yell and scream at her, Get in here and do this or that. We have such a negative picture of mankind today in this United States of America, it is pitiful. Young people, That is one reason you hear me say so much that sounds like I am anti education. It is because of the way so many turn out, after they go to College and get their education. I am not anti education, but if that is the best your education can do for you today, turn you into nuts, oddballs, hoodlums and gangs ten times worse than John Dillinger ever thought about being, there is something drastically wrong. They say we need to spend more on education, but it looks like they cannot spend money for a pencil, without having to buy another seat for the bleachers, for the entertainment category. All this fits right into the Bible, “That in the last days men shall be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.” Let us read a few verses in 2nd Timothy. (3:1-5) “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. (2) For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, (3) Without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, (4) Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; (5) Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” That literally means, Stay away from such people. I am not telling any of you to stay away from school. You know better than that. However for all the good it does a lot of them, they may as well have stayed at home. Why should anyone have to have a college education to serve hamburgers at McDonalds? It may not seem all that great to this modern day generation, but I can remember when a school teacher, (not because they had to, but because they respected the Bible) many times, when class would begin in the morning, would say, Let us stand and repeat the Lord’s prayer. I heard no one say, Away with such stuff: We don’t need that. If you do it today, that is what you will hear. I do not mean to say that reading the Bible in class and praying before beginning the day of activity is the answer to all that is wrong in our society, but when that was done, society at large had a lot more God consciousness and a lot more respect for the rights and feelings of others, than they do today. We did not need a curfew to get our young children off of the streets at night before they kicked God out of the schools. Everywhere you go today, all you can hear, is, Crime is on the increase. Over in the city of Louisville, the police department and the judicial system of Louisville are wanting to put in a curfew, something that will enable to them to get the teen aged kids off the street by a certain time at night. On the evening News, it showed teenagers parading themselves around in anti demonstrations, speaking out in protest against the curfew. The Bible said there is a generation that knoweth not father and knoweth not mother. That is what came from the land of nod, recorded in Genesis, chapter 6. As I said earlier, when Cain left Eden and went to the land of Nod to get away from the presence of God, he did not know what he was in for. As his line began to multiply, little did he realize there was a devil in the area where he was. You cannot live in this earth without serving one or the other, God or Satan. You are either going to serve God in reality, or serve the devil in ignorance. Most of the time we serve the devil in ignorance and then wonder why certain things catch up with us. As I have spoke of certain things pertaining to what happened in the Garden, I beg of you, do not take it and make a joke out of it. There is a law that hangs over the human race, that whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7-8) “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (8) For he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”  You may not pay the price for it the day you do it, but when you mock the things of God, You will pay the bill for it sooner or later. You sow a filthy thought, you sow a filthy speech, whether you write it or say it, and keep it up, I guarantee you, it will catch up with you one day. Every filthy word you write and laugh about has a bill attached to it. Even before I knew God, and did not care about such things as repentance and turning to the way of salvation, I still knew there was a limit somewhere. I knew that someday, such a person would have to hang their head in shame and say, God, I’m sorry, forgive me. It sort of boils down to this, REPENT OR PERISH!




Young people, I know it must be filthy out there in the school where you go. It is bad everywhere, but I want to say, God has given some of you an experience that had equipped you with overcoming ability. Your experience does not give you immunity to sin and filthiness, but it does give you a purpose for standing up against the pressures Satan brings against you, and the Spirit within you is greater than that evil spirit out here in the world. You do not have to conform to their ways. God does not want you to try to be like them just to avoid trouble. He expects you to be witnesses of His grace in your own lives. The truth of this word should be fresh in your minds. Before we all leave this world, somewhere between now and the end, some of you may be compelled to explain certain things of truth and why you believe it the way we do. There was a time in the apostles’ hour when they arrested them and put them in jail, (We all know the whole story.) They forbid them to preach any longer in the name of Jesus, but Peter plainly said to them, Whether it is right or not right, we will obey God rather than obey man. The Bible is written in symbolic language, to hide the true revelation of it from those who have no respect for it, but God reveals it to those who love Him and desire to live for Him and walk with Him. Why is it in Isaiah 11, I believe it is, Jesus is spoken of as the righteous branch. How many know what the word branch means? It does not point to a little creek running into the Ohio River somewhere. It is instead, referring to, like a limb on a tree. Therefore Jesus Christ was the righteous branch off of the tree of life, manifested down here in this earth in human form. As I explained the other day, If Eve would have stuck to the knowledge she had been given, and said to the serpent, Get away from me and leave me alone, and would have kept herself pure and clean and waited for the period God had already put in her knowledge and conscience, when that time did come, and that period would set up in her, she could have conceived from Adam and given birth to a little baby that would have been just like the baby Jesus Mary gave birth to. Please be wise and do not force me to say things I do not want to say. I cannot help but feel inside a certain limitation, because I realize the devil has taken the very act that brings us into this world and treated it just like a rag doll that small children drag around, dragging it down the highway of life. HE has drug it through every house of prostitution, through every filthy court there is, until it has become a derogatory relationship in the minds of most people. Yet I have to say, In the eyes of God it is a thing of beauty when entered into in the right way, because it is the very relationship that HE designed for the purpose of reproducing life in the various species of His creation. The knowledge of this act, outside of the perfect plan God designed, exposed man to the first curse. That is why God stripped Eve of the original design and gave her a substitute, which was monthly periods. I can say this, If Eve would have been faithful to the knowledge and conscience she was created with, and obeyed the instructions God had given her through Adam, there would have been a time, and probably not long from the time the serpent made his strike, because no doubt it was getting close to the time for that period to go to work, that should would have been able to bring sinless children into the world according to the perfect plan of the Creator. The devil knows when certain things are about to take place. IT always seems like he knows exactly when to strike. Yes saints, if she would have remained faithful just a little while longer, she would have come to her husband the right way, and there would have been a beautiful, perfect relationship between those two, all in relationship to the tree of life. She would have conceived in her womb the beginning of the family God was after. The virgin Mary never would have been called upon to give birth to the baby Jesus. Of course we all understand that none of this was a surprise to the Creator, simply because, by His foreknowledge, He already knew what Eve would do, and He already had a plan of redemption worked out that would eventually produce the family of children He wanted to have upon this planet. The critics all talk negative in relationship to this teaching on serpent seed, saying it is completely wrong. Yet, as I said earlier, They throw out a traditional myth that this and this and this is what happened in the garden of Eden, never realizing that the devil was wanting to get at the genetic structure of the entire human race, and that could only be accomplished through a perverted sex act. In other words, something different than what the Creator by design, expected form His creation. By doing what he did, getting the serpent to seduce this daughter of God, the devil was able to get at the very roots of the generations that would come along after the beginning. By perverting the first act of reproduction, he caused God to impute something that became a hereditary law. Sin is not a disease you catch in epidemic proportions. Sin is something you are born with. You came into this world with an inherited nature, not to seek after God, but to do the work of the devil. There may be inclinations and things in the back of your mind that taunt you, things that bring what we know as conviction, because that is how the Holy Spirit will work to guard your life and keep you from the path of destruction, if you are a predestinated seed of God, but in reality, your inherited nature is to go contrary to the perfect plan of God. The fact that you have a spirit of conviction working on you, does not mean you love God with all your heart and you adore Him, because you still run from Him. That is exactly how I was: I thought the Bible ought to be in every home, because it is a sacred book of God, but I also thought, Don’t get too close to it: It will make you a fanatic. What good is it going to do anyone, if it just lies there on the table? If you do not know its contents, how is it going to do you any good? Is it going to keep your house from burning down? No. Is it going to keep you from having a wreck? No. How are you going to know how to talk to God unless you find out how others did it before your time? It is a book, but it is also a road map for life. In there, is the right way, and over here is the wrong way. This is what has gone wrong with the human race: They have thrown the only road map for life out the door.




For four thousand years, time came and went and there was never that perfect little baby born, because mankind was eating from the forbidden tree, the tree of knowledge. Nobody knew what it would be like for a woman to give birth to a little baby that had eternal life, because the fact that man and woman had eaten from the tree of knowledge, or partook of the right thing the wrong way, or for the wrong reason, the act brought imputed death, instead of eternal life. The curses were added because of disobedience, and imputed death followed those sons and daughters of God, but there were no evil attributes in any of them. Then, here came those women from the land of Nod, carrying all those evil attributes that were in the genetic line of Cain, a man that was half animal, and born from a relationship brought together by the leading of the devil. When those daughters of Cain’s line, filled with all those evil attributes from the land of Nod, began to give birth to offspring fathered by those sons of God, it brought about a mixture that grieved the heart of God. Naturally those children had those evil attributes in them, even though they were fathered by Sons of God which had no evil attributes in them. Then from generation to generation, as time went by, evil was on every hand, because after a while the evil was so bad the Bible says this about it, (Gen. 6:5) “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Well God brought the flood and destroyed all except Noah and his family, but there were enough of those serpent seed attributes in them that every individual born since then, except for Jesus the Christ, has those attributes in them, regardless of whether they become Christian’s later on, or not. Just look what it has brought the human race to today: We have crime on our streets, drive by shootings, perversions of every sort, and more and more Satanic worship. That is what those teenage children in the city of Louisville are going to be mixed up in, if some of them do not wake up to the fact that walking the streets at night until one or two o’clock in the morning opens the door for all of that and a lot more. Only crazy people would think a thing like that is ok. Nevertheless they have the attitude, I ought to be allowed to do what I want to do, when I want, and then sleep all day and let someone give them the money to fill their gas tank, buy dope and whatever else they choose to do. When are you going to grow up and be responsible for what God created you for? If you would have lived during the depression, you would have starved to death, having an attitude like that. You would never have been able to eat milk gravy like some had to. No, you either have to go to the corner Burger King and eat breakfast or grab it somewhere and eat on the go, because you are a roving mass of youth with a spirit upon you that makes you act like you do. You are the climax, or end time result of what came out of Nod five thousand years ago. A lot of people do not realize that what came out of Nod was the beginning of everything evil in the world today. In Eden, there was only a sentence of death hanging over them: There was no evil in them prior to the time those sons of Adam, which in reality were sons of God, began to bring forth children by those Canaanite women. That produced the first generation with evil attributes in Eden. Even with a death sentence hanging over them, not one of those of Adam’s side had ever died, except for Abel being murdered by Cain. Most of them lived to be nine hundred and something, so at the time this evil started, death in Eden had not set in yet. Saints, just think what came from the land of Nod, everything rotten, everything evil and vile, because that is where Satan planted that crop. There was a bunch of people in America a few years ago, after the war, crying, What we need is more democracy. I say to them, You had all the democracy you ever needed. In fact I have to say, I enjoyed better democracy when I was a boy than I do now, because common sense would tell me to stay out of places where I could have went. For example, There are certain places in Chicago that a sane human being dare not drive. Another ten years and Louisville, Kentucky will be just such a hell hole. If they really want to clean house and get things straightened up, they ought to bring in the National Guard under martial law, line the streets with small tanks and armored cars, and be read for that night Gang. Little boys and girls could still play on the sidewalk, because they would not be there to hurt them. They would be there for that long haired bunch of dope addicts, to take care of them when they showed up. Oh Bro. Jackson, you shouldn’t talk like that, being a preacher of the gospel. That is why you act like you do. That is why you live like you do. You do not want to face the reality of the after affects. People who fight at this are people who have something digging at them. They want to get out and run around and do things they should not do. They themselves cannot walk the sidewalks and be at peace. They are walking the sidewalks planning, where can we strike next? No doubt, it will be some elderly person going about minding their own business. It is known by such gangs, that elderly people get a social security check a certain time of the month. Someone sees them go to the bank when the check comes in, so they wait for their chance to strike. Maybe just an elderly lady living by herself, and she is in the house alone, so this is their chance. These are thoughts that fill their minds. They go to that old lady’s house. She has the door locked. There is a little dog inside lying at the door. He begins to bark, but while he is in the front barking, some of them are breaking in the back door. They find the old lady asleep in bed and choke her to death. No, it wasn’t a known criminal It was that long haired bunch of perverted teenagers that are living off the life style of people that have been decent, honest, hard workers and have lived by the law. They become so victimized by a bunch of wild demons that have brought offspring into this world, that will gro w up to be just like them. Where did all of that kind of behavior get its start? It all originated in the land of Nod. Out of the land of Nod as time went on, everything began to come across the borders. There were giants born from this type of relationship, brute beasts, men who would boast of how they could pick a little fellow up and choke him with one hand, and then drop him. Yes, Hell’s Angels came from there, Louisville Outlaws, the Red Dragons, you name them: They all came form the land of Nod. At least their ancestors did. They all came from that seed. I can remember sixty years ago, if Hell’s Angels would have rode through Louisville like they do today, they would have been hemmed in somewhere and taken care of. There was a law fifty years ago, you do not disturb the peace in our community. It is a fact these men that ride the Harley Davidson motorcycles, tattooed with devils and snakes, crossbones and whatever else you can think of, they are nothing but a symbol of everything out of the pit of hell. They have terrorized small towns, raped the women and beat people senseless. When the police are called you hear, Well, there is not much we can do, since we did not see it happen. Well most of the time the police did not see John Dillinger do what he did. Think of it. Most of the time there was none of them around when Jesse James robbed a bank, but they chased him all the way over Missouri and Kansas with rifles and shotguns just the same. We have another category that came out of the land of Nod, men of renown. These men of renown are public officials. They work their way into the political stream. They become mayors of cities. They always look for the place of leadership. They look for the place of importance. They want to be where they can be recognized. If it is not in the institutions of education, then it is in the institution of law. You name it, they are there, men of renown. Notice, none of them were in the boat with Noah. Yet it is obvious that those genes had to be lying withing the family structure of Noah in order for them to survive the flood. The devil’s ultimate objective behind all of this, by bringing these two extreme lifestyles together, was to produce exactly what we have today, a generation of people who can profess to be Christians, yet have no revelation whatsoever of the Creator, and have no desire to live any way except what will appease their flesh. He knew, genetically, he could bring this evil bunch over and blend them in with the sons of God, and bring the Sons of God down, down, down, until a generation would be upon earth just such as we see out here in the world today. This was designed to destroy spirituality and cultivate all these evil attributes. The more the merrier. That is the way it was before the flood, and that is how it will be at the end time, just like Jesus said in St. Luke’s Gospel. I know we have read it, but just for the record, let us read it again. (Luke 17:26-30) “And as it was in the days of Noe, (Noah) so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. (27) They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all. (28) Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; (29) But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. (30) Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.” When that began to be the scene before the flood, they did not have cars to drive by in, to do their dirty work, but they probably did ride camels, fast horses, or whatever kind of animal they had tamed back then. They were out every night to have a good time. They left in their pathway, human being suffering, because they took freedom and used it to extreme ends. After awhile God looked down and saw that the deeds and everyday lifestyle of man was continually evil. I want to say this for clarification, It is not because of all the houses being built in America, that is going to bring ruination. It is not all the hospitals being built that is going to bring ruination. It is this low down lifestyle. We have a small percentage of people in America, that have to have a job to support their own family. In order to survive, they have to pay taxes, because the government demands. However our government in return has jumped on the devil’s bandwagon. They have accepted everything the devil has put before them. This causes government leaders, instructors of higher education, and others in high places to do the devil’s bidding. You name it, they do it. What they themselves do not do, they persuasively suggest that others do it. Then they want the government to pay the bill. It all goes back to these few faithful. We have a mass of elderly becoming too old to work. Let a seventy year old man walk into a place of industrial employment and apply for a job. Do you think he is going to get a job? No. You are too old, he will hear. That same man can go down to Burger Chef or McDonald’s and say, I am seventy years old, Could you use a fellow like me for anything? I will be glad to sweep the floor, or whatever you have, and they will give him a part time job. While we were in Georgia, we went into a place and I saw an elderly man in the background doing that very thing. I thought to myself, No I don’t suppose he has to pay union dues for what he is doing. He is probably not working five days a week, maybe only working three, six hour days. Nine times out of ten he will probably do more work in those six hours, than that bunch of teenagers pushing hamburgers across the front counter will do in eight. They all have to be guaranteed the minimum wage, or they are not going to work I read an article a few years ago along that line. This was the president of one of these firms. He said, There is a category of elderly people, we enjoy having them work for us because they are men of certain age, they have to retire because the industrial plants will not hire them. So they are out of the picture, but they do not like to retire and just sit down and do nothing. What do they do? They go to these restaurants and ask, Do you have anything I can do? I can do any job you have here. They can too. They will sweep, pick up trash, stock the storeroom, or anything. They are there to work. They are not looking for a handout. The article said they seemed to work with joy, because they consider it an honor to still be able to do something with their hands. They are not incapacitated to the point of being pushed around in a wheelchair. They are able to bring in a few dollars, and that gives them a great deal of satisfaction. It makes them feel good inside. What a shame, that this principle of life no longer exists in our younger people in the world today.




