Purpose of the Second Adam and His Bride – 1973, March

Rev. Raymond M Jackson





Our last article, Vol. 5, No. 1 discussed the creation of the first Adam and his bride which prefigured in every way the second Adam and his Bride, the church. First, we observed from Ephesians 1:4-10 how this Eternal Spirit who later would be called God (once something was created to worship Him) counseled with Himself long before the beginning of the foundation of the earth as to how He would go about bringing all things into existence. Then on the sixth creative day (Gen. 1:26-27) God created a spiritual man who should later rule over the earth. God said let us make man in our image and our likeness, although recall from Gen. 1 when God did create man as a spirit being in His (God’s own) image. He made him one spiritual being consisting of both male and female qualities or attributes. By no means did the man possess, in his original creation, two separate spirits. Only one! And recall again it said Adam, when first created in that spirit form which consisted of both male and female attributes, was given a very special commission to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, etc. Having placed this knowledge in man’s spiritual conscience along with the knowledge of what he should and should not eat (herbs, etc.) once he did take on a tangible, earthly form, there was never any more cause or reason at any time for God to refresh their memory concerning his commission after they were separated into earthly bodies (male and female). God, having looked upon earth in Gen. 2:5, saw there was no man to till the ground. Therefore, from the earth God created a man and in order for his man to become a living soul, God placed within this earthly fleshly body the spirit or attributes of both male and female which was created on the sixth creative day. And recall, since having placed His commission into the conscience of the spirit man there was never any need ever again to remind or instruct him concerning that commission of Gen. 1:27 which would be fulfilled in a certain hour. Therefore, it may be said that from the design of such a perfect spiritual being as well as the perfect earthly design of man’s body coupled with the fact of their commission to be fruitful and multiply given them while still in the spirit world. Gen. 1:26-27; all three of these things are proof that in the first Adam God had placed genetic laws which would be responsible for the production or fathering the entire human race, fathering a human race which should have been filled with eternal life instead of death and had sin never entered the human race, that is the way it would have been done. The perfect genetic law responsible for the birth or fathering of each child into this world would have passed on eternal life as the first parents had, this along with the fact Adam’s body housed all the female attributes, which in their proper hour became woman, proved all humanity lay there in the first man Adam before He ever walked the face of the earth! It is important we understand all natural creation of humanity did lay right there in the first Adam before we can fully understand all redemption lay in the second Adam long before either the first or second Adam had a wife produced from their side (Adam’s side being opened in the garden. Christ’s side being opened at the cross). The first Adam was not only created and commissioned before leaving the spirit world to multiply and replenish the earth in righteousness but was further commissioned to rule over all this earth in righteousness. However, something drastic happened to the first Adam before he could carry out that commission, Adam fell! But remember, man’s fall did not occur while the spirit man along with the female attributes were in the spirit world. His fal did not occur until after his side had been opened and from it had taken those female attributes, along with some of his flesh and bone (rib) 2 and these feminine attributes were given a specially designed body with a separate will, mind, spirit, heart and life all of her own.




Recall, all the former knowledge concerning their commission, etc., first placed in Adam’s spirit while she was present and in which she would share was also transferred into her earthly tabernacle in order that she could fulfill her role in the commission once she had become his wife. Placing Adam into a deep sleep and removing all those feminine qualities or attributes through his side now gives them both separate identities; one masculine, the other feminine. Doing this was God’s perfect type of foreshadowing how one day the second Adam, the Lord of Glory, would also fall into a deep sleep of death and from His side would be taken the very elements such as blood, water and spirit to create for the second Adam a beautiful virgin Bride. As the second Adam’s life went from his flesh, blood and water gushed from an open gash pierced in his side by a Roman soldier’s spear. What did it mean? It was God’s perfect way or route in redeeming back to Himself for His second Son, Adam (the Lord of Glory) a wife who in turn would assist Him in the age of regeneration in undoing all the damage created in disobedience by the first Adam and His bride and then together they would fulfill the commission in Gen. 1:27 by first lifting the curse in order to rule the world in righteousness which the first Adam and His bride so miserably failed to do. Beloved, it must be understood that God will never allow His commission of Gen. 1:26-27 to go unfulfilled forever. Why, you may ask, did God in the Garden give to the first Adam a wife? Through their physical union it was God’s perfect way of producing more eternal life into the earth in the flesh. It was simply God’s original, ordained route for Adam to reproduce himself another son or daughter of God. Therefore, by separating the feminine attributes from the masculine and giving to the female a separate mind and heart as well as a specially designed body all her own, the commission in Gen. 1:27 could now be carried out. Both earthly bodies were so properly designed that in God’s proper time and hour he would reproduce the entire world in righteousness. However, the first Adam failed his God in the original onset, leaving the commission of Gen. 1:27 to yet be unfulfilled in righteousness! Man could only to a certain degree fulfill the commission and the little fulfilling he could do in his fallen nature was certainly not in righteousness but only in evil continually. Whether you want to accept it or not, all the sin on this earth has been brought about from the disobedience of one man who had received a commission to replenish the earth in righteousness. Every tear which has streamed down the cheek of man, every heartache, every burden, every sorrow, every screaming siren, whether it be a fire engine or ambulance on the way to a hospital or some police car chasing a villain, all the originality of this evil and sin sprang from the disobedience of the first man. Plagues, famines, pestilences, wars around the world, whether man shots, kills or stabs another human being, the earth has been stained and soaked with the blood of mortal man. Why? Because one man disobeyed God in not fulfilling his commission in righteousness thus leaving it open for another somewhere at some time in history to have to step in and first undo all that the first Adam caused, then carry out to the fullest decree that commission in Gen. 1:27, to rule the earth in righteousness.




What man could possibly qualify for such a role seeing what has now happened to mankind? To some degree this man would have to be born from a new order of man. First, in every way he must be fully a man, born into the human race like all other men, only this man somehow must be born free from inbred sin. Yes, he must be born of woman, although he must be born free from the inherited sin which is transferred into every bloodstream from the bloodstream of parents. This man must possess a sinless bloodstream. Where can such a man be found seeing all mankind is trapped in death and sin from the very moment of conception by their parents? 3 God had a plan. After 4,000 long years of fallen humanity, God finally brought one life into the world which was different. He was the Lord of Glory Himself who through Paul’s revelation was declared to be a second Adam (I Cor. 15). Beloved, if somehow we can realize or visualize all that had existed on this earth through lust, sin and disobedience of one man who fell into sin yet still tried to carry out the commission only to find he had filled the world with greed, lust, pollution and disobedience. Can we not, by the same token, begin to realize what it would be like through the obedience of another man (second Adam) toward God who could take hold of the reins of everything and begin to undo or throw in reverse all the evil and then begin to fulfill the commission in righteousness? Yes, that is what I said, undo it all! However, to undo it, I do not mean to imply the second Adam will throw in reverse the reproductive cycle of bringing lost humanity into this world by the route which Adam chose in Eden.






For a moment, let us turn back in our thought to the Garden scene where stood those two mysterious trees found in the midst. Recall, in Gen. 2 after God had separated the feminine attributes giving them a body of their own (called woman) the hour of choice was rapidly approaching wherein this young couple would have to make a choice of the two routes or under which of the two sex laws or two motives for sex would they choose in Eden to perform the sex act which in turn would lead to the fulfillment of the commission given them to multiply and replenish the earth over in Gen. 1:27. Recall further, God had cautiously instructed the young couple concerning the consequences of eating from the tree of knowledge, this tree which could not, by any means, be some form of plant life, whereby if eaten or partaken of would produce death. Death was the one thing God did not want introduced into his human family’s bloodstream (which should remain full of eternal life). However, the choice was not his, but theirs. They must decide which of the two trees (or laws) they will pursue because which ever choice or motive is made, all mankind must follow that choice forever seeing the knowledge of the other route will be sealed off permanently. To speak today of two routes or two motives (one being strictly a holy motive, while the other a selfish motive) is quite confusing to most people seeing for them there is only one choice or law which governs sex and the birth of their children. However, with the young couple in Eden, this was not true. They had a choice of one or two motives as to how they would fulfill this sex act which in turn would fulfill the commission; be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth.




The word eat carries a sexual meaning hidden from the wise and prudent and has also become quite confusing to many honest hearts seeking truth as to what actually did take place in the Garden. Did Adam and Eve eat from some tree of vegetation such as an apple or some other fruit? If so, why did God curse the sexual organs of woman and place death in the bloodstream of man and why, if their eating was of some fruit taken through the mouth, did they cover their sexual organs with fig leaves after their act had been committed? Naturally, we associate the word eating with something taken into the entrance of the mouth. However, you may be shocked to learn scripturally in a number of places other than Gen. 2 & 3, eating is used also when it has nothing to do with natural food being taken in through the mouth gate. One term used is “Eating the bread of idleness”, which everyone knows is not a tangible substance nor can be placed into the mouth. However, perhaps the most pertinent, astounding use of the word eating which has no reference to eating with the carnal mouth is the statement made by Jesus the second Adam, unto his disciples when he said, “Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no eternal life in you”. This statement was of such profound confusion it caused multitudes to depart from his teaching as only twelve remained with him. You know, Christ never did 4 explain what he meant about eating his flesh to that people. Therefore, we see from Jesus’ statement in order to have eternal life one would still be required to eat or partake of something. However, that something was not a fruit from a natural tree, was it? Recall, it was in Eden where that tree or law was first offered to be eaten which, if eaten, would have produced eternal life into every offspring from the eternal lie of Adam and his wife Eve even up until the present hour Christ stood there making this statement. Wherefore, when the young couple performed their first sex act, had that act been motivated strictly from a true desire to fulfill only God’s will and purpose, their motive and performance of the act would have produced eternal life instead of death. And the man Christ Jesus, the righteous branch plucked off the tree of life, would not have had to stand there in the flesh before a multitude saying, You must eat my flesh to have eternal life. Beloved, I make this statement only to show even today to partake of eternal life one must eat of something and that something, even back in the Garden, could not have been a fruit from a natural plant tree.




Therefore, let it be clearly understood if eating from the fruit of some natural tree in the Garden called tree of knowledge could have produced death into the human bloodstream along with all the misery which accompanies it by the same token, one would have to eat from some form of plant life in order to have obtained eternal life. You cannot make the one tree natural and the other spiritual because they were trees of the same nature and what natural fruit tree have you ever heard could produce eternal life? There is none! Therefore, since the law of eternal life had been forsaken for the act committed strictly for pleasure, eternal life must now come from partaking of the Lord Jesus Christ, the branch off the tree of eternal life itself. We now receive the Word of Eternal Life through a grafting process, James 1:21. I am sure we all remember our history how Ponce de Leon the Spanish explorer, upon hearing old Indian stories of a fountain of youth searched vainly throughout all Florida for it. However, Ponce de Leon should have remembered still another story where some 2,000 years ago this earth received its first little baby boy ever to be born from a woman’s womb (virgin) who was not filled with death, instead was full of eternal life and henceforth said, he that is athirst let him come and drink of me (the fountain of eternal life). Since being the only child ever born of woman full of eternal life, he became our second Adam.




I think it important since discussing the two laws which motivated the sex act, that following the fall and curse in Gen. 3, God, realizing Adam might somehow return to this other law, placed a cherubim and flaming sword about it to eve guard its secret. Remember, Adam was the only man who ever knew anything about this law which could produce eternal life into the human bloodstream as he and Eve had the opportunity before the curse was placed upon their life. Man made his choice and allowed himself to be foolishly guided into the wrong law through a selfish motive (in performing the sexual act strictly on the basis for pleasure) outside the divine will and purpose of God to produce only eternal life into the earth. His choice, because of his motive of the sex act itself, had led him into disobedience, sin and death. God could not permit man who now had tasted of the enjoyment of the law in se through the tree of knowledge to ever become a partaker of this other route; therefore, he sealed it off from man’s mind forever and designed another plan or route to later bring eternal life into human life and that route would be through the second Adam.




Recall, even as far back as when the male and female attributes were still housed in the one body of flesh and long before the serpent ever persuaded the woman to partake of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (using the sexual act strictly for pleasure only, outside the divine 5 will and purpose of God), they had been fully instructed tampering with this law or playing under this tree or law would bring death into their life which naturally is found in their bloodstream (Lev. 17:11). This young couple, after the transgression and having been expelled from the Garden paradise, take upon themselves the curses and leave the Garden. Even though they know death is coming, neither of them have any real knowledge of what to look for or expect once death does appear. Neither knew in what form it would visit them once it came or how they themselves would react toward it once it appeared.




God had cursed the female’s sexual organs while she was still in the Garden. This curse had not come abut because Eve ate an apple, it came because of her role in gratifying her own selfish (sexual) desire through the act of experiencing sex for pleasure only and not in the divine purpose and will God had for the act. And now her desire, according to the curse, could only be to her husband who now ruled over her. Furthermore, the painful agonizing experience of childbirth had been experienced on a number of occasions as God declared they would be. She further understood the aggravation and frustration of these newly multiplied periods of life in order to conceive which now came in monthly cycles. All of these she had experienced since the fall, but what about Adam? He also had tasted what it meant to work and labor in the field since he had lost his servant, the serpent, who had now been cursed beyond recognition. He knows what it is to labor until his brow be filed with sweat as he works the earth causing it to yield its fruit. No doubt from time to time they spotted that deceiving, cursed serpent who beguiled the woman into the act for pleasure only, outside the divine will and purpose of God and who since the curse, has been placed in the reptile family.




Neither of them know as yet what the curse of death will be once it visits them. Perhaps they had often discussed and wondered what it would be like and in what form it would be. During all these years since Eden some of their children had grown to adulthood, yet death had still not visited the first family. Years pass by until somewhere in the lifespan of Cain and Abel, Cain rose up and slew his brother (Gen. 4:8). Adam and Eve knew somewhere death was stalking its prey because the transgression had produced it. Over many years they had witnessed many parts of the curse, yet the worst was yet to visit the family. Death was the one thing they had never as yet seen nor felt the effect of yet no doubt they lived in dread and fear of the hour it would visit their hearts and lives.




Since scripture does not bring out the full details, let us paraphrase a scene which could very well have happened. Night finally falls upon the home of Adam and Eve and neither Cain nor Abel has come home for their supper. Perhaps Adam and Eve began t wonder where the two men were. Minutes drag into hours and darkness settles over the little home, still neither boy has returned. What could be causing their delay? Was something wrong? Perhaps they waited even longer until finally the puzzled couple began a frantic search for the two men. It was impossible to ask the neighbors if they had seen the two men seeing there were none. No doubt they remembered the part of the field the two had labored in that day and journeyed to that spot. Upon arriving in the dimness of the light, they were able to see a sight too horrible to attempt to describe. Now for the first time, fresh terror and agony grips their bewildered hearts as they approach the lifeless form of a body lying so still and quiet upon the earth. It was Abel their beloved son who was refusing to respond to the frantic call of his name. Terrified, Eve may have asked her bewildered husband, why doesn’t our son move? Why is Abel lying there so lifeless? What is all that dried red substance about his body? Remember, they had never witnessed death in their entire life nor did they know what form it would take. Most likely they 6 tried to arouse the lifeless body of their son yet as they moved his blood soaked body, in their hearts they knew this horrible enemy called death had visited their home and taken the most precious and dearest thing from them. Fully aware of why death was in the earth and why death had visited their home the grief-stricken parents lift the beaten, bloody, lifeless body of their son and carries him home. Beloved, death had now claimed its first victim. Note, death did not visit the first family who was responsible for death, through the form of a heart attack or some crippling disease. No, not even by accidental death. Instead, this enemy, this villain had reached out an robbed them of their own flesh and blood son. Death had struck the first family in the form of one of the most vicious and brutal murders ever recorded in history. Cain, the seed of the serpent had, without mercy, viciously murdered his brother (half). Cain had literally stabbed or beaten the very life out of righteous Abel (Heb. 11:4) and Abel lay cold and dead as his own life giving blood covered his body and soaked the ground. The first human blood the ground ever received was that from a brutal and horrible murder which had arisen in a jealous rage. Scripture teaches because of revelation or faith Abel had offered a more excellent sacrifice unto God than had Cain. God showed kindness unto Abel’s revelated offering (offered a blood sacrifice) and rejected Cain’s (Gen. 4:4-5, Heb. 11:4). In a jealous rage and malice, Cain had risen up and slew his brother. As a result, the first murder was committed.




Is it not peculiar the first death would be that of murder where innocent blood was shed? Even as it had been the shedding of innocent blood of a little animal sacrificed by Abel and used as a covering for his inherited sin (which come from the blood line of his parents). And what about God himself who killed a little lamb in Eden, shed its life blood in order to give Adam and Eve a covering for their nakedness instead of fig leaves? Just as blood life itself had been started from the original act of sex for pleasure only, whereby Adam and Eve had transferred into each one of their offspring that of their own cursed life’s blood with their sin of disobedience along with the characteristics of both mother and father which come through the seed of man and the egg of woman unto them so was it necessary that Christ Jesus would shed his own righteous, sinless, holy blood to pay for that inherited sin and death which now flowed in the bloodstream of humanity.




And in what form did the first death appear? That of taking another man’s life through the shedding of his blood. It was in this form death had brutally struck within the first family and they did not know what to do. Beloved, may I say this, to make things even worse this poor bereaved, grief stricken family had n one to share with them any part of the grief death had brought to their home. No, there was no coroner to hold an inquest to determine the cause of death; no sheriff to arrest the murderer; no mortician to prepare the body for burial; no place to buy a coffin; no friends to offer comfort to this grief stricken family; no florist to prepare and send flowers; no one to dig the grave; no church in which to conduct the funeral; no minister to give comforting words or conduct the services for the first person to die in the human race. It all fell heavily upon the shoulders of poor Adam and Eve to bear their own grief and try to comfort one another as they realized in their hearts their sin was responsible for this death and the disappearance of Cain. The body of righteous Abel was buried in order to return to the dust of the earth, but what happened to the spirit of Abel? Where did it go?




The spirit of the first man to ever be conquered by death, the enemy of man’s soul, was that of a righteous man who, by revelation, knew how to worship his God. (Heb. 11:4) That man was the murdered son of Adam, righteous Abel, and Abel went to a place prepared in hell, called Paradise, for righteous souls. According to Luke 16:19-31 hell was a place divided into two 7 separate compartments, one called Paradise, the other torment and spirits of just men which death had conquered went to Paradise while the unrighteous or wicked went to torment. The patriarch David, through prophecy, declared in Psalms 16:8-10, after death his flesh would rest in hope because he knew God would not forever leave his soul in hell. Later we shall show the beginning of the redemptive work of Christ, the second Adam, who immediately after having shed his sinless blood on Calvary’s cross, went into this area where souls of righteous men were held captive by death and began to free the captive souls within the compartment of paradise in hell. Furthermore, he emptied that section which dwelt somewhere inside the earth leaving the section of torment undisturbed other than giving testimony. No disembodied spirit at death anywhere within the Old Testament could possibly ascend into the presence of the Eternal God who had cursed their forefather Adam, who in turn through a sexual desire had transferred into each offspring of the human race the inherited sin and death and not until that righteous, perfect, sinless blood for their atonement in the second Adam had been applied to their inherited sin could they leave paradise. Blood from lambs, goats and bulls, which they had used in their lifetime had simply not been sufficient to undo their inherited sin of the Adamic nature Heb. 10:3-4. Therefore, since the sinless pure blood of Christ, God’s second Adam, had not been shed for their inherited sin all captured souls of just men of Old Testament saints, beginning with righteous Abel were held in captivity by death until one stronger than death could come along from the ranks of human mankind and set all the captives free. Eventually, one finally came.




At this time, we should pause long enough to discuss a particular yet overlooked period of time centuries before the flood which produced such a pathetic situation God became so completely disgusted with mankind he wiped away all, save eight souls who, after the flood, was given the commission to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth (Gen. 9:1). The word replenish spoken in Gen. 1:27 implies repopulating or multiplying life upon this planet and that is exactly what happens from Adam until the flood. However, the stock of humanity (in Gen. 6:1-4) being produce 8-10 centuries before the flood coming from the cross-breading of two pure genetic strains grieved the eternal God to the point he wiped away mankind, save eight souls and the animals in the ark to be used for multiplying and replenishing the earth once again. Because f the new genetic disturbance in Gen. 6:1-4 which appears in the bloodstream, added in the death curse, etc. already present in the Adamic race, Noah’s three sons found it totally impossible to fulfill the commission in righteousness. Instead, like Adam and Eve, they too repopulated the earth in unrighteousness until its present population extends over 3.4 billion as alarmed scientists scream to reduce the flow of human life ere we overpopulate the world and starve. After the flood, once again the commission is taken up, yet because of those added evil attributes to the depraved nature already resting in the bloodstream, not one soul could fulfill this commission in righteousness. To a certain degree man has fulfilled the commission although never in righteousness. Instead, man replenished the earth in wickedness, evil continually, wars, murders, adultery, hatred, envy and malice. JUDGEMENT SOON Beloved, judgment again is what this world faces as it has repopulated itself into another dark hour of unrevelated faith in God wherein II Thess. 1:7-10 declares God destroys those who know him not (through personal revelated faith). At the close of the grace age, God comes in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God in a day called the day of the Lord (Isa. 63:1- 6). Why? Because mankind will still not know God through revelated faith.




Out of eight souls spared, only Noah is ever referred to as being perfect having found favor with 8 God (which means he was the only man left on earth with any spiritual revelation toward God). That day foreshadows still another dreadful event ahead for mankind called the day of the Lord. Christ himself linked those days of Noah with those days briefly before his return (Luke 17:26- 27) wherein Noah alone is referred to in Gen. 6:8-9 as being a just and perfect man in his generation. (Meaning he alone could hear what the Spirit said). Furthermore, Heb. 11:7 declares by (revelated) faith Noah being warned by God of things not seen, moved by fear, prepared an ark for the saving of his house by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is by (revelated) fath. In other words, Noah didn’t imply one day decide to build a boat, call in the animals and his family, close the door and sail away. To do such a thing had never crossed his mind. Therefore, it came to him through divine revelated faith in God during such a perverted, polluted generation before the flood. Only one man stand out being able to receive warning through revelated faith (from God).




Revealed faith is the only route to God and was well known by all Noah’s ancestors, even back to Adam. However, revealed faith which all saints must have to please God had now run out. Scripture testifies Noah was a perfect man in his generation, however, we would probably have been horror struck could we have seen mankind’s spirituality in Noah’s generation. His route to God was destroyed. Why was Noah the only perfect man in his generation because he alone out of all that generation could receive revelation. If other’s could, why beloved did they choose to drown instead of getting on the ark? What had happened in that dark dismal hour of history which had reduced the caliber of the sons of God in Gen. 6:1-2 to such a low capacity or degree that none except Noah remained to hear the voice of God through revelated faith. Nevertheless, through all this, had God judged Noah on the standards or basis of some previous godlier generation such as the seventh from Adam wherein a man named Enoch walked so closely with God he was not, for God took him and Heb. 11:5-6 declared how it was Enoch walked, through divine revelated faith. Noah might not have measured up to be the most perfect man in that generation, however, he wasn’t judged on the standard of another generation, but on the basis of his own generation. How thankful I am God judges each generation upon present revelation of his revealed word for that particular hour. Noah, judged in the generation of his hour was the cream of the crop, a perfect man, a man who could hear what the Spirit had to say. WHO ARE THEY? Seeing Noah lived 500 years before the flood (Gen. 5:32) let us briefly examine Noah’s lengthy generation in the light of two separate passages of scripture. Genesis and Luke. Christ, in Luke 17:26-27 comparing those approaching days of vengeance of his second coming with Noah’s day wherein eight souls were spared for repopulation said, they ate and they drank and they married wives and they were given in marriage until Noah entered the ark and the flood came and destroyed them all. Recall, all those Christ referred to as they were drowned. Those marrying and given in marriage were destroyed. Their actions grieved the Spirit and mankind was destroyed. Examining verse 27 in the light of Gen. 6:2, the Spirit said the sons of God saw (noticed) the daughters of men that they were fair (beautiful). They took unto them wives, all of which they chose. They, here according to Genesis, are the descendants of Adam, called the sons of God. Jesus said they married and were given in marriage. Verse 4 declares giants were produced from these particular unions which God hated because of what it was doing to the bloodstream of his people. This cross breeding was destroying something valuable within the bloodline of those sons of God and because of it, God destroyed them all.




How do you explain such a phenomena? Modern theology which teaches Adam and Eve ate some fruit similar to an apple in Eden, passes this most difficult passage (which brought 9 destruction) off by saying fallen angels who at that hour were not chained in darkness, mated these daughters of men and produced giants in the earth, however now are unable to do so. This doesn’t explain how even after the flood, especially through the bloodline of Ham (whose name in the original signifies burnt black) appeared a strain of gigantic people with whom the children of Israel constantly battled. Then again, are we to believe these marriages and this continual given in marriage spoken of by Christ in Luke wherein everyone participating were all drowned, were fallen angels who cohabited with women and their union produced giants. Since when could you drown spirits (angels)? Are we to accept this to be the work of sexless fallen angels of whom Christ declared to the people of his day who always erred because they did not know the scripture that angels were sexless and could neither marry nor are given in marriage (Mk. 12:25). Hogwash! Except one is willing to believe and accept the revelated truth in Gen. 3, that a serpent who, being an intelligent creature stood next to revelated Adam himself, planted a seed in the garden before being severely judged and cursed beyond recognition, being thrown from the head position of creation next to Adam unto the end of the line of creation, out into the crawling reptile family and that his offspring was none other than Cain who never once appears in the genealogy of Adam, is a perfect picture of all his daddy was before his fall and now this lineage of Cain who still had no revelated faith has reached into Gen. 6, we will continue to accept inherited lies over this true picture and continue to run into serious problems from this section of scripture in Gen. 6:1-4.




Up until this hour God himself had looked upon mankind under two separate strains of being (Gen. 6:2). One lineage or strain referred to as the sons and daughters of men who, like their ancestor Cain, had no revelated faith in God without which Heb. 11:6 declares it is impossible to please God, while the other strain possessing revelated faith was that of the sons of God, of whom Adam was the head being the son of God (Luke 3:38) although a fallen son who at present carried only death in his bloodstream. Nevertheless, Adam was still a revelated son of God. His descendants through Seth, etc., were referred to up until Gen. 6 as the (revelated) sons of God. After all, was that not the purpose of Adam and Eve being placed on earth to produce and raise revelated sons and daughters of God, full of eternal life? This last part they failed. Children instead were produced in a fallen state; nevertheless, Adam’s children could still walk by revelated faith with God. (Heb. 11:4) Adam’s descendants were referred to by God himself as the (revelated) sons of God until Gen. 6 when something drastic happened changing the picture, grieving the Holy Spirit as mankind went completely off course. God became grieved with these sons of God who no longer refused or resisted temptation, thus refusing to keep their (bloodline) strain of humanity completely pure and separated from all those evil wicked attributes within the unrevelated seed of Cain (Heb. 11:4), who was none other than that seed of his daddy, the one in Genesis Adam named the serpent. Cain’s lineage had produced those beautiful (unrevelated) women who are referred to by the Spirit himself as the daughters of men. They, like unrevelated women today influenced by Satan, paraded themselves in such a manner they lustfully lured sons of God unto themselves thus beginning that genetic breakdown. What happened referred to both in Gen. 6:1-4 and Luke 17:27, caused God to no longer regard humanity under these two separate strains of sons of God and daughters (and sons) of men, etc.




During those final 500 years of continual genetic disturbances in the bloodstream of what was once two separate thoroughbred strains which up until that hour of temptation carried their own separate attributes, now find attributes of both sides slowly, but surely vanishing or fading into only one line of humanity. When that happened, God refers to all mankind simply as flesh, meaning mankind now had reduced himself to nothing more than mere fleshly thoughts. He has 10 become only a flesh man who thinks only of satisfying his own fleshly cravings, desires and passions and is no longer a man with any revelation in God. Much like cross-breeding two thoroughbred strains of cattle, over a lengthy period of time, both strains disappear into their offspring as the chromosomes and heredity genes of both strains through the sex act are carried into the bloodstream of the offspring thereby transferring the characteristics, traits and attributes of both strains into one, resulting in the loss of their own separate individuality.




However, it was the sons of God strain who actually suffered due to the fact through the genetic breakdown they lost their ability to maintain that something required to receive revelation from God in their makeup as the serpent attributes continued to pour into their bloodstream. Through crossbreeding, that something present in the lineage of the sons of God to receive revelation was weakening until finally was lost completely. Get this, not until after the genetic heredity cross up in Gen. 6 during that flood period where all this took place does the scripture relate any people other than Cain’s descendants in Gen. 4 having within their makeup those evil attributes such as murder, adultery, polygamy, hatred, malice, envy, strife or any other attributes such as these in their bloodstream popping up through their nature. That which was transpired through sex during that long period of Gen. 6 before the flood, between those two groups began that steady breakdown within that spiritual capacity of the sons of God to retain that route of revelated faith which all true revelated saints must possess in order to exist spiritually with God. Heb. 11:6 declares without it you cannot please God.




Notice a step farther, Heb. 11:4-7 records a period of time from Cain and Abel up until the flood where the names of four men appear; however, only three can qualify for the hall of revelated faith. One man mentioned there once went through the motions of worshipping God; nevertheless, he ailed miserably. Why? Because he possessed no revelation in his being as how to approach God. Notice, because this man’s (half) brother possessed an ability with God to hear by revelation the things of the Spirit whereas his brother couldn’t in a jealous rage this man murdered his brother. Cain having no revelation in God simply did not know the route to approach God. Abel, by divine revelated faith, knew it was the blood of an innocent animal which must be offered.




