The Fan In Christ’s Hand- What Is It? – 1972, September

Rev. Raymond M Jackson


Let us familiarize ourselves with this particular subject called THE FAN by first studying the scriptures which serve as the key to unlock this great hidden truth. (St. Matt. 3:11-12; Luke 3:16-17). I am convinced too often we are guilty of overlooking what we would call these little insignificant words found in the scriptures and we treat them as though they were so unimportant when actually its just the opposite-THEY ARE VITALLY IMPORTANT! Take for instance this little 3 letter word John referred to which the Holy Ghost called the Fan. Few people have ever thought such a small word as it is applied to their life could be a matter of spiritual life or spiritual death and I have my doubts if very many people have taken into consideration the depth of the statement which John, under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, made when speaking on this particular statement.


Together we are going to approach and analyze these verses which are not recorded any other place than through the ministry of John the Baptist. There are four important things in connection with this fan that we must be spiritual enough to catch or we shall miss its entire operation. (1) What is the Fan? (2) How does it operate? (3) When and where and upon whom will the operation of the fan be felt as he deals with his wheat? Also (4) we want to show how there could be only one period of time in which this fan could operate and that is only within this generation shall we begin to see the effects of this discovered fan as it is brought into its full effectiveness. May I say beloved, there is a fan now in operation which is truly blowing and separating the chaff from the wheat.


Our setting is at the River Jordan where John the Baptist, clothed in the spirit of Elijah (Mal. 4:5-6; Luke 1:17), was steadily baptizing. Israelites who were coming unto him from all parts of the land of Judah and Jerusalem after having confessed their sins. (Mark 1:5) Paul speaking to the Ephesians said, John truly baptized with the baptism of repentance saying unto the people that they should believe on him which should come after him, that is on Christ Jesus who would baptize with the Holy Ghost. Acts 19:4. Naturally, as such a host of people came out to hear John, submitting themselves to baptism, this was causing a great spectacular stir up at Jerusalem, perhaps some 30 or more miles from the scene where John was publicly baptizing. Therefore, an investigating committee from the Judaistic hierarchy has been sent forth to question John as to who he is, about his strange doctrine and if he is not the Christ nor the actual Elijah for whom they had all been looking before the time of their Messiah to arrive, why was he baptizing; for they knew only too well this uncouth individual, dressed in camel hair, wearing a girdle strapped about his loins, whose diet was locust and honey and who made his home in the desert, certainly had not come from one of their schools of thought. Therefore, who is he, what is he up too? This is what the investigating committee from the hierarchy of Jewry had been sent to find out (John 1:19-27). This Judaistic hierarchy realized if they didn’t investigate this thing going on down at the river and do it quickly, they might well find themselves one day sitting in their local synagogue without a congregation. It is from this conversation of these spies who are asking John certain questions that we learn, as he speaks under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, all about verses 11-12 of Matt.3. Who are you? Why do you baptize and why do you preach in such fashion?


To this, John only answered what the prophet Isaiah had prophesied some five centuries before. I am just the voice of one crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight (Isa. 40:3). And when it came to answering their question concerning baptism he merely stated, I indeed baptize you unto repentance but there is one coming after me whose shoelaces (or sandals) I am not worthy to unloose or to pick up and carry (depending on the translation you prefer). Note now as we approach verse 11 John begins to speak under the inspiration, “I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance; but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear; he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire.” Notice as John comes into verse 12 he is still speaking of the same one who is to do the Holy Ghost baptizing. John, being a prophet looking down through unto the very end of the grace age begins to speak in this manner from verse 12, “Whose FAN is in his hand and he will thoroughly purge his floor. (Every wheat farmer understands that term and they know what this floor is), and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire”. My, have you ever seen such events to transpire in only two verses of scripture! The church age of grace is actually placed in an overall setting from beginning to the end in those few power-packed statements and furthermore, note how especially verse 12 links up with Christ’s teaching in his seven parables in Matt. 13:37-43. Studying the similarity between these verses one will note Christ often likened his true seed word believer to that of precious grain of wheat and how the wheat must be first separated from the tares which are bound in bundles and burned, but the wheat shall be gathered unto the Almighty’s barn (Matt. 13:30). And note how beautifully the language of the Holy Ghost is portrayed once he begins speaking concerning the wheat which is none other than the true believer even as far back as when John the Baptist gives explanation for his ministry before these elected spies sent from the hierarchy of the Jewish religion. It is doubtful these spies had the slightest inkling about what John was speaking; nevertheless, they had an answer they could report to those who had sent them. Verse 11 deals exclusively with the First Advent of Christ where he would first be introduced unto the human race (namely the Jew), Rom. 1:16, and secondly unto all the followers or true believers who were to be the recipients of this baptism with the Holy Ghost, Acts 1:5. Notice, in verses 11-12 John is laying heavy emphasis upon the fact only one person will be doing all these things. John said it would be the one who comes after him.


It is of necessity we would become acquainted with this very special Holy Ghost terminology used by John as he states, there is someone coming after me (who will do all these different things). It is important we note again what this someone is going to do. He who comes after John will indeed baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire. Now how do you suppose Jesus literally could baptize with the Holy Ghost baptism when the scripture states when the Holy Ghost was given in Acts 2, just ten days prior to that according to Acts 1, Jesus had been bodily taken up in a cloud and was not even present on earth in a corporeal body of flesh when the Holy Ghost was given and yet John stated he would be the very person to do the baptizing! How do you suppose Christ Jesus as a man is actually going to accomplish such a task when he will not even be present? Let us take a closer look at this setting to see how the one to follow John, a corporeal bodied man called Christ, was going to be instrumental in baptizing other corporeal bodied persons with the Holy Ghost and fire!


We are fully aware as Jesus, the one who followed John, was introduced publicly to the Jewish race (especially John’s followers) throughout the course of his ministry quite frequently he made reference to this which he called the Holy Ghost. Especially during the latter half of his ministry, he began to instruct his disciples how they were to look for the Comforter. Other places they were told they would receive the promise of the Father; again they were instructed they were to receive power from on high. Shortly after his resurrection from the dead, we are reminded in John 20:19-23, on the first day of the week he appeared within a sealed up room where his disciples had assembled for fear of the Jews, showed them his hands and side and said, as my Father has sent me even so send I you and with this he breathed on them saying, Receive ye the Holy Ghost. Luke 11:11-12 Father gives Holy Ghost.


Recall how earlier in his ministry through a certain parable he related how earthly fathers knew how to give good gifts unto their children saying, if a child were to ask his father for bread he would not give him a stone; if he asked for a fish he would not give him a serpent. What is Christ driving at here? What is the point he seeks to make? How is all this going to tie in together with John’s statement of verse 11 and come out with some kind of an understandable meaning? Continuing on in his parable he said, if we being evil know how to give good gifts unto our children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Ghost unto them who ask him? Do we have a contradiction here? Over and over Jesus said the Father would give the Holy Ghost. John under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost said the one coming after me will baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire! Is there a contradiction in the teaching of John and Christ concerning who is to give the Holy Ghost? There is if there are 3 separate persons in the Godhead. Because according to that teaching Jesus is saying the first person who is called God the Father is going to give the Third Person who is called Holy Ghost to the believer while John declares it isn’t that way at all. It is the Second Person who this religious church world calls the son Jesus is going to baptize the believer with the Third Person because in the eye of the religious world he is also a person separate and distinct from the Father and the Son. Now how is Jesus going to baptize with the Holy Ghost when he left the scene in Acts 1. Whether you believe in one or three Gods there is a sensible explanation; nevertheless, to fulfill John’s statements Jesus, the one who followed him, will have to baptize with the Holy Ghost and to fulfill Jesus’ statement the Father who is Spirit will have to send the Holy Ghost. How was this to be accomplished? John being a Jewish prophet probably never heard of the heretical Gentile’s explanation of the Trinity of the three separate persons in the Godhead which wasn’t developed for over 300 years after his death. He only said, the one coming after me will do the baptizing with the Holy Ghost. Actually, he had reference to the Mighty God robed in flesh (1 Tim. 3:16; Isa. 9:6; 2 Cor. 5:19, etc.) However, we poor gentiles who have been taught contrary to the truth would certainly need a revelation from God to grasp that. We realize within 72 hours after the crucifixion of Christ, before corruption would have had time to begin breaking down the cells of his body (Psalm 16:10). Christ was already bearing witness of his resurrection and continued to do so for the space of 40 days before ascending up on high to take his new and rightful position of High Priest (Heb. 7, 8 & 9). These informative chapters prove beyond any doubt Christ was no longer on this earth in corporeal bodied flesh, rather he had been taken to glory to begin serving in a new capacity of High Priest. On earth, he had been prophet and the Lamb sacrifice, in the glory world he is now Mediator and High priest (On earth again he will be King). Yet, John has stated he is going to baptize someone with the Holy Ghost and fire. Now if we were to examine this scripture (verse 11) from the natural carnal standpoint we might feel Christ in his fleshly bodily form must come along at some time in his ministry with some kind of container filled with whatever this Holy Ghost is because recall, at this hour no one knew nor had any idea how to receive whatever this Holy Ghost was, for Jesus had only publicly referred to the Spirit as that of water once when standing before the multitude on the lst day of the great feast saying if any man thirst let him come unto me and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture has said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. Recall no explanation to such a statement was given at that time. No, perhaps no explanation was given until some 60 years later when John recording this incident, John 7:37-39, said-this spake he of the Spirit that they that believe on him should receive. Note, it was John and not Christ who said, this spake he of the Spirit for the Holy Ghost was not yet given for Christ was not yet glorified. That is true, no explanation concerning this Holy Ghost was ever given as to how anyone was going to receive of the Spirit. No, we are not to believe Christ would come along with a little container of some description, full of whatever this Holy Ghost was and say, Boys, open your mouths I am going to give you a drink and then start pouring it into them; nevertheless, no one knew how it would be done. No sir, the language in the final analysis of Matt. 3:11 simply means this-Christ who offered his life on Calvary for the sins of mankind, gave his own life by separating it from his own flesh using it as a ransom price for mankind. Recall, Christ had stated no man takes his life, he laid it down for the sheep (John 10:15) and as that holy sacred blood of God gushed from his open, wounded side it was this blood or life that was given for the remission of sins. Hebrews teaches without the shedding of blood there is no remission (Heb. 9:22). Note carefully, I have denoted for a reason which we shall explain later the word S-I-N from the word S-I-N because as we shall see this is by no means a catchy thing yet I have related it in this manner that you may know there is truly a difference between SIN and SINS and how grace covers it all. However, now we must continue on with the actual ministry of Christ after his ascension into glory to see how he shall fulfill Matt. 3:11.


Christ died and rose from the dead in a state of immortality never to die again and ascended up on high where he received a position in the Father’s glory to now act as Mediator between the Great Eternal Spirit who is none other than the Great God and you as an individual human being who had fallen from his grace. Paul declares in 1 Tim. 2:5 there is only one Mediator between God and men and that is the man Christ Jesus. Note what this Mediator between God and man is, it is another man. Note what that man is doing. Hebrews fully declares he entered into the Holy of Holies to make certain intercessions for you and I. Now, I ask you a question, if he is there in glory in another office (as a man) busily interceding for you and I in the Holy of Holies acting as High Priest, how does the language apply to him in verse 11 where John declared under such an anointing, that it was he who would baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire? It is most important that we understand how Christ could be in glory officiating in another office and yet baptize believers with the Holy Ghost to fulfill Matt. 3:11 and never be present here in his corporeal flesh because when we come to the next verse, verse 12, we are going to find out this same one who has been baptizing with the Holy Ghost is also standing at the end of the age, now with a FAN in his hand thoroughly purging his (threshing) floor and gathering his wheat into the garner. Note, the man Christ Jesus won’t be here on earth in his fleshly body either in verse 12 yet he and he alone is the one who will be doing all this work according to John the Baptist.




The meaning is this: The man Christ is in the Holy of Holies in his new office as High priest interceding to the Great Eternal Spirit, the Father-interceding in an office as High Priest just as any of the natural fleshly Jewish high priests would do once each year when they would enter into the Holy of Holies within the temple on the Day of Atonement and pray to the Great Shakinah Glory that the sins of the people standing outside in the outer court would be forgiven. Likewise, has this man Christ, who after the order of Melchisedek now gone into the Holy of Holies as our High Priest to make intercession for that true believer who has fully believed upon him and accepted his crucifixion along with his shed blood as the only atonement for their sins. Therefore, what is Christ our High Priest doing in the Heavenly Holy of Holies? Making intercession and pleading to the Great Eternal Spirit who is none other than the Father that he may give of himself, and note I said GIVE OF HIMSELF not another person-himself whose substance is Spirit-to each believer the gift of life or the Holy Ghost which is none other than the gift of God or Spirit of God to that of our fleshly vessels fulfilling Paul’s statement-we carry this treasure in earthen vessels (II Cor. 4:7). It is important we realize the Great Eternal Spirit, the Father of Glory, is giving a measure of himself to each believer (eliminating some mysterious 3rd person separate from himself). No, beloved, giving of the Spirit is not sending some Third Person who is another separate Spirit from God the Father, who himself is Spirit. That would make Paul’s statement incorrect when he taught the Ephesian Church there was only One Spirit to begin with, Eph. 4:4. See how carnal religious people have been guilty of confusing and twisting the Godhead in an attempt to fit their carnal understanding. Therefore, we see John’s language, though it was spoken in the Holy Ghost, is not to imply there should be one coming after him who at the time of the baptizing of the Holy Ghost and fire would even need be present in any corporeal-bodied flesh with some container pouring someone this drink of the spirit as it might appear to those present in John 7. No sir, it simply means this Christ as High Priest is interceding for every true believer before that Great Eternal Spirit (the Father) to give of himself and not someone else a little portion of himself to each true believer. May I ask, do you have your portion? That portion is God.


Time has come that we should examine a previous statement made in this article dealing with sin and sins and see, scripturally, how grace cancels both. Entering the room where his frightened disciples were assembled after his resurrection, Christ breathed on them saying, Receive ye the Holy Ghost; whose soever sins you remit they are remitted unto them and whose soever sins ye retain they are retained, (John 20:23). Before, when I spelled out the word S-I-N it was not to trick anyone, only to show the true application in the scripture concerning both sin and sins. Scripture declares without the shedding of blood there is no remission (of sins) Heb. 9:22; Matt. 26:28.


Note whenever remission enters into the picture, it is always accompanied by the word “sins” such as in Luke 24:47; Acts 2:38 and Acts 22:16. Furthermore, we note on every occasion in scripture wherever the gospel of Christ was preached bringing in the blood of Christ along with water baptism we always find the apostles differentiating between the two words, SIN and SINS, showing how the grace of God through the blood atonement is applied to the scriptural believer and in what respect. Listen a moment and think me not a heretic, but if the blood of Christ is to atone for the S-I-N-S (note I said sins) of mankind then tell me what was the baptism in water given for which was always spoken of as a baptism for the remission of sins? Here is the answer and yet how often do we hear someone say, there is, nothing to baptism.


Water baptism in no way touches the carnal nature which one carries in his bosom. No sir! Get that straight in your mind! According to the prophet David, the day you were born you were born into this world in sin and shapened in iniquity, which simply means we inherited a fallen, sinful nature and water baptism can in no way touch that sinful nature, only the sinless blood atonement can deal with that sinful nature! Nevertheless, it is true, although we had nothing to do with it, we were born into this world with a very sinful nature and once we reached the hour in life where we could begin to exercise our own choice and will because we were sinners through our natural physical birth we found ourselves beginning to do things in this flesh that are expressed in the teachings of the gospel as being the works or the lusts of the flesh-drinking, smoking, gambling, committing adultery, fornication, lusts, cheating, stealing, lying and all of these other things which could be mentioned are only the fruits of wickedness of unrighteousness. Scripture calls these deeds acts or works of the flesh or lusts of the flesh. They are those sinful fruits or attributes contributed from the operation of a fallen nature; however, until we reach the age or the time in life that the grace of God comes to us and makes us aware of our lost pitiful condition as a sinner, there is not anything within ourself that we can do about this.


However, note Christ has made a provision for us whereby we might be rescued out of this terrible situation. How is this to be accomplished seeing we have done all of these things in the flesh. Why did we do them? Because we were born with a sinful nature compelling us to do so. Therefore, when Christ gave his life for us, to redeem us, his life was separated from his flesh whereby the price of redemption might be paid-that innocent one died for the ungodly. As Paul said, when we were yet without strength, Christ died for the ungodly and (then later) God shed his love abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us (Rom. 5:5-6). Christ purchased us with his own life or blood through his death. Now in purchasing us he is not willing that we should remain under bondage to that kind of nature which completely controlled and dominated our lives. Paul further stated if any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things have passed away and behold all things have become new (2 Cor. 5:17). Therefore, as his holy sinless life was given as that purchase price or by the same token you could say it was his holy sinless blood given because Leviticus teaches the life of the flesh is in the blood and without that Spirit which is none other than life itself, the blood of man alone could be no good, for the blood and spirit of life absolutely goes together. Therefore, when his blood was separated from that body of clay, the blood which had been his clay, the blood which had been his very source of life in his flesh is now poured out as an atonement for my sinful nature. In order for me to be able to scripturally accept that and make it applicable to myself, watch what must happen. Recall when Christ entered that Upper Room and said to those disciples, whosoever sins ye remit to him they are remitted and whosoever sins ye retain unto him they are retained, look what the Catholic Church did roughly some 300-500 years later with that very statement. They completely turned it around to make it indicate the pope had power to forgive sins!


Jesus never instructed anyone they had power to forgive sins, only that they could remit sins. NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO FORGIVE SINS! Not even one of God’s great prophets could forgive sins. That is not what Christ told his disciples at all, he said WHOSOEVER SINS YOU REMIT THEY ARE REMITTED….




Let us find out what it means to remit sins, not S-I-N! Remit means to remove, to blot out, to do away, to cancel and in every case throughout the book of Acts wherever water baptism was used, it was always used with the authority to remit something-was it not? What was it? No, it can never be used to remit S-I-N, sin or unbelief which is inherited by nature-only the blood of Christ could do that!! But it was always to remit S-I-N-S, those things done in the flesh which came from that evil sinful nature. That is why the body is to be washed. Recall again Paul speaking of the time Ananias came to him after his conversion on the Damascus Road and after telling him certain things concerning his ministry said, now why tarriest thou, arise be baptized and wash away thy S-I-N-S, calling on the name of the Lord. BAPTISM WASHES AWAY OR REMITS SINS! Note not wash away sin, but sins, Acts 22:16. Did not Christ teach in the gospel of Luke repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name to all nations beginning at Jerusalem (Luke 24:44-47) and what name did Christ say remission of sins was to be preach in, IN HIS NAME! In his one singular name, the name of the one who stood before them giving the commission; the name of Jesus who is both Lord and Christ. Now turn to Acts 2:38, after the Holy Ghost has been given in Jerusalem (where this preaching of repentance and remission on SINS was to begin) and a sermon is delivered by the Apostle Peter which brought in 3,000 precious souls to answer their question, men and brethren what shall we do (note the question was not directed to Peter alone but unto all the apostles), it was merely Peter who spoke the words of instruction to fulfill Luke 24:44-47, Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ. Why Peter? Why baptize them in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of sins? How can anyone honestly say after examining the scriptures that Peter made a mistake? Is this not perfectly in line with Christ’s commission to his disciples in Luke 24 given at the same time as when Matthew recorded and said baptize them in the name (singular) of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. Therefore, we note remission of sins spoken of here in Luke 24:47 is to be applied through what means – WATER BAPTISM.


And who is that authorized person with authority to baptize converts and what happens when that authorized party baptizes a believer in water for the remission of sins, fulfilling John 20:23; Luke 24:47; Acts 2:38, etc.


No. 1 -When that authorized person who is none other than that true minister of the Lord Jesus Christ who he has sent to fulfill his commission (Rom. 10:13-15); when that God sent minister (sent- not just went, as so many have) preaches the true revelated gospel and sinners are convicted and convinced that God’s provided way for him to come or to be reconciled back to God through repentance and remission of sins, he first repents. Repentance is saying sorrowfully, Lord, I am a sinner, I can’t help it but I do acknowledge I am a terrible sinner and I have a godly sorrow over that fact; I have done so many evil things, I repent (or I change my mind about all of this). I know I can’t save myself; therefore, I ask you to forgive me of my SINS and change my life. I see now only the grace of God can cover my wrong doings provided I repent. In Jonah 4:2 it referred to God repenting of a certain thing he had intended to do. In other words God changed his mind and did not do to Ninevah what he said he would, seeing all the people there repented; they changed their minds causing God to repent or change his mind therefore he did not destroy their city. Their repentance caused God to repent or change his mind. Thus, we see from scripture that a godly sorrow worketh repentance (II Cor. 7:9-19). By no means is godly sorrow repentance, no, repentance is changing one’s mind and attitude toward something and once that sinner says yes to the Lord Jesus, I truly repent and accept you as my only saviour, then brother, according to the scripture that honest hearted individual who has truly accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as the only substitute or provision for sin (unbelief) then that scripture can now be applied by the God sent minister wherein Jesus said, as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you. Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them. Remember, remitting sins in that sense is not forgiving sins, by no means, but it is applied by taking the convert into water saying, I now baptize you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission or the removal or the washing away) of your sins, Acts 2:38; Acts 22:16. That and that alone remits sins. SINS, those evil things are put away and that Great Eternal Spirit is watching over this which the Mediator Christ our High Priest is busy making intercession for in behalf of the atonement at Calvary as that old sinner goes under the water in the name of the Lord Jesus for the remission of sins, scripture teaches us our sins are absolutely washed away from God’s sight.


Watch what happens to the sinner’s old nature-the Great Eternal Spirit is now applying the blood. Yes, the blood is now applied to the nature of the person in Christ for whom Christ our High Priest is interceding. It was from a fallen nature the fruits of this nature had produced all these sins or works of the flesh (Gal. 5:19-21). Therefore, when the effects of the blood begins to take place or as the effects of the blood begins to be applied to that inner nature which has been so far from God, that Great Eternal Spirit who has been watching over that heart now sees the sinner has truly repented and has been baptized for the remission of his sins according to the scriptures, washing away the filth of the flesh etc., it is now the Great Spirit who was in Christ (2 Cor. 5:19) reconciling us back to himself while Christ walked on earth who now permits the effects of the blood of Christ to be applied to that human nature which was inherited from the fall in the garden and because the blood is applied by faith (or revelation) the Great Eternal Spirit now gives to that believer a measure or portion of himself which is none other than the gift of the Holy Ghost, (Act 2:38) fulfilling John’s statement in Matt. 3:11. The Holy Ghost comes in which we must possess to have eternal life and fulfill Rom. 8:11 which says without the Spirit of Christ we are none of his. Furthermore, he is the promise of the Father, John 14:16-17 and Luke 24:49. He is the comforter, John 14:26; he is that Spirit of Truth of whom Christ spoke which would guide us into all truth, John 16:7-13. Yes, this is the Holy Ghost of Matt. 3:11 of whom John spoke, who is to be given to the true believer by the person who should follow his (John’s) ministry. Therefore, we can see how God as Eternal Spirit was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself and although Christ not being here in corporeal flesh ministered this gift of the Spirit while at the same time was in that Mediatorial office in glory interceding for the believer. Not a work of three Gods nor three separate persons but THE WORK OF ONE GREAT GOD IN THREE OFFICES OR MANIFESTATIONS.


We are aware Christ (in person) was not here as the Holy Ghost was given on the Day of Pentecost, some 50 days after his resurrection and 10 days after his ascension to take up his new office of High Priest. Just think of the multitude of thousands down through the centuries of time who accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and received his benefits from above. Not receiving because someone was standing on the earth with a container doing this work. NO! But because someone far above in glory serving as High Priest after the order of Melchisedek interceding for the believer in behalf of the atonement to be applied to the sinner who walked in obedience to the light of the gospel (II Cor. 4:3-6) whereby that person would receive from above that portion of the Holy Spirit which is none other than the Spirit of God in the believer’s life. Bro. Jackson, just what are you driving at someone may ask. The purpose in showing you this in this manner is to let you see for over 1900 years we Gentiles have received the benefits of God according to this one promise of Matt. 3:11 and have by no means been privileged to know Christ after the flesh. On the contrary, we have only been privileged to know him in his office work as Mediator and High Priest as he has honored the gospel which has been preached and as we, by faith, have accepted it, then as Mediator and High Priest interceded to the Eternal Spirit who in turn applies the benefits of the gospel of Christ to the true believer.


It was during his first advent all this was set in motion, that man could receive the Spirit and after some 1900 years we are still continuing to receive of those benefits and blessings promised in Matt. 3:11. However, now we are ready to witness another operation, a new operation of this same Spirit found in Verse 12. Christ won’t be here in his corporeal flesh to minister this new operation either. Nevertheless, it shall truly be administered through the same agency as was verse 11. The office work of the Holy Ghost still remains to be that Spirit of God called Father revealed to have been in Christ reconciling the world back unto himself, 2 Cor. 5:19. Therefore, when John said, he who cometh after me, he had no second person in mind, did he? No, it is wrong to think of God as one Spirit, the Son as still another separate and distinct Spirit and then to suppose the blessed Holy Ghost makes up the third separate Spirit, not at all! It has been all the work of the one and selfsame Spirit called God of whom Paul stated in Eph. 4:4 was only one Spirit.


If we can see how Christ was not here as man in corporeal flesh at the time of the fulfillment to each believer of Matt. 3:11, then beloved we will be better able to understand how he will be the same one who shall minister the operation of THE FAN on his threshing floor and still not leave the mercy seat or his office as Mediator and High Priest. For when Christ ministers THE FAN on the threshing floor, he will no more be here in his corporeal flesh than he was when he administered the Holy Ghost to the believers. Therefore, we must be spiritual minded enough to be able to identify the operation of this FAN in verse 12 used on his floor when he thoroughly purges it and gathers the wheat into his garner and burns the chaff with unquenchable fire or we shall miss this operation looking for something else.


Imagine these first disciples (Acts 2) who were first to receive of these benefits of verse 11 also Luke 3:16-17 and Mark 1:8 had been told to go to Jerusalem and wait for the promise of the Father, without any instruction whatsoever or even know what to look for. Suppose they had gone looking at everything strictly from a natural standpoint like so many poor denominational people would have done. All they knew was that they would be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence. And suppose they would have been sitting around in that Upper room, not having been told what to look for, when suddenly they heard the sound as a rushing, mighty wind blowing in a completely sealed room and licks of fire began to appear all over the room when they had not been told to expect anything in this fashion. Oh, I am so glad they had enough common sense or spiritually to recognize what was taking place when it began to happen or perhaps they would have gotten up and ran out the door saying, I think I will wait for this Holy Ghost somewhere else in Jerusalem, this place is getting spookier by the minute! Imagine what would have happened had they had no more spiritual understanding than a group of carnal minded denominational believers who had met in a prayer meeting and something like that happened, no doubt they would have run over each other to get out and go home. That is, providing they had no more instruction about the Holy Ghost than did these disciples. I am so glad there was something that registered in their soul when they heard a man preach the gospel and thank God they had received the correct interpretation because the scripture says they were all in one accord in the upper room. No, they weren’t sitting around arguing and fussing with one saying he didn’t say it that way, while another said no, you are wrong, he said it this way. No beloved, the message they had heard, they all heard it the same way. Isn’t it such a pity we can’t all hear our message in the same way.


I will show you from the Bible why we can’t all hear it the same way. It is really very simple. We haven’t all received the Spirit of Truth or the Holy Ghost. That is correct. I said we have not all received the Holy Ghost. Beloved, that is the one thing we don’t want to leave the world without and it is for certain we don’t want to try to be in the Bride of Christ without the Holy Ghost. Read Matt. 25:1-13 and there you will quickly see only they who were ready (or who had the oil) went into the marriage with the Lord while the foolish virgins who had no oil were left outside. Oil is represented by the Holy Ghost who will give you spiritual understanding. Without spiritual understanding, we will never know what God is doing.


If we all had the Holy Ghost, we would have the correct understanding and be able to all see it alike. We would have to because the Holy Ghost is the spirit of Truth and never tells one person one thing and another just the opposite. To do that he would not be the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, BUT THE SPIRIT OF ERROR and John said we as believers recognize the Spirit of Truth from the spirit of error. When you begin to see people going six different ways with a hundred separate ideas you can be sure of one thing, somewhere that person does not have the Holy Ghost or if by chance he would possibly have the Holy Ghost, he most certainly is not allowing the Spirit to operate in his life. Again I say, the Holy Ghost cannot operate that way, THE HOLY GHOST IS THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH AND WAS GIVEN TO GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH. (John 16:13). Oh, isn’t it marvelous how this prophet of God, John, clothed in the spirit of Elijah, although the world could only see him clothed in camel hair and girdle about his loins, could look down through the scope of time through the Spirit, down through over 1900 years of church history and see how God’s plan of salvation would operate and consummate. For note in verse 12 as he approaches near the time for the Second Advent of Christ, he shows how the one who would do the Holy Ghost baptizing through the ages would be standing somewhere at a much later hour with a fan in his hand, did he not? According to John’s Holy Ghost language, the fan is in his hand then are we to expect this one who came after him to be standing on this earth in his corporeal flesh, going around the countryside fanning every believer? NOT AT ALL. We must look upon verse 12 in this light as it points to that rapid soon appearing of Christ as he closes out the Grace Age, wrapping it up in its full effects, bringing it to its consummation and moreover to truly see the operation of the fan we can only do so now as we see his aim and purpose of Grace reaching forth to that true believer of this hour as he is ready to receive unto himself his finished harvest of wheat taken from his Grace Age. Therefore, as we recognize how Christ was nowhere in corporeal flesh upon this earth at any time during his baptizing with the Holy Ghost, we can better understand how that FAN can be in operation in his hand to be administered to the wheat or true believer, Matt. 13:30 and him not be present. John says, whose FAN is in his hand and did you note what he is going to do with that FAN? He is going to thoroughly purge his (wheat or threshing) floor of everything that should be removed. Those things not referred to as wheat but chaff, those little particles and bits which appear only in the final period of threshing and separation of wheat from the grain itself, how can this possibly apply to the endtime Grace Age? Where in the end of Grace does it fit in God’s program? Farmers have no trouble understanding this kind of language. It, as so many other places, deals in the life of a farmer with his planting and gathering of crops. Because I am a farmer at heart, I am going to use this as an illustration to show you in God’s program where this fan is placed, how it is administered and how and where to look for it in its operation. Since Christ is in glory as Mediator and High Priest interceding for each believer to be given a portion of the Spirit, let us look and see how Christ with a FAN in his hand is going to administer this different operation of the Spirit and what is going to happen once the operation is completed. How will it affect a people living in that hour of church history?


We realize down through the centuries of time the church which was set in motion or planted as a seed (of wheat) on the Day of Pentecost once the Holy Ghost was being poured out has traveled into our hour and brought with it a prophet and a restoring message.