I am going to say something to all the critics, you educators and whoever you are, You need not take offense when I say your sex education is of the devil. Is the world better off since you started educating young children about sex, than it was before you started that? Sex, the way you have taught it, has brought your nation to the edge of the grave. When that bunch of females came from the land of Nod into Eden, that was the first feminist movement that ever struck the face of this earth. Following them, was every demon (I am accused by some, of picking on people who do not agree with me.) Satan had to send along to accomplish his purpose. His aim, was to eventually plant serpent seed and lifestyle to affect all the people in Eden. This led the way for a general perversion and breakdown of what had been spirituality, over in Eden, bringing it to nothing but decay socially, with crime and perversion of every sort throughout the land. The intimate relationship between man and woman had become so cheap, the man and wife picture was totally marred. In the city of Chicago, is a school well known, and a woman instructor in that school is an advocate of the idea that all young people ought to be taught about sex, and that the school should furnish young people with birth control devices. That idea came from the Land of Nod. In the feminist movement across America, they advocate freedom of choice, freedom of lifestyle, and the practice of the government paying the bill for every abortion. I hope none of you are sitting here thinking like that. Out in the wild, you have animals of every sort, that are guided by a law instilled in the first pair by the Creator. Every male lion that fathers an offspring is responsible to that offspring. I have read about lions in Africa. One male lion may be accepted by two females. While they are pregnant, he will always be around somewhere in the shadows. Those are his mates. He is not looking the rest of them over. Let any other lurking female come around while he is waiting for his offspring to be born, they have a fight on their hands, because those females will go after her. I watched this on television one day, showing how the animal kingdom exists. The human race on the face of this earth is at an all time low. You educators in high places, you say you are going to do one thing to make things better, but only worse because you have already sanctioned what is going on and God has already spoken from His word, His disapproval of it. I have to believe we are living right at the threshold of enough of everything, to wake up some morning and this nation is standing on edge, waiting for God to strike it with something terrible. When I was in the fifth and sixth grades, such topics as you teach today were not even spoken of. Boys and girls were not addressed with anything like this. Very little was said about a woman being pregnant. That was usually discussed by adult people. Behind the scene there was always a little dirty story, but you educators, when you did what you did, you brought it from behind the barn, right into the gymnasium, and then put it in the dormitories of our schools. Some of you teachers have such a mind that there is not any dirty word you will not say before a mixed congregation of students. In Florida, three years ago, why were five college girls raped and killed by a demonic boy? Is that going to school for an education? No. That shows that some are going to use the facilities to carry on their devilish lifestyle. Am I against education? It sounds like I am. No. When you go to school, go to learn something for the betterment of yourself and for mankind in general. Sitting in a doctors office one day waiting for the doctor, I picked up a magazine to look at. As I looked through it there, it showed a picture of a young male student going to college. He was asked by the journalist that wrote this article, Why did you choose to go to such and such a school? I hate to say it, but his reply was, To meet all the girls for free sex. Is that something to laugh about? It is something to cause one to hang their head in shame. The fathers of each one of those girls ought to horse whip you until you cannot even walk, if that is your reason for going to school some place. If that is all you are going to college for, your dad ought to withdraw all the money he sent you there with. You ought to be made to haul garbage for a living, because your mind is already full of garbage. To think that our Universities have been turned over to such a low life type people, ought to make decent folks shudder. That is where our future leaders are coming from. In my files, can be found an article on one of the eastern colleges. A certain teaching was going to teach a class all about Sodomites. I have to say, You have no need to be taught anything like that. I can tell such a teacher, exactly where he or she is going. First of all, there is a hell hole waiting to swallow you up, and beyond that, there is a righteous God to face when you do come to your end. That is exactly what happened that night when angels came to Sodom. That lifestyle was named after the city. America could well be called a land of Sodomites. It is not something to laugh about. It is something to cause us to examine our thoughts and realize, you cannot change the picture now that it has reached these proportions, but you do not have to join the crowd in what they choose to talk about, nor in the way they live, nor in what they think, or what they do. I have to say, Lord, I am getting lonely down here. Lord, I feel so helpless. Lord, there are thousands of people that do not want to pay any attention to you, but I am one that does: Lord, please come and get us out of here.




We will try to review some of what we have presented already, because there is so much on TV in this hour, of what modern day preachers are preaching. They are coming on TV programs with such a psychological, political, religious attitude, all thrown together, saying to you, If you do not already have this book, you have just got to get it. We have put it in print to show you we are living in the last days. Jesus is about to come! Did you know that? You need this book right away. Well saints, I have found out, This is the only book you need, (The Bible) and a right attitude about it. They say, If you do not put it together like this book, you have missed it. Therefore I just pray, Lord help me say certain things to let people see, that no matter what our educational qualities may be, we can all see a true prophetic picture unfolded here to guide us. We are living in the days when this prophecy of Daniel is going on, so let me read the basis for our starting point again. Turn back to Daniel 7. Here is where the whole picture starts as we have to see it now in the light of the end time. We are going to read the 7th and 8th verses. This is Daniel, 500 and thirty some B.C. He was living at the time when the Babylonian Empire was in power. When it came to this fourth beast, here is how he expressed it. “After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: (That corresponds with the legs of iron, which represents when time is in the Roman period, it will be the longest period of time for any of the beasts.) It devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns. I considered (or I beheld. Something about these horns drew his attention.) the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.” I say to you young people, I know you have all gone to school, but I have my doubts in the history books today, that you would read very much of anything covering the Dark Age period. I doubt that historical writers of today put it together like the ones did seventy, eighty, or a hundred years ago. Why is that? Because the modern day historians do not have the picture. First they are not trying to correlate anything that has any Biblical recognition. They are void of that. They are doing everything they can to put together what they call a psychological, hypothetical picture of history. This has a tendency to erase from the minds of the modern day society any picture that might have been developed by any other sources of influence. I want to say, because I hope somewhere by watching a video, or by hearing a tape, or by reading it, I want modern preachers to understand one thing, I am not pointing the finger at anyone just for the purpose of belittling them. There was a day that I had a negative attitude about the Bible. I am not standing here because I sought to be something. It is God’s grace, that has put me where I am today. Because of that, I am not going to draw back from expressing what I know to be a fact, historically. I do not care what Jack Van Impe, or any of his kind who have traveled to the pope and had their talk, might think. I would rather talk to Jesus than the pope. I am not one who believes the pope is the most holy man on earth, like Billy Graham has stated. I think he made a very blasphemous statement when he said that. I believe there is a little body of people on earth today, that if there is a divine holiness expressed in human beings anywhere, it is in that little body of people. The well educated of this world will look upon them as nothing, but I have to believe the time will come when conditions will prove that god has lifted them up. He will put in them an insight that you critics will never have. It is His grace that makes them holy. If you and I are guilty of believing a man made idea that has no Biblical setting whatsoever, and we have closed our mind to any further enlightenment, we may profess to be holy, but I have to say we are resisting the holiness of God that can be expressed in our life, and that is because we will not open our heart’s to what truth is. Here, is how modern ideas come about. First we will say, This is the way Daniel saw it, and it is true he did not explain any kind of a body, but yet in another place he said it had nails of brass, as the angel was giving him a description about the fourth beast corresponding to the Roman empire period. Modern preachers, in order to ger around the Vatican, in order to get around the subject that the pope could be the antichrist, they have to bypass all other previous interpretations or preaching that has been done by preachers back through the other centuries of time since the Reformation. When they do that, they automatically bring all this to correlate it right here at the end. They make the little horn to be something coming up, here in the end time. However, here is something they should not forget. Daniel saw it rise until it rose above it’s fellows, meaning it’s predecessors. When it did, he saw it subdue three horns and pluck them up by the roots. That statement has to be rightly interpreted, in order to have the total picture right. Let us look at this and ask ourselves, in what way were these horns plucked up? First, the horns in a geographical meaning represent the ten nations that eventually developed out of the breakup of all this European territory, which in its beginning was referred to as Gaul, inhabited by tribes of people referred to as the Franks, the Lombards and so forth. First, the horn here is territory. How many can see that? Secondarily, at the head of each one of these horns, there is a crown. The crown is not the territory, but it points to the royalty of rulership and that points to human beings, and to how that horn, geographically, got its separate identity from the other territorial parts of Europe. As you look at a horn you can see two parts. First it is geographical. Common sense tells me this eleventh horn does not put another territorial horn on this beast. It is a mystical horn, or power. Well if a mystical horn eventually has power enough, that it plucks up three horns by the roots, I have sense enough to know that the proper interpretation means this, Such a mystical horn does not destroy geographical identity. Spain remained to be Spain. France remains to be France. Germany is still Germany. England is England. On and on. Therefore the plucking up by the roots has nothing to do with the geographical territory. It goes to show that this mystical horn, which does not put eleven horns on the beast, does however have power to pluck up three horns, but that does not destroy out of the geographical picture, the territorial side of the horn. It has to be, that it was just a conflict between the mouthpieces of those horns, between whatever kind of instrument that is in this mystical horn, and how come he has extra powers over the political horn side of it, which is pointing to the royalty that each one of those horns eventually had sitting at the head of it. It is a conflict between some kind of mystical power and that of temporal power which is at the head of each one of these territorial horns. With this in mind, I just have to say to whoever may get hold of this message, whether it is one of these modern day preachers, or whether for some reason it could be some of the Messianic Jews who have likewise taken a modern day interpretation and approach to Bible prophecy, I want them to know this history book, called, Early European History, was compiled by five different groups of historians after the turn of the century. The first copyright of this was in 1911. The second time was 1924. It was agreed upon as they, the five different groups of historians, got together to compile this, that it would be used in all high schools and various other schools of learning. So I am not standing in ignorance of the source of information I have here. That is why I have to say, When they exclude the power of the papacy, that all ancient historians, or we will say historians seventy years back, kept pointing the finger to, they are missing the part that is the most important part of it all, the part that truly identifies the antichrist. This thing is expressed in three different categories. When we wind up, looking at it from this side of the 13th chapter of Revelation, this is the modern day fulfillment of the Roman Empire as it is reconstructed to ride out the duration of time right here in the end time. It will complete and fulfill everything that was cut short when the Reformation struck this one. Keep in mind, this one symbolizes two different sources of power. There was a secular, temporal, imperial power established by the caesars, but over the period of ages, as the power of the caesars and their form of government declined, there came about different power rising to take over. I will challenge any historian, any preacher, Come and let us reason together. You cannot hide the pages of ancient history when it comes to what they say the pope became. It says in Daniel 7, that he subdued three of the first horns. First he magnified his own office. What does the word magnified mean? Exalt, enlarge, draw attention to, project his image so that it precedes all other contemporaries that are running in competition to it. WE do know this, that the caesars which started their royal dynasty, the ancient caesars, were a long line of kindred people, just like the czars of Russia, the pharaohs of Egypt and the kaisers of Germany. Those ancient caesars of Rome claimed two titles. The word caesar implies, or speaks of the family, but the other part, emperor, is a title given to that position of rulership. The Roman caesars did not ever claim to be king. They claimed to be emperors, sovereign, imperial, universal rulers. That is why wherever they went and made their appearance in public, they were looked upon by the great Roman audience as gods incarnate. You could hardly read a history of those caesars but when they appeared in public in their chariots, or however they appeared, thousands upon thousands of Roman subjects were falling prostrate on their faces, offering all kinds of garlands of flowers, to pay homage to this man. Actually, that was the beginning of what the word blasphemy implies. Keep in mind, blasphemy never did occur in the ten horns. Blasphemy only occurs where this little horn makes its appearance. In the ancient history, such as the book of Daniel, it is called a horn. He saw in it the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things. Here, it exemplified a power that eventually overpowered the power of those other horns. Over in Revelation 13, which is for our day, as John sees it coming up for the last period of time, he does not describe a little horn because it is only symbolic. But we can say this, what was a horn back here, coming up through the Dark Ages, just before and by the time the Reformation has struck, has become materialized and manifested in a form of government, which made it church, ecclesiastical, papal government over state. I have to say this, (not to be smart, but to be firm) I challenge any preacher, Come on with history books you use and let us see what we can find.. This one here, declares that the arrogance of these popes, for five hundred years before the Reformation struck, were the complete sovereign rulers of the ancient Roman territory of western Europe. There was not a thing they did not think of. There was not a crime they were not guilty of. You modern preachers are trying to cover it up; and I say, Why? There is more blood in the soil of the earth as a result of what those ancient popes did, than there is because of what the caesars did. In fact there was a period of time when those popes ruled with such fierceness, it was a joy for them to establish the day when they would use these eras of martyrdom, execution of saintly people, both Jew and Gentile. They would bring on the Roman audiences of pagan people, who looked forward to these events, along with the magistrates, the governor or emperor, they would sit in their royal boxes while the animals were turned loose upon the victims with such barbaric means. Come on modern preachers, bring out of your closet those old history books you have put away, and see what they have to say about this. You say, Oh, but she (the Catholic Church) has repented. She has not repented. I do not care what this modern pope has said, she is still what the Bible says she is. He made a two bit repentance on TV. That is just a cheap alibi. That is a coverup that modern day Protestants accept gullibly. When God gives them a chance to repent and they do not, how dare any man say they have repented. When God’s word says she was given a chance to repent and she rejected it, what else is there to say? It is true, God did not give the Catholic Church a chance, here in the late 20th century, to repent. No. He gave her a chance when she was guilty of all these tyrannical, cruel, torturous means of public execution of saintly people. I have to quote it the way the book says, not the way they say. I will try to illustrate the rise of the papacy, how it came about. I will endeavor to illustrate it without having to quote a lot of history. What little I do read to you, I do it to vindicate what the historians, through their research have said. It is not to be understood as what Raymond Jackson has said. It says that little horn magnified itself. Before the ten could ever geographically appear as a collective development of geographical territory, Rome was still under the power of the emperors. Keep in mind, After Nero the last kindred caesar died, there was never another kindred caesar. Different men, in different eras, would try to restore a family of caesars, but none of them ever succeeded. They could. Not make it work. Yet they each one went right ahead claiming to be emperor of Rome. Every time there was a period of time when one of these men would seek to gain power and authority and recognition, if he was able to stabilize territorial rest, he would be written up as a great man. Constantine was one. Before that, there was the period of the five good emperors which followed the very period of time when John was on the Isle of Patmos in 96 A.D. In the eyes of Christianity they were not good ones, but from the standpoint of how the historians saw it, they were called good emperors. Following Caesar Nero, there was the period that was very shaky politically. It was soldier emperors. They were not caesars. They were emperors appointed by the Roman senate. Therefore it was a period of time that there was temporal governmental unrest. Then you come to the five good ones, which were the ones from 96 A.D., the time that John was on the Isle of Patmos until 180 A.D. Those five men were called good emperors, yet Christianity suffered even more all over the vast Roman territory while they reigned. However those men built Rome into its heyday of glorification. That is why in the atlas we use to draw the Roman boundaries, it shows the ancient Roman Empire at its greatest territorial accomplishment. That was done by the five emperors. They were the ones that built the great coliseums and arenas for public entertainment. I want you to know though, that the ancient Roman Empire was the most blood thirsty empire of people that could possibly ever be looked upon. I suppose there is not enough research where they could go into ancient writings and find the actual number of people that were literally destroyed, massacred, executed, as was done during that period. I am saying that to try to show people, as long as there was a temporal king, an emperor, he was guilty of playing his part in trying to hold Rome as the great imperial seat of authority over that western, geographical area of Europe, but as things began to get weaker, politically, great changes took place. (I want to illustrate that with our own country.) We have a man by the name of Bill Clinton. I have to believe God allowed him to go back in office for a specific reason. I am not talking about politics. I am talking about, how a man who will go down in American history as the most vile reprobate, snake in the grass, of any president we have ever had, who has a wife that is the most cruel, dictatorial type woman that ever held her position, ever got reelected to that office. When men who have been around these two long enough, they become vexed and come out and write stories. I have to say, There is a fire in the brush pile somewhere. You cannot help but see political leadership in America is weakening. Look at the class of people we have in our society, that helped put those people in power. It goes to show, there is a class of people, all they have in mind, it is that almighty dollar and the security of a materialistic world. That means more to them than anything else in the world. When people have it in their hearts, that is their idea, then you can rest assured leadership is getting very weak, because it begins to be competitive within the realm of Satan. That is what was going on in Rome.