Another man of Adam’s (son of God) seed line who reached the height of revelated faith in God, walked so pleasing to God that even though death and the fallen attributes of Adam existed in his bloodstream to be passed on to his descendants, by faith Enoch the seventh from Adam was permitted to leave this world without dying. That man who was translated because of his revelated faith types beautifully the gentile revelated bride who also shall be translated. When? In the seventh gentile church age, as was Enoch, the seventh from Adam translated without seeing death (before judgment fell). Beloved, if Cain had been a son of Adam, Enoch would have been the 8th from Adam (not the 7th). Enoch, a prophet of god who prophesied against ungodly sinners, Jude 14-15, lived 65 years and begat a son whom God instructed to be named Methuselah, meaning when he is gone it (flood) will come. Enoch, realizing the dreadful terrifying meaning of his son’s name, although unaware as to when his son might be taken and having no idea Methuselah would live longer than any man on earth, 969 years, walked in revelated faith closer and closer to God for 300 years and was translated. During that 969 years in which God permitted Methuselah to live, he was extending his grace to a disobedient world who by the end had reached the point none could hear him through the revelation of his Spirit (other than Noah). 969 years passed and Methuselah died and just as God has spoken, it did come. Have you ever wondered why out of a family of many brothers and sisters, Noah, the 11 oldest child of Lamech, was able to hear God’s warning of judgment and save himself? Why did not one of his younger brothers or sisters get on the ark in order to save their lives if they could hear God speak through Noah’s preaching. Gen. 5:30. It all simply relates back to that terrible, dreadful, genetic mixup of Gen. 6:1-4 which at this time we do not have the space to go into. Nevertheless, we have a message for you new readers covering this period called From Eden to The Flood.




Let us take one more quick look at this same disobedient people living before the flood after they drowned. Already, we have seen how and why Jesus compared their day to the day of his wrath. Immediately after Christ’s death at Calvary according to I Peter 3:18-20, even before his body was taken from the cross Peter informs us how the Spirit of Christ visited those now disembodied spirits in the prison of death or hell wherein Christ the second Adam having left his body nailed to the cross immediately began his redemptive work which, of course, was first of all in behalf of all those disembodied spirits from righteous Abel unto the last righteous soul of the Old Testament who had patiently awaited in Paradise (section also in hell) the arrival of one stronger than death itself to come and set them free. All of these people who had offered blood sacrifices of innocent animals throughout their life journey on earth knew well the blood of bulls and goats, lambs, etc. which had been offered to God could never by any means do away with or cancel sin and the penalty of death in their behalf. Instead had only served a paying the interest shall we say on the (bank) note which one day must all be paid in full by the second Adam. Peter tells how Christ in the Spirit, while his body is still on the cross, was in hell releasing all the captive spirits of the Old Testament saints who, like David, had rejoiced in the Spirit knowing that God would not forever leave his soul in hell (Psalms 16:10) (Ephesians 4:7-10) (Matt. 27:52-53). At last He had come.




Yes, beloved, in hell was two groups of people, one the righteous awaiting release at the coming f Christ to be carried from Abraham’s bosom (as Paradise was called) unto a higher height referred to by the Apostle Paul as Paradise in the third heaven (II Cor. 12:4), while the other group who were the lost wicked spirits had absolutely nothing to look forward to as they would not be released until the second resurrection whereupon God would take their bodies from either the earth or sea and drag their spirits out of hell to appear before his great white throne judgment only to be sentenced to the lake of fire. And it is here while in this place releasing these righteous spirits as his first act of redemption is transpiring, he testifies personally to those lost souls who were disobedient in the days of Noah before the flood. No, he did not release these, only preached or witnessed unto them. He will release these at the second resurrection whereupon they are dragged before the great white throne judgment and sentenced to the lake of fire.




Recall, according to Christ in Luke 17:27 this world is facing another dreadful hour shortly before his return which is likened unto the days of Noah wherein Noah and his family was singled out for seed to reproduce a new age, Gen. 9:1. As already stated, revelated Enoch was a type of the revelated bride of Christ to be called out before that judgment. Noah’s survival is that perfect type of that small remnant of humanity God preserves for his kingdom age as he too permits them in some way to ride safely through judgment of god in that dreadful day of the Lord and repopulate the new kingdom age where as a people they will again hear those immortal words, be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. However, as this command goes forth for the third time the situation will be somewhat different on earth for all the governments of the world will have been dissolved into one world government ruled by the Lord of Glory himself, 12 from the capitol city (of the new age) Jerusalem. Saints of God, both Old and New Testament who return to earth with Christ during his second advent (Zech. 14:5) will be placed over this one world government in different positions wherein they rule and reign in righteousness.




In I Cor. 15:3 the Apostle Paul had been discussing the subject of the resurrection whereupon in verses 45-50 he reaches the place in his writing where he states something concerning the two Adams and it is written, the first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from heaven. Reaching back into the verses 22-24 to an earlier statement made by Paul. “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. But every man in his own order; Christ the first fruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming. Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power. For he must reign till he hath put all enemies under his feet.




The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.” The purpose in quoting these scriptures has been to verify even long before God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the first Adam to remove from his side a rib where in he made Adam a wife. It was to foreshadow in type the bringing forth of the Bride of Christ (the second Adam); how we also were in Christ long before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:4) and once Christ, our second Adam, hung on the cross where his side was opened, God’s complete plan of redemption was all hanging there in him. Even though physically you had not come into existence, if you are one of those elect in him to be his Bride, potentially you were there. You were hanging there in him because your sins were there represented in Christ’s flesh on the cross. Everything redemption was to accomplish was all there in Christ, our second Adam, while hanging on the cross. Truly the first Adam was of the earth, earthy, and in a sense was even more natural after the fall. Our first Adam submitted himself to natural environment, having within him lay the ability to pass that fallen nature on down through the genes into every offspring on earth. Redemption, redemption for everything lay in Christ. Christ had come to undo all that this depraved human race had polluted upon the earth, as well as the earth itself. The first Adam through his disobedience subjected us to bondage, etc. All th evil we see is the product of the disobedience of a man, every graveyard, every battleground, every bit of vegetation destroyed through man’s conflict in his enmity toward others. It is a condition which has developed through one man’s disobedience. Irregardless to whatever type pollution or evil has arisen, all of it has stemmed from the disobedience of one man who failed God in his commission. Beloved, if one man disobeyed God causing all this, then by what means do you think God would purpose to erase it all. Naturally, it must be through another man. However, within this man we would have to realize he would have to be a man of redemption; a man who was totally innocent and guiltless having contributed in no way to the present condition at hand. Not in the slightest could he be involved in it other than the fact he would be born of the human race, born of the same substance as that of other flesh men. Through his route of birth it permitted him to be born in the flesh, but be born sinless. By coming this route, he, who would be a sinless man, would be innocent and would have contributed in no manner to the condition of the world at large, environment, man himself, etc. Therefore, as an innocent man born of woman, he might yield himself unto the penalty which the first man on earth had imputed unto the rest. And through the obedience of this one righteous, guiltless, faultless and sinless man he would take upon himself the sins, the disobedience, the reproaches, the faults, the conditions, the circumstances as well as the climax 13 of sin and through offering himself as an innocent blood sacrifice could use his own perfect life as a purchase price to redeem the fallen creation of mankind back to the great Eternal God.




Gal. 4:4. In the fulness of time God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law to redeem them under the law. Prophecies for centuries had spoken of his coming, who he was that was to come, how he was coming, where he would be born, etc. However, at no time did the Lord God allow any prophet to tell what season or day of the year Christ would be born other than in the fulness of time. What we are about to say must be understood clearly that in no way is it our intention to establish any birthday for Christ who was born of the virgin. However, we do believe from the scripture taking into account the birth of John the Baptist who was conceived six months prior to Jesus the Christ, we can determine the approximate season of his birth (certainly not the day of his birth). Instead of simply choosing a day that all would want to accept in order to be in line with a traditional way of thing that is, go along with the seasonal crowd who choose the Roman Catholic idea of December 25 (Christmas). Therefore, without further hesitation let us examine the scriptures wherein we shall always find clues to bring ourself in line with the word of God. From Luke’s gospel we approach the scripture by examining certain statements, first concerning the birth of John the Baptist. Recall in Luke 1:5 while Herod was King of Judea a certain priest whose wife Elizabeth was barren and while he was administering the daily services within the temple before the altar in the Jewish month of Abia (today spelled Abah) an angel visited him. Now on our Roman calendar that period of time he ministered his course serving the temple as priest was covering the last days of July and the first part of August. It was in the period or course the angel visited Zacharias informing him his aged wife Elizabeth would conceive and bear a son whose name should be called John. Zacharias could hardly believe the good news which he had for so long prayed. In order that he might know the angel had bore him a true message from God he was to remain speechless from that hour until the birth of the child. When was this scriptural time? During the course of Abia or Abah, last of July and first of August. Now, I don’t believe it take God forever to fulfill his word, nor did I believe Zacharias, unable to speak, tarried around Jerusalem two weeks before going home. Zacharias returned to his home (unable to speak) and his barren wife Elizabeth who was far advanced in years conceived (Luke 1:23-24) and hid herself five months.




There was no point in an old woman far past the child bearing stage out telling people she was going to have a baby. Who would believe her? I believe her conception came no later than the first art of Elul (which corresponds with the later part of our August and first part of September). Furthermore, I believe the reason the scripture is written in this language is to show she immediately conceived after Zacharias went home and related the news to her by writing or some means. Now in verse 26 it says in the 6th month of her expectancy (and this doesn’t mean the 6th month had transpired, but according to the scripture it was in the very first of the 6th month with her). Meanwhile, in that 6th month in still another place called Nazareth, a young virgin woman espoused to Joseph of the house of David had a visitor also. Gabriel brought the word to Mary that she would conceive by the Holy Ghost and bear a son of God and the angel informed her that he aged cousin Elizabeth hd also conceived and was in the first part of her 6th month and would also bear a son. In verse 39 at that time (1st of the 6th month period with Elizabeth) Mary arose in haste and journeyed into the hill country of Judea. In the beginning of the sixth month which is approximately the 1st of January. Recall, Elizabeth had hid herself five months and at the beginning of the 6th month Mary received the news and hastens to Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-56).




14 Watch closely. Since the Jewish years are based on a lunar month and the lunar year only has 355 days, therefore, it is necessary every 3 years they add an extra month. Let us take fo an instance (not to establish a year but merely for an example) using Jewish calendar of 1972 and coming into 1973, using it for nothing more than a guideline or an example, and naturally we will begin with that month of the Abia 1972 of the Jewish calendar in which was the monthly course of Zacharias’s temple ministry being administered, that month having 30 days corresponds, as we already stated, with the last part of our July and the first part of August. The following month Elul, last of August and first of September, on the Jewish calendar 1972-73 which we are using for examples which would have made Elizabeth’s expectancy period begin around Aug. 11. However, five months later would bring her up unto the Jewish month Teves which has 29 lunar days. It would so happen the lunar month would end on our Jan. 3, 1973, therefore the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy as the angel visited Mary would appear on the 4th day of January. Henceforth, if you start counting at Jan. 4, 1973, and count off 270 days which is nine complete lunar months that would bring us up to Oct. 11th, 1973. Now, if Christ was born as a perfect man through a perfect conception it should not have required over 270 days which would equal to nine lunar months, however, for the sake of argument we will extend 10 more days which brings us into the period of 280 days which would be a regular nine months Roman calendar pregnancy period for Mary. This would bring it up to October 21, 1973. (Bear in mind we are using a 1972-1973 calendar, for remember those lunar days and months did fluctuate over a three year period. That is why every three years on the Jewish calendar an extra month had to be added. The Jewish calendar year is only 355 days while the solar year (which we observe) is 365 days and season wise we can safely say we are somewhere within a 21 day period of the approximate birth of Christ. Therefore, according to scripture, we can say Christ was born in the fall season. From the scriptural account this is the best we can do; however, if you desire to accept the traditional date of some other time or season that is entire up to you. Nevertheless, I leave you with one question. The time you do accept, can it be proven by the scripture?




When Christ came into the world all he was was placed into a sinless perfect body of human flesh. Seeing the route Christ was brought into the world some may ask, was Christ’s flesh actually sinless? Certainly it was. Although the flesh body for the Spirit of God to dwell within had been formed within a human womb and his mother belonged to the Adamic race; nevertheless, his flesh was sinless. How, you may ask? Christ was conceived by the Holy Ghost (Matt. 1:20). That is, produced from a perfect seed created by the Holy Ghost which carried a does all male seed for human birth, 23 chromosomes in the genes within the seed which transfers from the father the hereditary qualities of the father, while within the woman (Mary) who was used only to house and nourish the little fetus, was created a perfect and sinless egg, carrying an equal number of chromosomes which (normally) produced the characteristics or hereditary qualities of the mother. However, in the birth of Christ a sinless, perfect egg and seed, apart from the fallen nature of man was prepared for conception thereby providing a perfect sinless bloodstream carrying none of the fallen nature of mankind. Here was born into this world a perfect baby who neither shared nor contributed to the depraved state f man for whom he had come to rescue. In that respect, his flesh was sinless; therefore, what his spirit was clothed in had been made in the exact likeness of sinful flesh (Rom. 8:3).




Had he been born in sinful flesh, Christ along with others of the human race would have been trapped as a wretched sinner. And being conceived as a sinner would have forfeited all his rights to hold the position of the second Adam. Therefore, Christ came in sinless flesh for the sake of 15 undoing sin in the flesh and at the proper hour would also begin the process of fulfilling in righteousness that great commission in which the first Adam had so miserably failed. And recall, it is not until after the flood wherein only eight souls survived do we hear for the second time another man receiving that same commission to multiply and replenish the earth (Gen. 9:1). That man was Noah. Although Noah’s three sons, all being of the Adamic race, began to work on this commission (multiplying and replenishing) neither could they fulfill it in righteousness. That which we see today having swollen to a staggering populated world of over 3.4 billion all came from the sons of Noah. At no time has this commission ever been fulfilled in righteousness due to the condition of fallen mankind. However, thank God there will be one man out of billions of people born on the face of this earth who one day will fulfill that commission of Gen. 1:27 completely in righteousness.




The second Adam will be the third and final man from the ranks of humanity who embraces this commission. However, it must be noted during Christ’s first advent when offering himself as a spotless lamb none of the following five things were even touched in this part of his ministry (1) Adam’s choice in the sexual route which produced death, (2) man’s problem of polluting the earth, (3) to remove death in the human bloodstream as brought by the curse, (4) Did not bring peace to the animal kingdom and (5) Did not begin to rule the earth in righteousness.




We do not find him in any manner, when he was born into this earth, tampering with this process route or cycle of natural life. Do we? Instead, he offered this lost human race, all of whom were helplessly born in sin and depravity, bearing the stains and identity of the Adamic nature which flowed from generation to generation through the human bloodstream transported through the route of sex, he offered to them a chance or opportunity that first their inner man, who is spirit, could experience a new birth from above or experience a second birth with the promise after this new birth of the inner man was accomplished, the body would still have to face death. Nevertheless, the day would come when this old corruptible body in which the new man lived would at death, go into the ground, yet one day come forth also as a new immortal body. No, Christ did not tamper with the inherited characteristics of death, disease and iniquity which flowed continually through the human bloodstream causing man’s evil attributes to produce more evil in generations to come. All these characteristics or attributes of evil which would one day be met by death would live on in the human body or bloodstream and continue producing more lost depraved human beings as the sex union is continued. However, one day at death all this would cease in the human body as the natural life faced death, the curse placed in the Garden upon the human race in the final step in this natural life. Remember, death is continually working in the flesh of mankind even though the spirit of man experienced a new birth through Christ Jesus our Lord. It is interesting to further note when the second Adam was here upon earth he did not take hold of this great commission to begin to rule the earth or to undo the pollution made by mankind nor to bring about peace and harmony between man and his animal kingdom. There is a day and hour for this, however that hour was not 2,000 years ago. No, it wasn’t during the God-man’s first advent these things were to be fulfilled.




Do you realize why it wasn’t? Because he didn’t ask at that hour have a bride to assist him in the commission. Recall, the commission had been given to both the male and female attributes. Taking this commission and fulfilling it in righteousness could only come about upon the return or the second advent of the Lord of Glory our second Adam when he returns to earth with his wife, as he sets up a program to rule and reign it righteousness along with his Bride and Old 16 Testament saints as well. It will be in that hour to which Christ refers as the age of regeneration when all this commission will be fulfilled in righteousness as the fulfillment of it can only come by and through the redemption of the second Adam.




No, in his first advent he did not remove death itself, the curse which had been placed upon mankind in the Garden and transferred from generation to generation through the genetic bloodstream by the sex route along with all these other evil attributes introduced into the bloodstream after Gen. 6. Instead, if you recall, Christ invited death into his own life and death took him, although death could by no means hold him. When the second Adam, the Lord of Glory, came into the world and took upon himself the form or robe of flesh, becoming mankind’s second Adam or route of escape from all that dreadful penalty of what happened in the Garden. No, at that hour he did not begin to change or undo the nature of the animal kingdom did he? At that hour all he offered was a route through the new birth to change the inner man’s nature (not clean up his human bloodstream wherein death lived) in all mankind. Man’s spirit or inner nature, through the new birth, could be reborn; however, his flesh must suffer the penalty of the law of death and sin by dying. Christ did, however, promise through the resurrection our bodies which had face death and as a result had to go into the ground, rot, decay and return to the dust from when it came (Gen. 3:19), at an appointed hour all these bodies which died in the Lord would now be purified and come forth out of the ground immortal to stand upon the earth.




In that manner God would have completely undone or erased all traces of death (as far as the individual converted man was concerned) from the penalty of the inherited sin which had been transferred into his life through the Genetic bloodstream from the Garden. With the completion of the resurrection of the body, redeemed man would now be completely new, body soul and spirit, and the new spiritual man now in this new resurrected body, along with the second Adam will cleanse the earth of evil and through instructions of righteousness unto a mortal realm which will be present according to the scripture in that hour (Age of Regeneration) when the animal kingdom will be at peace with mankind, and when pollution in every form will not only be lifted off the human race, but off the earth as well.




What do we mean by all this? We are simply saying the second Adam never touched any of the commission nor fulfilled any of it in righteousness upon His first advent although He will completely fulfill it in His second advent. And notice, it is between the time of that first and second advent, through seven dispensational church ages of grace God has been busy forming Christ a beautiful bride from his own eternal life along with the blood and water which came from his side at Calvary. Once those ingredients have formed a perfect, beautiful bride for the second Adam, he comes to translate her into glory for a wedding supper and returns with her to this earth whereupon the two, with the assistance of all the Old Testament saints will begin the process of cleansing the earth of the sin and iniquity placed on it through the disobedience of the first Adam and his wife. The designated time assigned for this work and the fulfilling of all the great commission in Gen. 1:27 in righteousness will be 1,000 years.




All this redemption we see in Jesus Christ, the second Adam. When reading our Bible we quickly discover redemption is not something God has thought up several hundred years after Adam fell. By no means do we note redemption to be something God anticipated, hoped or imagined he might be able to accomplish. Instead from each scripture we notice with God in his mind it is already a finished product. Since he was fully aware man would take the rout he did, and all turn out as it has, even before the foundation of the world God had prepared a plan or 17 route whereby he might redeem fallen man in his lust, greed and sin back unto himself (that is, all who would accept him). In other words, God had already set forth a plan before the foundation of the world for redemption to undo all this evil to be brought upon the world through the disobedience of his first Adam. We have no time at present to discuss what happens to those who do not accept his plan, our primary interest is discussing redemption for those whom God has purposed to redeem through the Lord Jesus Christ (as they accept him). Therefore, it is from a scriptural standpoint of redemption we desire to take a sincere look into his vast foreknowledge wherein he had previously counseled with himself before the foundation of the world. Eph. 1:9- 11, and therein his mind redemption became a completely finished produce including the role of the Bride of Christ. Just as the first Adam had everything placed within himself before leaving the spirit world, those female attributes to produce a wife, the knowledge to fulfill his commission, to be fruitful and multiply, etc. he knew exactly his role as well as did Eve even before they were placed in separate bodies here on earth. Recall, even after the male and female attributes had been placed in the one male body, before her separation, the word of God would fellowship Adam in the cool of the day, flooding his mind with revelatory thoughts, concerning his objective of being placed upon the earth. May I say here, Eve being present in Adam was fully aware of that great program as well.




Likewise, from the scriptural standpoint do we see that second Adam’s Bride also taken from his side at Calvary potentially was in him and shouldn’t she (as well as Eve) also know by revelation within this hour she too is being made up (or completed) from those very elements of spirit, water and blood taken from him while he was sleeping the sleep of death to begin to form and give eternal life to a beautiful bride which is taking God the period of seven church ages to accomplish. How is it possible in the final stage, this Bride, having a role so important to play with her husband Christ the second Adam, could remain ignorant to the role they must fulfill together in fulfilling that commission in righteousness during the millennium or 1,000 year reign of Christ? Beloved, by all means having been in him, the Bride (of this hour) should know especially from the revelatory route of the flowing of the Spirit into her mind, revealing to her that important role for which she has been chosen. It is inconceivable to think as this first Adam and his wife typed and foreshadowed God’s plan for the second Adam and his Bride, his Bride would remain in ignorance to that which has been revealed to him seeing the Spirit of Christ is eager to share with her that definite knowledge of the role she had been chosen to play in his kingdom age as his queen.




Even as a lad of 12, Christ showed remarkable knowledge that he was fully aware he was destined to do something. Christ revealed that knowledge already lay within him when he was accidently left behind at Jerusalem by Mary and Joseph who later found him in the temple confounding the doctors of divinity as well as the scribes with things normally a lad that age would not be so deeply involved in. Recall his answer when Mary and Joseph found him and informed him of the anxiety he had caused in their frantic search, his reply was know ye not that I must be about my Father’s business. Why had he said this? Because there lay within his pure undefiled mind a knowledge as to his divine purpose for being upon earth. Christ the second Adam had a mind whereby the pure revelation of truth flowed in understanding as to his redemptive earthly role. And did not Paul instruct the Bride to have the (same, like) mind of Christ. Phil. 2:5. The question is, how can a people of this hour who declare they are of the perfecting stage of the Bride of Christ be a people with no individual personal revelation or knowledge as to the role they are to play with the second Adam in the 1,000 year reign. Eve knew her role. The scriptures declare the brides of both Adams not only received life from 18 ingredients removed from their husbands, but they themselves were in their husbands, the two Adams, and were brought forth from them.




In Matt. 19:28, we see this word “re” being used for the third time only this time it points to the ministry of the second Adam in a different hour and age. Jesus had been speaking concerning how difficult it was for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven when, no doubt, Peter and the other disciples who had forsaken all wondered if they themselves had any chance of entering and it prompted Peter who was very concerned to ask Jesus the question, “Behold, we have forsaken all to follow thee, what shall we have therefore”. Listen to Jesus’ answer, verily I say unto you that ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the son of man shall sit in the throne f his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones.” Matt. 19:28. For the third time we have seen the word “re”. Of what is Christ speaking? You disciples will be seated on twelve thrones in the regeneration. Notice beloved, Peter fires this question and without consulting a single book for an answer Christ simply replied to the position they would hold in the age of what he called regeneration. Note how every answer to man’s problems and questions lay within this second Adam, questions such as man’s redemption, his eternal state of being; his relation with God as well as life in the world beyond. No, Christ didn’t consult a book for the answer to Peter’s question because the revelation and understanding of all the prophets had spoken throughout the scriptures lay right there in Christ. Therefore, the answer merely flowed from Christ the second Adam, the Lord of Gory who had come to undo everything the first Adam managed to get off course through disobedience. Think of it beloved, even when Adam disobeyed he didn’t have to turn back t some book or creed to see if he had done wrong. He knew within himself because his conscience had told him so. We have left all to follow thee, Peter said, what shall be our reward? Without hesitation, Jesus picked up that word “re” and began by saying, in the age of regeneration, etc. Regeneration must be examined spiritually and although it is an age where there will be much immortality around in a glorified state, please don’t get confused thinking all mankind in the age of regeneration will be in a glorified state. This is simply not true.




We have already discussed how Adam and Eve had the same revelation on the commission as to what their role in life would be although the serpent beguiled her; nevertheless, she still knew her role. She perhaps felt she had discovered a better way of performing the role. (2 Cor. 11:2- 4). How much more should not the second Adam and his bride be walking in the same revelation as to their role in the regeneration when they begin undoing all the first Adam was responsible for doing. Therefore, I say if the same spirit that he is, is in you (If you were ordained to be a part of him) the same revelation which is in him should flow in you who are ordained to fulfill all things in redemption. (Some where that same revelation of his has to strike back in your own bosom. Yes, even concerning this age yet to come called the age of regeneration. Are you not a part of him, chosen before the foundation of the world to share with him of that glory? The same spirit of revelation that Jesus is must flow into the Bride the same as that knowledge lay in Eve before she was taken from the first Adam because they walked in the same revelation. That mind of Christ which was in the second Adam must be in his bride people of this hour. Once the Holy Ghost begins to express something, that spirit which motivates and leads you, (if it be the Holy Ghost) must somewhere begin to answer back and respond accordingly to his revelation. Why? Because the makeup of Eve coincided with the makeup of Adam concerning their role in the creation, her revelation fit his and his revelation was no different from hers. Therefore, I say whatever Holy Ghost revelation flowed through Christ the second Adam concerning the purpose and plan of God in redemption to this race 19 including also the age of regeneration, if we be in him that same true spirit of revelation in him must begin to reflect back within the bride saints whereupon the bride saints will declare as they hear true revelation. I see it, I see it! No, she won’t have to read several dozen books to know if it is correct, somewhere in her bosom will be an understanding to what is right especially concerning his redemptive work of which she is to play such an important role. True, you may discover the clue to the key in some book, nevertheless there first must be inside that bride that spark of revelation whereby what is found or discovered can become a revelation of truth in her heart, as truth fed by the Holy Ghost. I assure you as this second Adam returns to earth, takes hold of the reins of government (Isa. 9:6) and begins to fulfill this commission, as stated he will by no means immediately undo the present Adamic nature which is still present in the mortal bloodstream of those subjects in his kingdom age, although he will extend longevity of life in the flesh to his subjects who were spared as the vengeance and wrath of God passed over the earth. And with the binding of Satan in the bottomless pit at the very beginning of his reign (Rev. 20:1- 4) the instructions through his bride will begin to set in motion the program of undoing all traces of sin, pollution and iniquity which has been brought about through depraved, dying mankind. I will say, up until the second Adam comes to the earth, mankind has never experienced such a break. Mankind, since Adam and Eve, could only continue to follow a sinful route, whereas the new Adam along with his immortal realm of revelated bride people will not be following a sinful route in undoing first of all, all of that which death, wars, heartaches and corruption has produced through disobedience because the path followed will be a path of righteousness. The prophet Isaiah declared “in that hour the knowledge of the Lord will cover the lands as the water covers the sea”. Henceforth, it will be the revelation of the Word of the Lord which the second Adam and his bride, along with Old Testament saints, is responsible for using in that undoing process created through man’s pollution. Through that revelated Word during the 1,000 years reign they not only lift the curse upon mankind and the animal kingdom but upon the earth as well. Does the word “regeneration” ever occur again in scripture? Yes, once in Titus 3:5 although here it speaks concerning the new birth which is the renewing of a man’s soul, whereas in Matt. 19:28, Christ has no reference to the new birth which is a process of redemption occurring only through the grace age. Instead, regeneration in Christ’s usage of the term implied the renewing of the earth or the refilling of the earth in another age. Regeneration here in Matt. 19:28 is dealing with a social order of life and events here upon this earth at some future date; it is that one dispensational day referred to as (the millennium) or 1,000 years reign of Christ (Rev. 20:6) during which the second Adam, along with his immortal wife, shall reign on earth. But reign over who, each other? Let’s not be foolish, Christ, his immortal bride and Old Testament saints designated in different positions will reign over a mortal realm of natural human beings. Their program begins setting in motion a cycle of multiplication, not only among humanity itself, but the animal kingdom as well. Therefore, the earth will be renewed socially, strictly through a mortal realm of people over which Christ and his bride rule (Rev. 2:26-27). Back to the answer to Peter’s question when Jesus said, you will sit on twelve thrones in the age of regeneration. Throughout such a glorious order of society, the second Adam will rule and reign as King and the Apostle Peter is told the disciples shall each sit on thrones, ruling over somebody. Where? In the regeneration! PLACING “RE” BEFORE WORD CHANGES MEANING No one needs much education to realize when the phrase “re” appears before another word you have changed its original meaning by taking the word out of the singular action. The single word generation speaks of one, does it not? However, place “re” before generation, what do you have? You have made it to be more than one, haven’t you? We have already noted when “re” was placed before plenish it changed the meaning unto “do it again”. Plenish alone implies 20 something being done for the first time. Therefore remember, whenever a revelation lies within the proper usage and understanding of some word. God doesn’t permit that word to be loosely or carelessly thrown into the scriptures to take up space. In these words lay the key which unlocks the entire heart or core to the subject matter. The second Adam is telling Peter, in the age of regeneration when the son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. Matt. 19:28.




Where, may I ask, is Christ’s throne of Glory? It certainly isn’t in the eternal realm. Christ is not now sitting upon his throne of glory because scripture declares Christ to be seated on the Father’s throne. Rev. 3:21. And it must be understood of course that the Father’s throne is not a literal chair throne by any means. Instead, it is pictorial language showing to the natural mind Christ has been taken up into glory through the age of grace and seated on the right hand of the great Eternal Spirit Majesty Power and Authority. Heb. 8:1, 9:11-15. It is into such a position as that to which Christ was exalted wherein the great Eternal Spirit might exercise through that mediatorial office work of Christ throughout the grace age certain redemptive effort which are to be accomplished. No, Christ is not seated on some literal chair in glory. It is through the door of our natural minds we are able to see these things therefore the writer in order to portray these transactions as well as these positions of authority throughout their various periods of time had to use such natural language to portray these various positions of Christ. Likewise, that is why the Lord Jesus said to the overcomers in the Laodicean Church Age (our age) to him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne. Rev. 3:21. Here again in reality we must remember no one will actually be seated in the same chair with Christ.




