Evidence, What Is It?, Part 2 – 2012, February

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

I have already said, It has been a long time since I preached a message that I want to give as much attention to how I would say certain things, as I would this particular message that we started last Sunday. I know, across the internet hookup and wherever this goes, there are a lot of old time Pentecostal people that will say, you have to be wrong Bro. Jackson. I have met many, some are good friends, wonderful people, but I have to stand here today and defend something that I know is truth. I will challenge any doctor of divinity, regardless of who he is, or how much Greek he knows, how much Hebrew he knows, this or that, to prove me wrong. As I said last Sunday, we are titling this message, “Evidence-What is it?” The first thing most old Pentecostal people will say, well it is speaking in tongues. If you heard what I said last Sunday, speaking in tongues was a manifestation of the Spirit of God on the day of Pentecost. No one will deny that. You are saying that is a proof of having the Holy Ghost all through time. I have to retouch on some of those events and things I have said to let you take a look at the day and hour we live in. Keep in mind, in the 2nd chapter of the book of Acts, when the apostle Peter stood in the midst of the 120 and said, quoting the prophecy of Joel in the 2nd chapter, this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel, it shall come to pass in the later days that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, old men shall dream dreams, young men shall see visions. Upon my handmaidens and servants will I pour out of my spirit. I will remind you that hold to an evidence, just show me in Joel the 2nd chapter where tongues were even mentioned. Well where did Peter get what he said? He takes it from Isaiah 28:8-9, for with stammering lips and men of other tongues will He speak unto this people, and yet for all of this, they will not believe. You will find the apostle Paul speaking also in 1st Corinthians the 14th chapter, that tongues was a sign, he never said a thing about an evidence. That is your own concoction, out of your own English way of saying things. Not only that, they say initial evidence. Well when you put the two words together, that is like in a court today, where is the smoking gun? Now I will grant you that when we look at the total picture of the early Church, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit was manifested in and through the body of believers. Not only was tongues evident, prophecy was also evident. The reason I am going back to this is because I want to ask this, what was the Holy Spirit given for? To let you speak in tongues? What is the purpose of it? First it is life. Who is the origin of it? God Himself. God takes of Himself and gives you a measure of Himself, because He is the only source of life there is in the universe. The Holy Ghost is not a byproduct cooked up. It is absolutely the Spirit of life, which is God Himself. He divides Himself (so to speak) among the body of believers. Paul also wrote in 1st Corinthians 12, from the 4th verse down through the 7th, as he described the manifestation through the gifts, in the 7th verse he said, but the manifestation, the manifestation means to put on public display. The manifestation of the Spirit of God is given to every man to profit withal. So we are saying this, in the initial onset of the Church, keep in mind, that original 120 had already followed Jesus. I don’t say that they all followed Him for three and a half years, but the most followed Him for the biggest part of that period. Then when we do come to the Gentiles, He gave them more or less the same type of manifestation. But what else is the Holy Spirit supposed to do? First, He is supposed to lead you. Jesus, in St. John’s gospel said repeatedly, He will teach you all things, He will bring to your remembrance all things whatsoever is spoken to you. He will guide you into all truth. So He repeatedly states, that the main objective of the Holy Spirit is not only to give you life, but it is to teach you to have an understanding of what the Word of God declares. Then it is to guide you, how you as an individual is going to be used in the particular service that God has ordained for you within the body of believers. Therefore He is a leading Spirit. Otherwise the apostle Paul would not have wrote this in Romans, the 8th chapter, for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. That literally means, you don’t just up and take the words of certain groups of people because, well I feel you should do this, and I feel that you should do that, I feel that you should say this. We have had enough of that through our denominational circles, people depending on someone else for spiritual leading. Sometimes, yes, God will honor it, but most of the time God wants the individual to depend on Him for leadership, what to do, where to go and so forth. Also, the Holy Spirit was give to you to teach you and instruct you, to show you what God wants to develop in your life, such as character and conduct. This is why the apostle Paul, in many places, would speak, put you on the Lord Jesus Christ and give none occasion to fulfil the lust of the flesh. Know this though, you do not put Him on in one day. You gain the knowledge of what the character of Christ was like, and that God wants to develop that in you. We just have to realize though, that the Holy Spirit was not given to the Church just so everyone could speak in tongues and then go sit down somewhere and bathe your soul in the sunshine of God’s love, and never learn anything more. Paul then said in Ephesians 4, verse 30, grieve not the Holy Spirit whereby you are sealed unto the day of redemption. That literally means exactly that, do not grieve Him that is in you to teach and lead you. You are admonished to learn what is in you, and learn what He wants to do in you and through you. There is a lot that the Holy Spirit has to do inside of us, to get us in a place where we can be led. I will say also, God is in the process, and has been in the recent number of decades, of gradually restoring His true Church back to its original identity. I am going to prove to you today, that not all tongue talkers are going to be in the Bride of Christ. When you start saying that speaking in tongues is the evidence of having the Holy Ghost, I will say to you emphatically, It is not! There are a lot of Trinitarians, and also a lot of oneness, Jesus only people who declare that tongues is an evidence, and when you ask the oneness, what about the Trinitarian side? You hear, oh they are going to hell. Why are they going to hell? Is it because they spoke in tongues? Well, they have a devil. I say to that, They no more have a devil, than you Jesus only people. You think you have the evidence, and what you call evidence is just a sign of His presence. How many know what I am saying? Do not say that just because some group spoke in tongues, they are all going to wind up with white robes of fine linen. They absolutely are not. I will say this, when we do reach the end of this message, in conclusion, I am going to say, there is going to be a lot of tongue talking Pentcostals on both sides of the fence, that are going to wind up as foolish virgins. There are a lot of Methodists and Baptists and Catholics that have been going to the charismatic meetings, and that have also spoken in tongues, shouted and danced. They are going to wind up in the tribulation as foolish virgins. Why? Because they will not let the Holy Spirit teach them anything. That is why I say this morning, the Holy Spirit did not come into you just to give you a gift to go on down the road and brag about having it. He comes into you to lead you. He is not going to lead you, and teach you how to be a good Methodist or Baptist. All that He truly dwells in, are going to learn how to be a good, genuine Holy Ghost filled Christian. Now we can say this, in the first age, the Holy Ghost filled the believer. As I said last Sunday, let us lay aside this old terminology, well he has the baptism of the Holy Ghost, because that term was only used by John the Baptist to make a point. It never was used by the apostles in the book of Acts. Look it up, and you will see that it never was used like that as believers were added to the Church. They were filled, or the Spirit fell on them, or they received the Spirit. That is the terms used that you see in the book of Acts. It was never said, that they received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Sometimes it is hard to explain to people when they use term, but if you receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, you have got it. You might have received an anointing, but that does not mean you received the whole thing of being filled with the Spirit. In the early Church, every dynamic attribute that the Church was required to have was manifested. It filled the believers. The manifestations of that Spirit was in the body, in the individual believers, in order that the Spirit could minister to the body of Christ collectively. It built character in every one of them. It was a teaching Spirit in every one. It led the believer in service. He is the power of God in you, to help you overcome your troubles, your problems, and your every day encounters that might serve as something to make you feel bad. Although God had put in His Church all those attributes, what did Jesus say in Matthew 24, when one of the first things His disciples asked, was, what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world and so forth? His first remark was, Beware of false prophets, or false teachers. Let no man deceive you. The Church had not even gotten into the middle of the first age, when here came the deceivers with false revelations. They did not say that they were not Christians, they did not come down the road and say that they were infidels and pagans. They came down the road claiming to be believers in the Lord Jesus, filled with the Holy Ghost, but they had a strange revelation, every one of them did. As we look to these things, the apostle Paul was constantly addressing the local churches that he had established through the epistles. Let me establish this in your mind first, that every epistle Paul wrote, he wrote for true believers. He wrote half of the New Testament. Not one of those letters was written to produce foolish virgins. You everyone know that is true. Paul had one picture of what the body of Christ is, and what it should look like. He specifically wrote of what the body of Christ was to consists of. So his main message in every epistle was for the believers that were filled with the Holy Ghost, led, taught, and motivated by Him. In other words, these are the requirements, beware of deceivers, false teachers and all self willed know-it-all kind of characters. Nevertheless after awhile somebody would come along and upset the foundation of some of those churches. Do you know why they were able to do that? Because there were always some that were not yet grounded in the faith. I say to everyone of you this morning, when you are filled with the Holy Spirit, and you trust that Spirit to lead and direct you, (I am going to say something, and I want to say it kindly, and wisely.) for goodness sakes, know who you are listening to. Regardless of what kind of education, and what kind of experience they have had, and how nice they look, and how they comb their hair, learn to listen to what is said; and then learn to watch the actions of that person. Sometimes it is not what they teach, it is certain actions that begin to give an indication of something that is not quite right. Some may say, Well, I don’t’ see anything wrong. There are a lot of young people today, that never see anything wrong in anything. Please, brothers and sisters, I am not saying these things to hurt anyone, but to put you on guard. You can sit there in those pews and say, you are just a mortal man like everybody else. That is true; and that has been said for the last thirty seven years. I wish you could read some of the letters I get from overseas. I received a very nice one the other day from a man overseas: I have never seen him, but he wrote, Bro. Jackson: I have been receiving your Contender for, he told me how long. He told me what the little groups of the Branham followers have been through over there in his country. Then someone came along one day and gave him a Contender. He said, I looked at that and thought, that makes more sense than anything I have ever heard. He said, so over a period of time I have been getting it. He said, Bro. Jackson, you are my father, that is the way he said it. You have established me in the Bible, you have put me on the foundation of what the apostles taught. May God bless you. Well, I can say this, when you have the Holy Spirit, it is not going to lead you to sit down and listen and open your ears up to anything and everything you hear. You are going to have inside of you a certain convicting feeling. You have to have a knowledge of what this really says and how a man’s actions go with it. The apostle Paul said, be an example of the believer in word, and in deed, that is your actions, how you conduct yourself. It is one thing for me to get up here and say a lot of nice things from the Word of God, but if I go out of here and you see me conducting myself in a social manner that does not become a true Christian character, you have a right to question me. On the other hand, if all you want to do is run up and down the road, well I don’t think Bro. Jackson can be right in everything, Who are you helping? I have to say this, if you want to criticize me like that, help yourself. The devil knows exactly where you said that, when you thought that, and one of these days he will hit you between the eyes with a haymaker. He is going to leave you senseless somewhere, because you have never made up your mind on anything. That is why I said years ago, when as yet I did not have the filling of the Holy Spirit, I was a Methodist. But in the month of February 1952, you have heard me say, God sat me down, because I had a habit, every morning before going to the field or anything, I wanted to read something in the scriptures. I read in St. Luke the 1st chapter, and just by reading there, something within me said, if these words be true, He is going to send the Elijah spirit again before the second coming of Christ. I was so happy I could have told you Pentecostals to go jump off a cliff. How many Pentecostals have I heard say, that is not in the Bible. It is in the Bible! You can say, oh that was for John the Baptist. Well yes, that was the first advent, but that is sure not the second advent. Next, he will turn the hearts of the children, who are the children? They are the Holy Ghost filled believers of our day. I say to you bunch of supposed to be Gentile Christians, supposed to be filled with the Holy Ghost and yet you cannot be taught anything. He will either turn your faith back to the faith of the early Church fathers, or you are out of the picture. That is more than just speaking in tongues. That gives you a revelation from the beginning to the ending of this book, what the Church will look like as she faces the end time. As I sat there on that February morning, when I got through reading that, I turned back to Malachi 4, I read verses 1, 2, and 3. I saw right there, that at that time, that angel who was speaking to Zechariah in the temple, quoted Malachi for the first advent, that was John the Baptist. But the last part of that prophecy, he never touched at all. That is when something said inside me, that if we are living in the days just before the coming of Christ, He will send that spirit of Elijah again. At that time I did not know who, where, when, or how. Then in the month of August I was introduced to Bro. William Branham. I had been invited to come to the Tabernacle to hear him for the first time. When I got up to leave that night, I had never yet shaken his hand. He had never yet spoken a word to me. But something inside me said, this is that man. I walked out of there going toward my car with the thought in my mind, and you could not have stopped me for anything in the world. After that first service, Bro. Glenn had grabbed me and said Bro. Jackson, I want you to come here: I want to introduce you to Bro. William Branham. I thought, me, just a little country farmer, I am not even worthy to be introduced to such a great man that has been around the world. When Bro. Glenn took me to meet Bro. William Branham, I saw a little man standing there, and we were introduced to each other. That was before church order had been made. This was in the fall of 1952. He was standing there talking with about six or seven other people. The service was over and people were leaving. Bro. Glenn led me up on the platform. Bro. William Branham turned and looked at me. I say this, when I left there that night, I said, the devil is not going to see daylight between me and that man. I learned not to worship his flesh like many people do, but I learned to respect the things that he said about the Word of God. Believe me, I have heard A. A. Allen, Oral Roberts, Velmar Garnder, W. V. Grant, and many others, but of all of them, not a one of them, to me, could compete with this little man. He made Jesus stand head and shoulders taller than any other man ever had. I will say this, hoping I can solidify some people, know what you believe and why you believe it. Do not believe anything just because you heard me say it. If what I am saying cannot be confirmed from the Bible, you should go somewhere else. On the other hand, if you can find vindication in the Bible, then listen and pay attention to me. I do not say these things to be arrogant. I say this because it is time we believers should stop playing around, running all over creation with the heebie-jeebies, the can’t-be-stills, the gadabouts, the run-arounds, and not know who or what we are going to listen to. I say that with respect, because it is the Holy Spirit that is going to teach you, if you really do get it. He is going to teach you things that are absolutely right, He is also going to teach you that some things are wrong. He is going to put a caution in your heart and mind, what is wrong and what is right. When these false teachers begin to come, keep in mind they were already on the scene by the middle of the first age of Christendom. Here they come, one teaching circumcision, another one teaching some part of the Law that everyone should keep. What an argument. Over a period of time, that caused a lot of confusion. That is why the apostle Paul in his Epistles, constantly warned the Church, beware of these kinds of things, because it is by grace through faith that we are saved. Not the observance of a day, or keeping of some ritual or festival or any such thing. The early Church was founded on a true revelation of the Word of God. Then, by the closing hours of the first age, the first major doctrine of the scriptures that the Church began to lose, was the revelation of the godhead. You will find that verified in the little epistles of John, in the second epistle of John, which is only one chapter. At that time in 90 A.D. the apostle John was saying these words in verse 7. “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. (You have to understand, John is referring to this because he is a Jew, he knows exactly the revelation of God being manifested in the flesh of Jesus Christ His Son.) This is a deceiver and an antichrist. Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, (or taught) but that we receive a full reward. Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, (That is referring to the godhead.) hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.” In other words, when you have the true picture, you know good and well that the Holy Ghost in you is the gift of God, but He is in you to produce the character of Christ. “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, (or this teaching) receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed.” That is how the early Church conducted themselves. Later on there could be heard from some, well I don’t see anything wrong with him. He is so gentle and kind, and what he says sounds right. He speaks with kindness, and that Jackson is arrogant. Well here are some young people sitting on the front row, that have been here all their life. Have I ever looked at you and said something mean? How many know what I am talking about? When you say something with a sound of authority, then some will say, now it could be like this, you know. Take for instance, if I come along saying something so nice, now it could be that way, a little more or a little less. I have heard these doctors of divinity from Asbury, Wilmore and others, that can use smooth language and terminology, that can lose you in their fancy words. When they are done, you have sat there, scratching your head, what did he say and what did he mean? I have listened to many of them. To my brothers and sisters, believers in the Lord Jesus Christ I say, I do not mean to make my voice sound arrogant or harsh, but in trying to speak with authority on certain things I know what I am talking about, it may seem that way to some. When I know exactly what I am looking at, I am hoping to express it in a way that people can learn. By the time of closing of the first age, the churches had become an open battlefield at times, because the older guards of the true revelation had passed from the scene. As the congregations lost the revelation of the godhead, by the time of going into the second age, it was a big argument, rather than true worship. That is why I said the Church became a battleground. Here came teachers and philosophers, one after another. Coming through the the second age, going into the third, and by the year 325, the doctrine of the trinity became a widely accepted teaching. That is when Constantine, the emperor of Rome, had seen the Christian world at that time in such disarray, he was the one that called a meeting of all the bishops from all universal Christendom. Many of them that came from different places, wound up giving voice to those that stood for the trinity side. When the doctrine of the godhead became trinity, then they stopped completely, the baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it became a practice of baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, which is not a name at all, just three titles. From then on, coming on through the third century into the fourth century, it was one thing after another. The Church just went further and further in losing the original doctrines it was founded on, and by the time of 500 A.D. the devil had brought the foundation of Christendom down to a pagan foundation. By that time the bishops all over the universal Christian world were fussing, who is the greatest, who has the most authority? Christendom was represented in five major centers, but they finally all settled on the fact, if the Roman world could be ruled from Rome, why should the Church not be ruled from Rome also? That gave the bishop that sat at Rome the authority. From then on we can say this, that began to be the beginning of what we call the Roman Catholic Church. I don’t say that to belittle any Roman Catholic, because we have ex-Catholics sitting in here. They know what I am talking about. I say these things with respect because we have all been made subject to different things as we made our way to where we are now. But I have to say, in these last days, God is not coming for a Church made up of everyone still believing like they did when they were out in the charismatic realm. A few years ago there was a moving of the Spirit in Toronto, they called it the Toronto blessing. It was ministered by Catholic nuns and laymen. People were going there from many places. Also up at the Indiana University of Perdue, they had another moving of the Spirit, that has been several years ago. That is Catholic. There has been a lot of people touched by these charismatic moves, but they come right out of it believing in the blessings, the sensations, and how to worship, being to cry, and weep. You cannot teach them anything about the foundation of the gospel of Christ. They feel that they have everything they need and have no desire for anything beyond that. If you start talking about doctrines, they say oh doctrines divide. Doctrines are supposed to divide. Doctrines are supposed to divide the tares from the true seed in due time. The true doctrines, when you put them together in their right proportions, are the framework around which you build your individual faith, then you are founded upon none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. By the time of 500 A.D. there was no longer anyone baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, because all had adopted a trinity godhead. From then on the doctrine of eternal security of the believer, and the predestination of the true believer, were all counted as things that had come from a bygone era. The further and deeper they went into the Catholic era, the more carnal their belief became. Sanctification of the believer was gone. It was not long until those of the Catholic system could still chew tobacco, use their snuff, drink alcoholic drinks, use vulgar words, just as long as he said Hail Mary so many times, and made the sign of the cross. I have seen them today just exactly the same way. One time when we were in Israel, there were several from Canada and from here that went with us to Israel. Coming back on a giant 747, we were coming into the New York area. There was a big storm in that area, that reached up high in the air. They gave us warning of the bad weather conditions, so if the plane gave some rough ride, quivering and such, they did not want us to think anything of it. They put us in a circling pattern over the New York area. All the planes were lined up. The pilots had to take their turn coming down to land. One had already landed down below that had closed one runway. This only left one runway for all the rest to land on. We were flying along, every once in awhile the wings would vibrate, as we would hit a rough spot. Then just outside the plane was a terrible bolt of lightning, it turned the inside of the plane green, the plane felt like it had hit a rock mountain. I could not help but notice all the Hail Mary’s and the crosses. I had never seen anything like it. I am not making fun of the Catholics, just giving you a report. I just thought, my, that really makes them aware of something. Finally, when we had landed, I saw some people walk off the plane, that looked like they were taking in a deep breath for the first time since we encountered that storm. So tradition has affected so many people in life, their life is molded around it. They cannot walk out and look up and just say thank you Lord, for the sunshine, thank you for a good breakfast, a good meal, and for your bountiful blessings.


You can find various opinions about the right and wrong of some worship practices, so I want to help you look at time. I want to remind some of the Pentecostal’s who think speaking in tongues is the initial evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost, that it was not always like that. I am going to bring you through the time just before the Reformation started. I have read in history of the 14th century, when there was a minority type of people in Europe, the Huguenots and Waldenses, which were not of the elite, wealthy people of Europe. They all belonged to the system, but the Catholic system was out to get rid of everything they considered to be heresy. These Huguenots and Waldenses began to feel that because of the things they believed in, sooner or later the Catholic Church would round them up and martyr them. That did happen to some of them. In some of the histories I have read, a manifestation of prophecy was given in the midst of some of those groups. God used this as a means to verbally tell these people where to go and what to do. I would have to ask, was that a mistake on God’s part? Do you think it was? No. It was not, and to me, that was just as much evidence as anything else, when you are looking for evidence. That was how those people managed to escape the clutches of that terrible tyranny the Catholic Church brought against them, coming on through time, just before 1900. I remember the testimony of a man named Demas Shekarian (spelling ?) He used to be the president of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Association. We went down to Alabama one time to be in a meeting where Bro. William Branham was speaking. Demas Shekarian was a descendant of some of the Armenian Christians that had been filled with the Holy Ghost back before the turn of the century. In that period of time, just before the dawning of 1900, the Holy Ghost moved on these Armenian people also. They not only began to prophesy, they were also having visions. Nothing was said about them speaking in tongues, but there was a fourteen year old boy among them, the Holy Ghost came upon that boy, and for hours he sat under the influence of this vision. He wrote a prophecy, and drew a picture. In this prophecy it told there would come a certain time when these people would be persecuted. When this time comes, you will flee this area and make your way across the continent of Europe to the western side of the coast. There you will board a ship and sail into the new world. Once in the new world, you will eventually make your way across land and settle in the western part of the new world. After the prophecy had been given by that young boy, that group of Armenian Christians, filled with the Holy Spirit, remembered this. Then one day here came the Muslim army right into Armenia. That was before the Russians took over. A lot of the other Christians had been slaughtered by them. If I remember the testimony right, the group his mother was in, some of the relatives, they were all in the middle of a street, as a group, kneeling down, expecting to be killed. They were praying. The commander of the group of Muslims, came riding up on horseback, looking at them. They were weeping and praying with their hands in the air. The commander motioned to the men, leave them alone. When they all rode off, this group remembered that prophecy that had been given a few years prior, so very slowly, they made their way across Europe. They all eventually made it to the new world, made their way to California and his relatives were in the Azuza Street meeting when the Holy Ghost was poured out upon them. I want to say this to the Pentecostal people, knowing that many of them came out of the Nazarene’s, that at one time used to speak in tongues. The original place at Azuza Street was the beginning of a Nazareen revival. Many of them were Methodists, Baptists, and so forth that came there. Then the Nazarene’s dropped it, they wanted nothing to do with an element of people that was going to speak in tongues. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit was poured out, and many of them did speak in tongues. I met some men who knew some of the old timers, and they said there was a lot of fanatical things that went on there just as well. Some people who were supposed to be running in the Spirit fell and broke their wrists, or a finger, or an arm, trying to walk the backs of benches. Some were in the Spirit and some were not in the Spirit. So I have to say, there is nothing wrong with running in the spirit, if you are in the Spirit. I heard Perry Green say one time, I was running, but when I turned the corner I slipped and went down on my side, it knocked the breath out of me, and I have never run since then. Well that is why I have to say, know that you are in the Spirit and you will never have to say you will never run again. I hope you everyone understand what I am saying? Is that putting a damper on anybody? No. It only means I am putting the truth out here to guide you. I am saying to you, The Holy Spirit, down through time has manifested Himself in many different ways. Back in the time of the Methodists and Baptists, back about 1825, in eastern Kentucky, there was a group of Methodists and Baptists that got together to have a community revival. They did not know what God was going to do. No sooner had they started, that the power of God began to slay the people, they would lay on the floor for hours, then someone would haul them home while they were like that. This went on in John Wesley’s meetings. I am asking the Pentecostal’s today, who hold to this evidence thing, what was that, that made them lay on the floor for hours, so they had to haul them home? Some will say, Yes, but they did not receive the Holy Ghost. How do you know they didn’t? The Holy Spirit has got to be in there first. The Bible says in Acts 2, they heard a sound like the sound of a rushing mighty wind. They heard that first. Have you heard that? I have. Then they saw cloven tongues like fire sitting on then. Well I have not seen anything like that, but I have felt it come inside. They were all filled first, and, is a conjunction, then they began to speak in tongues. So I am saying, when we are living after a thousand years of Dark Ages of Christendom, and Christianity going through all that turmoil and confusion, God has His own way to restore His Church. You and I are not going to set the pattern, the time, the place, when, what or where. He has already determined what He is going to do. I have read of a man who was before John Wesley, George Whitfield was his name. Some of the same manifestations went on in his revival meetings all over England and Europe. Then came John Wesley. These manifestations did go on in John Wesley’s ministry. They would just fall out on the floor in the Spirit, and later, someone would pick them up and haul them home. I have ask, what was wrong with them? Some would say, well it could be the Spirit of God, but they didn’t get filled. Well I have to say they got filled with something. William Cary followed along after that, and then George Mueller, Charles Finney and Dwight L. Moody. You read the records of those men. There was a constant manifestation of the Holy Ghost in their meetings, where people were slain in the Spirit. Even the sick were prayed for and were healed. I am just saying today, when God starts restoring His Church, He has already restored manifestations of His Spirit, which bear witness of what He is going to do, and when He does it, He will do it the way that pleases Him and never will He ask me, can I do this, or not? He will do what He wants to do, with whoever He wants to. When time did move into the 20th century and God gave the Pentecostal experience, that was God restoring the manifestation of gifts. I will say to the Pentecostal systems today, on either side of the fence, you cannot say that they baptized at that time in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I know they did not. They were all Trinitarians. As they received these experiences, speaking in tongues and things like that, they started going out to different parts of the world preaching this experience instead of the Gospel. All of a sudden, and I have read the testimonies, God was going to begin to restore baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, but there was no man coming across the country with this revelation. I have read the testimony of men, how they could be sitting at a breakfast table with their Bible open, meditating, praying before they go to work. Maybe an audible voice, or maybe God would just cause them to open up to Acts the 2nd chapter, and when they would see how the early Church baptized, either that would come right out at them and they would look at it and see it so vividly, or at other times, I have read the testimonies of different persons, an audible voice would say, will you take my name? When they would hear that, they knew that meant they had to be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many times they would go to a friend and relate it to that brother. That brother would see it, and they would baptize each other. Brother Spoehr who lives in Wisconsin, has an old magazine that the oneness people had put out there in the beginning of their meetings. I have read the story. Up in a certain place in eastern Indiana, this man from out west was called to be in their meeting. He too was a Trinitarian. The pastor had asked him to come. The meeting had lasted about three weeks. A lot had received this experience. But at that time, they were all Trinitarians. On the day they were going to have the baptism, they were all down at the river. The pastor and the evangelist are standing, getting ready to baptize a certain person. A supernatural voice spoke to this evangelist, bury that person in my name. The pastor heard something, but he did not distinguish what it really was. He looked at the evangelist, what was that? The evangelist said, nothing. Again the voice said, bury that person in my name. Then the pastor heard it and asked, what did He say? The evangelist said, I will tell you when we get back to the house. He went ahead and buried all of them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. That was recorded in this article in the oneness magazine. When they went back to the house, sitting around the table, then the pastor asked the evangelist, what did He say down at the river? The evangelist replied, He said to bury them in His name. The pastor said, then let us study this. They went to the book of Acts, and every place they saw baptism performed by the early Church, it was done in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then the pastor said to the evangelist, then you will re-baptize every one of us. I have read many testimonies of that hour of time, around about 1908 into 1912, among the Trinitarians, God would speak to a man, or a family, that would cause them to follow water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. What was God doing? He was restoring the proper way of baptism. Listen carefully, they still do not yet have a true picture of the godhead, but they do have a picture of water baptism. Out of that change, came mainly the old oneness teaching, that Jesus was God. Well that was good for its day, at least He was not the third person of a trinity, nor the second, but the only person of the godhead. As time passed, the Trinitarian side stayed trinity. Let us look at this now, both sides had an evidence experience, but only one group received a revelation of proper baptism, not necessarily of the full godhead, but at least on the part of baptism. All this time, each group has sat on their side of the denominational barrier, or the fence. The oneness say of the others, oh they are going to hell. I Just have to say, the trinity are not going to hell any quicker than the oneness are. The oneness have got to the place you can not teach them anything. They have no further insight into what the Holy Spirit is given for than the other faction has. They denominate and form their organization, they have written their bylaws, and there they sit. They will not budge, they will not change, I know what I believe, they will say. I have to say, yes, you believe just like the Baptists, not the same things, but you are just as stubborn as the Baptists or the Methodists. When the time came for God to raise up a man to fulfill that spirit of Elijah, I can see a little man, he was a Baptist, but God gave him an experience. Through his younger life, I read the story of how God would speak to him from the trees, and bushes, and the Pentecostals think it is crazy, just nonsense. Well, it was a bush on fire that God spoke to Moses from, but they think God does not work that way any more. I have to say one thing, you are not going to find him speaking from the top of the Statue of Liberty, I would rather think He would speak from the roof of a barn somewhere, than from some elite kind of setting. He did manifest in both ranks of Pentecost, speaking in tongues, some of them did, some of them prophesied. I am saying this, when you see each denomination in their particular setup, they have not come to the fulness of the truth? They have not allowed anything beyond what they already have. When God used that little man, and gave him an unusual gift of divine healing, wherever he went, there sat the Trinitarians and also the Jesus name people. One time when Bro. William Branham was in Topeka, Kansas, we went to the meeting. They had a Jesus name pastor, he was one of the pastors of the Topeka group that helped sponsor his meeting. He knew this Trinitarian Assembly of God man, they both lived there in the same city. One night this Jesus name pastor got up and said, I told my friend, I believe in one God so much, I use three in one oil to anoint. That is the way some of those denominational characters are. Nevertheless, I have to say, they have themselves all hemmed in, locked in, and you cannot budge them. Then here came this little man, (Bro. Branham) I never did hear him stand and say, yea I say unto thee, I am Malachi 4, come quickly. Never were any words said like that. It seemed like God manifested His power in and through the man in such a simple way, people that really did have the Holy Spirit leading them, working in them, began to study this man. They could not help but see something unusual going on and thought, I need to take hold of some of the things he has taught. So I can say this, down the road of life he came, finally he began to touch a little on the godhead, and on water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus.


