1. Bro Charles I really enjoyed your sermon it brought back in my mind when I first came to know the Lord I new way back than there wasn’t any thing any better for me it was awesome than and it’s awesome now. I also have a question you mentioned what’s wrong with asking so here it is you mentioned God doesn’t need us I always felt He did because for Him to be God he needs to be worshipped also for Him to excerceise His attributes such as a healer there had to be sickness for Him to be our Saviour there had to be lost souls and so on am I looking at this wrong if so could you help me to understand more clearly. One more thing you touched on about animals having a soul I didn’t think they did because when man dies his soul goes back to God but an animal just goes back to the ground could you help me here also .i am truly great full to God for the depth in his word that He has shown you may God continue to bless you as you bless others.

  2. Bro. McKellar, thank you for your kind words and testimony.

    In Acts 17:24-25, Psalms 50, and other scriptures, God let’s us know we have nothing He needs. Rather, it is something He wants. He wants our love, and he wants our worship, and he wants us to know him. Bro. Jackson and Bro. Branham both pointed out that until he had made creation to rule over, and until he created people to worship, he was not able to express all his attributes. But it is not because of a necessity He created people to worship Him, it is a want and a desire. He wanted to express those attributes and he wanted us to know them. And this same line of thought, you are perfectly right, that without sickness he could not express his attributes as a healer. Except there was a fall, he could not express his attributes as a redeemer. All of these things he expresses not because he needs to, but because he wants to.

    In regards to animals, they certainly do not have a soul as a man or woman does. If you consider 1 Peter 3:20, it says there were only eight souls on the ark. So if all of the animals had souls, it would certainly have said more than eight. However there are other scriptures, like Job 12:10, which could cause someone to believe that animals have a soul. When you look into the scriptures, you find that the word soul is used in two different ways. The way we are most familiar with, it’s referring to the special life which is in man and woman, which was created in God’s image. However there are a few scriptures where the word soul simply means life in general. In Hebrew, the word for “soul” is the word for “breath”. Sometimes the translators translated it as soul, and sometimes is breath. And to say you have a soul, is to say you have the breath of life. In that basic sense everything that is alive has life from God. So it is important to understand that the Bible uses the word soul in two different ways. One way, simply to means the breath of life which is in all living things, and another way in which it refers to mankind’s life in a special way. I hope this explains it.

    May God richly bless you for your stand and love for truth.

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