What then is his chair position in that hour (of his glory)? Recall when Christ the second Adam comes to take his rightful throne position, that position will be the long awaited ancient seat of David wherein he shall be able to fulfill his role as the son of David (Ezek. 34:23-24). As I said before, in that hour no overcomer expects to say, slide over Lord and let me sit down with you on your thorn, after all you promised. No, beloved, no overcomer will be that carnal minded. Well, if he didn’t mean exactly that, someone will say, what then did he mean wen he promised the overcomers of the Laodicean Age they could sit with him in his throne? It simply means Christ will give to that overcomer a position of authority in the realm of his authority wherein as he is King (Zech. 14:9) so will the overcomers become kings and priests to rule and reign with him in the 1,000 years (Rev. 20:6, also Rev. 1:5-8). He will sit in Jerusalem yet as far as a natural chair is concerned, there is only one throne position in Jerusalem. That is in the temple. (Ezek. 43:6-7).




Christ sits in the temple of the holy city Jerusalem in the age of regeneration and rules the world as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His literal chair position is none other than the ancient throne position of the seat of David for which Israel has so long waited for the prophecies of the Old Testament to be fulfilled concerning David’s son to come and be king over Israel (Ezek. 34:23-25). II Sam. 7:16, also Matt. 1:1). As far as the literal throne chair of David is concerned, no doubt it will be a new chair; however, the throne position itself is by no means new, because in that throne position of his glory rests all the promises of scripture in that son of David kingship wherein the scripture declares out of the loins of David should come a son (II Sam. 7:10-16, Mk. 12:35, Matt. 21:9-11), who in all this would be characterized and fulfilled in none other than Christ the second Adam (and certainly not in Solomon, David’s natural son).




Therefore, if that be true and the scripture has verified it to be, then the throne position of his 21 glory (Matt. 19:28) is definitely not the throne position he shares in his heavenly mediatorial capacity throughout the grace age. That throne speaks of the Father’s realm or position wherein lay all spiritual authority. However, once he returns to earth, Zech. 14:4 to be made known unto all as the man who walked on the sea of Galilee and is further seen as one who bears the cruel nailprints in his hands received at Calvary, the second Adam will be visibly seen upon this earth by mortal eyes (Rev. 1:7) the same as he was seen in Acts 1:10-11 as he ascended into glory where, as an overcomer, he sat down in the Father’s throne (Rev. 3:21) coming to earth to renew and fulfill all his redemptive office work and authority. The second Adam will go into Jerusalem and take up his throne position as Ezek. 43:7, Zech. 14:9 declares, and the Lord shall be king over all the earth; in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name One. At that time all authority in heaven will be invested in this second Adam as he reaches out to take the government of every nation that is left under his control, Zech. 14:16. If still alive and in office, Nixon, Golda Meir, Brandt, Heath, Pompedieu as well as all other rulers of world government would have to say, Lord, for so long we have been looking for a man like you to come and undo what we could not. Christ literally takes the throne position of his glory here in the center of the earth at Jerusalem to be king over the planet. When? In the age of regeneration or 1,000 years reign. And think of it, beloved, according to Eph. 1:4-11 all of this was invested in him (as was his bride) before the foundation of the world.




Did Satan realize while Christ was here upon earth, he was ordained to be king of Israel and over the world? Most assuredly! Recall, when Christ fasted 40 days and nights in the wilderness and Satan came to him, why else would Satan take Christ upon a high mountain and show him all the kingdoms of the world declaring I will make you ruler or king now by giving you all this, if you will only fall down and worship me. (Matt. 4:8-10) Christ rejected Satan’s offer, defeating Satan on the basis of the written word. Christ wanted Satan to know the scriptures alone, if obeyed, could defeat him. In his earthly bosom Christ was fully conscious one day he would be king, the scriptures ha declared it. That is why the Hebrew writer could triumphantly declare in spite of the shame of the cross because of the glory set before him, he endured the cross. (Heb. 12:2).




What was this glory set before this second Adam? He saw, as a man, the position he would one day obtain on this earth in God’s great redemptive program, that in and through him, he the second Adam would be God’s very means whereby humanity could be reconciled, released, set free from the curse of sin along with this very earth itself being renewed and reconciled back to God also. That was His joy. Certainly, no one could say that things he endured from his birth in a manger to his death on Calvary could be considered joy. What untold testings and sufferings he endured. Nevertheless, it was that joy set before him that spurred him on. No one could say the cross was a joyful thing for him to look forward to and no one could say the continual laughter, jeering, mocking, humiliating remarks concerning him made by the Scribes and Pharisees who tried to influence Israel he was some bac character born out of wedlock was joyful. That certainly was no joy, but oh, praise God, he could look beyond all those dark trying day, he could look beyond the pains of Calvary, beyond the feeling of death stalking his flesh; he could look beyond all this and see once his life had been separated from his flesh, he the second Adam (the Lord of Glory) had within him a commission and authority to fulfill something. Remember, beloved, up until the very hour those spikes were driven into his hands and feet, in reality redemption was still in the making. For the past 3½ years the second Adam had only been encouraging, illustrating and informing humanity what could be accomplished if only they would look unto the correct source, look unto him the second Adam. Why look to him? Because everything about redemption lay within that second Adam. The bride was in him. Our 22 redemption, our resurrection, our revelation all lay in him. Our spiritual growth and understanding lay in him as well as whatever we will be in the future all lay in him. Just think, somewhere before that hour, through revelation, he shares all that knowledge with his wife. Why? Because she is a part of him and ordained to share the glory with him. Eph. 1:4-11, and if the wife has the mind of Christ as she should (Phil. 2:5) she should begin to understand her position in him.




The time of Christ’s journey on earth was one severe test after another although perhaps two of the greatest tests he ever faced while being tested for that role of redemption as the second Adam was (1) His wilderness experience where Satan tried to first get him to turn stones into bread to feed his hungry body; next, offer him the kingdoms of the world if only he would once worship him and each time Satan was defeated not on the basis of Christ being a miracle worker, no, no, but because certain things had been written in the scriptures. Satan seeing he could not get Christ to bow down to him thought perhaps he might trick Christ into committing suicide that he might die before the proper time. Naturally, since all redemption lay in Christ, Satan felt God’s purpose in redemption would be defeated. Therefore, once again Satan took him upon the pinnacle of the temple, telling him to jump for it was written the angels would take charge seeing no harm would come to him (Matt. 4:5-7). Again, Christ defeated Satan on the authority of the scripture. Satan knew once that hour had arrived for Christ to actually lay down his life, it would set in motion the process of redemption, first for the release of Old Testament saints, and worse of all his (Satan’s) kingdom would tumble being destroyed. (2) Perhaps the last great trial Christ endured was the Garden of Gethsemane. Recall, the first Adam was defeated in a beautiful garden; however, the second Adam won his greatest victory in the garden.




Have you ever thought of what would have happened had he not gone to Calvary and drank the bitter cup? Sometimes in our attempt to exalt Christ as God in the flesh as declared in II Cor. 5:19, I Tim. 3:16, Isa. 9:6 and many other scriptures, we almost overlook that role of humanity or the agony of the flesh as Christ was man as well as God and he being all man had to face several temptations as did the first Adam, not lustful temptations as does man born with a fallen nature in his bloodstream, nevertheless, as the first Adam was thoroughly tested for his role he was to perform, likewise was the second Adam severely tested. The human man side of him tested for the role of redemption he should perform. No doubt after having defeated Satan on every occasion his most severe hour of struggle came in the Garden of Gethsemane where he asked the Father in prayer as he felt the weight of it all rushing in on him, if it be possible would he please let this bitter cup of which he was about to drink pass over him. In the Garden of Gethsemane we see his flesh in the greatest struggle it had ever faced. Redemption depends solely upon this man, and Satan has been overthrown in every incident whereby he tried to keep Christ from the cross. Recall, when Christ was discussing with his disciples the necessity of him going to the cross, Peter, without thinking said, Lord, be it far from thee, you don’t have to do that. Jesus recognized his old enemy Lucifer the archangel who had so often tried to divert him from the cross, who now sees his opportunity through Christ’s disciples to try and turn Christ from the one hour he has been ordained to fulfill. Recognizing these were not Peter’s thoughts Christ looks at Peter; however, he addresses Satan, get thee behind me Satan, the words thou speakest are not the words of God (Matt. 16:21-23). Now he is not addressing his disciples in Gethsemane where three of them lay asleep who could not remain awake to watch for him, he is lest alone to pour out his very soul unto the Eternal Spirit who through the Virgin Mary has fathered him into the world and he says, Father, if it be thy will let this cup pass from me. Luke 22:42, nevertheless, not my will but thine be done. There in his agony and grief an angel 23 appears unto him fro heaven to strengthen him and being in such agony he prayed the more earnestly and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood, falling down to the ground.




The second Adam has now passed his final severe test before Calvary and note where he passed it; in a garden. This was a struggle within his own flesh. Now he has conquered everything and soon as death comes to him, he will be ready to step into that magnificent role of redemption, by first going straight into hell (paradise) and releasing the captives there. Yes, Satan knew once that hour of Calvary arrived, he would be defeated not only on earth, but beneath the earth as well where redemption would first begin, for the Son of Man had been manifested to destroy the works of the devil (I John 3:8). Having asked the Father if it be possible to allow the cup to pass from him, perhaps in his mind he realizes this is impossible as he says; nevertheless, for this hour came I into the world, not my will but thine be done. What if he had not yielded to the mind and will of the great Eternal Spirit whereby redemption for all mankind, the animal kingdom and the earth as well could not be accomplished in its true ordained purpose? But thank God in the most awful human agonizing experience his flesh ever endured he yielded to the will of the Father.




Therefore, being betrayed by a kiss he is now ready to be led from the Garden of Gethsemane into the courts of Jerusalem where he stood an unlawful trial in the middle of the night, tried as some common criminal who might be guilty of sin, perversion or insurrection, their verdict, guilty and as the son declares (he was not guilty as the Sanhedrin declared him to be) but He was guilty of love in the first degree. By nine o’clock the following morning he was led to his own execution, to a hill overlooking the very city which only a few days before he had wept over. Christ was born in the flesh but he was certainly not born in sinful flesh because fo the sake of undoing sin in the flesh he must condemn sin in the flesh by taking it upon himself and bearing it on the cross of Calvary. Therefore, the scripture declares emphatically that no sin or iniquity could possibly be found in the flesh of the second Adam, only that he had been made in the exact likeness of sinful flesh in order to condemn sin in the flesh of others. Christ, who knew no sin, no guilt, no condemnation, took upon himself the penalty of our sins as he bled and died at Calvary.




What was death for him? Except for one difference, it was the same as death for him, like all mankind, was the separation of his Spirit life from that of his fleshly life (James 2:26). However, the one exception in this case was death could not hold this one although he had willingly given himself into the hands of death. Death had no right to his inner man nor just cause to hold him although he had been born from the womb f woman as had all mankind. Nevertheless, he had escaped all the fallen Adamic nature which dwelt in the bloodstream of all mankind. There was no legal claim on his life by which death could hold him; therefore death had to release its victim. Death became a mere pushover for the power of this new order of man, the second Adam, and three days after he had freely given himself into the hands of death on Calvary’s cross, that life of Christ swept back into the tomb to resurrect his own body before 72 hours had expired to fulfill Psalms 16:10 as he came forth once again in the same body of flesh mistreated on the cross, fellowshipped his disciples for approximately 40 days, then ascended to glory.




What happened to that Eternal life poured out on the cross of Calvary? It was taken and given to revelated believers who could hear what the Spirit had to say to the church (Rev. 2:29, 3:6) after the day of Pentecost as God through seven stages would be forming Christ a wife from all that 24 which had been taken from him at Calvary. Therefore, our sins which we had committed in our flesh were all represented there in his flesh (all those in him) in order that our flesh could be redemptive work through the sinless blood of the Father, the Holy Ghost, which came from his flesh and being shed became the atonement for the sins of the human race which had been committed in our flesh.




Before looking further into the day of regeneration spoken of in Matt. 19:28, may I address a line of thought to anyone who feels there will not be a small remnant of humanity preserved for that new age in somewhat the same manner Noah and his family were preserved while God’s judgment passed over the earth and you feel this simply because the prophet Malachi stated; in that day the righteous would walk out (into the new age) onto the ashes of the wicked, therefore you feel this one passage indicates all physical mankind had literally been destroyed and been reduced to mere ashes during the day of vengeance and wrath and furthermore that Christ and his righteous saints only who came to earth with him are the only ones here upon the earth during the 1,000 years reign. Be not too hasty in forming such an opinion until first you have read what other prophets said about this period. True, if you never read another scripture other than Mal. 4:3 you could easily reach such a conclusion; however, if you read what Isaiah, Jeremiah, John the Revelator and others had to say concerning that same day no doubt you would quickly change your theory. There are simply far too many scriptures speaking of what a mortal race of people will be doing on this earth under Christ’s administration, assisted not only by his Bride, but Old Testament saints as well. While no doubt in some parts of this old planet, humanity will be burned to such a crisp mankind will be reduced to ashes fulfilling Malachi’s prophecy and there would be nothing but ashes for the righteous to walk out upon. However, other scripture indicates all mankind will not be reduced to ashes. Rev. 19:17-18 also speaks of that dreadful day of vengeance where God’s wrath destroys mankind and says God invites the fowls of the air to come and eat and drink to their fill of the dead flesh of man, animals, etc. Now, I remind you had mankind as a whole been reduced to nothing other than mere ashes everywhere, the fowls of the air would have a most difficult time eating the flesh and drinking the blood until they become drunken as the scripture indicates they will. Then, what about Jeremiah, another prophet, speaking about that same day of the Lord, declared how the slain bodies would lie from one end of the earth to the other and no one would lament over them nor bury them? That scene doesn’t appear that everything was totally reduced to ashes, does it? Here is another prophet I must not fail to mention, Isaiah. Isa. 24:6 holds the key to a remnant being spared, as Isaiah too spoke of the day of the Lord whereupon Isaiah says God practically eliminates the flesh of man before the 1,000 years reign. Isaiah looks again and saw all mankind was not annihilated for he prophesied the curse devoured the earth and they that dwell therein are desolate. Therefore, the inhabitants of the earth are burned and few men left. Isaiah says out of it all, a few men will be left. You see, that makes it as in the days of Noah, Matt. 24:36-39 wherein a few that was left once the judgment of God passed over the earth before his coming is to be used for repopulation and the fulfillment of the commission of Gen. 1:27. Recall, to repopulate he only needs two of anything. Remember, in studying scripture you never take just one verse concerning a topic but every one must be brought into view as one studies to get the entire picture to what has been revealed to the prophets. Next month, our study shall cover that period of time referred to as the day of the Lord, bringing into clear focus every scripture which pertains to that hour that we may behold the overall picture which has been set before us. Don’t miss it!




Watch the second Adam as king coming into the age of regeneration to his throne of glory. Matt. 19:28, wherein he instructed the apostles they would each sit on thrones ruling over Israel. 25 That beloved, is flesh and blood Israel, not some spiritual Israel. And for subjects over which to reign he takes with him into the millennium according to Matt. 25:31-45 and Zech. 14:16-21 a small remnant of physical, mortal mankind who survived the day of judgment of the Lord and passed his tet to be in the kingdom age itself. These, the scripture says, had been allowed to escape the great wrath of that day which had previously swept the earth and wherein Isa. 24:6 declared a few men had been spared. Spared for what purpose, to constitute those national subjects needed for Christ and his immortal bride saints and Old Testament saints as well to rule over for 1,000 years (Zech. 24:16-21, Rev. 2:26). Remember, whenever you are brought into a true revelation of the Word, that revelation must put you into the Bible, placing every verse of scripture in its proper place in order to show you the true plan of God. No one verse can ever be isolated from the context or content of thought, it must all fit together.




Therefore, Christ takes the throne of his glory, Rev. 3:21, along with all his immortal saints, Zech. 14:5, Rev. 20:6 who are enthroned with him to begin to execute authority in restoring righteous law. However, to whom is this law and authority administered? His immortal saints who come with him, never. It is his subject people of nations. Rev. 2:26-27 declares those overcomers ruled the nations with a rod of iron and that rod of iron mentioned in Rev. 19:15-16 proves this age of regeneration is not yet the perfect age although it is truly a righteous age. It is none other than the seventh dispensational day and that seventh day in itself does not take you back to the first day. No, it only ends the cycle of seven dispensational days. Then you go into the next day which is the first day (8th day) however, in this message we have no time to discuss this other than to say there are two types in scripture which prove there will be an 8th day or an eternal age which follows the seventh day, that 1,000 years reign, and will be a day without end or world without end. Once the 8th day begins, you have come through the seventh and finished cycle. By the time the Great White Throne Judgment is finished, redemption in every phase concerning mankind and earth as well, has been completely restored by the second Adam who has returned it all unto the original Edenic state of fellowship and walk with God. Thus will end the fulfillment of I Cor. 15:26-28.




However, do not think by any means the seventh day alone can lift from this earth every trace and every stain of sin and death imposed by the disobedience of the first Adam, nor can the seventh day through the second Adam and his immortal saints, completely undo the total damage created through fallen mankind’s two attempts to fulfill the commission whereas both attempts to replenish the earth carried with it the death penalty and sin question which produced more crime, sin, more evil and more graveyards as man approached the end of his sixth dispensational day. Yes, beloved, to completely undo every stain will require also the work performed at the great white throne judgment which follows the age of regeneration. (Explanation later)




As Christ sits on his throne of glory and his Jewish disciples, according to Matt. 19:28, sit over the House of Israel, we learn one important thing, this statement alone reveals those who were Jewish disciples within the first church age of grace, before grace broke with the Jew and was given strictly to the Gentile to call out of the Gentile a people for his name (Acts 15:4) once all this Gentile bride will have been reconciled back to God and presented to Christ as a wife there will be within that body of Christ, Jews as well as Turks, Arabs, Egyptians, Africans, AngloSaxons and every national race of people within that bride body of Christ who, in that hour, shall sit in and over their own respective countries ruling and reigning over their own national dominion. Jews will not be ruling over Turks and Turks not over Jews, etc. That is why grace had been extended into all nations to take out of all nations a people for his name, who as his 26 wife would bear his name. Don’t think Christ as king is ruling over his immortal wife with a rod of iron. By no means! The rule is over these respective nations wherein the rod is used. Therefore, there has to be another people, a subject people here on this earth who, according to scripture, is ruled with the rod of iron which is the scepter of righteousness, authority and rule. And don’t forget that rod of iron is shared with that queen who sits with him. Therefore, the Jewish remnant of disciples who were promised to sit on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel is proof enough there will have to be a mortal realm of Israelite people who were physically preserved during the time the wrath of God went forth, Zech. 14:16.




Preserved for what purpose? To complete the nation with enough people that would constitute at least a remnant out of the full twelve tribes in order for the apostles to have something to rule over. Beloved, if all the Israelite nation, as well as the world population, is to be literally exterminated in the day of the Lord’s wrath as some think, how then would it be possible after the Lord returned to take up his throne position of his glory, sitting there in the nation of Israel (the center of the world) to rule the world and the disciples supposedly to have, as Jesus promised, twelve thrones to rule Israel, if there wasn’t a true representation of the Jews alone to constitute twelve tribes which were spared; how could Matt. 19:28 ever be fulfilled.




Once Christ takes his throne position and seeing that a greater portion of the immortal saints within the bride will be gentiles. John in Rev. 20:4 saw the gentile bride position in that hour. What did he see? John said, I saw thrones and they sat on them and judgment was given unto them. See, exactly what Jesus spoke in Rev. 2:26-27, 3:21. This lets me know the righteous gentile revelated bride who returned with him was designated certain positions of authority to rule with the second Adam. When the Bride begins her rule and reign with him we begin to see the redemptive plan of the undoing process going into effect and being executed. First, we see Christ as he gathers before him a representative of all nations and note both Matt. 25:34-46 and Zech. 14:16-21 declared he did away with the wicked first and from the people left of the nations, who are still preserved physically, Christ takes them into the kingdom age as mortal human beings to be his subjects and repopulate the earth. All others died by the sword or word of judgment which proceeded out of his mouth for the scripture declares out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword that he might smite the nations. Rev. 19:15. It is God’s judgment against ungodly sinners that he took fire and vengeance II Thess. 1:7-10. Multitudes died by catastrophes and warfares, Rev. 9:20, 14:14-20, yet remember those wicked which did not die through these means died by the sword which proceeded out of his mouth as another scripture declares he slays the wicked with the breath of his mouth. By mere word of authority spoken, the wicked fall before him as nothing, Zech. 14:12. Nevertheless, according to Isa. 24:6 a few men shall be left; therefore, out of all nations there will be a small representation of all people preserved, Zech. 14:16.




Those left who have been preserved physically who live under his rule of government will not be men and women who build homes, raise their children and divorce one another some years later. There will be no divorce courts or lawyers in his kingdom. BABIES BORN Little children who are born under the second Adam or son of David’s rulership while Satan is bound for the 1,000 years. Rev. 20:1-4 shall not fear from a wild beast. Ezek. 34:25 declares the son of David causes the wild beast to cease out of the land and they shall dwell safely in the wilderness and sleep in the woods. Isa. 11:6-9 pictures three different sizes of children who will be in this millennium reign when he says a little child shall lead the wolf, leopard and young 27 lion. The wolf and the lamb shall lie down and play together. Lions shall eat straw like the ox and remember today the lion is a meat eater. The suckling child, who of course is not as old as a young child who could walk and lead, shall play on the hole of the asp while the weaned child (a little older) shall put his hand fearlessly into the cockatrice’s den. If this passage of scripture does not teach babies are born under this glorious rule of the second Adam’s control, don’t know what would.




Remember, Christ’s wife has not been given unto him in that glorious age to repopulate the earth. No, his wife is given to assist him in the rule of the earth that through this mortal realm of subjects the earth would be regenerated and restored into a new social order. Their’s is strictly the work of redemption, not the part of reproduction. Just as today, reproduction comes only through a cycle of the mortal realm. Paul stated in I Cor. 15:25-26 this second Adam would rule and reign until he has put all enemies under his feet, all laws, all authorities, all powers and certainly that last enemy for him to wipe out will be death. Throughout the millennium reign death has only been used as a means of punishment for the wicked and disobedient. That is why it requires 1,000 years to get the job done. Longevity of life has been restored to the mortal realm, Isa. 65:20. Could you imagine longevity of life being restored to a saint who already was living on eternal life. Nonsense! Why would they need longevity of life restored to them seeing they are already immortal, death couldn’t touch them. Hen Rev. 3:26-27 stated to those overcomers of Thyatira I will give power over the nations and he shall rule them with a rod of iron, I hope we aren’t foolish enough to thing them spoken of in this verse is Christ ruling and reading under foot his wife, and all the overcomers.




What is this second Adam and his wife doing on these throne positions over the nations where in she had been taken and given authority with him (while Satan remains bound in the bottomless pit 1,000 years)? She is holding that rod of discipline over the national subjects as they restore back righteous laws and knowledge into the earth. You talk about a clean perfect social function of mankind, no wonder in that hour all nations will be required to go to Jerusalem once each year (Zech. 14:16) to worship the Lord of hosts and keep the Feast of Tabernacles. That feast, beloved, is the only feast of Israel’s seven which she had under law that is observed during the millennium. Why is it observed? Because like the Lord’s Supper (and foot washing) which was given as a memorial for the church, the feast of Tabernacles was also a memorial feast pointing to the complete plan of redemption for both the Law and Grace Age. It shall be kept throughout the entire 1,000 years because it speaks of completeness and the complete redemptive work that was now in progress pointed back to the grace and even into the law age as well (and even before). Just think, during the millennium, Christ has with him both his Old and New Testament saints who had been redeemed through his mercy.




time has moved on and I see the millennium age nearing a close. The world has now been beautified. There has been no sicknesses, no broken homes. Little children have been born during this period from these subject nations and their number would run far past the number of the sands of the sea. It would be nothing for a man to live the entire millennium day provided he walked uprightly, and depending of course when he was born within the reign would also depend on how much time he would have. All the animal kingdom will once again have remultiplied. Today, scientists tell us something must be done, we are killing off all our marine life. Although that is true, all God needs is two. Much of our animal life is vanishing, but all God needs is two. All we have in our animal kingdom today came from that few that walked off Noah’s ark, the 28 others drowned with mankind. Children have never known what it is to be sick or have a decayed tooth or an older person to have wrinkles in their face. The nations are repopulated; no broken homes, yet I remind you this is not the Eternal Age. Time for the age of regeneration to close out and what picture do we see at closing time? You have to read somewhat between the lines, yet there is enough written if you will take into consideration what is there you can certainly see the picture. Rev. 20:7-9 is the closing period of the age of regeneration. Redemption has been progressing throughout the 1,000 years; the world is repopulated and renewed, everything is beautiful and suddenly the devil is loosed from his prison.




The question arises, why loose the devil into such a beautiful, perfect setting as this? Closing out the 1,000 years reign, no doubt billions of people are living on the face of the earth who have never personally known what it is to be tempted by the devil. Throughout the age these fortunate people have never felt this spirit of evil influencing them in any manner. They were all privileged to be born and live in a time of nothing but an environment of righteousness, neither have they known what it was to make a choice between a righteous pull and that of the adversary. Therefore, the Eternal God could not permit all these billions of people to pass from this righteous age into the 8th day or the perfect age with Eternal Life without having been tested by Satan as has all other mankind in ages past. Therefore, that old adversary who walked in the Garden, who plotted to take over, now comes stalking out of the pit seeking once again to gain control, to undo what the second Adam has accomplished and restored back to the earth in beauty. Satan and all his imps began to stalk the earth from Gog to Magog, from the four corners of the earth; into every nation they go. His motive, to gain control. Satan took it away from the First Adam and the second Adam took it away from him; therefore, Satan wants it back and scripture declares in Rev. 20:8 he goes out and deceives a number listed as the sands of the sea. A number you can’t even number was deceived. Someone may say the world can’t hold that many people. Under Christ’s reign it did and remember none went hungry. God would be unfair to allow this mass multitude to pass into eternity having never been tested; therefore, Satan goes out upon the breadth of the earth and confronts people for the first time in 1,000 years, confronts these mortal creatures who lived in this glorious reign and never knowing what it was for the old adversary to come against them. It goes to prove even though God had permitted some of them to live 500, 600 and 700 years, depending on when they were born during the millennium, as they had been allowed to enjoy such a beautiful glorious age in an environment of perfect righteousness; nevertheless, scripture declares there will be a number listed as the sands of the seas who sells out to the devil. Sad to say, but it is a fact that Satan deceives such a great number. What is his purpose? To gain control again.




Across the seas lay the city of Jerusalem wherein is the king’s temple and throne, headquarters for the bride and capitol of the millennium world. All laws go out of Jerusalem; all nations have looked unto Jerusalem, therefore it is only natural Satan would cause this great host of misled people to agree with him in some takeover plot by coming against the city of Jerusalem, the world’s capitol. I’ll wage a warfare against the king and his camp, meaning city of the saints, declares Satan. And immortal saints will stand by, looking on while all this is building up and it won’t effect them in the least. They must stand aside and allow Satan to take his toll however, you must look beyond the present condition to see God’s reason for allowing it. As that great army of deceived host makes their final assault on Jerusalem with whatever weapons they have manufactured or whatever they use to bring into play to make this takeover. I want to say not one shot is fired. For no sooner does this happen in Rev. 20:8-9 than does divine intervention step in. He great Eternal God who has been closely observing this buildup as well as has the 29 immortal saints, steps in before this beautiful earth can ever be defiled again with another landbased war. That is why, beloved, when the Battle of Armageddon will be fought somewhere in the near future, when the last shot is fired and the smoke clears away after the tribulation and time moves on into the millennium, you will have seen the last great battle of armies ever to be fought on this earth. The millennium undoes that and there will never be another time the earth will be required to drink the blood of men as it has starting with the day it drank Abel’s (Adam’s son). Men will never be allowed to stand and face each other with kill power weapons. Although Satan deceived this great number and came almost to the verge of it, Rev. 20:9 declares God steps in and rains fire from above upon this host encamped around the beloved city. God won’t need Phantom Jets to drop some hydrogen bomb nor any kind of manmade weapons because suddenly there belches out of heaven fire which consumes the entire enemy camp.




The scene now changes, Rev. 20:11, and the one who sat on the throne of his glory for the past 1,000 years takes up one more throne position, his lat and final position dealing with redemption as he becomes Judge of The Great White Throne. Here he calls forth all the wicked dead (whose Spirits are in hell and from the crust of the earth come forth the wicked bodies of all ages. And the sea, which for thousands of years had held bodies also, gave up their dead bodies as evil spirits are called out of hell.) Now that he has emptied hell and called all dead bodies up from the earth and the sea as well, what does this reveal to us; the second Adam has now destroyed death and Hell is not more. There has been no righteous in the Paradise section of Hell since Jesus released them after his death at Calvary when he first stepped into his redemptive office work by releasing captive spirits of Old Testament saints who had long waited the blood of Christ to come and cleanse them from sin. With Hell empty and with the dead bodies of wicked sinners now out of the ground, the earth has thoroughly been cleansed from all traces of evil for now he places everything of evil into the lake of fire. Wicked souls now clothed in a body stand present before the Great White Throne Judgment, Rev. 20:11-15. There in the presence of righteous saints of all ages, they are judged as the Saints give witness and testimony against these wicked of their respective generation. Saints won’t stand passing judgment on a generation who lived 500 years before them. You will stand at that Great Judgment as part of his body to give testimony and judgment only against the people of your generation for remember represented in that body of Christ, along with all of his family of saints, will be those of each generation since Adam which corresponds with that wicked group being judged.