From that early period until now, as the Holy Ghost was given in each of the seven church ages (Rev. 2 & 3) he was allowed to work and operate in respect to whatever portion of truth was present (restored) within that hour, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit or the moving of the Holy Spirit throughout these respective periods of church history is likened unto rain upon the Word (seed) which was planted in the believer’s heart as he would accept the present Truth. The Holy Ghost watered that Truth in the believer’s heart and life and he would receive that portion of the Spirit which went (along) with that portion of revelation given during that hour. Yet, we are fully aware as I have stated in their messages using Mark 4:26-39 along with James 4:7-8 how the Holy Ghost does not spend all of his time just watering the seed. No, there comes a time according to the scripture when there must be a harvest. Therefore, one of these days the crop must be completed. The last grain of wheat is going to be brought to maturity; the last sinner will hear his gospel call and the Father is going to have given of himself or of his Spirit (Holy Ghost) to that last person for whom the Mediator has been interceding. Whenever that last soul has heard his gospel call and received his portion of the Spirit to which he is entitled before the intercessory work of the High Priest is completed and Christ leaves the mercy seat, then beloved just like a wheat farmer who would look over his wheat field and see those beautiful golden, ripened grains of wheat humbly hanging on a dried up dead stalk rustling in the wind, would touch the head and be able to determine from the feel of those little husks, now hard, dry and brittle (note it is the hardness or solidness of the grain) says within himself it is time to thresh it out. Likewise, the Almighty also says it is time his crop which has been brought to maturity should also be threshed out of the field (or world) Matt. 13:38.


In the day of Jesus and John the Baptist, people knew nothing about the modern day combine, yet both John and Christ refers to the end of the age as to the harvesting time of the wheat, did they not? However, their reference to gathering grain, especially the wheat, was by no means with modern day instruments. Instead scripture refers to the use of the sickle in the gathering of any kind of harvest. See Rev. 14. The sickle was the instrument used in the days of the scripture. Therefore, as we examine the end of this age, it must be examined in the light of what has happened which has affected gentile religion, the coming of a messenger of the age, etc. We realize in comparison with the wheat stalk which on the church stalk is represented by 20th Century Pentecost while the blades upon the stalk represented the various Protestant denominations. However, as every farmer knows it is in the head of the wheat shortly before harvest season all the little husks are formed and you recall the husk does so much resemble the real wheat, although it is not the real wheat. It only bears a resemblance to the real wheat. That is what 20th Century Pentecost represented on the church stalk, for neither did 20th Century Pentecost fully resemble the early Christian of apostolic days who was that original wheat planted in the ground to produce that crop after passing through various stages as shown by Christ in illustrating a stalk of what showing the route of the natural wheat grain from seed sowing time until harvest time. It goes through many stages. (For a more thorough explanation of this, see our message THE LATTER RAIN, as here we only use this to show where the FAN operation is placed at the end of the age in that which affects the wheat). Our primary interest in the wheat stalk and the church stalk in this message is only with the head, that stage of the process shortly before harvest. The husk in their initial setting does resemble the true wheat, however, as any farmer knows that stalk will not produce one single grain of wheat until first the thing has bloomed.


Recall from previous messages how plant life such as a stalk of wheat carries both male and female life within it. The operation of the male life within that stalk when it expresses itself in the head is called pollination and once that bloom expresses itself by coming forth to the outside, that means within the stalk itself something is taking place. It is the law of life and reproduction within plant life itself. As the male and female life are brought together, the bloom appears and those little fibers within the husk begin to take on the effects of those inner nodules which at first are so tiny they can hardly be seen with the naked eye. Directly after the germination process begins to feed into that head, there is a message sent up and down that stalk. The male life within the stalk has spoken. After this process, comes the final step of the wheat before harvest. Beloved, how does such an operation line up with that of the church stalk? That is why within the church stalk which had already passed through many processes in its growth going toward the harvesting of wheat crop that there had to come at the end of this Grace Age a church age messenger, who unlike the other messengers before him connected with the other ages, would absolutely manifest Jesus Christ of the Bible (the male life of the church stalk) in such a way that in behalf of the gentile church the operation of Mal. 4:5-6 (B-part) would be fulfilled wherein that spirit of Elijah (not the mortal Elijah) as John the Baptist illustrates, this spirit would bring a people back to the Word of original Truth once that message of life would be expressed or had spoken to the church age at large or the church stalk as Christ pictured in a number of places. This message at the endtime brought and received by a living generation throughout the world was that pollination or germination period within the church stalk which would carry the same effect upon denomination Christianity as did that bloom carry upon the natural stalk of wheat. As the results of that bloom begins to vibrate and portray its message up and down that stalk something drastic happens. Death sets in and it is important we note death does not first strike the top of the stalk. It begins at the bottom and works up through the blades leaving the husk for the very last thing on the stalk to die.


Likewise, is it true on the church stalk of which Christ spoke? Looking at the church in its progress and growth through the eyes of Christ, one must go to the wheat field and learn a lesson through the various stages of the wheat as it is on its route to reproduce itself. While the husk is now in a process of dying which is represented by the works of modern day Pentecost, the little kernels of wheat are getting larger and fatter. WHY? Because they are growing and taking up all the stored up plant food which has been in the blades, stalk, etc. As the stalk and blade begins to loose their green chlorophyll lifelike color which is being transferred to the wheat, it leaves everything behind on the stalk dead. I know we don’t want to think along these lines that spiritual death has struck the church stalk after the pollination message or blooming process of the messenger has gone forth within the head of the church stalk, but we must, else why would Christ liken his church to that of the life and growth and harvest of wheat. Death hits that stalk after its pollination season. It is the only time in the history of the stalk the male life speaks in such a manner. Beloved, that is why this endtime message is a calling out message for the people to come out according to Rev. 18:4 whereby they be not a partaker of her sins nor of her plagues when death hits (reference to that old denominational church stalk which has now experienced death). Think of it, at harvest everything on the stalk is dead except the wheat. Therefore beloved, if we are able to see how Christ through the office work of the Holy Ghost was working in this messengers life, working through this little vessel of clay during the endtime in taking every bit of God’s truth that had been restored during the Reformation and watch what he is doing with it, placing it right back in the Bible pattern where it belongs, where it was in the first place. In order that we as an endtime people could be a people who once again after so long a time could live on the revelation of what this Bible is talking about and it could have the effect on our lives as it did during the early church when the wheat was being planted in the ground to later bring forth a harvest of the same identical kind of substance planted in the planting season, why can’t we end up with this? Such a faith of revelation started it all. It was men in the early church who wrote it, why can’t we preach it especially after seeing it was the office of Mal. 4:5-6 which restored it to us and called us back to that same revelation of this book. Certainly by no means was his office to take us out of this book. If that has happened to you, then all I can say is the coming of that office to the gentile church spoken of in Mal. 4:5-6 B-Part did not return you to the faith of the fathers, yet I declare unto you that is just what this office was suppose to do-return us back to something allowing our hearts to receive what this Bible has to say and receive it with the correct understanding. Henceforth, we can see wherever this endtime message has been presented as it has been expressed unto the age, the Holy Ghost takes its revelated truth and applies it to hearts throughout the earth and the effects of it reaches out to mankind who is bound in every rank of organized religion, that is provided the individual bound in such is one of those blessed individuals counted worthy to receive the benefits from this glorious truth. This we know, according to scripture everyone ordained to this glory shall come to it (Acts 13:48) makes no difference whether they be in the farthest dark corner of Africa somehow they will come to it and as this church stalk of religion which at one time was the carrier of the real life of truth completely gives itself over to this ecumenical spirit, the denominational structure will be seen more and more to be full of death. It is not I who said this, it is the Almighty God himself who declares the stalk is now dead. It is not man, but God himself who is the husbandman of the field the one who does the watering, it is he who controls the law of life and death who makes this statement.


Therefore, we can see how the Lord through the various stages has been making intercession and the Holy Ghost rain has been poured out upon his wheat crop to keep it growing and becoming more vigorous and greener as that Holy Ghost rain traveled up through these various stages of the church stalk, until it now reached the place where the Spirit causes it to bloom or pollinate by a message being sent forth in these last days, and death immediately hits the church stalk sending itself up and down the stalk as the ecumenical spirit moves in to bind in bundles the tares. Nevertheless, the message continues to fall until maturity and final fruition of the grain is reached.


What is the next step? As every farmer knows, it is now time to bring the wheat crop to the threshing floor. As the presentation would be, it is still shown as in ancient times, once a crop had become ripened, men are sent forth with sickles into the field to reap the grain and as it is dropped to the ground, the women follow and tie that which has been cut into little bundles. Next, the process is to load the bundles upon donkeys, ox carts, etc., and carry it to a nice cleared area not far away which is chosen to serve as the threshing floor where the great process of the separation of the wheat from everything must now begin. Yes, somewhere near by the field of harvest a place was always chosen. A fairly level area of ground, free from rocks etc., whereby the wheat might be brought in and stacked upon the floor of this area. The place in that day was called the threshing floor, for it was here the threshing and beating to separate the grain from everything would take place. Once all the grain had been harvested from the fields, the next step was to stack it here by placing so much on the floor and as it was placed on the floor some individuals would get up on the bundles and begin jumping up and down, pressing heavily with their feet while others would ride around on horseback or some other animal. The object was to place all this under such pressure it would cause the loosening and separation of the grain from the husk, etc. As they continued adding pressure, up and down upon the grain, finally the farmer would see the grain was all trampled out and next he would bring in a process of pitchforking.


However, in those days they did not have pitchforks, they used forked sticks. Those same laborers who had been instrumental in reaping the wheat from the field, now take the forked sticks and begin tossing all the straw and larger objects off the floor where the grain lay and you know even with forked sticks, though they might be crude instruments, you could surely move a lot of straw. They would pitch straw until all the straw had been taken off the threshing floor. Religiously speaking, pitching the straw from the threshing floor as you note was by the same reapers who brought the wheat in upon the floor in mass quantity. According to the church age messenger of Laodicea who stated a number of years ago and it certainly seems to be proving out to be very true, that men with such ministries and various programs are being used today for this operation as Graham, Roberts and men of this caliber.


What is this operation? It is handling dead straw, dead straw to be bound by the spirit of ecumenicalism and sent to the furnace of judgment. Yes, it is men of this caliber who have programs large enough to handle and influence and pull away from the true revelation of the Word all of this dead denominational ecumenical straw. Imagine you trying to go out there with some little fork (or program) trying to get rid of all that straw. Nevertheless, in olden days, they used these crude instruments for moving the straw, but it was sufficient to handle the job because you must remember the straw is to be moved off the floor along with every object which would not be too small to be touched by the pitchfork operation.


Now we are ready for the operation of the fan which was in his hand wherein John said, he will thoroughly purge his wheat floor; purge it now of everything the other operations had failed to effect and move. What naturally will be done with the straw, it will be burned of course. After having cleared away the straw from off the threshing floor, what does that now leave? It leaves the wheat along with the husk, along with the little particles and giblets of crushed, mangled straw and particles of dust and whatever else you might have which could by no means be affected with the pitchfork operation or ministry. Yes, only that is left on the floor which was too small or shall we say, that could not be affected by those men or reapers as the straw was being tossed from the floor. Recall, all the husbandman or (the Lord) is interested in is bringing in the wheat crop, that wheat which now lies upon the threshing floor. What is the threshing floor in the spiritual sense in relation to the wheat? It is none other than the WORD OF GOD! Was it not the Word of God the wheat along with the husk and other things had been brought to by this endtime messenger? This messenger brought us out of the field or out of the world (Matt. 13:38) onto the threshing floor, THE WORD OF GOD! The Word of God was the revelation which was brought to the age by the messenger which was the very thing to bring all of us out of the field or world onto the threshing floor relationship with God the husbandman. It was with the interpretation and the revelation of this message brought through this prophet’s ministry which went out and brought you and I back to the revealed word in the Bible whereby my salvation experience which I had personally received in Methodism would no longer be the testimony of a Methodist, on the contrary it would have to become now the testimony of a truly born again Christian, baptized with the Holy Ghost according to the Word of God and not according to some manmade tradition or creed or some church denominational teaching. That is what this message is responsible for. The moment that true revelated message began to be lifted up, that message in which these great denominational evangelists could have embraced but only strayed further from seeing their idea of the gospel is to take some little verse of scripture and turn it into a big religious program which spiritually is nothing more than the process of the reapers pitching dead denominational straw from off the threshing floor or off the Word of God.


In ancient times to fulfill the next process which takes place still upon the threshing floor as much as possible, men would always try to pick a favorable time whereby the natural winds might assist them for their next process or final step which is none other than the final separation of all particles or foreign matter from the pure wheat. Usually, they made quite an event of this having a feast etc. The young ladies with flat pans or thin hollowed out bowls similar to those of old pioneer mother’s dough bowls would begin a process now with the actual wheat itself which is referred to as winnowing. Here they would enter in upon the threshing floor, usually accompanied by musicians while the older women prepared the meal in the background. These young ladies would get into the threshing floor and scoop up portions of wheat in their bowls and dance around the outer circle to the tune of the music played, flipping the wheat into the air. They were well experienced in this operation and as the wheat was flipped into the air they continued to keep their bowls underneath the wheat, which always fell down into the containers. Yet, the lighter objects such as the husk, bits of crushed wheat stalk and the foreign matter too small to be affected for the pitchfork operation were taken away by the blowing wind, far from the threshing floor. Continuing to dance around the outer circle the girls would sing, flipping the wheat into the air until they saw the winds had blown away everything but the wheat. They would usually proceed to a special place, dump their tray of pure wheat which had stood the test upon the threshing floor, back upon the floor they would come and scoop up another bowl full of wheat, husk, giblets of straw, etc., and around through the same flipping process they would go again as the winds separated the wheat from all foreign matter. However, if there were no favorable winds blowing at this particular time of winnowing the wheat, the farmer would usually make a fan out of any type of crude material such as straw or whatever was available which could be woven together into a large enough object to create an artificial wind to serve the same purpose in blowing the lighter material away from the wheat.


After the fans had been made from whatever available material almost anything could be used to create a wind, certain ones would get in upon the threshing floor and take up their position with bowls of wheat and other substance while others with the fans would move in behind them. The purpose as already stated with the fan is to create an artificial wind to blow away the lighter material such as the chaff out of the wheat. Oh, how that reminds us of Paul’s statement to the Ephesians where he stated the purpose of the fivefold ministry which is in the Lord’s hands, was given for the perfecting of the saints and the work of the ministry and for the edifying of the body of Christ until we had all come into the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ (the stature of a perfect man is found in 2 Peter 1:5-10). Verse 14 of Ephesians says we henceforth be no more children tossed to and fro and carried away with every wind of doctrine by the sleight of men and cunning craftiness wherein they lie in wait to deceive. The point I want you to note here is Paul says the fivefold ministry causes us to grow up to a full stature of the perfect man, Christ, that is we become heavy enough spiritually speaking in God’s profound truth that we won’t be blown about by every wind of doctrine. Note please these winds of doctrines are not scriptural and are by no means founded upon the Word. Nevertheless, they serve perfectly to blow us away from the threshing floor to which we have been brought by this endtime revelation designed to restore man back to the Word (Mal. 4:5-6, B-part). The operation of the artificial winds are designed to carry away every particle light enough to be affected. The husbandman has no concern of which way the husk, chaff, bits of straw or the lighter material goes as they are picked up and taken away by these artificial winds. His concern is only with one thing; to get all these dead particles off the floor and separated from his wheat. Wheat will be the final thing on the floor, because after all it was wheat he planted in the beginning and that is all he is interested in harvesting. As the scripture says (Matt. 3:12) he will thoroughly purge his floor with the FAN in his hand which means he will leave nothing undone or unturned but shall separate everything from the pure wheat. Beloved, this endtime message is the only thing which has life in it today. Everything else carries death and besides that is taking souls back to the world and finally into the ecumenical move.


Another word about the straw. Note in the old process used for thousands of years, the straw was brought out of the field onto the threshing floor, trampled on and thrown back into the field to be burned, think of it. In the spiritual sense, it was the denominational straw taken from the field along with the pure grain, brought to God’s threshing floor, his precious revelated Word, trampled upon and because they could not agree with the Word itself, was thrown back into the world to be burned as the ecumenical spirit engulfs them, takes over and binds them together. What has this operation been all about? Just as on the natural wheat stalk to which Christ so often referred in illustrating his church, the purpose is for no other reason than to get the wheat. Look at it from the spiritual standpoint. This message has called multitudes out of denominations. As people, they are as good as anyone else; nevertheless, goodness alone will never measure up unless that goodness is coupled with the proper motive, proper attitude and revelation which places one’s heart in tune with God’s Word in such a manner it is fully accepted unto our God. Beloved, goodness alone is not enough, or goodness without these other qualities will certainly present a problem once we are placed on that threshing floor of his Word to have all of our ideas threshed out whereby we may be pure wheat for his garner. We will only find ourselves arguing, disputing and fighting God and as Peter said, the unlearned and unstable wrestle with those scriptures (especially of the Apostle Paul) to their own destruction. Beware lest ye also being led away with the error of the wicked fall from your own steadfastness (2 Pet. 3:16-17). Goodness is only an attribute of one’s human nature and cannot measure up unless the heart is in tune with God’s Word with the proper motive of attitude and outlook whereby we may truly walk in fellowship with the Spirit of God which is suppose to be in our lives.


If I don’t have the true Spirit of God in my life, I am only going through an act; I’m only imitating something which is suppose to be real and in the final analysis I am the only one which will be mocked. Gal. 6:7 tells us God is not mocked. You can’t imitate a Christian life, either you are a Christian or you aren’t. God is not mocked for whatsoever a man sows that he shall also reap. If you imitate a christian’s life you are imitating a person who is suppose to be in this message and recall, it was this message that brought us (the wheat) to the threshing floor. However, if we aren’t in the true revelated message but only have the letter of words and statements it will show up in our nature once we are placed on that threshing floor of His Word. Only by a spiritual birth, combined with an absolute true revelation of the message could you possibly hope to be placed in this message. Other than that, you are only going through an act of mockery. It is only imitation and in the end it will only lead you to death and not spiritual life, because as you lay on that threshing floor and the Holy Spirit is tossing you about on that Word if you can’t fully agree with God’s Word, somewhere along the way while being tossed about on the revelation, a strong wind of false doctrine from a seducing spirit will come your way and blow you completely off the foundation of the threshing floor. Sure, in one’s carnal understanding, they will be positive they are right as they chase after one of these unscriptural teachings, however, it will probably be too late once we find out that we were led astray from the Word by some seducing spirit who seized the opportunity through your unwillingness to fall in line with the Word of God.


We are now dealing with the portion of John’s inspirational statement where he stated “the FAN was in his hand”. Beloved, no believer in this hour escapes the operation of the FAN. Therefore, I want you to know where God placed that FAN, what it is going to do and how it will greatly affect your life before this day is over. As wheat (chaff or whatever you may be, spiritually speaking) there is no escape of the FAN which will blow against the wheat already placed on the threshing floor of the Word. True, a message was brought and it brought a people who were looked upon as wheat to the threshing floor. Listen to me carefully, that revelated message was the revelation of God’s written Word. That revelated message was to point man back into the Word (that threshing floor) in order that our lives might measure up to it and perhaps if called upon, to die by it.


Now I desire to say something I sincerely pray you will try to catch my thought. This revealed message, this pollination message (to the church stalk), delivered to us in this hour is not the word of man, it is the revelation of God’s Word unto his church; therefore, the age will be judged by it and furthermore it could not have been delivered until God so willed it to be anymore than you could demand a stalk of wheat to bloom or pollinate before its ordained hour. Try it sometime. Walk into a wheat field and demand the stalk turn yellow (with death). It can’t be done. Why? Because the law of life is within the wheat stalk itself and can no more act until the Creator has established its season whereby it can act and that operation is built into the stalk. I hope you can see how this applied with in the spiritual stalk also. Because, likewise, is it so with this revelated pollinating message which reached out to pull through the church stalk those in much the same token. Nevertheless, as certain world religious conditions along with pressures which are laced upon individuals lives later developed, they who were affected by this message too often are caught up in the teachings of other men which causes these unsettled people to be found arguing with the Word of true revelation. Then look what happens; they wind up tossed back off the Word by some strong wind of manmade doctrine. Yes, while these unsettled people are continually tossed up and down (in their minds) concerning the revelation of the Word of God (that spiritual threshing floor) a fierce wind which creates a blowing or fanning effect comes along and finally blows them completely off-a wind of some wild revelation without any biblical support which was suppose to have stemmed from this message. After following this kind of spirit, these poor souls are no longer following a true Biblical revelation. Instead, they are either following some human personality, some relative’s influence or merely the crowd of people. Nevertheless, it all combined has served as the necessary wind to blow you completely off the Word of God. Beloved, when will we learn we can’t walk with God in such a manner. Now this endtime message of revelated truth delivered to us by a prophet, church age messenger has brought us onto the threshing floor of God’s Word. Countless numbers of people of every walk of religious life have in some way been influenced as God has mercifully dealt with mankind and furthermore has dealt spiritually in applying the effects of the threshing floor relationship to each individual affected by this message whereby in the end you may know and recognize God has truly FANNED it with a FAN. I am now going to show you what this fan is in its true relation to this endtime church program of God where the final work is being done on the wheat (believer). It is very important we note the FAN does not in any way affect the denominational straw. By no means could you take a fan and pile up or throw away the denominational straw that came through the pitchfork operation; therefore, this proves there had to be some other type ministry to handle all this (dead denominational) straw. Certainly it was not the ministry of the FAN. The FAN is not constructed to disturb the religious denominational structure at large represented by the dead straw. Yet within the floor where the true seed Word believer is God intends to keep his true seed believer represented as wheat right on his Word regardless to how they may be tossed by winds. The true developed wheat each time will fall right back on the floor and not be carried away by the artificial winds created by the FAN and remember THE FAN IS PLACED WITHIN THIS MESSAGE. Note the FAN operation did not move while the wheat remained in the field, nor was it used in moving the straw. The FAN operation moves strictly against that which remains on the threshing floor after all the straw has been removed. Now the FAN was in his hand and he will thoroughly purge his floor (with that FAN and yet Christ is no more here in a corporeal body of flesh during the FAN operation than was he here throughout the ages ministering Holy Ghost baptism to the believer. Neither was Christ here bodily as the message was delivered through the prophet office of Mal. 4:5-6; Rev. 10:7, however, it is true he was here mightily in Spirit form as the Holy Ghost worked through that little redeemed human vessel of clay who was none other than a sinner saved by the grace of God. Despite his many warnings against people who tried to make something of his flesh there are still those who would persist in promoting this prophet was God himself. That is as far from the truth as you can get. The messenger himself taught he was only a redeemed sinner fulfilling a prophet’s office. To make him anything above a man who was the prophet messenger to this age to whom the Word of the Lord came on behalf of a people at the end of this age, is to make yourself a first class idolater from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and not I but the Apostle Paul places you (if you fall under that kind of spirit) in the same category as that of fornicators, extortioners, covetous, railer, drunkards and furthermore declares for no one to even eat or fellowship with you. Now that is Strong. Therefore, to be in line with the Word of God, I cannot consciously fellowship with an idolater, I. Cor. 5:7-11. Oh, but someone will say, did not the scripture call them gods to whom the word of the Lord came? It most certainly did and notice how the word god is spelled. It is with a small g and don’t ever forget it. Be sure to keep it in the minor.


However, I want you to know that the God (capital G) of heaven I am referring to is always spelled with a capital G. This God is Spirit and fills all the universe. His Spirit is everywhere and can never die, so large and yet can become so small. Yet, regardless to how small he may become he is still to be capital G-O-D in the major. He who fills the universe and slung the stars in space and placed the world out of nothing, yet was small enough to get inside that little vessel of clay who was his prophet to this age and could conceal himself and show himself to be God as he used this little humble vessel of clay. Therefore, does that make the vessel of clay God because it was used of God? It absolutely does not. There has never been but one man who ever walked the path of this earth who was God in the flesh and he was none other than the Lord Jesus Christ, born of a virgin and not through any natural conception as was this human race including this gentile prophet. Col. declares that he who was born of the virgin birth, the Lord of glory was the fulness of the Godhead in bodily form. He was the Messiah, the anointed one of whom John the Baptist declared he was not even worthy to loosen his sandals. The prophet to this age felt the same. Throughout the ages since that time, all men have been declared sinners and saved by the grace of God and filled with a portion of that great eternal Spirit in order to manifest the Jesus Christ to the scripture who rose from the dead, ascended on high and interceded as a High Priest that the Holy Ghost might be given to you in order that you might have the Spirit of Christ (the revealed Word in you which was your hope of Glory) (Col. 1:27).




Recall, we are looking at this fan in his hand. God sent this message to the age to call out a people and bring them to the word or the threshing floor in order to purify, perfect and bind together an endtime believing people, who could once again be in that same kind of agreement and accord and have that same kind of understanding as did the early church, based of course on what the apostles taught. Furthermore, God knew in this hour as a people was restored back to that same Word of revelation it would be an hour of time the fan in his hand would go into operation and God realized in the same generation of time the fan was to operate there would be a people who at the end of the grace age would want to take that vessel of clay of the prophet’s in which God had magnificently used to work through in order to accomplish this work some of those people would fall into an idolatrous spirit as they would desire to take and exalt the flesh of this man to be very God. Beloved, it is right here in this very message of life that we first begin to see the fan go into operation because if Christ was not here in his flesh to baptize with the Holy Ghost nor was he here to haul the wheat from the field (world), he is not here personally or fleshly to apply the fan upon the threshing floor. Therefore, we must treat the fan in the same manner as we have his other operations seeing he has not been bodily present. You are the people this fan will work on; therefore, it is time to show you how to identify the fan in his hand.


Recall a fan was made when the winds were not favorable to serve in winnowing or fanning the wheat. They simply took any old thing and wove it together to create an artificial wind. Any old thing such as palm leaves or banana leaves. Sure they grow bananas in the Holy land; they have palm trees too. Palm leaves could make a good size fan. We, therefore, note not only can the fan be made out of anything, when it has served its purpose, it can be thrown away because it is no good, only some manmade object nevertheless it beautifully serves its purpose. Therefore, I must say and if you will study it out you will agree with me, placed within this very message which was designed to bring you onto the threshing floor or upon the Word, yes placed within the confines of this message are the very ingredients God will use to make himself a fan. Hear me, there is a fan woven into this message designed to blow you right off the threshing floor if you refuse to be brought onto the floor by a true revelation. Sooner or later we are all going to discover of what kind of spirit we are and it will be determined upon this floor. We are going to find out if we truly have the Holy Ghost and recall the Holy Ghost in this message which brought you to the Word of God (God’s threshing floor) will cause you to hear this message correctly. Correctly that is according to the thinking of the Holy Ghost. You will be able to see the true revelation as it fits perfectly within the Word of God, that is provided you have the Holy Ghost. If you do not have the Holy Ghost, the true Spirit of Christ, then you are only a carrier of the letter of this message, you will have served your purpose. It will be seen as you have only been the husk which attached itself to the wheat as you too had to be brought onto the threshing floor whereby the fan might be applied against you to see if it was possible to fan you off the Word or off the threshing floor.


Beloved, built into this message are certain statements uttered by the same man who spoke under the inspiration and it is these statements the Holy Ghost will use to weave himself a fan to create a wind of enough pressure if possible to blow you off the threshing floor. All will be subject to these winds. These certain statements will never take you to the scripture, they were not designed to, instead they were designed to serve as a fan to see if you can stand the pressure which they will create. These are the very statements people will take and compile and knit together to create themselves a separate revelation (from the Word) which, again I repeat, will never line up with the Word. Then beloved, it is plain to see why so many walking around today will not even preach from the Bible any more. Nevertheless, I have said time and again, if that man were here on earth and could stand behind a sacred desk do you know what he would have in his hand? Are you aware what he would preach from? It would be nothing other than this old book called the Bible. Beloved, I do hope you will try to understand what that prophet meant when he would declare, stick with the tapes and say it as I have said it. Now, there has to be a meaning behind that statement which must be properly understood because it so happens in practically every major point of this message which deals with a biblical subject whether it be Serpent Seed, 70 weeks of Daniel or whatever there will be found in the overall message dual statements which run parallel. ONE HELPS SERVE AS A FAN. Beloved, perhaps this will explain why we were faced with the only message which carried dual statements and this was the only messenger who has ever come upon the face of this earth who was permitted to speak in such a way. Nevertheless, I say because of what God will use these statements for it was ordained to be exactly this way because God needed a fan and the fan had to be built within this message. Therefore, in order for certain statements to be woven into a FAN it has to be something not scriptural because how could the true revelation take you off a true revelation and you with the true Holy Ghost to lead you into all Truth. Luther never spoke in such a manner. His message carried only one line of thought, that of FAITH. Everything he wrote dealt strictly around his revelation of Faith. Everything he talked about was around this revelation. He had no other revelation on anything other than faith. Calvin’s message was Eternal Security of the Believer. Naturally, certain Calvinistic teachers went to the far extreme yet that does not change the Word of God. There is an Eternal Security for the true revelated believer who is the elect of God. All the winds could not blow the elect off the word of God once they had seen, by revelation, the truth of their hour. Knox’s message was centered around Predestination and Wesley’s around Sanctification, yet all these men spoke and wrote respectively according to the revelation which was given within their hour yet not one of them spoke in a dual language. Again I repeat, this is the only messenger who has ever spoken in dual statements. Furthermore, this is the message where the fan is placed.


Listen carefully as I give you some illustrations of what I mean by dual statements and then you will see the purpose and operation of the fan and where it lies whereby you may be able to recognize its operation. Much is heard today concerning a prehistoric world. It is much a proven fact life existed on this planet in some form before our origin or beginning in the Garden of Eden. In the Seal Book, pg. 292, Bro. William Branham makes reference to someone criticizing him because of his belief pertaining to the story of Genesis. That person said, you don’t mean to tell me you believe such and such…I most certainly do, declared Bro. William Branham. I believe before the story of Genesis of man in the Garden of Eden there had to be life here, etc. Bro. William Branham says on Pg. 292, Seal Book he believes there was a creation here prior to this present one though he never at any time followed it with a message which would explain the subject more in detail. Later we preached and published an article on the subject entitled THE RISE AND FALL OF SATAN. Surely, no one could believe the devil took his original beginning in our Garden of Eden where already he was a fallen angel. Isaiah 14 tells us he was a mighty angel while Ezekial 28 tells us he was the most anointed cherubim who walked up and down amidst the stones of fire in the garden of God. Although this garden is also called Eden, it is not our Eden because our Eden was an Eden of plant life and not of stones of fire. Scripture teaches Lucifer was perfect in all of his ways until iniquity was found in him. Beloved, God found iniquity in Lucifer long before our Garden of Eden began. Eden means Paradise or Beginning of God. John 8, Jesus accused certain Pharisees of their being or their father the devil saying, the lust of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning who abode not in the truth but was a liar and the father of it. Naturally, carnal minded people try to start that fulfilment where Cain slew Abel. Beloved, when Cain slew Abel, Satan was only back up to his same old game again. Before the devil ever became a murderer and a liar, he was a righteous archangel yet somewhere Lucifer’s fall had to be in a prehistoric age because when our story of man begins in Eden, Lucifer is already the devil and is standing in the background waiting for his opportunity to move in. Remember, now I am showing you the operation of the fan, where it is that you may be able to recognize this operation because John the Baptist said it must come and with this fan he will thoroughly purge his wheat floor. Now brace yourself and note another statement by this same prophet who had just declared in the Seal Book, Pg. 292, he believed there was some kind of life here, sometime prior to our origin. However, in preaching a message entitled SATAN’S EDEN, here it appears he is saying all these prehistoric dinosaurs etc., were in our Garden of Eden. Naturally, someone is going to say, you are doing nothing but criticizing. No, I am not! I am trying to show you the operation of the fan and I am trying to show you a man who was permitted by the Holy Ghost to make such statements which could be weaved into a fan to blow away all of that which is not true wheat from the thrashing floor and since we are on the threshing floor of God’s Word we are going to have to be subject to this fan; therefore, it behooves us to know what the fan is and how it operated at the endtime. Do you know if there had been dinosaurs in our Garden of Eden they would have also been in Noah’s Ark and had they been in Noah’s Ark you would be running from them today. Every animal on the face of this earth today had an ancestor in Noah’s Ark; the horse, cow, etc, however, not one of these giant lizards, dinosaurs, etc. was found in that ark. Yet, beloved, God has allowed their bones to be buried and preserved through time to be infallible testimony that the Creator himself was the one who kept the history of all of that age prior to our own. When you take that and link it with scripture such as John 8, Ezek. 28, Isa. 14 and examine that statement where Jesus told his excited disciples who had returned finding the devils were subject to them through his name, said, I saw Satan fall like a (streak of lightning) (Lk. 10:18) Where did he fall? In our Eden? No, Satan had fallen long before that; therefore, there had to be another age and recall when Lucifer fell, quite a number fell with him. Now, I will say no more about this only we have an article entitled TESTING AND FALL OF SATAN if you are further interested. Surely, any true Holy Ghost filled Christian can take that statement and lay it right along beside Genesis, Isa. 14, Ezek. 28 and John 8 and determine Satan had a rise and fall in some prehistoric age where undoubtedly God had made this planet to be such a beautiful place for Lucifer to rule over before he fell, back when he was called son of the Morning, most anointed cherubim, placed to rule over this planet accompanied by a great host of angels. Centuries rocked on and the planet became heavily populated with these huge gigantic beasts then Lucifer was faced with a choice just as Adam and Eve were faced and pride took Lucifer. Pride led to murder and murder led to being questioned by the Almighty and the devil told a lie. That prehistoric man of which they are still finding his bones, who absolutely had no connection with you and I yet lived in some prehistoric world, was in no way like man as we know him because when God created man in our Garden he made him a little lower than the angels and crowned him with glory and honor that he should have dominion over the same planet. From scripture we learn Satan was standing in the background of our Eden waiting for his opportunity to seize control again of this planet. To me, it goes to prove one thing, he once had control of it and he isn’t going to give it up without a fight to any new rulership. God gave Adam and Eve an animal kingdom more their size because God knew once man had fallen into sin and enmity had appeared in these huge creatures, they would rip and tear everything to pieces and I seriously have my doubts if we would have any world population as we have today. This planet would no doubt be bleached with human bones lying everywhere. Therefore, God gave man an animal kingdom more his size, one which he could handle because he knew enmity would come between him and the creature once man sinned. Now, why can’t people get their face back in this Bible? Why can’t they allow the Holy Ghost to guide them? Recall we are looking at the thing which in this case (is statements from this message) which create and serve as a fan to fan people right off the foundation of this World.