Revealed Scripture Produces Consistency – 1997, May

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson



Our next few articles will be vital and timely ones especially for those who feel to be part of the body of Christ and I do hope you will make a special effort not to miss a single issue. In this current issue my hope is to plant a seed of thought within your minds concerning the necessity of having the correct interpretation on the Word of God. The correct interpretation of the Word of God brings consistency to one’s soul therefore we entitle this message REVEALED SCRIPTURE PRODUCES CONSISTENCY and we trust to prove to you from scripture it has always been the inspired word of God, written by holy men of old as they were moved on by the Holy Ghost, which carried the final say or authority and brought consistency to those it affected. Even today it has not lost its power; when applied properly will do the same.




First, let us define consistency, what it is and what it will produce. Actually the word consistency itself is not referred to in the scripture, nevertheless the word itself used in a scriptural manner is the result of that which the revealed scriptures will produce provided we allow it to do so by the grace of God. Consistent or consistency means firmness, no hard places and no soft places–it is the same or agreement, in other words consistent or consistency is always compatible or harmonious.




Consistency harmonizes; take for instance a hundred musical instruments, let each one be in tune and the musicians understand which particular key to play and if qualified musicians are willing to remain in the proper rhythm or timing, what then will you have? YOU WILL HAVE BEAUTIFUL HARMONY OF COURSE! That is why an accordion, stringed instrument, horn, piano or whatever other instrument may be in use, although they can all vary in types giving off different sounds, when they are played and controlled by minds who understand what is being played THEN YOU HAVE HARMONY! That is what music is, the harmony of notes all blended together, however could you imagine a guitar, mandolin, horn or piano out of tune with the other instruments and the group trying to play a certain melody while one is in the key of G and the others in the key of C? There you would have everything but harmony, would you not? You would have produced a most weird sound, a sound that no one could sing by, in fact instead of lifting a bad spirit up, it would put one down on you. There is nothing more weird than having musical instruments playing out of tune. Throw that kind of stuff out the door! IT IS HARMONY, IT IS CONFORMITY that we seek for in music, isn’t it and that holds true also with the scripture. Bring that same principle over in the gospel sense of thinking, only using the word conformity here covers thought. Because the scriptures contain all of God’s thoughts whether he is restoring a previous revelation from apostolic days, one thing is certain GOD WILL NEVER RESTORE A CERTAIN REVELATION OF REVEALED TRUTH TO BRING CONSISTENCY TO ONES HEART, THEN LATER COME ALONG WITH ANOTHER REVELATION AND TEAR IT DOWN OR ANY PART OF THAT WHICH HE HAS PERSONALLY RESTORED FOR PEOPLE TO BELIEVE. You see that would not be consistency and furthermore God has never done such a thing–He just keeps adding to it and completes a harmonious line of thought.




Let us look for a moment at consistency in speech. It is firmness. In other words, it is not projecting something today and then later changing our idea (especially if the first was revealed of God). Consistency shows once you have said it-and by that I do not mean HOW LOUD you uttered it, what I mean is six months from now after you have said it you are still willing to say it again with the same emphasis of thought because after all that is exactly what revealed scripture will produce, CONSISTENCY OF THOUGHT. Therefore it will cause you to speak the same thing today, tomorrow or even six months or six years later because it is the same. See, you are not saying one thing one day (in this case about revealed scripture)and something else entirely different the next time. Consistency will always produce agreement or harmony in so much our testimony or the expression of what we believe whenever we heard it will always be the same with no conflicting ideas or opinions.




Many people feel the scriptures to be a dull subject, nevertheless by the help of the Lord I will show you in this article once the hour comes that your faith has been challenged on the basis of what you believe as a Christian you absolutely are going to have to be able to produce something more than just a mere experience in order to defend your testimony! Let me explain further what I mean and Bride Saint LISTEN CAREFULLY–Satan is not one bit interested in what kind of experience you had when you began the Christian walk, NO he is not concerned or interested in whether you or I lay on the floor so long weeping when we received the Holy Ghost nor is he the slightest bit concerned as to what kind of power we felt surge over and through our body, that is no concern to him at all. Note carefully, I AM NOT BELITTLING WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN TO ANYONE IN THE WAY OF AN EXPERIENCE, I AM SIMPLY SAYING IT IS NOT THE BASIS OF PROOF THAT WILL BE NECESSARY TO CONVINCE SATAN ONCE HE ATTACKS YOUR FAITH! Because sooner or later if Satan can get you to doubt (or stop holding onto )those very scriptures that we as Christians have stood on because we believe (or is causing us to believe) that Jesus did pardon and cleanse our soul from sin and gave us such and such an experience on the basis of His Word, then beloved, if Satan can shake us off those scriptures of revealed truth, we are licked because somewhere in life Satan will so pressure us that we will eventually doubt the very experience itself! Therefore we must above all be able to see it is the precious word of revealed scripture before we stand upon it. That is what produces consistency and shall defeat Satan’s purpose, for note, “that which was accomplished in the believers life throughout the New Testament as they stood firmly and solidly upon that which had been revealed unto their hearts, Satan was never able to shake one of them off–the true foundation”.




Before entering into the scriptures and making what shall be an exhaustive study upon why the Lord of Glory himself, the apostles and early church always confronted, questioned or challenged on their position, so confidently used one source of defense regardless to what situation was at hand, that was the holy revealed scriptures-our question is WHY? What was there about these revealed scriptures that was so dynamic and powerful within their lives that would cause them to use this and only this as the only defense necessary in whatever situation they faced. What about our day, does that which is written in the Bible still hold true for us or must we rely strictly upon something written by others? Why is it so important that we also should rely solely upon that which is written, once having been attacked by Satan? Can the revealed scriptures still be trusted as our only defense against the enemy?


I trust this article shall bring to light why Satan has continually sought through whatever means were available to pull that believing Christian off and away from the written revealed scripture, telling them today they no longer need THAT WHICH IS WRITTEN since having the Revelation of Christ in their lives as was revealed in this end time through a church age messenger they would know we can by no means defeat Satan, we can by no means defend the enemy of our soul unless we stand firmly and committed unto that which is written wherein Paul the Apostle said, and when having done all to stand(stand how? Upon what is written.) STAND THERE CLOTHED IN WHAT IS WRITTEN AND WAVER NOT. (Ephesians. 6:13-14)


Every writer of the New Testament constantly referred back into the revealed scriptures to defend or substantiate his position in whatever he was doing. Yes, beloved it is the revealed Word of God and that alone which is the final test of every challenge, contest or debate, furthermore it is the revelation which brings consistency to the soul of the believer. Yes, it must be remembered true consistency is determined strictly by revelation of the scripture and never through intellectual learning. If the holy scripture that so many are drifting away from in this hour is so important to the believer, being the only weapon that Satan is fearful of, what is there about these writings found in your Bible that would cause the devil, the enemy of our soul to tremble when confronted, seeing he trembles at no other writing? Why is he so fearful only of these particular writings? To learn the answer to this, there are two important scriptures which are most outstanding in showing why the Word of God is given such preeminence over anything else; and why it and it alone is the sole basis of defense whereby we determine all things!!




The Apostle Paul writing to young Timothy (II Timothy 3:16-17) declared all scripture is given by inspiration of God. Note for a moment, that word inspiration, for herein lies the secret. No writer simply picked up a pen one day and decided he would write for God and since scripture is inspired or God breathed, it would have been impossible for man to have gotten God to breathe up on his writing. Paul said scripture came by inspiration. Inspiration is the very thoughts of God Himself, given to the writer who penned the holy scripture, however God did allow that writer to use his own ability and personality in his writing as long as he got the thought of God across–which thought later–God would breathe upon for various ones and the scripture would come alive in them while remaining a dead letter to others. Inspiration is God taking a human vessel and placing into it the very thoughts of God which were to be penned down. The scripture consists of God’s thoughts, in which He transposed to men (holy men of old)who in turn wrote them down for the generation to come.




What is the purpose of these inspired or God breathed writings? Paul tells Timothy, (1) they are profitable for doctrine–yet is it not strange in this day we hear men saying we do not need doctrine because doctrine tends to divide people! Isn’t it pitiful for a generation of people whose very life is so affected by these inspired doctrines of the Bible to feel since doctrine keeps the people divided and being such a hindrance to the organization of one world church, doctrines are the very things we must first get rid of before being able to unite under a one world religion, nevertheless, the Apostle Paul says scriptures are profitable for doctrine (not manmade doctrines). Profitable for doctrine, reproof or rebuke, for correction (correcting errors of man’s teaching bringing them back in line with the inspired God breathed scriptures), for instruction in righteousness (enlightenment-admonishment in Godly living) THAT THE MAN OF GOD MAY BE PERFECT, THOROUGHLY FURNISHED UNTO ALL GOOD WORKS.


In other words the man of God will lack nothing when once he is challenged by the enemy, he will be fully equipped with a weapon more deadly than anything known in the apostle’s day (or even in our day). The deadliest weapon known in that day was the two-edged sword. Yet the writer of Hebrews said the Word of God (revealed scripture) is quick and more powerful and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow. (Wm. Trans. piercing even to the depths of soul and spirit, to the dividing of joints and marrow)and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. ( Wm’s translation says passing judgement on the thoughts and intents of the heart). Do you know of any weapon today more deadly than this living sword? The inspired or God breathed word of life? Heb:4:12, No other creature shall escape his sight! Hence, we are now more able to see how the inspired God breathed Word is by far the most deadly weapon known to Satan.


It is the only thing he fears. Why, because it is God’s weapon and he who can skillfully handle this weapon shall always be able to successfully defeat Satan when challenged. However, without this weapon, those revealed scriptures that have become alive, the Bride of Christ has no weapon. She is defenseless and would be defeated!


Is there any wonder Satan’s agents or those unskilled in the Word of Truth would attempt to instruct the little Bride of Christ that there are other writings today far more effective for this hour than the inspired scriptures? Those scriptures were for Paul’s day, we have been given something else (they say) THAT IS NOT TRUE! Without the inspired scriptures the SAINTS OF GOD ARE DEFEATED AS A DEFENSELESS NATION COMING UP AGAINST A MIGHTY TRAINED ARMY WHICH HAS IN ITS POSSESSION EVERY MODERN WEAPON KNOWN TODAY. Without these God breathed holy scriptures as our defense, Satan would sling every Bride saint to the four winds! Do you possibly think you will jab him with some statement made by the prophet and it will frighten him? NEVER!! You cannot arm yourself with mere statements! Without the Holy scriptures revealed, man has nothing to build himself a defense or a bulwark against Satan! Because of the various ideas and opinions on scripture of denominational religion that was never inspired but only intended to confuse the mind of sincere honest-hearted people. God therefore sent unto this end time a Seventh Church Age Messenger who filled the office of a Prophet to restore us back to that which was written and taught by the apostles of old who were the fathers of the New Testament faith. In other words, why would he who filled that office, during his entire lifetime continually cry, BACK TO THE WORD, BACK TO WHAT IS WRITTEN, BACK TO APOSTOLIC DOCTRINES, BACK TO THE EARLY CHURCH? Why, because he knew without the revelation of that which is written we have no defense against the enemy and therefore Satan would come upon us as a storm whenever he pleases and there is nothing we can do about it and for any person to begin to walk in this end time revelation and refuse to go all the way back to the scriptures and refuse to allow the revelation of truth in this hour to lead them all the way back into the scriptures whereby they might be able individually to stand upon that which is written, it would have been better had they never even started, for God will definitely hold them accountable for having made the start into truth, yet not having gone all the way. (Heb. 10:38)




How often have I heard people refuse to accept from the scriptures that which was God inspired solely upon the grounds that the Prophet to the Laodician Church age just happened not to mention it. THIS IS BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD AND HIS INSPIRED GOD-BREATHED WRITTEN WORD seeing that it was holy men of old who God himself said penned the thoughts of God! To say, I do not believe something that is plainly written and established in the word of God simply because the prophet to the age did not mention it–is to spit in God’s face !! Have you never heard or read where the prophet church age messenger to this age himself boldly declared that no true prophet of God could ever contradict or annul the writings or the words of another true inspired prophet of God (Seal Book Pg. 149)?


Beloved, the sole purpose of God for this end time people was to restore them unto that which was written by holy men of old and he who continues walking in the revelation delivered in this hour shall one day find himself placed back solidly, firmly, uncompromisingly, unapologetically upon the infallible written inspired (God Breathed)word of God. Therefore, let no man ever tell you we do not need the written word of God in this hour !! Nothing could destroy your soul more quickly than to believe such a thing as that when the hour comes that you are challenged by the enemy upon your faith and why you believe what you do! Satan will only laugh in your face if you cannot do as the Lord Jesus in flesh, his apostles and early church did—-STAND FIRMLY UPON THE REVEALED, WRITTEN, INFALLIBLE, GOD BREATHED SCRIPTURES!