Therefore, as he removes from the ground and sea all the wicked bodies and has emptied hell of all the wicked spirits, what has he accomplished? He has destroyed the last enemy which is death itself. I Cor. 15:25-26. Not another graveyard is left on earth, hell isn’t anymore. Where is everything now? In the Lake of fire. Rev. 20:15. The final destination of all wicked. Last but not least, all these foul unclean spirits which have run through the ages are brought before this throne judgment also to be judged and cast into the lake of fire. Now what has happened? Not only in the earth completely rid of every trace and stain of sin, he has now cleansed the atmosphere of evil presence and nothing other than his righteous spirits now fill the heavens and walk through the earth. Nothing but the righteous redeemed immortal people now stand in his presence as earth bears no more stain nor marks of sin forever. The great eternal age, that world without an end, is now ready to begin. Amen


From Adams’s Side He Took Eve – 1973, January

Rev. Raymond M Jackson
Rev. Raymond M Jackson

INTRODUCTION: GOD, THE AUTHOR OF ALL LIFE, DESIRED TO SHARE HIMSELF WITH OTHERS, BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD THINKS OF A PLAN WHEREBY HE MAY DO SO. THAT PLAN WHEREIN HE COUNSELED WITH HIMSELF AS TO HOW HE WOULD DO THIS AND THE RESULTS ARE FOUND IN EPHESIANS 1:3-11. TO LEARN EXACTLY WHAT THAT PLAN OF THE ALMIGHTY’S WAS IS FOUND IN THE FIRST FEW CHAPTERS OF GENESIS. HOW DID EVE BEING IN ADAM BEFORE HE WALKED ON EARTH ILLUSTRATE THE BRIDE’S POSITION IN CHRIST, THE SECOND ADAM, BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE EARTH? TEXT: GENESIS 2:18-23 Odd as it may appear, I would like to speak upon the subject FROM HIS SIDE HE TOOK EVE. What does such a subject teach us? Furthermore, what can we hope to learn from such a topic? To get our setting we should turn first into the letter to the Ephesians. Actually if Ephesians Chapter 1 is looked at correctly it could easily be the Genesis of the New Testament. I only make this remark from the viewpoint of seeing it from a redemptive standpoint. Naturally, the book of Genesis records the historical beginning of creation; however, long before that creation could ever take place becoming a reality, it first had to be

formed in the mind of God as a blueprint of operation. And it is because of this which took place in the creator’s mind before the foundation of the world we desire to begin our study, not from Genesis 1, rather from Ephesians 1 because it is from Ephesians 1 we see Paul’s revelation as to how all the thoughts of God began to form in his mind long before they ever took shape in Gen. 1 and 2.


Paul begins in Eph. 1:3 by saying, “blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ; according as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world.” Did you catch that statement which Paul by revelation makes! Paul says we (the true believers) were chosen in Christ not 30 minutes before we accepted Jesus Christ, but before the foundation of the world. That verse declares plainly that God did something which affected us long before the world ever saw a beginning. Yes, even long before the recording of the first verse in the Book of Genesis which declares in the beginning God (prepared, formed, fashioned) and created the heavens and the earth, (Amp. Gen. 1). That verse tells us what God did in the beginning, however note, Eph. 1 reaches far back into a period before the beginning of anything, because it was from this period we are told of the things which God thought within himself before he ever laid the foundation of the earth; before laying out his plans for the various planets to travel in their orbits within this great universe and especially the one in particular which is to be his workshop called earth. What was this important something which the Eternal Spirit did before any of this came into being?


Paul says before man was ever placed on this earth, God had already chosen certain ones of mankind to be in Christ. This should not be frightening because later we shall explain what it means to be chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world, before the earth or any planetary bodies ever floated in space. Yes, before any of this ever began, we (the true believers) had already been chosen in Christ that we should be holy and without blame before him in love. How could such a thing be possible, that before anything was ever made that was made, a certain percentage of the human race through a grace dispensation had already been chosen in Christ to be a part of him?


Beloved, it was only through God’s foreknowledge in knowing what each individual would do having once been confronted with the ultimatum of accepting or rejecting Christ the second Adam, the Lord of Glory, that he made his choice. It was only through the Eternal Spirit’s foreknowledge he was able to predestinate anyone to be in Christ before the foundation of the world. As Eph. 1 so clearly defines the time when and if anyone was ever to be in Christ and a part of his bride through the grace dispensation. It all had to take place before the foundation of the world was ever laid. Certainly this doesn’t mean God was creating one person to be saved and another to be lost. That is not the meaning of predestination at all. Predestination is compiled from two words. It is not something to frighten anyone as so many become upon hearing the word. It simply shows before the beginning of time God, through his foreknowledge, looking down through time as each period and generation of mankind would present itself on the face of the earth, already knew what the decision of each individual would be one having come to the knowledge of needing a Savior and Redeemer. Predestination simply means God knew how everything would end, as well as what route every man would take long before the Eternal in reality had put any of his living thoughts into a creative motion of operation. Therefore, the Eternal Spirit by knowing what all men would do was able to govern his own plan in meeting the needs of lost mankind, only because he saw each man’s choice long before ever coming to this earth. Therefore, knowing each man’s choice, the Eternal Spirit had no problem in knowing what each man would do; therefore, it was simple for him in his foreknowledge to place every true believer in Christ long before the beginning of the foundation of the world. It is all an act of his foreknowledge in operation from beginning to end which makes this choice of placing believers in Christ before the foundation of the world. Man has only a past and present knowledge whereby he bases his decisions, but only the Eternal God possesses a foreknowledge of all that will transpire in any part of the future. This choosing was based strictly upon man choosing or rejecting God himself. Therefore, because of this great foreknowledge God does not literally wait until you do something, he knows beforehand what your choice will be and we see God from the very beginning placing certain individual’s names in his Lamb’s Book of Life. It must be recognized that as his thoughts were in operation long before the foundation of the world, he did not only see who would accept or reject his revelation of truth as it was going to be presented to each age and he did not only see mankind weeping with bitter tears in repentance. Oh no, the Eternal God in his mind saw man as a completely finished product in the far-flung ages to come as his plan of redemption and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ (the 2nd Adam) want into operation long before various individuals were born into this world through the physical birth. God saw it all, therefore since seeing it all from beginning to end he knew how to regulate and lay out his own plan whereby he could meet man’s need. Paul, writing to the Ephesian Church, shows we were predestined according to the foreknowledge of God unto the adoption of children by and through the second Adam long before we were ever lost, helpless sinners.


Adoption means taking us who were poor, dirty, wretched hell bound sinners and placing us (who would accept him) in such a beautiful position and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ who also, according to Paul’s revelation to the church, declared Christ to have been a second Adam. Later we shall study why it was necessary for God to lay out a plan for a second Adam to come on the earth, long after he had created a first Adam in Genesis 1 and 2. According to Paul, we receive this adoption in order that we might be called sons and daughters of God and have this beautiful relationship in Christ, the second Adam, because it is according to the good pleasure of his will to do this. Note, Paul says it was something pleasing within God’s own thoughts or his own will to do this for us who were helplessly lost and undone.


It should be noted throughout the 1st chapter of Ephesians as well as throughout the entire letter how God is continually placed in the singularity position. The scripture stated in verse 5; he predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ unto himself according to the good pleasure of his (own) will. This pronoun, his, which takes on a masculine term is also a singular term indicating how only one will and mind was involved and that was his own will. Therefore, certainly there could be no trinitarianism involved here in Paul’s teaching as to what happened before the foundation when God counseled with his own will. Paul nowhere indicates this counseling came about from the good will of three separate persons or three separate Gods, it was all done for the good pleasure of only one Eternal God’s will. That is to say, no one compelled, persuaded, nor in any way influenced one thought of this one God as he counseled with his own will before the foundation of the world. By all means, he and he alone did all that was decided to be done because all that was done was to satisfy the good pleasure of his own will.


This statement plainly shows us there was only one singular mind involved in this plan or blueprint for creation. Only one mind did all the choosing; it was only one will that was involved; it was only one singular mind through which all these thoughts ran before ever a world, star, moon or anything came into being. No sir, you could never make a trinity of persons out of what took place here in Paul’s teaching before the foundation of the world. Everything spoken of here which happened before the foundation of the world according to Paul’s revelation is always spoken of using singular pronouns such as his and never in a plurality such as their own wills. If a plurality of persons were involved in what took place while these thoughts were going through the mind of God, it would have to read according to the pleasure of their wills, they did such and such; instead it says his and he, never they or theirs. Again I repeat, if God were 3 separate persons having even the slightest possibility of having 3 separate wills within each person, Paul could never use a singular term to express how we were adopted to the pleasure of his own good will. This alone lets me know that God, being one, had only one will involved in what took place before the foundation of the world and furthermore, it’s to the praise and glory of his grace (not their) because no one else was involved in it. The Eternal One was alone when he thought about all of this, wherein he made us accepted in the beloved. Imagine, as some believe, 3 separate persons seated on 3 separate thrones somewhere out there before time ever began and you try to identify the 3 separate persons by using a singular pronoun his or he when more than one will would have been involved. No sir, the scripture declares he did it all through the counsel of his own will for his own good pleasure. It might could be said they were all referred to as he in the masculine. However, he can never be referred to in the plurality. Furthermore, it says to the praise and honor of his grace wherein he hath made us (us indicates more than one, but never he) accepted in the beloved.


Approaching verse 7 we come upon a new word which was firmly placed in the Creator’s mind. A word which would greatly affect much of this thinking as he counseled with himself; a word which would come only through Jesus Christ, the second Adam. THAT WORD IS REDEMPTION! Paul declares in verse 7, our redemption comes through his blood. This verse alone shows redemption had to have been much within the mind and foreknowledge of the one Eternal God while thoughts traveled through his mind before the foundation. Furthermore, it tells us a redemption for something had to already be prepared in God’s plan before the foundation of the earth was laid. God already knew he would have to redeem something long before Adam and Eve ever fell in the garden of Eden. A plan for redemption was already 4 worked out before the foundation of the world for fallen mankind. Redemption would have to come through the blood of another person within the human family. Within God’s mind, redemption was already a finished product long before any angel, any creation or ever a man was brought into a reality. Furthermore, known unto him was every name of every individual soul who would be redeemed through that precious blood of Christ, the second Adam. It is plainly revealed in Ephesians how before the foundation of the world God already knew his first Adam would fail and it would be of a necessity to bring about a second Adam into the world to redeem the fallen creation who fell under the leadership or direction of the first Adam. Paul continues in verse 7 by saying, there would also be forgiveness of sins through this redemption by blood according to the riches of his grace, which again shows unto us God knew sin would enter into the picture else how could he produce this second Adam who was none other than the Lord of Glory himself, I Cor. 15:47, for redemption! And that the forgiveness of sins would also be granted unto mankind. The granting of this forgiveness of sins would come about according to the riches of his grace; wherein, he hath abound unto us in all wisdom and prudence.


I especially like this next verse, verse 9, having made known unto us the mystery of his will. This verse alone destroys the theory and idea of which many are guilty of holding. That God himself is just a great big mystery and all he has done or planned out and brought into being is still only another added mystery which we are never to understand. THIS IS UNTRUE! Paul says, for he hath made known unto us (the true revelated believer) the mystery of his will. Oh sure, it is a mystery alright until Christ (the Word) reveals it. The carnal mind will never understand it being at enmity against God (Rom. 8:7). That is to say the mystery of his will is absolutely nothing that can be figured out in itself; however, it can be made known unto us by his spirit and thank God only a few will ever see it. There are certain things he has placed within his word whereby if you’ll be a spiritual child of God, one who is willing to grow in the knowledge and grace of our God, sooner or later it will be God’s good pleasure to show unto you or make known unto you the deep and mysterious things concerning (1) his will (2) concerning his plan and purpose in all that is transpiring or for that matter has ever transpired. God is a God of majestic power, a God of all wisdom and knowledge, one who not only reigns supremely and superbly in space, he is also a God of love that can reach down to such a low degree of lost mankind to lift us up out of sin and to think that all of this was already in God’s great foreknowledge according to the apostle Paul long before the first man ever arrived on earth. Yes, long before mankind ever fell, redemption for mankind was already a finished work in God’s mind. Therefore, we may say we have certainly been dealt with by the marvelous grace of God through his plan of salvation which he thought of by himself long before the foundation of the world. Not only did God think of all of these things by himself, the beauty of it is God’s good pleasure to make this mystery of his will known unto his children. In other words, God will not always remain behind a curtain of time playing peek-a-boo- with us. Instead, it delights him through the revelation of his word to pull back that curtain of time and allow his beloved children whom he has redeemed through Christ the 2nd Adam to take a good look at what he has been doing throughout the ages of time and furthermore to give you the understanding as to how you were one of those chosen to be heir and joint heir with Christ (the 2nd Adam the Lord of Glory) before the foundation and give you a little insight into what he has been doing, or as Paul phrased it in this manner, making known unto us the mystery of his will which he has accomplished through his own good pleasure. True, without asking anyone if he may, God does what he wants too whensoever it pleases him. However, it is not his will that it would always remain a secret as to what he has thought or done causing you to guess at it. No sir, he literally enjoys showing by revelation the mystery of his own will to his chosen children, Paul shows 5 therefore the Eternal didn’t have to say to the 2nd or 3rd person of this so-called trinity which was developed through the Romanism spirit, can I do it this way or should I do it that way? Oh no, Paul teaches no other’s will was consulted because there was no other will (or person) to be consulted. It was all done his way according to his own good pleasure which he hath purposed within himself (verse 9). Regardless how you twist Paul’s statements, you could never make a Trinitarian out of the Apostle Paul. Paul could see only one spirit God, one will and one good pleasure involved in everything that happened before the foundation of the world. That is why you will never find Paul teaching God was three separate persons as they did at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. Instead, Paul always referred to this God as the one Eternal Spirit and spoke of him in the singular term: him, he, his, etc. HIS WILL, NOT THEIR WILL Verse 10: That in His Own Will the dispensation of the fullness of time he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth; even in him in whom also we have obtained an inheritance being predestined according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the council of his own will. Note, it is all accomplished after the counsel of whose will; NOT THEIR WILL BUT HIS OWN WILL! If three separate persons had been involved in all this before the foundation you would have more than one will involved. Separate wills makes separate persons. However, these were only thoughts originating from one will going through that ONE ETERNAL MIND of God. These were only his thoughts as to what should and should not be done long before a moon, star or anything found its place. If more than one individual was in on this, there would certainly have had to be more than one will involved in this counseling; therefore, Paul could never have said it was done through the counsel of his own will. Instead, verse 11 would have to close by saying it was all done through the counsel of their own will, not his own will. His can never show a plurality, instead it is always singular.


These are the things we learn by the revelation of the Holy Spirit as we see the counsel of his own will in operation. Sure, it is a mystery until it is revealed; however, Paul said it was God’s good pleasure to reveal the mystery of his will. I must emphasize this because later we will touch on some passages which feed the Trinitarian mind, especially over in Genesis once God prepares to create man. Therefore, let us get certain thoughts well planted in our minds as to how things actually stood before the foundation of the world, back at the time when God was counseling with himself or his own will as to what he and he alone would do and accomplish through his own thoughts in satisfying his own will whereas all of this was done, Paul says, for his own good pleasure. Nowhere, in Paul’s writings could one believe when that counseling of God’s program actually went into effect, before the foundation of the world, there could possibly have been any second or third person involved in this great plan of his as he counseled with his own will about what to do and what steps to make. Sure, there was counseling going on, however, it was not with some other person, only his own will was involved. Never through the stretch of the wildest imagination could you make the first person say to the second and third person, just how do you think we should do all this; don’t you think it should be done this way? The second person remarks to the third person, what do you think about it; does it meet with your approval; do you have any suggestions; are you in full agreement it should be done in this fashion? Comical, isn’t it? Paul declared there was only ONE WILL AND ONE MIND involved throughout in all these transactions of thought when God counseled with his own will.


What does it mean to counsel with one’s own will? God, counseling with himself, was no more than you, being one individual having only one mind, deciding to build a house; therefore, you 6 counsel with yourself as to the best procedure to follow in obtaining a loan, selecting a builder, etc. However, if you counsel with your mate in deciding the various steps to take, you could not say you as one person with one will had counseled with your own will, NO SIR! Even though you might be in perfect agreement on what should be done, you did not counsel with your own will, you counseled with another’s will. Therefore, I say counseling with another individual who has their own separate will which every person must possess in order to be a person, you are not counseling with your own will as Paul declares God did before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:11). Therefore, in this particular scriptural sense God is only one person and note, there is only one will involved, not two other wills as there would have to be before it could be another separate individual. God’s own will which was in his own mind produced these meditations and thoughts of what he would do and it was from his own foreknowledge or from what he knew about time, matter, substance and most of all, man himself, although none of this would be in existence for a considerable length of time. The Eternal, knowing how mankind would have to make certain choices which would bring redemption into the picture knew exactly what he had to do in linking all of this plan together and then by counseling with himself or with his own foreknowledge he must then choose and ordain certain things in certain ways to work out and unfold itself within his own gracious and glorious plan for all things. We can see before the foundation of the world was ever laid, through this vast foreknowledge the Eternal Spirit, who at this period was not even called Father or God because he was only an Eternal Spirit being, abiding alone finished and completed this plan in his mind long before anything in reality ever took shape or was produced from the thoughts in his mind.


What was this eternal spiritual being doing in Eph. 1 as he counseled with himself? In his mind he was drawing up a blueprint how he would lay out all of this. Now this Holy Spirit didn’t need an indelible pencil or such objects as men use who draw up blueprints. No, because the plan he alone thought of was simply well placed there in his vast unlimited mind. Every minute detail had already been thought out and settled upon as he counseled with himself long before he began anything. Nothing could, by any means, later slip up on God which he had not expected causing him to change or alter his plan once he had decided exactly which course he was going to follow as he counseled, not with other persons involving other wills, but with his own will-in his own mind the work in every detail was already finished before anything ever began. Once he did blow a star into space or hang a planet on nothing (Job 26-7) placing it in it’s own orbit, he was merely acting out what he had already previously chosen to do from all the counseling he did with himself, out of his own predestinated will. From all of this counseling God knows what and what not to do or expect in governing the entire plan to assure that nothing will ever go amiss or astray. Nothing could possibly by some unforseen chance throw this perfect plan off course causing God to be forced into making new decisions, thus forcing him to counsel with himself again at some later time. No sir, once that period of Ephesians 1 had passed, ever how long it may have taken from that hour on, nothing would ever catch the Almighty by surprise causing him to be forced to alter any original plan that might have been intended to be used had it not been for something that had gone wrong he had not seen or counted upon once the counseling with his own will was completed. Therefore, everything dovetails into this overall plan of God whereby when it is all summed up and we see it projected from an overall picture we better understand why Paul began his Ephesian letter primarily unto the Ephesian church starting it out by revelation saying in verse 3; we are already elected and already chosen in him (Christ the 2nd Adam to serve him as his bride companion or wife in the millennium age to come) before the foundation of the world had ever been spoken into existence. And furthermore, through that great plan of redemption we might be reconciled back to the great Eternal Spirit who long before 7 the beginning of anything had already counseled with himself (and not with others) as he alone knew all things. Therefore, it is clear everything done was not done on the advice of someone else, instead was done through the counsel and pleasure of his own will.


Being alone as well as being all powerful and full of all knowledge and capable of making his own decisions was not enough, he was not satisfied with just this. He was not a spiritual being who desired to always be alone, instead he was willing to share himself with something else and it is through that desire of his to share himself with something which brought about all this counseling with himself as what steps he should take in order to share himself or his life with something else which must also possess a will all of its own. Naturally, as we witness time progress, the very things later to be created which would have separate wills from his own, although they would have a part of his life, would later cause rebellion; nevertheless, it must be remembered none of this rebellion or what it would eventually lead to went unnoticed by him while counseling with his own will primarily deciding what steps to take and what advantage it would be to share himself with others who also must be given wills of their own. Although Eph. 1 does not begin to tell us even a small portion of that which went through his great eternal mind as he counseled with himself, we are able to see that which was his good pleasure to reveal unto us the mysteries of his will (especially his decisions concerning redemption and what those decisions produced). Once we have firmly established in our minds it was God’s good pleasure to share himself with something else we are ready to move on and discover what that something else was with which the Eternal first decided to share himself. Therefore, we can plainly see Eph. 1 revealed to us the overall picture of the operation of that one great Eternal Spirit’s predestinated mind and how it was his own good pleasure to reveal unto us the mystery of his own will and desire to share himself with others.


Having this thought of what happened before the beginning of creation firmly planted in our minds, we are now prepared to approach Genesis, that book of the beginning, which shows all that God began to THINK and CREATE sometime after he had carefully thought it all out and knew where every step would lead. It is here in Gen. 1 we begin to observe God as he carefully carries out his magnificent plan, thought of by himself, and brought about to satisfy the pleasure of his own good will while counseling with himself as those meditations of his own thoughts were being fully expressed and exercised and his own decisions had reached as to what steps he should take in this plan. It is in that very first chapter of Genesis we begin to witness the results of God’s thoughts and decisions as they all take form through his spoken word, once he begins to speak things into existence. Therefore in Gen. 1 and 2 we are seeing that blueprint which was earlier formed in his own mind begin to unfold and take shape. The structure of those holy thoughts shown in Eph. 1 began to come together as they take on a certain tangible form once matter, atoms and such substance have been spoken into existence.


Now we are ready to watch this great plan of his begin to unfold. We can determine from Eph. 1 by the fact the word redemption as well as the blood of Christ is used before the foundation of the world that God’s mind had to be dwelling upon the two Adams, otherwise he would never have stated what he did concerning redemption for the human race. Therefore, it is from Paul’s statement found in Romans 5 as well as I Cor. 15:21-22 where he declared all (the human race) was in this one man Adam. We realize the word Adam, whether it be spelled a-t-o-m (referring to the minute indivisible particles of which the universe is composed), or whether it be spelled A-d-a-m (meaning the first man on earth). Adam means the beginning of something. And if our natural man Adam who was first composed of dirt which is nothing more than a combination of atoms and structural substances became a living soul (I Cor. 15:45) and is the beginning of something, this lets me know Christ who is referred to as the second Adam who was made a quickening spirit, the Lord of Glory Himself, is also the beginning of something. The scripture declares the second Adam, the Lord of Glory, I Cor. 15:45 was also the beginning of something, does it not, and strictly from the standpoint of redemption, we were all in him (I Cor. 15:20-22). However, from the creation standpoint we were all in the First Adam and we want to watch closely to see how all this will follow true to pattern once we touch on the Second Adam the Lord of Glory Himself.


1:1 It is here in Genesis we first see all of these perfect creative laws of God begin to go into operation to bring about all these things of which he had thought while counseling with himself. Gen. 1:2 speaks of a time period after THE BEGINNING wherein God had already created the heavens and earth. However, in verse 2, he looked upon what the scripture called the deep which is space itself being held together by atoms which God had before created, but something has happened! Here, in Gen. 1:1 this eternal spiritual being is called God. God means an object of worship and here in verse 1 was something to worship him. However, in that period of time before the beginning, spoken of by revelation in Eph. 1, there was nothing back there to worship him. At a much later time referred to as the beginning where God did Begin certain things (Gen. 1:1) he has already begun to share himself with others. Before Gen. 1:1 he has already created himself a great host of angelic beings (Heb. 1:6) who also are immortal spirit beings (Heb. 1:7) like unto himself, even possessing separate wills of their own, separate from the will of the Eternal One. One scripture should be sufficient to substantiate this thought. Recall when God asked Job the question, “Where were you when the sons of God shouted for joy as I laid out the foundation of the earth, Job 38:4-7. However, in Gen 1:1 in the beginning of time he, the Eternal One, as God makes heaven and earth. Before that time, God had already created his angelic host to fellowship and assist him with his creation.


Earth for some reason seems to be the one planet in the universe God used for his workshop where he tests that which he purposes to use in ages to come for obedience unto his great will and purpose. We are not interested in this article about what this earth was used for before God cleared it away prior to man’s coming to be tested and tried, in Gen. 3. We have an article entitled


showing how Satan became a murderer in another previous age. One thing is sure, when time came for man’s testing toward his desire to obey his Eternal Creator, Lucifer, one of the arch angels, had already become the devil having led a rebellion against Almighty God and he, along with a great host of angelic beings, had already fallen from the good grace of God. This testing and fall had to be at some previous time prior to man’s testing. Therefore, the book of Genesis is primarily interested in teaching us about that period of time which revolves strictly around the creation of man and not the creation of angelic beings who were first tested, although 14 books of the Old Testament and 17 of the New Testament mention those who undoubtedly were the first form of life God ever created with which to have fellowship. Henceforth, when we read in Genesis how God brought forth light and that light became day, it is not speaking of some hour or period of time in which God was testing his angelic family whom he had first created.



Newspaper Article

The earth measures nearly 25,000 miles in circumference at the equator. It is said to weigh about 6,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 (6.6 sextillion) tons. Yet, it is dwarfed by other planets and stars. For instance, about one million earths could fit into the sun. And some suns, or stars, are so big that a trillion (a million times a million) earths could fit into them.



Oh no, after verse 1 all this scripture deals strictly with the new area of time surrounding the preparation of bringing a new rulership upon the earth, that rulership is called man. We are told the light divided from the darkness became day while the darkness he referred to as night. This was the beginning of his first creative day. Preparing the planet earth for his new program affecting mankind is illustrated further by the fact God chose to use seven creative days to illustrate how this plan for mankind would require a period of time composed of no less than 6,000 years in which man would be dealt with and the one day in which God rested being the seventh day, represents 1,000 years of reign by God’s new creation which he called his second Adam, the Lord of Glory and his bride. The first 6,000 years, days would be composed of heartaches brought about by the disobedience of the first Adam. By no means are these creative days, (which represents God’s dealing with man as God was preparing the earth for his new rulership called man who like the angels had also been created in the image of God) to be associated with Gen. 1:1 which plainly states in the beginning God had already perfectly prepared (formed, fashioned, created) the heavens and the earth. These following verses in Chap. 1 do not give description as to how the heavens and earth were first formed in verse 1. We won’t go into that, but God had already accomplished his purpose fully by his angelic family somewhere in verse 1. That purpose we believe the earth was first used for, as we feel the scriptures bears out, was a place to test the obedience of his angelic family. However, in verse 2 etc., it then begins speaking of reshaping this old planet earth into a different atmosphere for its new ownership to begin to rule and reign. We note this new ruler called man was first created a spiritual being possessing both the attributes of male and female and their name already called Adam, Gen. 1:27, 5:1. Adam, as they are called, is commissioned to multiply and replenish the earth long before they are placed in the earth. Replenish or refill definitely shows before mankind was brought into being, this earth had already been used for something else, or else why would Adam be commissioned in the spirit world in the day they were created to multiply and REFILL AND REPLENISH the earth. The same commission was handed also unto Noah and his three sons after the flood when all mankind had drowned. God commissioned them to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth (Gen. 9:1). Although every detail may not be available, this aged earth seems to serve as a testing ground for whatever headship to be in God’s program. Earth is the place used for whatever form of life God may be testing, whether it be the angelic host or mankind who was tested through the first Adam or whether it serve as the testing ground for the second Adam, Christ, who is also the beginning of a new creation (Matt. 4:1-11). 7


Therefore, in preparing things for the coming of this new ruler, man, the First Adam, God uses his first creative day to divide light from darkness; the second creative day used in this plan to divide the firmaments from the waters to allow the firmament (expansion fo sky, etc.) to separate the waters from below from the waters above (verse 6). For the third day’s work preparing everything for man we are told beginning with verse 10 that dry land called earth was commanded to appear and the accumulated waters on the earth to be called seas. Furthermore, God said let the earth put forth tender vegetation, plants yielding seed and the fruit trees yielding fruit each according to its own kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth and it was so. And as always God saw it was good and as with each day’s work he approved it. Later, in studying 10 Chapter 2, we find although God had spoken these things in the six creative days, it will be some time before these things actually begin appearing on the earth. For his fourth day’s work, God begins to bring in seasons, time, days, years, etc. For the new environment of earth, he says let there be lights within the expanse of the sky to furnish light upon the earth. Therefore, on the fourth creative day he made the two lights, the greater light he made to rule the day he called the sun and the lesser light to rule the night he called the moon. On this creative day was also made the stars and verse 17 says, and God sent them in the expanse of the heavens to give light upon the earth. This finished the fourth day. 5


The fifth day was composed of creating living creatures to be brought forth in the waters. Furthermore, the spoken word said let birds fly over the earth in the open expansion of heaven. Also he created great sea monsters and every living creature that moves, every winged bird according to its kind. And God blessed them saying be fruitful, multiply and fill the waters of the sea. Let the fowls multiply in the earth. (Note, every command to replenish through multiplying was given in the spirit world before one thing was ever placed here on earth.) And with the evening and the morning the fifth day was finished.


Now I would like to stop right here with the completion of the fifth creative day to reestablish something. It appears from all we have read in Chapter 1 (and will read) concerning plant life, living creature, man, etc., that as God was speaking all of this into existence through his Word and seeing it was good, it appears or sounds as if immediately he spoke it all into existence right here upon the earth and the earth became filled immediately with all of these things as their being commissioned to be fruitful and multiply, etc. However, THAT IS NOT TRUE! It must be noted and will clearly be seen once God creates man in his own image and likeness on the sixth creative day according to Gen. 1:26-27, that he will create him male and female and call their name Adam. Where? Not here upon this earth. ALL OF THIS INCLUDING SPIRIT MAN WAS SPOKEN INTO EXISTENCE SOMEWHERE IN THAT SPIRIT WORLD AS ANGELS STOOD BY LONG BEFORE ANYTHING WAS EVER PLACED UPON THE EARTH. To bear this out, we note in Moses’ writing, Gen. 2:4 it says, this is the generation (or history) of the heavens and the earth when they were created in the day that the Lord God made the heavens and the earth. Now get this statement! Verse 5 clarifies it by saying: And every plant of the field before it was in the earth and every herb of the field before it grew (yet in Chap. 1 he had already created all this) (see also Gen. 2:1) and the Lord God had not (yet) caused it to rain upon the earth and there was no man to till the ground. Dropping back into Chap. 1 we see in six creative days all plant and animal life and even male and female life had already been created and CREATION IS COMPLETED. God has even rested one day! However, AT THIS POINT NOTING HAD BEEN PLACED IN THE EARTH AND WILL NOT BE UNTIL SOMETIME AFTER GOD RESTS ON HIS SEVENTH DAY! Therefore, it should be noted that Gen. Chap. 1 is revealing what the Almighty’s thoughts were which now are being spoken and which he thought before time began when he was counseling with himself as recorded in Eph. 1. Here in Gen. 1 we are simply beginning to hear those thoughts begin to be spoken. All these things were first spoken into existence to be later placed upon the earth sometime after the six creative days are over. This brings us to how man has divided the recording of Gen. 2, for it is in Gen. 2 we see God acting upon that which was spoken in Chap. 1 and placing it upon this earth all his living thoughts in Gen. 1 as well as Eph. 1 had created or produced.