I have a few more illustrations on major thoughts found in this message, only to show you the working of the fan in the spiritual sense and recall we said the fan was built into the message itself, the message designed to bring you and I to the threshing floor. It will be this fan operation which will prove if we are pure developed wheat. Step inside our Eden for a moment, where our fall originated. Recall how God had stated to Adam and Eve they were to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. Naturally, the key to all this lies in the word “re” which means to fill up again. A drinking glass which has been full of water can be refilled, even a brand new glass which has only been filled once can still be refilled. Yet, if nothing has ever been in the glass, all I could say would be fill it up. Never could I say refill it because it had never been full of anything before. Adam and Eve were commissioned to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. (So was Noah, Gen.9) How will they carry out this commission? Gen. 3 tells us there were two trees planted in the midst of the Garden. Naturally, in the Garden was every fruit bearing tree which bore fruit after its kind. In the midst of the Garden, he placed the Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and instructed the young couple they might eat of all the trees freely, but under no circumstances were they to touch the tree which stood in the midst of the Garden. For the day thou eatest thereof they shalt surely die. Beloved, if the tree of knowledge was a natural tree which bore some kind of plant life, man ate it and sinned and death followed, then we must realize if eating fruit of some natural plant life caused death then redemption from that death and sin must also come from eating some kind of plant life. Not desiring to get involved in this subject other than to show you the operation of a fan created by certain statements all we will say we have three lengthy articles dealing with this subject which are yours for the asking. The prophet explained what eating of the tree of knowledge was and how the fall came through the fact Eve had a relationship with the serpent. Carnal understanding thinks this serpent to have been some creeping reptile. That is not the serpent’s original form; he walked upright and talked. God gave to Adam and Eve who were created in his image, a creature which was at the head of the animal kingdom, who had a measure of intelligence that could be a servant to Adam and Eve. As the horse was given for man to ride and different beast of burdens were given to assist man in his earthly labors so was the serpent given to serve man also. Furthermore, my belief is this serpent was made in no other image than that of the prehistoric man and no doubt there was certain other animals in the Garden which also carried the same image and likeness as that of prehistoric animals. Perhaps the only difference being the size, ours considerably smaller. The serpent being the intellectual creature he was, afforded Satan an opportunity to use him for the purpose he did and once that was said it was left in the minds of certain people if the eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge which happened between the serpent and Eve was actually a sex act, in their minds that makes them believe sex is wrong and could never have been in God’s original plan to fulfill his commission to multiply (Gen. 2) which naturally cause people to wonder, originally just how was Adam and Eve suppose to carry out their commission of multiplying and replenishing the earth. Then a statement would be made by this messenger which would make it appear the original plan had not been sex at all, instead it was to be by the spoken word. Naturally, I was criticized for publishing our three articles TWO LAWS OF EDEN, FROM EDEN TO THE FLOOD and our last article BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY of which you may have a copy if you desire.


However, when we take all these dual statements into the Bible and try and find which one lines up with the Word and which one serves as a fan to fan people of the Word, it must be remembered even according to Bro. William Branham‘s own teaching that the Bible is the final test of any man’s revelation. Recall, in Bro. William Branham‘s messages, there are two separate statements along this line. One place he would show how before Adam and Eve could fulfill the divine commission of Be Fruitful Multiply, she was already found pregnant by the work of the devil. Many such statements are made along this line yet there are other indications where children would suppose to have been by the spoken word. Since both statements can’t fall in line with the Word, one serves as the fan, the other falls in line with the revelation of the Word. Let us turn to the Word before that fall ever took place.


adam's prophecyIsn’t it strange how Adam, after having been put to sleep in the first surgical operation which never even left a scar when God opened his side and removed a rib and formed a woman, seeing this beautiful creature, looked at her and prophesied; truly, this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, therefore, she shall be called woman, therefore, shall a man leave father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they two shall be one flesh. Recall, Adam and Eve had not had an earthly father and mother then why would he be talking like this, because God is speaking to him by revelation. God knew Adam was going to be a father as well as Eve a mother. The two trees in the midst of the garden were two laws by which the young couple would govern their marital life and birth of their children. Both trees involved sex, one being the divine route had there never been a fall, while the other was God’s provided or permissible way by which man chose to disobey God and accept the sex act strictly on a pleasure basis rather than fulfilling the divine plan of God to only use it to bring forth another son or daughter who would have been full of eternal life. Neither tree was plant life, both were spiritual trees or laws of God which first of all regulated their sexual pattern in fulfilling the commission. They were two laws whereby the family tree would reproduce itself. However, remember the serpent beguiled Eve and she committed the act of fornication under the wrong tree. God’s divine law of reproduction before that hour of sin worked in the woman’s body on the same principle as that of the other females of the animal kingdom. Satan, knowing that law in her body was getting ready to operate, approached the serpent who approached Eve through fornication. Knowing the act could now be used for pleasure as well as a divine purpose of God in bringing forth another son or daughter Eve approaches Adam with her newfound knowledge. Eve approached Adam strictly on the basis for pleasure not for the intended divine purpose to bring forth life into the world. Naturally, when the act was introduced to Adam strictly on the pleasure basis, God would not permit them to use it under the guidance of the tree of life and reap the benefits of Eternal Life, nevertheless, the working of the law inside her body is going to cause her to conceive by both relationships which had been introduced solely on the basis of pleasure. For using this act for pleasure only they were cast out of the Garden never being allowed to eat of the tree of life. Look back for a moment at what that act under the tree of life would have produced. Naturally, under either tree the law would have operated in her body. Man is only the carrier of the life germ. The law could only work in the woman’s body when the law had reached its full mature season. Then and then alone was the intimate relationship to be done which would have absolutely been holy and pure in the eyes of God and would have solely gathered the benefits of the tree of life. Recall, it is only when the law of reproduction is in operation in the animal kingdom that causes the female at that time only to search out the male to father her young. At any other time than when this law is in operation if a male approached the female she would not receive him and he would probably have scars all over his body. Had Eve put scars on the serpent as the female would do the male animal today we wouldn’t be in the shape we are, instead every baby would be born with Eternal Life. Motherhood would not be filled with sorrow. Childbearing would be as simple and painless as a peach tree bearing a peach. Certain statements along with his other line of thought would be uttered by this prophet that the original plan of God for reproduction was by the spoken Word leaving it in the mind of some that the original plan of reproduction was never intended to be a sex act, instead Adam would have spoken the word and children would have simply come forth from the ground. However, if that would have happened in the original, how would man ever have known a father or mother as Adam prophesied? How could man have referred to man as father and woman as mother yet again on Pg. 452 in the Seal Book, this same prophet used such statements as this, the sex glands were placed in the human body for reproduction of life upon this earth. This kind of statement lines up perfectly with the Word while the others to the contrary serve as the fan to blow you off the threshing floor of God’s Word.


Now concerning the next point which has also brought confusion, it deals with whether people walked out upon the ashes of the wicked before or after the millennium. First, you should read Mal. 4:1-3 then in the Seal Book, Pg. 100 and also 148 speaking of the office of Mal. 4:5-6 B Part, Bro. William Branham shows how this office restores the faith of the children back to the fathers and then the world judgment would strike and the earth would be burned and then the righteous would walk out upon the ashes of the wicked in the millennium. However, over on Pg. 150, he states the bride goes in with the groom. Then after the millennium walks out upon the ashes of the wicked and as you might know these odd statements are always out of continuity with his regular revelation of thought, nevertheless, they do take their toll leading people away from the Word of God.


Now, I will not at this time go into any more of these statements. Our only purpose in showing you these is to prove within this message are certain statements of revelation made to bring the Bride completely in line with the Word, while other statements were made to feed the carnal mind in such a proportion it would serve as a fan and believe me beloved, there is quite a fanning process going on. Again, I say these certain statements were given in this way because God willed it to be uttered, due to the fact that carnal mind will never catch any revelation of the Holy Ghost that will put them back in line with the scriptures anyway. Therefore, that carnal mind will take certain statements and without even stopping to see if they will fit into the scriptures will begin to run as the old saying is, hog wild and pig crazy, and search for other statements to tie in with what they already have; whether it links with the Bible or not, they could care less and then run off and say what they have is the message and that Bro. William Branham said this or that. While it is true, perhaps he did say it, but for what purpose? How is it to serve in God’s program? Remember many of these statements created a fan and right now it is fanning at everything left on the floor. If you cannot see the Lord Jesus working in this man’s life and ministry to reveal himself to an endtime people to put them into the revelation of this book then you missed the reason he was sent.


Again I repeat, there is a fan in the Lord’s hand which is his authority whereby he willed these same lips utter certain words which would be merely human expressions which would serve as a fan which is manmade to be used upon the threshing floor. The fan is strictly artificial and these statements do create certain winds of manmade doctrines while these individuals hide behind the prophet declaring he taught this as a revelation when he did no such thing. He brought out certain things man could use to make a fan to begin a fanning process and take people away from the bible truth while the true message puts the bride back in the Word whereby she may be on the same equal footing as the early church and believing in the same revelation of the Eternal God in which they believed. But what a shame it is today, nowhere beloved, did that early church look to a man in their ranks and call him a god. Certainly not! When Peter went to Cornelius’ house who fell on his face before Peter, Peter commanded for him to get up saying we are men just as you and yet he knew the will of the Lord. When Paul, over in Asia Minor, saw what those religious gentiles (though not Gentiles of the church) did, Acts 14, once they began to worship the apostles, the apostles rent their clothes in anguish. Not anywhere did the early Christian who walked in a true revelation according to God’s plan of salvation ever worship a man in their ranks, why because the preaching of the gospel enlightened those who perhaps in the past had fallen down many times and worshipped man identifying him with God. Nevertheless, those converted gentiles respected each one of the Lord’s servants as to the office they held and no more.


It was only within the Roman Catholic church which built their structure on the virtue of the Apostle Peter did the Pope in time build themselves into a chair of authority whereby they could demand their very church subjects to bow and kiss his feet or ring on his hand. Can’t you see how the Reformation was designed to get us away from all that whereby the time God would come on the scene down at the end of the age and manifest himself through a little vessel of clay to show us his grace in calling us back to the revelation of scripture and then for people to be so ignorant as to idolize the flesh of man as God, a flesh which God had greatly used there wanting to make it God simply because you can’t see God, truly it reveals that old attribute of an unconverted gentile who knows not the reality of a true God. This message was to make of you a Bible believing, apostolic Christian otherwise you haven’t seen Mal. 4:5-6. Turn back and read it. It says, he is to turn you back, NOT AWAY FROM or to another source, to some other spirit or some other gospel, NO SIR! That office was to turn you back to what those apostolic fathers taught whereby you could once again see God and recognize him in the ruth of revelation through a true spirit, through a true revelation that in such an hour as Satan would move in to bring death to everything around us closing in on every hand, then God by the same token knowing there would be a people at the end of the age with these carnal ideas who would attach themselves to this movement permitted the man to utter statements which are blended right into this message to serve as that fan-the same message pulling you into this Bible like a magnet is taking others, through certain statements which create a fan and absolutely fans them completely off the precious Word of Life, serving as God’s threshing floor! It is God’s doings, not man’s. See when I say that some critics will say you are saying the prophet made a mistake. No, beloved, I am not saying that at all. I am saying God willed him to say certain things because God was going to take those things and use them to create a great fan. God willed it to be so. Beloved, these statements are woven by people into their own private revelations. And why should these people teach from the Bible seeing they have no revelation on the Word because their revelation is contrary to the Word. Sometime ago a person approached me saying he wanted to discuss this message. However, said the man, if you want to know anything about what the prophet said in the books I will talk with you, but if you want to discuss it on the basis of the Bible, I won’t do it. Then beloved, all I can say is anyone who would refuse to discuss this message in the light of the bible, if their reality of being in this message has gone no deeper than that I doubt such a person has ever been called to preach, Rom. 10:15. It is the revelation of this Word the office of Mal. 4:5-6 was to restore us back unto. Therefore, I urge you when you read a Spoken Word book, study it as we do, study or read for the thought which will place you back in line with the Bible, however, if in reading you can’t seem to catch the thought or mind of God through the revelation of the Holy Ghost who is placing you back in this Bible, you should simply place that statement upon the shelf of your mind and leave it there until God shows you where it fits in the Word, otherwise, you will no doubt take the statement and go off in a different route completely away from the Word. In other words you would be fanned completely off the Truth. Why? Because Matt. 3:12 tells us there is a fan to be in his hand and that FAN is built right into this endtime message. It was the Lord who spoke the Word of revelation through the prophet to restore the Bride to the Word and it was also the Lord who placed the FAN within this very message. That is why denominations look at this movement and seeing only those adverse ideas springing up from the teaching of Bro. William Branham and they, realizing they fit nowhere in the Word automatically say within themselves this thing is from the pit of hell! Don’t we realize it had to be so in the endtime.


Church Age Book, page 328This Bible is God’s written Word and I would for a moment like for you to think of it as the fixed front sight of a rifle and the books which we love so much that contains within them God’s revelation along with man’s statements of thought. I would like for you to look at the Spoken Word books as the rear sight on a rifle. If you ever get the two sights in line, you will hit the target. In this case, the target is right on the Word. The front sight, being a fixed sight, synchronized with the bore of the barrel from the factory, is the sight you do not tamper with, however, in judging your distance to fire at a target, taking into consideration the wind which will affect the flight of travel of the bullet, it is up to the individual to set the rear sight accordingly because it is the rear sight which determines the angle you place the bore of the gun in respect to the target. Therefore, it all boils down to this, you must have a spiritual eye to align these two sights together to hit the target, which is the WORD, ere you shoot wild. This very prophet of whom certain individuals want to declare is God warned this movement (Pg. 328, in Church Age Book) making reference to the messenger to the age being a prophet messenger said he would have such power with God he would be mistaken by some of his brethren as being none other than the Lord Jesus Christ but his warning answer to this was HE IS NOT THE LORD JESUS, he is just one of the brethren.


Don’t we realize beloved in Matt. 24 Christ spoke in two different places showing how all this would wind up, they will say he is here or there, believe it not. Note who is bringing this false report according to Christ, some group in the endtime he refers to as they. He said they spoke this and watch what he says about why not to believe what they said. For there shall arise false christs (meaning false anointed ones) and false prophets going all over the world teaching such things. However, watch the Lord Jesus come right back and say, Lo, they will say he is in the desert. Now I don’t want you to miss this. But, Bro. William Branham took up this very same statement in this same paragraph on page 328 knowing it would apply to the endtime messenger who at that time many would be calling the Lord makes the following remark: Lo, when they say he is in the desert, believe it not or he is in a secret chamber, pay no attention to it. See beloved, there is a FAN in operation and it is in this message. Believe me, it is blowing like everything. Yes, out of that same message which called you to the Word of God, which is the spiritual threshing floor to thresh out all of your ideas that you would fall completely in line with this Word it is none other than this same message which has the FAN placed within it and is it ever blowing as certain men have taken certain statements which are woven into a FAN that shall blow against people. And if we don’t lay close to the Word of God it will blow us right off the Word back into darkness. I am closing with this illustration, these statements which are now woven into a FAN are in use and creating a larger, stronger and more forcible wind daily because they must sweep away everything or thoroughly purge the floor carrying away everything from the revelation of this Book which can be affected by the fanning wind and if you and I don’t have the Holy Ghost we will bounce right off with one of these strong winds. Some people say, oh but now I am so confused I don’t know what to believe. May I ask you one question? Do you have the Holy Ghost? If so, Jesus said this is the Spirit of Truth and will guide you into all truth showing you things to come and bring to your remembrance all things whatsoever I have told you. Beloved, the Holy Ghost will walk , lead and establish and assist you through these storms created by these winds of conflict which are blowing to take you off the Word. THERE IS A FAN IN THIS EARTH, IT IS NOT IN CATHOLICISM NOR IN PROTESTANTISM. It is in this message, THIS MESSAGE ORDAINED TO BRING THE TRUE WORD BRIDE BACK TO THE FAITH OF THE APOSTOLIC FATHERS, therefore, where else would you expect the FAN to appear except in the same place where God is doing his work with his wheat. This Word of revelation is the threshing floor, we had better get on it and I don’t mean put the book on the floor and stand on it either, IT IS THE REVELATION OF WHAT THIS BOOK IS TALKING ABOUT THAT YOU MUST STAND UPON. IT IS THIS MESSAGE WHICH WAS ORDAINED TO BRING YOU BACK IN LINE WITH THE WORD WHICH THE EARLY CHURCH LAUNCHED AND MEN STRAYED FROM, GOING OFF INTO THE DARK AGES. God desired to bring you back to it, not take you from it. Had he never wanted you to get back to the Word, he no doubt would have left the church in the Dark Ages. She couldn’t have been further from the Truth than she was in that hour but I am glad after all is said and done, this Bible and this one alone will be God’s final test for every mortal soul walking the face of this earth


Reading Between The Lines – 1972, August

Rev. Raymond M Jackson


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Babylon, that ancient city of Mesopotamia, is located beside the Euphrates River at the head of the Persian Gulf some 55 miles south of modern Bagdad, and it was here civilization as we know it after the flood was cradled. By no means did the name Babylonian apply to every living soul in the vast land of Mesopotamia, indeed not but only to those dwelling in the southeastern part, which is now referred to as southern Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. This region is often called Mesopotamia, meaning in the Greek, “the land between the rivers.” Babylon, in ancient times, was bound by Elam on the east, the Persian on the southeast and the Arabian Desert on the south and west and Assyria, who continually overran Babylon until 612 B.C., was situated on the north. Among its chief cities beside Babylon were Nippur, Erech (modern Warka) and Larsa, Ur (old home place of Abraham), Eridu and Borsippa. However note, according to history Babylon never rose to a political center of the land until the reign of Hammurabi (1700 B.C.) who is well known by history students for his most famous code of laws. It should be noted that he was not a Chaldean, seeing no Chaldean such as Nebuchadnezzar II ruled Babylon until 612 B.C.




The holy scriptures record in Genesis 10 and 11, gives all of this land of Mesopotamia a still earlier name calling it the land of Shinar. Here it was in this rich ancient territory, lying between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Southeast Asia, a migration from the seed of the three sons of Noah; Shem, Ham and Japheth, under the leadership of Cush’s son, Nimrod, drifted into this area several generations after the flood. It was here in this rich fertile Crescent, called land of Shinar, something drastic happened which changed the entire destiny of the gentile world, something secular history failed to record, although occasionally will refer to the tower of Babel. Nevertheless, because history is silent concerning this period stating only there was a people in the land during this hour and although little is known about them, it’s the Bible that tells the story of these people found in Genesis 10 and 11. Yes, there most certainly was a people in this area, a people who only a short period of time after the flood had already drifted from the knowledge of the living and true God! Genesis 11:2-9, must be read into the setting of Genesis 10:8-32, for a complete story upon these people who lived in the land of Shinar. Nimrod, the son of Cush, the grandson of Ham, several generations after the flood journeyed from the east with descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth and found the plain in the land of Shinar and there they dwelt saying one to another, let us take brick and burn them thoroughly. So, with brick for stone and slime for mortar they said let us build us a city and a tower whose top may reach into the heavens and let us make us a name lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the earth, Genesis 11:1-4. Yes, Nimrod came into this area with a people who had already departed from the knowledge of the true and living God to serve idols in this land later to be called Babylon. However, in that hour it was referred to as Babel, Erech, Accad and Calneh in the land of Shinar, all of which undoubtedly refer to ancient cities in the province of southeastern Mesopotamia. His kingdom reached throughout that area into Assyria where he built Ninevah, which later became the capitol of Assyria. The largest and by far the most important of these cities, since it was Nebuchadnezzar’s headquarters for his Baal religion, was later to be called Babylon or still another name, Babilu, meaning “gate of God.” However, you can be assured the gate referred to here has no reference to the living God of Heaven!




Little is known scripturally concerning Nimrod other than he became a mighty one on the earth and a hunter before the Lord. (Genesis 10:8-9) Nimrod in Hebrews means REBEL, and the Jews understood rebel to mean rebel against God for truly, from all history reveals concerning Nimrod and his kingdom, it most assuredly was a kingdom of rebellion against the God of heaven. Babylon is designated as the land of Nimrod, (Micah 5:6).




During the hour of Nimrod’s young idolatrous Baal kingdom, scripture declares in Genesis 11:1, the people of all the earth were speaking ONE LANGUAGE. Under this idolatrous leadership of Nimrod they were going to build a city and a great tower, which soon became a symbol of all their God defying disobedience and pride and the phrase “build a tower into heaven” later became a symbol as to the heights of idolatry, statues and temples, built by the gentiles after being scattered over the earth and other languages imparted unto them. It must be remembered the God of heaven did come down, confused their tongues and scattered these people unto all parts of the earth causing the city and the tower to never be completed, thus receiving the name of Babel because of all the confusion that was created. The scattering abroad of these people did not leave behind them the knowledge of their heathen, idol worship which they had learned under Nimrod in the land of Shinar, but instead carried this knowledge with them! Therefore, as their new life began in different areas of the world it was these same old gods and idols, created in the land of Shinar (later called Babylon), which were carried with them! Although it will not be until many centuries later that Babylon, largest city in ancient Mesopotamia, Nimrods old headquarters, will ever become the capitol of any Babylonian Empire, and when it eventually arises to that point somewhere around the 17th Century, it will by no means be a Chaldean like Nebuchadnezzar II who will be seated on the throne as our lesson today shows. Why? Because the Chaldeans of Babylon never rose to power until 612 B.C., when they pushed the Chaldean Empire into such a position it was recognized by the God of heaven as the first world gentile empire.




The Chaldeans never begun to migrate into eastern Mesopotamia until around 1000 B.C., and it is only after that period that Babylon is referred to as Chaldea being called that after those Chaldeans who were a non-Semitic people, migrating from the desert of Arabia (around 1000 B.C.). What is it all about? Around 1000 B.C., God began shifting this people into a position where by 612 B.C., they would be in power to crush the Assyrian Empire and become the first heathen idol gentile world empire.


It is sometime after the scattering and confusion of tongues that history picks up the story and records a people coming into this area called Sumerians, who were known as Hamatic descent. Their coming into the land of Shinar is known because of excavations, discovered records, etc.. Babylon’s rich soil was formed by deposits drained down by these two rivers and it was these Hamatic people who drained off the swamps and irrigated the land causing the land to become so productive, in areas it was referred to as the Garden of Eden. They developed extensive irrigation systems of the land basing their livelihood of farming and trading and are credited with such inventions as the wagon wheel, plow and the development of measuring and surveying instruments. Their utensils, ornaments and weapons reveal they carried a considerable skill in arts and crafts.




Hurrying on into the period between the 17th and 12th Century, Babylon was constantly overrun by many groups such as the Ammorite dynasty, Hittites, and etc., (more Hamites). However, when civilization finally revived around the 12th Century with Assyria having grown strong enough to become an empire and by 746 B.C., Assyria had reached its height as an empire having conquered all Mesopotamia, which included Babylon. Furthermore, they conquered Egypt and will have by 712 B.C., conquered Israel (the ten northern tribes) whose capitol is a Samaria.




Long before the 21st Century B.C., long before the calling out of Abraham from this area (Genesis 12) Babylon, as well as all Mesopotamia, was sunk deep in idolatry. No doubt, the Province of Babylon had the first large cities throughout this area. Since lumber and stone was scarce brick was used for building (Genesis 11:3). Note please, although these people by now are well advanced in their new languages, outside each city throughout Mesopotamia stood a religious, heathen temple or what was referred to as a “ziggurat”, consisting of several series of terraces with a temple honoring some idol god standing high above the top terrace. Why was no community or city in all Asia found where the teaching of the living God flourished? Why so soon after the flood has mankind forgotten his Maker and Creator, having lost all the knowledge of a true and living God? Were these people unfortunate? Had they never heard of the Living God? Certainly they had! Paul declares in Romans 1, as he was ready to take the gospel to the gentile especially at Rome, he relates to them how in olden days, sometime after the flood the gentiles had a knowledge of God, but would not retain it, instead they played with it. When eight souls landed on the other side of the flood the knowledge of this God of heaven was prevalent. Noah offered sacrifice to this God of heaven and this God even made a covenant He would never send another flood. (Genesis 9)


History records how Shem, who lived 500 years after the flood, (Genesis 11:10), along with Japheth stood firmly for this one Great Eternal God of heaven. However, it appears while the gentiles knew God as Paul said they glorified him not as God, neither were they thankful rather became vain in their imagination and reasoning, and their foolish hearts were darkened. They simply couldn’t let well enough alone. Professing themselves to be wise (thinking themselves smart) they became fools. And, according to Paul, what made them fools or become so foolish, they changed the glory of this one incorruptible God into an image, (or something else). In their mind or thinking they changed His image, made likened unto a corruptible man and to birds, four footed beasts and creeping things. God, seeing the way these people were going and realizing now what their imagination would get them into as they persisted in believing the image of the God of heaven who they could not see (because he was Spirit), changed His image first in their carnal minds and carnal reasoning into that of corruptible man. However, some didn’t feel He was like a man in His makeup, they thought perhaps he was more like a bird which could fly, therefore some made statues of birds; while others didn’t feel He either resembled man or beast so they made statues of four-footed beasts; then finally as they became more vain in reasoning some thought He resembled creeping things, therefore, statues of these things began to appear among the gentiles, and as time rocked on these people who were so persistent to believe to believe such things were sealed in their ignorance and God gave them up. Romans 1:25 says God gave them up, “Who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator who is blessed forever.” It all boils down to this and should be a great lesson to all of us if we persist in believing something untrue about the God of heaven and light comes to show us we have been in darkness in our thinking, yet if we persist to believe error, God will seal us in that error and allow us to go after the desires of our own heart and none can help us! Only history reveals the damage these dead, lifeless idols played in man kinds religious thinking. How horrible sexual sins were even introduced into their worship of certain idols.


In a few generations after the flood especially in the heart and mind of the Hamite race (not to exclude descendants of Shem and Japheth) no doubt, they can still remember their grandparents discussing the horror of the flood which drowned all mankind and the ark which preserved only eight precious souls. Yes, even in excavations of old Babylon such records of the flood has been found.




Heathen idolatrous priests rose up becoming the teachers of these new found religions centered around these new images such as corruptible man, birds, four-footed beasts and creeping things wherein God finally gave them up to their uncleanliness of thought and they drifted to every kind of perverted sexual sin in the category. These heathen idolatrous priests during those early days became most powerful often becoming the rulers of the people. Seemingly every little city in the province of Mesopotamia had its own god, which of course was some idol or statue as to what gentiles in the past had thought God resembled, Romans 1:19-25.




However, after the cities were more or less brought under one common rule, the local gods were still retained and given a special place in the hearts of the people. Nevertheless, Mardak (Baal) the god of the city of Babylon, Nimrod’s old religion by which he ruled Babylon and the province of his day, soon became the chief god of all the other areas of that country. And whatever empire was found ruling in the province of Mesopotamia usually always showed kindness or favor to the city of Babylon because of this being the headquarters of the chief god, Baal.




GENESIS 12:1-2


According to Haley’s Bible Handbook, Shem, Noah’s son, was still alive when Abraham received his call of God to go into Canaan. As a matter of fact, Shem lived 75 years after Abraham entered Canaan to begin this new nation. Abraham entered Canaan to fulfill God’s will some 427 years after the flood. Joshua 24:2, told the children of Israel Abraham’s father, Terah and the father of Nachor, was a servant of other gods.


It is from this area, from Ur (which is known as Ur of Chaldeas) somewhere around 2081 B.C., after God has permitted the gentiles to drift on in their own thinking and set up a religious program around these various idols building their temples etc., that God speaks to a man, (Genesis 12) (whose city also has gone completely into idolatry) leave all his kindred and everything and begin a new and different race of people who shall in certain ways be different from all these other idolatrous gentile people, different in the respect that these people who would be from the seed of Abraham would be able to hear, recognize and worship the one true and living God, who chooses only to reveal Himself unto whomsoever He will, these gentile nations are unaware God has given them up and such a plan is set in motion as He speaks to Abraham to move out by faith. Look now what Romans 1:18-32, has gotten the so called smart gentiles into. And although it is true Judah and Israel (after the split of the 12 tribe nation) wandered off into idolatry, Israel with her golden calf worship and Judah constantly being plagued with the idolatrous worship of Mesopotamia, especially Babylon, God’s purpose in calling this new nation which will not be referred to as gentiles did serve its purpose. To see that a nation of people was produced from the seed of Abraham (in the Old Testament) who could hear and worship the one true and living God, read especially the account of Hebrews 11, where there you find quite a list of Israelites who through faith or revelation were able to hear God speak.




While God is working out His new plan through His new nation, having given the gentiles to go after the lusts of their own hearts, His new nation called Israel who shall be guided and directed by the God of heaven is told by God Himself after freeing them from Egypt under Moses’s leadership that they must never build an image or try to erect any likeness of God as did the gentiles. (Exodus 20:2-5) God permits the gentiles to go on in their own deceived way to allow them to see what their dead idol gods can actually do for them. Assyria from the 12th Century, down through the 6th Century B.C., becomes master of all this area. The area of individual small nations and states vanishes forever with the rise of the Assyrians to power within the Fertile Crescent.