All revealed scripture is for that very purpose whereby in the end we shall all come out as a finished product of God. Did not Christ say unto Satan, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God?


When I see that, it begins to place within my soul even a deeper appreciation for this precious old book called the Bible. Oh, yes, they will come along and tell you all kinds of fantastic stories about why you shouldn’t rely upon the Word of God today. Yet I want you to know in the final analysis when you lie down at night to rest, be sure to make the word of God your spiritual pillow, let the precious revealed, inspired, living word of God be the meditation of your thoughts while lying there drifting off to sleep.




Yes, beloved Satan fears that revealed Word of God secondly because of who was used in writing it. We note according to II Peter 1:20-21 after Paul was given unto the ministry his feelings toward the holy scriptures as to whose word it is and why God gave it, we further note how the Holy Spirit inspired the Apostle Peter to further emphasize upon the importance of the scriptures showing they and they alone can only be the final say to any problem, discussion or defense. Paul has shown how all the holy writings are inspired (God breathed) and under the direction and inspiration of the Spirit of God he inspired men to write ( not man’s idea’s) but God’s living thoughts! Naturally these men were permitted to express that inspired word in their own terminology, nevertheless it conveyed in writings the very thoughts of God who in his own time and through inspiration would reveal the written word to his chosen people of each hour.


It is here in II Peter 1:20-21 that Peter comments still further concerning this inspiration of writings or speaking for God, he begins by saying, know this first that no prophecy of the scripture is (or was) of any private interpretation meaning no one simply put down their own individual ideas of the prophecy. The entire Old Testament or Word of God was written in a spirit of prophecy and note furthermore how that prophecy fell into three categories–Past, Present and Future.




Malachi’s prophecy will be sufficient to use as an illustration of how the prophet of God stood in the present, speaking to the people, reaching into the future and back into the past with, his prophecy. Mal. 1:7, present tense prophecy—-Mal. 3:1, future tense prophecy—–Mal. 3:7, past tense and also present tense prophecy. You see that is God’s way of concealing his plan and that is why the prophets of old having the Spirit of Christ within them Peter said, could see these things there in the scripture pertain to the grace age, though they searched diligently, were unable to put them together. Yes, it was so mysterious they themselves did not understand and no doubt would wonder–what made me say that? Yet over in Peter’s writings, the Holy Spirit is saying why they would say this though they did not understand it.


Knowing this first of all, Peter says, that no prophecy of the scriptures is of any private interpretation, for the prophecy came not in old times by the will of man (this proves the idea you are standing upon as a Christian did not originate from man’s ideas. No man simply said I think I will speak for God–NO SIR! No man could possibly write something that at a later time by inspiration could be made alive and a living thing in the hearts of men. That holy man of old may have gone six months and received nothing, he may have even gone longer when suddenly the Spirit of the Lord would come upon him. Regardless to where he may have been at the time, you would see his feet carrying him somewhere where he would be able to write it all down. And remember the Holy Spirit said as this man wrote, he wrote only as he was moved by the Spirit of God; Inspired by the Spirit of God to write the very living thoughts of God. As that inspiration took over his mental faculties he spoke or wrote as moved on by the Spirit.


Sometimes God would send Jeremiah down to the Lord’s house to speak to those people THUS SAITH THE LORD , Unto Isaiah he might have inspired him to pick up the pen and write. Regardless to how it was, prophecy of scripture was never written simply by the will of men–it was never man who chose to say such and such a thing at a certain time, it was always God who did it! Therefore as God did this using only man to write it, once he had sent it, it would take the revelation or interpretation of these things to come alive (as God breathed the breath of life on that written word), as God himself willed or chose to make certain things known at certain periods of scripture will never become alive to anyone’s heart until first the Holy Ghost breathes on the letter of the word.




In this article we choose to show how Christ, His Apostles and that early church stood firmly, unmoveable upon only that which was written by inspired men of old. We are going to see the confidence that these placed in what was written and why we in this hour, having been restored to that same original apostolic gospel, must also stand just as firmly and committed unto that which was written. Out of Paul’s and Peter’s writings we have clearly seen what the written scriptures are all about, how they came to us etc. Now we will examine men’s position in how they stood so dedicated and committed to that which was written by these holy men of old, by inspired men holding gifted offices and not some Ph.D. or D.D. writings—-you see there is a vast difference. Furthermore, we are instructed by the Apostle Paul that we are to study these inspired writings allowing the Holy Ghost to breathe the breath of life upon them for us in order to show ourselves approved unto God (not to become some religious fanatic, not to go off on the deep end but rightly dividing the Word of Truth; studying to show ourselves approved unto God and realizing that the true interpretation of the scripture can never come to any of us through carnal interpretation of man’s ability, but as it was written by the spirit, so must the true interpretation of what was written be given by that same Spirit!




In order to see how we in this hour who have been restored to an apostolic revelated gospel should know how to stand upon what is written. Let us examine lives, ministries, churches of the New Testament day, who set the example before us standing uncompromisingly on what is written as the only defense for their position. First we examine the confidence placed in what was written by that wonderful personality called Jesus of Nazareth. A short time prior to this setting in Matt. 4, Jesus had been announced unto the followers of John the Baptist as the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world. Recall, we are studying the following passages of scripture to determine just what emphasis the early disciples, including the Lord himself actually placed upon the Holy Scriptures, which had been inspired of God and written by holy men of old. Whereby we ourselves in this hour may know and understand the position which we also are to take with the Holy Scriptures. I am sure we shall soon discover they are something more to be used than just in a devotional period wherein we might be blessed and whether or not we should be looking for another or something else in our hour to take the place of the Holy Scriptures. That is to say something else that could hold equal position as to that of the Holy Scriptures for the Bride. When we finish this article I am sure you will see that God has never authorized anything for his Bride people to take the place of the Holy Inspired Scriptures.




After John had baptized and introduced Jesus unto his followers as the Christ, the Lamb of God, the Prophet spoken by Moses in Deut. 18, we note Jesus, who is about to enter into the living word ministry of an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher, is awaiting in the desert beyond Jericho for Satan. The scripture says he has waited for approximately 40 days. He was led there by the Spirit into the wilderness, sometime after his baptism, for a severe Word test and I want to point out to each reader to note carefully his only position of defense for who He was and why He did what He was doing WAS THAT WRITTEN WORD! Recall, at this time no flesh had ever been a match for Satan seeing that no one had actually stood uncompromisingly without any revelation solely upon the Word of God. It must be clearly understood that Jesus in His match with Satan was not defending His position before the arch enemy of mankind because He was the Son of God, the Great I Am, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Mighty God (Isaiah 9:6) yet as it is clearly indicated in the written Word, He was all of this. He who had fasted for 40 days undoubtedly preparing Himself (with great hunger) for His very first temptation with the enemy of man’s soul, stood strictly and uncompromisingly upon only one thing as His defense-THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD!


If there is one thing this man whom I believe filled the office of the Laodician messenger Rev. 3:14, Rev. 10:7, Mal. 4:5-6 (B-Part)taught to this end time people. It was above all the importance of believing, trusting, relying and standing firmly, uncompromisingly upon the revealed Word of God, as one’s sole authority! How often did he refer to Mother Eve as the perfect example as the one who refused to stand on, believe and trust in the precious Word of God which is Eternal Life, and how often did he say because she failed to believe in all the word and doubted just one word or one part, look what she led Adam and all the seed of mankind into-DEATH!


Beloved, it is death to doubt the authority of any part of the Word of God. We should not only be filled with the revealed scriptures because they produce the stimulation of the new wine, but even more so the stimulation should cause us to know that which is written is the final authority in every decision, dispute, settlement of discussion. In other words, it has always been and will always remain man’s sole defense for his soul’s position as illustrated at first by the Lord of Glory who met Satan face to face in the desert, standing upon what had been written.


Jesus Christ who is our perfect example (I Peter 2:21) of all that God expects of man, never hesitated for one moment to use as his sole defense against Satan THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD. Never once did HE waver from its authority, therefore I say unto you the end time Bride people WAKE UP, GET BACK IN LINE WITH THAT WHICH GOD WAS SO GRACIOUS TO RESTORE AN END TIME PEOPLE UNTO! GET BACK TO THE AUTHORITY OF THE SCRIPTURES AS SATAN WILL LISTEN TO NOTHING ELSE! STUDY PRAYERFULLY TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED OF GOD WHEREIN WHEN THAT HOUR OF ATTACK BY THE ENEMY DOES COME UPON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO WAS MAN JUST AS YOU ARE A MAN, AS A BELIEVER WILL BE ABLE TO SAY, WITH JESUS—-SATAN IT IS WRITTEN!!!! Was it not that which was written which caused Jesus, Peter and the early disciples, Paul, Bro. Branham along with all true devoted saints of God to stand so firmly unwavering and dedicated unto the sole authority of the REVEALED SCRIPTURES? Be able to say with them all–SATAN IT IS WRITTEN and be able to stand upon what has been written.


All the four gospels had something to say concerning Jesus dispute with Satan and how by the Word or what is written Jesus defeated him in the desert, overlooking Jericho after his 40 day fast. Nevertheless, it is only Matthew who records all the three temptations that Christ confronted and defeated by WHAT IS WRITTEN. Matt.4:1-21. How exciting it is to watch this setting of a man weakened in the flesh through a lengthy fast as He prepares His heart to meet the challenger, yet what is more exciting is how Jesus of Nazareth who was the Word made flesh, John 1:14, the Son of the Holy Spirit, Matt. 1:20, defeated Satan all because he rested solely upon THAT WHICH WAS WRITTEN.


Are we aware of how much was actually at stake during this contest? Are we aware that all mankind rested upon what Jesus would do and say once he met Satan, the challenger in the wilderness? Have you ever thought what would have happened if Jesus, who the scripture says had become very hungry after 40 days, would have used, His power and authority to obey the tempter and turn the stones into bread in order to feed His hungry flesh? Surely it was a great temptation unto Him, being so hungry. Note first of all, what was hungry and what it was being tempted, not God who was the Holy Spirit living in Christ. Certainly not, God does not get hungry unless it would be to fellowship with you or hungry to see us walk with Him in the beauty of His holiness. It was the flesh of man, the Christ man that had become hungry! The first Adam had fallen, it is now up to the second Adam who is being tempted in the desert and who uses as His only defense as to why HE won’t do a certain thing, THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD. As a man our perfect example, the second Adam shows to Satan, God expects man to overcome his tempter and temptation by WHAT HAS BEEN WRITTEN by inspired holy men of old. We note as the tempter approaches Christ, he who in no way as Eve, began carrying on a conversation with her tempter, No Sir, in all three temptations, which take on various forms ,yet in all three cases, dealt strictly with the power, authority and calling of Christ into the earth. Yet in each case Christ answered him with WHAT IS WRITTEN and answered him in such a way that Satan knew he would never get Jesus to vary even the slightest from that WHICH HAD BEEN WRITTEN. Because he could not get him to vary from THAT WHICH HAD BEEN WRITTEN as his sole authority of defense against Satan, Satan for the first time was defeated by a man and the defeat came only because that one man had stood uncompromisingly upon what was written. Remember what was written had carried the thoughts of God, not the thoughts of man, not mere statements of what man believed himself, or what he thought God would like or dislike. Christ could never have stood upon that! Therefore Jesus was showing that man’s only authority, his only protection in a spiritual battle against the evil one would be that he must stand clothed as his only defense in what has been written in the Holy inspired scriptures. The apostles and the early church followed Jesus their example perfectly in that same manner of defense as we shall later see, therefore showing that we too must follow that same example. We further note, that Satan could in no wise move the early church off of WHAT WAS WRITTEN any more than he could move the Lord Jesus off of WHAT WAS WRITTEN. The one thing those guards of the early five-fold ministry were committed to was teaching the church it’s only defense was to stand upon (WHAT WAS WRITTEN),therefore we see Satan was forced to wait the death of the first round of ministry, before he could even begin to impress or inspire any of the church to begin to shift their position on what was written. Truly Jesus who had defeated Satan upon the sole grounds of what was written by those holy men of old before and after His death (as He continued His ministry in the lives of His disciples by the Spirit, Acts 2:1-4 had pressed upon the believers the value of standing uncompromisingly upon WHAT IS WRITTEN in order to keep error out of the church or body of Christ as she began her earthly journey.





I don’t think there is any problem in us now seeing why Satan would desperately attempt through every means possible to sway the true end time believer off the written word of the holy scriptures because to do so, would leave them with no defense against him and without being able to stand upon what is written by those holy men of old, the end time people could never firmly establish themselves upon what is written.


Yes, we note in Matt. 4, Jesus stood as firmly upon what is written in the inspired scripture by those holy men of old that Satan never put up any argument, but simply turned unto another form of temptation, still trying to sway the Son of God off that revealed scripture. However, Satan soon realized he was dealing with a humble individual filled with humility and full of far too much of what is written for him to be able to handle and for the first time in his career he has encountered a human being, a man who was so determined to stand upon what was written, what had been inspired of God. That after a few desperate, unsuccessful tries to get Him off of WHAT WAS WRITTEN, he leaves Christ and the scriptures say angels came and ministered unto Him. Undoubtedly, they rejoiced over His victory with the scriptures because now mankind would have a Savior. A Savior who had defeated the devil. He as Deity had stood against that which had been created in the beginning. The pride of Lucifer became the evil one rebelling against God, leading out a third part of angels with him. No beloved, Jesus did not defeat Satan on what HE was or who He was, He defeated Satan as a man who had no other defense against the evil one, other than that of the WRITTEN WORD OF GOD! Satan was absolutely defeated only by the stand taken of a man who used as his only defense the scriptures that had been written by holy men of old.




For temptation number one, Christ gracefully used Deut. 8:3 to defeat this temptation. Christ, though very hungry in body was more dedicated to Deut 8:3 than He was to eat.


Temptation 2: Rather than to be outdone at this point, Satan approaches temptation No. 2 feeling perhaps I can’t get Him to turn stone into bread to feed His hungry flesh, seeing this man thinks he is the son of God using scriptures on me. I will give him a verse of scripture—-you see, Satan knows the scripture also, like so many others, he does not know how to place them whereby they would be effective. Hear Satan saying, Oh, you pull scriptures on me, huh. You aren’t the only one who knows what is written–I know what is written. Therefore we note, round two will be a battle with the two using scriptures. Verse 5, taking Jesus into the holy city he stood Him upon the pinnacle of the temple (that little wing, the highest point) and said if you be the Son of God cast yourself down for the scripture says (note Satan using scripture) Psalms 91:11-12. “He shall give his angels charge over you and they will bear you up on their hands so you will never strike your foot against a stone. However, watch Jesus come back at him”,(still using the scripture as the final authority to what he says). Jesus uses Deut.6:16, again the scripture says: Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. Although Satan had quoted a scriptural passage, he naturally had taken it out of context and Christ knew this, therefore Christ came back at him with another scripture to offset his plot. Scripture used in proper setting will not and can never under any circumstances contradict any other part of the scripture. The only time scripture will contradict is when it is misused or misapplied. Nevertheless, without the revelation of Christ on the inspired scriptures they will constantly clash and contradict in various places. Here is one for instance that has caused theologians to scratch their heads over for centuries, Matt.28:19 and Acts 2:38, yet through the revelation of Christ which the early church had, including the apostles. Matt.28:19 and Acts 2:38 blend beautifully. Without the revelation–they clash. God meant for the scriptures to work this way. His revelation is what keeps them from clashing. Carnal minds examines them and sees a contradiction.