In Psalms 33:4-9 we are told the Word of the Lord is right and all of his work is done in 11 faithfulness, and the planet earth is full of the loving kindness of the Lord. By the (spoken) Word of the Lord. (Naturally before the word became spoken in Gen. 1, God’s words were merely his thoughts and attributes during that unusual period of time making up Eph. 1). By the Word of the Lord were the heavens made and all their hosts by the breath of his mouth; he gathers the waters of the sea as in a bottle and puts the deeps in storage places. Let all the earth fear the Lord, reverence and worship; let all the inhabitants of the world stand and awe at him for he spoke (in Gen. 1 what his thoughts had decided upon recorded in Eph. 1) and it was done, he commanded and it stood fast. Therefore, out of Psalms 33 no honest hearted person could see the working of three persons in creation, for it was through the thoughts of that One Eternal Spirit in Eph. 1 we see his thoughts becoming expressed into words of creative life once God spoke and created everything from the breath of his (one) mouth. Therefore, if any others assisted in the creation of anything we must take knowledge that not only did they have to work through his thoughts, but also they had to borrow his mouth to speak whatever had been thought. Continuing on in line with our thought how all this in Gen. 1 had been created including man, although none of it yet was placed in the earth to begin their functions according to their reproductive laws of God which governs the growth of flesh species (let everything bear after its own kind) until sometime after those six creative days. According to Gen. 2:4 God said, these are the generations (or period of time) of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day the Lord God made the earth and the heavens and every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew. For God had not caused it to rain on the earth. Furthermore, Gen. 2:5 declares as yet there was no man to till the ground although spirit man, male as well as female, had been created in God’s image during the sixth creative day when God decided to make mankind in his own image and after his own likeness. Verse 27 says, let them have dominion and authority over the fish, birds and the beasts (all of which were tame) as well as everything that creeps upon the earth.


Man, first of all, was created on that sixth creative day as a spirit being and there in the spirit world was placed over all creation and received his own commission to be fruitful and multiply and have dominion over all that God had spoken in verse 26, long before it was spoken in Gen. 2:5, there was not a man (on earth) to till the ground. Furthermore, according to verse 29 man also knew what he could and could not eat. Sometimes these two chapters become confusing as most people want to think that a few verses in Chap. 2 only clarifies Chap. 1, NOT SO! The confusion stems mainly because of where and how these chapter divisions are placed by men. Man himself placed those divisions for Chapters as Chap. 1 and Chap. 2, etc. Remember when Moses, as well as any writer in scripture, wrote under the inspiration. They never once wrote in chapter form. NO! Instead they wrote in a continual flow of thought. Chapter headings, divisions, breaks, etc., in the scripture was placed by man as late as the 12th and 15th Century by Cardinal Caro and Roberts Stephens.


Notice if you will as Moses wrote the Book of Genesis, for instance the creation story, it is all written as a continued story. The scripture as marked off by man for Chap. 2 has broken the line of thought. When you break into Chap. 2 where these men did, they cut off Chap. 1 with the completion of the sixth day, leaving out the 7th day to begin Chap. 2. Had they permitted their break to come in between what is verse 3-4, allowing verses 1, 2 and 3 to be placed with Chap. 1, you would then have had the completion of the work in the six creative days as well as the rest day of God in one chapter. After all, the seventh day makes up the completion of that one week of creation. Therefore, Chap. 2 would have begun as Moses’ thought had taken on a new angle. Had he been the one dividing the chapters, he probably would have started Chap. 2 where verse 12 4 is and Chap. 2 would have produced a somewhat different slant in our thinking. Moses’ no doubt would have started Chap. 2 by saying, these are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created and in the day the Lord God made the earth and the heavens. Generations in verse 4 does not refer to generations as we think of them today, between 28-40 years, on the contrary, generations simply means whatever period of time God used in (six) creative days. Note verse 5 places emphasis on everything being made long before it was placed in earth and every plant of the field before it was in the earth, every herb of the field before it grew. God says in verse 4, these are the generations he made these thing before they were placed in the earth. Therefore, all of the creation in Gen. 1 was first spoken into being there in the spirit world in their various generations before ever being placed on the earth. On the earth (after the seven creative days) there had been no rain nor was there any man to till the ground, a mist came up from the earth to water the whole face of the ground. That is true, the earth was being watered, but there was no human being called man as yet to till the ground, although long ago on the sixth creative day there had been a spirit man created according to Gen. 1:26-27. Furthermore, that spirit man had already received his commission when he was placed in the earth he was to multiply and replenish the earth. In that generation or period of time before anything was actually placed upon this previously created earth, God had already made spirit man in his own image and, LISTEN TO THIS, had created him male and female. Gen. 5:1 states that in the day God created man in his likeness, God made he him, male and female created he them and blessed them and called their name Adam in the day they were created. This cannot be applied to Gen. 2:7 where it had previously been stated there was no man on earth to till the earth. Now watch, after this then the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground. When? Sometime after seven creative days passed, and breathed into his nostrils the breath or spirit of life (which long ago had been created as male and female somewhere in the spirit world).


Now for the first time man becomes a living soul (I Cor. 15:45-49). Yet recall, he was still male and female in one body. However, as long as the two remain in one body, called man, they cannot fulfill their commission to multiply and replenish the earth, can they! I realize most people have been taught that Chap. 2 of Genesis is a repeat of Chap. 1, simply bringing out more in detail what actually happened in Chap. 1, yet scripture will not bear this out. These are entirely two different chapters, one following the other in thought and as Moses wrote it, he was simply writing a continuation of thought down into the second chapter. Therefore, in Gen. 1 as well as Eph. 1, we have seen him counsel with his thoughts first. Those thoughts now become positive, and in that spirit world he begins to create things, while in Gen. 2 we see God acting upon all that which he spoke into existence in the spirit world. Chap. 2 reveals how that which had been created in the spirit world, God will now act upon bringing it into the position in which he had originally created it when using six creative days. Gen. 2:7 as it is recorded since man has broken up Moses’ thought, shows sometime after those seven creative days are finished, God now formed human man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life or breathed into him that which he had previously created on the sixth day consisting of both male and female attributes, called spirit man, Gen. 1:26-27. Although man became living soul it is still going to be much later before we will see God divide man, taking out of him all the feminine attributes which had long ago been placed in him. Naturally, the commission to multiply and replenish the earth could not take place until after the separation of the feminine attribute which was placed in spirit man and would be given a separate body then we shall see why OUT OF HIS SIDE HE TOOK EVE! The day she was separated from him and given a beautiful human body in which to live was not the beginning of her existence.


For a moment let us turn back to the sixth creative day when God made spirit man, male and female, because it is here people get off track thinking because God stated in Gen. 1:26, let us make man in our image after our likeness, that God was actually speaking unto two other separate persons within the Godhead, namely the Son and Holy Ghost (which are actually two offices of this one Eternal God) and that he is saying unto the two other persons of the Godhead, let us make man in our image and after our own likeness. However, we recognize in Eph. 1 long before this time could ever elapse, Paul had always spoken of God in the masculine and singular term declaring he had counseled with his own will. One thing is certain, God cannot contradict himself and Paul had clearly stated he had not counseled with anyone other than his own will, yet in Genesis we discover Moses saying, when God was ready to make man on the sixth creative day, let us make man in our image. Who is this us he refers to? Remember, it is not possible for one true prophet to contradict that which another true prophet has spoken. What Moses wrote did by no means cause him to become a Trinitarian nor did it cause anyone else until long after the birth of Christ to ever try and use this phrase to clinch the fact of God being three separate persons. By no means is the trinity of persons as recorded by the Council of Nicaea a Jewish teaching, instead it is a gentile teaching. Some even mistakenly think it is a Bible teaching, IT IS NOT! It is strictly an unscriptural gentile explanation of what he, not the Jew, believes God to be. Yet, we can’t ignore the fact God was talking to someone other than himself on that sixth creative day. Who was Moses referring to when he made the statement, let us make man in our image and after our likeness? Is Moses, who is a Jew, contradicting Paul who is also a Jew? Absolutely not! Let’s explore this further to see if we can find out who God is actually addressing, using a plurality phrase. Since no word of a true prophet of God can contradict another, we must catch the thought in which this particular thought is being used to convey a certain meaning unto the natural mind found in Gen. 1:26 which is in this plurality. You will have to agree with me on down the line from Moses, Paul the gentile apostle, writing in Eph. 1 is reaching farther back into a period than anything recorded in Gen. 1. Because in Gen. 1:1 it says, in the beginning God, however Eph. 1 reached much farther into the past than any mere beginning. It reaches back farther than even before the foundation of the world; long before God ever began to speak anything into existence in the spirit world. Eph. 1 reaches back into the era of time when he would not even rightly have been called God, because as stated, God means an object of worship and Eph. 1 is so far back before time there was not anything present to worship and adore him as God. There he was only the Eternal Spirit turning thoughts over in his mind, counseling with himself as to what he would do, how he would perform it and bring what is recorded in Gen. 1 into existence. God did everything according to his own will and his own good pleasure and never once did Paul to the Ephesian church express God in any plurality sense. And only sometime after all this counseling went on in his mind and it was settled in his mind through his own counseling what he would do, do we ever begin to see Gen. 1 even begin to come into focus as God will now begin to speak his great plan which he and he alone thought of recorded in Gen. 1, placing it into motion. Yet Moses, writing his books, chose to use the phrase US AND OUR to convey his thought in Gen. 1:26. What is this plurality phrasing all about?


Who is God speaking unto saying they should make man in their image? He was not speaking unto two or three others. NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT, but perhaps a great innumerable host of other spirits (Heb. 12:22) called angels which he had previously created to assist him in carrying out all of his thoughts with which he had counseled. Angels are powerful (Psalms 103:20) intelligent (I Pet. 1:12) and active (Matt. 26:63). They are ministering spirits (Heb. 1:7). Their titles indicate they are different ranks, thrones, dominion and power. They wait upon God in 14 praise, worship and service both in heaven and on earth (Heb. 1:14). Some of this host were sent to announce and welcome the Redeemer (Luke 2:13, Heb. 1:6). Rev. 5:11-12 alone speaks of one hundred million of these worshipping in one place. Angels assigned to watch over mankind (Psalms 91:11) excel in strength (Psalms 103:20) and can fly swiftly (Dan. 11:21) and even wait to do the command and bidding of the Almighty God. And since they were spirit beings, it was a spirit being God was creating in Gen. 1:26-27, giving him charge over the earth. These beings are seen in scripture accompanying God in every task he performs. Why would we think it strange for him to be discussing anything with them? Whenever we see God ready to do anything that affects mankind, angels are always present. They, along with man, are created spirit beings.


Watch closely in Chap. 1 God has now spoken his thoughts of Eph. 1 into existence. Chap. 2 shows God is going to act further upon that which he had previously spoken into existence, placing it into its rightful position. Recall verse 5 stated there is not a man to till the earth; therefore, let us watch God as he begins to act upon what he has already created; spirit man who is still male and female. In Gen. 2:7 it says, “God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life”. WHAT IS GOD DOING? Sometime after his seventh creative day, God took some plain ordinary dirt from the crust of the earth, formed and fashioned it, then breathed into it the breath of life and it began to walk around. Flesh man or human mankind began from just plain old ordinary dirt of the earth. Scripture says there wasn’t a man to till the earth; therefore, God took some dirt (tangible matter) and began to shape himself a tabernacle or a vessel of clay. God was using something from the earth over which man was to rule, for recall, God had previously spoken spirit man into existence as male and female calling their name Adam, Gen. 1:26. Now, God, taking what he had previously made into Gen. 1:26, breathed into the nostrils of that bunch of dirt, which of course is now no longer plain dirt, but human flesh. Notice, first God took nothing and made himself some dirt or earth. Later, he used that dirt and made human flesh and called him a human being or man and because man fell bringing in the death penalty, one day God will take that same corruptible flesh body and whether it be dead or alive will make something immortal out of it. FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING AND IT WAS ALL IN HIM (GOD). My main thought here stems from the physical or natural standpoint how we (including Eve) were all in the first Adam; therefore, if we were all in the first Adam, then the Bride of Christ was also in the second Adam LONG BEFORE HE BECAME A FLESH MAN ALSO. Yes, as far as our natural existence is concerned, we were in the first Adam. However, along the way man got out of relationship with God and man had to be redeemed. However note, God was fully aware of all this long before Adam ever arrived, long before there ever appeared a blade of grass or anything. God had already foresaw the day there must come God-man who would himself be called the second Adam, who would be the Lord of Glory himself not to be a pregenerator, as was the first Adam, but instead a regenerator, a redeemer. Therefore, if you can now begin to form a picture of the two Adams and their brides (wives), you will see it balance perfectly. If we were in the first Adam for our natural existence long before man was ever placed on this earth, then we were also in Christ the Second Adam for our spiritual existence long before we were born again. (Eph. 1:3) Reproduction was in the first Adam while regeneration is in the second Adam, Christ. However, note whether you be lost or saved, reproduction had to all be in the first Adam, but the beautiful part of it all is ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE ACCEPTED CHRIST COULD POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN IN THE SECOND ADAM, therefore, through predestination the Almighty knew who would and who wouldn’t accept him. He knows who is and since he knows 15 who is, no wonder the Apostle Paul could say we were chosen in him, predestined in him (Christ the Second Adam). WHEN? BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! AMEN! As God took this piece of clay or dirt and begin to fashion it into a vessel or tabernacle, look what he places into it. God breathes into this earthen vessel the breath of (spirit) life. GET THIS! This spirit life breathed into that dirt which he had fashioned was that spirit being man (male and female) that he had made back in Chap. 1:26-27. No longer is God saying, let there be such and such, because now we see him acting upon that which he had already spoken into existence. God looked and there was no man to till the earth. There needed to be a man to till the earth, therefore he took some dirt and began to form something and when he finished forming this object which he gave two arms, two legs, head, etc. he breathed into that which he had formed THAT SPIRIT BEING HE HAD ALREADY CREATED IN CHAP. 1:17. This creature, man, now became conscious of his earthly surroundings as his soul become active. God has acted, hasn’t he? GOD FORESHADOWS REDEMPTION Let us take a closer look at this first Adam. Recall, he is the very beginning of something, isn’t he? In Gen. 2:5-6 he is one man walking around. But where is Eve? IN HIM! This is important. WHERE IS EVE, HIS BRIDE OR WIFE TO BE? IN HIM! How many lives do we have walking around? ONLY ONE! How many hearts do we have in this one vessel of clay? ONLY ONE! Notice this, Adam doesn’t act one day like a man and the next day like a woman. In him is expressed fully all the attributes of masculinity. Always remember, God didn’t begin with one thing in mind in Gen. 1:27 as he commissioned man (them) to be fruitful and multiply only to be forced later because of certain circumstances which developed in the garden to change his mind like some believe. GOD DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY! Nothing slips upon him. Some people read the book of Genesis so childish. It would appear foolish to think God made only one person and then one day suddenly realize he couldn’t leave man there all by himself saying, I had better find someone to keep him company and console him when he feels tired and weary. OH NO! God isn’t doing any such thing. Recall where Eve has been all this time, IN ADAM! The almighty is going to do something far more than simply produce Adam a wife, God was setting something in motion, GOD WAS FORESHADOWING HIS ENTIRE PLAN OF REDEMPTION WHICH WOULD COME THROUGH THE SECOND ADAM! Oh, if people could only see this.


Therefore, Chap. 2 shows God as he acted for the first time in creating this vessel of clay and breathing into that vessel life or the spirit man Adam who, as you recall, already had within his spirit the feminine qualities which would later become fleshly woman. I remind you, Adam in every respect was masculine. Although the two are in this one body, you don’t see any femininity creeping up over the masculine character. God has now acted, yet he brought only one vessel of clay into existence. THIS VESSEL HAS ONLY ONE HEART, ONE WILL AND ONE MIND. Furthermore, it can make only one decision. Man’s thought couldn’t go in a dozen different directions, acting or talking one day like man and then the next day like woman. Yet today on this earth we do see men acting like women although physically they are men. This definitely lets me know there are evil spirits getting into the picture, disrupting, distorting and perverting the entire realm of mankind. Although there lay within Adam all this time those feminine characteristics, Adam always acted and conducted himself as a man. He looked, walked and conducted himself like a man who had been made in the image of God and placed in a human vessel of clay to have earthly dominion. Keep in mind in Gen. 1:27 Almighty God had previously addressed both of those spiritual beings (male and female) long before that spiritual 16 being was ever placed in an earthly tabernacle. When God said, “Let them (not him) have dominion over the beasts of the fields and over the cattle and over all creeping things that are thereon”. Oh yes, those feminine characteristics were lying right there in that spirit being man long before he ever took on his physical tabernacle.


The Lord God now has himself a man, but what will he do with this creature called man; where will he place him? “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward”. Now notice, the earth has begun to grow grass although in Gen. 2:4 there hasn’t a single blade of grass grown on earth. Nevertheless, I believe in that old earth lay every little seed and all it needed was for that spoken thought of God to become active and the earth would begin to sprout blades of grass, trees, etc. Notice this garden spot which God planted eastward certainly wasn’t some little garden spot in God’s backyard consisting of a stone fence and iron gate, etc. Oh no, this garden area, the scripture says, had a river running through it which contained four heads and those four rivers are all known to be in the middle east. Therefore, even if it was in God’s backyard, it is still referred to the middle east and that would be a considerable large garden, would it not? “And the Lord God now begins to plant a garden eastward and placed the man which he had formed.” So far the man bodily is only one singular creature. Now we notice out of the ground also made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight good for food. However, recall back in Gen. 1: God’s spoken Word had already said for the earth to bring forth every kind of herb and tree after its kind, although it didn’t appear on earth momentarily, did it? Gen. 1 reveals the role of God’s spoken Word in creation; however, it is not until Chap. 2 do we begin to see the Spirit of God act upon what was spoken in Gen. 1. God could think and speak a thing centuries ago, however that doesn’t mean it to be accomplished momentarily. True, in the mind of God it is accomplished the moment he thought it, yet God may not act upon it until perhaps a million years later. Nevertheless, once he has spoken it, he will certainly watch over that which his word has spoken to see at whatever time he decides upon, it is performed somewhere at some time he will bring it about. Remember, God is not involved with such a thing as time. The God who lived and spoke in yesterday is exactly the same God of today. HE IS NOT INVOLVED IN TIME. Therefore, whenever the Spirit decides to act upon whatever his spoken word had declared, it would seem only as moments whenever he takes it and acts upon it. Therefore, we now see it was God’s plan for the herb to bring forth more herb, for every living creature to bear after its kind, etc, (he made them male and female). Man was also created male and female yet at this time, man was still only one creature although he has received a commission to multiply. And now while these two are still one, or in the same one body, shall we say (both male and female characteristics), it is here for the first time we hear the Lord God mention unto Adam (the two of them) anything involving the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil or the Tree of Life.


A word to you who still think these two trees were some fruit bearing trees. Recall, back in Gen. 1 God had mentioned nothing about the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life or that they should reproduce themselves, when he said let the earth bring forth of every herb bearing seed after its kind. If they were natural fruit trees, they would also have to reproduce themselves after their kind. In other words, somewhere there would have continued to be a tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. Nevertheless, as he does begin to express, act or bring forth all this, man is already well situated to begin his habitation within that Edenic environment. Now it is here we begin to hear God say to Adam, every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food, you may eat of it. His physical existence or his survival would depend upon the fruit of the trees. This didn’t mean, however, man had to eat to live or he would starve. It simply reveals God in designing man had so designed him to be able to eat or consume food. I’m glad God made man 17 to do something as well as be something. Although he did make us to eat, he never made us to become gluttons, did he? The beauty of it is God made man to be and do something, not merely to exist as a myth or to float around. In other words, it is not mind over matter (some Christian Science theory). What an unscriptural theory. It is were like that we would all be made up of mind. That theory is, I don’t actually exist, I only think I do. WHAT NONSENSE! Perhaps that is the way many of those people think, but I believe I exist and I believe part of me is also matter.


Yes, God has stated here that man could eat of the trees which were good and pleasant to the eyes and good for food; however, now he speaks of two trees that stood in the midst of the garden, one called the tree of life and the other the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Again I ask you, where was Eve? STILL IN ADAM. Eve is in this body which has only one mind and one heart. Recall as yet Adam had not sinned. Only one person is walking around. Adam receives the commission how he is to eat of only certain vegetation and herbs, Gen. 2:15-17. Here we note that at this point man was not to become a meat eater, he doesn’t receive that commission until after the flood. After they were placed in this vessel of clay called man, God speaks to these two about the two trees, God says to Adam (recall he called THEIR name Adam). “And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to till it and keep it. And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat; But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” (Where is Eve, IN HIM!) I keep reminding you of this to show you it foreshadows something great, as the second Adam (Christ) hung on the cross we (his wife) the redeemed according to Eph. 1 were in him! Christ the second Adam was the very beginning of God’s plan for a new creation. Think of it! God’s commission to multiply and replenish the earth still lay right there in Adam’s spirit as he was being shown of what t eat or partake. That commission was already instilled in Adam although at the moment he is helpless to carry it out because, WHERE WAS EVE ALL THIS TIME? STILL IN HIM! Yet, we are only able to see one person, right? Oh beloved, there is something beautiful represented here. Watch as the second Adam, the Lord of Glory, hung on the cross, he too was the very beginning of something wasn’t he Christ was the very expressed mind (the Word) of God (now) made flesh (John 1:11-12) but for what purpose? Not to pregenerate through birth another race of human beings, oh no! That natural law cycle of human birth or life which Almighty God had made and instilled within the first Adam while he was both male and female was still going strong when the second Adam arrived, was it not? Yet on Calvary hung God’s Law of love for another purpose, for another birth.


Christ the second Adam who was made a quickening Spirit was to be the beginning of a new creation which must come about also through a new birth. Through this second Adam, God was reconciling his lost creation of mankind back to himself by another birth. Get this, the second Adam’s wife to be (Rev. 19) this regenerated born again believer, was laying right there in him (Christ) through the foreknowledge of God all the time. (Eph. 1:3) Same as the first Adam’s wife to be was already in him. Continuing on we read, “And the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till and keep it and the Lord God commanded the man saying, of every tree of the garden thou mayest eat freely..”. See, the Almighty reaffirms it to Adam. WHERE IS EVE WHILE ALL THIS IS GOING ON? STILL IN ADAM. After carefully informing Adam, the trees in the garden which he could freely eat, God now turns his attention to two other trees which he calls by name, one being the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, death was connected with this tree, “But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely 18 die.” RECALL, EVE IS STILL IN ADAM! How many persons are walking around in that Garden at this hour? ONLY ONE PERSON! You may eat of this and that God tells Adam, but the day that you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall surely die! This lets me know every commission, all instructions were laying right there in this first Adam, the one man with only one mind and one heart in his bosom even though these feminine attributes are in him long before there were ever two separate persons in the garden. What was Adam after he was spoken into existence in Gen. 1:26? A SPIRIT BEING! However, when God acted in Chap. 2 upon what he had already created in Chap. 1, Adam became matter, something tangible. Therefore, we have seen God act. God placed within Adam every law concerning plant life, animal life and yes, that of his own natural existence. Think of that! All this was in the first Adam, one creature, the Son of God, the authority of God, the knowledge of God and within him was already placed the commission to be something to this earth, God placed his creation in such a beautiful place, EDEN, to till and dress it.


God is about to act again. Keep in mind, all this commission along with Eve was still in Adam. This dual nature in man does not cause him to act masculine one day and feminine the next. No sir, he had no split personality, he knows exactly how to conduct himself. God brings before Adam some pets to be named (yes pets, that is the relationship man had with the animal kingdom before the fall). At the same time, the scripture says a search is being made for Adam a companion. (Now God knows where his companion is!). Verse 18: “And the Lord God said it is not good that man should be alone, I will make him an helpmeet for him. (Being alone then cannot fulfill his commission nor could anything from the animal kingdom). And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field”. You may not approve of all their peculiar physical structure; we may even wonder why the Almighty saw fit to create such huge, ugly creatures; nevertheless, they pleased him and even though the fall of mankind came through time, man has still found certain uses for many of them and had not the fall occurred I am sure we would see man and the animal kingdom existing together in a much more friendly environment of fellowship than it is today (wait until we see the animal kingdom existing in the millennium reign age under the Second Adam and his wife). Long before the inventions of those huge automotive cranes to lift giant loads, the elephants were serving as man’s crane uprooting trees, rolling logs into rivers, etc. Elephants became man’s beast of burden. What else carried man for centuries of time other than the horse! (And really the horse never polluted the air.) Therefore, regardless how one looks at it, these creatures were placed here for man’s benefit. Time will not permit us to discuss the uses of these animals. Undoubtedly, since the fall we have lost the true knowledge and purpose for which each creature was actually created. Nevertheless, once the second Adam and his new creation (his wife) filled with Eternal life and clothed in immortality takes over the new age, called the millennium, we shall once again learn their intended position. It is before the fall we hear God saying, it is not good that man should dwell alone and so out of the ground he formed every beast, cattle, etc., the animal kingdom. Notice, he brought them all up before Adam (AND WHERE WAS EVE – IN HIM). No, Eve wasn’t sitting over on the sideline saying to Adam, why don’t you name it something other than what you did, I don’t like that name, I have another one for it. No, Sir! WHERE IS EVE WHILE ALL THIS NAMING OF THE ANIMALS AND THE SEARCH FOR ADAM A COMPANION IS BEING MADE? STILL IN ADAM!! Adam still has only one mind and one heart, doesn’t he? “And the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to name them. Why is he called Adam? Because he is the beginning of something. Did you know A-T-O-M is the beginning of all God’s natural matter and this man A-D-A-M is also the beginning of all physical flesh matter and in that flesh lay a law, a 19 commission to multiply and replenish the earth as well as having dominion to rule over it. God brought all the animals before Adam to see what he would call them; and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that would be its name henceforth. Adam gave names to all cattle as well as to the fowl of the air and to every beast.


Notice, if you will, how God becomes more specific. We see plant life has sprung forth (male and female life is in the same stalk) however in animal life, male and female created he them, yet as far as having a physical mate, Adam is here all alone, isn’t he? Now WHERE IS EVE? STILL IN HIM. Adam named all the animals but to find a companion for Adam from the animal kingdom was fruitless for the scripture says, not one could be found that could help him carry out his commission to multiply and replenish the earth, “but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him”. This lets me know God was speaking far more intimately concerning the first Adam and his mate because it is only God’s way of wording it for notice, once God acts again he will be acting in such a manner as to foreshow the very act of redemption through the second Adam. Finding a mate or wife for Adam among the animal kingdom would mar the beautiful picture of what took place with the second Adam. Therefore, the fact of what God did unto Adam in finding him a mate (placing Eve in him) lets me know everything was in Adam; every genetic law. God’s perfect genetic law lay right there in Adam. His commission to multiply and replenish the earth and rule over it lay there in Adam. The commission of what he should and should not eat was laying there as well as the authority to name these animals; the authority to till the earth lay right there in Adam long before he was ever put to sleep in order for his wife to be taken from him. Yes, even long before he was given a male body to live in. It was all in Adam, AND WHERE WAS ADAM – IN GOD. Beloved, you can’t go any further up the line than that. THE SLEEP OF THE FIRST ADAM Time has arrived in God’s program where he must act again. “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam.” Note, God is the one who administered the first anesthesia. The Almighty himself performing the surgery on the physical piece of clay. God did it all and the cost to Adam was nothing. “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam.” God put Adam into such a gentle snooze he wasn’t aware of what was going on. The first surgical operation in all the world is now being performed. It is the very first time human flesh has ever been tampered with by a surgical instrument of any description. The laser beam which is considered the most modern technique of modern surgery and is practically bloodless could not compare with this operation. Adam is being put to sleep and what did God do? He took from him one of his ribs. How often do we hear remarks concerning women – she is nothing but a rib. They may be true, but where did woman come from? A BUNCH OF DIRT. Perhaps it is alright to refer to a woman as a rib in a joking way, however when people use such things in a derogatory manner this shows they are unbalanced in the word of God. Anytime man wants to look upon a woman sarcastically in this manner I will have to say, DON’T FORGET YOU AREN’T ANYTHING BUT A BUNCH OF DIRT! You let the life go out of that body and you will see how quick you return back to what you came from. THE DUST OF THE GROUND!


