Reopening The Church

We are all really looking forward to seeing each other again, and we are thankful God is giving us that opportunity to gather together as a Christian family again.

Until further notice, the following guidelines are in place. We must do our best to follow these rules to avoid having the church closed by the state. Parents, please read these guidelines with your children.


Please use wisdom. If you feel unsafe, please stay home and watch online.

  • Do not attend service if you have had a fever or cough in the past 72 hours.
  • Church will open a half hour before service time. Please remain in your car until the building opens.
  • Everyone over two years old must wear a mask in the church building. We will have some extra masks on hand, but we cannot let anyone into the building without a mask. Please try to bring your own. If we run out, we will have to turn people away.
  • Do not congregate in the back of the church, please go straight to a seat when entering the building
  • Do not shake hands or hug. We know how hard this is, but let us not be offended. This is only until the current guidelines are lifted.
  • Please respect the deacons and where they direct you to sit.
  • Do not sit in the benches that are marked off by tape.
  • Families must sit together, one family per bench. (Small families could sit on two ends of the same bench so long as six feet is between them.)
  • The water fountain is closed, so please bring your own water as needed
  • We can only have a small number in the nursery, so please try to leave the nursery to families with infants.
  • Wash your hands after using the washroom, and do not congregate in the washroom
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, please do so into your arm.
  • Please try to remain at least six feet away from anyone not in your immediate family.
  • We will not be having a normal prayer line with the laying on of hands.
  • To help with cleaning the building, please do not leave anything at your seat when you leave, take everything home including books, pillows, blankets, footstools, etc.
  • Please do not go into the video or audio rooms or travel through them.
  • When church is over, please exit one bench at a time to prevent the aisles from being crowded. Please remain at your bench until it is your turn to exit.
  • The fellowship hall is closed to everyone.

If the situation in the nation improves, we should only have to follow these rules for a few weeks. So let us pray that God will grant us that.

Schedule for attending church service

We can only have about one third of the regular congregation size and maintain the social distancing guidelines. Please use the following attendance schedule to ensure we do not have too many people in the building at once.

ServiceLast Name
May 28 pmA-L * State guidelines permit 65 and older to resume attending service
May 31 amM-Z
May 31 pmA-L
June 4 pmM-Z
June 7 amA-L
June 7 pmM-Z
June 10 pmA-L
June 14 amM-Z *State guidelines permit us to stop wearing masks
June 14 pmA-L

We will add more dates to this schedule as needed. Currently all the other guidelines are set to expire on July 4.

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