Temptation No.3-Satan will in no wise attempt to use scripture and seeks to stay clear from the scriptures as far as possible, even as he seeks to persuade people in this hour to do the same. Nevertheless, Christ continues to stand firmly in each case upon what is written, not upon his Deity, but upon what the holy scriptures say. In the 2nd temptation Christ was carried to the tiptop of the holy temple, however, in temptation no. 3, he was carried upon a high mountain, verse 8, and shown all the kingdoms of the world (and their splendor) note no. 3 has to do with worship. All of this I will give you, if you will fall down upon your knees(just once)and worship me. Truly no doubt, this was a great temptation for Christ, knowing his flesh must die a shameful, agonizing death on a cruel cross. To regain all of this when Satan is offering it to Him, if He will bow His knee only once. What a rebuke it is to those who are always seeking the easy way out or doing a thing simply because it benefits them regardless to what it would do to the program of God. Turning to the scriptures once again for his final basis of defense, “Christ says, Begone Satan,” for the scripture says (Deut. 6:13) “You must worship the Lord thy God and serve Him alone.” Satan is now convinced that he cannot defeat Jesus because he can’t get him away from what is written. Not even when he attempted to trick him in the second temptation using a scripture taken out of context, for had the scripture been applied in its proper place, Christ could never have struck Satan with another scripture . For when correctly interpreted, scripture blends with scripture, revelation with revelation, always adding to–but never fighting against.




Therefore, seeing how the Son of God laid such extreme importance and heavy emphasis as his sole defense upon WHAT IS WRITTEN to defeat Satan, We follow Christ out into His public ministry to see as He is challenged time and again if the scripture still remained his sole authority. Will he continue to treat what has been written by holy men of old with that same high respect as he did in the wilderness facing his own temptation? Will it remain to be the final say throughout his ministry, or shall He turn to other sources of defense? We shall see! Recall our purpose in doing so, is that we of the end time Bride people should know as to what stand we are to take, whether we rely solely upon revealed scripture, or something else as the basis for our salvation and hope of eternal life. Beloved, concerning those days that lie ahead we must so seek the Lord with our whole heart in order to get our faith anchored and settled so deeply in this precious revealed scripture written by men of old that nothing could possibly shake us on WHAT IS WRITTEN in revealed scripture which has been shown to us by the Holy Ghost through his end time servant, prophet, church age messenger who brought a revelation which was needed to place us back in the apostolic truth of that early church who stood so gallantly and loyally upon what is written in order to defeat the enemy. That message we heard delivered by a prophet at this end time carried within it a revelation of scripture whereby we could get our minds and our faith solidly back in the written word of God, using that same powerful revelation given to that early church, as a deadly weapon of defense against Satan. Wherein we could defend our position also with revealed scripture. Furthermore, we trust when this article is finished you may even have a better understanding as to what God has and has not done in this hour to bring a people back upon the written word of God for their sole defense. Beloved, that is why it is vitally important that we search the scriptures and recall, the word search doesn’t indicate one hurries through something and claim there has been a search made.





Did Christ continue to use the scripture as His only defense after the desert scene or was He now qualified to use something other than the written scriptures for defense? Let me assure you that never once did Christ nor His apostles ever defend their position with anything other than the holy scriptures. Never did they say, I had such and such an experience or I have had a vision therefore it qualifies me. It was always the revealed scriptures they stood upon in the face of critics and agnostics.


Turning now into St. John 5:37-39, Jesus is found speaking to some Pharisees who have begun to develop certain questions in their minds concerning him. “The father himself which has sent me hath borne witness of me, you have neither heard his voice at any time nor seen his shape (why, because he is a Spirit) and ye have not his (revealed) word abiding in you; for whom he has sent, him ye believe not.” Note who is speaking. The very Messiah of whom the scriptures had testified. Christ having begun to perform a few works and had spoken a few things, has not greatly aroused their curiosity concerning himself. Such questions arise was who are you, and who gave you authority to do these things: Why are you tearing to pieces our religious structure? Why teacheth thou contrary to all Moses taught? Outwardly it did appear that they seeing Jesus healed on the Sabbath etc., that He was opposed to Moses teaching, yet He wasn’t. Christ was only the fulfillment, he was the revelatory part of it and surely if they couldn’t see the revelatory part of the written word, by all means they were certain to miss it all by trying to follow it from a natural standpoint. Therefore, Jesus was prompted in verse 39 to remark search the scriptures.


Why? Because it has already been stated and is proven once again here, the final test to every question is the inspired scriptures.


For it is in them, ye think ye have eternal life but Jesus said, they are they which testify of me. Notice, Christ knew somewhere in their searching the scriptures, they had missed the very key to its understanding and therefore having missed the very key which was necessary, He knew Eternal Life was far from their grasp or understanding. Therefore all he says unto them is, search the scriptures for in them ye think ye have Eternal Life, but they are they which testify of me. The scriptures, Christ says, speak so loudly concerning me and yet you are unable to recognize what they are saying! Therefore beloved, it is important we note here that Christ, before the Pharisees, left it all up to the basis of the scriptures to be their final decision concerning him. Yes, the sacred scriptures written by holy men of old are most important as the final proof of all things.


Let us observe another time where Jesus again uses scriptures or that which is written as his final decision among the people. John 7:37 shows us again the people had gotten into another dispute over something that had happened concerning his ministry. This time it is the last day of the great feast in the temple and Jesus stood and cried saying if any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink. Naturally, with the interpretation to this which John added years later, it is easy for us to understand what Christ is speaking of, however had we been there that day and not known the explanation to his statement we may have been as dumbfounded as the Jews who heard him when he said, “if any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink, for he that believeth on me as the scripture hath said out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water” (no explanation follows)! He has only stated they who believe on Him as the holy written scriptures have indicated. Naturally they being void of spiritual understanding had never heard a man speak on this fashion before. Concerning this one whom they all felt had been born of fornication he sounded to them like some quack–whoever heard such —- if any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink. Who does he think he is? Why he has no water bucket and telling us to come and drink if we are thirsty. Where would he get water? (See that is how carnal people get things) telling us if we are thirsty to come to him to drink– no bucket or anything to draw water with and to think him standing here in the temple. You see all Jesus had said was, he that believeth on me as the scripture hath said, (note how he brought the scriptures into the picture) out of his belly shall flow living water.


Can’t you just hear them saying, “Sure don’t want that to happen to me.” My, how carnal some people become in their attempt to interpret scripture, yet he was saying it in that manner and putting it into a language so they wouldn’t miss it, provided they had any revelation as to what was written. However, note it was many years later before John under the inspiration of the Spirit ever picked up that incident, recording it in his letter and added, but this spake He of the Spirit which they that believed on Him should receive, for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because Christ had not yet been glorified. See, beloved, that is the part that was added years later. One mind receives it while another doesn’t, yet note Christ left his defense of statement entirely up to the scriptures that had been written and furthermore we note that once he moved away from the crowd, they as always entered into the great discussion and dispute over him.


Many of the people therefore when they heard this (about living water flowing out of their innermost being)said and get this, of a truth this is the prophet (referred to by Moses in Deut.18 that should be sent to Israel and they must all hear him). Others said, (No), this is the Christ.


Again note, how pathetic carnal understanding is toward the scriptures. These people saying this is the Christ differing with those who said this the prophet, were unable to link up Deut. 18 with all the other scriptures given by these other prophets concerning his messiahship. Yes, they were totally incapable of seeing how these scriptures interlocked, referring to one and the self same person! And without the revelation, that new wine of stimulation, one is totally incapable of ever seeing this as well as other things. One said this man is that prophet, another said no–he is the Christ, yet watch what still another group had to say at the feast, who couldn’t accept him as the Christ because of their carnal interpretation of the scriptures.


How shall Christ come out of Galilee, they asked? In other words, they knew this man had come out of Galilee and had been reared in Nazareth. With certain scriptures in mind without revelation they asked, can Christ come out of Galilee? Does not the scriptures say Christ cometh from the seed of David, and out of the town of Bethlehem (referring to Micah 5:2 where David was? True, this group also was using the scriptures. Yet were wrestling with them having no spiritual knowledge or revelation as to where and how to place these particular scriptures. Don’t forget what we are discussing —- it is the authority of the WRITTEN WORD OF GOD. Scripture is the basis of all true revelation, and once through inspiration of the scriptures you have gotten them all lined up perfectly or rightly divided, you will then be able to build a framework for your faith, wherein once you retire for sleep at night Satan can hound your soul all he pleases and you will be able to say, “devil beat on me all you want, throw all the darts you please, because I have a framework that can stand the test”. Yes, you will be able to say with the Apostle Paul, I know in whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day. Did you hear what Paul said he was resting upon? It is most important that you note Paul was not simply living off the experience he had when struck down on the Damascus Road. No, he wasn’t living off the experience of seeing a brilliant light. It wasn’t his testimony that God had brought him into this or that on which he was resting. When Paul lay down to sleep he rested upon one fact, “God had given him a revelation of the written scripture and it was the written inspired word of God causing him to be able to say wherever he went —- IT IS WRITTEN!


To the Galatians we hear him saying (Gal. 1:11) I signify unto you therefore brethren that the gospel which I preach unto you, I learned it not of men. God had allowed Paul to look down through the written scriptures and because he had been called to be an apostle to the gentiles, God had given him other revelations which began to unfold mysteries which God had concealed in his Old Testament writings and beloved once that beautiful picture began to unfold before Paul we hear him declaring before the Ephesians, Eph. 3:5, the things that had been hidden to men of other ages God hath now made know unto his holy apostles and prophets by his Spirit!


Therefore it is important to note concerning the people who always heard Jesus or confronted him over that which had created a question in their minds how it was always by the scriptures he answered them leaving the scriptures to be the final basis of his defense.


Furthermore we note the pathetic situation which always is among the people who discussed him in the light of their own understanding of the scriptures as some would say he is that prophet, others would say he is the Christ. Scripture never fails to show the pathetic situation of those who were unable to take the scripture and place them together whereby they might see their interlinking revelatory aspect, therefore they would say, he can’t be the Christ because the scriptures say the Christ comes out of the city of David in Bethlehem and this man came out of Galilee etc. Poor pathetic people, unable to place the scriptures in their proper prospective because as it was written under the inspiration of the Spirit so must it be revealed and come into perfect alignment by that same Spirit to get the perfect picture. Yes, we are dealing with this picture to try and show you no matter what hour of history (of the early church) whenever an issue arose or whatever was at stake the scriptures always became the final analysis unto him who had an ear to hear what the Spirit said unto the church. Scripture always became the final test for every man’s idea and revelation and so must it also be today!




Note how Christ even after his resurrection, in defense of his position concerning the resurrection, used nothing before his disciples, but revealed scripture and it is revealed scripture that always brings the consistency to the true believer. Luke 24:25-27 pictures Christ after his resurrection rebuking his disciples for their unbelief. “Oh, fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets hath spoke; (Note how Christ referred to the Word of God declaring before the disciples how they should have believed all the scriptures showed concerning how Christ must suffer these things and enter into his glory. Appearing before his disciples after his resurrection on the third day allowing them to take a close look upon his person, it was so hard for them to believe what they were seeing. To some no doubt it was merely a myth or something, however, note what Christ does, he doesn’t start reminding them it was him who walked on the water and raised the dead, fed the five thousand etc., no, he simply takes the scriptures and aligns them up for his disciples. In other words, he uses no other defense for that which has happened unto him than the holy scriptures themselves. “And beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded unto them all that the scriptures had declared concerning himself and the crucifixion.”


After he had placed all these scriptures in proper order, they were better able to understand what happened and why. No never did he approach his disciples by simply saying, Boys, don’t you remember the day we were on the Sea of Galilee and I calmed the waters; Peter, don’t you remember how I allowed you to walk on the sea; don’t you all recall the different times the dead were raised; don’t you remember on a certain day we did such and such– what good would that have done? That would never have cleared the cobwebs of confusion what had happened and why. Oh Praise God, what reasoning would never do, revealed scripture did! True, they were with him when all these things were accomplished, as a matter of fact they were also with him as he hung on the cross and life expired from his flesh and it was because of their failure to understand all of this as it appeared that all hope was gone and great discouragement was faced as to the outcome of all this therefore they had scattered everyone to his own way. Why? Simply because they had not understood the revealed scriptures. Now, in their minds were such questions as, have we followed the right one, have we been deceived? Yet standing before them is Christ raised from the dead and it so startled their very faith and their confidence had been so shaken, they wondered—– Am I seeing things, what I see before me, is it real? No, Christ never used one single event of the past to prove his resurrection unto His bewildered disciples. All He did was take the scriptures from Moses and the other prophets and brought them down the line expounding to them all the things pertaining to himself written in the scriptures by holy men of old., and beloved, it is only the scriptures in their proper understanding that can be the final test and bring consistency unto the believer once they are laid out properly..




All that Christ ever used in defending any part of his ministry before a skeptic or a believer was nothing other than the scriptures for which he also used to defeat Satan in the wilderness. In Matt. 11:2 we see where Christ used only scripture to console John the Baptist who awaited execution in prison. Recall the day John was placed in prison because he denounced Herod for living in adultery? Yes, it was this same John who earlier, confidently, had announced the advent of Christ from the Jordan banks, declaring to his followers, Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world. My, what a great revelation John had received as it had been given unto him as a special sign how the one he saw, the spirit of God descend upon and remain would be the one announced as the Lamb of God. I repeat, John knew because of the inspiration of the Spirit who had given him this sign to know and recognize the Christ once he had come before him and on the basis of what God had shown John, he announced Jesus of Nazareth, his own cousin as the Lamb of God! However, now we find a different setting. John is no longer on the banks of Jordan preaching under the mighty anointing of God; John is not under the great anointing of the Holy Spirit as he had been months ago preaching the gospel declaring to the people he was not the Christ nor was he even worthy to unlatch his shoes! John is now in an entirely different setting for he is in prison and we pick up the story where he calls several of his disciples to go and inquire of that man Jesus whom he had announced to the world as the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world, “Are you the one we look for or do we look for another?” As another translation declares; or should we keep on looking for a different one?


The implication of the Greek word different- means another different in quality. Matt. 11:3. Beloved, I want you to know this John on whom the spirit of Elijah rested was a man just like anyone else and once he got in prison Satan had made him doubt perhaps his own vision of how to recognize the Christ as he had no actual scripture he could cling to as Satan battled his thoughts. Inspiration and revelation when linked together can make one as bold as a lion; how ever, once there comes a time when your own personal life is at stake as it was with John, Satan will attack your mind to test your revelation and your belief and don’t you think for a moment that this man in whom the spirit of Elijah had rested in order to fulfill the A part of Mal. 4:5-6 (as indicated in Luke 1:17)that John did not have his testing time as well as all the others. Therefore John sends his disciples to ask Jesus, are you the one we look for or do we look for another? OH, I hope this rings deep in your soul. John who had stood so boldly on the river bank of Jordan declaring Jesus of Nazareth, his own cousin, to be God’s lamb to take away the sins of the world definitely had not made such an announcement on the basis of some physical appearance of Jesus—- a thousand times NO!