Notice from where this rib came, OUT OF ADAM’S SIDE! This is important when you see what it foreshadowed. In the side is where you will find man’s ribs. Adam’s ribs were the very framework of his body. If you lost all your ribs, you would collapse. Ribs are your support, they protect your heart. Your entire respiratory system is protected by your ribs. That is why ribs were placed in the body as they are. They serve as would a steel framework to a building. Take 20 that steel framework out of the building and a puff of wind could come along and the whole structure would collapse. Therefore, God took from Adam’s framework a rib to signify being a helpmeet for man. She must come from his side, for it was by his side she should stand and be a spiritual support, of comfort, consolation in every phase and walk of life that the two of them walk together, because woman came from this very vital part of man’s flesh. How true that is when so often man reaches a place in life within his natural environment when it seems everything has gone against him, who is it so often who stand there and helps support and uplift his spirit to weather the storm. Yes, she becomes a bulwark to help hold him up and help carry him through. Only within this perverted age of woman’s lib and so forth it won’t run true 100 percent, but it should with any godly woman. We realize of all the plots and perversions Satan used today to break people to pieces, somewhere a woman is usually involved. Nevertheless, we say God chose this very beautiful thing and set it in a perfect beautiful type if it is allowed to run true to order that actually was what God was portraying by taking from Adam’s side a rib while Adam lay there so peacefully asleep. God removed a rib, which of course is a bone, and perhaps along with this bone he also removed a little meat which was connected thereon. Once this great Eternal Spirit began to work and fashion this bone with its little portion of meat attached, it soon began to change its form and once God finished fashioning this rib, he now has another which in many ways resembles the body lying there asleep. The main difference was this body bore an expression of all feminine qualities while the other body bore all resemblance of masculine qualities, yet one thing was sure, God had removed the feminine attributes from the male because the hour was nearing for God to set in motion his reproductive laws which he commanded to come forth in the spirit world within these two when he said be fruitful and multiply. This beautiful creature who once consisted of only feminine attributes now has a mind as well as a heart of its own. Yet God never disturbed Adam’s mind nor his heart in any manner, he only removed from him a rib, but oh my, there is a lot in a rib once God is through fashioning it. This body was also flesh, exactly the same kind of flesh from which she was taken to fulfill God’s word, let everything bear after its kind. Furthermore, it had the same number of ribs as the body from which she had been taken. The mind and heart in this body was no different from that of the other body only in the fact this body bore the image of feminine characteristics while Adam bore the masculine. God has now taken for the first time from man another life and brought this life through his side to foreshadow the work of the second Adam who brought life from himself to share with others. What has God accomplished by placing man to sleep and taking from his life, not another male life, but instead a female life? In doing this, God has accomplished step no. 2 in his program for man’s reproduction. In giving man his mate from the female specie of his own kind he is now setting his biological commission of reproduction in line for the human race. This I remind you has not come about because of the fall, this is taking place long before a fall has begun. Why else would the mate for male be required to be a female specie if his original plan to bring other life into the world and fulfill the commission of Gen. 1:26-27 was that of speaking them into existence rather than being brought forth from their bodies? This feminine life will now be a life separate from that of the male in that it will have its own mind, own thoughts, own separate heart and furthermore will have its own free will and choice from that of the flesh of the first Adam in which she had existed all this time. God had taken flesh and bones and made himself another flesh being. From what was accomplished here (before the fall) proves in order for God to fulfill his natural biological laws of reproduction, it had always been even from the original beginning God’s intended route that life would beget life after its own kind. Biologically, no animal could be found for Adam’s mate because not only must she come from Adam to prefigure the type of the bride of the second Adam which was already within him, but second, because his mate for reproduction must come, even before the 21 fall, from his own kind of flesh life in order to fulfill his commission to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. God so designed both their bodies even before the fall whereby these biological laws were placed in the flesh of the male and female specie in order to bear flesh life after its kind. If people would only look at the scripture correctly they could not help but see how these things run so beautiful in continuity. Had it been God’s original plan to have called all human life from the crust of the earth as he had done with Adam, he would certainly have chosen this procedure to have brought Eve forth and even more so the second Adam who came by virgin birth. Already he had made one vessel of flesh for the male and female attributes to live in; now he makes another vessel of clay to place the feminine attributes into. The fact the female life came from the male life proves it was God’s ordained route, life was ordained to beget life after its own kind. Only one person came from the ground and that was Adam. However, note in the specie of other animal life God brought both the male and female separately, but at the same time from the ground, Gen. 1:24, 2:19: in other words, God did not take life from the male species to form female as he had done from Adam. The first Adam was to foreshadow the second Adam in the Christ before the foundation of the world his companion was in him. No doubt about it, it was God’s original plan to be done in this fashion to foreshadow that future event, and note the fact from life came the flesh of the first Adam it was in order to fulfill that scripture which said that all was in Adam; therefore flesh, even before the fall, was ordained to bring forth life out of its own life. It was of necessity that human flesh beget human flesh. WHY SLEEP? That is why God had to put Adam to sleep to remove the life of another because in order for Christ to give life to his bride he also had to sleep the sleep of death that out of him might come forth a new beautiful creation which will be his bride. Recall from Ephesians 1, before ever a star or moon found its place this was already settled in the mind of the Eternal One that God would put Adam to sleep in order to give life to another (foreshadowing) the sleep (of death) of the second Adam. By no means had God on the spur of the moment changed his mind and decided now to take the female life from the side of the male instead of bringing her forth from the ground as he had done with them in Gen. 2:7 when both were placed in one body. Here stands this feminine creature in all her feminine charm, beauty and virtue, designed in the manner God had always intended to fulfill his commission; be fruitful and multiply. All that God had willed this feminine creature to be, she was. However, note at this point she is neither called woman nor Eve because as yet Adam has not named her.


Soon we shall see the very purpose in which God has so fashioned her as he has taken her from Adam’s side. No longer can we refer to Eve being in Adam because this creature, from this moment forward, is a person all her own. And don’t forget for a moment the knowledge which had been instilled into Adam’s makeup, while he was both male and female, concerning being fruitful, multiplying and replenishing the earth, along with the knowledge of the tree of life and the tree of death or what is scripturally called the Tree of Knowledge, was also instilled in her makeup as well seeing she too was a part of that commission from the beginning. The knowledge they were to rule with all authority and have dominion of everything was in her as much as in Adam, though at this time the feminine creature was neither called WOMAN nor EVE. All that preordained knowledge lay in the mind of both of them, separating her attributes from his is by no means the beginning of this feminine character. Here she is only being granted a separate body and a separate life. By no means is their commission to multiply and replenish the earth something new to this feminine creature simply because she is transferred over into a 22 separate body with a separate life. Her knowledge of this has been active since the sixth creative day. No longer will Adam have within him any of the feminine characteristics as before, all these have been placed into another vessel of clay likened unto his and yet where did the vessel come?


As Adam awakened, he did not have to be introduced to this feminine creature. The male Adam (seeing both their name was Adam) did not need to be introduced to her. Adam did not need to inquire from where she came for he knew she was a part of him. Adam did not say to the feminine creature, who are you, how did you get here, what is this all about, where did you come from? No, every answer is already in the mind of Adam. Adam’s first words we hear uttered in scripture is a prophecy concerning this female creature standing before him as he says, this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman because she was taken out of man. Listen to him and learn something important. Outwardly, they have never met, although the moment we hear Adam speak after having awakened and the new creature taken from him and without any previous knowledge of what a father or mother was, because genetically they had never had either nor had they been either. God had been all in all to them. Adam was gazing upon a part of himself and he knew it.


Recall, God has made man in his spiritual image, however he created them male and female, Gen. 1:26-27, and later placed them together in one body of flesh. Notice, God nor Adam is ever referred to as she, instead it is always in the masculine. Certainly God is not a woman nor was he ever referred to as woman. Nevertheless, there are those feminine characteristics of God. Take for instance the lovely flowers of the field. A woman can usually be found tending flower gardens if she is not busy with housework. That is a woman’s nature and to the contrary man will be found with machinery, etc. If God did not have certain feminine characteristics, he probably would never have created the lily, rose and other beautiful flowers. Very few men are actually interested in flowers, are they? That doesn’t mean man hates them, by no means, it simply means man’s make up does not have that deep attraction for such things as does a woman. He may agree it is a beautiful flower, but it is not his nature to pamper it like a woman would. Furthermore, we should note one of God’s seven redemptive names was El-Shaddai, the breasted one. Certainly, God will feed his babies the sincere milk of his Word, won’t he? (I Per. 2:2) Most assuredly, these female attributes in Adam had come from God, for in creating man God had placed that part of himself also within Adam. However, now what do we see? God has now acted twice, his second act has been in creating woman. But why, for what purpose? To set his biological reproductive law of Gen. 1:27 in motion. On the sixth creative day God had instilled this law of life into their knowledge whereby once that law came into force, it would be God’s chosen route or law of reproduction and that law was in both of them, wherein he has now created two special bodies through two separate acts for his two children. Therefore, don’t forget, what is taking place here in Gen. 2 is only to further that which God spoke on the sixth creative day, Gen. 1:26-27. God knew all along later he must separate the two (taking her out of him) in order to fulfill that commission. Truly that makes all to have been in Adam. No, God didn’t have to introduce them neither did he need to recommission them. That is why when Adam awakened he didn’t have to wonder what was happening, HE KNEW, and furthermore, he prophesied; she is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh and for this cause or reason she shall be called woman, for out of man was she taken. Note especially the balance of his prophecy continues, and may I say Adam didn’t have to read or look up instructions in some book to bring out his following statement it simply was divine prophecy coming from the prophetic nature of the son of God. Adam was the son of God, where lay all this knowledge he had previously 23 received and continues by saying – for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother (Adam nor Eve had either) and shall cleave unto his wife and the twain shall be one flesh. That beloved is how important this act of creating woman had to God’s great commission of Gen. 1:27. This prophecy shows the results would be that the two should again become one in union as their children would be born from their joint relation.


Paul picks up this same prophecy of the first Adam in Eph. 5 as he explains how husbands should love their wives even as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. Taking this same prophecy, Paul pushed it a little further by saying, I speak a mystery about Christ (the second Adam) and his church (wife to be). Therefore, we note the first Adam slept the sleep of physical sleep while the Eternal Spirit God took from his life, life which he gave unto Eve, for what purpose? That the commission God had placed in both male and female attributes, to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, could now be carried out. Remember in the day he called their name Adam she too was a part of that great commission and through these two God would set in motion his ordained biological law to multiply and replenish the earth. Just as he had separated the feminine life by causing male human life to be put to sleep to furnish life for her, let us take a look at Christ, the second Adam who hung on the cross as he was made to sleep the sleep of death that while his body slept, his eternal life could also be given to another. Through that sleep of death, Christ gave Eternal Life unto his bride church (Eph. 5:25). Therefore, the Eternal Life which we receive from him is none other than the Holy Ghost. It is the very life of our husband to be who was willing to sleep the sleep of death for us whereby a part of his Eternal Life might be taken and given unto us through a new birth wherein we could become begotten sons and daughters of God reconciled back to the great Eternal Spirit through his regenerated plan through Christ called THE NEW BIRTH. Through that eternal Life furnished by the second Adam, the Lord of Glory, who was willing to sleep the sleep of death whereby the predestinated in the mind of God might through the new birth be given this new eternal life. Recall, this eternal life was taken from him while hanging on the cross, and this eternal life is given to his bride. HIS SIDE WAS ALSO PIERCED His side was pierced also and from it came water and blood after he had given up his eternal life for us. Does this not fall perfectly in line with Peter’s statement on the day of Pentecost once he begins to call forth a people to make up a bride relationship with Christ? Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, Acts 2:38. In that statement is found the presence of water, blood and spirit. That which came from the life of Christ as he slept the sleep of death was those ingredients that made up his life which might be transferred by faith unto his bride people to give them life. The Apostle John declares in I John 5:4-9 that Jesus the second Adam came by blood and water, not by water only but by water and blood and it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is true, for there are three that bear record in heaven, the father, the Word and the Holy Ghost and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth; the spirit, water and blood, and these three agree in one. Therefore is it not these three: the water, blood and spirit, which make up the life of both the physical as well as the spiritual? As Christ gave up the ghost or spirit did not a Roman soldier pierce his side and did not water and blood come from it? He was giving every ounce of his life for you.


Giving his eternal life for the purpose of redemption and reconciliation as Paul declares to Timothy without controversy great is the mystery of godliness. Then to the Corinthian church (in II Cor. 5:19) he declares God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself. Therefore, as 24 the second Adam hung on the cross, he was none other than God’s redemptive law of love, sleeping the sleep of death whereby his own life might be taken and given unto his little beloved bride Eph. 4. Recall, God wasn’t reprieved to wait 1,000 years later in order to know who would or would not receive his eternal life shed on that cross. No sir! He already knew who would or would not come and drink from the water of life freely and since he knew, that is why that through the revelation of his word, the Apostle Paul declares before the foundation of the world we were chosen or predestined in him (Christ) the revealed word made flesh becoming the second Adam.


Therefore, you can now see how beautiful Christ’s work at Calvary was prefigured here once God put his first Adam to sleep and from Adam’s flesh took another flesh (his bride), who also at that hour was filled with eternal life. From Adam’s life, God purchased another life, his bride. The Eternal Spirit not only put the second Adam to sleep through the sleep of death wherein he might give eternal life, to a bride but furthermore, with that flesh of the second Adam he would bear the sins and reproaches of all mankind in which you and I had suffered and received in our flesh which came through our natural or first birth. That birth which was brought about through the first parents who chose to live under the knowledge of the tree of good and evil which supplied death, physical and spiritual, to each soul born under that tree or law. Yes, within Christ’s body, he bore the sins of all reproach suffered in our flesh, whereby our flesh also as well as our spirit man, might be reconciled back to God through the change of the new body. My sins he bore in his flesh as he gave his life as a purchase price for all to have eternal life which came from him while sleeping the sleep of death thereby rescuing us from the power of Satan. Although I must await the change of the body which he also redeemed through that which he suffered, I do not need to wait for his eternal life through the Holy ghost which we can now possess while walking in this flesh. The treasured possession (of eternal life) Paul spoke of which we have in earthen vessels of clay (while awaiting the redemption of the body or our change.) Therefore, we note how once the first Adam had awakened, he was fully aware of what had transpired and why this woman was there, because he said this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, etc. Adam knew well she who had been so long with him, first as only a spiritual being, that the feminine attributes were now separated and walking in a vessel all its own to fulfill that great commission which both had received while dwelling in the spirit world. With these two separate bodies the law of God has now been set in motion to carry out his commission, be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth and furthermore have dominion over all living creatures. The two shall share equal authority while walking together through the garden.


Chapter 2, we saw God acting. Chapter 3 shows Satan acting. Finally the hour of temptation has arrived and it is here from Chapter 3 we note the two trees which stood in the midst of the garden is now brought back into the picture. One of the trees was of the knowledge of good and evil, while the other was the tree of life and both trees are used to affect the choice of these two human beings toward their obedience in obeying God’s will. For recall, Eve now has a mind and will all of her own as does Adam. Even has been given a separate heart and spirit from that of Adam. Nevertheless, they still both know what God’s original commission of multiplying and replenishing the earth in Gen. 1:27 was all about. It is here in Genesis 3 we see Satan through the serpent creature acting. The temptation begins, Eve submits and the fall came. And as the fall came, we are fully aware that every child born from that day until this was born with inherited sin and disobedience in their blood stream stemming from these first two disobedient 25 ones in the garden.


How does all this link up with the purpose of the second Adam? We sum this up by using Nicodemus, who came to Jesus by night in John 3 illustrates Christ’s purpose being here and the second Adam, Jesus the second Adam having discerned why and for what reason Nicodemus had slipped out to him in the dark, said, Nicodemus except a man be borne again he can in no wise see the kingdom of God. So startled at hearing that a man must be borne again, astonishingly, Nicodemus asks Jesus; Me, an old man, how is it possible that I can be borne again? Can I enter the second time into my mother’s womb and be borne. Poor Nicodemus so fleshly minded, knew only of his natural existence as to how he came into the earth, through birth of his mother whereupon he asked; can I enter the second time into my mother’s womb and be born? Jesus trying to correct Nicodemus’ thinking said, don’t get all confused because I stated you must be born again to see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus could not understand Jesus terminology for he had never heard of the second birth ever before. Christ said, that which is born of flesh (first birth) is flesh, but that which is born of the spirit (second birth) is spirit. Then he said, except a man be born of the water and the Spirit he cannot in any wise see the kingdom of God, neither can he enter into the kingdom of God. (John 3:5, I Cor. 15:50) Flesh and blood can not enter the kingdom of God.


Beloved, this lets me know our natural, human birth was set in motion once Eve was separated from the first Adam and the two were placed before the two trees for their choice. They themselves chose to live and bring all the human family into the world or fulfill the commission, be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, under the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which choice led to sin, disobedience and death, causing each human born in the human family to be born with inherited sin in the bloodstream. Therefore, the second Adam was God’s way for us to be reborn to be pleasing unto him and escape that eternal death penalty (I Cor. 15:) Henceforth, if we can see this beautiful picture whereby God places the first Adam to sleep to take from his side a wife, we should be able to see how beautifully it prefigures that which Christ, the second Adam, suffered for us as he hung on the cross and from his flesh went eternal life, water and blood, those very ingredients which by faith we accept that provision which God made for us. The Spiritual life (as well as natural life) comes in those three stages: water, blood and spirit. We can be born again or experience a new birth and be brought into the family of God through the offering of Christ who gave his life that we, his beloved, might have life, the predestinated of God. If you can see genetically and biologically how all was in the first Adam for human life, then we can see those who are to be redeemed or born again through new birth were also in the second Adam and were preordained to receive of his life at Calvary. GENESIS, STORY OF GENES Each time you read the book of Genesis and notice that word G-E-N–E-S-I-S you should remember Genesis simply means the history of the human genes. Therefore, when Adam was created long before Eve was taken from his side, placed in them was that potential biological law of God which would produce every gene. However, had the two chosen to live under the tree of life, they would have continued to carry God’s eternal life through their genes and mankind would have had nothing other than eternal life flowing through his human bloodstream which would have been the only kind of life which would be going into each offspring of the human family. However, since the two chose, in the garden environment, to live under the wrong tree of law, their choice produced death within those genes instead of eternal life. I repeat, had the right choice been made, mankind would have entered the world through his first birth full of eternal life instead of death and there would have been no need for a second Adam to come, die 26 on the cross, to sleep the sleep of death and share his eternal life with us. Now, if genetically you were all in the first Adam, spiritually according to the foreknowledge of God, his bride or true believers were also in Christ, the second Adam, Eph. 1:3, before the foundation of the world. Remember, genetically you are not in Christ. It is spiritually that you are in Christ, the second Adam. Christ is the redemptive Adam. The first Adam was the creative Adam; therefore, he was the beginning of the natural creation while Christ, the second Adam, is the beginning of the new creation, that redemptive creation full of eternal life which redeemed through a process of time will restore the lost creation back to God.


What were these two mysterious trees found in the midst of the Garden, Gen. 2:9, where if one was eaten would bring forth death to mankind while the other would give life eternal? Without any revelation on the subject the religious world has looked upon the subject only to say, well, since it plainly says trees and since they know of no other trees than plan life, automatically in their thinking they accept Gen. 2:9 to simply be two fruit bearing trees of some kind of plant life, loaded with delicious fruit; one of which if eaten brings forth life, the other brings forth death. But what kind of fruit tree would bring forth death, then again, what kind of fruit tree do you now would bring forth life? Somehow in their mind, the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil has turned out to be an apple or one of some other fruit bearing nature. As I have stated in previous messages, we will have to face the fact whatever kind of trees these two trees are in the midst of the Garden, both will have to be of like structure, that is, if one is plant life, then both would have to be plant life. Therefore, if death and sin entered the human race, polluting the blood stream through the eating of some form of plant life, then redemption must also come by eating from plant life and beloved what natural fruit tree of plant life do you know can give you eternal life? There is none!!


Then again, let us ask ourselves the question, how could eating from this tree before the fall cause any one to obtain eternal life seeing that life eternal was what already flowed in the bloodstream of Adam and Eve and would have been transferred unto their offspring at birth? Naturally, the question is how this young couple who in Gen. 1:28 had already received their commission, be fruitful and multiply and seeing that Adam had already prophesied the role of woman, how man would leave father and mother, cleave unto himself a wife and they two would be one flesh, and realizing that once offspring would be brought into the world they would be full of eternal life. How would this eternal life be transferred into the bloodstream of the offspring? Some I know would want to declare it would probably come about as Adam and Eve who were commanded to be fruitful and multiply, becoming one flesh, would do all this simply to call little offspring out of the earth; however, to this I say NO! I cannot see the word of God backing up any such preposterous idea. Instead, through this union of man and woman becoming one flesh, it would produce this offspring full of the same eternal life they themselves possessed before the fall. Not only would the offspring have been filled with eternal life, but will all the blessings of God because that is what would have been transported into his blood stream from the union of his parents whereas today under the other law and under a different motive of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, life is still born yet born with a curse, lost, full of death and sin and once sine is finished in the body, it destroys the life. Therefore, the tree of life spoken of here was that law governing eternal life or how to obtain eternal life.


Try to think of this setting as one taking place in a perfect environment before any sexual act had been committed and try to think of the first young couple, not as people are today since the fall, but before the fall when eternal life dwelt in both of them. The question that is put before this 27 young couple is in this matter: which of these two laws will you use and by what motive shall you use them in producing life through this act. The important thing God desires to determine here is their motive, for it shall be determined here that motive plays a vital part. God says, now I warn you about this one tree, using it produces death. We know had they waited on God just a little longer, he would have led them unto one of these trees himself; however, it would have been the tree or law of life which governed eternal life as their union would produce their offspring and this law would have granted their offspring not only eternal life, but all those benefits of living under the tree or law of life. Note the placing of the two trees in the midst of the Garden comes as the first major test concerning their obedience toward his perfect will before there is any mention of children being conceived whatsoever. Therefore, the tree of life held the secret of how people may obtain eternal life (through birth). While on the other hand the other tree or law of good and evil showed how people could eat from this fruit and obtain death (through birth also). And we are aware today that with each sexual act committed under that tree or law bringing conception, with it also brings forth death.


Although the tree may be a mystery in your mind, dear reader, if you can but associate what that tree in the Garden represented and was trying to produce (death) and then you see the results of the sexual act itself does produce death in each child, you should then be clearly able to see how this tree with its fruit producing death could not be a tree of natural plant life but is something in someway connected with that which is bringing forth death, the sexual relation. Yes, it is identically the same relationship, only committed under an entirely different motive than God originally purposed to be produced under the tree of life. To help us understand more so the purpose of these two trees being placed in the Garden to motivate something dealing with the sexual life of this young couple let us quickly look at two things: (1) their commission to be fruitful and multiply, (2) the prophecy of Adam concerning womanhood, yet with two things already revealed God has not instructed them as yet when this is to be accomplished. The when is going to be determined from these two trees or laws which God placed in the Garden to govern their sexual relation and attitude toward his will. One tree strictly produces only for the will and purpose of God; the other tree, route or sexual act would be for an entirely different motive, pleasure basis only. It has to be their choice which route or way they will choose to accept in carrying out this great commission and fulfilling prophecy. Which of these laws will they follow? This in itself determines why there has been no purpose in God instructing the young couple as to when the commission be fulfilled seeing the choice of trees held the answer for all times and which law or tree benefit is going to govern and motivate their lives and the lives of their offspring, for it shall be impossible as God brings out within their curse, you cannot live under the law of one tree and reap the benefits of the other. You cannot live under the tree that produced the fruit of good and evil in pleasure and expect to reap the benefits of the tree of life, for it shall be from te fruit of their union that eternal life (or death as the case was ) would be transported into a bundle of flesh. Understand this clearly, either route chosen would involve sex, therefore once God had met with the young couple after it was plainly clear under which tree or law they intend to live seeing it is now evident that another motive for the act is going to be accepted by the two dealing strictly with pleasure, God must now condition their bodies to produce that which the tree or law was to produce. Recall, their bodies were not conditioned for the law of this tree for within them dwelt eternal life and God will not permit them to live under the law of pleasure at any time they choose, using his motive selfishly and then when the time arrived, whether before the fall it would have been once or perhaps twice a year that the woman’s time of life would have visited her whereby conception would have taken place and that offspring been filled with eternal life. NO! Since they have chosen the other law they must 28 be conditioned to reap the benefits and drink the bitter drugs of the cup of all this law would produce. Therefore, the tree of life which governed the perfect purpose of the relation was never allowed to be brought into existence God removed it! However, it is interesting to note the tree was permitted to produce one offspring although not as the original purpose would have been by using the normal perfect seed of man and the perfect egg of woman in producing eternal life. As God could find no perfect seed nor egg since the fall, he had to create both yet thank God he still allowed the child to be born from woman as all would have been full of eternal life before the fall had the young couple lived under the tree of life. The point I am making is whether it had been before or after the fall, eternal life which would have been produced from a perfect seed and a perfect egg still come through birth by woman. And is it not strange in order for you to come in contact with eternal life today, it is important that you also experience a new and different birth. John 3:3-4. Unto Nicodemus Christ said, ye must be born again. How? By accepting him who is referred to as the branch off the tree of life and recall he was the only one the apostles would follow because he alone had the words of eternal life. Amen.

It Happened At Jericho – 1972, November

Rev. Raymond M Jackson



Turn with me into Joshua 2, where today we are discussing the subject, “IT HAPPENED AT JERICHO”. Although this beautiful story is of a historical occurrence, I feel we should study and observe the pattern of it because just as certain things happened at Jericho, I feel we can expect certain things to happen in a similar manner for us. Even though these are natural occurrences which happened here at Jericho, still I believe our conditions and circumstances in later days will bring about God’s purpose, therefore, all of this study should be looked upon strictly from a spiritual significance.

For a basis of thought you should read Joshua 2:1-24. (1) And Joshua the son of Nun sent out of Shittim two men to spy secretly saying, Go view the land, even Jericho. And they went and came unto a harlots house, named Rahab and lodged there.” Since the fall of Jericho does not take place until chapter 6, it would be well worth the readers time to read those first six chapters.


First off, let us take a quick run down on several characters found in verse 1, namely Joshua and RAHAB, who after this setting is also found mentioned in a number of places throughout the scriptures. Joshua was from the tribe of Ephraim, (Numbers 13:8). The Grecian form of his name was Jesus. (Acts 7:45) In that he led his people into the promised land he may have well been a prototype of his great successor the Lord Jesus who in turn will lead His own sheep into the promised land of glory.

Throughout the 40 years of wilderness wanderings Joshua had been a personal attendant to Moses having first been seen with Moses in the Mount, (Exodus 24:13). Also he was one of the twelve spies sent to spy out the land of Canaan, (Numbers 13:8-16). According to Josephus, the Jewish historian, Joshua was 85 when he succeeded Moses and died at the age of 110.

Israel, now with only a fragment of what one day will be the complete word of God, namely the first five books of Moses’ writings, had enough of an understanding as to what God wanted and expected out of them, however through unbelief the first generation after the giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai was unable to fulfill their obligations to Jehovah and all were destroyed in the desert this side of the promised land. Only two out of the first generation made it to the promised land for which they had been delivered to enjoy, not even that great servant Moses who longed for the sight of this promised land as it had been he who was ordained to lead between two and three million Israelites from slavery and servitude out of Egyptian bondage.


At the age of 120, his eyes not dimmed or his natural force abated, Moses, the aged servant of God, though never allowed to enter into his dream, the promised land, was kindly permitted by the Almighty to climb along to the height of Mt. Pisgah (today called Mt. Nebo), some 8 miles from the boundary line of the promised land (the Jordan River), to view that promised land upon which he would never be allowed to set foot (Numbers 20:11-12). From the top of Mt. Pisgah on a clear day one can see as far to the north as the snow capped peak of Mt. Hermon where Jesus was transfigured and where, strange enough, in a vision he (Moses) appeared with Elijah talking with Jesus, (Matthew 17:3). Somewhere on those lofty peaks of Mt. Pisgah, 8 miles east of the mouth of the Jordan River, Moses’ earthly journey ended. Moses could no doubt see the hills of Judaea and Galilee as well as Mt. Carmel where Elijah, some 500 years later would call fire down from heaven. It was here God lifted his soul into even a better land and buried his body. Of his sepulcher no man knows; undoubtedly he was removed from the reach of idolatry by Israel. (Deuteronomy 34:1-12)


The Jordan, being the boundary line for the promised land, is now ready to be crossed by Joshua and the new generation. In our story of Joshua 2, we note Joshua with his army of Israelites are now encamped just this side of the Jordan waiting word from his two spies who were already in the land gathering certain information for him, namely, WHAT IS THE REACTION OF THE PEOPLE OF JERICHO AND THROUGHOUT THE LAND OF CANAAN CONCERNING THIS NATION OF ISRAEL WHO ARE NOW READY TO MOVE INTO THE LAND TO TAKE THEIR FATHER ABRAHAM’S INHERITANCE! (Deuteronomy 34:1-5) Notice carefully verses 9-11 declared how the people of Jericho felt in their hearts about what happened at the Red Sea 40 years prior, as well as what happened to various kings along the route of Israel’s desert journey. Furthermore, RAHAB brings them up to the present hour informing these two spies who have entered her home how she is aware the Lord has given Israel the land and how the terror of Israel has fallen upon all the inhabitants of the land of Canaan and furthermore their hearts are faint because of what God has done for Israel. And last of all she asks for protection for herself and her family when Israel did conquer Jericho. (Joshua 2:12-21)


Briefly, let us take a quick look at this woman, RAHAB, who provided shelter to the two spies of Joshua. Informed by some outside source, RAHAB, along with all the people of the land are by no means ignorant of the miracles wrought by Almighty God in behalf of Israel within the past 40 years. Somehow through this she had become convinced Israel’s God was the true God – not Baal and Estar, the Babylonian gods of that period.


And upon meeting these spies she decided to risk her life by casting her lot with the people of Israel and their God. Although the scripture calls her a harlot, she may not have been altogether as bad as the word harlot today would imply. Recall she lived among a people whose morals were extremely low. Priestess’ of the Canaanite religion were always public prostitutes, therefore no doubt, her profession was considered by her own people among whom she lived as honorable and not such a disgraceful thing as the word would imply among us today. Three other places mention RAHAB in the scripture. According to Matthew 1:5, RAHAB married an Israelite named Salmon; I Chronicles 2:51, Caleb (one of the original 12 spies) had a son named Salmon – it is possible this is the same Salmon whom RAHAB married. If that be true, she married into a leading family of Israel and that could account for how she came to be within the ancestral line of Boaz, David and Christ! Furthermore, it is learned from Hebrews 11:31, that RAHAB is listed among the heros of faith of the old covenant. God certainly honored this Canaanite harlot’s choice in siding with Israel before the city fell. Perhaps her salvation was a reward for the kindness shown toward the spies which Joshua had sent into Jericho to get an account of the feeling of the people within the land before his invasion. It had been within RAHAB’s power to turn the two spies over to the king’s soldiers when word leaked out and reached the king’s ears that RAHAB was entertaining two strangers. Instead, she hid the spies pretending they had left her establishment, sending the king’s soldiers away on a false trail.