I was sitting there in Bro. William Branham’s meetings, just a little old Methodist from down in Harrison County, God had already showed me in 1952 that the spirit of Elijah is coming again, and I was a Methodist. The first time I went to hear that man, oh my, it just changed my whole perspective about how I looked at things. After I was introduced to him, he started coming down home to rabbit hunt and squirrel hunt. I thought, if I could get this man in Rogers Campground Methodist Church, we would have a real revival, we would turn the old church upside down. That is the way I looked at it. So I would ask him, but he would just say, Bro. Junie, I will pray about it, if God leads, I will come. One Sunday morning, I was sitting about the third seat back from the front, and in his message, he brought in the Holy Spirit, and said, it is for every one of you, even you Methodists, and he looked right at me. Now some people would take offense at that. I didn’t, I just thought, I want everything God will give me. It was not long until I could be found in the barn praying, in a cow stable. I will say this for the sake of the evidence people. I went with Bro. Glenn across the river to a high school building in Louisville, that was in the early spring of 1953, in the month of April. When I heard that evangelist say, I am going to be praying for those that really want more of God in their lives. If you are here and you want more of God in your life, you fast a meal the day you come. Well, I thought if one meal would do good a whole day would be better, just like the old Indian, all three will do better. So when I got in that line, I didn’t know what to expect. I was a Methodist. But I expected something to happen. I was about the third one up in the line, I heard the words come out of his mouth, Lord, you have your hand upon this young man’s life. He just touched me on the top of my head. Something came into my head, it went right down through my feet and I just fell at his feet. Here I was, laying on the floor. That old Methodist thought came to me, now you don’t look right laying here like this. I thought, I will get up, but when I put my elbow under me, I just strained and pushed, I couldn’t move. The thought came to me, if God has his hand on me, then Lord have your way. About that time the power of God began to surge through me, it felt like I had been hooked up to a huge electric current, that is the best I can describe it. It was going through my whole being, I thought, if I could just die like this. I am ready to go to glory. I tried to open my eyes and all I could see was one great big light. Laying there on the floor, I felt so helpless. Finally someone said, you can get up. I thought, get up, I can’t even move. Bro. Glenn took hold of my arms and helped me to my feet. I stood there wobbling. I can say to the Pentecostal evidence people, no, I didn’t speak in tongues, but I am going to tell you, if you had been standing there with your fingers pointing to me, well you haven’t received the Holy Ghost, I would have felt like saying, you go jump in the creek, because something has sure set me on fire. I say that only for the sake of saying, the Spirit of God is the power of God, it is God Himself. He can come to you any way, in any form He sees fit, to meet your need. I began to pray, Lord, just let me speak in tongues, somewhere, somehow, and I promise I will never preach it as evidence, because I could see the falsehood of it. It went on until the fall when I was in another meeting. I went on Saturday night just to be prayed for, my prayer was Lord, you do something for me, let me speak in tongues or something. I will say to those who believe in the evidence of speaking in tongues, when I got in that line, there was a line of preachers on each side. By the time I got up where the preachers were, that drunken feeling started taking hold of me, I began to stagger, I had no control, I fell forward. To big arms grabbed me and drug me, with my head hanging down, and laid me down in the straw. This was in a tent meeting. The thought came to me, I will feel like I did that other night. No, I did not, but when I had laid there about a minute, it felt like something began to swell up in my stomach. I thought, what is this, it was like a rock coming down a tube. When it came out my mouth, it was a word. Those rocks just kept flowing and those words just kept flowing. Here I am laying face down in the straw, talking in another language. I never felt like I was electrified or anything. I lay there probably about seven or eight minutes, talking in another language, when I got up from there, I did not stagger back to my feet, I walked back to my seat. I came home thinking, God, you have let me speak in another language. I sure didn’t feel like I did that other night when I was over there in the high school. But I know now, so I can say this, from that experience, I began to pray Lord, if this is to be followed, let it be a gift in my life. There is an old barn down in Harrison County, at a place where we lived for nine years, and there was an old oats bin in there. Some wonderful experiences happened to me in that old oats bin. Remember, it is not how pretty the place is, it is the condition of your heart. In that oats bin, I have said this, if the neighbors would have come into that barn at any time, they would probably have run off in fright, thinking some guy has got out of jail and is carrying on in there. I liked to pray in the oats bin because there was liberty in there. When you get the Holy Ghost, why shut Him up in your life, why don’t you let Him lead you? Stop this thing of saying, I have it all. It is only a beginning in your life. He wants to show you something, while He is perfecting His Church, pulling it out of systems, giving them their individual experiences, He is going to have a Church here in the end time that will look just exactly like the first one. But He is going to leave some Pentecostal tongue talking, Charismatic tongue talking, denominational people sitting where they are. They don’t even care where they are, just as long as they can speak in tongues. That is why I say, we have looked back at the foolish virgins and said, that is the Methodists, the Baptists and Presbyterians. But now, this late in the day, look at them, they are out there in the Pentecostal groups just as blind as blind can be. You cannot teach them anything. They don’t want any more. Anything that goes beyond their denomination, is of the devil. Thank God for what He has done for His Bride and for how He is going to put it together. Everything that is going to be, will be exactly the way He wants it. But there is one thing sure, our mind is not going to be twisted up, distorted with all kinds of evidence, this and that, trying to argue with somebody. I am not belittling anyone’s experience, please do not think that. When you look and see an element of people scattered all over the world today, they are the product of a hundred years of Pentecostal teaching. In the last number of years when God had sent a messenger to help us get our belief, our faith straightened up, many times I have heard that man say, the Church will have every gift in it, He will restore all things. When people will insist, you have to speak in tongues as proof that you have the Holy Spirit, then I have to say here in the end time, especially you that are in this message, believing this message, if you want to insist that tongues is the initial evidence of the Holy Spirit in your life, what is your explanation of all these elements of people out here in the Pentecostal circles, trinity, oneness, and so forth, as well as in the charismatic circles, who do not claim to belong to any particular organization, but they are claiming that they have received the Holy Spirit? They have been blessed by speaking in tongues and so forth, but if you talk to them about other things of truth, they are ready to hang their head and say that is not so, I don’t see it, don’t tell me it is necessary. That is how that denominational spirit has totally convinced them that they have all they need.


Saints I have to believe, that we are in the day and hour when God will soon begin fulfilling what we read in Jesus’ seventh parable of Matthew, chapter 13, that in this end time, just before Jesus comes to take His Bride, it will be just as that parable shows. He will separate the true grain, which is His seed, His Church, His body, His Bride, from the tares (the make-believers). Let us come to a realization, tares are not beer drinkers, dance hall, honky-tonk runabout kind of people. We are going to find out that some of these tares are professors, they claim to believe and have everything they need. That is not the gospel St. Paul preached, you know it. Before I bring this message to a climax, I want to ask, Are any of you sure that the apostle Paul taught the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost was speaking in tongues? They will say, oh yes. Well I am looking at the 14th chapter as he wrote to the Corinthian church. When we read in the book of Acts how Paul spent several months there establishing this church, there is nothing said in the book of Acts, how many of these people received the Holy Ghost while he was there. But when reports came to him later, there were problems, how the Corinthian saints wanted to mis-use the gifts and so forth, which was the only church that compelled Paul to write an article dealing with these things. Paul did establish the fact that the manifestation of the Spirit of God has been given to every man, we are going to find that in the end time Church, every person in it, the Holy Spirit is going to manifest Himself in and through that person in some manner. We are going to find out that dreams and visions, prophecies and those things are going to begin to become more important. Let me read a few verses in this 14th chapter. Verse 1, Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy. For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him; however, in the spirit he speaks mysteries. But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men. He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, but he who prophesies edifies the Church. That should be enough to convince any true believer. Bro. Allen gave me an article this morning from the newspaper. I mentioned Thursday night, President Bush, along with Blair of England, Putin of Russia, and the world leaders, as well as the U.N., are all behind this thing called the Roadmap of Peace for the Palestinians and the Jews. But in this article it plainly states, Arial Sharon and some of the higher officials in the Israeli government has found twelve things in this roadmap that they disagree with. If their disagreement with this does not please the ones who wrote it, they have already said they will walk out of the negotiation process. I have to believe we are approaching an era of time, that once it is set in motion, you or I are not going to change the agenda of anything. God is going to fulfill something in His word. We have got to be wise enough to know what we are looking at, what is going on and how to prepare ourselves for the event of our catching away. I believe there are some things God is going to do for His Church, and in His Church. But we have to have an understanding as an individual, what our place is in it, what part am I to function in all of it? God is not going to leave you here, ignorant. Sooner or later you are going to know. He is not going to whip you and compel you to do something. You are going to want to be something in His hands that He can use. Sooner or later that Holy Spirit in your life is going to be allowed to manifest in a way that you will recognize. Situations will necessitate it to be that way. It is the way each member begins to minister their little part to the overall body of Christ. When the apostle Paul was seeking to correct the misusage of some things we are looking at in this message, he laid it out exactly as it should be. I have thought a long time about this, so I ask the critics, are you sure that the apostle Paul taught an evidence of the Holy Ghost? Did he? Did he really say they all had to speak in tongues first, before anything else could be added? I can say this, I have already seen some things manifested by the Spirit of God, and they did not come through people that spoke in tongues. In this 14th chapter of 1st Corinthians, did you catch what Paul wrote? “Follow after charity, (which is love. Because love is absolutely the peak of your character, and without that, all these other things amount to very little. You are just a tinkling cymbal and a has-been. Paul spoke of that.) and desire spiritual gifts, but rather (Look that word up in the dictionary and see what it implies.) that ye may prophesy. For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue (Paul is not belittling it: he is just putting it in its proper perspective.) speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him.” On the day of Pentecost, that one hundred and twenty talking in other languages were understood. That is why those devout Jews from every nation under heaven, with about sixteen different dialects asked, what is this? We hear the wonderful words of God, or works of God, in the language wherein we were born. They understood it. That is why Peter, we could say, had the proper revelation of Isaiah 28:8-9, that with stammering lips and men of other tongues, other languages, He would speak to this people, and yet they would still not believe, That is the home bunch, but those from other nations did believe. Out of that element from other nations that came there on that feast day of Pentecost, there were three thousand of them that rushed forward. They had seen, and they had heard the power of God in action. God had, through these different dialects spoken unto them, and opened their eyes, but the local bunch did not see anything. That is why it was just stammering lips to some of them. Others just said, they are drunk. The prophecy in Joel did speak of that, hear ye this, ye drinkers of wine, and you old men, for the new wine is cut off from your mouth. The new wine was the Holy Ghost. I will finish reading the rest of that scripture. “But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort. He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the Church. (He is not doing away with tongues: but rather putting everything in its proper understanding. I am looking seriously at this other scripture. I am asking you evidence people, why don’t you read this. If the apostle Paul is a man that really believes in the evidence, what you believe is the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost, the speaking in tongues, there is no way he could have gotten around it in all these three chapters. He could have said, you did well when you received the Holy Spirit, by speaking in tongues. He could have said something like that. But let us listen to what he did say.) I would that ye all spake with tongues, (Think of that, I would that you all, (Did you catch that?) he knows that some of them have not.) but rather that ye prophesied: (But some would say, yes, but he has to speak in tongues first before he can prophesy. Paul would have taught it like that if that is so, if that was a fact. Paul would never have gone around the initial evidence, if he had believed like that. He would have put the evidence first and then all these other things secondary.) for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, that the Church may receive edifying.” That satisfies me, but there are always going to be some that will say, but I still believe you have to speak in tongues. That is one thing Paul dealt with in the first church age. That puts a question on the fact, did he ever teach an evidence? I do not believe he did, because he is the one that really laid the foundation for the Gentile Church. I grant you, Peter, at Cornelius’ house, is the first Jew that brought the gospel to the Gentiles. But that was just a household, but what we have been looking at, is a church that Paul established by being there for several months. When he first went to Corinth, he went into the Jewish synagogues. When he got permission to speak and say something, he did. He began to testify and witness about Jesus Christ. Some of the elders said they wanted nothing to do with that. Paul, when he walked out, just wiped the dirt off his feet. He was going to leave there, but the Lord gave him a vision and said, you stay here. I have many people in this place. So he went right next door and acquired the use of a building. Just imagine. Paul stayed there for several months and preached. There were Jews that became converted and there were Gentiles that were converted. That is why we have to believe Paul was there long enough to teach everything that was foundational, doctrine, conduct and character to an element of people that knew how to entertain the Holy Spirit in their lives. I am using that in the light of what I have already said in these messages. We do know this, the godhead was one of the first major doctrines, or revelations that the Church lost. It was replaced by a trinity, three gods. Then baptism in the name of Jesus Christ was replaced by baptizing according to Matthew 28:19, using three titles instead of the only name ever used by the early apostles. As time went on, by the time you come to the sixth, seventh, and eighth centuries, the devil had stripped the Church of the experience of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside the believers. The gifts are gone, and the major revelations and doctrines and the foundation of the faith of the person, is gone. By the time you get to the middle of the Dark Ages, the Roman Catholic system began to change. The overall picture of what the gospel was to produce, when you begin to study backward in the history of what happened, by the Catholic system of teaching, they wound up teaching, there is no salvation outside of the Roman Catholic Church. That is in their written creeds. Faith was gone. Not only faith in the Lord for salvation, but the world was plunged into utter spiritual darkness. They believed the Roman Catholic Church was the only system a person had to belong to, and that you had to believe what they taught in order to be saved. That is the way it went for the remainder of that long period called, the dark ages.


Coming into the time just before 1500, there were people that began to have a hunger and a thirst for something more. As they would endeavor to look into the scriptures, the Catholic system tried everything they could, to take the written Word of God from them. They compelled them to bring their Bibles, and pile them in the streets and burn them. They said the scriptures were only for the priests to read and learn from. Nevertheless, there was still an element of people that inwardly, something kept burning in their heart’s. That is why I mentioned the Huguenots and Waldenses. There were also the Moravians, then came the Mennonites and the Amish. Do you want to know why they still dress like they did in the 1400’s? That is the way they did in the old country, Europe. Their idea is, they want their homes to be just like they were then. It is a pitiful shame. They have the same lifestyle, they believe they have done it in order to serve the Lord. But they are as blind and ignorant of truth in other things, as anyone can be. It is a shame. Well coming on through time, you come to Martin Luther. When God began to deal with Martin Luther that day, he was climbing the steps of an old building, to kiss the statue of Mary up there. That statue had been kissed so many times, they say the imprints of the feet were almost wiped away. However while he was crawling up there in an act of penance, he heard an audible voice, like it came down through the corridor of heaven, Martin Luther, the just shall live by faith. That echoed into his soul. It startled him. That is why he went back to the place where he dwelled, and locked himself away for many days. The people that had admired him before, wondered what was wrong with him. One day when he came out of his dwelling. He had a long sheet of paper with ninety five things written on it. He walked down the street toward the old church at Wittenberg Germany. A crowd of people followed him. What was he up to? He went to the front of the church building and tacked this piece of paper on the church door. He turned and looked to the people and said, look, see what I have done, here I stand. When they began to read, there were ninety five things listed, that he had found wrong with the Roman Catholic Church. The people at that time, thought Martin Luther would be excommunicated or martyred. But at that time the king of Germany said to Luther, don’t worry, I will protect you. He protected him, threatening to use military force to defend him. That was the beginning of what we call “The Reformation.” From Marin Luther we come to John Knox, then George Fox. Each one of those men were feeding into this faith in God, a doctrine of the New Testament. The history declares how these men would go to extremes, but we have to understand, God was interested in restoring a truth in each case. If the Holy Spirit is going to deal in your life, and if you had lived then, whatever the hunger in your heart was, God would deal with you on the basis of that. God honored those men. Those movements spread across Europe into England. These revivals were what set off several years of contrary bickering back and forth. There was a manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the leadership of those men’s lives. All you have to read is some of the autobiographies of those men. God had to give them an experience, which gave them boldness inside to stand up against the pressure of the hour. That is why those reformers were not hillbilly preachers. They were educated men. Many of them had already learned to be priests, but when the Reformation started, they came out from that. That is why it is pictured like that in the book of Revelation. When you come to that beast, which had the face of a man, it is the wisdom of men that God puts in men down here, to combat the wisdom or the intellectual learning of political men. Those men had to constantly contest the power of the political structures and the system of the nations of that hour. The Holy Spirit moves on, but some people who profess to be believers, do not. They are satisfied with what they have already.