Assyria was a highland region overlooking the Euphrates region and shortly before 1200 B.C., these idolatrous hill folk who had their own idol gods began to press upon their neighbors in Babylon and Syria and by 700 B.C., became the total master of the Fertile Crescent, having conquered Egypt and Israel (10 northern tribes 721 B.C.) under their control. Up until this hour Assyria was the greatest empire the western world had ever known, however, because Judah and Jerusalem, the southern kingdom of Israel after the split of the 12 tribe nation, did not fall into the hands of these vicious idolatrous gentile people at that time seeing Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians around 604 B.C. Therefore, Assyria cannot be recognized as the first gentile world power nor can it be recognized as the beginning of the gentile dispensation, seeing that Christ, in Luke 21:24 stated the gentile dispensation was measured by a gentile flag flying over Jerusalem. Christ shows how the gentile dispensation of power would be ended once the gentile flag no longer flew over the holy city. Therefore, since Assyria never captured Judah and Jerusalem, although they crushed and took away the ten northern tribes whose capitol was in Samaria, they can in no wise be looked upon as the first gentile world empire only that they were the greatest gentile world empire; up until that hour.




How many recall the beautiful story of the prophet Jonah who feared to go to Ninevah, the capitol city of Assyria, which had more than six score thousand people who could not distinguish their right hand from their left, Jonah 4:11? God did not destroy Ninevah as Jonah had warned the people He would do, instead God heard their cry and spared their city for a considerable time allowing Babylon of the Chaldees to rise in 612 B.C., and crush their city becoming the new champions throughout the Fertile Crescent, and thus with Nebuchadnezzar’s capture of Judah and Jerusalem as the God of heaven delivered them into his hands for 70 years, Babylon now becomes the first gentile world empire and from that hour until 1967 A.D., no less than 24 different gentile flags constantly flew over Jerusalem, the holy city, while foreign troops marched within that holy city. Jerusalem, the city of peace, changed gentile hands 24 times during that period. Going back into the hands of the Jews in 1967 made the change come to 25 times!


Assyria’s rule was founded on efficient fighting methods. Iron weapons and ruthless treatment of rebellious people, few conquerors have ever been known to be as ruthless, cruel and heartless in war as these Assyrians. Cowed by this brutality, the people of the Fertile Crescent dared not revolt, however, as history reveals no people can lord it over others by the power of the sword for a very long time. After little more than a 100 years of total power the Assyrian Empire fell, from the assaults of two subject people, he Babylonian Chaldeans and tribesmen from the Persian mountains (Medes) and there was great rejoicing throughout the Near East as Ninevah, that wicked capitol city of Assyria of which God showed mercy in the day of Jonah, cruel and wicked as it was, fell in the hands of Babylon in 612 B.C., fell to a Chaldean prince, the father of Nebuchadnezzar II. After so long a time Babylon is once again in power, however this time it is under the Chaldeans, little had been heard from this region since those great days of Hammurabi, 17 Century B.C., until now, 612 B.C., when the Chaldean Babylonian kingdom rises to the position of the first gentile world empire, because God who still rules kingdoms permits them to crush Judah where our story begins today in Daniel 1.




Under the great King Nebuchadnezzar where our story begins today with Daniel and the three Hebrew children Babylon shall, for a short time, become the center of a new world empire or what God Himself refers to as the first gentile world empire. The people controlling this empire are called Chaldeans, therefore we refer to Nebuchadnezzar’s empire, whose father conquered Assyria, as the empire of Those Chaldeans, those people who had begun to enter into this area about 1000 B.C.




In the field of astrology and astronomy new Babylon made great and important progress. For the first time the stars were studied with exact observation. We follow the Chaldeans in naming some days of the heavenly bodies; Monday, Saturday, etc. We also have inherited from them the seven day period called our week, as well as the division of the day into two twelve hour parts. With the Chaldean study of astronomy went the belief a knowledge of the heavens had much to do with foretelling the future. This false science is called astrology and has deceived millions throughout history. Look at what influence it holds even today upon American people. You still hear the expression, “thank you lucky stars.” No less than five million American people plan their lives daily by the stars, while other millions constantly consult the more than 1220-1750 daily newspapers which carry horoscopes. There is enough business to keep ten thousand full time (and 17,500 part time) astrologers working. An estimated forty million Americans aided by ten thousand professional full time astrologers have turned the zodiac into a two hundred million dollar year business. Where did it stem from – THE CHALDEANS WHO ARE THE GENTILES WHO PUSHED THEIR KINGDOM INTO THE FIRST GENTILE WORLD KINGDOM.




Nebuchadnezzar is best known to Bible students for having crushed Judah and Jerusalem and for destroying the temple of Jehovah in 587 B.C. after having taken over the Babylon kingdom from his father Nabopolassar, the Chaldean prince in 604 B.C. As a matter of fact, outside his defeat of the Egyptians who tried to aid the crushed Assyrians and the capture of Jerusalem, little is known about Nebuchadnezzar’s military conquests during his 42 year reign. Instead he chose to follow the Babylonian tradition and boast of only his religious and architectural achievements saying little concerning his wars, therefore Nebuchadnezzar, this heathen gentile Chaldean king who was in total darkness, knew nothing of the God of heaven called Jehovah, yet one must never look upon him as not being religious. In fact he, like all Babylonians, were too religious serving many gods! He boasted much of his religious activities, such as rebuilding the temple in a height of 7-8 stories of the Baal (or Marduk) in Babylon, the chief god of all Babylon which had been destroyed during the days of the Assyrian Empire, the god which demanded great respect throughout Mesopotamia. Even before the Assyrians destroyed Babylon in 689 B.C., because of rebellion was first careful to carry away the statue of Baal for protection. Babylon long before Nebuchadnezzar came to the throne, always seemed to prosper through various periods simply because this god’s headquarters was there.




Even before the first great deportation of Jews began to flow out of Judah in 598 B.C., already the chosen and skilled in wisdom of Judah were chained and led away to Babylon of which no doubt Daniel and the 3 Hebrew children were already in Babylon around 604 B.C., (Daniel 2:1). No doubt as our main characters in chapters 2 and 3 of Daniel, where we are about to READ BETWEEN THE LINES (for an unusual story) were deported from Judah, it should be noted Nebuchadnezzar followed the same procedure as that of the Assyrian policy in deporting conquered people in order to reduce their local nationalism or strength especially, as we saw Assyria do in crushing Samaria and removing the ten northern tribes in 721 B.D., never being allowed to return to the homeland, however in this case Judah will only remain in captivity 70 years then be released to return home. Undoubtedly, after 604 B.C., as this little group was being deported from Judah which carried Daniel and the 3 Hebrew children, their forced march encountered many hardships, nevertheless as Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego along with Daniel finally approached the sight of that great ancient city in Mesopotamia called Babylon, the 4 young men who had always been faithful servants to Jehovah God purposed in their young hearts regardless to the cost they would not betray the God of Heaven. Daniel and the 2 Hebrew children were undoubtedly very young perhaps not over 20 when Judah fell to Nebuchadnezzar and they were removed from their homeland to Babylon, where certainly their faith shall be severely tested in a land of many idol gods in days to come.




However, as they approach this magnificent city of Babylon which has been described by many ancient writers marveling at the wonders and beauty of Babylon such as did the Greek historian Herodotus, who upon his visit in the 5th Century recorded how it was laid out in the form of a square. The Lord delivered Judah into the hands of Nebuchadnezzar who, in turn, instructs his chief eunuch to bring certain of the children of Israel who were well favored and skilled in all wisdom and cunning in knowledge and understanding science and such as had ability in them to stand in the king’s palace, and whom they might reach the learning and tongue of the Chaldeans. Just how many people of this caliber was taken out we do not know but among the number, verse 6 tells us, was Daniel, Hananiah, Misheal and Azariah (3 Hebrew children). After being given Babylonian names the four young men were placed in school. Verse 17 tells us unto these four young men God gave wisdom and skill in all learning and to Daniel was given understanding in all wisdom and dreams. Upon Nebuchadnezzar’s personal interview with these four boys he soon determined he had within his kingdom four young men which had been taken from Judah who had ten times the knowledge and ability of all the magicians and astrologers he had within his realm.




Chapter 2 informs us in the 2nd year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar he had a dream which troubled his spirit greatly, however the problem was, he had forgotten the dream. Calling upon his magicians and astrologers, soothsayers and Chaldeans, the king demanded an interpretation of his dream whereupon they requested the king tell them the dream and they would furnish the interpretation. To this the king answered, “it has gone from me”, and the king must not have been in a very good mood that day because he stated, “if you will not make known unto me the dream with the interpretation thereof ye shall be cut in pieces and your houses shall be made a dunghill!” Verse 5, “But is ye shew the dream, and the interpretation thereof, you shall receive of me gifts and rewards and great honor: therefore shew me the dream, and the interpretation thereof.” To this again the Chaldeans said, “tell thy servants the dream and we shall show the interpretation of it.” The king answered, I now of a certainty you would gain the time because you see the thing has gone from me. After the king had given his magicians, astrologers, sorcerers and Chaldeans this bitter news of their fate ere they did not come up with the interpretation, the Chaldeans exclaimed, “there is not a man upon the earth who can show the king’s matter!” Furthermore they exclaimed, never has there been a king, lord or ruler who would ask such a thing of any magician, astrologers or Chaldean. And it was a rare thing the king would request such a thing! Now note, this following statement for it is most important in that it has something to do with what happened in Chapter 3 within the mind of Nebuchadnezzar! The wise men said to the king, THERE IS NONE OTHER THAN THE GODS WHICH DWELL NOT IN FLESH THAT CAN SHOW THE KING SUCH A THING! Verse 11, to this the king became angry and furious demanding all his wise men in Babylon be destroyed, which naturally included those younger men being schooled for these cabinet positions, among them Daniel and the 3 Hebrew children.




We are about to see King Nebuchadnezzar receive the surprise of his life as orders has been given to destroy all the wise men of Babylon. What were these wise men of Babylon and why were they so important to the king’s administration? Recall after 612 B.C., when Nebuchadnezzar’s father, with the help of the Medes, crushed the Assyrians, who God had used to defeat and take Israel (northern house) (ten tribes) away in 721 B.C. The Chaldean empire now rises to its height engulfing a vast territory including Judah. Many different nationalities and religious ideas are incorporated into this empire, and therefore for Nebuchadnezzar to rule successfully over such a vast empire he certainly must have close contact with all these various people in order to secure and maintain a tight-fisted control at all times. Moreover, he must use a little initiative, or shall we say, a little psychology as he alone certainly cannot oversee this vast empire. Thus he chooses wise men throughout the various conquered territories to be placed in key positions. This board is called his personal advisory board and from Daniel1:3-4, we saw the quality of men throughout these conquered empires that Nebuchadnezzar was searching for to be his wise men (magicians, soothsayers, astronomers, etc). Note, every culture of life is represented in his cabinet. His wise men possibly were his philosophers, his magicians, the best in the land, no doubt did many slight of hand tricks when celebrities and dignitaries from other lands were entertained. His soothsayers, much like Jeanne Dixon, Irene Hughes and others.


Sometime ago I read a tract concerning how Mrs. Dixon testified she received her gift. She spoke of a vision where a snake wrapped itself around her body and when the experience was finished she had this gift!


No doubt important dignitaries from other countries traveled to Babylon to counsel with Nebuchadnezzar’s soothsayers. It would be amazing to know how many dignitaries in Washington and around the world have sought interviews with Mrs. Dixon and others like her. Yes, Nebuchadnezzar in his council undoubtedly had his Billy Graham’s who we have noticed has often given religious counsel to presidents of the U.S. Nebuchadnezzar had his Dale Carnegie’s to know how to win friends and influence people, and all the rest. This tactic was to have a cabinet behind him which represented all races and religious beliefs within his empire. And now Nebuchadnezzar had incorporated within his cabinet a representation of people who, unlike the others in his kingdom, serve a God of whom he, the great Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed his temple at Jerusalem and carried away his golden vessel into the land of Shinar, to the house of his own god. Nevertheless, Nebuchadnezzar is soon to learn more about this one God than he ever dreamed possible could be learned about any of the gods.


Undoubtedly throughout this short administration of Nebuchadnezzar up until his hour, he had often called upon his advisory board to advise and counsel him. If he wanted to know some far reaching predictions concerning plans for the future, he would turn to his astrologers. For recall both astrology and astronomy were rapidly growing in this hour of Babylon history. However, if he wanted to know something concerning some decision he must soon make, perhaps he would turn to his medium or soothsayer. As far as a perfect setting, carnally speaking within his kingdom, Nebuchadnezzar had a real setup. However, he has now incorporated into his empire a little group of people whose lives have been ruled and influenced by an entirely different source of power than that of demonism. Yet it now seems he is on the verge of abolishing what appears to be his perfect setup of cabinet members including all those in training to learn the Chaldean language, etc., among whom are Daniel and the 3 Hebrew children. The God of heaven looks upon the scene and reveals within this dream He is about to create an environment and set something in motion which started in that day and runs straight down into our very hour! (Something that is already at work in Europe today!)




It was during the second year of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign he retired for bed one night and as we shall later learn was pondering the future for his kingdom, etc. Although it doesn’t say it in those words that is what took place. Nebuchadnezzar had gone to bed with many thoughts upon his mind concerning the length of his kingdom, etc., and as he drifted off to sleep he had a dream. He awakened from sleep and although he had forgotten the dream it left a deep impression on his mind, but why should he worry, with such a board of wise men who always interpreted his dreams they would quicky give him an answer although this time it is different, he couldn’t remember the dream! It will be up to them to give both the dream and interpretation and not to do so means the loss of their life. Nebuchadnezzar is most disappointed with his board of wise men for no doubt he now believes them to be truly fakes. Instead of hearing what his dream was and the interpretation of it, he hears this answer, oh king, there is nothing short of the gods who do not dwell in flesh that can answer the request of the king!


Daniel, who is to be among the number slain, asked the captain of the guard, Arioch, what was the king’s haste. Arioch informed Daniel what had led the king to make his hasty decree. Verse 16, Daniel went in before the king and desired the king to give him a little time to show forth the interpretation. A brief stay of execution is granted and Daniel rushed to his house to make known to his three companions the terrible thing which is about to happen and instructs them to seriously pray for mercy to the God of heaven concerning this secret whereby Daniel and his companions would not perish.




Verse 19 declares the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision and was he ever a happy young man. Let’s listen to him as he blessed the God of heaven, for wisdom and might which is his. “He, Daniel says, changes times and seasons; removes kings and sets up kings and gives wisdom unto the wise and knowledge unto them that know understanding.” Daniel continued on in verse 22, still praising God for what he has done, “he revealeth the deep and secret things, he knoweth what is in the darkness and the light dwelleth with him.” Daniel is simply overjoyed as he realizes how his life and the life of his three companions will be spared, and he continues in verse 23, “I thank thee, and praise thee, of the God of my fathers, who hath given me wisdom and might, and hath made known unto me now what we desired of thee:” My, what a rejoicing prayer meeting Daniel is having as he continues to praise God, “for thou hast made known to us the king’s matter.”




Verse 24, Daniel hastens unto Arioch, whom the king had ordained to destroy all Babylon’s wise men. Destroy not the wise men of Babylon, Daniel exclaimed, bring me before the king and I will show unto the king the interpretation!


What is happening – the hand of God is setting a stage for something and Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego will play a lead role becoming the benefactors of what God is about to do. The king will receive the surprise of his life as he not only shall hear his dream and the interpretation, but for an added bonus he shall be told the thoughts of his mind which prompted such a dream. Arioch, with whom God had given Daniel favor, takes him before the king.


Let us examine our setting. Arioch, the captain of the guard, escorted Daniel, just a little humble but happy Jew, into this magnificent throne room of colored enameled brick where sat a bewildered and disturbed king, and said I have found a man of the captive of Judah who will make known to the king the interpretation. Why should he not be bewildered? His mind won’t allow him rest from thinking about a dream he can’t remember and the fact since no one but the gods can answer his request concerning his dream all of his wise men are soon to be executed. As the king looks up, seeing this young man standing before him in the presence of the loyal captain of his guard he ask, art thou able to make known unto me the dream I have seen and the interpretation thereof? To this Daniel answers, the secret the king has demanded can’t your wise men, astrologers, magicians, soothsayers, can’t they answer your dream, oh king? Verse 28, “But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets and makes known to King Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days.” The dream and the vision of thy head upon thy bed are these.


Here so early in the morning, perhaps long before the king would normally receive visitors, stands Daniel addressing him. Nebuchadnezzar was a royal king before whom dignitaries and representatives of other conquered powers had often stood frightened, bowing humbly at his feet, often begging for mercy or leniency. Recall, Nebuchadnezzar was the one responsible for Zedikah’s eyes being plucked out after his own sons had been killed before his very presence. Nevertheless, today here he sits on his royal throne all out of sorts, despondent and disturbed over his dream he simply cannot remember as this young Jewish lad begins to tell him, Oh, king, I have the answer to your dream troubling you; the one your magicians and wise men cannot answer but there is good news for you, oh, king, there is a God in heaven who knows all things! In order to convince you, oh, king, this is the truth, I am about to tell you, I would like to relate first some thoughts upon you mind that night when you retired for bed. Because it was these thoughts which actually produced your dream! I can see Nebuchadnezzar tug at his royal collar as he stares down at this lad, fascinated by his courage and boldness, yet speaking with such positiveness before royalty.


As Daniel continues, bit by bit the understanding of what he is saying slowly begins breaking through to the king, Oh, king, you went to bed and lay there for quite a while with certain thoughts running through your mind, pondering what would happen to your kingdom (normally why would Nebuchadnezzar be concerned over his kingdom seeing it was at its very height. Nebuchadnezzar knew from the past experience of other empires and kings how quickly fate would turn. How quickly conquered territories could band together and overthrow a ruling power. He no doubt remembers thoroughly the record of how his own father so easily with the help of the Medes upset and crushed the mighty wicked Assyrian Empire in 612 B.C., when actually only as far back as 689 B.C., just 77 short years before, because of strife between Babylon and Assyria, Assyria had completely destroyed the city of Babylon and is probably fully aware when Essarhaddon of Assyria next came to power; favored Babylon and rebuilt her city, restoring her privileges; how before his death his empire had been divided between two sons – one ruling Assyria and the other Babylon and from such a relationship conditions erupted into furious civil war, ending in the devastation of Babylon again in 648 B.C., and it was Nebuchadnezzar’s father following the death of Asshurbanipal of Assyria, with the help of the Medes had been able to seize the opportunity to overthrow and crush the Assyrian resistance, all by 612 B.C.),


Beloved, Daniel did not tell him this. This is actual history the king was more than familiar with and he was pondering – what about my kingdom; what about its future, not knowing the days of his kingdom were already numbered and would fall sometime later to the Medes and Persians. Recall, it was the Medes who had helped his father crush Assyria! Little did Nebuchadnezzar realize fate would permit the Medes to assist the Persians to overthrow the Babylonians! No, Nebuchadnezzar is not aware the days of his kingdom are already numbered, nor is he aware there is a God in the heavens who rules all things and has given him a dream which has disturbed him so greatly and not only explained the fate of his own empire, but there were three more world empires to follow after the downfall of his own empire.


Yes, in verse 29, even before Daniel touched on the dream, he told the king the thoughts in his mind that night, what should come to pass hereafter? It was the God of heaven (not one of his gods) who was showing to the king secret things which had never been known before concerning world kingdoms that should rise following his own. Verse 30, Daniel is careful to assure the king the secret is not given to him because of any wisdom he might possess more than someone else. Oh, no, but for their sake that the interpretation should be made known to the king; and that thou mightest know the thoughts of thy own heart. In the king’s mind things are slowly becoming clear and no doubt he is thinking, that is right, I remember now I was thinking along those lines about things hereafter as to what would be the fate of my kingdom, etc., I was thinking about my mighty armies which have been able to crush the Egyptian forces who tried to assist Assyria and everything else which has risen up before me has been crushed and brought under my control! Oh, think of it beloved, here stood a young man, maybe not over 20 years of age, telling a great gentile king things that were in his mind even before he went to sleep and had his dream – things his own wise men had informed him no one but the gods would be able to do, yet here stood a lad doing exactly what they said man could not do! Can’t you imagine the effect on this king’s countenance, how it must have changed as he witnesses something he has never encountered before? Through all his dealings with his wise men nothing could compare with what was happening now.




I can see Nebuchadnezzar prick up his ears like a pup dog and slide forward in his chair as Daniel continues, oh king, in your dream thou sawest and beheld a great image. This great image whose brightness was excellent stood before thee and the form thereof was terrible (slowly the dream is now returning to Nebuchadnezzar as Daniel continues). Never had he seen anything to compare with this! “The image had a head of fine gold, his breast and arms were of silver; his belly and thighs were of brass; his legs of iron; his feet part iron and part clay.” By this time Nebuchadnezzar is even more thoroughly convinced he had never witnessed anything like this. Was he standing before deity? Was what the wise men of Babylon said true when they exclaimed only the gods who have no form of flesh can reveal this to thee? Was this some god in human form standing before him revealing the very secrets of his own heart? One thing was sure, he had never encountered anything to compare with this! “You not only saw this gigantic image made of gold, silver and iron with feet mingled with iron and clay, but you saw something else oh king, you watched that image and you were so mystified by it because next you saw a huge stone cut out of a mountain (cut out without hands), and suddenly from a distance you saw that stone roll down the mountainside out into the plains and that stone didn’t strike the image in the head, the stomach, nor even in the legs; that stone you saw hit him squarely in the feet, on his ten toes and it smote the image upon the feet of iron and clay and broke them to pieces! Then was the gold, silver, brass, iron and clay broken to pieces together, and become like the chaff of the summer threshing floor and the wind carried them away that no place has found for them, but the stone that smote the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth. No doubt at this point Nebuchadnezzar is so flabbergasted at the ability of this lad as he wonders what can be the interpretation to such a dream?


God permitted this setting to happen in this very manner in order to set something in motion. Think of it, Nebuchadnezzar who had at his disposal the greatest of wise men Babylon could produce, at no time in his life had he ever seen such a display of wisdom. He had often watched his magicians at work with their sleight of hand magic. Have you even seen a magician pull a rabbit from a hat? Sure you have, but it wasn’t because they had power to create a rabbit, was it? No, you can rest assured it was a trick of the hand, but Nebuchadnezzar knew what he was witnessing was no trick, it was the truth! Daniel continues further, are you ready for the interpretation? By now Nebuchadnezzar is probably ready for anything and no doubt for the moment has forgotten he is the king, because he feels there is something far greater than a king standing here before him. He, being a gentile, could recognize the work of deity but can see no further than the flesh of Daniel. Verse 37, “Oh, king, thou are a king of kings: for the God of heaven has given thee a kingdom, power, and strength and glory. (38) And wherever the children of men dwell, the beast of the field and the fowls of the heaven have been given unto thine hand, and hath made thee ruler over them all, THOU ARE THE HEAD OF GOLD. (39) And after thee shall rise another kingdom inferior to thee and another third kingdom of brass, which shall bear rule over all of the earth. (40) And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron:” (well, by now that should explain to the king there are yet other kingdoms on the horizon.) No doubt as Daniel was explaining to Nebuchadnezzar how he was that head of gold on the image and how he was a king of kings, I imagine that made his heart swell with pride to think there was a God in heaven of whom he knew nothing who would do all this for him, for Daniel had said the God of heaven has given you the kingdoms of men. Nevertheless, after you shall arise another kingdom inferior.






Let us examine this for a moment, how can a kingdom arise which would be inferior and yet defeat him? The head on this image was fine gold and represented Babylon, the first world empire. Gold we know is the most valuable of all metals. The next kingdom which is inferior and shall overthrow Babylon is of silver, of lesser value than gold, yet it has one advantage, it was a little harder metal which we use for silverware, knives, etc. After that kingdom will come still another one represented by still a less valuable material, brass. Brass is still a harder metal, isn’t it? Watch for a moment how this applies with the culture of time. We note the advancement of man’s achievements are here illustrated in each of these metals. First, we see Babylon was soft (gold), that was a period in history when men were pliable and could be dealt with, however, once we come to the silver, their temperament is getting a little harder; then we come into the brass age which is still a little harder. In other words, we find culture, learning and science becoming more and more increased as men become more and more learned in the working of their earthly metals etc. Following brass came iron, and we know it is the strongest metal of all. This represents men in the Roman Empire. With iron you can mold and temper to bring forth steel and all other kinds of hard metals. Yes, iron is the hardest element known to man! However not, when you reach the feet of the image, which is the ten toes, Daniel was heard to express them as “in the days of these kings (verse 44) meaning, when man’s time would have existed long enough on this earth, this image would be represented by ten kingdoms of men which are signified in those ten toes.”




Now the rock you saw hewn out of the mountain without hands which hit the image on the feet or ten toes mingled with clay and iron, Daniel said, was the God of heaven setting up a different kingdom here on earth which shall eventually subdue all kingdoms of the world! Please note something here, for the first time in the history of mankind throughout all the entire Middle East never had there ever been a prophecy uttered that fell on the ears of a gentile that the God of heaven one day would set up a kingdom! Note further, where it would be set up, RIGHT THERE ON EARTH! In order to begin a kingdom there would first need to be a king born. From which race did he come, this king to head God’s kingdom, from out of the Jewish race of people of which Daniel was a part. Note also where, on this earth, the news of this kingdom was first announced – IN BABYLON IN A GENTILE KING’S THRONE ROOM! From the very territories from which the wise men came sometime after the birth of Jesus (possibly as many as 2 years) who had been born in Bethlehem of Judea. These wise men coming bearing gifts came from where, THE MIDDLE EAST! Somewhere from that far country of Chaldea, for these wise men were none other than astrologers and stargazers who approached Herod inquiring, where is he who is born King of the Jews, for we have seen his star and have come to worship him? Those wise men no doubt remembered how the record showed Daniel, a Jew, who had lived in Babylon in the 5th Century had interpreted their king’s dream wherein the interpretation of the dream was climaxed with the sign of a stone rolling down. One day that king who will head that kingdom must be born on this earth, and these wise men, who were none other than astrologers or stargazers in Christ’s day, were called wise men whose forerunners in this profession sat on the council of Nebuchadnezzar.




Believe me, such an interpretation as Daniel had given to Nebuchadnezzar was not something taken lightly! Indeed not! Undoubtedly it went down in the Babylonian records of the kings as one of the greatest phenomenons that ever happened. We must not think for a moment it was something pushed into the background and soon forgotten, else why would 500 years later wise men who studied the stars (astrologers) be led by a star to the very spot where the Christ child was? Those men were watching for something and believe it or not they knew what they were looking for! They were looking for the king (of the Jews); they were looking for one who had been born king to fulfill the latter part of that interpretation of a great dream given to King Nebuchadnezzar more than 500 years before Christ was born, and in the back of their minds still hung that unfilled prophecy of the lad who interpreted the king’s dream way back in the 5th Century B.C. THAT STONE WAS JESUS WHO WAS BORN KING! How often in the scripture was He referred to as the stone! Was He not referred to as the stone the builders rejected; the stone that would grind you to powder, etc. yet He was born of the Jewish race to fulfill that prophecy. Then one day while studying the stars in far off Chaldea these men saw something and here they came to Herod inquiring, where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star and have come to worship him! They could just as easily announced, where is he for he is the stone cut out of the mountain without hands of flesh, interpreted for our King by young Daniel, a Jewish lad, and since that time we have been watching and studying the stars to learn the time of this great event! No, it wasn’t a prophecy like some we hear today spoken from God and treated so lightly or soon forgotten. 600 years had gone by since this prophecy was given and Babylonian stargazers were still on the watch for it, and scripture records how their efforts were rewarded.




Scripture informs us how once Daniel finished interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, old Nebuchadnezzar, who had never bowed before any man, bowed before this lad Daniel. What did the king see in this lad that made him bow at his feet? Never had Nebuchadnezzar been spoken to in such a manner. Sure, he had seen his magicians do their funny tricks which impressed important visitors or dignitaries. He no doubt enjoyed showing off all his cabinet, seeing he had the wisest men in all his realm, feeling I have the finest magicians and when it comes to the stargazers I have the best; the finest scientists in the world, fortune tellers, why, I have the best; soothsayers, the best in the business and they are all in my cabinet. Why their predictions hit every time. Sure, he was proud of his cabinet, of their work in the past and it was only this once things had backfired and the king stood at a point where no one (but the gods) could help him as he was informed by his wise men, NO MAN WOULD BE ABLE TO DO SUCH A THING. THEN WHO AND WHAT WAS DANIEL? NEBUCHADNEZZAR, A GENTILE KING, COULD SEE NO FURTHER THAN THE FLESH OF DANIEL (THE PROPHET) WHO WAS USED IN THE REVEALING. It reminds me so much of the scripture found in Revelation 5, which declares the Lamb of God was the only one who could open the seals, and then for someone to declare Bro. William Branham was the Lamb of God simply because in 1963, he was permitted by the Holy Spirit to break into the Seals and reveal for the first time in church history that which was hidden within them, some poor people of this, like Nebuchadnezzar, could see no further than the flesh of a man. Nebuchadnezzar had been told, only the gods could do this, and here stood a young man doing it. Careful beloved, that you don’t allow that roaming spirit of idolatry resting upon Nebuchadnezzar to rest upon you!




Yes, this had been something God had created Himself to set something else in motion, not to cause anyone to look upon mortal flesh, and because the very secrets of the heart are being revealed make someone think this is a god in flesh standing before them! GOD WILL GIVE HIS GLORY TO NO MAN! Nebuchadnezzar, looking upon this lad standing before him showing absolutely no fear yet giving all due respect to his royal majesty, begins to wilt, and by the time Daniel had finished the interpretation, Nebuchadnezzar had become so flabbergasted and lost all sense of reasoning, he simply falls out of the throne chair flat on his face before Daniel and would have done oblation and sacrifice to Daniel. Why? Simply because Nebuchadnezzar didn’t think he was actually standing before just a mortal man like himself, but instead standing before this new god of whom Daniel had spoken – this God of heaven who had shown kindness to Nebuchadnezzar.




Now, can you READ BETWEEN THE LINES? Can you see what is going on today as well as what went on yesteryear in the courts of Nebuchadnezzar as a man revealed the secrets of the heart to a gentile? Nebuchadnezzar felt this was not a man, but a god which had come down in human form because recall, when he had confronted all the wisest men in Babylon who were unable to help him, he was told only the gods can do what you ask! When he confronted his most gifted soothsayers, astrologers, Chaldeans and magicians, they all had to shake their heads and say, we can in no way interpret this dream until we know what the dream is. ONLY THE GODS CAN DO THIS! But that certainly did not mean God had to come down in human flesh, in the form of Daniel the prophet in order to answer the king! God simply revealed to His servant prophet Daniel, who was no more God than the king himself, the dream, the interpretation and also what had been on the king’s mind that night before he had gone to sleep! Yet the poor flabbergasted, bugeyed king who had never seen anything to compare with this, saw nothing but a young man standing before him, and could in no wise differentiate between the two (MAN AND GOD), thus ending up worshiping Daniel. Does this remind you of anything that is happening today? IT SHOULD!




Verse 46 says, Nebuchadnezzar fell upon his face and worshiped Daniel and commanded they should offer an oblation and sweet odours unto him! For now the king is convinced there is no god like the God of heaven who is a God of gods and a Lord of kings and a revealer of secrets, seeing thou hast revealed this secret. The sad part of this story, which is so true even in our day, was this gentile king did not have enough (spiritual) insight to recognize how to differentiate what was God and what was human flesh, and I seriously wonder if we don’t have that same problem with that old spirit still pestering the gentiles today. Nevertheless, you READ BETWEEN THE LINES, man is still man and God is still God, He will never change. The only man ever commanded to be worshiped was the Christ, (Hebrews 1:6). Man can never reason God out; man is still just as carnal in that of his reasoning in his carnal mind as he ever was. Actually, perhaps today even a little more so because man’s mentality has been so molded to fit a modern scientifical age and he probably isn’t as pliable in this day as he would have been in that hour.