Therefore, from the scriptures do we learn somewhat of our present setting. It is in the spring of the year and the river Jordan is by no means shallow as we shall later learn, because it is not the time of the year for the Jordan to be shallow, instead it is well out of its banks during the month of Abib, Israel’s first religious month of the year. And it is this time of year during the pass-over season God has chosen to take the people across the Jordan into the land of Canaan where no more than six miles away stands their first target, this fortified city of Jericho. From the walls of Jericho the river Jordan is in plain view where along its banks now encamps a nation of people who just recently buried all their dead of the older generation, except for Caleb and Joshua, and now await word from the two spies who are inside Jericho gathering certain information.


Perhaps no generation ever carried the memories as does this entire new generation of Israelites who now, under the leadership of Joshua, is ready to cross the Jordan into the land of Canaan. A few days ago God Commissioned Israel, through Joshua, to prepare for the crossing saying, Now that my servant Moses is dead it is time to prepare the pass over the Jordan River. This they will do as soon as the report is brought back by the spies now gathering secret information in Jericho.

Why had Joshua only chosen to send two spies into the land when 40 years prior Moses had sent 12 to spy out the land, Joshua and Caleb being two of those spies? And had it not been for the good report Caleb and Joshua brought back out of the land they too would be as dead as the rest who all died in unbelief (an unpardonable sin). Yes, it is only because of this good report Joshua stands alive to direst Israel.


Turning back the pages of time 40 years we see Moses, along with perhaps 2½ or 3 million people camped at Kadesh-Barnea: Moses, having received the Law at Sinai planned to go directly from Sinai to Canaan, therefore, he journeyed straight to Kadesh, 150 miles north of Sinai, 50 miles south of Beersheba, the southern gateway into Canaan, intending to enter the land at once. However, his 12 spies, one from each tribe, returned from their scouting party with such a discouraging and frightening report, the people of Israel balked and refused to go any further and would have stoned Moses had it not been for the miraculous intervention of God. There they were within sight of the promised land and had reached a most crucial point of their journey and turned back! Caleb and Joshua, being the only spies out of the 12 who even encouraged the people to go forward, assuring the people God was with them regardless if the Israelite people did look like grasshoppers compared to the giants they saw and what if their cities were well fortified, that would be nothing compared to the power of God! Nevertheless, the people turned a deaf ear to their report, instead listening intently to the 10 spies who instructed the nation they would never be able to take the land! These two men were the only two out of approximately 600,000 men over 20 years old who were permitted to enter the land 40 years later while the others died in unbelief. Throughout the New Testament we are constantly reminded of the failures of this first generation, who died in unbelief. For instance, read John 6:27-49, Christ’s words were, your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness and are dead (eternally)!! (Hebrews 3:7-12)


At Kadesh-Barnea the men were selected to spy out the land of Canaan. Each tribe had been allowed to choose one man to represent them. This was so each tribe would have a voice in the matter and none would feel neglected. However, as we shall learn this was a grave mistake to give all the people a voice. Moses, no doubt, did not want any of the tribes to feel left out saying he was showing favoritism, however, 10 tribes definitely made a poor selection to represent them. Their choice of selection caused the first generation after the giving of the Law to die in unbelief and resulted in a 40 year wandering in the wilderness until the death of the first generation. The journey from Egypt to the promised land would not have required over 90 days at the most, however, because of Israel’s listening to the report of the spies and their refusal to enter into the land, it resulted in a wondering period of 40 years waiting until the present generation died off and a new generation would become old enough to take their place and go into the promised land, under a new leadership.


It had been upon the evidence of what happened at Kadesh-Barnea 40 years ago that prompted Joshua to send only two spies into the land and not 12, when the hour arose that he was faced with the same ultimatum as Moses. This time each tribe was not given a voice in the matter, and since only the report of two spies had been inspiring and pleasing to God 40 years ago, only two spies are now chosen to cross the Jordan and enter Jericho to gather information for Israel.

Looking back through 40 years from our present setting gives us a better understanding as to why this new generation is now camped on this side of the Jordan River in sight of Jericho ready to enter the promised land given to Abraham their father by Almighty God in Genesis 12. Jericho is certainly not ignorant of the presence of these millions camped at Jordan. They know all about what happened at the Red Sea along with their wilderness journeying for 40 years, and because of what they know it has produced great fear in Jericho and throughout the land of Canaan concerning these people who had the Red Sea to open before their path; who has since then never gone into any town to buy either food or raiment and how had never known what it was to plant a garden or dig a well. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO FEED AND CLOTHE A NATION OF POSSIBLE 2 OR 3 MILLION PEOPLE? These and other reports are the things which terrify the idolatrous Baal worshipers of Jericho and various cities throughout Canaan.


None, however, can be less ignorant of what all has happened these 40 years, although many were small children at the time, than is this new generation of Israelites now ready to cross Jordan into Canaan. Standing in Israel’s ranks under Joshua’s leadership are men and women who, not like their parents, full of unbelief, are now ready to take the land their parents could have easily taken 40 years ago. Men, who 40 years prior were young tots; women who now hold their own babies and are now ready to cross the Jordan River, were held by their mothers or led by the guiding hand of their parents as they crossed the Red Sea! These children now all grown into adulthood can still recall those fearful nights in Egyptian bondage when they did not know whether their parents would ever return home alive at night. Yes, within the minds of this new generation standing ready for the crossing, is that full unbroken story which relates a continual picture from the horrors of Egypt through the Red Sea and 40 long years of desert wandering because of disobedience. No, there is not a single thread missing in understanding, in responsibilities and decisions from the hour they left Egypt until their present hour, 40 years later. Many standing in those ranks now ready to cross the Jordan under a new leadership can well remember the terrible tragedy Egypt suffered at the Red Sea, the following day after Israel left Egypt under God’s leadership heading straight for the promised land which as of this time, 40 years later because of unbelief they still have not entered. They can easily recall how God did not choose to lead them by the way of the usual camel caravan route from Egypt to Canaan, instead God chose to lead them in a route which seemed utterly impossible, revealing to them it will be only God himself who can take them through and not their own initiative and might. Therefore, from this I can say it will not be what you and I think (about the scriptures) or what we feel we know nor will it be our power or ability which will get us through either, it will be nothing short of the grace of God! Nevertheless, within the grace of God there always comes that responsibility or obligation upon our part to be sure we remain in His will while we are attempting to walk with and obey God. Forty years ago, that older generation, which is now all dead because of unbelief, was then the parents and carried many of these who are now standing at the Jordan River in their arms as small children. They well remember that hour approaching the Red Sea when suddenly they looked back only to see that terrifying Egyptian Army in hot pursuit (somewhere around 1300 B.C.). Egypt at that time was the only nation known who could breed such swift horses as used to pull their chariots. They were known to be the swiftest horses in the world and here that Egyptian Army was dashing across the desert in hot pursuit with the finest of these military horses of the day. With Egypt they had been a standard of military pride and might and here stood, as the world would look upon it, a handful of helpless, bedraggled people. And what could they do against such military might and power? Israel having been in bondage so long had no weapons of defense – she was totally dependent upon the grace, mercy and power of Almighty God to preserve and sustain her from whatever situation that lay in her pathway. There they stood at the banks of the Red Sea! How foolish it must have looked for a man to lead between 2-3 million people in such a route as this. Moses moved his people out of Egypt by night, silently and swiftly in so much not even a dog barked nor a cry was made after the midnight hour when the death angel passed through Egypt striking all the first born, even Pharaoh himself suffered loss; through utter despair he had ordered the people out. Moses takes them from Goshen along with all their flocks and herds which numbered into the thousands. The route Moses chose to move this mass migration out of Egypt was toward the Sea of Reeds also called the Red Sea at a northern marshy place, south of the bitter lakes which are a geographical extension to the sea and today is the site of the Suez Canal. The land there was marshy and the waterway somewhat shallow, however not as shallow as one unbeliever of whom I heard trying to explain away the miracle of the Red Sea said Moses crossed at a spot where the water was only a few feet deep. Isn’t that amazing, that is even a far greater miracle seeing the entire Egyptian Army was drowned in such a small amount of water! Every kind of excuse has been offered to explain away the miraculous, well-timed wind God created that night to part the waters. Some Russian scientists recently explained that a meteorite coming into earth’s orbit did not burn itself out thus crashing into the Red Sea and causing this gigantic opening, splitting the waters which allowed the people to cross. Wouldn’t it be more simple just to believe the Bible and accept what the scripture says – God caused a strong wind to part the waters! Israel, with not one boat and with nothing materialistic with which to build a boat, stood at the sea – God had certainly not chosen to lead these people in a way natural or convenient. May I say, neither has God chosen to lead us in a way that looks natural or pleasing as far as man’s way is of looking at the thing. So often God chooses a way which appears completely foolish for a man to walk, yet He will allow him to make a decision by following Him through some truth which appears completely foolish or unnecessary to believe or accept. Nevertheless, here stood a people at the Red sea, mighty in number which had been beaten mistreated and poor. Yet in one sense they were not poor because the scripture declares only a few days prior to their leaving Egypt God had caused this same bedraggled people to find favor with many of the Egyptians and from the scriptural term they “borrowed” from the Egyptians.


However, since they were never going to return I am more of the opinion their “borrowing” from the Egyptians was more or less in this sense – God had caused a certain class of Egyptians to show kindness toward the Israelites, especially after all the plagues etc., had fallen upon Egypt, they no doubt knew the Israelites were involved with them which caused the Egyptian people to want to do something good for them. Moreover, when the Israelites asked to “borrow”, I believe God had given Israel such favor with the people, it was more or less like, here is my savings, take it. Furthermore, we know from scripture it was a mixed multitude which left Egypt, meaning certain Egyptians left to follow Israel to the new land. When Israel left Egypt that night she took with her a great amount of Egyptian wealth. Therefore, I say why did they simply “borrow” something, knowing they would never return?


Standing at the banks of the Red Sea all that night we realize Israel was waiting for something to happen. Their fear was the army would take them back into captivity. However, they were waiting somehow to cross over when suddenly as daylight began to appear here came that mighty, powerful Egyptian Army. As Israel saw the dust from the advancing military chariots crossing the desert, they began to cry out and complain against Moses why he had done this to them! Naturally complaining against Moses they were complaining against God who was maneuvering the entire thing. This caused Moses after hearing the complaining Israelites, to lift his eyes to God and begin to cry out. God in turn told him to instruct the people to stand still and they would see the salvation (deliverance) of the Lord. What happened? First, God placed as a separation between the Israelites and Egyptian Army a pillar of cloud and fire whereby the Egyptians might not advance upon the camp of the Israelites. As night came the scripture says a strong east wind began to blow and when light came the next day God had parted the waters of the Red Sea. Never in the history of the world had such a phenomena happened! Stepping down into the sea on dry ground to walk across to the other side was all of Israel, her domestic animals etc., while on both sides of them stood a quivering wall of water! By the time the Hebrews reached this place for crossing, Pharaoh, whose heart God had once again hardened, changed his mind and decided he didn’t want to loose all these Israelite slaves, thus he sent his army out to bring them back. However, according to the scripture, the army never quite overtook them. As Pharaoh’s men attempted to pursue the Israelites across the Red Sea, the wind ceased and the water surged back like a flash flood. In the swirling waters of the sea the Egyptians and their horses were submerged and drowned.



Now forty years later a new generation of Israelites are camped at the Jordan waiting instructions from their new leader, Joshua, to cross into the promised land. Many of these were mere children that unforgettable day when an entire nation stepped down into the bottom of the Red Sea and walked across on dry ground! What an impression that must have left upon their little minds as they watched that gigantic opening within the sea. Such an indelible impression was stamped upon their minds they would carry it to their graves. The psalmist described it as “the sea saw it and fled before them” (Psalms 114:3). Yes, many of these standing by the Jordan, 40 years ago well remember seeing dead Egyptians floating to the surface of the Red Sea; many no doubt recall hearing their parents murmuring and complaining against Moses as to why had he brought them out to the sea, saying it would have been better had he left them in Egypt to die. grumblingThey remembered the complaining and grumbling of their parents; they remembered the unbelief which caused them to miss the promised land; they remembered seeing thousands dying as they were being bitten by serpents and Moses erecting a brass serpent upon a pole instructing the people to look upon it and be healed. In their minds there wasn’t a single thread missing of that story of 40 years ago which caused their parents to die in unbelief, never entering the land. Being children 20 years and under had caused them not to be responsible for the attitude and decision of the adults which were made in their journeyings. Therefore, all these experiences caused this new generation to be a far wiser generation in their trusting God because of what they had seen and heard, and moreover they definitely intended to prosper from the mistakes of the older generation. This event which happened at the Red Sea, I am sure, went down in history as the greatest defeat Egypt ever suffered although perhaps never recorded in Egyptian history because they certainly would not want to face the shame of such a defeat.


According to Joshua 2:10, who do you suppose informed all the people of Canaan, especially Jericho, about the disaster at the Red Sea and how God worked in behalf of the Israelites? Certainly not the Egyptians who were ashamed of such a defeat, and not the Israelites who were never permitted to cross over because of unbelief: therefore, it must have been the camel caravans traveling from place to place in those days who carried those stories of such an unforgettable and frightening nature. I imagine all through the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness just waiting for the first generation to die off, Israel encountered many such caravans coming across those very same desert sands and no doubt the Red Sea had washed up many an object only to be buried in the sands, later to be discovered as signs of what happened at the Red Sea. No doubt over the years it had become quite a tourist attraction for many of the caravans to filter through the sands and dig up items revealing the great defeat in that hour. Man is much the same today, he still has that curiosity to investigate such things. Those boys and girls who then were under 20 years of age could never forget how those waters looked as they came crashing down on those frightened, screaming, terrified horsemen and horses which reared backward while chariots overturned and spilled their occupants into the swirling angry waters, nor could they forget seeing the rubbish drift to the surface and float off. I imagine many night in their tents those children talked about such things. I am relating all this to show you what was in their minds and these experiences resulted in this younger generation being a wiser, more obedient generation to God’s word than the previous one, as they stood ready to cross the Jordan 40 years later waiting for God to do exactly the same for them – to again open the waters!

That early generation slowly moved from the Red Sea up through the wilderness unto Mt. Sinai and on to Kadesh-Barnea where they were preparing to cross over into the land of Canaan. However before crossing, Israel sent 12 spies to spy out the land, the people, the industrial, military, agricultural and scientifical standpoint and anything else which affect their cultural life. I have a definite reason for brining all this in as you will later see. Note, 40 years later after God has maneuvered the children of Israel through their desert wandering and the last of the old generation has died off, He now moves the new generation up to the Jordan River in view of the greatest fortified city throughout all the land of Canaan; militarily, economically, and scientifically this gentile city was the greatest, BUT IT IS GOING TO FALL! And how will the fall of Jericho apply to our day and hour? This we must later examine!


In has been well over 500 years since Abraham walked in this same land and it is not strange not once in Genesis do we find Abraham ever dwelling around or mentioning this city, yet it was very much a city even in his day. As a matter of fact, recent archeological discoveries made while digging around the old foundations of fallen Jericho show signs of civilizations reaching much farther back than just the period of destruction of Old Jericho, around 1400 B.C. Now they determined from new evidence discovered this could well be the oldest known city in the world! Recall, when the 12 spies ventured throughout the land 40 days investigating it, they returned with the same report as they were told coming out of Egypt; that it was a land flowing with milk and honey; it was a land filled with all kind of sweet things. Moses, after leaving Egypt, the Red Sea and Mt. Sinai, progressed slowly through the southern deserts of the Sinai peninsula. Making their laborious journey to be northward through the rugged highlands east of the Dead Sea, at last they were poised, ready to infiltrate the pasture lands and wooded hills which lay invitingly open to Israel between the fortified walled cities of Canaan. However blocking their pathway into this green pasture flowing with milk and honey of the promised land was the River Jordan, and between the river and the fertile valleys of the west lay that fortified city of Jericho; that ancient city which even during that hour was undoubtedly one of the oldest occupied cities in that part of the world. Although Jericho is 825 feet below sea level, as one would have viewed the city from the Jordan, it appears to be standing on a high plateau backed by towering cliffs. From a distance it looked green carrying a fragrant smell, and because of its good water supply the fields and groves of balsam were under intensive cultivation.


Jericho’s location was strategically important as it domineered the Jordan crossing, on the direct East-West route which ran from Chaldea up the Euphrates through the Arabian Desert; crossed the King’s Highway at Petra and ended in the North-South coastal route along the Mediterranean from Sidon and Tyre to Egypt. Jericho, with its striving commerce was situated on a high plateau, well watered through irrigation. Its rich soil abundantly grew vegetables, grapes, grains, figs, dates and the famous balsam tree which from it was produced an aromatic resinous substance (sometime now used medically in cough syrups, etc.). Furthermore, it served to sweeten the stench laden air of the cities in that day. In short, we can say Jericho was the prize of the gentiles. Yes, the spies thrilled the hearts of Israel in describing the lands as truly a land flowing with milk and honey, nevertheless, ten of the spies had more to add to their report which produced a far different attitude within the people. Those people there said the spies, make us look like grasshoppers they are so large! They also have great walled cities, the like of which we have never seen before, you see, they had spied Jericho and the sight of Jericho frightened them. But what Israel did not know was the inhabitants of this land were terrified of them. How often God tries our faith only to see if we are willing to walk with Him or will we lean on the arm of flesh and then begin searching for an easy way out. Beloved, remember this, if God has promised He will do a certain thing, it matters not how impossible it may look according to the law of reason, God will do it! God had promised them the land, He would not have wavered in His promise, however when the 12 returned after having spied the land for 40 days only 2 came with a good report, Caleb and Joshua.


WHAT A NIGHT THAT WAS IN THE CAMP OF ISRAEL AS THE REPORT OF THE TEN SPIES CIRCULATES THROUGHOUT THE VAST CAMP OF ISRAEL. Laying there in the tents that night many of them scarred from beatings received from the whips of hard taskmasters in Egypt. How often had they been knocked down and left to die in some slime pit as they were compelled to make brick! For some reason they seemed to have forgotten all those miserable days very quickly because now they are making a great decision and that decision must be reached on the basis of what someone has seen! That something is a report delivered by ten men which overnight turned the camp of Israel at Kadesh-Barnea into nothing but a frightened, confused, grumbling mess. The longer they talked the more confused and frightened they became. Finding so much fault with their present situation they finally declared in despair; WOULD TO GOD WE HAD STAYED IN EGYPT AND DIED THERE! MOSES BRINGS US OUT HERE TO FALL BY THE SWORD, etc. And like us, so often, little did they realize all their murmuring and complaining that night was being registered in heaven and by morning God declared – THIS GENERATION IS NOT GOING OVER!


We are only refreshing your memory on a story perhaps you already know, how God told Moses that first generation which had been out of Egypt only a few months would be required to wander aimlessly throughout the desert 40 years until the old generation perished and the only ones permitted to go over would be those 20 years and under, which naturally included the babies for it had been the older generation, not the children, who grumbled and complained. You led us out in the desert for our babies to die with no decent memorial! However, I want you to notice God was going to reverse this thing. He was going to permit the young ones to live and go over into the land but cause the old ones to die off in the desert. God did just this, and beloved, once God has spoken such a thing it cannot be changed under any circumstances. Although not permitted to enter the land, I want you to note for 40 years that old generation continued to enjoy the manna which fell from heaven and never knew what it was for 40 years to wear out shoes or clothing.


Think of it friends, today with all of the modern technology we are unable to make clothing as durable as that! Many may say, that is too much to believe, that is one account I can’t accept in the scriptures. Beloved, it we can’t accept that we might as well throw the entire book in the ditch! Israel for 40 years never had a tailor shop nor shoe cobbler shop. After the experience of Kadesh-Barnea, Israel began that long period of wilderness wandering of uncertainty. God is now going to keep them out in the middle of all these desert sand dunes and hot rocks with nothing for company but scrub brush as they drift and wander from place to place, seeing nothing day after day but hot blistering sun and burning desert sand and barren bleached rock when they could have been inside the land feasting on the riches and goodness of God He had promised to them. Oh yes, there was another miracle Paul spoke which went with them for 40 years, A ROCK! From that ROCK, they, their children, their cattle and everything drank from it (Numbers 20:8) yet they continued to wander aimlessly on in the hot burning desert with seldom a shade tree in sight. Had they obeyed God they would have been sitting under shade trees in the promised land, but now their only comfortable shade would be from a sheep or goat skin. Once in a while a calf would die or a curse would fall upon Israel claiming the lives of many thousands (I Corinthians 10:8) yet wherever they wandered, they mourned and buried their dead. No, there wasn’t any certain burial place in the desert; no markers to mark the graves yet the younger generation who stands at the Jordan ready to move into the promised land can no doubt recall every location of every graveyard wherein they buried dad, mother, uncle and aunts as well as they can recall the day they stepped into the Red Sea walking on dry ground.


Beloved, this new generation standing ready for marching orders to cross the Jordan was not a generation which doubted and had to be destroyed as was that older generation which the Lord moved out of the land of Egypt only to have to destroy because of unbelief (Jude 5). No sir, this was s new generation which laid hold to the promise of God, and as they stood on the other side of Jordan they were fully aware it was the grace of God which would take them across. No doubt about it, this new generation had certainly been put through the mill. Just think, many of them had come all the way from Egypt; many had slid down the banks of the Red Sea and climbed out on the other side; many could easily recall seeing those terrified Egyptians disappearing beneath the great wall of water as their screams were silenced by the roar of tons of water. I imagine they had spent many nights with these events fresh in their minds as they drifted off to sleep, and for 40 years they had been forced to wander realizing in their hearts they were wandering because Dad and Mother had grumbled and complained and found disfavor with God. Yes, in this younger generations’ heart they knew the day would come they would see that promised land. However, it would not be until the old crowd was dead! Nevertheless, this older generation still drank from that same ROCK as did the younger generation (I Corinthians 10:1-5) and ate the same manna, but through it all it had not changed their attitude nor their mind in the least nor had it changed God’s mind concerning their destiny. God said to the older generation – YOU WILL WANDER UNTIL EVERYONE OF YOU DIE!

Many times God brings people to a point of decision and there is a place in making that decision if you grumble and complain too much, after that it isn’t going to do you one bit of good to entreat God because as these Israelites found out, it wouldn’t work! You don’t change the mind of God, once He has offered something to you and you fail in it, then you just don’t change God’s mind.


As this new generation stood there that day watching those two spies cross the Jordan and go trudging toward that great city, Jericho, they knew why they were going and they began making the necessary preparations. Every woman was making preparations concerning her children and her tent; every man knew he was a soldier and now he has a far different attitude and outlook concerning the whole thing than did that of his dad or his uncle 40 years prior. All they had encountered had shaped their lives, the Red Sea experience, crossing the hot burning, blistering sands of the desert, etc.. (When Israel’s army went through that Sinai desert with armored tanks in her 6 day war, 1967, one report of how they handled their captured prisoners (when there would be so many) was this, not wanting to kill off part of the prisoners whereby only a few soldiers could handle them, they made the Egyptians take off their belts and shoes. They wear loose trousers. Watch the psychology of this. When you are standing on hot sand with no shoes and no belt to hold up hour loose trousers, you aren’t going to cause much trouble). Israel in that hot blistering sand of the Sinai had buried their fathers, mothers and family and though unmarked they knew where they all lay, however in times to come all traces would be destroyed.


Picking up our story 40 years later, the older generation is dead. A new group (new blood) has come on the scene. Moses, God’s servant, has gone off the scene as well as Miriam and Aaron. For this new generation it will require a complete new leadership although they still have the same commission; they still have the same goal and objective as when they left Egypt! Yes, they still have the same God who spoke to them, only now they have an obstacle in the way. (Jericho) However this obstacle looks somewhat different to this new generation than did it to the older crowd. Two men are out spying the land. Recall, 40 years ago they had all waited at Kadesh-Barnea quite a ways down the river, no where near that large metropolitan city of Jericho, doing exactly the same thing they were now doing, waiting for a report! However, the spies this time had been sent out from this new generation and it is not from Kadesh-Barnea but from just across the river of Jordan in sight of Jericho, the very strong-hold of the Canaanite, the city which the 10 spies looked upon 40 years ago and declared could not be taken.

Therefore, notice God has brought this new generation face to face with the very ultimate of impossibility! It is very strange, is it not, these two spies were not told to go spy out all the land as they were 40 years ago! No, they were told only to go spy out Jericho! In other words, they know we are coming so just go in and find out what they think about the whole situation. Israel is encamped by the river making preparations to cross in just a few days. God is setting this beautiful scene in motion. Two men have crossed the river late in the evening and walked in through the gates of Jericho, the very pride of the gentile Canaanites (such as would New York, Chicago, Berlin, Paris, Montreal and Rome of our day). This was the metropolitan city of the Canaanites and these two spies have just walked in the gates. WHY? To listen, to hear what is being said. Beloved, this new generation is going to take the land and note, they are going to begin with the toughest city first; they are going to the hard place first! Nevertheless, there is a great test that lies here for this new generation.


What kind of stories do you suppose these spies heard in the market places and streets? For 40 years every kind of weird story imaginable had come to Jericho concerning that mysterious nation of wandering Israelites who left Egypt 40 years ago. No doubt the spies overheard such reports as; they never plant a garden, they never go to a grocery store and there are millions out there! How do they live? Oh, so many things they had heard! They are in the desert but never dig a well! How on earth do they survive? Someone said, I hear they all drink from a ROCK! A ROCK, YOU MUST BE CRAZY! Some say they live off the grace of their God! Yes sir, those people living in metropolitan Jericho no doubt had received every caravan passing through or returning from countries round about and these Camel caravans had picked up stories as they had traveled through the desert of how that little nation could exist. How could a desert supply enough for millions? IMPOSSIBLE! Oh sure, at times they died like flies and they left big graveyards here and there, however they never left any signs of having planted a garden; they never appeared in a town to buy groceries or clothing; they never dug a well for water and each morning they always had manna for food and a ROCK went constantly with them. These Canaanite simply couldn’t understand how anyone could exist that long-surely somewhere at sometime they would run out of something! (Deuteronomy 8:1-10)


These spies had come into Jericho for one purpose, to spy out the city and look the situation over. While doing this they came in contact with Rahab, the harlot. Now, in the eyes of all logical reasoning this was a very foolish person for God to allow them to meet, an ill-famed woman of the street. In our day she would have had the worst reputation of anyone in town, nevertheless she happened to be the very one they met! During their conversation she began to tell them of the things they had heard concerning the children of Israel. The report of what happened at the Red Sea 40 years ago. Recall, Jericho was not too far from the Red Sea. Who had given this report? Certainly no Israelite had been there to tell the story nor would an Egyptian have told of such a crushing defeat for them! How else could Jericho have heard these reports except by the passing caravans and brother, I don’t believe these reports stopped at Jericho but went all the way to Chaldea of what God did at the Red Sea. No doubt as these Canaanites at Jericho listened to the stories their hearts continually melted within them for fear! They also had heard of the terrible destruction of the Ammorite kings Sihon and Og, and their hearts became more faint for this was reaching closer to home. Each report that came to Jericho was brining the Israelites closer. WHY? Because the 40 years of wandering was coming to an end. It wasn’t until the very ending of that period that God took Moses, Aaron and Miriam. The old leadership which had weathered the storm had been taken home! And now beloved, God has brought it to another place and equipped it with new blood and new strength!


There in Rahab the harlot’s home she begins to inform the spies how well the inhabitants of Jericho know what had happened the past 40 years and how it brought terror to the city. These two spies had no idea what God was going to do, they only knew they were here on a mission and were to report all these findings back to Joshua, who in turn would set the battle plans in order. As these two spies were being informed the gate watchers began to spread word around that Jericho had a couple of strangers in town. When this news reached the king he called in his forces instructing them to find the strangers. News reached Rahab’s house just in time for her to hide the spies. She told the soldiers a couple of men had come to her house and left although she had no idea who they were, but they could possibly overtake them if they would go quickly. Rahab certainly covered for the spies. She had hid them on the roof until the soldiers left in search of the strangers. Returning to the rooftop listen to what Rahab says, we know your Lord has sent you here and we also know you are coming into our land. We have heard how He promised you when you were in Egypt He was going to give you this land and we know our days are numbered. SHE KNEW IT! Rahab was a part of this city. She well remembered from a child those stories concerning those people and she knew the day had come that this people of Israel, who had wandered in the desert for 40 years, were now ready to occupy the land.

Beloved, is that not true spiritually speaking concerning this message. Sure there are some bad stories which have attached themselves to this message, that is in the way people do with what they hear, stories which have filtered through denominational people causing them to say they want no part of this message. By no means am I justifying the argument or confusion about it. I am defending the objective that is within this message! God would not justify the grumbling, complaining of the old crowd, no sir, but He certainly will justify the loyalty, ability and faith of this little bunch that had the same commission, the same vision and the same goal which was given to them in their hearts by God. They had the same story the old ones had, however this new group just saw things a little different! They saw everything the old ones saw because there were those now 50-60 years old who were teenagers when they walked out of Egypt when they heard the ram’s horn and Israel began to line up and stream out of Egypt toward the Red Sea. Now that new generation is camped just across the river in sight of Jericho; in sight of the strong-hold of the Canaanites, and if ever there was built a strong fortress this was it! Abraham never mentioned anything about Jericho although he did about Hebron, Bethel and Salem, yet God has caused this new generation to camp just across the river.