During the time we were talking about, eternal security came into the topic of argument, so you could take the Armenian people, the Methodists, the Nazarenes, all them out of that, because they said, doctrine is out of the pit of hell. We know it is in the Bible, but they will not accept it. I will say to you, how many times do you think, physically, you will ever be born into this world? You were conceived in your mother’s womb by your father, nine months later you were born. You are destined to live a quality of life, it is up to you to make out of it what you will. Do you understand my point? Many times you can be sick, break your leg, you can be handicapped, you can lay in bed, but you are still alive, you are breathing. Do you understand why I am saying this? If you have truly been born again by the Spirit of God, the old devil can hit you with a lot of disappointments and discouragement, causing you to stumble. That is his business. But if you have the Holy Spirit working in your heart, greater is He that is in you, than He that is in the world. You don’t just go to church somewhere to have it said, well I am a believer and get on the bandwagon, ride six months, then the first trial that comes along, it blows you off. There you are, right back with the same old crowd. You haven’t been born again. Don’t tell me you have. You might have had your mind changed for awhile. When something comes along that really convicts you of your rotten sins, it makes you begin to feel like you want to get somewhere to get this burden lifted. From then on, you want to begin to grow and find out, how can I serve the Lord more willingly. When God dealt with me like He did, to get me saved, I will never forget it. Sure, there have been disappointments, but there has never been a disappointment where I wanted to hang my head and walk away, and say, I leave it all, I don’t want anything to do with it. I have always known this world has nothing to make me feel happy, only disappointments, disillusionment. You will find out the same thing. The point is, when we come to John Wesley’s hour, John Wesley was out of the church of England. He began to pick up, more or less, the Armenian type belief, because he saw the extremism in the Knox teaching and George Fox teaching. Finally John Wesley came along with sanctification. Because up until that time, these men had established a doctrine and faith in the Lord, bypassing the system of the church. When we come to John Wesley’s hour, he capped this with the fact, we are going to leave the beer alone now, we are going to watch where we go, what kind of attendance we give to other places of meeting and such. That is why his major teaching was sanctification. Keep in mind, there was an experience in the Holy Spirit that went right along with John Wesley. I have a book at home that tells of some of the things that took place among the people were brought there in wagons, buggies and so forth. In those meetings, people would just be sitting there and the power of God would come on them, they would roll out in the floor, on the ground, whichever the case might be. John Wesley kept on preaching. Don’t tell me the Holy Spirit was not working, because some of those people had to be hauled home while they were like that. That is written. They did not come there drunk on alcohol. I don’t think they had taken an overdose of dope either, because they didn’t have such stuff back then. I have to say, there was a manifestation of the Holy Ghost that worked right along with those men. That is why I read those men’s names this morning. As we come out of the closing of the 1700’s, we come all through 1800, every one of those men that picked up the message kept the torch light burning. The power of God, the Holy Spirit, made His way into those groups of people. I know how the denominational system that had come out of those backgrounds are today. They don’t think that is necessary. That is exactly where they missed it. They no longer live a sanctified life, they are just as worldly and conformed to the world patterns as can be. That is why, down in Elizabeth, they built a brand new building. My wife was reading the paper the other day, they are going to have dances on Saturday night in that new church building. They need a dance about as bad as I need a possum to play with. Now that is just a figure of speech, if you understand what I mean by that. That is the modern church world today, their way of keeping their young people, by keeping them entertained. If the Holy Spirit cannot entertain you, then I have nothing left to entertain you with. You go on and get drunk, you go on and get intoxicated on dope. Real soon, you will be staggering around and you will wind up in a hospital somewhere, beating the walls. I hope the politicians are listening tonight. If the politicians in America, after WW2, would have thought the same about the things that were beginning to creep into America then, that the predecessors before them did, they would have shot every one of the dope peddlers as they entered the United States’ border. They would have gone looking for them, they would have shot their boats out from under them, they would have shot their planes out of the air. But no, some of these politicians and even police officers, played the game with them, a two handed system. So between the politicians and the law officials in high places, they are guilty of allowing this devilish thing to get into America to the degree it is, and now you have a dreaded disease and wondering how you are going to get rid of it. You are not going to get rid of it. You don’t want to get rid of it, you just want to make it look like you are getting rid of it. I will tell you one thing, when Jesus Christ comes, He is going to get rid of all that mess. Out of His mouth will come a sharp, two-edged sword. He will whack you everyone dead. That is what the Bible declares. He will slay the wicked. Their dead bodies shall lie from one end of the earth to the other. I saw today on the News, more cases have occurred in China of this dreaded disease that is running rampant. They don’t know what to do or how to control it. Well the Bible speaks of that, pestilence in diverse places, these are the beginning of sorrows, heartaches, frustration, things that make people want to pull their hair out, all because they want to out smart God. God is not going to let them outsmart Him. When we come to a time between 1800 and 1900, across this nation there were little revivals springing up among groups of Baptists and Methodists. We have the family tree of my wife’s background. One of those old timers, back in 1800 and something, received the Holy Ghost. They said, at times you could go where he was, whether it was in the cornfield, or outside working, you could hear him having a shouting spell. When he did, he would dance, going in circles, slinging his hands. They gave the nick name to those people, fire baptized Baptists, baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire. They would tell how their hands felt like they were on fire. They were made fun of by the nominal believer. But if in their midst, someone got sick, it was not long until they would make their way to that old fire baptized Baptist and ask him to pray for their loved one that was sick. That is the way it is today. They like to sit in those cold, dead systems, content with Sunday school and all their decorative pins, until they look like a soldier that has come home from a war. The only thing is, those war hero’s have purple hearts, but these in those systems, have a heart for anything the devil introduces, if you can understand my explanation. Nevertheless, the religious world today is sick. If you turn on TBN, you see modern evangelists standing there, having a group prayer over some TV satellite they want to get in operation, and that is supposed to be the angels that fly through the midst of heaven with the everlasting gospel. I would rather see a man on a bicycle, riding thorough the heavens, than to believe a thing like that. Do you understand what I mean? That is the way they hoodwink people. The reason I am bringing these things out is, when we try to pin God down to one little thing, you are trying to tell me God has done such and such, and He cannot change His way of accomplishing His ultimate goal. That is why I said last Sunday, yes I believe what happened in the Upper Room and in the streets later, was exactly the way God wanted to manifest Himself two thousand years ago. He was fulfilling Isaiah 28:8-9, as well as Joel. The two were together. When He came to the Gentiles, He gave them the same experience. But by the time the Church has been stripped of all its major framework of faith and doctrine, God is not ignorant of where the Church is today. He sees the sincere heart of many. He knows exactly what He is going to do when He starts restoring what has been lost. I just ask you to take a look tonight, at all the Lutherans all over the world today, they are still Lutherans, they have faith in God and that is all they have. They are just as dead as the old system of Catholicism they came out of. Then when we look at the Baptists, and the Presbyterians, they are the same way. Each generation had a few people that moved on with God. That is why, when we come to the dawn of 1900, here came the baptism of the Holy Spirit or a Pentecostal experience of speaking in tongues, the gifts of the Spirit, along with divine healing. Now people are saying, He is restoring the evidence. I have to say to that, if you have the evidence, you will not stay away from Malachi 4. They can chain you to a stake, but you will bust loose some way to get to Malachi 4, because He that is in you, is greater than he that is in the world. He will lead you into all truth. He will bring to your remembrance all things, whatsoever I have spoken unto you, said Jesus. He is not going to let you sit there in that dead system, ignorant of His purpose in your life. This is a fact, this is truth, come and walk in it. But no, I have all I need, some say. That is why we move from 1901 to about 1908, when God came on the scene and began to deal with individuals about taking on the name of Jesus in water baptism. My, the arguments, the conflict they received from the trinity Pentecostal people, that they were beginning to move out of. What a battle was setting up. Nevertheless, God spoke to them supernaturally. They accepted it. As they did, more people came to be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. But still the old trinity side just sat there pointing their fingers and saying, this is of the devil. Well it was not long until they became quite a few in number, and they began to say, no they are going to hell, because they have been baptized the wrong way. Now we have come through a hundred years of both sides of this Pentecostal experience with the evidence. Can you look at them tonight and prove to me that they have the Holy Spirit leading them? You will have to agree, they received something. I have to say, they just received an anointing, a touch of the real thing. But they did not receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit in them with His many attributes. What they have does not mold character in them. They have a few doctrines they go by, and just look past all the rest. Then when those things they have, begin to get old, they begin to slip and slide away from them. I can say for sure, when God sent a messenger to this age, he came at a strategic time, to lay down a truth, and those that have been foreknown and predestinated by God, He deals with their hearts. He has given His own experience to them. First He puts a hunger there. They do not just stop with Acts 2:4, or Acts 2:38, and they certainly do not stop with John 3:16 or John 5:24. The deeper they go, the deeper they want to go. There is something inside of them, teaching them, drawing them, pulling them. They want to know the perfect will of God for their life, bypassing anything and everything else, knowing they are not in this race to please a bunch of others, but to please God, by following the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is why I would have to say tonight, when God, from around this world, has this little Bride Church weeded out of all the systems, He leads them into a true revelation of His Word. Some have come out of the Catholic Church, they have seen the light. They have let God transform them into a new faith and a new understanding of what true faith is. They have come out of the Baptists, they have come out of the Lutherans, they have come out of Pentecost, out of this and that, because they see a truth in the scriptures. They want that to be alive in their lives. When they do, they do not want you to call them a Methodist or Baptist, or anything like that any longer. We just want to be called born again, Holy Ghost filled believers. We make up the body of Christ around the world. We don’t have an organizational headquarters. Our headquarters is in heaven. That is why I can say, saints, hold fast to that which God has given you, because there is a crown up ahead, in time. We are going to receive it one of these days. When that day comes, when the Lord is ready to come for you, to catch you away in that glorious event of the rapture, there is going to be tongue talking Pentecostal, Trinitarians, Jesus only, Jesus name, charismatic, all left here looking at the TV, preaching the second coming of Christ, and don’t even know the event of the rapture is near at hand. When Bro. William Branham preached the seals in 1963, can you mention to me any preacher in the denominational circle that has ever touched them. I am sure they heard about it. I had a man to tell me several years ago, after Bro. William Branham’s death, Tommy Osborne, a man that had an experience. After having seen Bro. William Branham pray for the sick and seeing how God healed the sick, he went to prayer and fasting. God gave him a gift of faith. He went to India and different places in Indonesia. Miracles after miracles were done in Tommy Osborne’s meetings. When Bro. William Branham died, the seals had already been preached, somebody gave Osborne a copy of the seals tapes and told him he should listen to them. Here was the report, he went on a fast and played these messages. When he came off the fast he gave these messages back to the person and said, I don’t want anything to do with them. He is still a Trinitarian Pentecostal today, just like he was then. Yet he has taken up along with the charismatic element. I say these things tonight, not condemning the man, but knowing he is not leading the Bride of Christ. He is just another person used by the angels of heaven to help bind the tares. Don’t forget it. A lot of these religious people today that you see out there, are not seed of God. Some of them are tares. It is not for you and me to go around lifting up their skull to see if they are a tare or a true seed. Time and conditions will prove exactly what they are. That is why He said in that seventh parable, He will send forth His angels in the end time and will separate the tares from the true seed. First He will bind the tares in bundles. That is why today, they are not ashamed to belong to a system. We know it is unscriptural, because early Christendom did not start out as a bound together organization. This is the only book that contains our articles of faith and as far as I am concerned, it is the only book we need. I have to believe those that really are foolish virgins, that tribulation period will prove exactly who they are. They will accept martyrdom rather than to deny their faith in God. Don’t sit there saying, well they are all good people. Why did Jesus not say so? Why did He make such a boisterous statement? He will send forth His angels and gather out of His kingdom all things that offend, and will bind them in bundles. (Not foolish virgins, but tares)For what purpose? To be burned. I did not write it. Jesus said it. You and I should not try to pick out and judge the end results of who we think is a good one or not. If they have no revelation leading them, if they have no hunger or thirst in them to draw them closer to God, I have to say something is wrong. A lot of people will say, oh but they are good people. That is the human way of looking at it. I would like to think our standard could be good. I have to say also, this don’t mean, if you think they could be tares, that you go down the road of life snubbing your nose at them. They are human beings just like you are. You treat them like you want yourself to be treated. Did not Jesus say make friends of the unrighteous mammon, so that when you fail somehow, you may have a refuge to go to. I have seen a lot of supposed to be Holy Ghost filled people, snub their nose and say, who wants to talk to that old sinner. Don’t act like that. You could be in his shape if it was not for the mercy of God. No matter what his lifestyle is, don’t treat him like you are making fun of him, treat him like a human being. I know this to be a fact, I have seen a lot of people who have come into this message, and to hear them talk, they were better than anybody else, they would not even speak to anybody who was not of them, but when they would get in need, they would want somebody to help them. I have heard them say, I am living by faith. That kind do not want to work, so they stay at your house as long as they can, until finally you say, maybe you had better get going. Years ago there were two guys that came into this area teaching like that, talking like that, they were living by faith, believing the message. They were not teaching things that Bro. William Branham said. They were just traveling. One of the last places they went to, this man lived out in the country on a farm. They went to his house. He asked them in and gave them a meal and a bed to sleep in. The next morning at breakfast, he was ready to go out and dig fence post holes. He asked them, I have to do some work today, I have to dig some fence post holes, would you help me? Well, we are just waiting on the Lord, we are living by faith. Well that taught him enough, he let them know they had better hit the road. I am thankful to God, there is a right way to look at this book, and there is a right way to look at the life God has helped you live. While you are in this world, don’t snub your nose at everybody in the world. That does not mean you have to have a twenty four hour conversation with them, but if necessity does come along, you can treat them like a human being. You can be out on a highway and have a flat tire. You might be in a situation where you would not have a jack or anything to fix it. One of these worldly men can come along, who has just been drinking beer, but he sees you sitting by the roadside, so he pulls over and says, let me help you. Don’t it make you feel good when somebody comes along and sees you in your predicament and helps you? He goes back to his car, pulls out a jack, and here he comes, jacks the car up, it isn’t long until he has the spare on and you are on your way. But he was nothing but an old worldly man. How many understand my point? I just think I will let you go home and think about that. I will leave you with the thought, some out there, will always say, tongues is the initial evidence, but I have to say, the Bride of Christ is going to have every gift, every attribute and quality that is of the Holy Spirit in that body of believers. It is going to build character, it is going to be by a revelation and an understanding of God’s Word. That is why Ephesians 4 says, God has set the ministry of five in the body to minister until we all come together in the unity of the faith. Isaiah 52:8 does not sound like a bunch of men going this way and that way agreeing on nothing. They will lift up the voice together and sing, because they will all see eye to eye. It is going to really take the Holy Spirit and not some kind of evidence to make that happen. There is a bunch out there claiming to be of that ministry, but you and I know tonight, they do not see eye to eye. They will argue with you. They have their bandwagons that they ride, but they are not going to agree with you. If the Holy Spirit is in you, leading you, He is going to cause you to say yes and Amen to every scripture in the Word of God. May God bless all of you. Amen.


Evidence: What Is It?, Part 1 – 2012, January

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson


Brothers and sisters, I am undertaking a message today, that I have never preached one like it. I have been asked many questions down through the years, and I have tried never to offend anyone that believes in the old Pentecostal evidence of speaking in tongues. I have felt that one of these days God would give me a message, and I would not just be using Acts 2:4, but I would be using a lot more than that. Any of you that take notes, do so, because we are going to give you a Bible picture of this. The title of it is, “Evidence, What Is It?” I looked up the word “evidence” in the dictionary. Evidence, what does it mean? Number one, it is used as proof, the second, it is something that tends to prove a point, it helps to establish the thing in question. There are a lot of scriptures we can use. I have enough to tell you, that this is a day in the old Pentecostal realm, and I am not belittling the old Pentecostal realm, they had their day, but the Pentecostal move that started at the turn of the century was not the end of what God was going to do for His Bride Church. I am going to ask you to turn with me to Matthew’s gospel. Many times we have adjusted to the tradition of asking, Have you received the baptism of the Holy Ghost? I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, they received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and on and on. I want to prove to you today, when we come to the book of Acts, that the word baptism of the Holy Ghost, was not even mentioned. Now Bro. Jackson, don’t shock me. Where did this word, baptism, come from? It comes from Matthew chapter 3, verses 11. We have become an element of people, at this closing hour of time, that are prone to carry a lot of tradition of what we have been taught through the years. Many times we never stop to actually compare it with the scriptures. Where did this word “baptism” come from? The word baptism means to be immersed, whether applicable to the Spirit or to water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. When we turn to Matthew 3, which is when the Pharisees sent out people to ask John who he was, and this is what he said, “I indeed baptize you with water (and he did, he immersed them, he did not sprinkle them) unto repentance: but He that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear; He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire.” That is the first time the word baptize, in that term, is mentioned. Verse 12. “Whose fan is in His hand, and He will throughly purge His floor, (That is at the end time.) and gather His wheat into the garner; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” We could actually say it is only mentioned one time in the chronology of the Bible because all gospel writers refer to the same incidence. Let us see what each one said. We will go to Mark, chapter 1. It is the same event, it is not a different event, this is just the way Mark records it. When the same ones came to ask John who he was, he began to explain who he was, and when we come to the 8th verse he said, “I indeed have baptized you with water: but He (meaning the one that shall come after me) shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost.” It is not two different events, it is one and the self same time. But we want to prove that each recorder of the gospel is referring to the same period of time. Let us go to Luke, the 3rd chapter, we are in the 16th verse. When Luke records how they came to ask John who he was, “John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire.” Now let us go to the gospel of John, 1st chapter. The reason I am reading this is to let everyone know, each one of these gospel writers, wrote it in the same term John spoke it. When they asked him who he was, verse 32, And John bare record, saying, I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon Him. (He is referring to Jesus the Christ) And I knew Him not; but He that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on Him, the same is He which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost.” That is the last we see of that word being mentioned. When we go now to the book of Acts, when the Holy Ghost fell upon those disciples on the day of Pentecost, none of the writers in the book of Acts refered to it in that term. The reason I am looking at it from this standpoint, is because we must first find out what they did receive. Did they receive some byproduct of God? No. What is the Holy Ghost? It is the Spirit of God the Great Creator Himself. That Spirit dwelt in Jesus in the fulness of all His attributes. When we go to the 2nd chapter of Acts, here is where we begin to hear what really did take place on the day of Pentecost. My purpose this morning is not to mislead anyone, but when I look at the world of religion today, in the Gentile realm, there are thousands upon thousands of people the world over who do speak in tongues. The sad truth is, the greater percentage have no revelation whatsoever, pertaining to what God is doing for His Bride today. You could not get them to darken the door of this place. They think we are fanatics, that we are a cult, that we are all wrong. Yet they can brag, I have spoken in tongues, which they think is the initial evidence of being filled with the Spirit of God. We are going to look at this and see exactly what did take place on the day of Pentecost, and what did God do by manifesting the tongues in the manner He did. We have a lot of traditional things we have carried around, that are not of God. Pay attention as I read this, “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.” What put them in one accord? It was the fact that the one hundred and twenty sitting there in the upper room, had all been taught by the man called Jesus. They remembered, to the best of their knowledge, precisely what He had said. They were sitting there, all in agreement, as to what had been taught by Him. “And suddenly there came a sound from heaven (so this was manifested by a sound first, they heard something) as of a rushing mighty wind, (they did not guess at it, they heard it) and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, (It affects the sight also.) and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, (Why did the writer not say they were baptized with the Holy Ghost if that is the way we are supposed to use the term? How many catch the point? We are going to read all these scriptures, pertaining to the various groups where this event took place. Many times when you use the term baptism, meaning to immerse, yet you come out with the fact that they did not receive everything, because they got no revelation whatsoever. Yet we have used the term immersed, if you get immersed, you get wet. You know that. I am not trying to use these things to catch somebody, but to wake us up to the fact of how the Bible is written, and of what God did do? When they saw those cloven tongues of fire, and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, it does not say they were immersed with the Holy Ghost. The word (and) is a conjunction, it connects what has happened first, with something else that followed.) and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” This was the choice of God, which was that very Spirit that had come inside their vessels of clay. There were a hundred and twenty disciples sitting there, they heard something, then they saw something. I have to say, when the Spirit came inside those vessels, they also felt something. Why did they come into the streets staggering like drunk people and were actually referred to as drunk people? And they began to speak in other tongues. Verse 6, “Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded, (or confused) because that every man heard them speak in his own language.” Now brothers and sisters, please give me your attention, this event had never been manifested in the history of Israel. You know that. No where in all of the history of Israel, had this kind of event ever occurred. Just imagine, a hundred and twenty people coming out of the upper room, staggering like they were drunk. That is what the home bunch said, oh, they are drunk on new wine. I will have to say, there was a certain amount of physical demonstration in the staggering, drifting around. When they began to ask the question of the apostles, what is this, seeing we hear the wonderful things of God spoken in the language whereunto we were born. There were Jews from Rome, they knew Latin. There were Jews from Greece, that knew the Greek tongue. There were Jews from Egypt, that knew the Coptic language. Wherever they were from, about sixteen different nationalities around Israel, they all heard some of those local Galilean Jews speaking in that language where they had been born and raised up. That had never happened in the history of Israel, prior to this time. I will say, it has only happened periodically in many places throughout time, and God has done it to bear witness, as a confirmation. I am going slow, because I want to weigh my words. I just do not want anybody coming and asking me a question later. We are going to study every scripture that pertains to this experience, and learn exactly what it is that we receive. When we go to Acts the 8th chapter, this is where Philip went down to Samaria. Many of the Samaritans became believers, and accepted the Lord in baptism and so forth, but it plainly tells you this, but the Holy Ghost had not come upon any of them. When that word got back to Jerusalem, they sent Peter and John to Samaria to pray for those people. I will start with the 15th verse. “Who, when they were come down, prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Ghost: For as yet He was fallen upon none of them: only they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Then laid they their hands on them, and they received.” It does not say they were baptized. In acts 2:4, they were filled, here they received. It is talking about one and the self same thing. The reason I am doing this is to tear down tradition. Many times when everyone thinks that everybody has received the baptism, they come up short on a revelation, then I have to say, did they receive the baptism? Were they literally immersed? When we begin to study the scripture, what all the Holy Ghost was to do for you, we are going to see that a lot of people come up short. That is why so many are out there today, believing they have all they need. Look at the charismatic move the world over. Then there are a lot of Pentecostal people that say, oh well, they just have a devil. They no more have a devil than you have had a devil. They just got a little taste and they think that is all they need. I have to say, it is going to take more than just a little taste of the Spirit for anyone to wind up in the Bride of Christ, clothed in fine linen, and restored back to the same biblical picture that the early Church started out as. When we turn to that 17th verse, it says, “Then laid they their hands on them, and they received (didn’t say they were baptized) the Holy Ghost.”


Let us go to the 10th chapter of Acts, in the 44th verse. Peter is at Cornelius’ house. He still looked back and could not understand why God had given him that vision when he was at Joppa, to come up here. Cornelius had sent these men, so Peter has gone. We have a lot of ex-Catholics in here, you know what I am going to say now in this respect. No sooner did Peter and those that were with him come into the house, and that household of Greeks fell prostrate on the floor. Now if Peter was the first pope, do you think he would have said what he did? What did he say? Rise up we are just men like you are. Peter did not go for that heathenism and idolatry. He set an example for those popes that have been in office down through the centuries of time since then. Peter opened his mouth to speak, still wondering, Lord, why did you lead me here? It was all a mystery to him. He just began to preach Jesus to those Gentiles. In the 44th verse, “While Peter yet spake these words.” He did not have to ask, do you understand? It was while he spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on them. It was not written, have you received, have you been filled? It fell. The reason I am saying this, let us stop using traditional terms, what it is, what it is not. Many times that is confusing, when you say the foolish virgins received something. I do not mean that they receive another spirit, I do not mean that they received a clod in their pocket, I just want to say, if we get the tradition out of our minds, we ought to know what we are talking about. I say this, because of a long letter I received from the Philippines. I could tell he was a nice, educated fellow. Over and over he was trying to say, what do you mean by your phrase, they received something. If we are talking about the Holy Ghost, we are still talking about it, whether it is filled, fell, anointed, or what. How many understand? “While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell (it didn’t say they were filled, immersed, baptized, or what, no, it fell on them) on all them which heard the word. And they of the circumcision (the Jews that were with Peter) which believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost. (Poured out) For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God.” It was necessary in the beginning of the church age, God had a specific reason that tongues would stand out as an audible sign, that He had given His Spirit to these people. You will hear me explain this, and understand it by the time we get finished. Now let us go on to chapter 19. 1st verse, “And it came to pass, that, while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul having passed through the upper coasts came to Ephesus: and finding certain disciples, (they had become believers by the ministry of Apollos, but Apollos did not have the revelation that Paul had.) He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? (He did not say, have you been baptized with the Holy Ghost, did he? I am not trying to be fanatical, but to be practical. Let us learn how to use the terms.) And they said unto him, We have not so
much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost. And he said unto them, Unto what then were ye baptized? (He was not talking about the Spirit: he was talking about in water.) And they said, Unto John’s baptism. Then said Paul, john verily baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying unto the people, that they should believe on Him which should come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus. When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost (It does not say fell, it came) it came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied.” I have a specific reason for reading these individual words. I now want to say something, so I am going to go back to the other parts of this 18th chapter. Brothers and sisters, the time may come your way, so do not just sit in the pew and listen to a sermon, then go home and say, my, that was a wonderful sermon. I ask, Could you explain it to anyone? Did you learn anything at all? It is important that we learn who we are in life, and why we are what we are. I have heard this saying, well a woman is not supposed to preach. That is a fact. But does that mean she is to follow her husband like a puppy dog. Let me illustrate how that would be, the wife is supposed to follow her husband, but keep her mouth shut. So he is going here and going there, and she is following along, but an issue comes up, and she just stands there, listening. I have a reason for saying this. We are going back up to the 18th verse in the 18th chapter. “And Paul after this tarried there yet a good while, and then took his leave of the brethren, and sailed thence into Syria, and with him Priscilla and Aquila; (a husband and wife) having shorn his head in Cenchrea: for he had a vow. And he came to Ephesus, and left them there: (Who did he leave? Aquila and Priscilla.) but he himself entered into the synagogue, and reasoned with the Jews. When they desired him to tarry longer time with them, he consented not; But bade them farewell, saying, I must by all means keep this feast that cometh in Jerusalem: but I will return again unto you, if God will. And he sailed from Ephesus. (Let us go to the 24th verse) And a certain Jew named Apollos, born at Alexandria, an eloquent man, and mighty in the scriptures, came to Ephesus. This man (Notice now, he was a Jew well instructed in the scriptures of the Law.) was instructed in the way of the Lord; and being fervent in the spirit, he spake and taught diligently the things of the Lord, knowing only the baptism of John. And he began to speak boldly in the synagogue: whom when Aquila and Priscilla had heard, (Now, you denominational preachers, listen to this.) they (not one, they) took him (Took who? Apollos.) unto them, and expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly.” Now that is common sense. Sisters, when you meet somebody in the pathway of life, and they do bring up a subject, they are hungry to know something about, and if you feel in your heart that you have light on certain scriptures and what they mean, then don’t let that old saying, women are not supposed to preach, prevent you. No, you are not to preach, but you can give testimony to truth you have heard. God will help you. It is pathetic, here is Aquila and Priscilla, (they) took him, yes but I don’t think Priscilla said anything. Aquila did all the talking. You can never prove that. They, both, invited him, it means both of them have been brought up under Paul’s teachings and affected by it. They have a revelation and understanding, so each one of them knew exactly how to say certain things to help Apollos see the truth. That is where Apollos got straightened out. But a woman is not supposed to preach. She is not to preach, because when you stand before a congregation of people, you do it as a leader, but if you take somebody in your home or somewhere to give testimony to them, and explain a point of scripture that is beneficial to their understanding, that is not preaching and being a leader. That is being a witness. Don’t come back and ask me, well Bro. Jackson, don’t you think? I have spoken it. How many know what I meant? Let us now go back to Acts, the 4th chapter. This is a little after the day of Pentecostal, another event has come about. They are beginning to hear some bad things that have taken place, so the believers are gathered in a certain place. In the 23rd verse it says, “And being let go, they went to their own company, (in a place where they could go and assemble themselves) and reported all that the chief priests and elders had said unto them.” Here is where they opened their mouths and began to pray as a united body. As they were praying, we will go to the 29th verse, here is their prayer. “And now, Lord, behold their threatenings: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word, By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus. And when they had prayed, the place was shaken (That would scare the liver out of a lot of people, if this house would shake, oh, it is an earthquake. Well it could be the power of God.) where they were assembled together; and they were all filled (not baptized) with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.” This was another anointing. It is just a refreshing. That is the reason I read it. No place in the book of Acts, can you find baptism referring to the receiving of the Holy Ghost. Let us learn how to use scriptures in a proper relationship, lest we come to where we will wish we had. Now we are going back to the day of Pentecost in Acts 2. I am not just trying to be smart, so please do not take this that way. As I said to start out, the speaking in tongues manifested here on the day of Pentecost, had never been manifested in all the history of Israel up until this time. When this event did take place, and Peter stood up and began to explain what this was, I want to remind you that we need to see if we are really up to date on how we read our Bible. Did you know, when they came forward and began to ask Peter and them, men and brethren, what must we do, Peter had already preached to them what this was. Notice, nowhere did he say that this manifestation of what they have heard in other languages, was mentioned in the prophecy of Joel. It is not, but Peter did refer to the prophecy of Joel. When you read it, he said it like this, this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel, and it shall come to pass in the last days, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, your sons and daughters shall prophesy, old men shall dream dreams, young men shall see visions. Please show me if anywhere in Joel, he ever said they will speak with other tongues. Well Bro. Jackson, you are confusing me. I am not confusing you. Peter had a reason for stating it in this manner, because he was not ignorant of scripture. That is why I am preaching it this morning. Let us get ourselves familiar with the scriptures and pay attention to how they are written and what is meant. When Peter said this is that, he was one of them that has been speaking in this other dialect, and he also knew that this was prophesied in Isaiah, chapter 28. Let us go there. Peter knew how to connect this event, or this experience, with the event in Joel. As I read this, I ask that we all take a look at the denominational world of religion. I have been in the Church of Christ, I have been in the Methodist, and I am thankful to God for truth. He does not just hit you over the head with truth, He will allow many things to come into your life’s pathway to draw your attention to certain things that will get you to begin to wonder, am I really where I am supposed to be with the Lord? Isaiah prophesied, some seven hundred years before it ever came about, so let us read the 8th verse of the 28th chapter in Isaiah. “For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean.”


Look at the denominational church world today. When you step inside, about all the congregation will hear is John 3:16, which has been used so many times, it has lost its meaning. Well, I believe in Jesus, sure you do, but there is more to it than just believing in Jesus, a lot more. There are scriptures in here, that will really tell what He has done for you, so you must ask, Has He really come into my life to give me something that will help me throughout my life? The Holy Spirit is not only a Spirit that can cause one to speak in another language, Jesus refers to Him in one place as the Comforter. Well, I don’t need a Comforter, I listen to my preacher. Then you do not even know what that term, Comforter, actually means. When you have received the genuine Holy Spirit in your life, some of these days ahead, the devil will throw you a hay maker. When you begin to look at yourself and the world around you, how many times have I heard people question their experience, or even ask, am I even a child of God? Well brothers and sisters, if we have received the Holy Spirit, lo, I am with you always, not just for today, or to the next time a problem comes up, and then He leaves you: He is with you from then on. When Jesus said, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world, that is exactly what He meant, or to the end of your life, whichever comes first. It is absolutely necessary, that we understand the Holy Ghost is not just a Comforter, but a guide to guide you through trials and tests. The devil throws things at you and you say, oh I just need a lot of prayer, I just need this. One thing we do need, is that Comforter. Sometimes we have to rely only on Him. When everything about us is going wrong, it is then that we begin to rely on that which is within us, God has His way of using other instruments to comfort and strengthen and encourage us, but we also have to learn how to rely on what we have inside us. Because if we begin to reach out first and we cannot acknowledge what we have received inside, then we forget how He can be a comforter. When God said, For all tables are full of vomit, He gets so tired of this Sunday after Sunday, the same kind of sermons, repetition, now they have gone to having dances on Saturday night for young people who don’t have sense enough to keep rings out of their ears and out of their tongues. I have to say it is pathetic. They don’t need a dance, they need the grace of God to touch their lives and change their attitudes, otherwise they are just going on down the devil’s pathway, led by the devil, talking like the devil, looking like the devil, and acting like the devil. I am not mad, but when you see some of this as you walk down Broadway, you see it, you look at it, there it goes. I can remember when human beings did not act like many do now. What has caused it? Don’t tell me some back sliding preacher did it, it was not that: a bunch of low down politicians and educators said it is not wrong to do this, you don’t have a right to condemn this. Well then go on and look like an animal. That is why they live and act like one and even talk like one. All tables are full of vomit, so that there is no place clean. He is talking in that hour about the spiritual things of Israel, their feast days which were to be fulfilled with a holy attitude of giving praise to God, giving thanks to Him for what He has done for them. But no, every festivity has become a place filled with filth, no sincerity whatsoever. Verse 9 “Whom shall He teach knowledge? (There are very few today that you can teach knowledge to.) and whom shall He make to understand doctrine? (I have heard the Charismatics say, we don’t need that: that divides. Well, it is supposed to) them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. (They are still sucking on a bottle. Some of those sixty five year old fellows still have a pacifier stuck in their mouth, in a figurative sense.) For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; (This is exactly why John came along preaching what he did, then Jesus came along and for three years preached what He did. He laid down the true path, precept upon precept.) line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little: (Now here is the prophecy of what happened on the day of Pentecost.) For with stammering lips and another tongue will He speak to this people.” What people is he talking about, seven hundred years before it took place? Jews. They observed the Sabbath, they kept the day of atonement, they keep all those holy rituals, but when they were done, they were ready to go back to the same old carnal activity they had done the previous year. That is why God had to speak to them that way. So when this prophecy was brought down, when the Holy Ghost fell on them that day in the Upper Room, this was the first time that had been expressed. That one hundred and twenty standing there in the streets of Jerusalem, staggering, jabbering, and I will say this, I have seen men so drunk they could not talk any other way. They would try to talk, but they could not speak plain, their mind was jumbled. That is what those people saw and heard that day. That was not all they saw in those people. When they saw these, they could not help but hear the wonderful works of God spoken to them in a language wherein they were born. It had never happened before. My point is, it was prophesied that speaking in tongues was to be definitely a prophetic sign that God has fulfilled His promise of Isaiah 28, when He did give the promise of the outpouring by the prophet Joel. That is the first time it had been spoken and the way it was manifested. That is how we have to get the scriptures balanced. I have to say, all through the book of Acts, I have no doubt in my mind, when the Holy Ghost did fall on the groups from the Jew to the Gentile, that speaking in tongues was a sign, but let us stop saying it is initial evidence. You take what you heard to court; and you will be asked, Where is the smoking gun? That is the initial evidence. Do you understand me? If you do not have a smoking gun, then you have no evidence, you just have an assumption. A man is dead, you can see the bullet that killed him, but where is the gun? Until you find that gun, you cannot point the finger at anyone, can you? Let us stop using this thing of evidence, because it is going to get some in a trap here in the end time. I am going to prove it to you by the Bible, by showing how it reads. I will say this, right here in the end time as God is restoring His Church back to its original likeness, all these gifts that are mentioned in Ephesians are going to be manifested, cultivated and cherished, but we are going to have some character, and some leadership to go along with it. There are a lot of them out there today, that can speak in tongues, but they are no more led by God than that bunch of crows out there in the corn field. You know it. If they were truly filled with the Holy Ghost, like they are supposed to be, you could not keep them away from truth. Instead, they are satisfied just to sit somewhere, cold, dead, and ready to argue at the drop of a hat. “For with stammering lips and another tongue will He speak to this people. (That is exactly what happened on the day of Pentecost.) To whom He said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear.” That bunch of Galilean Jews just walked away that day saying, they are just drunk on new wine. It meant nothing to the home bunch of Jews: they could only speak the Galilean dialect, but these visiting Jews out of every nation could speak dual languages. They heard this said to them in their language. They heard the word of God, and they understood it. When Peter got finished, here they came and said, explain this to us? That is not what they said at all. They said, Men and brethren, what must we do? Peter said, repent every one of you. Well, I am a Jew, I keep the Sabbath. Repent every one of you. Well, I keep the Law, I keep the Sabbath. Repent every one of you and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. That is a promise to come. Notice how these terms were used. Let us try to refresh our minds, concerning the terms the apostles spoke in, and at the time it was used. With this in mind, go with me to St. John chapter 6. Jesus, all through the gospel of John, began to drop off little indicators, things to prepare the disciple for the day when He would leave. This was His way of showing them, it is important that you receive that which I speak of, in the future.