This had only been announced because of a supernatural sign wherein he had previously been told before how he would identify this man. However, now he is in prison and not under that mighty anointing and inspiration– what had gone wrong with his first revelation? Here as he sits in prison he is just plain John. God has about finished with him, that doesn’t mean God doesn’t still love him -it simply means he has almost completed his commission. Sitting alone in prison he is now beginning to question his own personal revelation, yet let us note, the assurance that Jesus sends unto John which brings such consistency, he doesn’t fret any more over the situation.


John’s disciples no doubt traveled quite a distance to find Jesus, nevertheless, they found him preaching to the multitudes and they saw the lame walk, the blind made to see, the deaf ears unstopped and no doubt the dead raised and most of all Jesus preaching the gospel. Later when they caught Jesus silent for a moment they worked their way up to him and asked a question. Rabbi (teacher) we have a question to ask you. John wants to know, are you the one we look for or do we look for another? Note Jesus’ answer, he didn’t say, you go back and tell John, of course I am the one, what is wrong with him? Doesn’t he remember I am the one he announced on the riverbank that day? No, of course not. He did not approach the situation in any such manner. Instead, as always he pointed them to the scripture ( in Isaiah) you return to John and tell him the things you saw. Beloved, these men had caught a revelation, they had something and because of what they saw they will be able to encourage John’s heart.


Tell him how you saw the blind made to see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the dumb made to speak, and more over, how the gospel was preached to the poor. These disciples of John knew fully well this was the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy, the Spirit of the Lord is upon him and he opened the blinded eyes etc. No other defense was used by Christ other than the revealed scriptures that bring consistency and watch how when they return to John declaring to him you don’t have a thing to worry about because we saw scripture fulfilled before our very eyes as we never saw it before. Old John in his heart, praising God, no doubt said Lord I have fulfilled your mission and I know I will be coming home soon, Hallelujah! John knew he was finished, he had delivered his message and was ready to go whenever the Lord was ready to take him. Isn’t he wonderful? Revealed scriptures are not only the final test in every situation, they also bring consistency to the believer.




Jesus has now left the scene in our next setting. Therefore we might ask the question once again, as we approach the setting of the early church. In their hour of test will they change from the holy scriptures as their sole defense for their action or teaching or will they approach the situation from another viewpoint? Do they desert the scripture as the final test in the hour of crisis? The answer is NO! Turning now unto the birth of the church in Acts 2 we find approximately 120 disciples who have been in an upper chamber for ten days. The Holy Ghost has descended to give birth to the church and send it forth into the earth for its long earthly journey.


A hundred and twenty people are sent into the street to testify and witness. Truly they have received a mighty experience in that upper room, an experience which granted them much boldness, they had heard the wind blow, they had seen licks of fire as it sat upon each of them; they had felt sensations never before as the power of God surged through their very being and they all began to speak in other languages as the Spirit had given them ability to do so. Early in the morning they had come into the streets acting exactly like drunk people although remaining sane and sensible in their outlook. The early morning hour saw the streets of Jerusalem filled with devout Jews who had traveled from every major nation or country surrounding Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish feast of Pentecost, a yearly ritual and note God had kept the 120 shut away from the public until he was ready to fulfill the very thing to which this natural, yearly ritual had always pointed. On that very day which God had given to the natural Jew for his natural observance of Pentecost, in that upper room sitting around unaware that anything was about to happen as it did, were 120 disciples. Recall Jesus had mentioned not one thing to them about hearing the wind blow or the possibility of seeing licks of fire sitting upon each of them, his only instruction had been to tarry in Jerusalem until they be endued with power from on high and beloved here it came inside their very being and they began to utter other languages etc,. Having become so anointed and stimulated on that new wine of the Spirit so enthused, so blessed they could no longer remain in the upper room therefore into the streets they came acting as drunk men. Once they began to move about in the crowded streets, staggering and speaking in other languages certain men of various nationalities began to understand what they were saying because it was the very language of the nation wherein they had been born! Can’t you just imagine the hustle and bustle of that early morning hour as different Jewish women go from place to place with their kettles etc., and those orthodox Jews dressed out in all their paraphernalia. Truly God had prepared for them a great audience. Naturally, you know what was happening. In your mind you know where they had been for ten days, but what if you had been in that group who didn’t know what had just happened and you saw 120 people acting that peculiar? You too, would wonder what was wrong and why they were acting as they were. At first it may not have created such an obnoxious scene however after a while this thing continued to grow more astounding as these orthodox Jews were hearing praises of God in their own language wherein they were born. No, it was not the old home bunch of Jews who were understanding the disciples, seeing they only spoke the old mother tongue Hebrew, nevertheless these disciples aren’t speaking in Hebrew but in languages of nationalities of the Jews who were present from every country round about. Therefore to the Jew born and raised in and around Judah and Jerusalem, to them it all sounded like a racket, but to others it was a clear language and not only one clear language but many and it was because of this the men who were astounded remarked: “how hear we these men who be Galileans speaking in languages of countries where we were born?” What is this all about, they asked? Therefore, see the picture, it was those devout Jews from every nation under heaven which God was just now sending gospel unto giving them a chance to accept Christ. Those who were in and around Judah, who heard Christ often, who saw his miracles had already been given their chance over and over to accept the Messiah, it had been they who rejected him and insisted he be hanged on a tree. It was not to these God was speaking who lived in and around Jerusalem, NO, he was speaking to those Jews who had come to the feast from every nation under heaven. It was them upon hearing praises of God and testimonies in their own languages that began to question, what is this all about: Never have I heard anything like this!


But naturally it was this home bunch of Jews who tried to explain away the great phenomena by saying these men are full of new wine. As always, it seems to be those who have hung around yet never really stepped into the revelation, who always think they have the answer isn’t it?




Upon hearing this, Peter began to express with a very loud voice in the language they all could understand, their old mother Hebrew tongue, first he addressed the men of Judea and those who dwell around Jerusalem as he says—– you from Judea and Jerusalem listen to me, these men are not drunk as ye suppose seeing it is but the third hour of the day, but this that which was spoken by the prophet Joel, please note, Peter as did Christ, using only the scripture as their sole basis of defense. Further he did not say—– we are not drunk, we just came from the upper room and we have the baptism of the Holy Ghost. It is what Jesus promised before he left. We received such a glorious experience, we were under the power for so long; we had all kinds of experiences and sensations; we saw licks of fire etc. He did not say one word about their experience in the upper room! Instead under the revelation of the Spirit which had entered into his body and life, he took the revealed scriptures and defended their position by saying, this is that spoken of by Joel the prophet. This is that which the word of God backs up, in their final crucial testing. Peter did not say in so many words—-now you have read so and so, sure they had all read Joel. Those devout, orthodox Jews knew all about Joel’s prophecy although they were unable to place this event of what was happening in their midst with anything that Joel had prophesied. Nevertheless, Peter said this is that which was spoken of by Joel. Peter continuing in his old mother tongue, Hebrew language said, and it shall come to pass in the last days etc. See, Peter goes right down through the scriptures linking them together even into the scriptures of the prophet David concerning Christ and the crucifixion. All of this came by the revelation of the Spirit as he stood there linking those two passages of revealed scripture together. Oh, can’t you just see that old home bunch of Jews who wasn’t receiving any revelation from God, yet was receiving quite a rebuke from Peter with the scripture, nevertheless, while he is using the scriptures to rebuke the home bunch of Jews there is a devout group in that midst from every nation under heaven standing there truly receiving illumination and revelation in their souls and is being given such spiritual understanding as to why they had heard this group at the beginning speaking in languages wherein they were born, that by the time Peter had finished quoting and explaining scriptures as to why they acted as they did then, that crowd of at least 3,000 were beginning to enquire WHAT MUST WE DO? Acts. 2:37


Let us note further Joel and David’s prophecy is not all the scripture brought to light on this day because the fulfillment of Isaiah 28:8-12 is also receiving a fulfillment in that the scripture says, here a little, there a little, and stammering lips and other tongues will I speak to this Jewish people and yet for all this they will not believe. God fulfilled quite a bit of scripture that day didn’t he?


Therefore we must clearly understand on the very day the church was launched, Peter wasn’t standing in the street defending his action by telling them about the strange, miraculous sensations they had felt in the upper room, nor did he tell them of Jesus instructing them to tarry in Jerusalem, until they be endued with power from on high, nor did he tell them of anything the Lord told him as a defense of their position. Peter had received something in his soul early that morning, whereby he was able to reach out and take hold of the scriptures and by the revelation of the Spirit in his life could stand there and use these revealed scriptures as a defense concerning their position. Armed only with the revealed scripture which is sharper than any two edged sword under the anointing was all he used to whack his way through to victory and beloved with us today it still holds true, it is only the inspired revelation of the scriptures that we will ever be able to defend our position once attacked by Satan.




Moving on perhaps another ten years into the young church’s earthly journey, we come into the 10th chapter of Acts where the grace of God has now led Peter with his keys to the kingdom unto the home of a gentile by the name of Cornelius, where something most important is about to transpire, something Peter himself being a Jew has no idea even why he has been led by the Holy Ghost unto a gentile’s home in distant Caesarea. True, God has led Peter who is a Jew into a household full of gentiles. Upon entering Cornelius’ home, note what this gentile Cornelius does—- immediately he falls upon the floor and begins to worship Peter who quickly tells him to arise saying we are only men like yourself, what do you require of me? Please note here, and bear in mind how in the beginning of the gentile program for grace, we see a gentile worshiping this great apostle who has just entered his home, all because he feels Peter is something special.


Cornelius begins by explaining his vision and the experience of the angel’s visitation, telling him to enquire of Peter how that he and his house might be saved (Acts 11:14). Peter upon remembering that he too had a similar vision while on the housetop of Simon the Tanner in Joppa, standing there and not knowing what to do, begins to speak upon his favorite subject. He began to preach Jesus and note, how he began to preach Jesus, strictly on the basis of the scriptures! Verse 39. Peter says, “we are witnesses of things which he did (speaking of Christ’s works and miracles) both in the land of the Jew and in Jerusalem; who they slew and hanged on a tree; him God raised up the third day and showed him openly, not unto all the people, but unto chosen witnesses, chosen of God, even to us who did eat and drink with him after he rose from the dead. He commanded us to preach unto the people and to testify, it is he which was ordained of God to be the judge of the quick and the dead. To him gave all the prophet’s witness that through his name whosoever believes in him, shall receive remission of sins.” And furthermore note here as Peter said, to him, gave all the prophet’s witness– he is absolutely referring to the authority based solely upon that of the scriptures and the results, while Peter yet spoke those words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the words. Why? Because as time had progressed on unto the hour for God to fulfill the inspired writings, which came from the book of Amos, how he would come unto the gentiles to take out of the gentiles a people for his name, as that hour draws near, God immediately inspired Peter to make a move toward the gentiles with the gospel of redemption. God was now ready to begin to set in motion certain scriptures which had to be fulfilled, scriptures which had hung there for centuries and beloved everything is now moving into continuity and consistency within the plan of God. Recall it is always revealed scripture that produces consistency.




Time progresses still further into our search and we are brought into Acts 13:29. However, this time it is the apostle to the gentiles, the Apostle Paul and not Peter to whom we are listening as he is using the scriptures as a defense of his position. Although the following statement is not the main one I seek to bring out, nevertheless, it is a statement from one of Paul’s sermon in which he stated “and when they had fulfilled all that was written of him they took him down from the tree!” Beloved, did you note what Paul was saying? When all was fulfilled that had been written by the inspired writers, then and only then, did they take him down from the tree. “And laid him in a sepulchre , but God raised him from the dead; and he was seen many days of them which came up with him from Galilee to Jerusalem who are his witnesses unto the people.” The reason I chose this particular brief scripture is because in this portion it shows all had to be fulfilled concerning Christ which had been written even before taking him down from the tree.


Now, I invite your attention over into Acts 17. Paul is now found in Asia, having gone into Thessalonica and entered into the Jewish synagogue on the Sabbath day. It is here we find Paul as his manner was, he went unto them three days and reasoned with them. Now may I ask- how Paul would reason with these Jews? Did he reason out of the by-laws or articles of faith? No Sir! He reasoned with them out of the scriptures. Furthermore let us notice still another place concerning what the scripture has to say in Paul’s ministry, Acts 17:10 and the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea; who coming hither went into the synagogue of the Jews. These were more noble than those in Thessalonica (How?) In the fact they received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily, whether these things be so, and searched what? THE SCRIPTURES!! Because it was only the scriptures that verified whether or not these things spoken by Paul were so. Therefore we see Paul used only the scriptures as his defense, however we note further Paul could not approach the heathen with the revealed word on this fashion, seeing they did not know enough about the scriptures to search them! His explanation unto pagans wasn’t on this fashion, yet whatever he did say to them, you can rest assured of one thing—– it always became a personal revelation to them. However dealing with that Jew who know the letter of the scripture, those people who potentially had access first unto the grace of God and for that Jew to be sure of himself as to where he stood Paul as his manner and custom was, approached the Jews on the basis of the scriptures.





Turning still further into the church age period, we approach I.Cor.15:3 and hear Paul saying, “for I delivered unto you first of all that which I received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures” (according to what-the scriptures) No question about it, that early church was built strictly upon the revelated scriptures and note revealed scripture alone was the sole basis for their entire plan of salvation and redemption.




That early church taught by revelation and accepted fully that the prophet which Moses declared God would send according to (Deut. 18:15-19) that all Israel must hear and accept was none other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth who both Peter and Stephen openly declared had been hanged on a tree, yet raised from the dead ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURES! Sometimes I wonder what has happened to the reasoning ability of some people who say they are in this end time move. It seems the further they go actually, the further from revealed scripture and what is written they become! Some people who apparently know nothing about what is written, now propagate that Bro. Branham, because he filled an important prophet office, was none other than that prophet Moses declared would come to Israel. Naturally they are looking at it from a standpoint of Deut.18. Never will I understand how intelligent people can get so fouled up in their thinking and reasoning, that anyone could believe our seventh church age messenger who was a prophet, could in any manner fulfill Deut.18:15-19. Well, whatever you do if you hear it. Don’t believe it, because it has no scriptural foundation whatever and furthermore is plainly shown through the revealed message of Peter and the sermon of Stephen, the Lord Jesus Christ who was hanged on a tree fulfilled Moses’ prophecy! If ever the revealed scriptures would destroy a theory, it would totally mutilate this one.


Let us examine briefly Moses speaking unto Israel, giving them this prophecy in Deut. 18–“the Lord thy God will raise up unto thee (Israel) a prophet from the midst of thee of thy brethren.” Note two things: (1) when Moses prophesied, God would raise up unto thee a prophet, he is not speaking of raising up a prophet for someone else. If I tell you, I will give you something that means you and not the man across the street. Furthermore, the prophet raised up, Moses said, would come out of the midst of thee of thy brethren. (2) Of thee and thy brethren, places it in a kindred relationship. That prophet comes up out of Israel. Moses said he would be likened unto me (as Moses was a lawgiver, so will this prophet be a lawgiver, as Moses brought a covenant, so will this prophet bring a covenant, as Moses was given the revelation in order to offer a proper sacrifice, so would this prophet come and give himself as a sacrifice, as Moses was faithful in his own house according to the writer of Hebrews who says, we can see Jesus faithful in all his house) unto him ye shall hearken. Verse 18: “I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren (God speaking to Moses) likened unto thee and I will put my words in his mouth and he shall speak unto them all, that I shall command him and it shall come to pass that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he will speak in my name, I will require it of him.”