Rahab warned the spies to go into the hills. I have seen those old archeological diggings of the old Jericho. Just about ½ mile behind old, ancient Jericho stands a mountain called today the Mt. Of Temptation. It was behind that mountain (history says) Jesus went to be tempted of the devil at the end of 40 days fasting. Throughout that chain of mountains are little honey-combed caves and it was there Rahab told the spies to flee and stay for three days before leaving. By that time the soldiers would have given up the search. She advised them of this route because if they crossed the lowlands to the river they would be spotted. Rahab’s house was built into the wall, therefore she lowered them down out side the wall through the window by a cord. As they were leaving Rahab asked the spies to promise to remember her and her household when they came into the land. They instructed Rahab when they should come into the land to gather all her kin in her house and hang the same scarlet cord out the window which she used to help them escape and all the Israelites would know it was the home of the one who sheltered the spies and they would be spared. However, if she should tell this to anyone she was as good as dead, she would NOT BE SPARED.


I believe the thing that made those two spies return to camp rejoicing was all the people within the city were terrified. THAT WAS THE REPORT THEY WANTED TO HEAR! Certainly they also saw those great gigantic walls of the city, however these two spies never said, how are we ever going to get over the thing; we haven’t a latter nor is there any tree; how could we ever get our entire army over those walls. Through it all they felt God knew exactly what He was doing. The one thing they discovered, JERICHO WAS FRIGHTENED! They did not have courage for anything and that feeling is not only in Jericho but everywhere up and down the length and breadth of the land, THEY ARE ALL AFRAID OF ISRAEL! They were in that condition 40 years ago although Israel did not know it!


That is the way they still are over there today, beloved. I don’t say that disrespectful toward any race of people, I only state it in the light of God’s word. GOD IS STILL WITH ISRAEL. Why, because it is through that race of people God is intending to fulfill certain prophecy for this earth, therefore these statements are made in respect to God’s word.


Returning to camp, the two spies enthusiastically reported their findings to Joshua, THE PEOPLE OF JERICHO ARE AFRAID, THEY HAVE NO COURAGE! Chapter 3 informs us the order of Israel’s crossing the Jordan. My, this crossing of the Jordan was quite different from that at the Red Sea. Since that crossing Israel had been given the Law which was written upon the two tablets of stone and carried in a box called The Ark of the Covenant which had a lid on it and golden rings on each side whereby a pole could be inserted and the box could be carried on the shoulders of priests (or ministry). Recall, Moses did not have that when they crossed the Red Sea. Nevertheless, Joshua does, and now he informs this new ministry or the (new) priests they are to bear this ark of the covenant. Now watch carefully, when the time comes for crossing, Joshua made sure there would be a certain interval of distance between the ministry who bore the ark and the congregation of the people. The purpose was once the priests stepped into the water carrying the Ark of the Covenant, which contained the Law on the tablets of stone, there would be a pillar of smoke hover over the Ark day and night wherever the box was. As the priests moved out the distance was maintained between the ranks of people and the priests which enabled everyone of the huge multitude, from the rear to the front, to see exactly the route taken by the priests, whereas if the priests were jammed right in front of the people, only those close up would be able to see which way the box went and those on the end of the line would only be FOLLOWING THE CROWD. That beloved has quite a meaning.


The distance God placed between those priests carrying the box and the people themselves allowed those in the very rear ranks to see the route the box was taking. This arrangement let him know he was not just following something because the crowd was; he could see the box, he could see the Shekinah Glory; he could see the same body of priests (or ministry) as did those in the front ranks. I want you to know as they prepared for the crossing this was just as thrilling and adventuresome to those Israelites of the new generation as it ever was to that old generation, seeing they neither had bridges, boats or barges available. On the opposite side of the Jordan (6 miles) in sight lay the huge fortified city of Jericho, all illuminated by the rising of the sun. Beloved, as that early morning sun rises over the valley on the camp of the Israelites that morning they were to make their glorious crossing, I can see every camel packed for the crossing; every ordained priest who is to carry the box stoops over and places it upon their shoulders. Oh, what a sight to behold, THE MINISTRY STANDING IN THEIR PROPER RANKS and the sound of a rams horn is heard throughout the camp to MOVE OUT and a cheer goes up throughout the entire Israelite camp. For days they have waited for this event and upon hearing the report of the two spies that Jericho is in terror because of them they are ready to move. The priests step forward to the water, recall, this move came in the month Abib, the spring of the year when Mt. Nebo sent her melting snow down into the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan’s banks are overflowing as the waters rush on toward that Salt Sea. God let them cross, not in the dry summertime when the Jordan would be shallow in places, no sir, He let them cross when the Jordan was in full blast. No sooner did those priest’s feet (those carrying the Ark of the Covenant) hit the water, WATCH WHAT HAPPENED! (Joshua 3:13-17)


We believe it happened because it is Bible history, yet to these people it was an experience which made them jump up and down along the bank. Suddenly when those priest’s feet hit the water the Jordan stopped flowing! (Psalms 114:3) Some magnetic force had stopped that river right there while the rest of the waters below them kept flowing down to the Salt Sea. After awhile dry rocks began to appear on the bottom, and beloved this sight sent a chill and a thrill throughout the entire host of Israel. WHY? Because they could remember when as young boys and girls a strong wind once blew all night and they watched the mighty Red Sea divide, and here they are seeing rocks becoming bleached and dry as the sun shines directly upon them.


Some 6 miles from the Jordan the same sun was rising upon a city from which the two spies had escaped after gathering information for Joshua. Watching from the wall towers the guards in Jericho saw what was happening! They had been closely observing the people. Looking at it from a military standpoint, in Jericho every soldier on that wall knew that group of people wasn’t camped across the Jordan for nothing. No doubt the guards have been doubled and all reserves were alerted for standby duty! I can imagine those nervous soldiers walking from post to post saying, WHAT ARE THEY UP TO? The reports of what had happened 40 years ago had never died down. Now they, like Pharaoh, are about to experience something. As the sun rose higher in the heavens the entire valley was bathed in light and with the atmosphere perfectly clear there wasn’t a single obstacle to hinder or block the view which God has ordained for this new generation. I can see high on the walls of Jericho walks the guards protecting a city built so impregnable that the Canaanites thought there wasn’t anything that could take it, (now they are not so confident). Considering Jericho was built upon a high plateau, the tops of those massive walls possible reached 150-200 feet into the air, certainly it provided them with a marvelous view. I can see these watchful guards as they nervously walked their post and continually file their reports back down to the officers in charge, who in turn keeps the king informed.

When that great eventful morning took place and those priests set foot into the Jordan River and the waters began to roll back you can rest assured the hearts of those guards observing from the high walls of Jericho were pounding with fear. Beloved, the minute those guards spotted the waters of the Jordan backing up, I can see them as their hearts melts within them for the scripture declares Israel crossed in sight of Jericho. In Israel you have never seen such excitement as they simply could not contain themselves, and yet they had the very commission of God to follow His leadership as did the older generation. Along the walls of Jericho brother the story was different. I want you to know that guard didn’t just casually say, Officer of the day, guess what? Sir, you won’t believe this, but it is the truth, the Jordan River just stopped flowing. NO SIR, that was not the way he reported it at all. When this phenomena happened I can see those guards rushing around asking what was going on? With fear and trembling voices they shouted, THE JORDAN ISN’T RUNNING! THE WATERS HAVE STOPPED FLOWING! Below the divided waters, it continued flowing on toward the Salt Sea and up and down the Jordan those rocks began to shine and it wasn’t long until they began to dry off as the wall of water simply continued to stand there. Those poor frightened guards began to run from post to post as the city now calls in the reserves – MAN THE TOWERS!! The city of Jericho was shaken as it had never been before, LOCK THE GATES, BAR THEM! As those priests stepped into the swelling Jordan waters and stood there, Israel crossed over. No, there wasn’t a strong east wind blowing, just some men standing in the water carrying a box. Whoever heard of such a ridiculous thing.

Looked silly didn’t it, but it worked, and on the walls of Jericho guards watched those men step into the water with a box on their shoulders AND SAW THAT RIVER STOP FLOWING. Every guard was now posted, all reserves called out as the report began to circulate among the terrified people of Jericho – THE JORDAN HAS STOPPED FLOWING! YOU DON’T MEAN IT, OH MY, WE ARE DONE FOR! I am dramatizing it, but I want you to know as those guards stood there on the wall sending the report down no doubt the king sent special runners throughout Jericho to warn the people, because when Israel had fully crossed over the report had gone throughout the Canaanite city and also the land of Ammorites that THE JORDAN HAD STOPPED FLOWING! The report had to come from Jericho as this was the point of crossing. The crossing took hours, long enough for Jericho to sound the alarm, call out all their guards and soldiers, secure the gates, etc.


What about Rahab the harlot whom the spies had promised protection, what was she doing? I can see her saying to her kin, they are on their way, come on if you want to be saved. It is time to get under the protection of God’s grace. When the Jordan stopped flowing the entire city was alerted and recalling what happened to Pharaoh’s Army 40 years ago, knew what was in store for them.


That evening as the sun was setting, all Israel was now safely on the west side of Jordan in the Land. As the last of the Israelites crossed over, Joshua instructed twelve men to return into the Jordan and take up the best stones and set up an altar to the Lord in the Jordan which would be a memorial to the generations that should follow. The wise counselors of Israel declared: “He who sees the spot on the Jordan, where Israel crossed, is bound to offer up thanks to God.”


Is it not strange that Israel’s new generation crosses the Jordan River in the same month as that of the older generation when they came out of Egypt (Abib). This lets me know that God gave to this younger generation the same promise He gave to the older generation 40 years prior. In a sense, He is going to give this new generation the same kind of experience or protection He gave the older group. Yes, they have the very same God to move away every obstacle before them the older generation had. Although it should be noted here five days after Israel crossed Jordan the manna which had followed them throughout their desert journey ceased falling and now they must eat the fruit of the promised land.

Try to visualize the turmoil and terror God has now allowed Jericho to encounter as word reaches them the Jordan was dried up! It literally frightened the entire land. Fear which has possessed them for 40 years has now suddenly had a revival. Those guards standing awestruck and dumbfounded upon the wall witnessed a sight which could never be erased from their memories as they watched the Jordan cease flowing. Just think, beloved, when a soldier has been trained to be brave in the face of the enemy and sees something like this he knows it is something he can’t cope with. Sure, he may stand unmoveable and face an oncoming chariot charging against him, that is something in the natural realm. However, when he witnesses water dividing and standing upright, that is something his spirit can’t cope with, he knows that is coming from some power of the supernatural and he has not been trained to deal with the supernatural. Therefore, with a trembling, frightened voice, from his position on the high wall he gives out such an alarming sound it further terrifies the city causing their hearts to melt that much more within them. Reserves are called in, but what good can they do. Their hearts have melted also! This report the scripture says went throughout all the Ammorite camp and over all the cities up and down the sea coast. In short, it terrified the entire land.


Isn’t this pathetic! What had already happened 40 years ago had already terrified the inhabitants of the land, yet these twelve spies said the land could not be taken. We look like grasshoppers in their sight! Oh, had Israel only known, grasshoppers nothing! It was Israel God had made to look like giants into these people. Note, these giant size people were in the land 40 years later and this new generation had to face the same thing their parents faced, however, experience had taught them regardless to the obstacles the grace of God was on their side. They carry the same commission, the same vision, and the same objective as did that of the older generation. Now they have a job to do and an obligation to fulfill, they have a loyalty to uphold and their hour for action has come.

Note, Israel, having fully crossed the Jordan, seems now in no hurry to attack and destroy Jericho. The fourth day has fully arrived in the promised land and the new generation is camped roughly three miles or half way between Jordan and Jericho at Gilgal, (Joshua 4:19, 5:10) It is here Israel keeps the annual passover. Recall, it is also here God sent His invisible army (angels) to insure or encourage Joshua (5:13-15). Furthermore, it is here on the fifth day the manna which has followed them through the desert ceases, Joshua 5:12.


God has brought them into the land to face what militarily would be thought AN IMPOSSIBILITY, yet He is going to take the impossible and reduce it to nothing. This miracle alone furnishes Israel with enough courage and confidence they do not stop until all the land has been taken from the Canaanites. The day approaches when God Himself has plans to set the battle. His plan of attack is quite simple, no military strategy has ever been used like this. The walls of that city will fall before one arrow or one sword has been used. Jehovah tells Joshua His plan is to send seven priests with seven ram horns serving as trumpets along with those carrying the ark of the covenant to lead the possession around the city once each day for 7 days. No attack is to be made, instead they are simply to return to camp after this is accomplished. As you are making the trip around the city each day have the priests blow the ram’s horn. Furthermore, God told Joshua the host of people following the priests must remain in complete silence at all times.

For days the nervous guards along the high walls of the city have been on double duty with all reserves called in. Every move Israel had made has been observed in her camp 3 miles away. None around Jericho has had much sleep, just sitting, watching and impatiently waiting for days. This uncertainty alone is enough to work on the nerves of the Canaanites. The Israelite camp has been under constant surveillance, although no effort has been made in the camp to move any closer. Then one day the guards noticed some strange movement in the Israelite camp. Look, their priests are placing that strange box back on their shoulders again. We might say this is putting a revival in Israel’s soul while it is putting great fear and turmoil in the hearts of the Canaanites in Jericho. Their report comes from the wall, THEY ARE ON THE MOVE AGAIN! Beloved, I can see those priests begin to slowly move out, armed not with carnal weapons but armed only with Ram’s horns. As the camp of Israel is forming ranks it is here they begin to slowly ascend the slopes reaching up to the plateau where sits their massive target – THE CITY OF JERICHO. MAN YOUR STATIONS, is the cry of the alarm! Every man is on the wall at his post of duty with arrows drawn, however Israel remains, throughout their march around the city, just outside the reach of the range of the arrows. On the wall every man stood with his weapon in hand, his neck stretched like a turkey gobbler wondering which way they were going and what were they up too! From the natural standpoint this looked completely silly, an entire army following peculiarly dressed men carrying a box. Note, once Israel had completed their circle around the city, whose walls through excavations have proven to be approximately seven acres around, when the last man completed his round it no doubt had made a full circle.


Everything had been dead silent up to this point and it is only the priest who breaks that silence as they lift to their lips the ram horns, blowing a loud clear sound which of course brings fresh terror to Jericho for they believe this is a signal for an attack. Instead there is no attack, the marchers simply return to Gilgal, their camp. Back to camp and the sun set. The next morning the same thing is repeated, however, once again they did not attack only returned to camp as before. By the third day fear temporarily begins to leave the Canaanites and the soldiers may find this affair of marching around their city quite humorous, wondering just what they are going to do next. Little do they realize God is simply throwing them off guard as He lulls them to sleep. The next day the same procedure. Feeling now the Israelites will not attack, Jericho sees this more and more humorous. I imagine some began to say, look at that old fellow down there, isn’t he dressed strange! And they began to jest and make jokes. For the moment fear seems to have subsided a little with each passing day. Next day, the identical same march is repeated, always remaining out of firing range but by now Israel’s thousands of troops marching around the city have made quite a visible beaten path as they have marched day after day. No doubt from the inside the soldiers are beginning to feel, they are only trying to scare us, leave them alone they will go away. They know they can’t get in. The sun rises on the 6th day and the same procedure is repeated. None makes a sound, only the ram’s horn is sounded during the march. Why, they have been doing this six days and no one has gotten hurt, some of the officers in Jericho, may have said. Call off the reserves and let them get some sleep, after all we won’t need them. But oh, my, about the time those reserves were catching up on some much needed sleep the sun is ready to rise on the dreadful 7th morning, the day Jericho will sleep the sleep of death forever!


The Israelite camp is up and ready before dawn. This is the morning Israel has long awaited. Today she must make seven trips around the city. As the sun rays breaks, the horizon that morning everyone is in ranks, the priests know exactly what to do, as well as does every man know his position. Arming themselves with their weapons as the entire valley is now well lit with sunlight and the priests take their position in front of the army to lead the way back to Jericho, inside Jericho most are slumbering and relaxing for no doubt they think this will just be another day for another march, they will hear the same old horns blasting away again.


As those seven priests step out leading the march that will carry the army of Israel around the wall on their well beaten path 7 times today the first guard on the tower probably says, Look, it is the same old circle! But beloved something strange happened after they had made one complete circle, this time they did not return to camp but instead began marching around again. As they were making their second round those puzzled tower guards began to wonder, WHAT IS GOING ON NOW, USUALLY THEY ONLY MARCH ONCE A DAY! The second time round and they still did not return to camp. The third time around, the fourth time around, the fifth, and sixth time around the walls, in the heart of the Israelites they can hardly wait until the 7th time round. No doubt in the minds of the Canaanites, when are they going to stop this? Today every man in Israel has his sword, however Jericho doesn’t know that. Israel knows what is going on but Jericho is in the dark. Jericho is confused. God has completely thrown them off guard, she has been taken in by so many circles and her excitement has built again by the strange action of Israel and it causes their hearts to melt inside them. That is just the way God does things. He shakes you up, you are so confused, He takes you on a merry-go-round and when He turns you loose you don’t know what happened. Beloved, I see these priests as they start around the wall for the final trip.

Imagine what a peculiar sight this scene must have presented from the wall as day after day some 40,000 warriors and the rest of the host of Israel marched slowly, cautiously and silently following only priests, ram horns and a box! And with this they are going to tear down our wall? In this procedure was no siege machines to throw huge boulders; no tower or battering rams to bring down the wall; no ladders or hooks to be used to go over the wall; and above all, no noise other than the constant marching of feet. Occasionally the silence would be broken by those piercing shattering blasts of the ram horns which in itself brought cold fear as despair crept over them and their hearts grew faint.


As they marched around that wall the 7th time and the last man has completed the circle, there the army of Israel stops with a complete circle all around the seven acres or so of the city, having now made seven complete circles around on the 7th day – THEY COME TO A COMPLETE STOP IN DEAD SILENCE! Suddenly the silence is broken by the blast of those ram’s horns and Joshua cries out to the people, Shout, for the Lord has given you the city! How God actually brought down the walls is really unimportant. Whether by earthquake tremors at just the precise moment or those vibrations from the victorious shouts of Israel’s host or some other miracle, the point is: through complete obedience of the ministry (or priesthood) the soldiers and people in general, those walls came flat down. (Joshua 6:20) So the people went into the city of luxury and evil and utterly destroyed every living thing saving only Rahab and her family.


For a moment I would like to discuss this phrase, “the walls came flat down.” To do so we must use an archeological discovery of the noted Dr. John Garstang, director of the British School of Archeology in Jerusalem. In excavating the ruins of Old Jericho, 1929-36, Dr. Garstang and his trained staff found vivid evidence that the city had been destroyed some time around 1400 B.C., coinciding with Joshua’s period and, in a number of details, dug up evidence confirming the biblical account that the walls did fall down flat as declared in Joshua 6:20. The wall was double and the two walls being 15 ft. apart, showed the outer wall to have been 6 ft. thick while the inner wall was 12 ft. thick. Apparently the walls had been built on somewhat of a faulty, uneven foundation of brick 4 inches thick and 1-2 ft. long, lay in mud mortar. The two walls were linked together by houses built across the top, as scripture referred to Rahab’s house being on the wall. Dr. Garstang found the outer wall fell outward and down the hillside which naturally dragged with it the inner house. The evidence of the streak of bricks gradually getting thinner down the slope proves it fell in this angle. The foundation walls of the palace of the king (Joshua 2:2-3) was four courses of stone high, remain, tilted outward. The archeologist feels there are indications remaining to show it might have been an earthquake which brought down the wall. However, it is also interesting to note vibrations have been known to bring down well constructed objects. For instance, a similar incident happened (though on a much smaller scale) in Mayette, Kansas on Sunday, May 17, 1959, when the spectator bleachers at a rodeo collapsed suddenly as the people were leaving resulting in the death of one person and injuring 149 other people. The promoter stated the only explanation he could account for the collapse of the stands was THE RHYTHMATIC STEPS OF THE CROWD AS IT SHUFFLED TOWARD THE EXITS MAY HAVE STARTED THE STRUCTURE SWAYING UNTIL IT CRUMBLED.

Another point of interest I would like to touch on is, after Israel fulfilled Joshua 6:21 (destroying all the living) they burned the city with fire. Dr. Garstang found signs of the conflagration and destructions were very well marked. The archeologist found great layers of charcoal and ashes and walled ruins reddened by fire. The outer wall suffered most. Houses along the wall were burned to the ground. The area generally was covered with a dep layer of black burned debris, under which there were pockets of white ash overlaid with a layer of fallen reddish brick. In connection with verse 18, wherein Joshua instructed the people to keep themselves from the accursed things, “lest ye make yourselves a curse when you take of the accursed thing, and make the camp of Israel accursed and trouble it.” And you recall, Achan did not agree with this taking unto himself several items. After the army was stopped at Ai, it resulted in the death of he and his family.

The archeologist further discovered under the ashes and fallen walls a most interesting thing. In the ruins of storehouses was an abundance of foodstuff, wheat, barley, dates and lentils and such, turned to charcoal by intensive heat, untouched and uneaten. Evidence the conquerors refrained from confiscating the food.


Concerning the amazing prophecy of a curse pronounced upon anyone who ever would attempt to rebuild the city (verse 26), read I Kings 16:34. It is interesting to note that the New Testament Jericho is built approximately 1 mile south of the ruins of Old Jericho.


Have you ever wondered what the significance of these seven ram horns are? Many times I have asked myself what do these seven ram horns signify? Israel as a nation we know did not have 7 ages or 7 dispensations in the sense the gentile church did, nevertheless, there was things represented about that city that applies strictly to our day. Furthermore, why did Israel march around the walls 7 times on the 7th day and then blow the horns? Last, why was the 7th day different from the other six, and what does it signify?


First, I want you to note this city of Jericho stood for the highest of man’s gentile achievements in that hour when Israel was coming into the land. For centuries of time that city was the gentile’s pride, their culture, their scientific achievements were all represented within that city’s structure. Their architecture was represented there; their material advantage and benefits were all represented within this city. Jericho was the capitol of the Canaanites. Their military might, all their growth, their progress, their achievements of whatever in human life that could be obtained in that hour was represented in that day.

As for modern culture Israel had little to offer having been in the wilderness. All they knew was THERE WAS A GOD LEADING THEM. They were minus that great military training of that hour. True, they had helped erect many of the great pyramids and sphinx over in the cities of Egypt, although you might say they were not great architects. But oh, brother, God had brought Israel face to face with the very might, the best the gentiles had to offer.



United States is supposed the greatest world power of any nation in the world, and is a perfect illustration of what we mean! We have been fighting in a little nation called Vietnam over 10 long years, 1961-1972. America has lost 45,884 lives with a total wounded of 303,475. South Vietnam reports lost 157,917 lives with approximately 417,167 wounded. The civilian population killed is estimated at 425,000 with an estimated 900,000 enemy troops killed, making a grand total of soldiers and civilians dead of 1,539,082. America alone has spent since 1964, $107.8 billion. An amount second only to that of World War II where she spent $664 billion. Here we are with the most modern weapons man has ever killed with, the best gunboats, the best fighter planes, radar equipment, etc., we have gone back and forth across Vietnam like a man losing a checker game, but like Jericho, we too are scared.

On the other hand you take the little nation Israel, give her a handful of obsolete guns and she will simply scare the daylights out of anything that gets in her way. I am not trying to debase us gentiles, but it is a fact. Beloved, we have run our course and that includes every gentile nation on the face of the earth; we have built our fortifications, our atomic and hydrogen bombs and now we are scared to death. What we have allowed to continue in Vietnam for 10 years is the proof of our fear. We built powerful battleships only to rust in mothballs; we built a gigantic air force and what do we do, we sit around and argue, fuss and stew, while Israel is pleased to get our obsoletes and with them, and the guidance of God, she modifies a little here and there and down in the Sinai she goes.



Face it, Israel has returned to the land, she has come out from gentile nations this time to be established in the land forever. When? At the time the gentiles have reached the time of their fruition.

This is a day the gentiles boast of having gone to the moon. AND WHEN DID IT HAPPEN? As seven church ages come to a close! God sent His 7th church age messenger and his message was not only for this hour, nor did it consists of something new just for this age – HE REACHED BACK INTO THE OTHER AGES AND PICKED UP THE FIRST (BLAST), AS WELL AS THE 2ND, 3rd , 4TH, 5TH AND 6TH (this covers the 7 gentile church ages) ALTHOUGH EACH AGE HAD THEIR MESSENGER, THE LAST MESSENGER BROUGHT THEM DOWN AND INCORPORATED ALL THESE MESSAGES (ram horn blasts) INTO HIS MESSAGE (blast) WHICH WAS THE LAST TO SOUND.

When did this message come to us? At the close of the 7th church age, and as it did it went around this earth, and I can see God reach out and strike the economical situation of the world. Beloved, as a nation, America is broke. Furthermore, every gentile nation is broke! DO YOU KNOW WHY? God has to do this in order to bring things to naught, to glorify Himself. If Israel had Uncle Sam’s military potential she wouldn’t need anyone to support her, she would be sitting in a position to laugh at the world! Why? Because God can take a handful of Israelites in an hour when it is time and God desires to do a certain thing, and do to the gentiles, through that little nation, that which resembles what He did to a group of Jerichoites – and their hearts melted (within themselves) when they saw the Jordan’s waters back up.

Now to finish our lesson, on that final 7th day, that same day Israel marched around Jericho 7 times and blew those ram horns a long blast just before that tremendous shout of victory came. This lets me know the sounding of all 7 church age messengers message throughout all the seven church ages would already become and already have been sounded before the shout. (I Thessalonians 4:16-17)


The last one represented the work and ministry of the 7th messenger as he incorporated all the revelation of those other messengers into this last great and final blast which shook the foundation of this religious world as it has never before been shaken! You see, God didn’t just send a prophet to this 7th church age to fulfill Malachi 4:5 simply to have the people going around the world saying GOD SENT A PROPHET, GOD SENT A PROPHET, but the important thing is – WHAT DID THAT PROPHET SAY? WHAT WAS THE BLAST OF HIS (ram horn) MESSAGE. I am interested only in what he said, he said GET BACK TO THE WORD OF GOD! And when he said BACK TO THE WORD OF GOD, it is back to what the original (33 A.D.) pentecost was; it is back to what our early apostolic fathers Peter, James, John and etc. taught. Beloved, this message encompassed the message of each messenger and brought it all right back to the word and as that messenger to this 7th church age was sounding, I can see little Israel over there – the fright of the gentiles, the fright of the world! It appears the entire world is against her! And you know, beloved, God has to allow it to be that way.

In the early months of 1972, Israel was getting her greatest influx of tourist trade. In 1971, her tourist trade went up 40 percent over the year before. January was really starting heavy until that Lod Airport massacre came and it looked as though the tourist trade would slow down – that was one of the purposes of the massacre. By doing this it would scare off many gentiles who would not want to be caught in such a situation. It is a way of shutting off dollars of Israel’s tourist trade! God is using this trade to milk the gentiles dry. Next there was that terrible, brutal thing at the Olympics.

We powerful nations won’t do anything about it but I know God will use that little nation to do something. You are not playing with a little kid, Israel might look like a small kid, nevertheless that little nation won’t take this sitting down. Before she is through someone will pay dearly!

When the 7th or last horn sounded after the circle had been completely united – oh, as that blast went up into the sky that morning, the earth began to tremble; those gigantic walls which had been built so impregnable by the architectural design of men who thought they knew how to do such a thing began to crumble! DOWN WENT THE WALLS! As it did, every man in that circle did a left flank and marched straight forward over that old crumbled wall of Jericho and slew everything in his path. May I say this, before Israel had marched around that city 7 times and even before the Jordan dried up, great fear had already possessed those poor Jerichoites, and once those walls did begin to tremble as that great shout went up, the earth began to tremble and the walls began to tremble and fall there simply wasn’t any courage whatsoever left within them. They were so frightened no doubt all they did was fall on their face. Over the walls with swords gleaming in the sunlight came the victorious fearless Israelites. GOD HAD BROUGHT THE GENTILE STRONGHOLD TO AN END!

As the victory report spread throughout the land, there was not an Ammorite nor Canaanite that was not full of fear. God did that to allow everyone to know HE WAS ON THE MOVE; HIS PEOPLE WAS ON THE MOVE! You will recall their next stop was Ai, that little city which they should have taken in an hour’s time, however, God did not let them capture Ai, because there was sin in the camp. It was a lesson well learned and after the problem was removed (stoning of Achan and family) the army moved on undefeated. When Israel was in the perfect will of God there wasn’t a tribe could stand against her or a city to stand in her way!

Beloved, this has been said to let you know there has been one powerful trumpet message sounded over this land. To me I can see the beautiful prophetical picture of things being unfolded, and looking at it from a spiritual standpoint I believe there has also been many people privileged in years go by to have entered into it and had they seen the true spiritual objective of God in the beginning they would have moved on with God. However, they did exactly like many of the older generation of Israelites did! There is a lot of fanaticism and by the time some people get through saying the prophet said this or that, THEY WERE COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BIBLE REVELATION OF TRUTH AND OVER IN A LAND OF FEAR AND UNBELIEF.

Beloved, may I say this in closing, if you ever intended to be anything for God; if you ever intended to truly walk in fellowship, victorious over your battles with the enemy, this message that the 7th church age messenger prophet uttered is that which can place you back on the true foundation of the Word and place within you the kind of faith whereby we can say with Paul – God hath not given us the spirit of fear (that which possessed the older generation causing them to die in the wilderness) but of power and of love and a sound mind! (II Timothy 1:7) This message shows us how to rightly divide the Bible and how to use this sword against the enemy without fear. No wonder for centuries of time the devil has sought to destroy the effectiveness of this book. If he can ever get you out of its revelation and into a tradition, cult, or creed, HE HAS YOU LICKED! If you have suffered this defeat, RETURN TO GOD’S WORD OF REVELATION WHEREBY YOU HAVE SOMETHING UPON WHICH TO STAND WITHOUT FEAR AND UNBELIEF!