I want to say at this time, some will say the foolish virgins did not have anything, look back in your Bible. I beg you, look back in your Bible. I am going to start reading what Jesus said in the 44th verse. “No man can come to me, (What did He mean by that? No man can be saved.) except the Father (Which is this Father? It is the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit. His first and foremost work in your life is to draw you from sin unto repentance and then on into a true relationship.) which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day. (Now He refers back to Isaiah) It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, (by the Holy Spirit, been convicted by the Holy Spirit, the purpose is that in the end he will submit and comes unto Him) cometh unto me. Not that any man hath seen the Father, save he which is of God, he hath seen the Father.” Now what does that tell me? You don’t just up and come to Christ on your own terms, when you want to, when it is convenient. You can work for six months, well, on a certain date, I am going to go and give my heart to God. It might not work that way. That is your planning. I can say this, many times you will put off and put off, bingo, God will hit you one day and knock you down. You are laying there crying, Lord, have mercy on me. No man can come to me, for what? Salvation. Except he be drawn. Now let us go to the 13th chapter. Here is where we begin to talk about one of the attributes of the Holy Spirit, it is love. Paul taught it in the Corinthian letter in the 13th chapter. Love believeth all things, love endureth all things, love is not puffed up, so on and so forth. You may not think these little scriptures mean a lot, but if you look at the depth of what they are pointing to in your own personal life, if we really allow the Holy Spirit to get hold of us and lead us, you will find that they are very essential. Jesus said this, (John 13:34) “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, (That is as clear to me as the sun shining outside. I am to love my brothers and sisters in the Lord. That is from a divine relationship, I will not see big I and little you: I have to see each one of you as a child of God, doing your utmost to learn and walk with God in your own personal relationship.) that ye also love one another. By this (by what?) shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” That goes deep. Some might say, but he don’t believe like I do. Well just be a little patient. Maybe you have been in this way a long time, but now you want others to understand just as much as you do in six months, and you have been here six years. Think about it. This is a sign. “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” It is not the rich over the poor. It matters not, whether you are penniless or you have a billion dollars, it is still absolutely necessary that you be saved, whether you have any worldly possessions or not. It is God’s love, that caused Jesus to take your and my place at Calvary. That love for others has got to be in our heart, and not because of personality. That divine love is part of the character that the Holy Ghost has to mold in us. There is a lot of tongue talking people out there in the world of religion today, but they have no more love for truth than a hound dog, and the only kind of people they have love for are those of their own click. If you go here with them, if you go there with them, it is all a click. If you try to get them to understand the depth of some scriptures, they are not interested. However we must realize that some of them have to have something, or they could not be called virgins. It is necessary, that we understand what Jesus said about the Holy Ghost? He will teach you all things. He did not say maybe so, hope so, He shall teach you all things. Now brothers and sisters, that nails it down and clinches it. That is His objective in my life and your life, to teach us all things. It was not the Church of Christ that saved me. It was not Methodism that saved me. I am saved by the grace of God. He would not let me sit in that old dead, traditional stuff forever. He began to put a hunger in my heart. A lot of questions came up. I had a lot of feelings in my soul, what about this and that? When those things began to stimulate your inner being to reach out there and talk to people about certain things, it is the Holy Spirit’s purpose to take you and teach you all things. When you forget, He will bring to your remembrance. So don’t say, I forgot. It is His purpose to make you remember, even what you heard five years ago. What is wrong with it? That is why, when my wife and I began to go to the Tabernacle years ago, and I heard Bro. William Branham come out with Serpent Seed doctrine, the first Sunday morning he hit a little point on that, my, my, that old Methodist head of mine began to go into a spin. I thought, I have never heard that before. I did not know that serpent walked on two legs and feet just like man. I did know that he communicated with a vocal voice, but I sure did not know he did such a diabolical thing as that. I thought, Lord, one morning in February 1952, you sat me down on the couch and I read the first chapter of Luke’s writing. I saw that you were going to send that spirit of Elijah in the last days to turn the end time Gentile children back to the faith of our apostolic fathers. I can never forget it. I said to myself, Lord, I am going to keep my mouth shut until I know what I believe, and until I know what I am listening to. I just put that in my filing cabinet. That filing cabinet that God wants each of you to have, do not set it in a junk yard: it is going to be important one of these days. If, when certain things sound mysteriously strange to you, and you say, well I don’t see it that way, just file it away: do not discard it. I promise you, if you have a sincere heart and attitude, one of these days God will see you in the right frame of mind; and He will bring to your remembrance what you heard and what you filed away. He will bring that right down into your memory and you will take a look at it and say, well now I see: why did I not see that before? It is now just as real to you as your hands and feet. So the Holy Spirit is more than something that can talk through you in another language. He is given to you to be a comforter, and He is going to lead your life. No, not to make a good Methodist out of you. You do not have to go to glory wearing a label like that, I am this or that. The main thing is, you are a child of God. You are saved by the grace of God. It is by the grace of God that any of us ever amount to anything. I pray that you know what I am talking about. As we come on down toward the end of this, verse 37, “Peter said unto Him, Lord, why cannot I follow thee now? I will lay down my life for thy sake. Jesus answered him, Wilt thou lay down thy life for my sake? Verily, verily, I say unto thee, The cock shall not crow, till thou hast denied me thrice.” Peter did not have the Holy Spirit when he said that. It is a good thing that none of the other disciples were around nearby to hear Jesus say that, they might have said, I don’t care if he does get the Holy Ghost, he will never be saved, just because he made that derogatory statement. How many understand? It is not how many times we let certain little issues affect us in our judgment at times, God knows who and what we are. Go with me now to the 14th chapter, 21st verse. I want to read this with respect, and with kindness. When Jesus said this, He was speaking something that is going to go deep into our mentality. “He that hath my commandments, (He is not talking about the Law.) and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: (That is the way it was in the days of the early Church. They all continued steadfastly in the apostles teaching. They went from house to house in that same frame of thought and mind, praying, worshiping, fellowshipping, they were in unity. It is only when somebody comes along that is out of unity with them, when he thinks he has a revelation that needs to be inserted. He it is that keeping my commandments is he that loveth me. You cannot keep the things that you know are right, and turn right around and begin to deny the Lord.) and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.” If He is going to manifest Himself, it literally means He is going to come into us with the Holy Spirit. Because He is going to be inside of us as a teaching Spirit, as a revelatory Spirit, and as a comforting Spirit, and it is going to affect our character. Yet only God knows the thousands of people around the world today, that have come through the Pentecostal revivals and have spoken in tongues, and they wind up with no more character and stability than many out in the world. Why did they bypass the prophet to the age, why did they not have an ear to hear? It was not a revelation to them. They are content to be just exactly what they are. They said, I have all I need. So it goes to show, something has happened through time that changed the whole structure from what it was in the apostolic days.


I realize the type of message we are on may not sound too appealing to a lot of Pentecostal people. But when this race is all over and the Bride of Christ has been taken, there is going to be a lot of tongue talking people left in this world, wondering, where are we? I have to say, a lot of people think they can play games with God. You don’t play games with God. When He gave to you a gift of Himself, He gave it with the potential that we allow Him to lead us. There are a lot of Pentecostal people, from the beginning of the 19th century, or the 20th century, call it whatever you want to, there is the trinity Pentecost, you could never change them to believe in water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for anything. Yet they claim to have the Holy Ghost with the initial evidence. Then when the time did come that God began to speak to people, I have read testimony after testimony, how that when God began to speak to people concerning taking on water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus, that in itself was as much of an experience to that person, as speaking in tongues had been at another time. Yet the Pentecostal movement became split, all over the trinity side and the oneness side. They have looked at each other down through the last one hundred years, fussing and stewing, and nothing could change them. You could not get then out of their system of religion for anything in the world. You are going to have to come up with a justifiable answer one of these days, why don’t they meet the requirements found in other scriptures? Go back with me to St. John, chapter 14, 21st verse. Earlier where it said, he that hath my commandments, that is not the Law, and keepeth them, observes them, he it is that loveth me, and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and manifest myself to him. What was He talking about? He was talking about being filled with the Holy Spirit. Now in the 23rd verse He said, “If a man love me, he will keep my words: (There are a lot of words in the Bible that neither side believe in. You know that.) and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him. (How? Through being filled with the Holy Spirit.) He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: (His sayings is not a bunch of tradition. They are just as real as real can be.) and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father’s which sent me. These things have I spoken unto you, being yet present with you. (Because He was a physical man. Notice what He said, pointing to the hour when the Holy Spirit would come.) But the Comforter, (That is what He is) which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things, (Well Bro. Jackson, you see, we have to have the right meaning.) and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” There is not a thing in this book where He intends to leave your mind, spiritually speaking, blank. It is all in there for your growth in the Lord. Don’t ever think I am speaking against speaking in tongues, to anyone that has received that kind of experience. But please remember, that is only the beginning of something. The Holy Spirit in you, is going to do a lot more than that. That is only a sign that He came. It is not the initial evidence, we are going to prove it. Remember, the Church did not lose it all in one day or one year’s time. She lost certain things gradually. Then in process of time when God began to restore the things back to the church, He had every right to restore things the way He wanted to, to accomplish His end time purpose. How it started with Israel was one thing. But how He winds it up with the Gentiles is going to be another thing. Now when we go to St. John 16, I am bringing these scriptures out because they are not put in there by Jesus as saying them just for nought. We are starting in the 13th verse. “Howbeit when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, (He will not reveal something to you, that is not truth. He will guide you into all truth. That is His positive objective. He will guide you into all truth. The denominations have absolutely put a gate to this, that they open and shut at will.) for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will show you things to come. He shall glorify me: for He shall receive of mine and shall show it unto you.” Sure, the gifts are one thing, they are signs, but they are not altogether the sole evidence, because if it does not develop a character and understanding in you, you can wind up like a foolish virgin. Because the wise virgins are going to be clothed in fine linen. If you want to look at the type back in Leviticus when the Law was made, and then the tabernacle was built, in the tabernacle there was a certain holy place wherein the ark of the covenant and the table of shewbread and so forth was set. When that ark was to sit on that, it was not set open and visible to the entire tabernacle. There was a little room called the Holy of holies, and that was enclosed by curtains of linen. That had a type. God will reveal Himself only behind that kind of understanding. So if that was the type in the natural, that is what God is going to wind up abiding behind, inside of these lively stones, when the people themselves carry a revelation, and understanding. It builds character. Just to speak in tongues is not being a light unto the world. It is the life you live, how you treat fellow man, how you carry on dealings with fellow man, without allowing yourself to become like them. Verse 15, “All things that the Father hath are mine: (That is the attributes, that is the manifestation of the Spirit, everything it takes to build character. Because God Himself is not a man, but in Him is all these characteristics, and attributes that were exemplified in the person we call Jesus. That is why God was manifested in the Son, through the manifestation of these attributes. Because it built a character in Jesus.) therefore said I, that He shall take of mine, and shall show it unto you.” Now brothers and sisters, let us go to 1st Corinthians. All of these scriptures are very familiar. In the 12th chapter, Paul explains the different gifts, nine of them. But in the 13th chapter, he is speaking to a Gentile church, and many of their former lives have been wrapped up in paganism, heathen worship. It takes a good while for the Holy Spirit in them to begin to develop a character and attitude and expression of the love that the apostle Paul is trying to get them to look at. He says in the 1st verse, “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, (love) I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.” Now where is the evidence then? Come on, where is the evidence? Though I have the gift of prophecy and so forth, and have no love, I am nothing. The reason I go this route is to try and show, we should desire spiritual gifts, that is a necessity for the body of Christ. But when that is the only thing we seek after, and we do not allow the grace of God to develop character, the motive of why we want to do certain things, and conduct ourselves certain ways is vain. “And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor.” You can give to the Red Cross, you can give to every kind of charity organization there is, that looks good to society, but in the eyes of God it does not cause your name to be written down in the book of life. But when we come over here to the 4th verse, he is dealing with human character. He says, “Charity (love) suffereth long, (It learns to look at problems in other people’s lives, or situations that you might be confronted with, it causes you to look at things with a lot of patience and longsuffering. Don’t fly off the handle all of a sudden.) and is kind; charity (love) envieth not; (There are a lot of people who cannot stand to see brother John get something new and them not have something like it, or better. That is covetousness. That can also lead to jealousy. There are people who let that rule their life. If you come up with something they do not have, it is not long until they ask, where did you get that? They go head over heals in debt just to get that, because they cannot stand to see you have something they do not have.) charity vaunteth not itself, (It does not lift itself up) is not puffed up, Doth not behave itself unseemly, (There are people that absolutely get the idea, if I can’t be the star, if I can’t be number one in the crowd, I will keep going until I find a crowd where I can be number one. That rules a lot of people.) seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, (Sometimes you hear some very bad expressions about you, but that does not mean you go home and cry, oh, they just treat me so terrible. Sometimes God is going to let these things come our way, because it is His way to develop some character in us, patience, longsuffereing. We get to the place where we do not let those things bother us. Well I can’t help it, I was just born that way. Yes, you were born a sinner, but the grace of God came to change that. Even if you were born upside down, you are going to be required to walk upright on your feet and grow up with a level head. Seeketh not her own and is not easily provoked, all this is pertaining to your character. Because, when the Holy Spirit comes into us, that is the gift of God to cultivate within us, from within us outward, the hidden man that you cannot see, but that is another likeness of Jesus Christ. Not easily upset, provoked, made angry.) thinketh no evil; Rejoiceth not in iniquity, (lawlessness, disobedience) but rejoiceth in the truth; Beareth all things, believeth all things, (that does not mean you believe all the lies you hear, we need to have sense enough to know, that what we are listening to, maybe might not be truth) hopeth all things, (always hoping for the better side of things) endureth all things.” Puts up with, tolerates a lot of things, it might not make you feel very good at the time, but when you can develop an inward attidude that God approves, He will take care of it all in time. Love, the supreme ultimate behavior we allow the Lord to cultivate in us, never fails. That testimony of love projected and shown forth will stand head and shoulders taller than all the other speeches and talks we make, trying to convince other people we are something. It never fails. “But whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; (Now if you listen to the Church of Christ, they will tell you that all of that disappeared back then. Well I have a reason, and I will not get this message finished tonight, when we do end this message, I want you to know, it is going to wind up with gifts in the Church, but it is going to wind up with a church body that is in unity and of character. The Church is absolutely going to be the exemplification of Jesus Christ manifested through the body, in a lost and dying world. They are going to give this world the last testimony of Christianity they will ever get.) whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.” That don’t mean that God meant it to vanish out of the body of Christ. But when people begin to try and specialize and project that as the whole thing, it is not the whole thing. If that becomes the motive, without character being behind it, then God will not honor that. He will let a lot of that fall back and slap us in the face. “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. (In the Branham movement, now they are saying this.) But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.” So they say since the prophet has come and brought a revelation, they have the perfect thing, so they sit down to be cured out in the sun, just like green corn. I was talking to a man the other day, he lives south of here. When I was in Shreveport, I remember meeting him, but I didn’t know where he went to. He called me and told me his name, and said, Bro. Jackson, I met you when you were in Shreveport. I said yes, I remember that now. He began to go back through the years of what has been going on, what has happened to the movement, he said, Bro. Jackson, where are people today? He said, Bro. William Branham spoke of the restoration of the gifts and things. I just let him talk. He said, all I can see is fussing, squabbling, arguing among all the followers of Bro. William Branham, this quote and that quote. He said, I get so discouraged sometimes, it makes me wonder, what can I believe? When he got to the place where I thought I could interrupt, I said, brother, there has been a moving of the Spirit to restore some of the gifts. From 1994 until about 1997, we had a moving of the Spirit here in our congregation and some of the assemblies that are in fellowship with us also. Some from Canada came down and it spread off into those groups. We sent videos to Africa and the Philippines and it went there. Oh, it did? I said, yes. Then he said, well what do you think about the Middle East, I said brother, there is going to be a war in the Middle East, and Bro. William Branham never said anything about it. When I began to talk to him about certain scriptures and how they line up, he said, let me write that down. I started out with Zechariah 12, Micah 7, Zephaniah 2, Ezekiel 25, Isaiah 19, I said, now you line these up. He said, oh my, I have to call you again and talk with you again. That is just what he said, I had already talked with him about fifty or fifty five minutes. That was Thursday afternoon while we were getting ready to come to church. I said, I am going to have to hang up, it is time for us to leave for our church service. Oh Bro. Jackson, I am going to call you again, I want you to send me some tapes. I just thought after that, a movement that heard what they heard should be up the road in the Bible, but they are sitting in the road, seasoning out, and they have never been made perfect at all. I have to say, brothers and sisters, that is a sad thing.


Now let us look at this thing of character. You cannot have character without some manifestations of the Spirit of God to go with it. Turn with me to Romans. Paul, the same one who wrote 1st Corinthians 13, said in verse 1 of chapter 8, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, (That is through the baptism of the Holy Spirit, or being filled with the Spirit) who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” He is literally saying, the number one priority, He comes into you to mold and develop character within you. Number two, but at the same time He is going to be a teaching Spirit in us. God does not intend for us to get to one place and graduate, I know all I am supposed to know now. It is necessary that we begin to grow in knowledge and in wisdom, and in the grace of God. I have to say there are a lot of people today, if they had to defend this faith, they would not even know where to start. They would not know how to defend it, if they were challenged in a public way. I am not saying to go down the street with a sign portraying what you believe, what you know and what everybody else doesn’t know. But if we are going to be a shining light, it is not how much noise we make, it is the character that we project. I have to believe there comes a time in your life, where God wants to deal with you and lead you in certain things pertaining many times to your individual life. Let me say this, if you are truly a born again, Holy Spirit filled person, and you are desiring that the Holy Spirit lead you in life, regardless of whether you have a business, or what, there will come a time God is going to lead you in that very thing. You need His help in those times. I look back to the years that I farmed, how many times I have come to a place, I would have a decision to make, and it seemed like as I prayed and meditated and thought on the problem, Lord, I need help in this, and before very long something would develop, He would either force me into a corner where I would be compelled to make a decision, or He would give me a dream and I would know what to do. I know through the years, even after I started the church down in New Albany, I really never thought that it would last and come to this. I just thought, well, I will start it, maybe it will last four or five years, and God will let it pass. But as I kept on farming, and after awhile I began to see it was growing, not getting smaller. I began to become concerned, one of these days I am going to have to decide, which it is, what do I do? Do I keep farming, or what? One particular year I began to realize, I have to withdraw from this occupation so that I can spend more time giving my heart to the Lord in prayer. In the spring of the year, I was planning on doing a very small amount. A neighbor called me one day and said, Raymond, could I rent you my place this year, he told me the conditions he would rent it to me. It all sounded good, it was very close by. I thought, this is a good offer. I thought about it, I prayed about it, I wrestled with the decision for several days. I realized I had to make a decision. The Lord gave me a dream. You would think in the dream He gave me, what would that mean to rent somebody else’s farmland. Having been out west and traveled through the mountains, especially Wolf Creek Pass, I had a dream and saw myself in a trip through the mountains. As I topped the mountain pass and went through, starting down the other side, all of a sudden I began to touch the brake because I could see a long curve in front of me. As my car began to approach that curve, my brake pedal went to the floor. I thought, Lord, what is happening? Then the momentum began to pick up. There was a wall of rock along the side. As I thought about that, if I go over that curve, I am going to wind up in the bottom of a canyon, in a wreck. As I got closer to the curve, I had to do something quick. Just before I actually came to that curve, in haste I said, I will wreck against this rock wall before I go over that curve. You know, I just turned the car into that rock wall and it felt like that rock wall became a big glob of rubber, I ran into it and could feel the car come to a stop. It so scared me, I woke up with my heart pounding. I came to church, a sister in the church back then came up to me and said, Bro. Jackson, I had a dream about you last night, I don’t know what it means, but I dreamed you were having to make a serious decision. I knew what it was. So I called the man and said, just go ahead and rent to somebody else. I realized that was a natural thing, but it doesn’t matter whether you are in business or what, as long as you are living for God and you bring every aspect about your life in relationship to serving the Lord, it doesn’t matter whether you run a dairy, a beef herd, or what, all these things, if you are seeking to serve the Lord in life, He is going to take it seriously for you. He looks ahead for you. That is why many times we have to depend on Him. When you talk like that to the denominational world, oh, they think that is fanaticism. But to me, it is reality. It is just as real as stepping outside to see the sun shining. When you know you are a child of God, you have received His Holy Spirit into your life, you are depending on Him to help you, not only to grow spiritually, but to help you in all your other activities in life, He is going to be right there to help you. That is why, when we come over to the 14th verse, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they (plural) are the sons of God.” When you preach these things some times to a denominational realm of people, they don’t know what you are talking about. Well, I have never been led like that. Then you don’t know how to commit all things into the hand of the Lord for Him to lead you. You just have a traditional belief, that satisfies you, and you sit down. You are not earnestly asking God to lead you and direct you. Go with me now, and let us look at this thing called character, in 2nd Peter chapter 1, when Peter is speaking and writing this epistle, he is definitely dealing in this first chapter about what we, being believers, children of God, are to do as we look at our lives. I realize, if you preach this to a lot of denominational people, and you say, if you are once saved and really saved, and filled with the Holy Spirit, you will always be saved. Oh no, they say, I believe you can backslide. Well sinners don’t backslide. How many know what I mean by that? When Peter wrote this epistle, we pick it up in verse 4, “Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these (these what? Promises) ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption (the dirty lifestyles of the sinful life that the world lives) that is in the world through lust. (Excess) And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; (What is virtue? It means the state of being right. Only the grace of God can help you attain that. But when we look in Revelation 22, the tree of life there, bore twelve manners of fruits. That is when mortality has been swallowed up in immortality. Then the believers will bear twelve manners, one of them is virtue. It is the state of being right, clean, holy in the eyes of God, because He has made you that way. Until we are saved, we don’t know how to be right.) and to virtue knowledge; (Don’t tell me anymore, I can’t remember all this. God wants us to grow in knowledge and in the grace of God.) And to knowledge temperance; (That is to know when enough is enough. That is why I said the other night, if you like a little ham once in awhile, go ahead and eat it, it isn’t going to hurt you. But know when enough is enough, because it is a fact, too much pork in some people’s lives is not good for your health. Maybe your physical being is not capable of actually consuming that type of meat. I read in the Reader’s Digest, and I talked to a Jewish rabbi, here is what he said to me when I told him about what the medical profession said in Reader’s Digest, how that Muslim women and Judiastic women that did not eat pork, have less female problems in the realm of cancer, than any other race of people. That should tell you something, shouldn’t it? Then you can come along and say, then the Law is right. You didn’t hear me. I am going to challenge you when you hear me. How are you going to go to a country that is starving to death and tell them not to eat pork. They will eat anything. How many hear me? Temperance is knowing when enough is enough. That is my business.) and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; (all of this pertaines to character, if you look at it in the right way) And to godliness (That is when somebody can look at you and watch your life, your character, your conduct, how you do things, sooner or later they are going to have to say, that is a godly person.) brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness (love) charity. (That is the utmost.) For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful (I like that. So we are required to allow the grace of God, the Spirit of God, to guide us in life, to help us cultivate these things, that they may grow, that our lives, our whole character, can become molded in the likeness of Christ. In the likeness of Christ doesn’t mean you comb your hair like you think He combed His. No, it is the character that projected from the person He was.) in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” I have to say, when the Holy Spirit comes in, He can come in with many manifestations and signs, but that is just the beginning of something He comes to do, that is to mold in you the likeness of Jesus Christ. Verse 9, “But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins. Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall.” Ye shall never backslide, ye shall never quit the fellowship, you will always be right there to be a part of the body of Christ. Well, I think I am going to take a trip. There is nothing wrong in taking a trip, but I have to say, if we get to the place that we would rather be on Pike’s Peak with a set of field glasses, looking out over the view, than we would to be in fellowship with believers, we are not fruitful in anything. We are living for ourselves. When you live for yourself, you are not living for God. Don’t kid yourself. He is not coming for that kind of people, unless first He takes a two by four and knocks you over the head with it. Oh, He wouldn’t do that. Oh yes, He will. I knew a man years ago, that said, I was so stubborn and rebellious against the will of God, one night in a dream, I was literally being beat with a fencepost. I was pleading, don’t, don’t, don’t. He woke up out of that and realized what was wrong. He needed to change his attitude. God has His way of dealing with you. That is why I have to say, He will even bring you within an inch of your life. Old Hwy. 31, I will never forget the place as long as I live, He put a mark on my face, I know, He don’t make you, He just makes you willing. When He makes you willing, then you want to, and you are going to love like His Word says. You are not going to try to hold back, you are going to say, Lord, give me more, I want to follow you. Eternal security is right there, once saved, always saved. But you have to be a person that is sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit to have the promised benefit, and know why He is in you. You don’t put Him off in a corner somewhere and go ahead and live your life the way your flesh wants to live it. Let us go back to Ephesians. How many times have we read this? When the apostle Paul felt led to write this, he was not only looking at the Church that was then, but he was looking at the Church, the body of Christ, for all times. He speaks of how God has set a certain kind of ministry within the body of Christ, for the perfection. We know this, the body of Christ starts out first with sinners. They come in at different stages of life, in their experience. But the end result is that we can all eventually be taught the right things, that we can spiritually grow to attain an understanding, knowing how to give ourselves to the Lord and allow ourselves to actually function as a living organism, which is the body of Christ. When we look at the organizations today, we have to admit they were an element of people, that at one time, had something from God. He used that to restore something that is vital to the overall Christian faith. But it is sad to say, people in their carnal way of thinking are always content, that is enough, we don’t need any more, so they sit down. They just sit down and denominate. Therefore God could not perfect the actual individual, while the body of Christ is scattered through all these systems. That is why it was necessary that we have spiritual knowledge enough to know that in the last days, again as He sends the spirit of Elijah to start the dispensation of Grace, God knew exactly that the end time element of Gentiles would be split up by all these diverse denominational beliefs. He is not taking the Bride out of one particular system. His messinger came with a message and when it sounded, people came out of this, this, this, and that. When we look here in this day and time, again the Spirit of God is going to deal with us to not only bring us together in our doctrines, but it is going to mold our character, our behavior, our conduct, how we walk before the Lord and serve Him in the presence of the rest of the body of Christ, and how He can use us. We have to begin to recognize the leadership of God in our own respective life. When Paul wrote here, he said, for the perfection, the final reaching of a point of completeness, where in the eyes of God, it is now at a stage wherein there is nothing left to do to it, but take it. Because he plainly says over here later, He will present it to Himself a glorious Church. Not a denominational church, but a glorious Church, having neither spot, wrinkle, or blemish. That is human language, meaning there will be no carnal things held on to, just carrying along traditional things, well that is what I believe. We are going to be willing to empty out everything we have carried in life that we thought was necessary. Because we are going to allow the grace of God to teach us what truth is, and what it is for. For the perfection, the completeness of the overall body. It also presents the opportunity for the ministry to function. First off, if there is not a need, if there is not a visible need among us, then there is no need for God to have a ministry to deal with it. Let me use this illustration, if none of us ever got sick, why have a doctor? If none of our teeth ever rotted out, why have a dentist? Think about it. Well when you bring that into the spiritual realm, the ministry is not working on the physical man, but on the inner man. For the edifying, uplifting, encouraging, of the body of Christ, the individual believers. Ephesians 4:13, “Till (that is progressive, it involves time) we all come (or reach) in the unity (harmony) of the faith, (of (the) faith, not a faith) and of the knowledge of the Son of God, (We find out He is not the third person of a trinity, He is the one and only person of the Godhead. When we come to that knowledge, then by that time, it literally means that we are approaching the point where we begin to measure up) unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.” We are not going to fall short of everything God potentially will cultivate in us. I believe when we begin to realize where we are in time, how short time is in front of us, we are going to want to be spending most of our time meditating, Lord, help me when I get up in the morning, that I can go about each day, doing the things your way. Let me say this for a comparison. Being led of the Spirit of God, don’t mean we get up in the morning with our eyes closed, now Lord, just lead me for the day. You haven’t had breakfast, well I am waiting on the Lord to tell me when I should have breakfast. There are people who have been just like that. That is how narrow minded they get. Well I want the Lord to tell me. Then dinner comes, but there is nothing on the stove cooking. I am using this as an illustration. People can become so narrow minded. But I want Him to lead me, I don’t want to do anything on my own. Well there are some things you are going to do on your own, because if you have about ten cows and they need to be milked, don’t sit there waiting for God to tell you to go milk the cows. That is a necessity. After awhile there will be ten cows down in the barn, bawling their heads off, come and milk me. That might sound like a carnal illustration, but God did not put you here with a brain to be dormant, just because you turned your life over to Him, and you want Him to tell you when to do this and when to do that. He is not going to tell you when to take a bath, your neighbor might though. Maybe I better stop with that. But there are some things, as you go down the pathway of life and you are willing to walk with Him and let Him mold your life, as you more and more come into the stature to portray Christ, how you look at things, how you reach out and want to help your brothers and sisters, God sometimes will just put you in a corner. Sometimes we need to watch the circumstances that prevail about us, watch them. If you see certain conditions prevailing that never change, you can look at the condition, it can either come out positive or negative. I am using an illustration. So you just sit there, Lord, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do. I am frustrated. But if you prayed and He has not in some way shown you visibly by a dream or something, what to do, and yet you know you have to do something, God gave you a brain, and there is going to come a time when you have to use it in such a case. You look at that in the overall long term effect and try to look at it from the good standpoint, for your spiritual benefit. If it is a condition He has brought about in your life to force you, and you chose the right thing, I promise, once you are past the point of your decision and you have done what you thought best, it will all come to you and you will be glad you made the choice. I hope you understand what I am saying. I have to say in closing, when the Holy Spirit comes into our lives, the gifts of the Spirit are just signs, not evidence. That is why Jesus said in Mark, these signs shall follow them that believe. Well these things can all be visible and audible in that respect. If our mind is only on that and not on the character, the exampleship and manner of life we portray, we are falling short and that is exactly where the denominational groups are today. I will say this, many of the Pentecostal people at one time really believed in dedicated, holy living, separate from the world, not being conformed to this world, but they have gone the way of Hollywood. They speak in tongues, but some of the things they advertise in their services, sixty years ago the founding fathers of it would have scorned them. But that is the way they have drifted because they have lost sight of spiritual reality. They don’t let the Holy Spirit teach them anything.