Don’t do that, exclaimed Daniel to the king. I am a man just like you! Get up off your knees, oh king, worship the God of heaven, not me. I am just his servant the prophet! Beloved, the king never got over this experience of what the God of heaven had done for him in his throne room that day and truly he wanted to do something magnificent for this God of heaven. The next verses, although recorded in the following chapter, will explain to us what Nebuchadnezzar did. No doubt time and again the statement of those wise men echoed in his mind, Only the gods could do this.




To get into the story where we must READ BETWEEN THE LINES, we move from Chapter 2 into Chapter 3, for it is what we have learned from Chapter 2 that we can safely say because of this experience of how Nebuchadnezzar met the workings of the God of heaven which creates the situation in Chapter 3. Nebuchadnezzar knows of many gods (plural). However, he is not fully persuaded there is no god like the God of heaven since Daniel has revealed the secrets of his heart, interpreted his dream, etc.! Although he does not know him personally the king says, there is no god like the God of Daniel and to him he has now moved up to first place among the gods, although it may not state it in exactly those words, in essence that is what he is thinking. Blessed be the God of Daniel! True, Nebuchadnezzar didn’t know the first thing about this God (what he looked like or anything) other then the revealed secrets. Nevertheless, this god had accomplished more than all the deities of Babylon of whom he was familiar. He only knew there had to be a god in that young man speaking through him, thus he said blessed be the God of Daniel. The last two verses of Chapter 2 of Daniel must not be ignored as they set the stage for Chapter 3. We see Daniel refused to permit the king to worship him; the king makes Daniel a great man giving him many gifts and exalts him to the position of ruler over all the entire province of Babylon and chief of the governors of all the wise men of Babylon. Daniel, not being one to desire to hog the whole show, requests the king to do something also for Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego. To this the king gladly did. So because of his gratefulness to Daniel, and because he wanted to please Daniel, he set the three Hebrew children over the affairs of the province of Babylon, but Daniel, look where he sat.




Watch closely in Chapter 3 as we see the climax of our story unfold into even a greater event. Chapter 3 is only a continuation of the true drama, for recall this chapter wasn’t written several years later, no, of course not, it is simply a continuation of the same story. It was other men who formed the material into its present form of chapter headings, etc., not Daniel. Daniel is simply writing a continuation of the true drama.




Approaching Chapter 3 what do we find? Verse 1 tells us Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of gold whose height was three score cubits, its breadth six cubits and set it up in the plains of Dura, in the province of Babylon. What do you suppose this image was? Dr. Scofield, author of Scofield Bible, and other leading theologians today would have you believe, with no basic scripture foundation whatsoever, this image symbolized united religions. For a while I thought that may be true, after all it had to symbolize something, however I am convinced today the image WAS NOT ANYTHING TO DO WITH UNITED RELIGION because beloved, the key lies in the fact, though Daniel is the author of this book, he is absolutely silent in this one chapter and that is most important.




In no part of the setting as terrible as it is, is Daniel anywhere portrayed at all. Why is Daniel’s presence missing in chapter 3, when the king had commanded his entire kingdom to fall upon their face at a certain hour and worship this image? Could you believe Daniel would bow to a golden image or an image of any description when in Chapter 5, under Darius the Mede, at the risk of being fed to a den of lions he refused to worship a heathen god, yet continued to pray three times daily turning toward Jerusalem! Nebuchadnezzar has commanded everyone in his kingdom to worship this image or be cast into a fiery furnace. DID DANIEL WORSHIP THIS IMAGE? Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego would not worship the image and were thrown into the fiery furnace because they refused, but WHAT ABOUT DANIEL, WHY IS HE SILENT IN THIS CHAPTER? WAS HE ON VACATION OR PERHAPS RUNNING AN ERRAND IN SOME FAR DISTANT LAND FOR THE KING OF BABYLON AT THAT HOUR? THE ANSWER IS NO!! Yet all things point to one fact, Daniel for some reason did not have to worship the image! Why of all people in the kingdom would Daniel be excluded and all the others forced to obey?


What could Nebuchadnezzar want with such a monstrous golden image as this? We recall from history how religious Nebuchadnezzar was concerning all his other gods; rebuilding the temple of the chief god of the Babylonian province, Marduk (Bali). There is no historical evidence where Nebuchadnezzar ever tried to unite all religions into one, for the scripture declares he had many gods. In olden days when kings and rulers felt they had discovered a new deity, because to them there were so many gods, the god of wind, storm, lightning, war, love, fertility and many, many others, to let an entire empire now there was now another god around, either a cult was formed around it, a temple built in its behalf or a statue or image made to portray this newfound deity. Nebuchadnezzar never got over the great experience he received concerning this god who he felt spoke to him through Daniel, for recall what his wise men had told him; ONLY THE GODS COULD DO WHAT HE WAD DEMANDING. Words of wise men are not pushed aside lightly.




Here you must read between the lines to actually get the picture of what is going on, one thing is certain, Daniel the top man in the kingdom was not required to worship the image, although all tongues, nations and people were! Soon after, Nebuchadnezzar completed his image, whatever it was, (a gift to his new found god) and the fact when God revealed Himself so mightily in protecting the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace, and then again in Chapter 4 when God touched the mind of Nebuchadnezzar causing him to wander about as an animal outside his own palace until he recognized the Most High ruleth the kingdom of men and giveth it to whomever He will. In each case we find Nebuchadnezzar writing to his entire province, not asking the people if they could find it in their hearts to honor the God of heaven but commanding them to honor and worship the God of heaven, and if he heard of anyone speaking a word against this God, he would cut them in pieces. Although they wouldn’t be required to do away with all the other gods they had accumulated, they would be required to recognize this god along with all the others. Therefore, I say in Chapter 3 as we READ BETWEEN THE LINES this image Nebuchadnezzar has erected in the plains of Dura is none other than an image to this new god he met in Chapter 2, who reveals secrets and this is the only way Nebuchadnezzar knows of showing appreciation to this god; it is his gift to the gods or in this case to this God. Babylon had no image of him around nor did anyone knew what he looked like. Later we shall discuss what this god in image form looked like as the king didn’t have the slightest idea. After all, how do you portray a god who reveals secrets of the heart? What would you make him resemble?




Nebuchadnezzar had to have some pattern to follow and he used the only thing he could see when the great event occurred, for after all it was Daniel, five verses above before, whom he was on his face worshiping as deity commanding oblation and sweet odours, sacrifices be offered unto the God of Daniel. And since Nebuchadnezzar could not see this God and could not differentiate between Daniel, the flesh man and the God who spoke to his prophet, Nebuchadnezzar fell on his face to worship Daniel the only thing he could see and observe with his naked eye!




Nebuchadnezzar calls in all of his news staff, which today we would refer to as the press, newspapers, telegraph, radio, television and all means of communication to send the word throughout his vast empire to inform everyone at a certain hour they were expected to fall down and worship this image, that is, ALL EXCEPT DANIEL! Verse 2-6 states everyone who would not worship this image at that certain hour upon hearing the orchestra (of Nebuchadnezzar day) sound forth they will be cast into the fiery furnace.


Nebuchadnezzar was proud of his achievement and everything had gone well until some jealous, envious, tattletales of his own cabinet came and informed him the 3 Hebrew children he had set over all the province did not worship the image. In other words, spies watched the Hebrew children. Why did they not watch Daniel? Because as it has been stated Daniel was not commanded to worship the image. Of course not, he would not be expected to worship his own image! Recall, it had been Daniel who requested these three Hebrew children be given some position and now the king is embarrassed, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, three head men of the province and affairs of Babylon under Daniel, has failed to worship the golden image and the king must take swift action because a king’s word is law in his province. After the interpretation had been given to the dream etc., Nebuchadnezzar showered Daniel with gifts and told him he was, from that day forward, to sit with him in the gate. You see, what had been done that day drew such an attention to the king he was ready to place Daniel beside himself, wherever he sat, Daniel sat. As a matter of fact, back in the beginning Daniel, according to Chapter 4:8, had been named by Nebuchadnezzar after the name of Nebuchadnezzar’s god. Wherever the king sat, Daniel would sit. Can’t you imagine when visiting dignitaries would come into the throne room to see Nebuchadnezzar, there sat Daniel alongside the king and some of them might say, But sire, who is this who sits in such an exalted position? To this the king might reply, He is my prophet; he reveals secrets no one can reveal; there is none like Daniel in all my kingdom, including all my wise counselors!


This was Daniel’s position, but as it has been stated, Daniel when he received this position remembered his three friends who were dedicated to the Most High God, and Daniel realizing and conscious of the fact God had done this only to show forth his mighty wisdom to set something in motion, requests of the king to give some position to his friends whose Babylonian names were Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego. See there is not a selfish bone in Daniel’s body. To this the king says, sure I can use them, and he set the three boys over the affairs of the province of Babylon. Naturally, this made the wise men and different ones who would love to have been exalted to this position themselves very jealous and they greatly envied these 3 young men because of this exalted position. After all, what had they ever done for the king; what wisdom had they ever displayed; why should they be set above the cabinet of the wise men of Babylon? However, at the time there wasn’t much they could do about it, never would they dare let the king know how much they disapproved of his decision, therefore they simply waited and watched every opportunity, biding their time waiting that opportune moment wherein they might accuse these Hebrew children for some disloyal act. Finally that hour arose, the 3 Hebrew children had disobeyed the word of the king, refusing to bow and worship the golden image.




Chapter 3:12, says certain Chaldeans came before the king and accused the Jews of disloyalty reminding the king, they regard thee not, nor serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou has set up. To this the king was furious to think he had three high officials in his province who would not obey his word. Nebuchadnezzar was embarrassed to think he had placed these three men in such high positions making them his personal governors representing his province in that huge city of Babylon. They had not even graduated from the king’s school, God had maneuvered this. Beloved, this is what I call real diplomacy. Politicians today will do any amount of undermining scheming, crooked dealing to get a man in office. No doubt it was also done in Babylon as it is done in Washington, London, in fact the whole world over. But oh my, here we see God doing certain things to get his men in key positions, how marvelous, he can maneuver and use a slight bit of diplomacy of His own to create certain situations and they say to his man, come on I want you here or there. When men will try a hundred different directions and still can’t make the grade, God simply placed this dream upon Nebuchadnezzar’s heart to life Daniel into that high position, and in turn Daniel requested the king and he exalted the three Hebrew children who had never been trained for such offices, placing them in these key positions telling them, you are my personal governors over all the province of Babylon, you are in the capitol city, it is your jurisdiction; you pass whatever legislation you need to get things done; a new bridge, sewer, road, build it. Want to grow trees in certain areas, it is your job. Sure, that causes jealousy in the cabinet membership. That bunch of Chaldeans, soothsayers, politicians couldn’t wait to get something on the Hebrew children and now they have the thing that is going to finish their administration and get them completely out of the picture, THEY THINK! Furthermore, this should place them in very good grace, informing on these traitors to the wishes of the king.


As we continue reading between the lines, Daniel takes up his new position and the three Hebrew children assume theirs, however it won’t be long until such a moral issue enters the picture, the Hebrew children (but not Daniel) are forced to make a grave decision, they will NOT WORSHIP THE IMAGE! We see as we read between the lines Nebuchadnezzar really played this thing up big. Everywhere it received top billing. As his great orchestra came out into the plains of Dura to furnish the music for the worship service, there were three Hebrew children who would not go to the worship service. In the background no doubt we could see these three Hebrew children up in their office praying earnestly before God saying, God you know we can’t do that, your very first commandment teaches us we are not to make any graven image of you in any form and worship it. Surely this image represented a deity, Babylon was full of them statues, idols, temples everywhere, yet the three Hebrew children have not been commanded to worship any of these, it was only for what this new image stood in which all Babylon was being introduced to this new deity. The Hebrew children had made up their minds, whatever the cost, we can’t worship it.


In the background you can hear the sound of that great orchestra as the signal is given to sound the music, and as the sound of those notes floated through the air as a signal throughout all the vast territory and province people who came to worship by the hundreds and thousands came into the plains of Dura and down to worship the golden image which definitely had to resemble something, WHAT COULD IT LOOK LIKE? I wasn’t there and you weren’t there, but that image had to resemble something! It wasn’t just a block of gold, it was an image of something that represented the God of Daniel to the king. Meanwhile back at the governor’s offices the three Hebrew children perhaps stared out the windows at times saying, it is bad but I am not going! No, they didn’t bow and they didn’t bend, they stood firm! They didn’t come out and show themselves, yet (probably) unbeknownst to them they were being watched. That old jealous bunch of cabinet members had placed spies in key positions where they could keep a constant surveillance on them. It was a plot!




We are reminded of another time when Daniel faced the same situation, only this time it was under Darius’ administration and his leaders (Cabinet Members) had watched Daniel so close trying to find something to accuse him before the king, they found him to be so faultless even though they were definitely searching for mistakes, they could fine none! He was even watched when he prayed. Chapter 6:5, tells us these spies said we shall never find any occasion against this Daniel except we find it against him concerning the law of his God, therefore they struck upon the brainstorm to approach Darius (after the Babylonian Empire had fallen) to make a decree for 30 days that if anyone would make any petition to any other god or man save thee, oh, king, he should be cast into the den of lions. You recall how Daniel paid no attention to that decree and the spies watched him knowing exactly what he would do, he continued to pry to his God and he too was reported for this disobedience and was cast into the den of lions. However, back in Chapter 3, here it is Nebuchadnezzar, who is king of Babylon, and he makes a decree concerning a god that does not affect Daniel, it is only the three Hebrew children affected here and being watched as a hawk would watch a chicken. Oh, don’t you see it, can’t you READ BETWEEN THE LINES and know what this image in the plains of Dura was? It is the image of Daniel! The king didn’t know what the God of heaven looked like. When he tried to worship this God, recall he worshiped Daniel! THIS IS AN IMAGE OF THE MAN DANIEL, that is why Daniel isn’t required to worship his own image. That is why Daniel is silent throughout the entire chapter. It wasn’t something that affected Daniel, however it did affect the 3 Hebrew children, they were required to worship the image and no sooner than the worship service was over these spies made their report. Those Chaldeans came straight to the king and reported the matter saying, Oh, king, you know those three Hebrew children you put in positions over all your province, who never worships your gods nor would they go out and obey your command to worship the image, what are you going to do, oh king, this is treason? When you make a decree; that is law, a law you can’t go back on. You said anyone who wouldn’t worship the image would be cast into the fiery furnace and three of your loyal, faithful cabinet members didn’t show up. Your majesty we think they let you down, don’t you?




My how this infuriated Nebuchadnezzar because this was most embarrassing, it makes him look bad in the eyes of his old cabinet members. The king immediately sent for Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-nego to come before him. I can hear Nebuchadnezzar sounding off at these young men, you sure have put me in a spot, humiliating me before my cabinet, making my judgment look bad in placing you in the high positions you have. After all it was because of your own brother’s advice and his love for you I elevated and promoted you to such a high position and now look what you did, you humiliated me before my cabinet! I don’t think you did me right, however I tell you what I will do, I will give you another chance. (Verse 14-15) Now at a certain time I am going through all this again just for you three; I will have the musicians there and when they strike up the band you better be at the worship service because after all it is only for you three I am doing this, and if you don’t appear I will order the furnace to be heated seven times hotter than it has ever been and there is no god, not anything that can deliver you out of my hands, snapped the king. (Verse 15) I can hear Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego as they have already made up their minds what position they will take in this matter, sure they love Daniel, but they were not about to worship his image, he is no god to them, he is only a man. A Brother! A prophet, and they respect and love him. I can hear them say to the king, oh king, we want you to know how much we appreciate all you have done for us ,and we don’t want to be mean and ugly and show a bad spirit, and we won’t stand here arguing all day about it, but our minds are made up. WE WILL NOT WORSHIP YOUR GOLDEN IMAGE. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME GETTING THE MUSICIANS OUT THERE AGAIN BECAUSE WE WON’T BE AT YOUR WORSHIP SERVICE! OUR GOD WE ARE SURE IS ABLE TO DELIVER US OUT OF YOUR HANDS IF HE CHOOSES TO, BUT WHETHER HE DOES OR DOES NOT, ONE THING IS SURE, WE WILL NOT WORSHIP YOUR IMAGE. THEREFORE, YOU MIGHT AS WELL HEAT UP YOUR FURNACE, HURRY UP AND GET IT OVER.




Where is Daniel all this time? Why is he not being thrown into the furnace also? You see, it is something which doesn’t affect him. He isn’t required to worship his own image. Let us notice what the scripture further says, verse 20, Nebuchadnezzar now commands his most mighty men in his army to bind the Hebrew children. You see, he called the biggest, bullied, brawniest men he had in his army to bind them. It was a fear tactic! Beloved, can’t you see those huge, burly soldiers, maybe 6’6″ weighing 300 lbs, muscular and with a huge sword strapped in their sides come walking in, that alone would be enough to scare you. No doubt they could pick them up and crush every bone in their body. Bind them, snapped the angry king. Notice for a moment how these three Hebrew children were bound. Verse 21 says, they were bound in their coats, hosed and their hats and their other garments and then they were cast into the midst of the fiery furnace. They made these men put on all their clothing, which included all their underwear, coats, socks, wrapped turbans around their head, etc. The king commanded all their clothes to be placed on their body, because once he had heated the furnace all the clothing would cause the three men, who wouldn’t bow to his golden image, to ignite much quicker and burn more rapidly, therefore dressed in all their underclothes, coats, socks, turbans, nothing exposed but their hands and faces, bound by these burly soldiers while the furnace was in progress of being heated with this terrific heat seven times hotter than ever before. Then I can see the king perched on some higher level perhaps built for this special occasion to view the whole show. Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego are snatched up by these huge soldiers and with them they start toward the furnace. However, the fire was so hot, flames were leaping out with such extreme heat these Babylonian soldiers couldn’t get close enough to toss the Hebrew children in before their own lives were taken by the extreme heat; consumed by the flames from the pit. Nevertheless, verse 22 says, the king’s commandment was of such hast the men knew their lives were under a death sentence if they didn’t carry out their assignment and the heat of the flames snuffed out their own lives in trying to fulfill their kings command.


God was absolutely causing the very thing which the king had taken to destroy God’s purpose and causes it to backfire on the king. (1) The biggest, burliest, meanest looking soldiers in his kingdom have been consumed by the flames, while the three Hebrew children go tumbling down into the fiery furnace. (2) God permitted all of that clothing, which was to cause them to ignite quicker, to suddenly serve as asbestos protection (note: I did not say their clothing turned into asbestos, only that it served as a shield or asbestos protection against the flames) because the scripture says the flames only burned away the cords that bound them. God simply permitted their clothing, which was supposed to ignite quickly and consume them, to become their protection against the heat. While the heat destroyed the bonds around their feet and hands, again the king is flabbergasted and bugeyed as he was in the day God revealed the secrets of his heart through his servant, because as he saw these huge, brawny soldiers fall backward gasping for breath, he suddenly yelled, hey didn’t you put three men in there? No doubt the officers standing in the background, wiping perspiration from their face and eyes created by the extreme heat says, yes sir, we did, oh king, as you commanded. But, but, I see four in there and one is liken unto the Son of God. Therefore, as Nebuchadnezzar looked down into the blazing pit and saw the three Hebrew children walking back and forth into the midst of the extreme heat and then an extra one walking there with them which the flames had not been able to destroy, Nebuchadnezzar astonishingly calls out, Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-nego, come out of there! Again I ask you to look at the setting, as those Hebrew children, unscorched by the flames, come walking out once again, the king realized he had come face to face with what was now the God of the three Hebrew Children. Therefore, he said blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego who has sent his angel and hath delivered thee. You see, before when he became acquainted with the God of Daniel, knowing only that he revealed secrets he simply didn’t realize that same God was the God of these Hebrew children. Also.




Where was Daniel all this time? Certainly he was still alive because he was alive when Darius the Mede came into power as the head of the 2nd world empire who destroyed Babylon and took over the kingdom after Belshazzar was slain. No, he hadn’t gone on a vacation, he hadn’t skipped the country to avoid worshiping the image, thus not being around when the three Hebrew children were thrown in the furnace, he was still in the capitol city. Why is he silent? Read between the lines and you shall see. Nebuchadnezzar was confronted by the God of Daniel as he had used Daniel that day to interpret the dream and we saw Nebuchadnezzar ready to do oblation and incense and offer sacrifice to Daniel. The king simply couldn’t get over that experience and he thought, I have to do something for the God of Daniel, therefore he thought and thought and since he didn’t have any revelation on this God and couldn’t see any further than the person of Daniel himself, therefore Nebuchadnezzar made an image which looked exactly like Daniel himself! Fanatical you say, not in the least. Nebuchadnezzar, being a pagan gentile king, had no idea it was wrong to make an image to the eternal God of the Jews. Why? Because that was one of the pagan’s ways of honoring their deities or gods. They made images to all their deities. Nebuchadnezzar had no idea God had instructed Israel, Thou shalt make no graven image of any likeness, etc., as His very first commandment. Why? Because God doesn’t dwell in any such form, but the King didn’t know that! All he knew about this God was what he had seen as his heart was being revealed. Therefore, he thought to show his gratitude he would build this huge golden image. It would be his way of showing his appreciation for the great thing Daniel had done for him. Nevertheless, he was doing the wrong thing! Beloved, if God wouldn’t permit the Jews to get away with such a thing, certainly He will not allow Nebuchadnezzar to get away with it either simply because he is ignorant. No, God will simply reverse this thing and through it allow Nebuchadnezzar to even get better acquainted with Him. If you could only read between the lines, beloved, you would see a perfect picture. Nebuchadnezzar could never get over that experience as Daniel had stood before him revealing his thoughts that night before he drifted off to sleep and the dream came. The secrets of his heart had been revealed and only God could do that (so says the wisest men of Babylon) therefore, I must do something outstanding and great of this God of Daniel, and naturally being a king and a world ruler at that, he must really play it up big whatever he does. However, there was one drawback, he didn’t know what this God looked like, therefore in his mind he said, I know what I am going to do, I will make an image likened unto Daniel and that is what he did and placed his image in the plains of Dura. Yes, in his mind and heart he thought he was doing something great for the God of Daniel. Nebuchadnezzar thought he was doing a BIG favor and to top that he would require everyone in his kingdom to worship this image or be sent to the fiery furnace. He would order everyone to bow down and worship the God of Daniel. Forcing all to worship this image was Nebuchadnezzar’s way of seeing the God of Daniel was worshiped. Where was Daniel while all this was going on? Why the king would be a fool to ask Daniel to worship his own image, certainly he would! The king wouldn’t require Daniel to worship his own image and that is why Daniel is silent in the 3rd chapter and not affected. He simply wasn’t required to, there was no cause for him to speak in his defense as he wasn’t required to bow. Daniel happened to be only that living individual the God of heaven had so magnificently used.


Once Nebuchadnezzar had begun construction on the golden image, and perhaps not as yet fully realizing what the king planned, in my mind I can see the three Hebrew children at different times conversing with Daniel saying, wonder what the king is up to; would you have an idea, Daniel? Daniel would probably say, yes, I have a good idea, you see he never got over that thing the Lord did for him that day. Now place that statement alongside what the three Hebrew children told the king saying, Our God is able to deliver us out of your furnace. However, whether he does or doesn’t is up to Him, one thing is sure, we will not bow to your image. Because of this remark Nebuchadnezzar is furious saying, if you don’t I will heat the furnace seven times hotter than ever and who is the God that will deliver you out of my hands? Nebuchadnezzar thought, once I get my hands on you, you have had it. Nevertheless his thoughts are soon to be changed as he learns more about this God who reveals secrets. After the three Hebrew children were tossed into the furnace Nebuchadnezzar, surprised and astonished, saw the form of the fourth man walking in the flames also. He saw that angelic form walking around fanning back the flames from the three. While laying topside on the ground were dead corpses of his greatest soldiers scorched with heat. Looking down into the pit the king called unto Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego to come forth and blessed; the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego. Yes, Daniel was silent through the 3rd chapter because he is only the living character used of God which set a stage for God to reveal himself within that great Babylonian system before a pagan king, and that king in turn desiring to do this God a favor or service made an image or pattern looked like that of Daniel. Those three Hebrew children, knowing that and realizing the commandment of God never to worship an image, was not about to fall down and worship their God in any such fashion.




How should man worship God? John 4, reveals Christ and the woman at the well in a conversation concerning this very thing. Jesus says the Father is Spirit and searches those who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (not by making golden images unto him). Nevertheless, that is the only way pagans know how to honor their deity, erecting statues and worshiping them. Therefore, the Hebrew children refused, not because they didn’t hold great respect for their brother, Daniel, they refused to worship because it was wrong. Man is man and God is God, worship God only! Undoubtedly Nebuchadnezzar felt he had a good motive yet it was not according to the revelation in the plan of God and the thing backfired on him. It will backfire on anyone foolish enough to try and worship any man as God other than the Lord Jesus Christ! Therefore, we should note what the king did once he had blessed the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, Throughout his province he sent word all the people should worship the God of these Hebrew children and praise their God. And a warning was given, if anyone said anything against their God they would be killed and their property destroyed. Perhaps later the Hebrew children explained to the king why they could not worship his golden image, that we don’t know? However if we READ BETWEEN THE LINES, we will see why Daniel was silent in the 3rd chapter. Once we come into the 4th chapter we find the setting swing back to him as the king had still another dream, only this time he saw himself under the trees and the dew of heaven falling upon him as he was eating grass like some animal. It was Daniel again who interpreted the dream for the king. Babylon’s wise men were no match for any dream of God, they simply couldn’t handle it as it always required God’s servant as interpreter.





Beloved, listen, this was the first time a gentile nation had ever been stirred by a display of the power of God or had ever been witnessed to by such great wisdom, manifestation and insight of God. How amazing it was to them (especially the king) how Jehovah God could take a little vessel of clay and use it in such a magnificent way. Although not so among the Jew who had seen great demonstrations of God. No, by no means was it something new to the Jewish people who carried such testimonies recorded in the scriptures of God’s supernatural workings. They knew God could speak and reveal things in this manner and it was by no means anything new to them for, ever so often the God of heaven would raise up one in their midst called a prophet to speak unto them as a people in just such a manner. Therefore, in that respect the Jew was very familiar with the power and demonstration of God and here we are careful to note the reaction of the gentiles over such a demonstration as the period of the gentiles reigning over Jerusalem began. It was definitely the first time God had ever bestowed Himself in such a manner on the gentiles, and beloved, that leads me to say this, it was here in the closing of that gentile dispensation in this last Laodicean Church Age of the gentile church that God took a little, uneducated gentile sinner saved by grace and showed to this age of gentiles a mighty display of this power in also revealing the secrets of the heart!


Yes, uneducated as he was in world’s terminology of education, nevertheless, he could stand on platforms across the world and tell people who they were, where they had come from; their house number, addresses and their diseases. And do you know what happened? That same old spirit of Nebuchadnezzar is still among the gentiles today! True, we have the best means of education schools of learning, etc., nevertheless that same old spirit is still here in the gentile world today. Don’t think for a moment Nebuchadnezzar wasn’t religious, he most certainly was! By no means was he an atheist, he was very religious. Why, he had invited every religion of every nation in his jurisdiction into the city of Babylon. After all, was not Babylon where it all began, under Nimrod and Simeramus his companion. And to them it is only just one more deity among the collection. However, this God is different from the rest seeing he reveals things and right her in the end-time among what is supposed to be bride people who heard a message and saw things revealed I can see that very same old spirit which rested on Nebuchadnezzar as he too had never seen it on this wise, rest on a Gentile people still today. Gentiles today, like Nebuchadnezzar, were just as flabbergasted as gentiles were in that day over the working of such a god through his servant. They too neither can seem to differentiate that display of God’s Power from that of the human flesh any more than could poor Nebuchadnezzar, there what do they do? They do the very next thing, simply deify the flesh of man and set something up within their own hearts, and that something is an image and that image of this man ha become a god in their soul! No, they don’t create a literal fiery furnace with a certain degree of heat; it is just that in their own carnal way they attack in the same way Nebuchadnezzar attached the three Hebrew children who would not worship his image as he did and think they are right even as Nebuchadnezzar was so positive he was right! I am glad to report there are some Hebrew children who I believe had the right spirit and still have enough true revelation out of the Word of God to realize and recognize God is still God who sits in the heavens and rules the universe, yet small enough to get inside the being of a fleshly man and speak from his mouth, and see through his eyes, and work through his hands to confound man in his physical makeup, and yet still at the same time remain to be the same God in glory! Therefore, READING BETWEEN THE LINES we see it all started here in Daniel 2, and it is we ourselves who stand at the end of this dream and the revealing power of God and see that same old spirit among gentiles which always deified flesh of human beings is still in the earth working today. Recall how, beloved, because of the supernatural power of God working in Peter and Paul, they too were worshiped as Deity by the gentiles. (Acts 10:25, 14:8-18) God is still God who will give His gory to no one. I thank God I was privileged as one gentile to see that same God take another vessel of clay in our hour as He did Daniel in his hour. A vessel of clay who was as much human as Daniel was human. A vessel of clay that needed redemption as much as did Daniel. Daniel was in no way deity and neither was this vessel, William Marrion Branham, in any manner deity any more than the prophet Daniel, whom Nebuchadnezzar worshiped who stated before the multitude even as Daniel himself did before the king, oh king, this is not done because I possess any more wisdom than any one else, but it is or the same (cause); it is for those living today that they may know what is to befall in the latter days. Right there in Daniel 2, God started his prophecy concerning what one day he would do and beloved, we stand at the end of that very prophecy. That prophecy being fulfilled at the very end of this gentile dispensation where soon that stone which came rolling down the mountain out into the plains and struck the image in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream upon its ten toes, will soon transpire for you recall when England (along with those other three nations) placed her signature on the bottom of that agreement which the Common Market, economically those ten toes on the beast are beginning to come together. Therefore, that lets us know somewhere in a not too distant future the destiny of time will have cut out of the mountain a rock or huge stone which all the storms of time cannot hinder; it will come down and strike the image at its feet, on its ten toes and therefore the image of all gentile powers and kingdoms will vanish giving way to that one great kingdom (age) just ahead called the Millennium or glorious thousand year reign where the very God himself in the person of Jesus Christ shall rule and reign, and in that day THE LORD SHALL BE KING OVER ALL THE EARTH AND THERE SHALL BE ONE LORD AND HIS NAME ONE. (Zechariah 14:9)






This leads me to say this morning something I wish I didn’t have to say. I Am forced to say, realizing that this is being taped to the world, but I have left the ministry for a cause that I am sorry I have to leave for and perhaps many of you have heard it. I am holding my office in leaving the field. I don’t know where our Lord will lead me to and that I have no control of for what He will have for me to do I am thinking of the end of the road where I must come.


Then along life’s journey I have made so many mistakes and I am very sorry from my heart of it because I guess of being human in weakness etc., causing a person to do things or say things that even they would not want to act of otherwise being the weakness of a human being while we have those times, but if there is anything that has been in my heart to do was to hear those words of our Lord Jesus Christ at the end of our journey to say it was well done my good and faithful servant. And many times I have said I would like to have been standing there when he said come unto me, but I did desire to hear is said well done. That I did not hear the voice in the original say come to me back in the times of the writing of the Bible, but I do desire to hear it said well done and if any thing I always wanted to be and the desires of my heart to be was a true servant to Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. I want my testimony to be clean, clear cut that I stood in all my mistakes I yet loved him with all my heart and do that this morning with all my heart.