Beloved, that prophecy spoken by Moses hung there over the nation of Israel for centuries, until that day finally arrived for its fulfillment, and I want you to know it was not fulfilled by a 20th century prophet church age messenger! God sent Israel that prophet. While Jesus was alive, Israel as a nation (the majority) was not even aware of what was transpiring. Nevertheless, let me tell you there were some men who did receive a revelation on that scripture in Deut. 18. Several scriptures in the gospels indicate that many people believed Jesus was that prophet, however under the anointing of the Holy Ghost scriptures are being revealed in Peter’s second sermon. Acts 3:19-24, “Repent thee therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out when the time of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord and he shall send Jesus Christ which before was preached unto you, whom the heavens must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.” Note carefully, Now under the inspiration how Peter picked up Moses prophecy in Deut. 18 and set it in his present day! For Moses truly said unto the fathers, a prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brothers likened unto me, him shall ye hear in all things, whatsoever he shall say unto you and it shall come to pass that every soul which will not hear that prophet shall be destroyed from among the people, yea and all the prophets from Samuel and those that followed after, as many as have spoken have likewise foretold of these days. Note Peter’s statement: these days! Truly he has no reference to a prophet at the close of the church age! Did you catch Peter’s revelation? That prophet spoken of to come, was hanged on a cross and Israel refused to hear him.




Turn over to another passage and watch another Jew who knew exactly where he stood. That early church didn’t go forth only to have some critic say, how do you know this? Note beloved, by revelation of revealed scripture that was being given by the Holy Ghost, they knew exactly where to place these Old Testament scriptures. Not only were they well versed in what was written, they had the proper revelation on what was written, take for instance Acts 7, Stephen who was only a deacon out of the Jerusalem church, but OH, my, did he ever know where he stood! This is the very sermon that caused Stephen to become the first martyr for the name of Jesus. His Revelation was too straight for his audience, Acts 7:34. After he gives a discourse on the history of Israel down in Egypt and how they had been delivered, Stephen comes right up that line and in verse 37 he jumps completely to Jesus’ time in Jewish history and says with the voice of authority, this is that Moses which said unto the children of Israel etc.,quoting Deut. 18 ——a prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren likened unto me, him shall ye hear. Stephen has no reference to some man still in the future, he is referring to a man who recently left the scene through crucifixion and gone to glory. He tells his audience YOU MISS HIM! You have been looking for that prophet, you had him! “And this is that Moses which said unto the children of Israel a prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you, to your brethren likened unto me, him shall ye hear.” This was he, Stephen is preaching Jesus, Stephen says this is he that was in the church in the wilderness with the angel, which spoke to him in the Mt. Sinai and with our fathers who received lively oracles to give unto us. Our fathers would not obey, but thrust him from them and in their hearts turned back to Egypt. That prophet’s office was fulfilled by none other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and for any individual in the end time to be promoting that Bro. William Branham was that prophet, undoubtedly is one of those poor deceived individuals misled by that spirit which works so close to the true spirit at the end time. To teach such a thing and use these scriptures would be just another sly, crafty way to say the prophet messenger himself is none other than Jesus Christ, the Mighty God (in this form). This is nothing but the spirit of anti-Christ as declared by the prophet messenger himself, and furthermore it was such a spirit that forced this man off the evangelistic field at one time, his ministry (wherein he declared before his church, 6-11-61–heavily hearted) I WOULD RATHER STAND BEFORE GOD AS A QUITTER THAN HAVING ANY PART TO DO WITH THAT SPIRIT OF ANTI-CHRIST making me to be God!


Nothing of this nature was ever promoted by the prophet messenger who showed throughout his entire ministry that he dearly loved his Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ with all his heart.


Perhaps no place in all of the early history of the church could better illustrate or display to the reader what we have been referring to, as how the revealed scriptures always became the final say for the church as does Acts 15, for it was here under the strict directions of the Apostles (those men who had been called by the Lord to hold a strict line upon revealed scripture, whereby keeping the church from straying into error.) Such a perfect example of a case has arisen here in Acts 15 and it shall be here in the final analysis that we shall see, it was revealed scripture that had the final say and brought consistency to the believer.




Review with me first of all the setting that promoted such a council meeting in Jerusalem to settle the pressing problem in Acts 15. It seems according to Luke’s writing Paul and Barnabas had made a great progress in the realm of the gentiles, especially at Antioch, preaching unto them the apostolic doctrine of Christ, baptizing believers in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ and seeing them receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38, Acts 19:1-5).




Seemingly the background of the gentiles varies much from that of the Jew (irregardless whether it’s yesterday or today) in so much that Jews have never worshiped a man as God, not even one of their great prophets, instead most of them they stoned, not worshiped! Yet note, it appears that the gentiles in the days of the apostles when the gospel was taken from the Jew and given to them, if they were not mistreating or beating the apostles, they were always going to the other extremes worshiping them as God! (Acts 14:8-18 and 28:6 to mention a few) and in each case that we find gentiles worshiping the apostles as deity, it would be over a mighty demonstration of the power of God.




Seemingly gentiles have always been confronted with the problem of differentiating between the mighty power of God that worked in the man ( in his individual life) and in the very flesh of the man himself. Recall how Cornelius fell before Peter to worship him the very moment he brought the gospel to the gentiles. No doubt it was because a mighty angel had appeared unto Cornelius and instructed him to call to Peter to tell him what he must do. Therefore it appears throughout history wherever gentiles are involved, there always seemed to be a spirit agitating them continually to worship the flesh of some man as deity, nevertheless we see that once the gentiles had been offered the gospel, various men within that early apostolic age who had the mighty power and demonstration within their lives, were often subject to being worshiped as God by gentiles. According to Romans 1 it appears that long before God called Abraham to begin a special nation of people called Israel who would worship the one and true living God only as a spirit being, we discover in Romans 1:19-21 that the gentiles or heathens long before this hour had known God to some extent as verse 20 declares “for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his Eternal power and Godhead; so they are without excuse”; verse 19 shows he declared this unto them. Yet scripture declares the heathen became vain in their imagination. Why? Because they were not satisfied to worship God as a spirit being having no particular form or shape, No! Professing themselves wise, they became fools and Paul said ” change the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like a corruptible man, and to birds, four-footed beasts, and creeping things. Perhaps shocking but nevertheless true the gentiles in that hour became guilty of trying to put this incorruptible God who was spirit, into some kind of bodily form, something tangible, something that they might be able to visibly see and then worship. (Romans 1:23.) Therefore, because of this idolatry, God gave them up. God gave them up and turned them over to a reprobate mind and called in a new nation (by Abraham) called Israel, later giving to Israel a dispensation of law and once that age ran out for Israel and the gospel or grace was rejected by Israel, God no sooner swung the door of grace open to the gentiles and what do we find in Acts 10, but the very apostle with that gospel message having a gentile fall at his feet to worship him, the moment he enters the door! Therefore is there any wonder that once the seventh church age messenger to the gentiles, the man who would be ordained to restore that same great revelation (in its fulness) of the early apostolic fathers such as Peter, Paul etc. If these men were worshiped by gentiles (Acts 14:14-18) because of the mighty power of God from time to time within their ministry, why think it so strange that once that true gospel has been returned to the gentiles at the end of the age, that certain gentiles would not once again become just as guilty in worshiping this restoring messenger as the very God who was manifested in the flesh of Jesus Christ!


And furthermore, when we face the fact that the Gentiles through their one world church at the very close of the age as all world denominations shall be brought together, will have one in their midst that all the Capitalist gentile world will worship as God! 11 Thess. 2:4.


We are reminded of many statements that this seventh church age messenger, while upon the scene so earnestly and sincerely made warning the followers of this message, that because this seventh church age messenger would have such power with the Lord Jesus Christ, there would be a spirit(seducing spirit) that would cause some of the followers to go astray in their thinking and actually believe this messenger would be none other than the Lord Jesus Christ himself!! However he firmly stated DO NOT BELIEVE SUCH A THING, THERE IS NO TRUTH TO IT WHATSOEVER….


Nevertheless, with all the warnings he gave, some gentiles are determined to allow that spirit to work which has always played havoc upon the gentiles, who have always had trouble differentiating between the mighty power of God and the man himself who had to be redeemed and saved as a sinner and filled with the Holy Ghost such as Bro. Branham was! How often did Bro. Branham ask God to forgive him of his sins? This prophet messenger to the gentiles, seventh age (Laodicea), was a sinner saved by the grace of God—-this, Jesus of Nazareth never had to do.




Therefore seeing that this spirit of evil has always plagued the gentiles, why think it strange that such a thing as man being worshiped as God would repeat itself at the end, once the church finds itself established upon the real apostolic truth under the leadership of one so greatly used of God as was Bro. Branham? Beloved, it was his miraculous ministry that will cause gentiles (however not gentiles in the true body of Christ, church) to worship him as deity! Always remember this, even in the days of Peter and Paul it was not those who were actually in the church of the living God who worshiped them in any form! Always it was those who in each case had been fascinated by that miraculous ministry in their lives and being gentiles was unable to distinguish between the flesh of a man and the Spirit of God working in the man, therefore they worshiped the man himself—- as God! Repeating, no Holy Ghost filled Gentile believer in any hour has ever worshiped a man as God, other than that one man the Lord Jesus Christ! Christ told Satan, “Thou shall worship only the Lord thy God (Matt.28:17) Jesus is worshiped. That Holy Ghost filled believer will be standing upon the Word of God who has made flesh and worshiped in the form of man by some, and it is he and he alone that deserves worship seeing he died to redeem us and by faith in his finished work at Calvary and with the revelation of who he is. John 20:28—-Isaiah 9:6, we are led into the apostolic gospel, Acts 2:42. However before leaving this line of thought and returning to the severe problem found in Acts 15, let us say in passing, regardless of which prophet and the power of God he walked under throughout any part of the days of Israel and Judah, you never at any time found Israel worshiping one of her prophets as God, moreover we hear Jesus weeping over Jerusalem, OH Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou who stoneth the prophets (killing them etc.) Israel stoned her prophets refusing their instructions but the Gentiles have a tendency to do the other, when they see the power of God working in a man they become confused thinking God has taken on the form of man once again, Timothy 3:16 1, therefore that man then becomes the object of worship as either God, Jesus Christ, Word or Lamb!!




Paul with the help of Barnabas and other precious brethren of like faith had accomplished a miraculous work as God was now among the gentiles calling out a people for his name and a great host of gentile believers had been added to the church and great joy was in their midst as they obeyed the apostolic gospel or doctrines of the apostles, until one day, some Jewish brethren from Judah who pretended to be from the church at Jerusalem came down in their midst, presenting a somewhat different doctrine than they had heard. Naturally, this brought confusion–except ye be circumcised according to the law of Moses, ye cannot be saved—-was their message. Actually their doctrine was a carry over from the law age and had nothing to do with the grace age whatsoever. Nevertheless, it was still deeply rooted in a number of Jews who had believed, who had come to the church. Nowhere is it recorded that such a teaching was ever endorsed by any of the five fold ministry and especially not by the apostles, men who had been ordained by God to hold that strict line on the word for the churches.


This was a teaching which at one time Paul himself had believed while he was under the law of dispensation. He, too, had been deeply rooted in all Judaistic belief only a few years prior, however since becoming an apostle to the gentiles in the grace age he had never taught anything like this, for he knew it had no place in the gentile church. Moses’ teaching had no place in the new church of apostolic truth, yet even today as in that day, we still have those who want to preach a mixture of law and grace. Therefore, today we still see those teachings creep in among gentile believers although today they come in under different names, yet it is that same old spirit which always harassed the early gentile church. It was such a teaching by these men among the gentiles that prompted the first church council ever to be held by the apostles, concerning both Jew and Gentile and we want to carefully note how the apostles used the revealed word of God as a basis of defense, for the action taken which cut to pieces the message of the troublemakers who had come among the Gentiles to teach their mixture of law and grace.


According to verse two, these Jewish teachers who pretended to be sent from the church at Jerusalem had created such a disturbance and such serious dissension had arisen over this, that Paul and Barnabas along with the church at Antioch felt it necessary to contact the Jewish apostles at Jerusalem concerning this matter. Could it be that some of the apostles had been teaching such a thing? Paul did not think so, nevertheless it would be of a necessity to journey to Jerusalem to find out what this thing was all about. It must be remembered here that the Apostle Paul had not received his Christian training in the New Testament doctrines of Christ or instructed in the ministry of Christ by any of the other apostles. On the contrary, according to Gal.1, sometime after his conversion and Damascus Road experience, he had been led into Arabia for approximately three years where through revelation of the Spirit he was shown the mystery of Christ and the church. After these three years did the Apostle Paul then go up to Jerusalem to confer with the apostles although even at this time, according to his testimony to the Galations, he did not meet all of them, only Peter, James and John, the brother of the Lord who at the time of Christ’s death was not even a believer yet now was an apostle. We must note the beauty in the work of the Holy Spirit with all of his ministry. In the desert God had revealed to Paul the same revelation on the Godhead, baptism, Holy Ghost and other things exactly as he had taught it to his other apostles and ministry.


Certainly when meeting those Jewish apostles and discussing with them the gospel and revelation of the hour, nothing was mentioned to Paul about gentile believers having to be circumcised after the manner of Moses in order to be saved. True, God had given circumcision as a sign unto the house of Israel, saying if any be not circumcised in the flesh they would immediately be cut off from the House of Israel, however, this is not Israel, this is the gentile church! Yet these Jewish teachers, who it was later learned, were not sent by the apostles, are trying to instill into the young Gentile church of which circumcision had never meant anything to them, that in order to be saved, they must now be circumcised according to the law of Moses.


Something must be done quickly to stop the mouth of these teachers before doing even more damage to the gentiles, therefore the church at Antioch endorsed Paul, Barnabas and certain other gentile brethren to go to Jerusalem and confer with the elders, especially those holding the office of apostleship. Finally arriving at Jerusalem, they are welcomed by the Jewish church which included the apostles and other elders and a conference was immediately called into session, to discuss the pressing problem affecting the gentile believers. Paul and Barnabas gave witness to how God was working among the gentiles, nevertheless, there in the church at Jerusalem was some members of a recently converted Pharisaical party who had not quite at this point gotten all their former ideas washed from their mind and they too said, it would be necessary for the gentile Christians to be circumcised and keep the law of Moses to be saved, however, it must be carefully noted here that these particular converts were not in the apostleship therefore, they were not the men chosen by the Lord to hold a tight reign or watch on the Word of God. However, note how all these elders and the ministry, were in perfect agreement as they began to face the issue and allow the scripture to be the final basis for decision. We note the Lord Jesus, while in his earthly ministry had never related to them what to do in such a case as this, nevertheless they had the revealed scriptures that would have the final say as their decision would be solely based on what is written. Therefore we must note in this first council meeting held at Jerusalem consisting of both Jewish and Gentile believers, it was once again the revealed scriptures that settled the discussion, and brought consistency to the believers, showing to us the importance of revealed scripture in the ministry of the church. It was what the revealed scripture, through the Spirit, had to say that convinced the council of apostles, which steps to take to counteract the disturbance now among the gentiles and without the revealed scripture it is hard to know how this conference would have ended. But oh, it was here we see the brethren working in such unity as they discussed the problem. Testimony was presented by the Apostle Peter, who testified it was he God had used to introduce the gospel to the gentiles and how he had witnessed God pouring out the Holy Ghost on them, as well as he did upon the Jew at Pentecost. Barnabas and Paul testified! However, note these are only testimonies, this is not the final say, the word of God, the revealed scripture will be the final say and produce consistency to the church. How marvelous it is to know that these gallant apostles in discussing any problems never left out the revealed scriptures that played the final part in their discussion. It would be here they would receive their answer from God. These God breathed scriptures coming alive unto the apostles, guiding their footsteps in important decisions. No, it was never said in the early church—– I think we should do this or that, and then take a vote to see who wanted to do what– whatever God said through his inspired word was the final say. And beloved it is to be that way today in the true church at the end time.