Looking At Time, Part 2 – 2011, October

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson


We are living in a troubled world, millions don’t even know which way they are going. Politicians are saying, we are doing our best to rid this world of terrorism and get this world ready to live another thousand years with peace and prosperity. I have to say, if God was to listen to them, Jesus would never come, I hope you understand what I mean by that. We are back on the subject of scribes, and the more I think about it the more important it seems. I want you to turn with me back to Matthew 13. I don’t mean to be repeating any words that I have said prior to this, I only pray that God will help me give you an understanding about this little word, scribe. I have listened to a lot of preachers through the years, more back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, than I do any more. You hardly ever hear any of them touch on the parables. They treat them as though they are irrelevant to what they are after. But Jesus said some things in these parables and He knew that He was using simple ways to illustrate something. I want to read these two verses again because they fasten right on to the end of what He said in describing the seventh parable. It would be like a net cast into the sea. I saw that, it was truly a move of God, closing out the 1940’s, going into the 1950’s. By the time we came to the 1960’s, it was tapering off. Evangelists were compromising, sitting down, parking their big semi trucks, folding their tents, never to set them up again. The other part of the parable began to take place. The end results of the seventh parable was, He would come forth, He would send His angels and gather out of His kingdom all things that offend. Then the righteous would be gathered. But there is a reason why He said to His disciples, have you understood all these things? And they said, Yea Lord. Now He uses a point here that is very important to me. The 51st verse, “Jesus saith unto them, Have ye understood all these things? They say unto Him, Yea, Lord.” When you look at the religious world today, all the evangelists that have been going here and there in the past number of years, I have never heard one of them refer to these scriptures. They treat them like they are irrelevant. This 52nd verse is important. We must understand what Jesus meant. “Then said He unto them, Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.” I looked up this word householder, it literally means to possess property, also to possess treasures, to possess valuables. Brothers and sisters, I ask you to look at the world of religion today. There are many evangelists, both on TV and radio, then in big auditoriums standing before thousands of people. They all have a program. They are trying to present to the masses of people that they are responsible to see that this world is saved. They are taking in large sums of money to build more TV towers and stations. They are doing their best to reach the world for Christ, before He comes. When you hear one, you will hear another one say something else, and you cannot get a common picture, each one is presenting a picture as though he is responsible as to how the world is going to be won. There are a lot of things going on in the ranks of religion, that most do not even see. That is the pathetic part of it. We look again at this word householder, in this parable. I want to take you to the 24th chapter. When Jesus used a certain word to bring out a meaning, He had a reason. In the 45th verse, notice the simple words of Jesus. “Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household?.” Here we get the word again. He is not talking about just any kind of preacher. Back in Matthew 13, the 52nd verse, He said He will bring out of His treasure, things new and old. That implies one thing, it is important for Him to bring out, not only new truths, but deal with old revelations that have been lost. Hundreds of preachers over the world today, could not care less what has been lost, they are just working to put forth their own ideas. Many times the things that do sound like new are just an idea. It has no biblical significance whatsoever. Let me say this to you, we have thousands of people today, making their decision, what they are going to believe, who they are going to follow and why. But I am sure that God is concerned about His chosen Bride. When we take a look at the whole collective element of them, people of all ages, they have been selected from every kind of religious background that you can name. I know some of them have been saved right out of a raw sinful state. They do not have much to rely upon as far as religious upbringing, but God is concerned about one thing. He wants His Bride, with their minds, spiritually speaking, to be centered on one particular thought and picture. I am going to go back to when this seventh parable began to taper off. Evangelists and preachers in the divine deliverance movement began to sit down and compromise. I can name many of them. One was Gale Jackson, he married into a family down in the south, they were undertakers. He had an experience in knowing the Lord in a Pentecostal way. When the deliverance move started, he felt led to begin to pray for the sick. For quite awhile he did. But when the tapering off came and men began to sit down, to show that parable absolutely carries a true meaning, the last I read about him, he had ditched his tent and went back into the undertaker business. Another man that was well known, and had outstanding success in the healing ministry also ditched his tent. Whatever he had in the way of material investment, he began to invest in the Ramada Inn. None of those men fit into this scribe category. But out of all those men, there was one particular man, that they all will say had an outstanding ministry in the healing realm, but they do not want anything to do with anything he taught. I have to say, he was the first one among all of them that I ever heard, that dealt with the point, bringing out old truths and then bringing in new truths. That is why I can look at all of the others and know that none of them were scribes. They were just fishermen in the hour of time that God used them. But this particular man, not only was instrumental in starting the overall deliverance move, he just did not necessarily sit down, he began to change his style of what he preached. Then, is when he began to specialize in things that upset some of those preachers, especially when he began to preach serpent seed and no eternal hell. If you really study with an open mind and prayerfully, it is the only thing that made sense out of all the junk and religious rubbish we have had crammed down us through the years of our upbringing, no matter whether it was Catholic, Baptist, or what. When this man began to really deal with certain things, by the time God was through with him, he had touched on every major New Testament doctrine. He fulfilled exactly and precisely Malachi 4:5-6 in its last day fulfillment. To me, he was not only the spirit of Elijah, he was not only the seventh church age messenger, but he was the beginning of this scribe given office. He began to teach the original faith, one God. Yes, many details, he never covered. But he gave the people the essence of the thought that there is not three Gods, there is only one. He brought out the importance of true water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. He brought out the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit, because that is the only way you are put into the body and Bride of Christ. He taught also that the true Church, the body of Christ will have all nine gifts in operation as God perfects it and makes it ready for the rapture. No matter how much opposition he ran into and how men belittled him, he stuck to the standard, because he was not preaching to the masses. He knew that God had sent him here to present a message that would be for an element of people that are the children of this last day dispensation. He knew it was his job to turn their hearts back to the apostolic faith, not just divine healing, but to every major New Testament doctrine that had been laid out by the early apostles. He taught true sanctification, what true holiness is. We have a lot of holiness movements, I know some of them, and to see them as a person, they are nice people, but to talk to them about the second coming of Christ, they will start looking into the trees, because they are not interested. They have their own idea of what holiness is, as long as they can put it on and take it off, that is well and good with them. Then he took on the doctrine of predestination, that before the foundation of the world God knew every one. He brought out also the security of the believer. When you begin to lay it down in the Bible scriptures, that means this, there is no such thing that you can be born again a half dozen times. That is nonsense. Yet within that same holiness element of people, they have had through their years of revival, so many people saved last year in a revival, backslide the next month, then lost, and drift for another three years, then saved all over again. That is the way they look at the whole thing. But I have sense enough to know this, a little baby is only born one time. It can be sick many times, almost die, and some have died only to be revived, but the initial birth of that child only goes back to one period. If that is true in the natural, then it is also true in the spiritual. There is no need for any denomination, to think they are the true Bride of Christ. They are not. They are only a movement, through the years of time, that God has used to restore a truth. Because in the first four hundred years, Christendom had lost its original roots, its foundation. By the time it started into the Dark Ages, more and more tradition came in and pushed truth out. By the time we come to 1500, the Catholic system was put together out of dogmas and creeds, ceremonies and rituals. The Reformation was a slow process over roughly five hundred years of time, for God to gradually restore light on particular truths. When we look at this man, to me, there are many plural statements that he made through the years of time. I was privileged to hear these. I will never forget one of the first ones I ever heard, I thought to myself, if he is a prophet, why was that said like that? Later on, I began to see this, if John the Baptist said one day, there is one coming after me whose shoe latchets I am not worthy to unloose, when He has come, He will indeed baptize you with the Holy Ghost, Jesus Himself has never been here baptizing His people with the Holy Ghost. He has been in heaven as a High Priest, making intercession for ever last one of us. The Holy Spirit has come into our lives as we have met our time wherein God dealt with us. So it is absolutely a working of the Holy Spirit that applies those words. When John the Baptist said, whose fan is in His hand, that meant at the end of the threshing, harvest season, we will pass through an era of time, still related to the kingdom of heaven, that God will deal with us. Not only will He still continue to baptize with the Holy Ghost and with fire, but He also said, whose fan is in His hand. He will not be here holding a fan in His hand. That is still a work of the Holy Spirit, while His intercessory work is going on. When we see these things, then it becomes more important then when we say, well why did God allow him to make certain plural statements? I have heard different characters who say they are preaching his message, say, well they are all true. Only a first class ignoramus would say that. If you know anything about the Bible and you have reference and respect for it, your knowledge should be able to take hold of that statement and put together a picture, was that scripture or was that just an idea? Keep in mind, if there is going to be a fan in Jesus’ hand, he is not going to be here in person holding it. It is how His Holy Spirit will take and deal with certain elements on the earth to create a fanning situation. That is exactly what that man did. People began to see he was a prophet sent to the age. As people began to accept the things he taught, little did they realize that he knew how to sort it out. Take the seals for instance. One particular statement goes like this, the Bride will be raptured, but the church will go through the tribulation. Well if you know anything about the written word, there is only one Church. That is the Church that Paul wrote all his epistles to. That true Church that he wrote the epistles to, in the end, is going to be His Bride. How can you take those two statements and put them together and say they are both true? They are not. Nevertheless, that is the way people try to justify certain things. So we can say this, when He sent that man in the ending of time, He did it strategically to deal with truths that have been lost, to restore them to accessibility that the true end time believer could see and recognize them. He would also feed into that, new revelation, and the old truths are necessary that we be restored back to what was the faith of our apostolic fathers. This causes us to set aside all our denominational traditions and ideas. That is hard for people to do. When you really begin to bring it down and lay it before them, well, you are telling me I have to turn against what my mother believed, or my grandfather believed, or my uncle believed. The point is this, who saved you? What are you basing your salvation on? Was it what grandma handed to you? You did not inherit anything from her. If you are a young woman, you might have received an old set of beads. If you are a young man, you might have received grandpa’s old hammer. But that does not pertain to salvation. When he began to bring out new revelation it caused a problem. I will never forget Jimmy Swaggart, an evangelist on the scene during the later 1960’s into the 1970’s. Somebody wrote an article about predestination and asked a question. He put an article in the paper he printed, a man gave me a copy and I read it. He condemned the predestination teaching and said it was out of the pit of hell. I said, watch that fellow. He had built one of the tallest platforms ever, in the evangelistic field at that time, and it was not long until we heard of his marital situation. Not only was it one time, but he ran into the problem twice. Slowly he disappeared from the scene, he is still on TV, but he is a very small character. You don’t hear much of him anymore. How many understand the point? I am saying all these things, not to put the man down, not to condemn him, but to try to lift up this certain scribe. That man had a vision that whatever our faith consists of, it has got to be based upon the scriptures. I can say he labored and toiled, to do that very thing. He was only one, but he was the beginning of what God would do collectively for His entire universal Bride. When I read, therefore every scribe, that means something. I looked up the word every, in the dictionary. It applies to more than one. If you are referring to one noun, like a person, and the word every is used, it literally means there is more than one condition he has to deal with. You could say this, as you speak to the singular noun person, be sure that you touch every subject, and when I say every, how many can see what I mean? That is not the term here in verse 52. Therefore every scribe, would be like unto a householder. It starts with one, but when God removes him from the scene, there is definitely going to be God called men to fill that office. They are not just religious evangelists out of every system. They are going to be men, some young and some older, but whatever status of life they are in when God deals with them, God is going to put it in their heart’s, to sooner or later find out what that scribe said. It is God that gives this scribe the authority to possess property. That is in the confines of His Church. Therefore every scribe will be instructed, how to bring out of his treasure things new, new revelation, as well as deal with old truths. That literally means it is pointing to the upcoming five fold ministry that will be in the Bride, as Paul said, to complete it, to perfect it. They will not be just anonymous individuals. First, God will apply this message to the field. Many will get hold of it, and will follow it for a period of time, rejoicing for what they see. Only God Himself knows what is inside their heart and soul, and whether there is the genuine qualification and the will to measure up to His specific call. It is that inside attitude they have toward God and His word, that eventually determines how they begin to fit into the end time picture. It does not matter whether the man is an evangelist, a pastor, a teacher, a prophet, or apostle, because they will each one fit right into a respective office, and sooner or later will be dealing with the things the Holy Spirit has taught him, all related to the one and self same thing, the overall word of God. Neither one will be a repetitionist, a copy cat. Each one in his particular calling, will eventually see everything that deals with what his kind of ministry is meant to deal with. If the overall subject is one God, then I will say this, from the apostle to the evangelist, they will all see the same picture, they will not have a dozen different ideas, like, well it could be, well don’t you think so and so? I have heard plenty of that in time past: it is sickening. When you see things, how the word of God describes them, you know the Lord has put up with all the denominational versions of His Word from the Reformation, from the hour of Luther, right on down here to the Pentecostal hour, and just look at the different systems of religion in the world today. Every person within those systems must feel as though, this is the true Church. They just take things for granted. That is not the way God looks at the Church He is coming for. He plainly states that He is coming for a Church that has been washed. With what? She is washed by the water of God’s Word. That means she has a revelation of the Word itself, and not holding on to tradition, ceremony, nor neat programs. I passed the Methodist church in Elizabeth this morning, they have a sign in front, Valentines Day is coming up this week. They are going to have a Valentine’s dance in the fellowship hall that they built out back. Young people, listen to me: there will be no dancing around here unless you are dancing in the Spirit. I believe it is just as enjoyable for a young person to see a Bible truth, and understand it, as it is for an older one. When I get over here in the 24th chapter, first I am going to read these verses to come down to an hour where I want to approach it, because many people have thought this entire 24th chapter of Matthew covered a long period of the church ages. It did not. The first few words here that He began to explain to His disciples, when they asked him three questions, the first one He said was take heed that no man deceive you. That was applicable right then. Verse 5, “For many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” When we begin to read church history, no sooner has the Holy Ghost fell and the apostles begin to go forth and write their epistles, here came these false anointed christ’s. Great men, saying, I have been to Jerusalem, I have talked to Peter. You know the question when Paul and Barnabas came back to Antioch and found that church in a furor over circumcision, because somebody came up from Jerusalem, from Peter and them, so that is what Jesus was implying. And ye shall hear of wars, and so forth. Sure, that has gone on through time. When we come to the 7th verse, “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.” Was He talking about all through the Dark Ages. No, He was not. Why would He say in the 8th verse, “All these are the beginning of sorrows.” I have read enough history, all these nineteen hundred and some odd years was not times of sorrows, they were natural. There were wars, upheavals and everything, but there was not any particular thing that went on specifically. So that is why, when we come to the 20th century, this political world began to go haywire. So all these are the beginning of sorrows, once that period starts, it will never end until it leads to the coming of Jesus Christ. 9th verse, “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” Six million Jews were hated by every government in Europe. Sure, I have read how Jews were persecuted in Poland and in different places, but it did not produce a holocaust. How many understand me? When this WW2 episode started, trains were pulling out of stations all over western Europe. They had literally arrested Jewish families, confiscated their wealth, put them on trains, hauling them many miles to detention camps. Some were put in semi trailers, telling them they were being taken to another camp, only while on the road of travel a valve was turned and that trailer was filled with poison gas. By the time they reached a deep woods somewhere, they opened the trailer doors, and all those Jews were laying on top of one another, dead, gassed to death. They pulled them out and bulldozers were waiting nearby to cover them up. That is what happened in central Europe. That is what Jesus had in mind. I am reading this because it shows you, we are looking at the last one hundred years of time, and the church world has lost sight of it. They don’t care which way the sun comes up or goes down, as long as their program is not disturbed. “And then shall many be offended.” Christian principals have become a forgotten item in this present day society, especially of America, but actually world wide. I heard them discuss the other night on a News program, what are we going to do to stop this teenage violence and gangs that are running rampant? Can they stop it? They really cannot, because society turned loose something fifty or sixty years ago that has produced what we are seeing now. It is a shame, that young boys and young girls are being raised up today in homes where they are not being taught basic principals of personal conduct. Philosophers and politicians keep proclaiming, we need a better education. We do not. We need to be turned back to some things that were basic not too long ago. The animal kingdom has more sense than the modern human race today. So when I read this, I want you to know, shortly after the fall meetings, I was asked to explain what Jesus starts with in this 15th verse, “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, whoso readeth, let him understand,” Jesus was giving His disciples back then, a graphic picture of what was going to befall Jerusalem and the Jews in that first century of time, as it came to the hour of climax. He warned those disciples and told them what to do. When you study the history of Jerusalem and the Jewish people, (I have the history), one million Jews were slaughtered in 69-70 A.D. when it was finally accomplished. One hundred thousand were led away by the Romans and sold into slavery. Jerusalem was in shambles. The temple had been burned. That fulfilled everything that is written right here. Now let me explain this to you, that same situation will not be repeated over here at the end of the Age. You have the seventieth week of Daniel, but the condition we just read about, will not be repeated. Well Bro. Jackson, I thought, no matter what you thought, we have to read this right: immediately after the tribulation of those days, Jerusalem is not laying in ruins. How many heard me? I don’t say that trying to be smart. Why have a miracle war back here somewhere, that gets the Jews and the world ready to build the temple, and rebuild Jerusalem, and then three and a half years later when the beast comes in and breaks the covenant, he tears Jerusalem to pieces and burns the temple. I just said to that young man, there are certain things that are basic, because this time that spirit is basically against the Jewish nation. He is going to try his best to rid this world of the Jewish race of people. That is why he breaks the covenant and sets himself in the temple as God. His police force, or army, will take possession of the city. The city is not torn up again. How many understand now? It was torn up in 70 A.D. That was a great blood bath. However the true disciples escaped every bit of it. Just try to understand, they escaped that slaughter because they believed those warning words of Jesus. Then when you go from that point over here to the 29th verse, Jesus is talking about the time when Jerusalem is to go into that time of tribulation, and it does not say a thing in the 29th verse, about anything happening to the city. It is what is going to happen to the Jewish people that we look to here. “Immediately after the tribulation of those days.” We are in the 29th verse of the 24th chapter of Matthew. It is not a repeat of what was read back there, starting in the 15th verse. How many understand now? It is all called the abomination that maketh desolate, but this time the antichrist is going to set himself up in that city in that temple and show himself to the world that he is God, and he is going to be a Satanist. He is going to try to rid this planet of every religious person on the face of this earth. That is why, when we read the scriptures carefully over in Revelation, God ordains that after the two prophets have been here, from this point on, that woman (spiritual Israel) flees, and she is no longer there. The antichrist is in full charge of all.