And because of that it forces me to say I am leaving the ministry is because there is something that has rose up amongst the people that has caused me to do it, that is that I have been taken from my bracket of a minister or brother in being called Jesus Christ and so that would brand me as an anti-christ and I’ll meet God as a quitter before I’d meet him as an anti-christ, away from him!


I heard of it a few years ago and I thought it was a joke and I met a couple of brethren, which I don’t see in the meeting this morning, 2 or 3 of them in a fishing trip and they approached me by the subject to say, Bro. William Branham, aren’t you the anointed Messiah the Christ, and I put my arms around the neck of both brethren and oh, I said, brethren, as much as I have tried to be a true servant of Christ, I would not let you say such a thing as that and if it would ever be said of me, then I will leave the field with a clear conscience and you who would do that will be responsible for whatever soul that I would have saved during that time, see for taking me from the field, and I thought that ended it, and I heard it a few more times, but it wasn’t so. And the other day in Canada a brother showed me a little ticket packed in his pocket, said William Branham is our Lord, baptizing in the name of William Branham and a little precious-fibbing enemy, it had been my enemy I would have knowed it was a joke but a precious darling brother come up to confess his sins and his wrongs and saying me as being Jesus Christ, and I have got letters at home and calls from Chicago and different places asking me if I believe that dogma.


Now I’ve got all kinds of letters that have come in the last few days and calls from different places all saying that I was Christ. BROTHER THAT IS A HORRIBLE, DISGRACEFUL, UNGODLY LIE OF THE DEVIL and I AM YOUR BROTHER. Now that would run any person from the field; that would make anyone that loves Christ run from the very thing! I went to the Lord here not long ago when I first heard it, about a year ago, and then he referred me to this scripture that when John came forth preaching that they hadn’t had a prophet on the earth for so many years till they were all amazed in their hearts thinking that John was the Messiah, so then they went and asked him and he said he was not, you read that in Luke 3:15, and then so that kind of quieted down so I let it go like that, but then when it come to this then I knew that something must be done.


Now I say that the vision and the angel of the Lord that appeared at the river, if this is to be my last message or last thing to the church of the world, those things are true as far as the angel of the Lord. And I stood still and the people called me a prophet many times cause a prophet in the English many times is just a preacher, a prophesier, a foreteller of the word and etc., I stand for that cause you can just kind a push that down, but when it comes to being called anointed Christ that was too much for me so I just couldn’t stand that and so then after leaving the meeting in Canada, I found out way up in Eskimos or the Indians up there it got among them. And so it just tore me up and the trip that I had planed for so long I could not take it. I was afraid of a hunting accident, do you understand what I mean? I got so shaky, worse than I am here now, and I just couldn’t stand it any longer to think that 31 years the ministry went down the devil’s gutter pipe! I’m gone, there they say he is, that’s exactly what all the influence it has on the people then you see where it would be, I’d be an anti-christ! And I just couldn’t stand it, I thought I’d rather die here in the woods, like I fell on my gun or something, and I seen it was? (unable to understand voice, Ed.) about my little Joseph and etc., that had to be raised and I was in no condition to hunt so I just left the woods and come home and I had been home about 8 or 10 days and in such fix I thought I would lose my mind and I just asked everybody to stay away from me and let me alone and I was in such a fix and nervous and upset and all tore to pieces. I wondered if it had been some enemy of mine it would have been alright I would have laughed and gone on, but when it comes to being precious brothers and precious sisters, then is what hurt me and I said, Lord, the thing is too great for me. I’ll just have to go out and leave it in your hands! I don’t know nothing else to do.


A few nights ago, to make it sure I had a visitation from the Lord and I seen a previous one, a baby serpent which was yellow and black and the thing struck me in th leg, but the blood was so rich it didn’t take affect on me and I looked down and there was where I had been bit before and I turned quickly and shot the thing with a gun and hit it right in the middle of the thing and the brother said, I’ll turn with my gun to shoot its head off. He said, don’t do that, just pick up the stick laying there by him, and when I turned to pick up the stick it wiggled into some water, just a small puddle of water and I said it cant hurt much any longer. Now because I believe the brother realizes – the brethren – what happened, I said it’s mortally wounded so it’ll die. And I asked many of my members of my church here in this tabernacle here – – Bro. Neville and I – came approaching us with that question. Brothers and Sisters: haven’t I tried to be a true servant of Christ before you? Have not I tried to be your brother? Whatever it is it’s a spirit on precious people. Many people have asked me that, but it’s a spirit, and I hope that today that it receives the deadly wound and will die quickly so I can return back to the ministry. Until then, I’ll ask you each one to pray for me, I don’t know what I’ll do, put up my place for sale, I just can’t stand it, stay there and I’ll go complete stark-mad and I ask you to pray for me and remember if you ever believed me to be a servant of Christ, remember that is an error it’s also THUS SAITH THE LORD! It is wrong, have nothing to do with it! I AM YOUR BROTHER!!


Back to the Bible – 1972, July

Rev. Raymond M Jackson
Rev. Raymond M Jackson
Rev. Raymond M Jackson

The Nail that Made History because one man believed God’s Word…

all of it…

to be of prime importance

For centuries, men had toiled under the harsh rule of the Church to win salvation by good works. One day the Word of God as revealed through Saint Paul found audience in the devout heart of a young monk named Martin Luther. As God illumined the Word to Luther’s hear, he nailed his theses to the cathedral door and the Reformation was born. In his wake followed such men as Knox, Calvin, Zwingli and Wesley. God used them to change the entire history of the human race. God’s Word…ALL OF IT…held the answers to the problems of their day. It provides the only answer to the problems of today.



No one could doubt that the church of the living God has not made great progress or that it has not come a long way since Matin Luther boldly stepped out in 1517 declaring before those German Roman Catholics of his hour, THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH (in the Word). Here for the first time in well over a thousand years do we begin to hear of a people even beginning to return back to the Word of God for their understanding and faith. Sure, there had been many attempts to reform the present church of that hour which for so long had held Europe in darkness, yet unbeknownst to Martin Luther he was not on the verge of causing a reform within the church, by no means, this was God’s first step in starting a people back on the long road to the beginning where someday a people would find themselves planted firmly back upon the pure, apostolic revelated gospel, the foundation, which was the faith, and Martin Luther declared THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH. This of course, was shortly before the world ever heard of the word protestant or even before one denomination had been formed other than that of the aged Mother Church which alone existed and as it was taught in that hour that those who would live, shall we say godly, as to what godly was interpreted in that hour meant one lived strictly by the teachings of the church and that salvation was in nothing other than what the church taught. That was over 450 years ago and since that day, many thousands of saints have discovered more meaningful the term THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH! Since that glorious day when the original truth which had once been preached by the early church slowly began to break forth as revelated light permitted it, much of the pagan darkness of Rome and her doctrines were being exposed.


The church responsible for completely destroying the revelation of truth after 325 A.D., which eventually brought Mal. 4:5-6, B-Part, upon the scene did the following:

●   Changed the one spirit God to three Gods.

●   Changed the name of Jesus Christ ministered in water baptism to Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

●   Changed Bible immersion to sprinkling.

●   Changed the Holy Ghost to Confirmation.

●   Changed holy living to living like the world.

●   Changed apostolic Bible doctrines for church creeds and ancestral traditions.

●   Changed Jesus, the mediator between God and man and gave that position to his mother Mary.

●   Changed the Lords Supper to the mass for monetary gain.

●   Changed faith in God to faith in the pope to forgive sin.

●   Took God from his Word and put God in the Church

●   Changed the Bible ministry to a priesthood.

●   Tried to destroy the Bible thus bringing on the Reformation wherein some truth was revealed yet it was not until that office of Mal. 4:5-6, came upon the scene to actually restore the children back to the fathers’ original teaching do we see that revelation fully restored.


Oh yes, much of the original truth of the gospel of Christ had been reestablished in the earth long before God sent the spirit of Elijah, Mal. 4:5-6 B-part, upon an endtime church age prophet messenger to restore a people from all walks of religious background within the Laodicean Church Age back upon the full apostolic revelated gospel as had been presented in the very beginning to the Jew first and then to the Gentile by those gallant apostles of truth. Yes, many great truths in bits here and there had already been restored by the Holy Ghost through these reformers or courageous men who led in some part of the great Protestant protest. However, the light and truth which came from these leaders eventually became denominated and many break-offs from these movements appeared after their fires of revival had simmered. Seemingly, up until this hour within the 20th Century no man had ever held an office in the gentile church such as did this endtime prophet in knowing just how to take all of these great restored truths which came up through Protestantism and bring them all together into one message and call that message the ORIGINAL APOSTOLIC TRUTH!! Interlocking these truths together which had been kept separate from each other as they had been well guarded by the great walls of denominationalism for so long, this prophet took all of these revealed truths declaring they had all originally been in the apostolic days and during that hour had all been joined or interlocked together forming the framework of a man’s foundation belief-the faith or his great salvation. And furthermore, placing them together not only as salvation, but each in its proper place interlocked together revealed the overall plan of God for his church. There was still much restoring to be done upon the arrival of this prophet messenger to Laodicea, seeing each denomination claimed as their inheritance certain portions of this truth broken in bits and now scattered throughout the world. Yes, much unfinished work was to be accomplished by this messenger who seemed to know exactly where these truths fit in the framework of God’s great salvation for mankind. Much work had to be accomplished within a bride people before that day could arrive wherein the church of the living God could possibly be able to qualify as the church spoken of in Eph. 5:27. Get this, the church Christ would return for was not one which would be all wrapped up in the ideas of man, but instead would be a true revelated bride church wrapped in her beloved, Jesus Christ. Yes, wrapped in the revelation of his revealed Word and being the very center and thought of her attention. Furthermore, she would be completely restored fully back upon her original revelation where she was in the beginning and thus having built her Christian life or brought herself unto the perfection of the saints through the five-fold ministry, having reached the fullness of the stature of Christ shortly before Christ receives her unto himself. Remember, beloved, no scripture indicates Christ will return for just any old church; any old idea or belief-No SIR! Christ returns to receive as his bride who serves with him throughout the millennium as his queen, a people who have been led unto perfection or reached the stature of a perfect man through a five-fold ministry as we shall later show, nothing can help her reach this point but that ministry. It is most important we recognize the bride church which he returns for in the rapture (not necessarily the resurrection) must be the one identical in doctrine, character, obedience and ministry as was that one he originally planted in the earth in the first century A.D., on the day of Pentecost which continued and lasted in its present original form throughout the lifespan of those original apostles before she began dying away from her original hard-core stand. Yes, dying away in order to reproduce itself later on in the season as illustrated by Christ.


To better understand why Christ will return for such a church as the original, one must first understand the unusual teachings of Christ, how through parables this was to be. Using an illustration of the farmer who plants a seed in the ground and awaits the hour he may harvest his seed – Christ recorded in Mark 4:26-39, how the kingdom of God was likened to a man who had planted seed in the ground and how that seed would spring up and grow (he knoweth not how) for the earth bringeth forth fruit to herself, first the blade (meaning the little shoot that comes up out of the ground – after the seed had gone into the earth and died off, changed its form and came forth not in the likeness of the little seed that went into the ground but as a shoot or blade). Jesus said first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear (shuck or head), depending on whether it be corn or wheat). And when the fruit is brought forth (meaning once the shell or outer appearance surrounding the germ seed of life planted in the earth dies off, the germ life of the seed itself now springs forth and note, takes on different forms as it grows within the stalk itself before the time of the harvest when it has reproduced itself into the same original likeness of that of the original grain planted. And oh, how true it is when Jesus said man knoweth not how it is done. Nevertheless, this is the process of God in allowing the seed to reproduce itself. Because it is not until the seed reproduces itself does he put forth the sickle and bring in the harvest. Such an illustration is used in referring to the kingdom of God. So is it also true, Jesus Says, with the church of the living God, for after all it was his church (Matt. 16:17) Christ had in mind while using this parable for illustration. Many other parables did he use that involved the farmer, seed sowing and harvest time wherein the seed produced from the stalk would always be in exact likeness and quality at harvest season as that of the seed planted in the earth in a previous season of time. How important this procedure is for it pertains strictly to the revelated church of the living God. Furthermore, it is important to note although the life of the stalk, the blades, the shucks or heads etc., nothing is found there which resembles that of the original seed planted in the beginning. Nevertheless, all of this within the stalk does have life or is a carrier of life up until a certain period of growth within the stalk. Not until the appearing of the grain itself in the head will you ever be able to see any resemblance as to that which was originally planted. Beloved, that is why Christ could use the corn of wheat to illustrate the kingdom of God in its growth throughout the earth from beginning to end. It was that seed of the corn of wheat that must be planted into the earth and before that little seed can ever break the crust of the earth, nature will see to it that its outer shell or form dies in the ground and the germ life of that seed changed its shape before eventually breaking forth through the crust of the earth. No, not in its original shape when planted, but shall appear in altogether another form and those forms continue to change and add to – until the process is completed and at the top of the stalk will appear the exact likeness of that which was planted as also further illustrated by Jesus in Matt. 13:24-30.


Three things of importance should be underscored in the process and growth of the seed from the time of its planting until the time it is harvested, (1) the original appearance and likeness of the original seed planted never appears anywhere throughout the life of the stalk unto the harvest season. (2) Although the original likeness does not appear until the harvest season the stalk itself will remain green with life until the time arrives that all the life and nutrients stored within the stalk are to be pulled up into the head to feed and nurture the little grain which is to be reproduced in likeness and quality as to that which was planted in the beginning. (3) The object in planting and reaping unless one is using hybrid seed (which is certainly not a product of God) – the farmer who plants wheat expects to reap in a harvest of exactly the same kind of seed planted. In other words, no farmer would ever expect to plant wheat and reap corn or barley. Every seed will reproduce after its own kind. Likewise the church, therefore, once the real true revelated gospel seed is dropped into the fertile heart of an individual, it cannot help but produce at harvest the kind of seed which was planted there in the beginning. If one has a desire to see the procedure of the true church from its beginning and what it will look like in its harvest and what it resembled as it traveled throughout the grace dispensation, study or watch a wheat farmer raise his crop of wheat and there he will have a beautiful illustration furnished by the Holy Spirit and illustrated by Christ exactly what this church in the endtime will be like. It will be exactly like that which was planted in the earth in the beginning in its original form before any of its outer form died off.


To know what the endtime church will be and how it became that is simply to go back and reexamine the seed church planted in the earth on the day of Pentecost, lasting throughout the lifespan of that first round of five-fold ministry before its original outer appearance of the germ life died off. What did the church in the beginning, before any of its outer form died off, resemble? What ingredient was found within the seed planted before it died, changing its shape and began to spread throughout the earth and eventually becoming a great tree (Mark 4:30-34). The church in its beginning represented by seed planted was one based purely upon the revelation of Christ, having within it a pure, unadulterated seed gospel of one God, not three persons but one God in three offices – it was one body, strictly undenominational. It was a church which followed strictly the leadership of the Holy Spirit; it was a church called the body of Christ made up of many individual members with the head of that body always being Christ when it was being planted within the earth. Furthermore, it was a church which held an undying devotion for her Head, the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a church which followed strictly a five-fold ministry of apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists who were instructed by the Spirit of God to lead the body of Christ on into the revealed Word until they had reached unto the stature or growth of the perfect man, Christ Jesus, Rom. 8:29-30, Eph. 4:11-12. It was a church clothed only in the pure revelation of the Word of God and last, but not least, it was a church which had active within its midst and ministry the nine gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor. 12:1-31) and the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). And recall, it was a body of people in the earth who, according to Christ throughout all these illustrations of his parables, should serve as the seed church planted in the earth to reproduce itself an exact likeness at the end of the harvest. Therefore, it must be understood they were not only people with an undying devotion for the truth of God’s Word, placing Jesus Christ in the very center of their attention and devotion but, furthermore, it was a people who were built solely upon the foundation of the teachings of the apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone, Eph. 2:20. That has been only a glimpse of the original seed church planted in the earth and remember that is the only kind of church which will ever be raptured. Anything short of that will never be wheat grain accepted by the master to be placed in his barn at the end of the harvest season. Matt. 13:30. Bear in mind, I am not speaking of an individual alone, but of people as a collective, many membered body within the earth today referred to as the body of Christ, his church, Col. 1:18.


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Yes, according to all the scriptures available on the subject, Christ will have a bride church at the endtime identical to the structure and makeup of the one which he planted in the earth almost two days ago (2000 years) 2 Pet. 3:8. James the apostle carries this a step further in portraying God as a farmer who awaits patiently his crop throughout two special rain seasons and says in James 5:7, be patient therefore brethren unto the coming of the Lord, behold the husbandman (God) waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth and hath long patience for it until he receiveth the early and latter rain (upon the crop). I care not to dwell upon this much further seeing we have an article entitled THE LATTER RAIN which explains and shows in diagram form the procedure of the church planted in the earth as it represents the seed which brings forth the harvest, going through its two special rains, called early and latter, upon the crop. Early rain being the rain falling upon the crop in the beginning while the latter rain appears just about harvest time. This article (Vol. 2 No. 8) is yours for the asking. Our only desire here is to refresh our memories on certain details pertaining to the life of the seed itself as it travels within the stalk and grows until it once again takes on that original resemblance and likeness in its appearance as to that which was planted and to further see exactly where the true body of people are today as they also are typified within the stalk.


Therefore, I think it is most evident while examining the church which was planted in the earth on the day of Pentecost and realizing how Christ himself likened the kingdom of God and its earthly growth unto that of a grain of corn of wheat, just how impossible it would be to think that Roman Catholicism (which was totally responsible for the complete dying away of the church from all of its original form) nor Protestantism throughout its some 450 years, yes, or even Pentecostalism which was responsible for the restoring of the gifts of the Spirit to the endtime bride people, none of these could have at any time resembled the original church no matter how hard they may have tried. Why? It was impossible because of the hour of their growth on the church stalk. True, 20th Century Pentecost did resemble more of what the original church looked like than anything else on the stalk prior to it; nevertheless, it is only in the harvesting season of the grain do we actually see the reappearing in its likeness to that which was planted in the former seed. Everyone, I am sure, realizes if the seed gathered in a harvest should be placed under a microscope the ingredients of that which was found in the original seed planted will also be found in that which is harvested. Therefore, it is not until the harvest or the calling out will a people within this grace age be seen to be an exact resemblance of beauty, character and quality as was in the church planted in the beginning on the day of Pentecost.


The original likeness as stated could nowhere have appeared within the stalk, the blade nor the ear, but only in the full grain itself (Mark. 4:36-38). Yes, because it was green, showed it did have life; nevertheless, that life existed only until all nutrients within the stalk were needed to be pulled up into the head of the stalk to bring the grain into full maturity. Likewise, will carnal denominationalism which already carries a death curse upon it (Rev. 3:1) live only until the life, the nutrients and substance within the church stalk were needed to fertilize and nurture the pure grain and assist in bringing the grain into its maturity. Just as the natural stalk itself at this time dies in the pollination season (that period of time when the male life rises up to express itself within the stalk), whether we will accept it or not, the denominational and Pentecostal carnal organized religious world dies out in its usefulness to God also and while Christ (the revealed word) rises up through this endtime message and takes the nutrients and revelation from their portion of the church stalk, drawing it up into the head to feed the wheat grains which he will perfect and harvest, what do we see Catholicism, Protestantism and Pentecostalism doing, fulfilling scripture of course, fulfilling Matt. 13:30. Yes, the talk today between denominational leaders is–what steps can be taken to lay aside certain teachings which keep us all apart? What can we do to bind ourselves into one church and, believe it or not, it is agreed by theologians from Romanism, Protestantism and Pentecostalism, the one sure thing binding them all together faster than anything else today is the glossolia movement.


We do not mean to indicate that no one within the glossolia movement does not receive the Holy Ghost as they claim people by the hundreds and thousands in all walks of life are doing. No sir! But this we do believe and know that those out of that group who do receive the true Spirit of God will certainly be led by that Spirit into the fullness of his revealed word for he will not be a Spirit that will tell these people they may settle down comfortably in their own particular denominational church doctrines and even go deeper into their carnal teachings with his blessings (when he is crying COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE, Rev. 18:4), as seemingly this spirit of glossolia is doing. Meaning that if you are a Roman Catholic you won’t be like Martin Luther, get revelation contrary to the church and be forced to leave, no! However, it seems the spirit of this movement simply makes you a more loyal Roman Catholic with a greater love and devotion for Mary, the Mass, etc. Yes, that holds true with whatever movement you are presently attached to, no matter how dead, how carnal, how unscriptural or how much that particular movement uses its leadership and influence to promote as quickly as possible a one world church with the Pope of Rome being the head pastor. It seems from where I stand looking on, the objective of glossolia is going to fulfill the scripture in Matt. 13:30, 36-43, where Jesus stated he will instruct the reapers at harvest time to gather together first the tares (that which so closely resembles wheat) and bind them in bundles to burn them while he gathers the wheat into the barn and it now appears the experience called glossolia which carries the high endorsement of religious leaders is the binding cord which will be used to tie them all together, at least it appears to be the strongest cord at the moment.


Clergy Disavow Bible

When 10,000 Protestant clergymen in the United States were asked what they believed, over 7,400 gave replies. They were asked: “Do you believe that Jesus’ resurrection is an historical fact?” Fifty-one percent of the Methodist ministers said “No”. Thirty percent of the Episcopal priests of America could not accept it, nor could 35 percent of the United Presbyterian preachers, 33 percent of the American Baptist preachers, 13 percent of the American Lutheran preachers and 7 percent of the Missouri Synod Lutheran ministers. When asked if they believed in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ as a biological miracle, 60 percent of America’s Methodist preachers said emphatically “No”, as did 44 percent of the Episcopal priests and 49 percent of the Lutheran ministers. When they were asked about the Bible itself, 82 percent of the Methodist preachers said they did not believe it is the inspired Word of God and the same reply was given by 89 percent of the Episcopal priests, 81 percent of the Presbyterian clergy, 57 percent of the American Baptist clergy and 57 percent of the American Lutheran clergy.


Yes, James declared God was waiting patiently for the fruit of his field which he will receive through an early and latter rain upon his crop. The early rain being upon his seed church as it was being planted in the earth while the latter rain will be upon his endtime harvested church in order to bring it into complete maturity, making her resemble fully the seed church planted at an early season. Latter rain is what farmers call their harvest rain. And remember the farmer after having planted his wheat in the earth never again sees its resemblance of the original until the harvest season although after a few months, he could announce his wheat was up, meaning it had broken the crust of the earth, yet it had no resemblance of what it looked like when planted. Sure, Protestantism, which is represented by the beginning of the blade on the church stalk once it finally broke through after 1517, had life and it was the church of that hour but in doctrine, character and principle it resembled nothing of that which was planted and never could until the maturity of the grain which follows the latter rain.


Enough has been said concerning this, the question now remains, with the death of the church age messenger behind us, where does the church of the living God which was being returned to her original foundation of truth, now stand? Believe it or not, the church of the living God is about ready to make her final departure from all make-believers who seemingly through fear or for some other reason they themselves have invented, have become permanently lodged upon certain statements made by the prophet which had nothing whatsoever to do with his original teaching or instructions to the bride as he instructed her how to get back upon the original foundation of the Word of God wherein the Bride people themselves as an undenominational and collective group of a many membered body, called the body of Christ, might begin to complete the spiritual tabernacle for the living God to dwell in during the millennium age, Eph. 2:19-22. People, separately nor individually, can in no wise make up this spiritual habitation or building which is fitly framed together which absolutely must be built upon the true foundation of the revealed Word of God, which according to Paul groweth into a holy temple of the Lord in which he says Ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit (after you come upon the proper foundation), however, as an individual you do not make up the overall building, you can’t! You only made up one spiritual, lively stone as declared by Peter in I Pet. 2:3-8 – “Ye are lively stones who together (with all the other true believers) build up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrificers acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.” Therefore, individually, you are only a spiritual stone who has been hewn out and shaped to fit properly, going into this building which collectively with every stone in its proper place (once having been built upon a true foundation of the revealed Word) is to become the habitation in which God shall live. Never forget the one foundation of this spiritual building is none other than the teachings of the apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone. Therefore, to fulfill Mal. 4:5-6 B-part, spiritually speaking, the prophet to this endtime age was returning a people from a Babylonian foundation of confusion to the only true apostolic foundation when suddenly he was taken from our midst. There are many who will disagree with this statement and feel they not only returned to the foundation, but have gotten upon it and already built their Christian life to such a height that if Christ would come today they would already have literally reached the stature of a perfect man (even without a fivefold ministry) which is totally impossible to do.


To prove we never made it completely back to that which the prophet was leading us, the simple foundation of the Word, nor even have we become settled upon the true foundation to which the prophet was returning us, in order to fulfill his office of Mal. 4:5-6 B-part, all one simply has to do is look around at what this confused people who were suppose to be led from Babylon is doing today. Yes, beloved, what we are doing now proves we never made it back to any scriptural foundation of God’s Word before the prophet was taken from our midst nor have we found our way there since his death. We were brought in sight and we were shown through his message of revelation exactly where to step but as of yet we have not taken that step. Say what you will, but it is our unsettled way and actions which testify against us.


Babylon’s foundation consisted of worshiping in confusion and trying to honor and abide by the foundation doctrines which originated at Nicea 325 A.D. in which no one can understand nor comprehend that the Godhead is made up of three separate individual persons, each being equal to the other. Nevertheless, we spent our time in there paying equal homage to all three persons. However, by the continual flow of revelation through this endtime prophet church age messenger we were led from Babylon and her three gods yet by the actions of some following this message one would wonder if we ever made it out of the confusion, for now the confusion seemingly rests over what the prophet did or did not say while he taught a pure undefiled revelation in returning the bride back to her original foundation of the apostle’s teachings on which the early church confidently and were fully trusting. Today, many seemingly cannot fully trust the Word of God alone while still others have no apparent desire whatsoever to even fellowship with the Word of God feeling they no longer need any part of the written Word since having with them the teachings left for this hour.


Now, isn’t that something! What Satan could never accomplish throughout 1900 years he finally succeeds in doing at the end of the age. Satan’s desire has always been to pull men by any means away from the written Word of God. He filled the minds of the Catholic people throughout the Dark Ages. They had no longer any need for the Word of God and there has been times in history when the Word has all but been destroyed; nevertheless, this is the first time in Satan’s career that he ever worked through what was suppose to be a bride people in attempting to destroy the effectiveness of the Word of revelated scripture. That is because Satan has never before had the opportunity presented to him that he now has. No time in history has ever a church age messenger, especially since the Dark Ages, come upon the scene with so much revelation of the original scripture as did that of this endtime church age messenger fulfilling the office of Mal. 4:5-6 B-part. Satan, seeing the devout love of the people for this man, seized the opportunity to press upon minds of many-they no longer needed the Word of God since having now in their possession these teachings, (or at least make the Bible take second place) however, what Satan did not tell the people was in order for God’s Word to always remain above everything, the Holy Spirit had allowed this endtime prophet to make apparent statements throughout his message which will not fall in line with the written Word of God. And those people who will never consult the Word of God for a guideline for their thinking will always pick up these certain statements to build their hope upon, while the bride of Christ will follow the true revelation found in his message back into the holy, revealed scriptures and upon this solid foundation will build their hopes. Let it not be thought for a moment I speak against the tapes nor the books which carry this message. Truly, one should study and read, becoming thoroughly acquainted with the revelation found in this message and anyone who studies sincerely and prayerfully, being led of the Holy Spirit and always using their Bibles for guideline to their thinking when they found statements which seemed contrary, the Bible would assist them in making the correct choice of statement in order to catch the true revelation within this message. This message of the prophet does not point you to himself nor his great ministry but back into the original foundation of truth upon which we are instructed to build our Christian life. If, when reading and studying this message, you fail to see how Jesus Christ was the center theme of this prophet’s message and how Jesus Christ of the Bible is to be the very center of your love and attraction as a true child of God, you have missed the revelation this prophet sought so desperately to get across to the followers. This overall message should make you fall deeper in love with the Jesus of the Bible in a way you have never known him before. This message exalts more highly the written Word of God than anything on earth today outside the holy scriptures themselves and the revelation carried in its pages will never leave you with a feeling – you no longer have need for the written Word of God and its effectiveness even if you do have such revelation in the endtime message. Satan in his last attempt to destroy what authority the revealed written Word carries has finally found a people within this endtime message who he can peddle his garbage off on. You see, no other messenger since God started a people back to the full revelation of the Word ever carried such power and authority with revelation on the written Word in a message that Satan could sell people on the idea that this was their Bible; therefore, they no longer needed the written, revealed scriptures of the Bible itself and to those he could not get to do away with the scriptures he influenced them to let the holy scriptures of the apostolic teachings (N.T.) become the secondary book to that of the prophet’s message. Had it not been for certain statements the Spirit permitted this prophet to make in his teachings, Satan may have gotten even more to believe his lie. The seventh church age messenger gave no one the impression he had a message all of his own, nor was he personally trying to build another foundation other than that already laid which is Jesus Christ. GOD FORBID!! His office was not that of a reformer as had been the earlier church age messengers. Indeed not, his office was that of a restorer, a restorer prophet, restoring a people back to that which had long ago originally been, back unto that teaching upon which the early church had built their Christian life. Therefore, how could anyone think we have arrived at the end simply because we heard a message. Friends, if we did not catch and follow the flow of revelation within that endtime message to see where it was leading us, to see how Christ and the Bible is to be the very center of our lives and that we need to return to the revealed scriptures where, in the day of testing and trial when Satan will come against us on what we believe we may be able to confidently point him to WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE HOLY SCRIPTURES as we stand there firmly and unmoved upon the authority of that written word.


Remember, Satan fears nothing like he fears that written word by holy men of old who were moved on by the Spirit to write. We are to stand upon that which our Lord, his apostles and his early seed church which he planted in the earth stood so firmly. And the endtime bride people who becomes perfected will do just that! God sent a prophet to show them the way back into what is written.


How could we possibly for one moment think we are standing confidently upon that solid rock foundation of which that early church stood when so many who will read this article do not even trust in the revealed Word of scripture as did the early church, nor will they even consult it for guidance when facing certain statements, having now believed Satan’s lie that they no longer have any need for the revealed Word of truth which is found in the holy scriptures. Why, we haven’t even reached the point in our journey as yet where we, as a body of people, recognize it is to be the sole foundation for truth, however, no one can say regardless to what certain followers impressed by spirits of error do, that this prophet did not believe himself that the holy revealed scripture was the only scriptural foundation whereby one might build upon and add to one’s faith as later I shall show you many statements made by this prophet himself concerning the importance of this one foundation and how this and this alone is what we are to build upon. Yes, beloved, with our mouths we do testify of things unto which our own revelation has not yet permitted us to enter. Again, I repeat by the very actions of those claiming to follow this message I can say we have never, as a body of people, fully arrived confidently and safely back upon the Word of original truth as preached by the apostles and believed sincerely by the early church. Yet there will be a body of people who will make it back to the original Word of revealed scripture. No, friend, God did not pull Luther out of the Catholic church in vain. It was in 1517 God made that start to get a people back upon the pure original revealed scriptures and each time throughout the Reformation of Protestantism every truth revealed by the Holy Spirit was just one step closer back into the revelation of that Word. I declare unto you God’s purpose will not fail as the endtime bride people shall be a revelated Word church with the same attributes within it as the very Christ has within himself who is the revealed Word.