Note in this discussion especially verses 13-18. After they all had their say, it was the Lord’s half brother James who says, “brethren your testimonies of how God has worked among the gentiles is perfectly in line with the revealed scriptures” therefore taking the revealed scriptures in Amos 9:11-12 to back up all that had been accomplished that day, the Apostle James uses that revealed scripture and clinches the discussion. It was the revealed scripture of Amos 9:11-12 that clinched their conference. James says, therefore seeing God has declared he would take out of the gentiles a people for his name, then return to the house of David and rebuild David’s fallen dwelling—- I will rebuild its ruins and set it up again that the rest of mankind may earnestly seek the Lord, yes all the heathen who are called by my name saith the Lord who has been making this known from ages past etc.


Having given God’s revealed scripture concerning the matter James says let us write a letter to the Gentile believers and tell them those other men were not sent from us, however, we would suggest as gentiles they abstain from four things (1) abstain from everything contaminated by idols (2) abstain from sexual immorality (fornication) (3) abstain from meat of strangled animals and (4) abstain from tasting blood, and if they do this they will prosper. Let us add no extra burden upon them and note, to this, all the other apostles and elders agreed perfectly!


Therefore it was sanctioned by the church at Jerusalem to send back two prophets, Judas and Silas, with Paul and Barnabas and the letter and to this all were in perfect agreement. Later as Paul discussed these remarks made at Jerusalem concerning the four things the gentiles were to abstain from and to show how beautifully it was the leadership of the Holy Spirit to confirm what had already been going on in the ministry of Paul among the gentiles, Paul says; these four things drawn up at the Jerusalem council I have always taught among the gentiles. See that beautiful harmony as men work together under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, using the revealed God breathed word as the final base of defense in anything that rises up, within the church and furthermore, it is that revealed scripture that produces consistency for note when word returned to the gentile believers from the apostles they were most happy and rejoiced and the gentile church continued to grow and prosper in the grace of God.


Actually there is no end to this type of message because in every case with that early church who was led by a dedicated fivefold ministry of apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers & evangelists, Eph.4:11-12, the revealed, God breathed inspired scriptures were the final test for all discussions, questions and disputes and as always even in this hour must be the final answer to every problem. Only that revealed scripture brings consistency to the believer.




Nevertheless, without that revelation on the revealed scripture which is the spiritual understanding as to that which has been written by the Holy Ghost, we could read the scripture, we could even memorize the scripture and be able to quote it verbally, knowing every term of verb, adjective, noun and adverb, and still end up knowing nothing more about the God who wrote it. Some people only attend church to see if the preacher uses his speech in its proper place. Seemingly they are more concerned with his verbal expression, than with the revelation he teaches. However, beloved, without the thought of God flowing into the spiritual mind of that individual they don’t even know God.


That is exactly why Jesus informed John on the Isle of Patmos, when writing the Book of Revelations, to close out each work dealing with those seven church periods of the grace age, Rev. 2 & 3, by adding this statement—- “he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith to the church!” Yes, beloved, the word of God is always the final test, however you and I must have an ear to hear what the Spirit saith to the church through his inspired, God breathed Word.




We have tried to present this in such a manner to place in your minds there are still the most beautiful nuggets lying around within this book of revealed scripture. God truly sent a prophet to unfold the great, overall mystery plan and furthermore to link all those loose ends together in the revealed scriptures of which the Reformation leaders coming out of the Dark Ages were unable to do.


In other words, these revealed truths in which great denominations were later built around the coming out of the Dark Age period could never seemingly be able to fit their revelation of thought together with other revealed truths which also had formed other movements. This prophet to the end time church took all of these revealed revelations which were responsible for the Reformation and showed an end time people how they were not to be kept separate as had been done, but instead were to be brought together to form the full apostolic gospel as taught by the early church fathers who firmly believed the revelated scriptures held the final answer to every problem. Beloved, everything that the prophet of God taught by revelation was to restore the church, aligning her back with the Word of God. If correctly prayerfully studied and approached with the leadership of the Holy Spirit guiding our minds, it matters not what book you read or tape you hear, if you have God’s thought flowing through your mind, every message you will hear will turn you back into that book of revealed scriptures, wherein you may be able to stand on that revealed word and confidently say, Satan it is written!




However on the other hand let me say to all, especially you ministers who feel you are called to preach this gospel. This message delivered by that prophet will do one of two things-(1) it will place you back in the revealed scriptures whereby you may be able to stand on WHAT IS WRITTEN as confidently as Christ, his apostles and the early church or (2) by the help of certain well placed statements within the message the Holy Ghost shall lead you far from the written revealed scriptures, yes so far away you will never be able to put things together and furthermore because of these very statements made by the prophet without the Holy Ghost to lead your mind back into the revealed Word you will end up so confused and frustrated the day will come you won’t even know how to preach scripture at all! Holy men of old spoke as they were inspired, wrote the scriptures and every God called man since that time has spoken as he was moved upon to look into its contents and interpret what God has said within its pages. Therefore I say the message of this hour is none other than this-it is to present to the hearer an understanding of how to get back into the sacred revealed scripture and therefore see God’s full plan of salvation for the human race. I realize it is hard to say this, nevertheless, I stand in defense of one thing, THE WORD OF GOD!




Concerning the message to the church delivered by this end time prophet to the Laodician Age, as I have stated in previous messages, God definitely had a purpose in the wording of his servant’s statements in the manner they are in various places scattered throughout the overall framework of the message, however without the revelation of his message to guide you through these various statements, multitudes will go astray and never be led back into the holy scriptures wherein they might boldly stand using these revealed scriptures as a defense against Satan in the manner that Christ, his apostles and early church did! Instead, if not careful you will end up on some statement which has no scriptural foundation whatsoever, because God made this prophet’s message in this manner to serve a twofold purpose. Therefore you will end up after analyzing the message disillusioned with a mere handful of statements which was never spoken by holy men of old as they were moved on to pen that God breathed word. Henceforth, you will move completely outside the confines of inspired holy writings and will actually have wound up in the final analysis, building yourself a platform or a gallows upon mere statements that will definitely fall through and when Satan comes against you like a storm, those mere statements will never serve the purpose of that one thing which Satan fears more than anything: AN INDIVIDUAL STANDING ON THE REVELATED SCRIPTURES WRITTEN BY THOSE HOLY MEN OF OLD!





Bro. Branham’s ministry was a restoring to that which had already been written. Recall in his vision which he called BEYOND THE CURTAIN OF TIME, where he saw himself with millions of people already having left this life and gone to glory. In the course of conversation Bro. Branham was told he would be judged according to his teaching, upon which he asked this question—-does Peter have to stand for this? Does Paul have to stand for this? To this the answer was yes. Then, Bro. Branham said, I AM GLAD I HAVE PREACHED EVERY WORD THAT THEY PREACHED: I NEVER DEVIATED FROM IT ONE SIDE TO THE OTHER, WHERE THEY PREACHED IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, I DID TOO: WHERE THEY TAUGHT THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST, I DID TOO: WHATEVER THEY TAUGHT, I DID TOO! You see he did not have a separate message from the early apostolic fathers.




Now we come to a very important statement in which we do not want to be misunderstood, nevertheless, it is something that must be faced! We receive criticism from time to time, because we attempt to explain why certain statements are in the message. Some people feel they should not be touched, because most people are guilty of just accepting the statement they want to and ignoring the others whenever they happen to find one that seems opposite to another in the overall message. Beloved this is not right and God did not intend for us to take a statement which suits us or one that would cause us the least criticism, because the majority might want to lean a certain way or believe a certain thing, that might just happen to be the statement that would not lead us into the Word of God. As I have said before, say I again—- the major purpose in that end time message was to restore the end time church back upon the revealed scriptures and if we refuse to be led back into those revealed scriptures as God intended, we will certainly miss the Bride, because the Bride of Christ will be a revelated Word Christian like the early church, not so-called Christians holding onto a handful of unscriptural statements that cannot be backed by any scripture, thus leading no where but into confusion. By following God’s leadership through that revelated message, you cannot help but come out all right and be brought straight back upon the revealed Word of Truth.




Many ask why these statements are placed within the overall structure of this message which tends to only confuse and mislead, seemingly having no place with the structure of the overall message. I would like to say this and please understand my thought, had this end time prophet message been worded any other way than it was, that is, without these certain statements placed here and there to serve the very purpose of which they are serving to mislead many, you would have had a message so perfect you would have ended up probably never actually returning to the holy scripture, because we would have taken the prophet’s message and it would have become the Bible. No doubt you would have felt there was no need to return unto the Holy Scriptures whatsoever! It is because of these certain statements placed here and there within the overall structure that appears to oppose other statements that forces the true Bride Christian to study the Word of God to see which statement does line up perfectly with the scripture and which does not. God left it this way purposely, that you could not make that final decision of which statement aligned with the scripture without having to return to WHAT IS WRITTEN, to show you which statement of thought is correctly in line with the revealed word! You see it is the scriptures in the final analysis of the prophet’s message that must be consulted! God placed it in this manner as that true Bride saint would look upon these two seemingly opposing lines of thought in different subjects placed within the message, they would be forced to take the Bible as God’s final authority to determine which one of these lines of thought is actually scriptural and which is not, and those who refuse to use the scriptures as the final overall say in the entire matter, nine times out of ten will accept one of these statements that have been so well placed in the overall picture of the message and be led astray!


Not only will they never be restored to the revealed scriptures written by holy men of old as they were moved on by the Holy Ghost, but these statements will eventually cause them to stray so far from the written word of God they will never find their way back to the truth as actually preached by the apostles and early church!


The end time ministry of apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists will stem from this end time revelation. However as stated over and over it will be the duty of this ministry through the help of God’s word to find that perfect revelation line of thought laid out in this message to restore the Bride to the written revealed Word in which Satan fears. Satan would delight in seeing ministers and different ones find themselves lodged upon certain statements they could not get loose from, thus never returning to that revealed word he fears and trembles at. We must shake ourselves, as a ministry, from this idea which hangs over the movement and rules them by fear-whatever is said, should be stated only or exactly as Bro. Branham said it—-meaning to use his verbal statements! No ministry was ever asked to do that! Because to do no more than this, no one could possibly help the Bride choose the statement that would lead her back into the revealed word! Instead she will only remain in a confused state of mind, she will not know which statement to accept whenever there appears to be in certain areas of the message two lines of thought, and remember confusion does not bring consistency. It will take the Word of God to plainly show which is the revelation and which is not. Therefore I repeat, the way God placed the prophet’s message was to force the Bride of Christ to pick up the word of God for assistance to make the final decision on which statement comes in perfect alignment with the Word and which does not and for anyone to say—–it should only be said as Bro. Branham spoke it and no more is to leave the situation in exactly the same identical state, it has been in for over six years! It is all because these well placed statements by the Holy Ghost forcing the true believer back into the Word of God to settle the question a to which statement is revelation and which isn’t.


Therefore the fivefold ministry will not be afraid to preach those statements within the message that God means to give the Bride to lead her back upon the Word! Furthermore, it will also be the duty of the ministry to point out to the end time Bride of Christ why these other statements also appear within the overall structure of the message and who they are for.




That they are placed there to feed a people with their ideas and revelations of their own who never intend to go on with God and will eventually die spiritually clinging to these statements which cannot feed the soul, just as carnal denominations will do who held on to the exact wordings of Jesus and the apostles having no spiritual revelations to guide their thoughts whatsoever. Thus having placed a carnal interpretation on the overall picture of the word of God and shall eventually end up in the one world church worshiping a man as God. II Thess.2:4. This applies beloved not only to the denominational world, but also to those who remain steadfast and unmoveable upon certain statements spoken by our prophet in which the scripture will not back up. Therefore these too shall eventually end up in idol worship, worshiping a man as God whom they feel spoke infallible. Bro. Branham said that spirit at the end time would work so close to the true spirit of God, that many would mistake the seventh church age messenger for Jesus Christ the Lord. Therefore I trust you are able to see clearly why God had to allow this prophet to speak certain things in the manner he did, because had it not been for these certain statements placed here and there throughout the overall revelated message which appears to have a different slant from his main revelated line of thought in restoring the Bride church to the revealed Word. The revelation of Christ is so placed within the prophets message and with these statements lying around in the message to misguide and confuse many it will absolutely take the revelated scriptures and the prophets message together in order for you to know which statement is revelation and is designed to lead you back in what is written by holy men of old and what is not.




I realize these are hard things to say nevertheless, they must be said for the benefit of a people, who will make the Bride. I do not believe God is looking for a people who goes off into fantasies and great harem-scarem ideas over what that prophet had to say, for recall, it is the revealed scriptures that bring consistency. Beloved, there still lies within the revealed Word some nuggets that will paint a clearer overall dimensional setting of God’s plan even clearer than what it is today. I will explain it like this–when an artist paints an object on a chart or canvas and you happen to be looking at it, you might be able to tell by its profile what it looked like, that is whether it be a cat, horse or cow. However, beloved, as times progresses and the painting continues by the artist, he will have begun to draw certain lines, that portrays the profile of the image even clearer. He now begins to mix his colors and put them on the painting or the shades he wants into his pictures etc. This is what put’s expression into the drawing in which he has been working on for so long. And as you examine it closer you will not only be able to say, that is a cow which the artist is drawing, you shall now be able to distinguish the breed of cow, right? Whether it be, a Hereford, Guernsey, Holstein or Angus! But to do this, you have to look closely at what the artist is painting with; his colors as he places his final touches upon the canvas. Beloved, I say there are yet some colors still in this old book that the artist wants to paint and to add the dimensional setting of this, and all the material one needs is in this one book called the Holy Scriptures. From it all, God’s purpose is that he may form Jesus Christ in you and you, as the body of Christ may grow up unto him who is the head. We are the mystical body that we may reflect his life and truly the day will come when the world will look upon us and say, you are not just a bunch of people gone into fanaticism, all divided over your ideas, no because we shall be a people, WHO KNOW WHERE WE STAND! WE WILL KNOW WHAT WE BELIEVE BECAUSE BY REVELATION WE SAW IT IN THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD AND THE REVEALED WORD BROUGHT CONSISTENCY.