I give reference every once in awhile, to men that have abstract teachings, all derived out of Bro. William Branham’s teachings. It is strange how they will use certain quotes from Bro. William Branham’s writings to feed into their own thoughts. This man puts in here, prophecies of the last days. I could not help but notice as he comes to the chapter where he is explaining who will be partakers of the rapture, when it occurs, so listen to what he says. “In 1963, the Almighty God, speaking through the mouth of William Marrion Branham, said there are only seven hundred living saints who will be taken in the rapture.” Well, I sat there, and know that is not what Bro. William Branham said. He was making reference to where Elijah was found in the cave, and was praying Oh Lord, they have torn down your altars, they have slain your prophets, and I am the only one that is left alive, and now they are after me. What did God say to Elijah? He said, I still have seven thousand men that have not bowed their knees to the image of Baal. Bro. William Branham was using seven thousand, but this man only said seven hundred, because later, he was asked the question, did you literally mean seven hundred? Then he said no, I literally meant seven thousand. But see, the man did not even correct that. So that is why I have to say, ever since Bro. William Branham had been here, there have been men that arose, mighty men, well respected by society, and the nations they came from. Ewald Frank of Germany did a masterpiece of work in Russia behind the iron curtain, and into Czechoslovakia, but then he let a marital problem ruin his image. Nevertheless he wrote a book in which he completes the analysis of the book of Revelation, he says what each chapter means and everything. Richard Gan of Singapore did the same thing. Each man had his own version. Down in Georgia, another man I know, Ben Howard, did the same thing, I have his book. Each man has different points that he emphasizes, but other points, it is just how he looks at it. I have to say, God is not going to have a scribe ministry that is going to hit and miss it, and hit and miss it, and miss it and miss it, probe and gouge. They will just keep still until they know what they are to say and say the right thing. We don’t have to be a copy cat of each other. How many understand that? That is why I needed to go back over this and give you a clearer picture. Jesus leaves what happened there in 70 A.D. and comes on down through time, and as we see the Jews coming home, do not think a great army is going to come in and tear Jerusalem all to pieces again, like they did before. The abomination here, does not have that military application. It is how the antichrist makes a covenant and then breaks the covenant, so he can set himself up in the temple of God. He is not the one that is going to build the temple. The Jews are going to build the temple. Howeveras he watches the two prophets in the first half of the week, do what they do, and demonstrate God, he is going to be put to shame. That is why Jesus just cut it short saying, immediately after the tribulation of the those days, He is not talking about a great war or anything in Jerusalem. How many understand? All of that, happened in 69 and 70 A.D. So it is not a big war again, tearing Jerusalem all to pieces. It is how the antichrist wants to exterminate the Jewish race completely. I want to bring you over here, after He leaves this description of what happens there in 69 and 70, and says in the 22nd verse, “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” That was a terrible tragedy, a catastrophic event. I have a book, an ancient history book, one million Jews perished, starved to death, were killed. They were thrown over the walls to rot and stink in the valley of Kidron. But when the Romans finally seized the city, they took one hundred thousand of the best, the healthiest and youngest, and led them off and sold them into slavery. They only left the weak to cry and wail over Jerusalem itself. There is a particular reason why I really wanted to go over this. When He ends that part, He keeps emphasizing, verse 24, “For there shall arise false Christs’, and false prophets, (I can say this, since the 1940’s and 1950’s, this world has had them by the car loads. They have advertised their ministry, the greatest, the most important, how God has anointed them. They did not have a vision of the Bride of Christ at all. They only had a vision and understanding of how to reach the masses with their own ideas.) and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” In their respective hours they have had hundreds and thousands following them. Notice here, in the next verse, Jesus gets specific, He is now talking to true believers here in the closing days of this seventh Church Age, when this scribe has been on the scene. “Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert.” they did not say that back in the apostolic days. Listen to how I said that, following the apostolic hour, they weren’t saying that, but I am anointed, here they go. That is why Paul was constantly writing letters, rebuking this and rebuking that. They were not saying, here is Christ, or there is Christ. But they were saying, I am anointed. Look at the phrasing. Jesus words this for the end time. Behold he is in the desert. I have absolutely been a witness of those things myself. It did not come out of Oral Roberts ministry, nor A.A. Allen, it is what began to follow William Branham’s ministry. All of that out there, began to look at the following of this man and that is why they want to put an X on the man, just look at his following. I just have to say, you have to see what God has sent and how carnal minds will want to interpret it. Back in 1958 when I was building our house, a young minister that I had helped move he and his family into the area, (I will not mention his name.) came down one day and volunteered to help on my house. Standing there, he asked me the question, Bro. Jackson, do you think people would know who Jesus Christ really is, if He were to come today dressed like modern man? I thought, this is a question that I have to know what he is pointing to. I said, well I think so. He said, well have you ever really thought Bro. Jackson, who William Branham might be? When he said that, then I could see where he was going. There is a spirit about this man’s life that began to give people the feeling, he could be the Messiah, he could be the Christ. Then take that just a few short years on, when he had to come home from Canada because people were handing out medallions, baptizing in his name, he stood there in the Tabernacle and preached that Sunday morning, The Bruised Serpent, he cried and pleaded and told how he realized he had to come home, he could not go on allowing people to call him the Messiah, making medallions and wearing them. I have had people ask me, Bro. Jackson, don’t you believe that tent ministry has to be fulfilled? I said, no. Well, why not? I said, no sooner did he tell that vision about the tent ministry, than here came people from everywhere, moving in close, I want to be a tent manager, I want to drive a truck, I want to drive stakes, I want to help set up the tent. Out of that element of people came all those twisted revelations, who he is and who he is not, he is the Messiah. Then when he did move west, they began to say, he is in the desert. I heard it. You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to, but I heard it. That is why two brothers out there bought an old WW2 airplane, and it sat for years on the runway. One of them was preaching in church one night, how he expected the resurrection to take place. It went a little something like this, I believe at any time, I can either hear the phone ring or a knock at my door, and it will be none other than William Branham, and he will say, brother, we are ready. With Bro. William Branham in the plane, we will land in a certain place and he will call for the dead to come forth. Then we will take them to Jerusalem, because with him, they have to go to Jerusalem to get ready for the rapture. Now brothers and sisters, let me ask you a simple question, has anything like this come out of all these denominational preachers out there? No, you have never heard anything like that on TV stations. But it came out of a following of this man, and it had to be precisely like this to fulfill these scriptures. When Jesus came to the 27th verse, He was reassuring the believer of our day, “For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be,” in other words, it is not going to be a secret event, it is going to be a visible event that will take place in the heavens, right above the earth, and only the true believer of the Church, the Bride that is ready go, will even see it. Then notice what Jesus said, I like this, “For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.” Have you ever heard any denominational evangelists preach that? They don’t even know what it implies. But I can say this, it all started back in 1963, when that little man stood there in that Tabernacle and brought the revelation of those six seals. That man stood there not only as an Elijah spirit, but he stood there as a scribe, ordained of God, because he preached old truths, he has revealed them, but for one solid week he brought out of the written word, new revelations. Those new revelations, no other preacher on the face of this earth ever touched on and gave them that kind of meaning. I have to say, that is new revelation. It was truth also, and we know it. That is the thing that began to set the course of an element of people that are going to be carriers of it toward the climax. When God did take the man, He did not take His Spirit, I mean the Spirit of God was not taken. As that man’s message began to be echoed throughout the earth, in response to that, God began to raise up men who will be destined to be scribes, so that as we get closer to the end time, not twenty years in advance, nor ten years in advance, but by the time we get here just a short period before the end, that five fold ministry will every one be a scribe, ordained and taught by God, and you could not change them for anything in the world. I hope you understand what I mean, because he knows in his heart beyond the shadow of a doubt what he has seen, what he has heard and what God has let him understand, and that is more important to him than to fall heir to the king’s crown. Because actually every one of them has been called of God, and God has made him the possessor of certain areas in God’s overall household. God specifically has taught each man. Look at all the evangelists on the TV stations. Are they feeding eagles? No. When you see some of the crowds, they look more like stray chickens. I don’t say that to belittle any individual people, but they are not interested in the truth: it is just an idea, a religious thought, and they are entertained by that. I thank God that we have been privileged for thirty some years, to eat on a fresh carcase and not on a rabbit that was run over by a horse and buggy. We are driving cars, if you understand my illustration. We see something that is applicable for our day. That lets me know, verse 28 has been applicable beginning from this point, and continues right straight on through to when the time the Church will be raptured. Now I want to look at this household again. If we have been eating on a carcase, eagles will only eat on fresh killed meat. They will not eat on some old dead thing that has been in the road. They might light in the tree, but when they sense it, that is as close as they come to it. It shows that only eagles, people that have the Spirit of God, are being led by the Spirit of God, to know that true revelation is for the benefit of their lives. From here on down, He begins to describe how the rapture, the secret catching away, will take place. Some can be in the field, some be grinding at the mill, so on and so forth. Well all of that is how we have to understand the rapture when it is to take place. Until that time does come, let us look at the 45th verse. It is a question. “Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his (here it is again) household.” So my point is, this is not necessarily talking about Bro. William Branham, this is talking about the ones that are alive, that have been influenced and brought out by his ministry, and every one of them have been called and chosen by God to deal strategically with that element of people that is going to make up the true Bride of Christ. “To give them meat in due season.” They cannot help but give fresh, meat because that is all they are going to be taught. When you look at it from the position of a householder, it is not that in the world they own a lot of wealth, but it is in the Holy Spirit, God can trust them. He has imputed to them the right to have possession of certain aspects of what is for His overall body. That does not mean all one geographical area. It is wherever God’s people are gathered, wherever God’s people are truly hungry for true meat (revelation). That scribe will give them meat in due season. That does not mean he is going to give them some left over hash browns that have been in the ice box, and should have been thrown out a long time ago. It goes to show there is not going to be a lot of men that measure up to this scribe ministry. I hope you understand what I am saying. From that point, I want to take you to this point, some people can say, Bro. Jackson, when is this going to be? We could be standing at the front door of it right now. Back a few weeks ago when those dreams came to me, about, the time has come that judgment shall begin at the house of God, I believe it started with the ministry. I believe that every man that is absolutely God called, ordained to be a true scribe, God is going to deal with him specifically. He will either measure up, or somewhere he disqualifies himself by not having the right attitude. We have heard much about Isaiah 52:8, have we not? I am reading it out of the Hebrew text. “The voice of your watchmen! They lift up the voice, together they sing; for they shall see eye to eye, when Yahweh returns to Zion.” If that isn’t what is taking place, what is it? Is it fifty more years to play around? You may not like me, and if you don’t think I am worth anything, then get away from me. I thank God for what He has allowed me to see in His word through these years. It has been thirty seven years since God took His servant. I am thankful for the things He has allowed us to print and send around the world during that time.


I am so thankful to the Lord to once again have an opportunity to stand here and do my best to uplift the word of God. To some people, they would say, well, we heard this a long time ago. Let me say this, I know people right now, that if they do not get hold of themselves, something is going to happen to turn them so far away from the truth we believe in, that there will be no return, because they just play around with some ideas. I am of the opinion that the time has come, when we can no longer just play around with the Word of God as to what we are going to believe. We have got to come to a conclusion of what is right, then stick with it. I have said this many times, that thirty some years ago, I heard a man that lived in this area, when he was alive, and I knew that he was God’s messenger and servant to this age. I was young then. I made it my business after the Lord dealt with me, to bring me to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, to find out what this Bible really did say. As I watched different denominational structures, each particular denomination had their own theological ideas as to what salvation is, and as to the true Church. The more I read the Bible, the more I began to see the truth in it. I began to see a picture that let me know, there cannot be a dozen churches, all having different ideas. There can only be one true Church, because that is what it started with on the day of Pentecost. There was no such thing as Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, all being God’s Church. They were first called Christians at Antioch. That meant, Christ-like, that is what a Christian is, they are doing their utmost by the grace of God, and with the truth they see, to live the life that Jesus lived according to the record we have of His life. All true believers should try to apply it to their personal life. Many times we see young kids, they look back on the pioneer days and see certain frontier characters, Daniel Boone and all those. They try to imitate them. There is something about them that stands out to the young mind, but Jesus Christ outshines all those characters. He suffered and died that we might be purchased unto God, to become a work that He can mold and fashion in His image and likeness. It seems that the devil, through the centuries of time, has done his best to fight, to divide, to split the Word of God. That is why, when the Reformation came about, and God began to lead people out of the Catholic system to give them a glimpse of truth, it seemed to be in the mind of man that he could only understand so much, and that is as far as he wants to go. That is why we have to understand, it was necessary for God to send a messenger in the last days to do a certain thing, to bring a message that would definitely open the eyes and hearts of an end time Christian people that were scattered here and there in the various denominations. It was the means of restoring true believers back to the teaching of the apostolic fathers. That is what we read in the Bible. That man, to me, did a good job of that. He lived his life according to that. I have said many times, when I was a young kid, I used to be afraid to get around preachers, but I saw in this man, something that made the sinner become relaxed and willing to listen. When you were in his presence, you would never know that he was a preacher unless somebody told you, because he did not go around broadcasting it. However if he did see an opportunity, or if you asked a question, that would lead him to bring out something from a scriptural standpoint, and then you would find out who he is and what he is. He had a way that was so simple, to make people feel at ease. Tonight, I want to take us back to that important passage I read this morning, from Isaiah 52:8. For the past two years we have seen all the mid-east uprising between the Palestinians and the Jews. We know that for fifty some years the Jews have slowly been brought back into that land. The world leaders have all come to a conclusion that they are not going to give the Jews all the land, they just want to give them a small portion of it. Our politicians today, are fast becoming a bunch of people that do not want to go by the Bible, they want to go by their own political ideas. That is why this situation in Iraq is so bad, there are thousands of American people against the whole thing. I don’t want to think of it as a joyful picture for our young men to have to go off into, but if we can realize from the Bible what is at stake, what the issue really is, then we have to come to a conclusion, the devil has used that Islamic spirit to raise up a terror system that is in practically every major society on the face of this earth. That is why our president and a few other world leaders, have come to the conclusion that it is their job to rid the earth of that spirit. I say, God will rid that Islamic spirit and He will do it in a miraculous way, in His time, because we have to see it from the scriptures. When we look at ourselves as true Christians, we have been brought out of every denomination there is. Many can say, I remember when I got hold of the message, or somebody told me something, somebody passed me a book, somebody gave me a tape, and that was the beginning of your process, the way God began to lead you, for thirty some years after Bro. William Branham died, up until 1969, I began to wonder, because I knew God had called me to do something. For about five years, I could not see that anything I was doing was any good. Everything I looked at, looked like it was a losing battle. You would be surprised at the men in the movement, those that set under Bro. William Branham’s ministry, what they thought of me. I knew every one of them by name, and they looked upon me as though I was some kind of black sheep, or a black bird. Many times my name became that in public. Many times I said in prayer, Lord, what good am I doing. Many times I said, I will not go anywhere and preach anything anymore. Then the grace of God, through various dreams and things, would deal with my heart as though saying, Go on? I am thankful to God, it was His grace that moved me on to do many times, things against my own will, simply because I could not see far enough ahead, what it would all lead to. There are various ways to be led of the Spirit of God. In the process of time, we started printing the Contender. At that time I did not realize how important it was going to be in the plan of God, but I knew at that time, I had a few messages in my heart I would like to put in printed form. I did not even expect that it would last over five years. We began printing in 1969, and it is still going. There is a man here who has been in the penitentiary, he told me he had been receiving the Contenders while he was in the penitentiary. He said, Bro. Jackson, the Contender has been printing the truth. I have to say, it is God who made it that way and it was God that dealt with my brain because I am just not a person that is going to sell out to every little whimsical thing that comes down the road claiming to be an evangelist or a religious leader. I know the true gospel of Jesus Christ is a formula. It is like the ingredients that go into a choice cake. You just cannot haphazardly put it together, you have to go by the recipe. As far as I am concerned, the Bible is the recipe book. It does not have a half dozen pictures, it only conveys one thought. It behooves us to try to find out what that original thought is.


For two thousand years the devil, through carnal minded men who want to make themselves something, have made a wreck out of what was supposed to be Christianity, That is why the Bible calls them false christs, false prophets, it says, in the end time they would be so outstanding it would deceive the very elect if possible. I am so thankful the elect are people of God that have a spiritual mind, they have a spiritual eye, they feel inside, that they know what they are looking for and listening for. I have always said, it is not wrong to listen to every Tom, Dick or Harry, but you better know whether you should believe them or not, after you have listened. If you do not know how to acquaint it with the Bible, you could be bent just like that. There are a lot of people that just follow the flesh of the man, because they like the way he says things. That does not have a thing to do with true revelation. It is the thought that he is conveying, the objective he has in view that you must be sure of. Most any man can use conniving words to really get hold of some, but if you have a discerning spirit in you, and you are determined that you only want truth, then God is going to be inside you, guiding you. He will cause you to beware of that. After all these years that people have been scattered and divided through the denominational structures, many times our background becomes so affected by our past, we find it hard to begin to separate ourselves from friendship. We feel that we are loyal, we have to be loyal to our old friends. Our loyalty has to be to God first of all. He is the one that sent His only begotten son to die on the cross to pay our sin debt. I could not have done that, but He did. The truth that He brought, only has one meaning. It is sad though, that many men will get hold of it and split it, and give it many meanings. They say, well that don’t mean that: it means this. If you don’t know the difference yourself, then many times your mind can be swayed by either one. The Bible proves, as we studied last Sunday and again this morning, that in these final days there are going to be some scribes. That is quite an unpopular word. First off, it is a word that you do not even hear used today, especially in the educational realm. The truth is, that was a word that was used in ancient times in Israel. There were certain persons that held that position within the Jewish society. They were men that were legally appointed due to their education and qualifications. It was their job to watch over the Word that was printed, how it was printed, how it was recopied. That is why every jot and tittle had to be in proper place. If there was one little flaw, the examiner could reject the whole thing. In Matthew, when Jesus said, he is like unto a householder that brings out of his treasure things new and old, new truths, old revelations. Out of the denominational structures today, every last one of those preachers use the same verses of scripture over and over and over. When you have heard one, you have heard them all. They have no new revelation whatsoever. Most will say, we don’t deal with revelation. Well I say, you had better, because Jesus said that is what He would build His Church on, not theology. A divine revelation is a spiritual understanding of what it means. That is exactly the thing we have to go by. Seven hundred years before the advent of Christ, just think, Isaiah the prophet looked down through the span of time and saw your day and my day. I want every one of us to remember what is going on in the middle east. We have thousands of troops massing at the borders of Iraq, in Turkey, Kuwait, marines on ships, navy pilots of aircraft carriers. From the political man, we have an idea, we want to get rid of this sick man (Saddam Hussein). But I have to say, he is a symbol of a spirit. That spirit is being harbored by these terrorist Muslims. They are scattered everywhere. It is in the hand of God to use that as a triggering device. I have never heard one preacher on TV even touch on the subject. But I am convinced, once this war does start, if we are approaching those end time days that God said He would do what is in the scriptures, we are going to see this war turn into some kind of situation when we will see the miracle power of God. Already some of the heads of the nation of South Africa have said, if we declare war against Iraq, this could lead to another holocaust. I wonder why they say that? I have to believe, there is no doubt in the world leadership today, there is some shaking feelings about what would take place over there. The Jewish people, for fifty some years, have had to live in that land, full of terror. How would you like to go to bed at night, never knowing when somebody was going to throw a bomb through your bedroom window? When you get out the next morning and go to the grocery store, you may be shot at. Our president would not put up with it. Yet when they attacked our nation and destroyed the World Trade Center, and three thousand people perished in one episode, he was ready to go to war with the whole thing, yet he will tell the Jewish people, now cool it down. I have to say, that is not right. They have as much right to go after that devilish spirit as we do. I cannot help but believe that is what God is going to turn it into. He will allow them to think like politicians, but when they get so far along the road, then God can turn around and let something else happen, then He can begin to deal with it the way He has planned to. If we are living in the days that God is getting ready to show His hand in a miraculous way, to help to establish that Jewish nation of people back in their homeland and their city of Jerusalem, then we just as well get ready to accept the fact, there is going to be things unfold over night that world leaders are not expecting. We, as Christian people, are going to be foolish sitting around, if we don’t begin to look at ourselves and find out where we stand in relationship to the scriptures, am I doing my best to apply everything in the scripture to my personal life, to get myself ready? Somewhere up ahead there is going to be a Bride raptured out of this filthy world. I am going back to this date, why is that important to me? Because that is the year that God used that messenger to bring the revelation of six seals. You have never heard any other evangelist or preacher ever touch on them. Billy Graham wrote his book shortly after Bro. William Branham was gone, called the Four Horsemen. The Jehovah Witness have the same idea, that it is all to take place in the tribulation. When Bro. William Branham taught, that they have already been riding through the ages of time, they did not accept it. When I look at that, that lets me know it is not every preacher coming down the road saying he is anointed, and that God did this and God did that, if he cannot begin to recognize certain scriptures that are applicable for our day, then I have to say, God has not spoken to him. I don’t care if he went on a hundred day fast, he would still miss the mark. I have read the testimonies of some preachers, that have been on long fasts and told how God had spoke to them to do such and such. It was not long until they dropped completely out of sight. It lets me know they are trying to get on course, but they are not on course. God has put them in our society somewhere, He is going to park them on a sideline. It reminds me of when the railroads were really in operation. Every once in awhile there would be a train come through Borden, they would unhook a couple cars and shoot them out on a sideline. Those cars could sit there for two or three months, the weeds would grow around them in the summer time. I don’t want God to shoot me out on a sideline somewhere. I want to stay on the mainline. With this in mind, I want to try to finish this message.