Let us examine a few statements concerning this foundation which was used by the prophet himself. (Statements taken from message entitled STATURE OF A PERFECT MAN). Statements concerning this foundation which we must be unquestionably upon before we can add one thing to our Christian growth or stature. When a man is born again and becomes a new creation, the prophet says he falls deeply in love with the Word of God which is the revelation of truth and on page 212, Vol.2, No. 14-18, he says FAITH is the foundation of all of it. Without faith, it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6). We must believe God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him and if that person, Bro. William Branham says, is the least bit skeptical of the Bible being right, that person might just as well stay back until he can believe it. Sin, the prophet says, is missing the mark. Sin is unbelief (in the Word). There are two elements that control each person, either faith (revelation) or unbelief. Faith, the prophet says, comes only by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Faith simply believes God’s Word (page 206). Sin is missing the mark. If I am shooting at a target 50 yards away and miss the mark by 4-5 inches, what happens? My gun needs tuning up. There is something wrong he says and if I miss faith in God, if I miss being a Christian and if I run off to one side, come back and get tuned up. There is only one thing which can tune you up and that is the scriptures! The Holy Spirit in the scriptures tunes you, brings you directly on target again. Still speaking of our foundation that we are to build upon (page 214) Bro. William Branham says all you are and will ever be is based upon faith in the Word of God. That is the reason I believe the Word of God. (He says) I can’t put my faith in nothing else, I can’t put my faith in the churches. Which one would I put my faith in? They all have scruples, but when I put my faith in his Word, it is anchored. Now, speaking of his visions of the caribou which he had killed in Canada which had the 42 inch horns and also the silver tipped grizzly bear which he told in visions before the events happened. Why had he done it? Because said he, when God says something, it has to happen. Then if his visions happen perfectly the way he said they would, what about his Word? That is more sure than the visions. If the visions don’t speak with the Word, then the visions are wrong, but it is the Word first because the Word is God (pg. 216). First, you must be born again. Then you have faith. You will believe the Word. Until you are born again, you will argue against it. If you are just religiously inclined and you have a little human knowledge that you should do right, you will never be able to agree upon the word, YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN. This produces faith, then you are in the position to grow. Bro. William Branham further stated that having real faith in the revealed Word is your only foundation for Christianity, pg. 216. Now analyzing what he has said concerning revealed faith which is the foundation, now do you honestly feel we as a people have ever fully come upon that true foundation. No, I have not indicated nor implied that the prophet of this age did not sincerely and faithfully, through long strenuous hours of teaching and instructing with simplicity the bride church concerning all those original apostolic doctrines which make up the foundation of our faith CERTAINLY NOT! I merely stated we, as a body of people, had not yet arrived at the time of his departure, nor have we in the six years since his death, made enough progress to step wholeheartedly, trustworthy and confidently back upon this one foundation of original truth because if we had we would be more settled upon what the early church was led into through their fivefold ministry moreover the early church was not a divided people of many factions over what the apostles taught as is this endtime body of people over what their prophet taught nevertheless once a fivefold ministry begins to speak the same thing, this confusion will clear away from the bride. The early church was happy and contented in the fact they had followed the revelation of truth which placed Christ and the revealed scriptures in the center of their affections wherein all this together brought great consistency to their souls; however, not many in this movement can testify as yet to that consistency simply because they have not found the trust in the simplicity of the apostolic gospel as had that of the early seed church in it former rain. What a difference, yet remain within the two bodies of people; nevertheless, that difference shall be erased once this endtime people catches the revelation within this prophet’s message and is led fully back upon the one foundation. All one need do is look at the two bodies of people and see there is yet a great deal of maturity to come forth out of the endtime church before she resembles in fullness the church Christ planted in the earth.



Another serious error latching itself onto many in their presentation of this endtime message is, they only inform people that God sent a prophet. That is true, but that is only a small speck of it. By all means, inform the individuals what that prophet preached. He preached a revelation to get us back to that Word. Sometime ago, a speaker representing this message was asked a question from the congregation, “What is the message?” To this, the speaker replied, IN THREE WORDS I CAN TELL YOU, IT IS WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM. That is not true! He was simply the one who delivered the message, which was the revelation of the Word. He was not the revelated Word nor the revelated message. Nevertheless, many in this hour have fallen into that mental thought, THE MESSAGE ITSELF IS MAL. 4:5-6. Let us get our spiritual minds open unto something here why that cannot be true. A man sent from Western Union to you with a telegram, is he the message? He is not. However, you do respect him as a messenger because when you see his uniform, your first thought is, he has a message for me, but it is the telegram you are interested in, isn’t it? Although the telegram is not the messenger, nor the messenger the telegram, nevertheless, since the two come together, you must respect the one and the source from whence it came, right?


The last words spoken by Malachi was in Chapter 4 when he closes the chronology of the inspired writing of the Old Testament with these words (verse 5), “Behold I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord and he (Elijah) shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” We have two articles in print for anyone desiring further study on this subject, one entitled THE MYSTERY OF ELIJAH, VO. 2 NO. 3, and the other HE CAME WITH A MESSAGE, Vol. 3 No. 3, therefore, we shall only briefly comment on Mal. 4:5-6. Time rocked on almost 450 years before any part of that prophecy was ever fulfilled. Zechariah, the high priest in Jerusalem, stood in the Holy place ministering before the Lord when Gabriel the angel appeared informing him Elizabeth, his wife, would conceive and bear a son who would go before the Lord (the first advent) in the power and spirit of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make ready a people prepared for the Lord (Luke 1:17). However, note the angel never quoted the remaining part of Malachi which is just the opposite – turning the hearts of the children back to the fathers. Fathers and children here bear no resemblance to that of genetic or physical linage. With its first advent setting fathers are those old Judaistic church fathers who were stirred with questions and curiosity once John suddenly appeared at Jordan preaching, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” and it was these fathers who began to send out scribes asking John “Who are you? Are you the Messiah, are you Elias, etc.”? John’s answer was always, “I am just the voice of one crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord and make his paths straight … etc.” John was none other than that first phase fulfillment of Mal. 4:5-6, A-Part. After John’s imprisonment in Matt. 11, he sent disciples to ask Jesus, “Are you the one we look for or do we look for another?” Jesus told his disciples, you go tell John the things you have seen. After their departure Jesus questioned the multitude who had overheard the discussion, “Who did you go out to see, a reed shaken with the wind?” In other words, some old weed standing along a creek bank blown by every wind that came along, teaching one thing one day and something else another? NO, you saw an oak tree, the harder the wind blew the taller it stood. You say he was a prophet, yet say John was more than a prophet…etc. (Matt. 11:9-13). Jesus continued on saying none had been born greater than John, nevertheless, he that is least in the kingdom of heaven shall be considered greater than John. Watch now and if you can receive it, this is the Elias that was to come. Christ said, if you can receive it (if you have spiritual eyes to see and ears that hear) here is your revelation of Mal. 4:5-6, A part – for the first advent. Therefore, this shows the fathers to children relationship was of a religious setting and not a genetic nature. No, it was not some kind of juvenile rehabilitation program. If that be true in the first phase, what about the second phase where we note this second phase, not reconciliation of father to children, but now it is children back to fathers. According to scriptures, the children relationship to the fathers in the first fulfillment was the fathers of old Judaism who were stirred and shaken by how they saw their congregation (children of Judaism) being baptized by John to become the followers of Jesus Christ. We note each time disciples such as Stephen an Paul were brought into the Sanhedrin Court they addressed the Council by saying, “Men, brethren and father,” Acts 7:1, 21:1. The term fathers was always a respect attributed to the rank of priestly genetic reverence. Moreover, those children linked with their fathers later became the fathers or the spiritual pregenerators of the grace age believers wherein we became the spiritual descendants of their teachings – men who once held the rank of children before they later became the fathers spoken in the second phase who are none other than Peter, James, John, Matthew, Luke and men of that caliber. However, recall through the Dark Ages the church got completely off its course and that is where the Reformation comes in, it is God’s way of slowly returning mankind back to the Bible as being the infallible Word of God which contains the entire revelation of God’s divine plan of reconciliation back to himself; therefore, at the endtime, before the second advent, that spirit of Elijah must again reappear when the children had reached an hour they were off in a religious chaos of darkness. (Note, where ecumenicalism is taking them today – right back into her former darkness). Approximately 60 years ago when Pentecost first began, people believed in holy, Godly and clean living. Godly men and women alike, believed in absolutely lining up with the Bible, whereas today look how the average Pentecostal church has sold out to the world, no longer caring if women’s dresses are above their knees, or how many wigs are worn or how much paint is on their face. Women, you don’t need that stuff! God made you beautiful enough. This false makeup is as phony and fickle as a 10 cent horn which resembles gold, but is nothing more than fiberglass with some gold plastic sprayed on making it shine. However, once scratched, that paint flecks off and it isn’t long until some child discards it, throwing it in the yard where all the paint peels off. That is exactly the spirit of this age. Notice these Pentecostal television programs where women are supposed to be holy Ghost filled. Women who once stood a clean, dedicated, separated life now look like all other world people. All they are after are the benefits of God without suffering the persecution; therefore, they dress like the world. There is no compromising to the Word of God and if we live true and faithful enough to God to appear at the Wedding Supper, there will be no false eye brows or painted faces up there. Nothing could be more hideous than to see a 60 year old woman with a dress above her knees and her eyes and brows all painted green trying to make herself look pretty. Barnum and Bailey circus has better looking clowns in their sideshows than what we have walking the streets today. That is exactly the way that stuff appears in the eyes of God. If you think Bro. William Branham preached rough on the way women dressed and looked 7 years ago, how do you suppose he would preach if these mini-skirts would come into full fashion during his lifetime? One thing is sure, Christ comes for a people who have made themselves pure and clean in the Word of God. Yes, there had to come that spirit of Elijah to this end time gentile age and restore the Bride people (Children) back to the fathers teaching in the Word. Some 22 years ago while I was still in the Methodist church, God permitted me to study the scriptures concerning his second advent or coming and within my heart was placed the conviction that if Jesus was coming soon, he would again send that spirit of Elijah. I’m thankful that the Holy Ghost is still able to teach. My wife’s cousin informed me about this ministry of Bro. William Branham‘s (Ohio river commission in 34 and so forth) and without ever seeing him I said, if those words be true then this is that spirit, this is that man who is to come. No, I never saw him as the immortal Elijah nor as God as some try to make him. To me, he was absolutely a prophet, a man sent from God to fulfill scripture. He was no more God than you are. God is God, he never dies, he’s everywhere, yet he can become small enough to enter into a worthless vessel of clay like you or I, provided we submit ourselves to his will.


If he was commissioned to turn us (children) back to the faith of our fathers who wrote this Bible (N.T.) then let us begin first by having respect for the Bible. Once we have respect to the book, we can begin to open it up and find out what was taught in this endtime and what is contained within its pages. The Bible (N.T.) contains all of the first century early church fathers’ teachings (However, not those of the second century church fathers). How could this prophet come and do something in turning us back to those first century fathers’ teachings unless first we have respect and recognize this Bible is where those anointed fathers teachings are located? This must be settled because if you place their teachings within any other realm other than the Word of God written in the holy scriptures, then our thought concerning their teachings can be split between the Bible and that of another source of teachings which can never be. Furthermore, if the message of Malachi 4:5-6 (B part) was to absolutely restore a people to the apostolic teachings in the Bible it includes (1) who you were being reconciled unto (God). Paul writing to Timothy (I Tim. 3:16) says, without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness. In other words, you can’t even get into the subject of this one God without it bringing up controversy. Again, in II Cor. 5:19, he stated that God (that Great Holy Spirit) was in Christ Jesus reconciling the world to himself. From there, you can go to many other scriptures, and with the revelation of the Holy Spirit, it would take in all scriptures of what Jesus along with Peter and Paul as well as all the apostles taught and wrote analyzing and placing that all together the sum of the answer is God is one (spirit) God, (Eph. 4:4) and the one eternal God we are being reconciled back unto is not Mal. 4:5-6 but unto a Holy Spirit who is omnipotent, all power; omnipresent, everywhere and omniscient who knows all things (2) If this Bible contains the apostolic fathers teachings then there is only one name given among men whereby we must be saved, (not William Branham) but the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (I use the full phrase Lord Jesus Christ although the apostles never had to do so. Usually, they said I now baptize you in the name of Jesus Christ, you see they weren’t faced with all this gentile religious fanatics who today try to differentiate something between a title of Christ and the title of Lord, the name Jesus, etc. Only once that revelation was restored do we see the extreme come in such as I baptize you in the name of Jesus only or (name of Jesus etc.) Therefore, only because some do make it Jesus only, just for the sake of dogmatism (not technicality) it is wiser to keep the adversary from stirring up further controversy over his name, we baptize converts in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. At least we definitely let it be known that we do recognize Jesus is truly none other than the Lord and the Christ. Peter declared no other name had been given among men whereby we must be saved than that of Jesus Christ and Paul stated no other foundation could be laid than that of Jesus Christ. (1 Cor. 3:11) Therefore, all who declare it so recognize the name of Jesus, the Lord who is the Christ – recognize it as God’s redemptive name which he gave to the human race, wherein we as lost creatures could be reconciled back to God. (3) If this Bible contains the apostolic teaching then we must recognize that every born again believer must be filled with the Holy Ghost and oh my, that’s one experience Satan wants to divert believers away from because without that Spirit he can succeed in leading believers astray. Nevertheless, according to John 14-17 the Comforter, the Holy Spirit which was to come in the name of Jesus was to be the inner man’s guide, to illuminate, inspire, and give us unction and most of all teach us all things (about Jesus). It’s the gift of life, the promise of the father, our comforter when the storms rage inside our souls, the pilot who knows exactly how to steer the course and master of the ship and to think it’s all done inside. Don’t forget according to Eph. 4:30 the Holy Ghost is the seal of God whereby we are sealed unto the day of redemption (not just until the next revival). Therefore, once we begin to realize this book contains not only the plan of salvation but the writings of the early church fathers as well we can better understand how the endtime messenger to this age, who being the last messenger to ever come to the gentile era of grace and the fact God knowing how carnal minds would be setting there hearing that message and know what they would also do once that prophet left the scene, God willed certain things to be worded in certain ways and believe me, I have no animosity toward anyone when I say this, nevertheless, we must examine the present conditions strictly by the Word of God and not judge this book by what people are out doing. No, Sir! Judge the condition by what this book says about it. Too many people are treating this Bible as though it is secondary and if you follow this crowd, you will sure miss it. This Bible is the guide or yard stick.


Yes, God willed, note I said God willed certain things to be said knowing exactly what man would do with certain things after the prophet was gone. God declares he has never given his glory to another, however, when God greatly anointed this vessel of clay, it was God within the vessel of clay peering out through those eyes of the prophet into the hearts of people telling them their diseases, troubles and sorrows and though God will never give his glory to any human flesh, he does expect us to recognize and respect the human flesh only for what it is being used for in a scriptural manner. Remember, only one human vessel was ever allowed to be adored and worshiped and that was mainly after he arose from the dead (Matt. 28:16-17). Those early disciples bowed at his feet and worshiped him because he was the Godman, Jesus, the perfect sinless one. Therefore, we must say God absolutely willed for certain statements to be expressed in such a manner they would serve as a means of creating a condition that would separate people from his Word. You say God would not do that. Have you forgotten Jude’s teaching, Verse 5, where God led over two million Jews out of Egypt knowing he would have to destroy them because of their statements of unbelief (in the Word). God absolutely tried these chosen people under some severe conditions because he wasn’t simply going to allow them to go skipping into Canaan and settle down in his promised land until those people first recognized the land or blessings wherein they were headed was not something they could consume upon their own lust of carnality. When you go in that land to enjoy it, you are going being thankful that I am the Lord God who brought you forth that you might live for me, serve and glorify my name and each day lift your hands in respect and appreciation for the things I have done for you. However, what happened? Every time they faced some trial, complaining and murmuring they wanted to go back to Egypt. We see God is God who will try people. (These statements are one way he is trying the endtime people) Did not he allow Hitler to kill six million helpless Jews which caused many of those remaining to flee to Israel the first chance they received?


Because it is the end of the Gentile age, we now see God using certain statements brought along and placed within the endtime message as a means to separate people or possibly knock off all the straggling tares who, for some reason or other, have not already left this God sent truth. As the days drift on into months, beloved, more and more we shall recognize it and the hour will come your heart will ache as you see your close friends with whom you have fellowshipped and walked, suddenly becoming influenced by one of these spirits as it takes hold of their thinking, leading them anywhere but toward the Word of truth and they take on a different expression on their face as the joy begins to fade from their lives and you hear them begin to say, Well, I just don’t know — etc. I have lived to see what I would have considered close followers of this message become influenced and head in another direction from the Word. People who once believed in seeking God for some kind of manifestation of the Holy Ghost are today as far from that as daylight is from dark. Now it has become a spirit whereby you simply ride along, no longer needing a prayer life. Let me tell you, that same Holy Ghost which was in that early church must be in us and the hour is coming when we shall know who has the genuine Holy Ghost. Today, we hear this expression too often — sure, I have the Holy Ghost because I believe the message. It is true you would have to have the genuine Holy Ghost in order to truly believe this revelated message and be lined up with the Bible, but to simply say I believe the message (your interpretation of what the message is) doesn’t mean you have the Holy Ghost. To say, I believe Bro. William Branham was the prophet when that was not the message does not mean you have the Holy Ghost. It has to be more than a mental belief, it has to be an experience down deep in your soul. Once that revelation of the revealed Word is dropped in your life, all about you could be black as night; nevertheless, there is sunlight, there is joy and peace in your soul and mind because you are standing on the revelated Word of God where God wanted you. That early church who became separate from Judaism, daring to believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ had no idea what tomorrow held for them as they saw loved ones and families separated and divided over this truth. Yet, their hearts were dedicated to God. Therefore, with all due respect to our brother I say, God willed certain statements to be uttered from his lips in behalf of certain people, knowing down the road it would lead certain ones into a great amount of confusion and would serve the purpose to separate people from the Word of God. GOD WILLED IT SO. Why? Because in Ephesians 5:17, when Christ presents his church unto himself, it will be a glorious church having neither spot, wrinkle nor blemish and God will clean her up here on this earth (now he is using statements to separate) that he might present it to himself up there. Therefore, ALL TRUE BRIDE PEOPLE WILL BE STANDING SOLID ON THE TRUE REVELATED WORD OF GOD when the rapture comes.


Note, this Bible will always mean much to the true saint of God as it is the only book Christians throughout the ages have ever been asked to trust in. Satan tried to take it away from the believers in the Dark Ages. This world is full of religious men’s teachings (men who in their hour walked with God) but they are only the records of the words of men as they were inspired of God in their respective hour to warn people to GET BACK TO THE WORD OF GOD. The world, until 1700, had no idea what sanctification was, although they had their faith in God’s revelation taught by Luther, they still chewed and smoked their tobacco and drank their homebrew. Then John Wesley came on the scene with his revelation of sanctification, fulfilling Matt. 13:45-46. He had found a pearl of great truth and said, come on church it is time to clean up our lives for without holiness no man shall see the Lord (Heb. 12:14). Do away with that ill temper, stop getting mad and blowing up; get rid of that tobacco; put away your drink, it is time to live clean, it is time to present our bodies a living sacrifice holy and clean to the Lord. Where do you think John Wesley got that? Not out of any books. He got it by revelation out of this Bible. Therefore, when you read John Wesley’s journals, in so many words that is what he is saying. However, it would be foolish to mention that to the Methodists today who have about voted out everything John Wesley’s revelation brought to the true child of God. Have not all these old carnal systems gone completely away from the revelation they were founded upon? Nevertheless, all true bride people of all ages will be standing solid on the revelation and not on simply verbal statements delivered for their hour as they face God. So shall it be in the endtime, it is the only sturdy, unshakeable thing upon which they can stand. But not those make-believers of whom the religious world is full and even this message has its share. They won’t be standing on a revelation. No, Sir. HEAR ME WELL! NO HOLY GHOST FILLED DEDICATED SPIRIT FILLED PERSON WHO KNOWS ONE THING ABOUT THE GRACE OF GOD WILL EVER DEIFY THE FLESH OF ANY MAN. That is not what the Holy Ghost came to do. The Holy Ghost comes to indwell, to be a comforter, to lead us into truth. It sure doesn’t come to do anything detrimental like that, THAT IS ALL THE WORKING OF ANOTHER SPIRIT. There are many people in this movement who came out of some Pentecostal systems who once believed the initial evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost was speaking in tongues. However, note when they came to this message and changed their idea they swung about and went completely to the other extreme. Now, it is going to be proven more and more as we continue on that the genuine Holy Spirit is more than manifestation of just some gift. Beloved, the Holy ghost does not take you from one extreme to another. Those very same people who one time in Pentecost would say this comes into this message and just turns right around and deny the proper usage of gifts in the church. That lets me know it wasn’t the true Holy Spirit they had in the first place. I declare unto you the true church of the living God will still maintain God’s true spiritual gifts in herself. It may be a fight for survival to hold on to it; nevertheless, if the fight is faithful, the hour will come when conditions will prevail about this bride and you will see the proper use of those things. God presents conditions for these things to manifest themselves to cope with the situation at hand and God never leaves his people unequipped to cope with a situation. No, Sir. When the world nor the movement any longer wants it, an hour will come when there will be a people who does. I am not referring to the gifts as some kind of vending machine where you drop a coin in and say, now give me a message of prophecy or something, not at all. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit will still keep those things.


Yes, beloved, these statements had to be placed in this message to lead every make-believer away, take away every impersonator and carnal mind who has no revelation of God’s divine will as to where God wants to lead them and lead them away seven ways for Sunday (Remember Jude 5). As I have often explained, these various statements which go into the makeup of this message serve as that fan of which John the Baptist declared was in the hand of the Lord and he would use to thoroughly purge his wheat floor and gather his wheat into the garner, but will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire, Matt. 3:12. This can only be manifested in the endtime on the wheat floor when all chaff is being separated. The purpose in the fan built into the message at the endtime is to fan away make-believers from the Word of God, who for some reason have not already moved away from the Word; however, you may say, but Jesus was not there in flesh holding a fan in his hand. That is true and neither was he present in flesh when he baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire according to verse 11. The fan is built into the message. Yes, it becomes more and more evident daily that with many, the Bible is becoming a secondary book as it gives way especially to two of Bro. William Branham‘s greatest books: THE SEVEN SEALS which contains the message of revelation of the seals as taught in March 1963, also the SEVEN CHURCH AGES, preached December 1960. Many followers are now taking these two books, realizing he was the prophet to which the word of the Lord comes and compiling them together along with many other quotes from sermons which have been published. Their minds are given over more and more unto a spirit which pushes the Bible completely into the background. In all due respect to God, his servant and his Word, may I say these books are not the Bible and can never become the Bible because once you begin doing that, you are falling into grave danger of the judgment found in Rev. 22:18-19 where it states: if any man add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues written in this book and if any man shall take away from the words of the books of this prophecy, God shall take his part out of the Book of Life and out of the Holy City, etc. To do what is trying to be done by some is to change or alter the course of the Bible’s revelatory thought which alone contains the absolute mind of God. However, I would say, since the Book of Acts is a recorded history of the early church and was never closed with any men or period and once having finished the 28th Chapter of Acts, one can read from the ten volumes of the Anti-Nicean fathers which still allows you to see the route the church in her early journey was pursuing, especially up to about the Nicea Council before it became completely off course. To me this SEVEN SEAL BOOK, along with the CHURCH AGE BOOK is another way of God permitting man to write history as we close out the final chapter of our time to be connected with the history which started out in the Book of Acts. No, that doesn’t add to the Bible, it only shows the Holy Ghost using man who was under the influence of the Spirit of God in actually closing out the final chapter of the history of the church as the Bride makes her complete return back to the Word through that promised spirit of Elijah as she was in the beginning which is recorded in Acts.


So often we hear the statement “I can’t accept that because the prophet didn’t say it”. Beloved, because the prophet didn’t say a certain thing when another prophet in the Word plainly said a thing would be. Why then would the prophet of this age be required to speak to vouch for what another prophet in the scriptures had plainly stated before a person of this movement would be ready to accept it? Have we forgotten the prophet said one prophet cannot make a statement which annuls what another true prophet has said (SEAL BOOK, Pg. 149). One prophetic office can never go contrary to the Word of God which had absolutely been written under the same type of inspiration. Therefore, how could anyone take issue with me when I made a statement according to Isaiah’s prophecy there would be babies born in the millennium. Yet many have, simply because Bro. William Branham never said where there would be or not. Friend, Bro. William Branham didn’t have to say it. Isaiah already had and one true prophet can’t go against the inspiration of another prophet. My, what a dangerous ground we stand on when we fear to take what another prophet has said simply because our prophet didn’t mention it. Bro. William Branham was reestablishing us in the revelation of truth and if we haven’t made some progress in getting back to that foundation, it is doubtful, after six years, whether some will ever make it , but shall instead probably run from pillar to post seeking something to tickle the ears or go after whatever fantasy which sounds good whether it has a scriptural foundation or not and if we are not careful we will be standing so far out in left or right field we could never find the rout to take simply because we lost sight of the basis of all scriptural revelation, THE BIBLE.


Beloved, whenever you read one of Bro. William Branham‘s books, read it prayerfully, asking God to lead you into the thought of revelation it carries. Say God, I am reading your servant’s message, please help me to receive your thought placed here. However, what usually happens is we become so involved or wrapped up in verbal words only, we can’t receive God’s thought because if you receive God’s thought every time it will place you right back in this Bible and somewhere that statement will line up with every scripture in your Bible. If and when you run into a statement which appears contradictory and you can’t get a thought which will place you back in this book where you belong, never treat that statement as a mistake by no means. Yet, as I have stated, Bro. William Branham‘s message was heard by groups of people: UNBELIEVERS, MAKE BELIEVERS AND TRUE BELIEVERS. From time to time, there would be something dropped in for each group. As I have stated before, these are statements placed here according to God’s will which are placed in God’s message to form as a fan to fan away everything which has held on up to this point because above all we must realize, although this man was a prophet, he was not God, but he was the prophet to whom the Word of the Lord came. Yet, it is being vindicated more each day, rather than making him a prophet to whom the Word of the Lord came. Many are going off on the deep end making him the word of God, period. There has never been but one man who was the Word and that was Jesus the Christ (John 1:14). There are many things which appear to be contrary and it would be wisdom on our part to study these different statements to try and show their importance, taking each statement you see within some particular line of sermon and by all means catch that thought. However, if the statement brings you up, spiritually speaking, to a brick wall and you find it impossible to link that statement with scripture, don’t throw away the statement, simply place it upon a shelf and continue praying and seeking God. Remember, every statement was not for the Bride. Her statements link up with the Word and for you to read a book or listen to a tape and come across one of these statements, remember to say, Lord show me where in the scripture this goes; show me how to link this up somewhere. If that statement within the message takes you right back into the scriptures, then it will begin to unfold from scripture to scripture and begin to line up. Therefore, once you begin to realize this, you have found the thought which has begun to place you back in the Bible. However, if you cannot find a place for the other statement to go, merely place it on the shelf for a time, then during that time you still cannot find a place after you have honestly and sincerely sought God to show you where in the structure of the written Word it fits and you honestly cannot, then treat it as something God himself has willed for his own purpose to lay right there within the overall structure of the message for certain people to feed upon and then you watch. That is why many go to the CHURCH AGE BOOK OR SEAL BOOK or some of these other books and take from them these certain statements and quotes, compiling them with other statements, linking that statement to another statement and still other statements, etc., never once trying to first link the statement with the Bible. This book which I say, beloved, is the key to revelation.


What happens? They now come out with a revelation all of their own. Presto! They are now able to make Bro. William Branham say anything they want him to say. They can even make him say he was God when he wasn’t. Yet, remember beloved, it is them doing that and not the prophet. Bro. William Branham was never guilty of such heresy of idolatry. It matters not if he did preach THE MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED (which seems to be a favorite with so many holding this idea) wherein Bro. William Branham was showing how from the Old Testament, God had veiled himself inside a robe of flesh which was none other than Elohim appearing unto Abraham in a theophany body and with his back turned revealing the secrets of Sarah’s heart and then next how God made himself a different body, this time a body of sinless flesh from his Word through which mankind would be redeemed. For the second time, this sign of revealing the secrets of the heart portrayed at the end of the Law Age in Jesus Christ before the Jews was in a different body, a sinless one. However, in the New Testament, beginning at Pentecost, God again in a certain measure veils himself through the third form of flesh, this time in sinful, redeemed flesh of mankind and for God to do this meant the Holy Ghost came inside the true believers to dwell in their bodies as a temple. While it is true God did choose this little man, a prophet, William Branham, whom he might mightily use to exemplify a ministry and a manifestation of himself in a far greater magnitude than in any other redeemed person by grace throughout the entire grace age in allowing the gentiles who had never seen that manifested sign of which God used on Sarah, Abraham’s wife, with his back turned to her and which also appeared to the Jews in that sinless body of Christ in his ministry, now permits that same sign to appear for the third time in the body of a redeemed sinner, saved by grace, the seventh church age messenger’s ministry. But this sign did not make or show that he was God, it was only the first time God had ever used this sign among the gentiles in that manner which was at the closing of the gentile age. Nevertheless, that does not make the human flesh of William Branham who was a sinner saved by grace and filled with the Holy Ghost any more God than it does you, a true believer. For the Spirit which was in this prophet, which is the Spirit of God, simply possessed him in a far greater measure because of that office he filled in the gentile church and if you cannot differentiate between that and the physical flesh of man which was born through a conception like everyone else and according to his own testimony (BEYOND THE CURTAIN OF TIME) declared, as a sinner shortly before he was saved, his intentions had been to kill a policeman who poisoned his dog. With his rifle in his hand and already headed down the road according to his testimony to kill this policeman, his daddy overtook him, slapped him across the head and made him get into the car. While later, he swore on the grave of his dog he would still kill that policeman. However, shortly after this, God saved him taking that hate out of his heart. I ask you, does that sound like God to you? How strange some people want to get off on a deep end of no return. Remember, the prophet is gone and cannot return to clarify for you any of those statements or in your behalf remove those statements. Why, because God doesn’t want them removed. They lay purposely in the message. Nevertheless, if you have the Holy Ghost and truthfully seek after God concerning this message, don’t sit down and take for granted as so many are doing – well, I know they are there, but I can’t understand it and since it takes a prophet to do it, I don’t have any right to interpret it, neither do you, therefore, confusing as it is, I will just believe it all. Then you are in worse shape than if God had never sent Him. What little I did know in Babylon, I understood although whatever they were teaching, even if it was wrong, I at least understood their line of thought. Then to think we have to wind up in that same spirit of thinking of confusion, God forbid. If that was true, we would be no better off because absolutely now with dual statements in certain places, our understanding has been blocked and we don’t know how to piece it together and get us back in the Word.


What is God to do? God must use a ministry. God must do the very thing they say can’t be done. This ministry, however many there may be, who walk true and loyal to this message seeking and digging after the truth to get back in the book will be ridiculed while their image and character as a person shall absolutely be butchered. Why? Because anything that gives birth to something whenever God wants, it has always been ridiculed. Since the true believers make up that body of Christ, let us approach this subject and study certain statements concerning the church, the bride or the body of Christ. Because within this Bible there is no less than five statements which I believe has been used as a setting for the true revelated word Church or Bride.



I recall preaching a message once using scripture showing how the Church would be caught away and married to Christ. No sooner was the message finished when a brother approached me saying, Bro. William Branham said the church would go through the tribulation and the Bride would go to be with the Lord. Since this Bible no longer means much to certain people, you are wasting your time in trying to explain anything to them. Now let me say the verbal statement the brother quoted was correct, however, he completely ignored the 20-1 statements also made by Bro. William Branham when he would refer to the Church (true word Church of course) being called out and married to Christ and never going through the tribulations.


Take that one statement, lay it over the Word and see if you can make it fit. First off, where does the word church first appear in the scripture, Matt. 16:18? Jesus said he would build his Church upon a revelation. What kind of church did Christ speak of one exclusively made up of a called out body of believers who had been reconciled to God through his atoning work? Therefore, we note the Church will be built upon a spiritual revelation. To Nicodemus, Jesus said, except a man be born of the water and of the Spirit, he can in no wise see the kingdom of God (let alone enter into it). It is a spiritual realm and without revelation to bring a person into that kind of relationship with God, he can never see what the Kingdom of God is; therefore, he knows not how to enter the door into it because the entrance is also spiritual through the new birth – a spiritual birth brought about by God’s revealing and imparting grace which is faith to be able to believe God. Therefore, we see the 120 on the day of Pentecost being baptized in the Holy Ghost and the Church becomes active as it is launched and according to the Book of Acts, wherever the apostles went they left behind a little nucleus of believers, converted to Christ through the preaching of the gospel which begin to form local assemblies referred to as the Church at Antioch, Church at Jerusalem and Church at Thessalonica, etc. Now, recall we are entering into this because there is a statement within the overall message of Bro. William Branham‘s declaring the church goes through the tribulation while the Bride goes to meet the Lord. What did he mean? These churches spoken of in the scripture meant bodies of believers who had been filled with the Holy Ghost, sanctified and set apart for this indwelling God to inhabit and in every place it is referred to as the church. From the Apostle Paul’s teaching, Eph. 5:23-33, Paul speaks of the church no less than five times how first of all the church is subject unto Christ; how that by washing of water by the word he will clean it up and present it unto himself (at the end) a glorious church, not having spot, wrinkle or any such thing, but should be holy and without blemish. Please note, the body of people Christ comes for according to verse 27 is called a glorious church (See also Heb. 12:22-24). Always in Jesus’ and each apostles’ terminology of church it meant only one thing – the true revelated, born again Word believers. However, once the church entered into the Babylonian category, during the Dark Ages and coming out of Protestantism, it took on entirely another characteristic altogether. Because now everything in religion is called church; however, it was not so in the beginning (Matt. 16:18). According to Paul, Christ loved the church and gave himself for it, verse 25. Therefore, if he gave himself for the church, he has never changed its identity from his original meaning of the end. Paul showed in Col. 1:18 the true church was his body, but now having come through the Reformation period and down into the end of the gentile age much has been made over the collective terminology of the phrase THE CHURCH. Today you see the Baptist church, Methodist church, Presbyterian and Catholic Church and so on. They are as plentiful as the A & P and Kroger stores. If you don’t like the commodities (or doctrines) in one you simply go to another to see what they have to offer. It is competitive bargaining. Therefore, from the world’s standpoint, the word church has left its original scriptural terminology and taken on a far broader view which includes everything within the vast religious structure. Consequently, the natural religious individual cannot separate that religious stuff called church from its original position which was made up strictly of born again word believers and were we to only look upon the Bride of Christ in that capacity, we would never be able to identify her in her true scriptural setting as the only true church. Realizing that God sent a messenger to call out a people from this religious church world who would make up the Bride or his only true church as she gets back into her original Word setting, we are better able to understand what Bro. William Branham meant when using this one statement which threw so many — AFTER THE BRIDE HAS BEEN CALLED OUT, THE CHURCH GOES THROUGH THE TRIBULATION PERIOD (Seal Book Page 152). Simply note what he had in mind when he used the term church. It is used in the world’s terminology of church because the Bible church does not go through the TRIBULATION as we shall see from many of his other statements. Bride church and Bible church are one and the same because it is the body of believers which Christ purchased to himself and shall present to himself as a glorious church. It will be the called out church until she is actually married, when she will then be referred to as Bride; however, not until then. Until that hour she is his bride-to-be. Note that is the first time the word church appears being used in that particular setting because all the other statements we shall read indicate just the opposite. (I do hope you are interested in these things we shall discuss because the day will come, perhaps sooner than you think, your faith will severely be tested). His next reference is found on page 170 where he again speaks of the tribulation, concerning the 144,000, mark of the beast in Rev. 13, etc. Bro. William Branham says, referring to the time of the mark of the beast when no man can buy or sell. Thank God the church will be enjoying a great 3 ½ years in glory. Yet on page 152 his phrase was (THE CHURCH GOES THROUGH THE TRIBULATION). We must realize it is only the terminology of the word church as the world uses it, but oh, how it throws people. See what happens when you use the Seal Book (without the guidance of the Bible) as the holy revealed scriptures. Your Bible can never become secondary to anything. Page 184 will be the third place again he says referring to the foolish virgins when they find out something has happened as the TRIBULATION has set in “remember, he says, that will take place immediately after the going home of the church”, (referring here to church in biblical terms). Fourth place is on page 204 – approaching the end of the ages, etc. now in the age after the church goes home he (anti-christ) becomes a beast” (another place we see church in biblical setting.) All these other places we note he comes right on target using church in its scriptural setting. On page 210, we note the statement where he says “there was one came to the church spiritual” (referring to the day of Abraham). Here he defines church and we must realize that is what it is, the church spiritual. Still there hangs that statement (placed there deliberately) which throws many, page 152, Seal Book, the Bride would go in the rapture and the church would go in to the tribulation. Nevertheless, does such a statement give anyone a right to build a revelation without first taking that statement back to the Bible to get its scriptural setting, then thoroughly searching the message to see if we cannot get all the statements which run in continuity with the Bible. It does not. Yet, if that is the way people want to look at things, they are bound to run afoul and be led astray. How often did Bro. William Branham say, we have no creed but Christ, no law but love, and no book but the Bible? Furthermore, Bro. William Branham often said if a revelation is contrary to the Word then it isn’t a true revelation. Someone once said to Bro. William Branham, if you say the angel of the Lord told you something, then I will believe it, to this he replied, if the angel told me anything contrary to the Word, he would not be an angel of the Lord. (Gal. 1:8) However, what do we see today, the followers coming out with a box full of statements saying this is the Word of the Lord for this hour, the Bible was the Word of the Lord for Paul’s day. I have good news for you, Bro. William Branham more than once stated the Bible was the book we were supposed to return to furthermore, I find all he said, though it might require many volumes, it still adds up to one thing, GET BACK TO THE BIBLE. (Pg. 25 of SPOKEN WORD – ORIGINAL SEED) “You can’t be a seed and disagree with the Word because the Word is the seed”.


Isn’t it strange how the followers of Bro. William Branham are not divided over basic principles of salvation recorded in the Word, such as faith in God, water baptism, Godhead, holy life and the second coming of Christ. No, not even his teaching on the baptism of the Holy Ghost (whether tongues be an initial evidence or not). Instead, it always seems to be over some unusual statement much like the one we have just examined which lead people to build some kind of wild unscriptural thought where in the complete plot in the end will lead you into one thing: TO PLACE DEIFICATION ON THE FLESH OF A MAN WHO DECLARED HE WAS ONLY A BROTHER, A SINNER SAVED BY GRACE (Seal Bk, Pg. 570). SPOKEN WORD – ORIGINAL SEED, Pg. 32- “I am a Branham, because I was born of Charlie and Ella Branham. That makes me a Branham because I am of their seed. Their two agreements with their sperm together made a seed and that made me!” Irregardless to what he would say, that deity spirit runs rampant over the world today. To some, it may sound like Jackson doesn’t have one bit of use for the followers of Bro. William Branham. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Good, sincere, honest-hearted people have been brought into the line of this truth; nevertheless, I say to any spirit which seeks to deify and exalt the flesh of man as God, you would have been better off to have remained in Babylon because my Bible teaches idolaters, fornicators, drunkards, railers, false accusers or any such thing shall not inherit the kingdom of God, I Cor. 6:9-10. An idolater is one who carnally places deity on that which cannot possibly hold such a position. Only one can be deity and that is the Eternal God himself.


History records how converted pagans coming out of the second century after the apostolic age built themselves a great church upon traditions surrounded by relics and possessions of those (dead) early church fathers. That is why in Europe today in certain churches you can find one supposedly to have possession of a nail used to nail Christ to the cross, while another church supposedly has the sword used to behead John the Baptist. Another the glass an apostle drank from or the bones of Andrew, etc. Their foundational structure is built strictly upon the worship of the dead, of relics and bones of holy men of old which carry no more virtue that does an old dead, dry cornstalk lying in the field. Virtue lies strictly in God and his Word. Nevertheless, the spirit of paganism which made all this possible has now moved into the endtime, because the Holy Spirit which suppressed this spirit while coming out through Protestantism into this very hour, as he moves mightily through the earth taking out his own number now permits this spirit of paganism to bounce back, bringing in all this carnality. Therefore, it is time we get back to the Bible and become a praying people before the Lord and his divine Word, showing we are thankful he sent us a prophet, who though little in stature could make the Christ of the Bible so big as he was leading us back to the Word.


The second point that seemingly appears contradictory disturbing many today is, does the Bible teach one prophetic week which is a period of seven years left for Israel on God’s time clock or does it teach only 3 ½ years left? First, you should read carefully Dan. 9:24-27 where the angel clearly instructs Daniel there were yet 70 prophetic weeks for his people. Then you must decide as I have from the scriptures and from the profound teachings on the SEVENTY WEEKS OF DANIEL by the prophet whether Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Pg. 105 Para. 78-81 & 84) was Palm Sunday, April 2nd, either 30 A.D. or 33 A.D. (depending on where you place the 4-6 floating years which was discovered to be missing several hundred years after Christ’s birth) thus ending the 69 prophetic weeks leaving yet one prophetic week. Furthermore, you must decide as he taught all of this under the anointing of the Holy Spirit whether you will accept his teaching as he taught Daniel 9:27, how the prince, who was none other than the anti-christ, out of Rome made a covenant for one week and in the middle of that covenant broke it, killing the two prophets who had called out 144,000 Jews, Pg. 106, Para. 83; Pg. 108, Para. 95-98; Pg. 124, Para. 165 thru Pg.127 also see Seal Bk., Pgs. 166-167. In this great masterful lesson where seemingly Bro. William Branham exerted every effort for the believers to understand his revelation saying (Pg. 97, Para. 41-42) “I want you to get this if we have to stay here all day, we want to know that it’s truth if you can just see it!” He encouraged the followers to trace the chart he had used as a diagram. He said he had proven from the bible, history Jewish calendar and diagramed it out. This was the true understanding of seventy weeks of Daniel. Through every human effort possible he tried to make every word sink deep into the heart of those who heard, constantly stopping throughout the message saying, Do you understand? Are you getting this? Furthermore, on various occasions throughout this study he repeated this statement: THE MOMENT HE (THE LORD) STARTS THAT SEVENTIETH WEEK OR SEVEN YEARS THE CHURCH IS GONE! Then on Pg. 130, Para. 192 this anointed prophet said something which every believer should take into consideration, it was something he did not want us to ever forget, something which he declared the Holy Ghost put on his pen while he was writing. This is the statement: THE MOMENT HE STARTS THE SEVENTIETH WEEK OR SEVEN YEARS THE CHURCH IS GONE, NOW LISTEN, I AM QUOTING AGAIN, REQUOTING AGAIN WHERE YOU WON’T FORGET IT, THIS IS WHAT THE HOLY GHOST PUT UPON MY PEN WHILE I WAS WRITING. Now, beloved how can you ignore such a statement when all of this lines up so perfectly with the Word of God? Then later while teaching in the Seals in Questions and Answers, it appears he stated there was only 3 ½ years left for Israel. We are fully aware there is only 3 ½ years left for the Messianic gospel to be preached in Israel where the 144,000 are sealed away yet according to the prophet’s original (Dan. 9:17) message Israel has one more prophetic week left to her. However, I want you to notice something. Bro. William Branham stated in (70 WEEKS OF DAN. Pg. 139, para. 227) don’t misunderstand and say Bro. William Branham said Jesus will come in 1977. I never said no such thing. Jesus may come today, but I have predicted that between ’33 and ’77 something would take place (concerning the visions). Certain ones have grabbed up these loose statements of 3 ½ years being left and applied it with another statement concerning a remark he made about believing his seven visions would be fulfilled and the millennium would be ushered in by 1977 (Ch. Age Book. Pg. 322). In many places he had predicted (not prophesied) he felt according to the way things were progressing his seven visions would be completed by 1977. However, this one place where he added AND THE MILLENNIUM BE USHERED IN has caused many followers to take the year 1977 as everything being completed, connected with the statements of 3 ½ years, knowing 1977 completes 70 Jubilees since the beginning of Jubilees and realizing the church does not go through the great tribulation period, has set the departure date for the church to be no later than the middle of 1973. He naturally had to make these statements dealing with 3 ½ years whereby individuals would connect it with 1977 giving them this unscriptural revelation which undoubtedly will fall through and then the Lord only knows which trail they will go up next. It seems the original teaching of the SEVENTY WEEKS OF DANIEL has practically been discarded by many of the followers and yet it was put in book form and published. Anyone knowing how Bro. William Branham hated error and realizing how when he preached on the first seal and had discovered by the Holy Spirit his old carnal idea of what the revelation of the first seal was, realizes how a number of different occasions he referred to his mistake concerning the seal as to what he had previously thought it to be and because he made the statement that in the room that day the Lord had revealed things to him which were completely contrary to what he had always believed concerning the first seal, many have now taken this one statement where he spoke precisely of the first seal in Revelation 6 and try to make it apply to any statement they might want to accept when ever dual statements are involved in the message. But I ask you an honest and sincere question, can we make that apply to all things, when he only spoke of it as applying to his previous understanding of the first seal? However, one brief statement before leaving Daniel’s Seventy Weeks, one of Bro. William Branham‘s statements which confuses many, refers to Dan. 9:27, and implies prince (spelled with a little “p”) to be Christ. And that Christ made a 7 year covenant with Israel and in the middle of that prophetic week broke his covenant. I WANT SOMEONE TO SHOW ME FROM THE SCRIPTURES WHERE CHRIST EVER MADE A 7 YEAR COVENANT WITH ISRAEL AND BROKE IT AFTER 3 ½ YEARS. IT’S SIMPLY NOT THERE. Therefore, prince in Dan. 9:27 does not apply to Christ (as does Ver. 25) but to the anti-Christ, that false prince as he originally taught.


The third point to be studied had nothing to do with salvation, but has to do with God’s plan of reproduction, that is, was it originally God’s plan to reproduce mankind before the fall through the sex act or through just the spoken word (calling them out of the earth). Throughout all of Bro. William Branham‘s teachings, especially SPOKEN WORD IS ORIGINAL SEED, Pgs. 25, 71, 73, 81, 83 and especially 119 where he wrote the following words with a pen under the inspiration in Para. 5, the first son was spoken seed word of God, he was given a Bride…a bride product to produce himself another son of God, but she fell by hybreeding. Also from Seal Book, Pg. 198-199, 241-242. However, as always, there is another statement although I cannot give you its exact location, where Bro. William Branham referred to the fact the original plan of God was to call children from the dust of the earth making it appear sex was not in the original plan of God for reproducing all other life. Wouldn’t you know it, certain individuals bypass every clear cut statement which falls in continuity with the Bible to accept this one statement thus building themselves a revelation and causing confusion through it. Before passing to the next statement which also confuses many, examine Gen. 2:23-25. Adam prophesies concerning the original roll of womanhood before the fall, how man would leave father and mother to cleave unto himself a wife. How, beloved, could it be that a man leaves his parents (father and mother) if he was originally to be called from the dust of the earth and not brought forth through the sex act? The sex act is the only act that gives an individual a genuine father and mother.


Now concerning the next point which has also brought confusion. It deals with whether people walked out upon the ashes of the wicked before or after the millennium. First, you should read Mal. 4:1-3 then in the Seal Book, Pg. 100 and also 148 speaking of the office of Mal. 4:5-6 B Part, Bro. William Branham shows how this office restores the faith of the children back to the fathers and then the world judgment would strike and the earth would be burned and then the righteous would walk out upon the ashes of the wicked in the millennium. However, over on Pg. 150, he states the bride goes in with the groom. Then after the millennium walks out upon the ashes of the wicked and as you might know these odd statements are always out of continuity with his regular revelation of thought; nevertheless, they do take their toll leading people away from the Word of God.


The last thing of confusion we choose to discuss is those unrevealed mysterious seven unknown thunders which the Holy Ghost placed within the seventh seal giving not the slightest evidence or hint as to what any of the seventh seal was because Rev. 8:1 says, when the seventh seal was opened there was one half hour of silence in heaven. We have no less than 75-90 references scattered throughout different messages of Bro. William Branham‘s most of which was preached before the time for the Seventh Seal to be broken (March 24, 1963) where undoubtedly up until that time because of the office of Mal. 4:5-6 B Part and Rev. 10:7 where the mystery of God should be finished, it was Bro. William Branham‘s personal opinion this Seventh Seal would be completely broken as were the six seals before it and revealed by this prophet office. However, beginning on pg. 555-579 Seven Seals where he actually begins to deal with the Seventh Seal, we are told the seventh seal is a three-fold mystery of which the third-fold, meaning the seven thunders which undoubtedly holds the rapturing faith and the new name of Jesus which shall be revealed just before Christ returns for the church as indicated on pg. 128, 142, 155 and 158 of this book while he was still dealing with the First Seal thinking all of this would be open by the time he arrived at the Seventh Seal. Two-folds of the Seventh Seal was discussed, however, the third-fold which passed before him was in an unknown language and he was unable to understand it (Pg. 564-567). Now, remember this one thing, had the fulness of the seventh seal or the revelation which lies hidden in that seal been revealed in March 1963, it is very doubtful the church would be here today; however, the mystery of the seven thunders according to Bro. William Branham (Pg. 564, 567, 568, 575 through 578) which appeared to him in an unknown language could not be interpreted; therefore, he could not reveal it and said this part would have to come at a later date. However, it should be remembered almost two years before this he had preached the Seven Church Ages (Church Age Book) it is indicated that the office of the spirit of Elijah would do two things naturally basing it on Mal. 4:5-6 and Rev. 10:7 and that was: turn the hearts of the children to the fathers and (2) reveal the mysteries of the seven thunders in Rev. 10 which is the revelation concealed in the seven seals, however, it must be noted when he actually got into the seals he was unable to reveal to the audience what those seven mysterious thunders were. I repeat, had all the entire three-fold mystery of that seventh seal been opened, Christ would be off his mercy seat as some are teaching today and the grace age would be finished as some teach it is already because they firmly believe Bro. William Branham completely opened all three-fold mystery of the seventh seal which included the seven mysterious thunders which have not been sounded.


Individuals of this movement have split themselves through the help of Satan in every possible way and divided their own hearts over what the prophet did and did not teach when only a little truth and confidence in the revealed scriptures found in the bible could so easily straighten out their thinking. If they could only realize that by no means the true line of thought in the message could possibly contradict in the slightest that which is written by holy men of old found only in the Bible, that precious book Satan has sought desperately to destroy wherein man would have no true foundation to build to his faith until it reached the full stature of Christ and becoming the full dwelling place for God for the Millennium. Refusing to seek the advice of the holy revealed scriptures and continuing to lean upon their own understanding as to what the true line of thought in the message actually is whenever confronted by two seemingly opposing statements, if they could only realize these two conflicting statements were placed in the message to force them to turn to the holy scripture to find which one of the statements bears perfectly in line with that of revelation in the revealed word and which statement does not, they would automatically know the statement which lines up with the revelation of the Word perfectly is that which links back into the scriptures and that is the statement carrying the revelation which should be linked into the revelation of the message. However you see, without the holy scriptures as a guideline to our thinking, the old idea remains which seem to serve as the guideline for some – well, he was a prophet and a divine interpreter of the Word; therefore, every statement is divinely inspired of God for the Bride and should be believed. This is absolutely untrue! Only one statement is for the Bride, while the other is for those who blindly and foolishly ignore the written Word of God, refusing to allow it to serve as their guideline of thought. God so designed this endtime message whereby only the true people could find their way through this message back into the revealed scripture where they belong, while the others will simply lodge on some statement designed by the Holy Spirit in their behalf and here they shall remain. It is God’s final way of separation of the wheat from the staggering tares. It is God’s way of allowing the prophet’s restoring message of revelation to lead the Bride (alone) over into the full revelation of the Word, while at the same time giving those a way out who never intended to go on with the revealed Word. Furthermore, you will note it is only those who refuse to accept the scriptures as a guideline to their thinking throughout this prophet’s message who become lodged and unmoveable on one or more of these statements placed there in their behalf as a snare and always causes such confusion over them among the weak and frightened followers of the message. It is from these statements they eventually build themselves a new foundation of unscriptural doctrines and ideas wherein all of this could have been avoided had they, when running into something or a statement they did not fully perceive search the scriptures. The scriptures could have easily furnished the answer. Thus, Satan has succeeded in pushing them further and further from the original foundation. It is from these statements that dozens and dozens of ideas have come forth which are totally unscriptural and will never cause anyone to grow up into the fullness of the stature of Christ, instead it causes them to prance off proudly on their own with their own revelation which was neither of the prophet nor the Bible but something strictly of their own. For instance, the other day a friend told me of attending a certain tent meeting where the evangelist pretended to represent this message and in the process of his message he told the people they could have only one wife, but as many concubines as they pleased. How preposterous! Neither Christ, his apostles, nor Bro. William Branham ever taught such heresy. Another man who felt most strongly Bro. William Branham to be none other than God, his heavenly Father, left his wife declaring they were never soul mates; therefore, he is free to marry another. Another ridiculous lie, but the point I want you to see is how Satan, once has pulled people away from the revelation of this message, they are free to be attacked by any kind of spirit that desires to invade them.



Therefore, my advice to any follower of this message is to not allow yourself to be swayed from the actual flow of revelation which exalts Jesus Christ and the holy scriptures thus wrecking your chances to be placed back upon the solid foundation whereby in time you may reach the stature or growth of the perfect man, wherein the Holy Ghost himself shall enter into his fullness, rapture the church and live in it during the Millennium, because when the bride church reached this point, once having been fully restored back upon the revealed foundation which is the revelation of the Word and has added all these necessary seven attributes which is none other than the divine nature of Christ himself placed into his body, 2 Pet. 1:5-10. As Peter taught the true church, which had been established upon the foundation, which is revealed faith in the revealed Word of God, how that these following seven things should now be added to their faith which would assure them of having attained the stature of the perfect man. And remember, Bro. William Branham said never try to add one of these divine natures or attributes of Christ unto your stature of growth until you could add them exactly like that of the examples found in the scripture and these attributes which are to be added to your foundation of faith are (1) Bible virtue (2) Bible knowledge (3) Bible temperance (4) Bible patience (5) Bible godliness (5) scriptural brotherly kindness and (7) Bible charity. Here I cannot go into detail concerning what these attributes of Christ really mean; however, I will point you to Bro. William Branham‘s message entitled THE STATURE OF A PERFECT MAN wherein he shows each time you take a step, once having been born again by the true revealed faith each step is nothing more than growth in the revealed Word. Once you have been founded upon the revealed Word, you are adding more and more of the Spirit of this Word unto your spiritual growth and once these seven attributes of the divine nature which is none other than the fullness of Christ in his church, you will have completed the growth in stature of the perfect man (in Christ). And recall this accomplishment will be made together by the Bride.


The adding of these seven attributes of Christ furnishes the bride the fullness of Christ (fullness of the Spirit of the Word) which naturally is none other than the fullness of the Holy Ghost who at this time moves into his body in fullness. However, don’t think for a moment you can possibly obtain revealed faith, which is the foundation, nor any of these attributes Peter speaks of without having a measure of the Holy Ghost already in you for as you recall, Christ was the only person who ever had the Holy Ghost without measure. Now as the fullness of these attributes of Christ come into the church and is ready for rapture, she also obtains the fullness of the Holy Ghost which translates her.


Some have been led to believe that since the Holy Ghost moves into the bride in his fullness, just before she leaves the world, no one today has the Holy Ghost or can have the Holy Ghost before the Holy Ghost moves into the church at the completion of the attributes, shortly before she is taken to the wedding supper. This is not true. Be not deceived. How do you think anyone obtains revelation, (the faith or foundation) or any of these other divine attributes of Christ which goes into his church without having first somewhere received the Holy Ghost to add these things unto the growth of our stature. (Rom. 8:9) Why, it is the Holy Ghost all the way and it is the Holy Ghost who comes in fullness at the very closing of the church age to indwell the tabernacle or body which has been built for him by the redeemed. This indwelling fullness comes as that last attribute of divine love is given to the body of Christ. The scripture says God is love. Remember, beloved, you are led out of Babylon ideas because no material from Babylon can be used in this spiritual building of the perfect man. Nor can any part of the faith foundation be mixed with unbelief from Babylon over the Word. Nevertheless, the very fact there remains still so much unbelief and uncertainty within the movement proves beyond any doubt at this point if we were building a spiritual man upon such a foundation both man and foundation would crumble and we would no doubt end up still a part of Babylonian foundation, being rejected at the end and burned as tares.


How will the church ever reach that stature of the perfect man once she has been restored to the apostolic faith though the route of the prophet’s message? According to the Bible, Eph. 4:12 and also the teaching of the endtime prophet, this special job can only be accomplished by that five-fold ministry who is ordained to lead the church into her height of godliness which according to Bro. William Branham, Vol. 2, No. 14-18, Pg. 238, is being perfect and such a ministry as that can only be performed by that five-fold ministry designed for this purpose. (Perfect here does not mean what Pentecost has taught) This foundation which is revealed faith on which these seven attributes of Christ are applied to the growth of the bride church once she has been placed back on the correct foundation requires a special material, a material which is none other than the pure revelated faith of God’s Word, it is Word added to Word or faith added to faith. It is the building material which goes into the stature of a perfect man. Yes, by our own actions we prove we are not built, as yet, upon the foundation of truth because beloved, we cannot even agree as to what truth is, therefore, how can we possibly be built upon it?


Bro. Branham told the Bride followers Faith is the only foundation upon which we can build that building. The early church was more than confident that the word of revealed truth was correct. Their lives, their hopes, their dreams, desires and aspirations were built upon nothing other than what this endtime prophet was desperately trying to restore an endtime people unto at the time of his death. What is wrong with us? Don’t we realize before we can be any part of this building, our feelings also will have to be the same as those of the early church toward the revealed word found in the holy scriptures? Paul, in I Cor. 3:9-17, informed the Corinthian church God had permitted him to be a wise master builder and he had laid a foundation which others were building upon (including us). However, he warned (I Cor. 3:9-17) let every man take heed how he builds thereon for no other foundation can a man lay than that which is laid, which is some church age messenger after 1517 a thousand times no. BUT UPON JESUS CHRIST. And recall, whatever you build upon this foundation, Paul said would be tested by the fire of God, if the works burn, the man suffers loss for the fire shall try every man’s works as what sort it is.


Concerning those individuals who make up the lively stones which are going into the building which is to be built upon the foundation of faith in God or his revealed truth, Paul says that the individual is also the temple of God. Why, because the Spirit of God dwells within him; therefore, one thing is sure, if you do not allow the Holy Ghost to enter into your life now while becoming a part of this building which is none other than the perfect stature of Christ in the church you will have no part within the building once the Holy Ghost completes it and is ready to move into it and live. Paul says if any man defile the temple of God, God will destroy him for the temple of God is holy which temple ye are. Declaring further in 2 Cor. 13:5, a warning which should be sufficient for us today who are approaching this foundation. Examine ourselves and see if you be in the faith or whether ye be a reprobate. Being in the faith could mean only one thing, that is being founded on nothing and relying upon nothing other than what is in the pure revelated scriptures written by holy men of old. Now perhaps these statements will be more important to us which Bro. William Branham would make under the anointing such as GET BACK TO THE ORIGINAL; GET BACK TO THE HOLY GHOST; GET BACK TO THE LEADERSHIP OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE; GET BACK TO REVEALED FAITH. How could a people continually hear him cry out, GET BACK, GET BACK and feel there is nothing to get back to. BACK TO PENTECOST, he would cry (33 A.D.) not Pentecost of 1903-13 where so many of those people drifted off into different varieties of Pentecostal organizations, but back to the original experience wherein the Holy Ghost led the lives of individuals and Paul declared in Rom. 8:14 that as many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God. Furthermore he said, you who have received the Holy Ghost (this holds true in our day also) have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you have received the spirit of adoption whereby we cry Abba Father and the spirit beareth witness with our spirit we are the children of God and if we be children then heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if so be that we suffer with him that we may be also glorified together.


Here I want to make an important statement concerning what the church age messenger of this hour felt that a truly born again believer who has the real true faith of God in his life would be like. I might point out the fact these statements were not made in secret, but were made to perhaps one of his largest listening audiences through a telephone hook-up as the prophet addressed the endtime believers approximately a month before his death in a message entitled THE INVISIBLE UNION OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST. Speaking along the line of the only kind of Christian the Word of God can bring forth, he said the carnal church world produced intellectual church joining, creed going, bobbed hair, painted faces and said there is no such thing as that in the Word of God. In no less than three places in this message before this vast listening audience Bro. William Branham said here is the kind you find in the Word (Christian). You find an old fashioned, sanctified child of God, born of the Spirit of God, screaming, hollering, shouting and praising God. Taking his thought back to the carnal church, Bro. William Branham continued by saying she don’t want none of that screaming, shouting, tongue-speaking Acts 2:38 young ‘uns around her. She doesn’t want any of them whooping, crying and screaming Amen and Hallelujah. Why such a child would put her out of her denomination (that would disgrace her) so you see she is impregnated with something because she is bringing forth members all the time, but she don’t want any of them screaming, hollering, blabbering Acts 2:38 miserable creatures that she thinks they are. It would certainly embarrass her, they would throw her out at the next council. She can’t have it, so she don’t want to be impregnated with the Word because that is the only kind the word can bring forth. Furthermore, the prophet said the real true second Adam nature will be one like that of Christ. You see, if the church could bring forth a child of the second Adam, he would have the second Adam’s ways of acting like they did on the day of Pentecost. That, Bro. William Branham says, is the real true second Adam’s children. Their nature, because of a new birth, is like his. Then at the close of his message his words were: This is my message to you thousands times thousands listening. Church to you that is in a spiritual union, (married by the Word) you are dead to those old husbands; you are born anew. Don’t try to dig him up, he is dead (having reference to those dead things you were married to before the Word came into your life according to Rom. 7 if you are a born again Christian that little germ that is predestined in you is coming on Word, on Word, on Word, on Word until it comes into you – the full stature of Christ. That is right, so he can come and get his bride. You see, it was Bro. William Branham‘s commission to get the endtime word church back on a word foundation whereby she might add Word upon Word upon Word unto that foundation of revealed faith, that is being filled with those seven attributes of which Peter spoke. Christ in Matt. 16 had declared: Upon this rock (revelation of the Word) he would build his church. This is the rock or foundation, the prophet’s endtime ministry was trying to get a people back to where they themselves, through the revelation of Christ, might add these necessary ingredients or attributes to their spiritual growth which when completed becomes the tabernacle or body God dwells in for the millennium. Stephen in Acts 7:48 declared God lives in a body or tabernacle but not one made with hands. Friends, it is going to be one made out of the Word of God and for people to stand at the end of the age declaring we no longer need the Word of revealed scripture is to absolutely defeat the very purpose in which the prophet came for in their behalf. God will build this tabernacle, he shall dwell once we get back on the rock of revelation and it won’t take him as long as you might think once this five-fold ministry is accepted to lead the church on to perfection. A job the early ministry in apostolic times would have completed had they not died away to fulfill that which Jesus likened to the corn of wheat. Yes, that first round of fivefold ministry was cut off before perfection could be reached; nevertheless, they were on the foundation, building and shaping lives for this building when cut off and then we see another ministry rising to take their place which does not hold to their ideas nor lead the church on to perfection because gradually instead of a five-fold ministry leading the church, it became that of priest, etc. until finally a pope and then into total spiritual darkness, now completely in every respect away from the true foundation..