I will read again, Isaiah 52, verse 8. Every time I read this, I think, if in a few days our troops cross the line and there is a war that starts in Iraq and God does use it as a time piece to turn something loose, then it lets me know we better be on the right track. We better be ready to follow the Lord. The voice of the watchmen, does not point to every whimsical preacher, because there are thousands of preachers with a program. He has an idea, he wants to win the world to Christ. But winning the world to Christ is not a burden for the true Church of God as she gets herself ready. So these watchmen, they are God-called special servants that have a vision and understanding of what the will of God is. They are going to be taught by God, they are going to see their position in the body of Christ. They are going to know how to look at their calling in relationship to what they can do and feel that they have the spirit and the will to do it. They are absolutely, each one of them, going to speak the same thing. The prophet Isaiah could not be wrong, because it is God who is going to do the teaching. (Jewish translation) “The voice of your watchmen! They lift up the voice, together they sing.” Now brothers and sisters, let us be sensible, all these watchmen are not coming out of America. They are coming out of this whole area of Christendom where the true Bride of Christ is scattered all over this world. It does not matter what their race is, what color, what culture they come from, nor what language they speak. They are going to speak the same thing, because in their hearts they are going to want to. Every one of them is dependent upon something that he has had to learn. I don’t care how young or old, the main point is, he first has to be saved by the saving grace of God. If God has called him, then he has to know that to be a fact. But he has to know also that he is called from something, to be something, in something. He is not going to be able to say, oh Praise God, I am going to belong to a new movement. I want to say this, I never have said since Bro. William Branham’s death, that I have started a new movement. That was not my vision or purpose. What I heard, I felt like God had let me sit under that man’s ministry long enough that I knew what he said and what he meant. If there were dual statements, then I prayerfully sought God’s answer for them. I searched the scriptures. I had to find out where one of them would apply now and where the other one of these statements would just pertain to something like the denominational world’s religious ideas. They could not both be truth for the bride of Christ. That is why I began to understand, God would use those dual statements. He would use the one, from the natural part of the man, for men to take it and weave together and make a fan out of it. When the apostle Paul speaks about men preaching every wind of doctrine, wind of doctrine, how many times people are truly affected by the winds that preachers blow off. I hope you understand what I mean. When Isaiah the prophet spoke these words, he was looking right at our time when God is going to complete and perfect His true Church. Most all denominational preachers think their system is the Church, or that it is part of it. God is not coming down here and taking the best out of any of them. That is why He sent a messenger, years ago, to send forth a message into the earth. The Spirit of God would take that and sound that backward and forward. Anybody sitting in those systems that had a true, sincere heart from God, it would not be long until a certain word would fall on their ears and they would say, I believe that. This would start them on their course to find out the origin and purpose where God might use that. So when we are talking here tonight, these watchmen, they are not every whimsical doctrine kind of preacher. It is men that God has called by His grace. Yes, they may have come through everything, but each one can recognize the grace of God, how He has led them as a person. After it became evident to me, and I felt like I was nothing in myself, but at least God had put something in my heart so that I could stand and preach the truth as long as I know how to stand. If God is in it, He will use it somewhere. Little by little, it would not be long until I would hear of a certain brother, or two or three families getting hold of it and saying, I see that, I believe that. So tonight I can say, through thirty some years, yes, all over the face of this earth from nation to nation, there have been many ministers that have written nice letters saying, Bro. Jackson, thank you for what you have said, what you have stood for, it gave me something to help straighten me out. There have been a lot of preachers of the Branham movement that have went all over the world and preached quotes, quotes, quotes, and all it has done is created confusion. Because no five of them can say the same thing. One will say this, one will say that, and another will say something else. They all say, I preach the prophet’s message. No they are not: they are preaching their own ideas about it, how they heard it or how they read it. We cannot do that and be in the will of God. It is one thing to hear something, but did we hear with a spiritual mind and ear? What does it mean to me? That is the main objective. Now they lift up the voice, together they sing, it didn’t tell you what they would sing, did it? But we can say, this is more or less an illustration, how the real ministry of the true Bride Church, will operate in these closing moments of time, because it is tied to a world event. “They lift up the voice, together they sing; for they (these watchmen) shall see eye to eye.” I will say this, wherever this is heard in different places around the world, the real ministry that will finish up the Bride of Christ will not be just an anonymous bunch of preachers preaching their own version. When we look back at the beginning of Christendom and the beginning of the kingdom of heaven, it tells me twice in the book of Acts, they all continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine, going from house to house, breaking bread and having fellowship. That was the true Church in its beginning, there were twelve apostles. Then as God collectively called the body of the Church to be brought into existence, necessity laid upon them the need in this element of people, for these other types of ministries. That is why you follow it all down through the book of Acts. It was not long until men were referred to as prophets, others as evangelists. We know also that some had to be pastors. Wherever Paul went, eventually he sent elders there. As the body of Christ grew , necessity required the Spirit of God to raise up men to fill the ranks of that early ministry, which was the five fold ministry. It started with apostles, but did not wind up with another breed of apostles. Listen to how I said it. It started with the apostles, and through that, God added these other offices. Then when the Church collectively went off through time, we see how the devil began to bring on all these other false christs and things to make havoc of the Church. Christendom has never had that same kind of ministry through time until we come down here to the end time. No church evangelist, no modern evangelist has ever seen that. He many times will put himself out there as a great leader, but as I look at this, it is all to fall precisely into a time factor of a world event. Yes, not only will they sing together, and I have used this illustration, you can have five professional singers, base, alto, soprano, and all, bit when they hit the right tune, their voices will harmonize. Is that not right? If they do not harmonize, they may together lift up their voice and say the same words, but the voice they are expressing it with is out of tune. If you had to hear that same course or song, over and over, every time we come together, it would not be long until you would get tired of it. Well I wonder if God doesn’t get tired of hearing every Tom, Dick, and Harry come down the road, I have a new revelation. No, you don’t, you just have a new idea. Any true revelation will always correspond with another revelation that has been brought before. You do not throw away one, and bring on another new one. Every true revelation has to harmonize with what has been revealed before. This is all timed to a world event. When does this happen? “When Yahweh (that means God) returns to Zion.” If this war breaks out and God does come upon the scene by His Spirit and gets involved in it like it says in Micah 7, and you begin to see miraculous things on the field of battle, you will know the Arab world and that Islamic spirit has created a condition that causes Israel to say, now you are forcing us to get involved, that is when I will say Praise the Lord. As the old rabbit hunters used to say, sic him Fido, go get him. How many know what I meant by that? Go get him, Israel. Because angels are going to be on the field of battle and devils will not have a thing to do with it. It says in that 7th chapter of Micah, as it was, so he gives you a past reference, with him, meaning Israel, in the days when I brought him out of Egypt. When you read in Joshua, Exodus, Leviticus, what all took place, for forty years God showed His hand of leadership, this is another time God is going to show Himself to shut up the mouths of this bunch of hypocrites we have everywhere today. As for all these immigrants, they have brought them in by the thousands to use as voting blocks, so they have sold us out. That is why I have said many times, be careful, you are liable to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Then where are all your free handouts going to come from? This thing of watchmen seeing together, is timed to this world event. If that thing does unfold next week, or whenever, I would not want to be on the wrong side of the fence when it does start. I want my ears to be open and my mind unstopped. I want my heart to be right in the eyes of God. Lord, teach me, help me to see the right thing. As the prophet used the illustration, together they will lift up their voice and sing, that means in harmony. Singing in harmony is beautiful. When watchmen can say the same thing, because they see eye to eye, that should let us know we are moving right on time. When preachers, in the back of their mind, are just waiting to bring forth and come out with a new idea, I have heard some people say this, well you don’t have to have it all. I have never said that. You know that. I believe God has called different men and they have been anointed and taught by the Spirit of God to major in certain things. But not every God-called man has been called to be everything. Do you understand what I mean? All you have to do is read the whole structure of the scriptures. Paul’s message was basically to the Bride, the body of Christ. He did not touch much on the prophetic side of things. He did not deal with the spirit of antichrist, but he did explain how the rapture is going to take place. That is why a lot of these modern preachers today, cannot even see it, they say it is false teaching to believe that the rapture is going to take place before the tribulation period. The apostle Paul tells us when it is to be. Let me explain something right here, This is when that seventieth week of Daniel will start (pointing to chart) that is the purple line, here is the middle of that week, and over here is the end of that week of years. That is a seven year period. Preachers in the denominational realm for years, have said the rapture is to take place before the week of Daniel starts. There is not a verse of scripture that reads like that. 2nd Thessalonians, the 2nd chapter, when Paul heard that the Thessalonian people were getting confused, he starts that 2nd chapter by saying this, now concerning the coming of the Lord, he is not talking about His visible coming over here at the end of the tribulation period, he is talking about His mystical coming, when He is coming to get His bride people. That is why he said, that day shall not come, until, or unless, there is first a falling away. That falling away, when we begin to look at new translations, it literally means the time will come when modern man will rebel at the thought of God. Look how it has been in the last twenty five or thirty years in America. They do not want Him taught in schools, they want the ten commandments out of the picture. Our nation is fast becoming a multi-religious society, don’t get too strict in anything. When that begins to dominate society as a whole, then it lets us know, that man of sin is close on the horizon. As for the rapture (the catching away of the bride) Paul said this, 2nd thessalonians 2: 3-4 ,“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day (the catching away) shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed; the son of perdition; 4,Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.” In other words, that man of sin will be revealed to the Bride before the catching away of the Bride, which is our gathering together unto Him. Paul is not telling you that you are going to go through that week: He is telling you, that you will see that man of sin introduced when he signs the peace covenant that opens the week of Daniel. That does not mean we are all going to stay alive until then. Some of us will go into the ground before then. This was written for the living ones: they are going to see that man introduced to the world. Then the rapture can take place, because God will then be dealing only with the Jewish nation. That is what starts the week. When God starts dealing with that Jewish nation and the Jews start building their temple, and rebuilding Jerusalem. That compels the world’s antichrist, which comes out of Rome, to step into the picture and begin to dominate world affairs. The U.N. will be a wreck by then. With this in mind, the true Church will see this thing coming on the scene. Israel will begin to rise, Israel will begin to do the things the scripture says, but it lets me know the Spirit of God, through those watchmen, the Spirit of God through those true scribes, that true five fold ministry, which are one and the self same group of men that God has raised up, schooled and brought through the knocks and bangs and has invested in them a picture of what He wants His true Church to look like. They will give their hearts over to that. The true Church will relish and enjoy it. But there are going to be others ejected to the sidelines, simply because they have allowed different selfish ideas to get into their mind’s. It is just like I read from this book I have, I have books of every description that men, supposed to be followers of Bro. William Branham’s ministry, how they have compiled certain scriptural pictures together. It is pathetic. None of them agree, yet each one has expressed his own ideas. We know what it says in Revelation 12, that when that hour of time comes, that Jewish woman has been taught through the first half of the week, where she must flee to when the man of sin takes over. At the same time, there will be 144,000 servants of God sealed, but there is that other part of Jewish society, that is referred to as the woman, which will be men, women, boys and girls, that have been taught by the two prophets, that when that antichrist does break the covenant right here in the middle of the week, they (referred to as the woman) will know automatically where to go. I am not going to read it, I am just going to refer to what this man says, he said these Jews that make up this woman will flee and go right back to some of the nations they came out of. Well then, what is going to happen to them when God rises up to shake terribly the earth and He will slay the wicked with the sword that proceeds out of His mouth? Something does not make sense to me, how many heard what I said? I have to say, if that woman flees somewhere into a wilderness, it is not going to be scattered among a multiple of nations, because let me say this, my Bible tells me over here, immediately after the tribulation of those days, which means when this whole week has come to its end and it is time for Jesus to be revealed from heaven, this planet is going to start shaking. God is going to use that terrible development of nature to destroy, to kill. Therefore I say this, If that woman element has been taken to a place somewhere in this earth, to a particular geographical area, God is going to watch over that woman and that means in that particular geographical area, He has already prepared that place where she will be protected and cared for. She has already gone through her purging. While others places are nothing but chaos, she will be safe. She is not going to have to be dodging rocks falling out of the sky, when the Lord is dealing with the wicked of the world. That place was foreordained by God for her care. That is why those two prophets will tell that woman exactly where to go. The real true watchmen, are not coming on the scene, one saying this, one saying that, if they are true watchmen, they are all going to be consistent with what they say. The Bride, the world over, no matter whether they speak Japanese, Chinese, or what language, they will all understand their message in their own language, and they will all get the same picture. Why? Because God has trained, schooled, and brought His watchmen through the knocks and bangs to get them ready for their hour. Many opportunities have been thrown in their pathway, they could have done this and they could have done that, but they remained loyal to the call of God. Therefore in one way, they are scribes, they are responsible for how they are going to feed the Bride wherever they are. I will now go back to Matthew 24. When Jesus started speaking these things every bit of it is how He is going to deal with His Bride. We can say, from this era of time right straight on through this, Matthew 24 and 25, up until about verse 31, all apply right in here where the five fold ministry is dealing with the bride. Tell me what preacher you hear on the TV even preach out of it. You don’t. It is so simple. That is why in the 45th verse of the 24th chapter, “Who then (That is why I titled this, Looking at Time. Who then, in that crucial hour of time) is a faithful and wise servant, (He is actually a watchman. He is a wise servant.) whom his lord hath made ruler (God does not pass this out to every Tom, Dick, and Harry preacher. All they have in their mind is a program. Most of them have the idea that they need to save the world. That is all these guys have in their mind, a huge program. They have not been taught by God. If they had, somewhere God would have said, that is enough, stop that! Who then, that is in this period of time, it is just not any time and anywhere, it just applies from here until we get to the end. It starts out small, but as we get closer and closer to the end, it is going to become more important, more precise, because the entire scope begins to narrow down. Who then is a faithful and wise servant. It is more than one. As I said earlier, every scribe, that lets us know, every scribe is ordained of God as God has given to him the ability, the opportunity, and the knowledge to take his God-given quality and calling, and minister to the Bride of Christ. He will do it, and do it faithfully, willingly, and he will want to.) to give them (Them who? Not the church world. It is the true Church of God, the Bride of Christ.) meat.” That meat goes back to the 20th verse, the carcase. I know that sounds foolish to a lot of people. What was Jesus talking about? It sounds like He is talking about a bunch of cannibals. He said these things just to throw the wise, those that have a mind of their own, off somewhere. But he that hath a spiritual ear, he that has a spiritual hunger, these are looking to where they can find that special meat, which is true revelation of God’s Word, because it is fresh killed manna prepared by God. This 45th verse applies through time, straight to the end when God raptures the Church. Then when you bring the 25th chapter, you lay that right over that time frame, because that is when God begins to separate the two elements of people. It is not that man separates them, it is how God separates. So when you lay that right over this time frame, conditions are brought about by the Holy Spirit, and truth is made available, it separates the wise saints from the others. Who are the wise? They are the God-called children that will make up the true Bride of Christ. But the foolish will just feed on anything. Most of the time they will go anywhere to any kind of meeting. When you come to the part that deals with the talents, you heard me say in another message when I preached along this line, for a long time I wondered, how does that apply to people of this hour of time? It is not going on in the denominational realm. They are not preaching anything like this. But when I look back to where Bro. William Branham made that church order, and when he preached the Church Ages, for two years all I heard, oh I will be glad when God puts a gift in my life. I will be glad when God opens up the ministry for me. They were looking forward to something. Then he made that order. It was just like, all of a sudden, they all began to say, now there will be no more gifts. One educator said, God would no longer speak in dreams or visions, nor gifts. Well that is the way He has guided a lot of us since that time. So you see, it is all a lie, but has this occurred out of that element out there? No it hasn’t. It has occurred out of an element of the followers of Bro. William Branham. They took what they did have and buried it, laid it aside, hid it. Now they want everybody else to do the same thing. Only Jesus spoke it in such a simple way by putting it in the form of a parable. After a long period of time the Lord comes and begins to call everyone into accountability. It is not Him here in person, it is how the Holy Spirit begins to deal with each one. It goes to show He separates those kind of people because they do not fit in where the body of Christ belongs. You have to be a wise preacher to catch this. You can run all over creation out there in the TBN bunch, John Haggee and all the rest of them, but they never touch on these things that really get next to the Bride of Christ. I have to say, I am thankful for what God allowed me to see in years gone by. I will say tonight, we are just about ready to cross over, we are almost standing at the threshold. I was watching the News this evening, it told how many thousands of troops we have in Kuwait right now, long lines of tanks and weapons carriers, personnel carriers, waiting to make their thrust across the border. I thought to myself, Lord, if and when that hour arrives, if this is the beginning of what you have planned for the Middle East to go through, I want to be on the right side of what this word says. I don’t care whether people like it or not. I love the people of God, but when people want to argue and fuss and say, but Bro. Jackson, that is a nice person. That does not have a thing to do with it. Nicety belongs out there in the world. God is looking at people that have something in their hearts and have a spiritual ear and spiritual mind to know how to take truth, believe it, and apply it. I am thankful for the grace of God. There are a lot of other things I could say, but I will just say it is time we begin to shape up our individual lives. I want to look at my life, I don’t want to conduct myself in any kind of social way to be a hindrance to any brother or sister. Even these little children, I don’t want them to look at me and see I am some old person that cannot speak a word of kindness. These little tots, when they grow up in here, I hope they feel they are growing up amidst a people, old or young, that love them. I know there are probably strangers that come in here a lot of times and say, why do they allow those little fellows to run around like that? Well I could go to a lot of places tonight, where you go in and sit down in quietness, but I cannot say I have been in a spiritual environment. First off, the Word of God is not even exalted. That is why I have said, when God blesses your life with a little baby, don’t leave it at home because you don’t want to be aggravated with its crying. God gave it to you, bring it to church, let it grow up in here. I don’t care if it does sit in the aisle and play. One of these days he will raise up when some preacher will be preaching, and say Amen. It has happened before. He learns more than you think. If he feels he is loved, it becomes his spiritual home. He is not going to get it out there in those schools. This is probably the only place they will ever be loved in the right way. We are standing at the threshold of something, if we are, then up the road in front of us there are some thunders coming. I have stood for the fact that it has to be men who all see the same thing. It is not going to be seven men, one saying one thing, and another saying something else. Those thunders are strictly for the Bride of Jesus Christ and no one else, and what they proclaim to the bride will not be something they have read in a book. They will never be talked about on the TV programs. I have never heard anybody on those programs talk about Bro. William Branham and the six seals. They know what is in that book, but they are ashamed of it. It is because they don’t have an ear for it, they don’t have a mind for it. They don’t see where it came from. I do, and I will say, Lord, give us more, right where that came from. I know as that Bride is separated, refined and begins to have the same mind, it is then, that those thunders will come and there will be no back talk. They will all say, praise the Lord. I am thankful for what God has allowed me to see through the years of time. I believe we are standing at the threshold, at a time we are getting ready to see a drastic change in world affairs. We have heard politicians brag. But I believe the hour is coming when God will show His hand, and when He does, I want to hear some of these News Journalists, educators and philosophers, get up, I would like to see some of them crying on TV, when they have to recognize the hand of God. That would make me feel good. May the Lord bless you everyone. Amen.


Looking At Time, Part 1 – 2011, August

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson



I would like for you to turn with me into the 13th chapter of Matthew, starting with the 47th verse. We are going to use a familiar scripture that might seem small and insignificant, but this thing has looked right at me this week, in the light of things that I have seen take place in the last thirty some years since Bro. William Branham’s death. I have to say, We do not have time to play around and say, well, I have plenty of time yet to think about what I want to do and so forth. We absolutely do not. The title of our subject is, “Looking at Time,” and the subtitle, “Oh Scribe, Look Out.” That is absolutely just as alarming as the tragedy that happened yesterday to the natural world. When I look back through the years since Bro. William Branham’s death, I can begin to name many preachers that have taken hold of the message and endeavored to put forth a thought which they thought was bringing out a real meaning, but none of it has yet. After thirty seven years this past December, since the Lord took His messenger, a servant, a prophet that the world of religion only looked back upon as a man that had a healing ministry, and they do not want anything to do with any particular thing he taught, neither in the prophetic realm or revelatory wise. In fact, they destroy his reputation when it comes to things like that. I just have to say, that after this many years, we are standing at the threshold of a great climax. I pray that we will all be ready when this thing is over and that we are ready to leave here. A lot of people and especially preachers I have met through the years, at the time I met them and became acquainted with them, I looked upon them with great respect. The means that I had material-wise to help them, I went to a great extent to help them. But through the process of time it seemed as though they would get to a certain point, then something would happen in their spiritual mind that would distract them. Then they began to set up against me. You don’t know the many times I have said to myself, what good is it to stand up here, stand for something, then all of a sudden somebody comes along and treats it like it is nothing? I am going to read this seventh parable. From the standpoint of Jesus, who spoke it, I want you to know the actual language, you have to realize He is using a natural event or happening to bring out a spiritual point of great interest. Matthew 13:47, “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a net, that was cast into the sea, and gathered of every kind: Which, when it was full, they drew to shore, and sat down and gathered the good into vessels, but cast the bad away. (You would have to know just how fishermen go out and fish, and when they have come in with their catch, that is the very thing that conditions compelled them to do. A true fisherman knows good and well, not every creature that is in that net can be accepted on the market that they are going to be selling to.) So shall it be at the end of the world: (or the age) the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just, (Now stop and think, is He really talking about the drunks? The bank robbers? The dope peddlers? Is that what He is talking about when He says the wicked? Who are these wicked? How can you separate them from the just? We have to have an understanding of what He is looking at, and not what we think He is looking at.) And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: (Cast what? The wicked.) there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. (That is the end of the subject. The disciples were standing there, His present apostles.) Jesus saith unto them, Have ye understood all these things? They say unto him, Yea, Lord.” Most of them had been fishermen, so He did not talk over their heads. Now notice the 52nd verse, how it came alive to me this week. Every way I look at it, as I look back how time has progressed through the last thirty some years, I have to say, there will never be another thirty five years.) Then said He unto them, Therefore every scribe.” I used to just read that in an almost meaningless manner, but when I looked at the other translations and went to the dictionary, the word every, then I saw something. I saw this to be a fact, that there is a God called ministry that has been called out of all this rotten mess of religion, a ministry He has called to fulfill this very role, and every last one of those true ministers are absolutely going to be a part of the five fold ministry that God spoke of in Ephesians chapter 4. When I take the Hebrew text, “every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder,” I have to ask, why did He use that term? First off, a householder is a man that possess property, he is responsible for something. He looks after its upkeep, doesn’t he? And if he is that, then he has property and has the ability to bring out of his treasure, in this particular sense we are talking about things of value. You and I know, every householder, every man that owns property has a deed. If the place is mortgaged, he has a contract also that stipulates his obligation to meet those needs within that deed realm and that mortgage. That householder is not just going to lay those things around haphazardly just anywhere. He has got to be able to know exactly where to go and pick them up at a moment’s notice. This is an illustration. Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven, that means in the closing part of this seventh church age, is like unto a man that is an householder, a property owner, a man that possesses something, which brings forth out of his treasure things new and old. When I look at what has been going on for thirty some years, I can see that not every man that says God called him to preach Bro. William Branham’s message, has really been called. I have no doubt that God has called him potentially, but please notice how I say these things. Any such man is going to be held by God, accountable for what he does with whatever is committed to him. What has he made out of it? Because he has not fulfilled what it says here. He has only been a copy cat. If I came here this morning and all I did was get up here and quote this verse, this verse, this verse, Paul said this, John said this, Peter said this, but I cannot take that and put it into a present day illustration and thought that is beneficial to you and me, I will guarantee you one thing, you would not come very often to listen to me. Because you would say, I can stay home and read the Bible and get that. Well I can say the same thing about some of these fellows I am thinking of. If I want to read quotes, I will stay home and read them: why should I come here and hear somebody else beat their gums together and tell me what some man said when they were not even there to hear it. Do you understand what I mean? Some might say, but you are talking about the prophet. No, I am not talking about the prophet: I am talking about the mess of junk that has followed him, the trash, the carnal ideas, and the things that men have said that the prophet said, when I know that he did not say them. There are multitudes of them sitting in the middle of the road today, right where they have been for thirty some years. They are sitting there saying, it takes a prophet, it takes a prophet. If you try to talk to them about something that God has showed you out of His word, which the prophet did not touch, they just shake their head and say, It takes a prophet, it takes a prophet. I am not making fun, I am speaking actually as it is. That is how they believe I have to say, that is not being a God called scribe. Such as that, are not bringing out of their treasure, they are just bringing forth out of their memory, something that someone else has said. Those fellows cannot put a present day thought to it at all, from the word of God. I am going back and read this last verse again and I am going to put it down in present day language. Therefore every God called person into the five fold ministry, notice how I said it, preaches instruction. He is going to be instructed by the Spirit of God exactly what the message is, what the word of God is, and how to take it and put it into every day language for your and my benefit.


There have been many men that have followed what we have taught for a few years, and they said things just exactly like we have tried to put it out. But somewhere they get to a point, some other mind or some other thought comes along and distracts them. After awhile, here they go down the road of life, the things that they have walked with us in, stood with us, up to a certain point until that day happens, now they do an about face, they go another direction and it isn’t long until the very things that they were agreeing with us, and saying Amen to, now they have gone another route and they are saying something else very different. I will say this, God potentially called that person to be something within the five fold ministry, notice how I say it, if that man has the ability to be like an evangelist, then as he takes hold of certain things in responsibility, he will conduct himself and present the things he says like an evangelist, right on down the line. There is no such thing for you to sit there and think that when God calls a man out of some religious past into a relationship with this message of truth, that he can change his calling. Whatever his potential is, that is what he will be if he measures up to the fulfillment of it, no more and no less. You do not graduate from one position to another. You are what you are when God calls you. This is the fore ordained mind of God. How many understand what I am saying? But I have to say, every true scribe that has been called by the grace of God to get a hold of this message, first off, he will have to depend on the Holy Spirit to teach him and instruct him in the right way it is to be presented. He does not have to quote my words. He can take the same thought and picture and put it in his own way of bringing it out, you will get the same picture, it will create the same edifying results and it will not make him a copy cat. But I do say this, when we do know that certain things have been well illustrated and spoken of, if for some reason something comes along and distracts his thinking and he wants to take the same thing and go another way with it, then I have to say you are approaching another pathway that can lead to trouble. I want to say this, when God privileged me to sit under Bro. William Branham’s ministry through the years, I sat there like a child, learning. I was young. I realized after hearing him say some of the most outstanding things he said, some of those things were over my head, but I said, Lord, I know that man is your servant. I will keep those things in my mind, things that I do understand, John 3:16, I don’t have to lay that aside. I don’t have to lay the scriptures aside that Jesus was born of virgin birth. That is settled. I don’t have to lay it aside that Jesus is coming again. That is settled no matter who says it. But when it came to topics like serpent seed and so forth, that did not make me stumble and fall on my face, I just put it up in my memory and said Lord, there are a lot of things I do not understand, but at least what I have been told makes more sense than to think there was a snake hanging in a tree that became a ventriloquist, throwing his voice at Eve. That is the way the religious world likes to paint the picture. Now I want to say this, when I read that scripture to you, we know this, that since the start of this 20th century, we have entered the seventh church age, and I am not preaching the last one hundred years. Yes we are somewhere between the beginning of that, and before it ends over here, it is going to be necessary for certain scriptures to begin to drop down in time, to have an earthly setting that is going to affect God’s true Church, not the religious world, God’s true Church. This is why, when I go back here at the beginning of the 1950’s, God began to move upon ministries out of different denominations. There were men like Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, one after another they began to arise to the call. I will say this, some of them had a divine healing ministry. Many of them just preached salvation. I have read Billy Graham’s testimony. In that testimony he plainly stated, he wanted to be the greatest world evangelist that the world ever had. He came to reach that point, but it is not how big your name is known and how publicly you are well known, it is how you have fulfilled the will and plan of God. As we came out of the 1940’s into the 1950’s, beginning about 1947-1948, I can say this, there was a moving of the Spirit of God that fulfilled that first part of this parable, seven church ages, a net cast into the sea. For a few years back then, all you could read about, here goes this evangelist, here goes this evangelist. Here goes a truck with tents and such like, around the world they have gone. The further it went, the more that joined their ranks, Tommy Osborne, A.A. Allen, Velmar Gardner, W. V. Grant. But in the midst of all that, there was another little man, not educated, who had one of the most outstanding ministries of divine healing, that outshone all of them. But up to a certain point, he would teach a salvation message, maybe climax it with prayer for the sick. Never had I heard him take the scriptures and just deal with divine healing as a topic. You don’t even find Jesus doing that, you don’t find the apostles doing that. You have scriptures that refer to the promise of God, but not a written subject. How many understand me? With that in mind, let me say this, By the grace of God I was privileged to sit under this man’s ministry, and yes I heard the man say several things that many times I thought, well that is not just the way the verse reads it or such, but as I listened to him, I did not ever say the man made a mistake. I began to learn, because I read one verse of scripture in the first part of St. John’s writing, where they went out to hear John the Baptist, and they were asking John, are you this prophet? Are you this or that? He denied he was Elijah or anything, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness. That takes you right back to Isaiah, the 40th chapter. Then he winds up, verily I say unto you, there is one standing among you somewhere, when He comes, He will indeed baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire, whose fan is in His hand and He will thoroughly purge His floor.


As the years came and went, as I listened to this man, and I began to hear these plural statements, then I could begin to see the fact, there are people sitting here in front of him, they are taking in everything he is saying, and to them it was, Thus saith the Lord. But somewhere down the road, it was John the Baptist that made the statement, whose fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly purge His floor. When I began to see the reality of that scripture, then I could see the same spirit that was on John to say that, is going to be on another man here at the end time to create this fan in the hand of Jesus. Because Jesus would not personally be on earth with a fan in His hand, so where would He be? He would be on His high throne position, in intercessory work, it would be the Holy Spirit that would take certain things and turn them into a fan. I have used this many times in preaching: how in ancient times they did not have threshing machines that had mechanical wind devices. They had a natural place where they brought the grain to, in bundles. There, is where they rode on it with oxen, camels, and the point was to put the grain under pressure, to press the grain from the chaff and stuff that was hanging on to it. But many times as they would move the straw away, you cannot move chaff and husks with a pitchfork. Then it comes down to the last process, then, is when they would have a certain festivity type dance. All the young maidens would dance around the threshing floor with big flat trays. In different positions, they would have men standing with homemade fans, and the purpose was as they would dance around with certain types of music, they would toss the grain into the air as they passed the points where the fans were, and the wind would hit the chaff and blow it back onto the threshing floor. By the time they had made a complete circle, they would see what was on their tray was the completely cleansed grain. I have said this many times, God ordained and allowed William Marrion Branham to say certain things that some people just thought he had made a mistake. No, God willed it to be that way, and you should not say it to be anything different from what I have said. The sad part of it is, those little things that look like human mistakes, God knew that there would be some carnal minds in the winding up of this thing, that were going to sit there and take the wrong one. Instead of taking the one quotation or statement that could have put them in the scriptures, they chose the opposite. There they go. So the wind has caught them and has blown them, and it is still blowing them today. Many of the people they preach to around this world, they have only made more converts of the same sort. I hate to think of it in that manner, but what other choice is there? Then when we came into the 1970’s I could begin to see the Lord had called me to be one of the five fold ministries He would use. I only refer to my dream that I had about Bro. William Branham before he passed off the scene. You have never heard me stand up here and quote, I am this or I am that, but I will say this, let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind what he is seeing, what he is hearing, and what has affected him. That is all I ask. To some people, they can hear a lot of words, but they do not get a picture out of anything. All they want is flesh they can follow, and they say, but I admire him, I love him. If what I am preaching does not mean anything to you spiritually, forget about loving me. I cannot save you, I am trying to point you to the Word of God. My desire is, that I can, by the grace of God give you some scriptural, spiritual things to think about and meditate upon and cultivate in your life. That is my desire always. Well, as we began to publish the Contender, it was not long until it was in Jamaica, it is in Indonesia, the Philippines, and even in India. Within five years time it was in Africa. Different people began to write and comment on it, and preachers began to correspond as well. They were all so elated with what they were hearing. Spoken Word preachers were going over there with books, taking crates of them to pass out to the people. In 1974, I and those that were with me, were taken into houses in the country of Ghana Africa, in Takoradi and Accra as well as other places. We were in houses where Spoken Word books were stacked and stored in boxes, never having been opened. Do you know why? Most of the pastors of the different elements of people would say, they don’t know what he is talking about. If they know English, they know it because they went to school to study it. So all the adjectives and nouns the way Bro. William Branham spoke, it just made them say, we don’t understand it. We don’t know how to read it. I did not come back home and publish that information, but I will say this, I was privileged to meet some people that really impressed me. There was one young man, Bro. Coffey was his name, that kept corresponding with me. From that time until the beginning of the 1980’s he corresponded with me, because he had interpreted for me in 1974 when we were in Ghana. These different ones would correspond, and at the same time I was getting correspondence from Singapore, then from India. At that time, we had a young man and his brother who were coming here. During the first months of their coming here, oh they just thanked God for bringing them here. As time came and went, there came a time when I brought this certain young man from Ghana Africa, Bro. Coffey, I had been corresponding with him for quite awhile. He came here. Here also, was George Brown from Jamaica. We got acquainted with him in 1972. We brought him and his family over here several times. He lived in the mountains, miles away from any major city. Another brother and I went down there and hired a taxi to take us into the mountains where he lived. I have to say, he was really in the mountains. We took a liking to the people, and especially because they seemed so eager for what they were getting in the Contender. After coming back, that man had expressed how he would like to get his people out of there. We had already purchased a station wagon. Bro. Albert Seitz drove it down to Florida, where we shipped it by boat to be picked up in Jamaica. By the time we came into the first part of the 1980’s, we had sent him enough money, that he had slowly moved those families, I forget how many there were, out of the mountains to just a few miles away from a major city along the coastal area. They bought concrete blocks and built a church house. One by one they began to build concrete buildings for each family to live in. On one occasion I took the deacons and their wives down there to see what these people were doing. They were rejoicing to be part of us. But when we came into the first part of the 1980’s, we had a lot of people from Canada and different places coming here for our convention meeings. Faith Assembly sponsored them to be here, not from Canada, but from overseas.


I will never forget one young man and his brother that had been here for several months, testifying how they really enjoyed Faith Assembly and the things they heard. He was getting his ego all built up. He wanted permission to speak to the preachers and some others one morning. It was not to the entire congregation, it was to some of the visitors here for the convention, and George Brown from Jamaica, that we had brought over for the convention. When this young man had stood right here for almost two hours beating his gums together and making various statements belittling me and putting me down, he was trying to exalt certain things Bro. William Branham had said and the way he said them, and show that I had not said things like Bro. William Branham had said them, and he finally allowed opportunity for someone else to speak. I sat right over there and kept quiet while he talked. Bro. Creech was sitting next to me. Neil Connally from Canada was sitting right here. Gordon Engman was sitting right there. When he got finished, I felt like I had been shot, from the way he said things. When he finally took his seat, I do not remember all the words I said, but I did say this, If God is through with me, I am ready to sit down. Bro. Creech was the first one that spoke up, he began to defend me, having known me for so many years and what I have stood for. Neil Connally followed him supporting our coming to Canada and preaching the things we did. Then Bro. Engman from California told how he put up with quotes in California, but he thanked God for the things we have stood for and the way we put it in the Contender. Different voices began to defend me. That young man sat there listening, and after awhile he began to look like a chicken with his head cut off. There sat Coffey from Africa and George Brown from Jamaica. When the meeting was over, they went their way. George Brown went back to the quotes pattern. It wasn’t long until I heard he was preaching everywhere just exactly the way Bro. William Branham said it. Then the Bro. Coffey who I had supported and used in 1974 as interpreter, he went back to Africa and within six months time, it took his wife to tell on him, he was caught with another woman and had relationship with her. When these things begin to come back to you, after what you have spent, and how you have trusted them, then somehow or other they turn right around and take off in another direction, it can get very disheartening. But through the years I will have to say, there have been others that have taken hold of what we stand for and have held on wonderfully. I will say this, Some of these brothers, to the religious world might look like they are as unimportant as a stray dog. But those who have an honest heart, have a unique way of taking hold of something and are ready to stand, no matter what the storms may bring. I am not in the habit of referring to names of individuals. However I then began to have correspondence with a man from Singapore, Richard Gan. Twice I brought him and his wife over here for our meetings. When we passed through Singapore on our way to India. He came to the hotel room, thanking me for the things he was able to read in the Contender. But the second time he was over here, I honored him and let him preach one night. I will never forget it. He took a subject just as unrelated to the facts as anything in the world.


We had preached and put out an article From Eden to the Flood, what happened and how it was all represented in the loins of Noah, the mixed seed. Richard Gan stood right here in this pulpit and preached that Noah was a pure seed. How could he have been a pure seed? He thought because he himself was a male nurse in a hospital in Singapore, that qualified him to use that line of thought. Well I have sense enough to know, because I have studied genetic laws in the animal kingdom, and I have to say, no male species is necessarily going to determine exactly what particular identity his offspring will have. I ask of you, please listen carefully to me and remember, Noah never had a daughter. He had sisters, he had other brothers, but remember this, if Noah was a pure seed according to Richard Gan’s idea, why did he marry a woman of mixed seed? What was the objective? The woman that he was married to when he fathered three sons, before the flood, was a woman of mixed seed, and they each grew up old enough to help Noah build on that boat, and there was no sister in that line of the family. That tells me something. Remember, the male determines the sex of the child, not the mother. How many heard me? He fathered all male children, did he not? One was a white man, one was a black man, and the other was in between. I am not a racist. I am a realist. Let us be realistic about the things that are given to us. Those three sons of Noah had already picked their wives before the flood came. I believe with all my heart, they picked the wife that fit their particular physical identity. They were in that boat for almost a year by the time the flood came until it had abated from the earth. There were no children born in the ark. But after they were back on the ground and they moved out into the different planes of Shinar to begin to take up habitation, then is when their line began to multiply and each one of them began to bear sons and daughters, sons and daughters, sons and daughters. Why did not Noah have a daughter? It lets me know, Noah was not a pure seed. If he was, he was a fool for marrying a mixed woman. Because up until that time, a man could marry his own sister. You know that. If Noah had the same revelation that Enoch prophesied like he did, he would never have taken a wife that was of mixed seed, if he had sisters that were pure seed. When I wrote to Gan and tried to say, brother, why have you put this out like this? He said, God gave it to me as a revelation. Then I thought, the devil hit him with a picture of something, that is when I said, you go your way and I will go mine. Never have I said, he is a devil. But I said, the time will come when God will prove who is right and who is wrong. I will say, I thank God, that through the years He has let me meet some wonderful people, some wonderful brothers. We had another young man that began to converse with me, Bro. Hiwale from India. That was in the latter part of the 1970’s. To him, it was wonderful to read the Contender, the things we had published. On three occasions I brought him and his wife here. On two occasions I was there in India, he was my interpreter, and he set up the places I was to go and preach. But after I was there the last time, a man wrote to me from Singapore. Dear Bro. Jackson, you do not know it, but Bro. Hiwale is going behind your back, he is communicating with another preacher from Canada, and he is doing it because he is giving him money. I don’t have to mention his name. From then on I said, they will use you, they will two time you, they will double time you and everything else just to get out of you what they can get out of you. I wrote and told him, brother, I cannot do any more for you, I will not support a man, that to my face he will stand with what we say, then when my back is turned, he will stand for what somebody else says, that is contrary. You either stand with what God has given you the opportunity to stand for, and don’t change when the wind blows, or there is something wrong. If God called you to be exactly what is in this scribe category, then measure up to it, live up to it, no matter what. I am not going to look over your shoulder and dictate, but I will say one thing, I am not taking back the things we have stood for and taught through the years. I have boxes of old letters at home, where different ones have spoken for what we have stood for. I will say this, when we came through that net era, we came through into the latter part of the 1950’s. As we came into the latter part of the 1950’s things began to change. I can remember when Billy Graham had his big tent. A. A. Allen had his. T. L. Osborne had his. Many others also, their trucks were going up and down the highways of America, from place to place, having their meetings. But all of a sudden those trucks began to slow down, less and less until they were no longer on the road. They were no longer sitting up tents in the big cities. The net period was over. About 1960 this little man William Branham, which to me was the beginning of a scribe on the scene. You have to take that parable, which starts with one scribe. He brought a message that is going to be the beginning of what is to follow that. Now let me say this for the sake of some preachers who will say, now Bro. Jackson, that is not the way you said it back in such and such a time. If that is the way it looks to you, it is because I see more now. How many know what I mean by that? We do not have a clear picture from now until the end. We are looking at it by faith. I can remember the time when I heard that man William Branham, in the seals, he said it like this, the Bride will go in the rapture, but the church will go through the tribulation. Well there is no scripture for that. So when I began to analyze that, I said that is another one of those little things that the devil is going to use, and it will be a big fan. So with that, I began to realize, I was not going to let daylight come between that man and me, not that I worshipped his flesh, and not that I have taken everything he said verbatim. I will listen to it and ask God to give me sense enough to know how to interpret it, and to divide it, because in there is God’s message for my soul and for the true Bride of Christ. The rest is going to fall out here on the ears of a bunch of you-name-them. Well you are talking about my brother. I don’t care if I am. Well my sister is wrapped up in that. I don’t care if she is. I can have ten cousins all wrapped up in it. Do you think I am going to let that change me from my walk with God? You might say, you don’t sound like you care about anybody else. I do too, but I put God first. I say to everyone of you, who am I to stand in the middle of the road and say, now wait a minute brother, let’s reason this all out. If it is not a revelation to them, they are bound and determined to go some other way. There is not a thing you can do to stop them. I did not say they would go back to the beer joint, did I? But they will turn to some other religious pathway. When we did come into 1963, and God dealt with that man like he did, and moved him out to Arizona, specifically so that He could speak to him in a supernatural way in the mountains, that was the way God led him. I am thankful, that along in 1968 in the month of October when my wife and I were privileged to go out there, Billy Paul wanted us to stay with him. He took us up into the mountains right where the angel of the Lord had come down and appeared to Bro. William Branham, when certain words were spoke to him. Already, by that time there were people coming from the ends of the earth, to take out pieces of rock from Sabino Canyon. That is exactly how Catholicism has been all through the years, collecting nails and pieces of the cross. What those people were doing was no different then what the Catholic people do, it all winds up coming from the same spirit. At one time, I was told that the public officials became concerned, because people were hauling the mountain away by the car loads. They closed the canyon for awhile because of that, and I don’t know whether it is still closed or not. They did not want the whole thing destroyed. That is a shame, when people who profess to be Christians get to the place that rocks and sticks mean more to them than a revelation of the Word of God in their heart. If you cannot carry it in your heart it will not do you any good to have something in your back pocket, or on the wall of your house. I appreciate pictures and things of that nature, but that is not the inspiration that is going to draw a picture of something that is revelatory, and that is what it takes to benefit your inner being. Your inner being is not measured by what is on the wall: it is what God wants to paint inside of you that makes you a true Christian. Through the years, they have come here and gone from here. For a period of time they would say, Oh Bro. Jackson, it is so wonderful. Then all of a sudden you begin to get a picture. Up to a certain time they can see it, but beyond that, they do not see anything else. As I endeavor to present this message, some of you might say oh Bro. Jackson, you ought not do this. Well, here is one of the reasons I am going to do it. You sit there in those seats and you do not know what goes on in a minister’s mind. You do not care how many are out here trying to shoot him out of the saddle and do away with him. Some have said, Bro. Jackson is out of touch with young people. I want to ask you all a question, when the Bible says repent every one of you and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, was that written one way to suit an old person and another way to suit a young one? Was it? You know good and well it was not. The same Bible that teaches there is one God, that has been manifested in three offices, was that written exclusively for different categories of the age bracket? It was not. When Paul was converted on the road to Damascus and Ananias was told by the angel of the Lord to go and pray for him, that he would be a light to the Gentiles and a means of salvation to the ends of the earth, I still believe what he said, regardless of whether I am seventy years old or sixteen. It is for all of us, but we have to have a revelation. I want you to know, the Holy Ghost is not particular what age you are, if He gets inside of you. He can take an old man that has chewed tobacco all his life, but when he is sixty five and God gets hold of him, brings him to repentance, in his heart he looks up with tears in his eyes and thanks God for saving his soul. Then He comes along and fills him with the Holy Ghost. The old man is no longer chewing and spitting tobacco juice. He is talking in another language and worshipping God. Did God do that because he was old or young? Which one? I think it is about time we begin to wake up. I know the way the modern world of religion is run today. I don’t care which direction they go. TBN is nothing but a Hollywood celebration thing. I thank God for a revelation of truth. We have no need of world popularity.


What I am doing here today is not to destroy anybody, any person, any preacher, but to set some people on notice of this one thing, I may be an old man to some, but I have not forgotten what the scriptures do say. I could forget what I had for breakfast the day before yesterday, but when it comes to certain scriptures, the same thought I remembered fifty years ago, I still remember today. What he said back then he still says the same thing today. What it meant then still means the same thing today. When I made the tape and sent it to Bro. Strommen in Norway, about the Jehu ministry, he replied back to me, “On this video you mentioned about the Jehu ministry, I have never stood for any Jehu ministry. I have always ministered on the five fold ministry. It is true that I have taken the pattern of the ministry of Elijah and called it a three stage or three fold purpose of that ministry. I ministered that, as you mentioned, in Mexico and also in Manila in 1996. The topic is mainly an effort to try to help the believer see that everything was not over when Bro. William Branham died. It has never been an issue of trying to get another ministry started. I thought we talked these things over as we traveled together over the years. In your later sermons on the 100 years plus, you also touched on the same thing, that it was not over when Elijah was taken away. The main issue there was to turn their hearts back to God. (Listen carefully.) It seems that you are taking the names Elijah, Elisha, and Jehu as the three persons.” That is not what I have said. I said that Elijah, Elisha, and one of the children of the prophets, 2nd Kings 9:1. Brother, I may be an old man, but I am not senile. Why talk about a three fold stage, if you leave the third one anonymous? How many know what I am saying? In the 1st verse of 2nd Kings 9, that was the young man that was told, take this anointing and go anoint, guess who? Jehu. What is the topic? The three fold purpose. Of what? Just three individuals or three anonymous characters? We are talking about the anointing, aren’t we? How many can see what I am saying. You just don’t throw an anonymous thing out there. You have got to be specific, whether you are saying it indirect or directly. Brothers and sisters, the young man that was told to take this anointing oil, his name is not even mentioned in the record of the scriptures. Because when you go back to the original of Elijah and God has prophesied through Elijah, of what all is to be done in this house of Israel, how He is going to judge it, destroy Baalism and everything, no anonymous person appears on the scene. You either are specific and commit yourself, or you do not use three stages. How many heard me? It does not go that way. When you read the whole chapter 9 of 2nd Kings, it leads you when he was anointed, and from then on he is crying out as he comes down the road on that horse, come and watch my zeal for God. He cut off more heads. Now don’t leave him silent just because we are trying to bring out a three fold stage of something. How many heard what I am saying? Because I am not listening to scriptures like that. Don’t use the three fold stage of anything if you cannot be specific on what you are talking about. Because types in the Bible are not written that way. When you go to Leviticus 23, it speaks to you specifically on what day the Lord will raise from the dead. It speaks to you specifically, that it is on the next day after the Sabbath, which is actually Sunday in the Greek week. That set a perfect type, that after the earth has had its Millennium, that is the seventh day, then everything, redemption is over, now it passes into the eighth day. How many can see that? When you read it in type, it is not anonymous. It is specific. How else are you going to prove a revelation? Now here is more, so please pay attention“This pattern is to show that even they never saw the original prophet, they could still have part of the turning of the hearts back to God. I mentioned three periods, first the old pattern, already told, then the same of John the Baptist. (Now to my brother, you are still my brother, and I am going to plainly tell you, I am your spiritual daddy. I have known you for a longer period of time than any of these other characters I talked about. I am not going to cut you off, but I am sure going to let you know that as your spiritual daddy, I am going to remind you of how little you know.) Then the time of John the Baptist, that would be the prophet, the apostles ministry, and then the five fold ministry. The apostles were with John the Baptist. (They absolutely were not. Turn to Matthew 4, then Matthew 10. He went around the Sea of Galilee, the first ones He picked was Peter and Andrew, then John, then James. Later Nathaniel, then Matthew, then Bartholomew. Every one of these apostles that were disciples then, they were not part of John the Baptist’s ministry at all, they were part of Jesus’ calling. He said, then the time of John the Baptist, that would be the prophet, the apostles ministry, and then the five fold, that is not the way it was at all. It was John the Baptist, he was the spirit of Elijah to turn the heart of the fathers to the children. He was also the fore runner of the messenger of the covenant, who was Jesus Christ, in Malachi 3:1. Follow me. And Jesus did not start on the scene until He heard that John was in prison. You find this in Matthew’s writing. Then, is when Jesus left Nazareth and came to Capernaum and started preaching around the Sea of Galilee to fulfill the scriptures, and they that sat in darkness saw a great light. Then one day He passed by and saw some fishermen, Peter and Andrew. Later here came James and John. Then later came Nathaniel, behold an Israelite in whom there is no guile. Then Matthew the tax collector. On and on and on. When you come to the 10th chapter, there is where you see He is calling the twelve out and commissions them to go and preach the gospel. Now listen to this last part. That would be the prophet, listen to this, then the apostle’s ministry, he is referring to me, and then the five fold ministry. I have been standing for that five fold ministry ever since I have been talking. Because that five fold ministry comes right into that order of scribes. How many understood what I am saying? It took a scribe, a prophet, a messenger to the age, to initiate this and start this thing going. That is why I have been ridiculed, ran over and talked about. I am not mad, I am not disgusted, but I know when the Bible is being used in an untimely way. I have to say brother, I have labored these many years, standing for a true revelation of the Word of God. When I first met you, I saw in you the qualities of a man that I wanted to help. I was drawn to your ministry. I can say this, on this platform I have heard you say many beautiful things that were uplifting, edifying to the saints of God. But brother, let me say this, there is no move of the spirit of God to create another generation of preachers, other ministries beyond what I have been standing for, for the past thirty some years. Any of the young men in Norway, you don’t have to listen to me, you don’t have to correspond with me, but I am watching you. It is what you do in the next year and half that tells me whether you are running out of time, out of tune, or whether you are running around trying to be a show piece to somebody? If you are, there will be some people that will listen to you. How many understand what I am saying? But Bro. Strommen, you are my brother, but I have to say, the type you have used here, is completely out of line with the scriptures. When I go back to the apostles’ hour, it was first John the Baptist, he was the forerunner, the spirit of Elijah, that was turning the hearts of the fathers to the children. Was he not? Who is the next stage? Jesus Christ, because it was John who introduced Jesus. Is that not right? Then what is the third stage? Those men that Jesus called to be His disciples, after the anointing in the upper room, they became the apostles that were to start the body of the New Testament Church, Ephesians 4. Now He that ascended, is He who descended first, and then He gave gifts unto men. So it was Jesus Himself who sent back through the intercessory work, the anointing that is going to be the third stage of that anointing of the Spirit of God. When we come to Bro. William Branham’s hour, just like I said in the video, Bro. William Branham typed two characters, he was the spirit of Elijah that fulfilled Malachi 4:5-6 in the latter part, to turn the heart of the children, that is you and me, back to the faith of our fathers. That is exactly what I saw in the life of Bro. William Branham. Beyond him, he fulfilled two biblical characters, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. Because we have never known Christ after the flesh, only by divine revelation. That means revealed Jesus of the Bible, by the manner and the way he presented Him. Because the gift in his life was not in John the Baptist, you know that. The gift in his life characterized the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Otherwise why did people call out, he is our Messiah? why did they start baptizing in his name? Why was I asked in 1958, if the Lord was to come back in our day and dress like man today, do you think you would know Him? I said, I believe I would. Are you sure? Then I said, well what do you mean? Have you ever thought about who William Branham might be? I said, yes, he is the spirit of Elijah and he is a messenger to this Laodicean age. If you take it beyond that, you are out in the Bible. So I have to say, I am not the second stage for William Branham, and Bro. Strommen is not the third stage to bring on the five fold ministry. How many heard what I said?) There you have it, the prophet, the apostles ministry, (that is pertaining to me) and the five fold ministry.” You don’t have time to grow two flocks of chickens. How many heard what I said? Please brothers and sisters, I am not cutting the brother off, but I do know some people can get their thoughts all crossed up. You might say, but Bro. Jackson, this ought to have been handled different. And I would say, shame on you. Poor old apostle Paul, look at the names he mentioned. For thirty some years I have stood in this place doing my best to try to give you something to believe that would settle your minds, and give you something to build upon spiritually. I have tried not to be a show off, and you have not seen me standing around talking to a lot of other women while my wife sat somewhere all by herself. If you have a question I will talk with you. But I am not going to stand over here on one side of the building, or out in the parking lot, talking to some other woman, if my wife cannot be part of the conversation. I say that with respect to every sister, I will respect you, but you must respect me also. My wife has had to sit and listen to a lot of sad stories, but I have to say this morning, I know what we are standing for and I am not about to change it. I hope what I have said this morning, when it goes around this world, will cause some people to think seriously and seek the Lord for an understanding of truth.


I want to go back to the scripture in Matthew 13 where we were earlier. I want to read that 52nd verse again, because there is a word I want to give you the definition of from the dictionary. In the 51st verse He has asked the disciples, have you understood all these things? They said, yea Lord. “Then He said unto them, Therefore EVERY scribe.” Now He is speaking this at the end of the seventh parable, the seventh church age. This does not pertain to anywhere else in the kingdom of heaven time. Therefore every scribe, do you know the definition of the word “every?” To speak of more than one, to speak of all as a complete unit. That means the five fold ministry will speak as a unit. That takes you to Isaiah 52:8, my watchmen, in that day will see eye to eye. In the Hebrew it says, when Yahweh returns to Israel. Now with the conditions going on in Israel, there is no need of us as Gentile Christians sitting here, thinking we have many more years to play around, dilly dally around, argue, well I have plenty of time. This condition in the Middle East has been going on now for two years. We have hundreds and hundreds of people in America today, frowning on the idea of sending troops to Iraq. I don’t rejoice in the fact that we are sending troops, but let us look at this from a biblical standpoint. If we are living in the days that the Bible has predicted all these events to come to pass, there is no way a politician is going to design the future to bypass them. I will say this, with this Islamic spirit and terrorism in every major area of the earth, if something between now and then does not happen, this thing could go on another twenty five or thirty years, and regardless of how we try to get rid of it, it will only pop up somewhere else. Already our war, they are figuring out so many billions of dollars, but their aim is, we will rid the earth of terrorism. I have to say tonight, looking from the Bible standpoint, they will not. God will do it in His time, but mortal mankind cannot do it. He will let this thing go on and frustrate the politicians until they become so agitated, aggravated, and confused. To a great extent, they have sat back and politically allowed some of this to be propagated right in their own countries. I have to say, it is a shame for Israeli citizens to be offered every day on the slaughter block of political ideology. They can believe in the Torah all they want to, and quote it, and observe the Sabbath day, and die and go to hell doing it. God is about as much interested in that kind of attitude, as He is somebody going out here, and making moonshine. Modern mankind has allowed this spirit to come up like it has. I believe God has turned it loose just to agitate world politicians and societies that have been so open and prone to forgetting about God. God has allowed it to develop in such proportions, they are going to force God to do something to show His hand. This conflict in the Middle East cannot go on many more months. Those societies cannot go on and on forever and keep the men that are their soldiers, away from their jobs and such. After awhile it has a very devastating economic affect on their total economies. We will wind up trying to support them with relief aid. When I look at the Bible and read it the way it portrays it, I believe with all my heart, if and when we do enter Iraq, we could well begin to experience some Islamic repercussions. If so, it could put Israel in a position where God will move her to the fore front just to begin to show the world something that the world does not want. When God is through with Israel, you can rest assured of one thing, He will kill that Islamic spirit and that cult from every corner of the earth. He will hit it with such a devastating blow, some of these so called church goers here in America and the civilized world, it is either going to rock them off their seats, and they will wake up and realize, they have been sitting too long under tradition. Either that, or they are going to prove to themselves that they have just had religion, they have not had salvation. So I am saying, I hate to have to think of our fighting forces having to go like that, but I do believe this one thing, God knows what He is doing and I believe He has a plan. If we are getting closer to Micah the 7th chapter where God said as it was in the days when He brought Israel out of Egypt, so will He again return to them. That kind of conflict in the earth is the only thing that is going to wipe this earth free from Islam and terrorism. First off, where did this spirit start? Saudi Arabia. When that conflict is over, what does it say in Isaiah 60, right in that country that has been the mother land for all Islam, then for some reason those people have become changed and they are ready to bring incense and gold to the Jews in Jerusalem. You could not get that from them now if you wanted to. But it plainly tells you by the prophet Isaiah in the 60th chapter, they will be glad to come, with caravans loaded. Don’t tell me it takes a lot of political maneuvering to do that. When it is over and the abundance of the sea will be converted unto thee, and little nations from one end of this planet to another are going to be willing to contribute their part in the reconstruction, it will simply be because they have seen God in action. I want to say to some of you who have loved ones out there dragging their feet, like I drug my feet at one time. Lord, hit them with a two by four. I mean it. Some people have to live in hell watching their loved ones live like the devil. Do you know what my Bible says? For whom the Lord loveth, He chastens and scourges every son of God. But if you be without chastisement, I did not write this, then ye are bastard’s, and not sons, just illegitimate church goers. Think of it. Oh that Jackson, he is too harsh. When you see people drag their feet, going down the road of life, I have to say, they don’t have another life to live and they don’t have another twenty or thirty years to make up their mind, is it right or wrong. So this word scribe, is not singular, for the word “every” is not a singular word. That is what stood out to me this week. Every scribe, that literally is talking about when that seventh parable comes into application and the time factor for those scribes to become manifested, it will all start because of a scribe that God has had here, because around that, is what this seventh church age has been built. How many realize that? It is true he was not at the beginning of it, but he came on the scene right when this seventh church age was reaching the point where the net needed to be cast in. He was right in the middle of it. Then it reached a point when they began to sit down and cast the bad back, but the good was gathered into vessels. So the part of this 52nd verse, is what follows on the end of it all, every scribe. This is not an anonymous bunch of preachers. How many understand what I mean? This is not an anonymous bunch of preachers, because all preachers are not fully instructed into the kingdom of God. They just think they are. Otherwise they would all be consistent, they would all say the same thing. It is true, many men have heard this man, but many of them did not hear it the way others have heard it. From this, I will say, God purposed to call an element of the ministry, and He could have called them by some other title, but in the Old Testament a scribe had to be a man officially invested with the knowledge and technique to know how to record the Old Testament scriptures. Every dot and tittle had to be in place, it could not be copied by just anybody. So when he uses this position, we have to realize that a scribe in this sense, right here at the end of the seventh Church age, will have to be somebody that has been truly called of God, and invested with the authority to fulfill his calling. Once they have been called into that, and the Holy Spirit has taught them what this calling pertains to, then along the line they are capable of bringing out of the storehouse things new and old, because it is the revelation that he contains, it is the revelation and understanding God has given him, the ability, things new, that deals with every new revelation that God has made known, and he knows how to break it down and make it applicable to the listener. But also, he has heard it said by the Elijah prophet what the original faith consists of doctrine wise. Now while we are on this line of thinking, some might say, Bro. Jackson, why did you have to do what you did about your brother? I have been sold out down through the years by men that I have had confidence in, and have invested my time, my prayers and material things of Faith Assembly. I met a young man in the Philippines in 1978, Bro. Villagonza. He had just got hold of a Contender. A group already over there was being led by a man out of Canada, but he was one of the Branhamite quote, quote, quote preacher’s. When he saw the Contender floating around, he condemned it. But the young Bro. Villagonza took it and read it. It was on the merits of that, that he began to communicate with me. So in 1978 when we were on our way to India the first time. We stopped over in Manila, and I had an opportunity to meet him. He gave me his testimony, how he was led off another island where he was raised up, to come to Manila and start a work. Some of the people that this Canadian man had, he knew them. I said to him, brother, if you start a fellowship, don’t start one next to them. You get away from here because they will be after you to tear your foundation down and everything else they can think to do. From then on, he became a man that communicated with me, and I invested in him material substance to help him in what he was doing. Then in 1979 we were back there again, and in 1980 we went back again. In all this time we communicated. Our communication was very open and God blessed his work. He not only gave him a fellowship there in Manila, He led him out into other areas, in other parts of the Philippines. He had a following of people. Then in 1996 when we were privileged to go to the Philippines and have a meeting, the young man that was the song leader, Bro. Elevera, was working with Bro. Villagonza at the time as an assistant minister. This group of people was wonderful to fellowship with. But just to show you how the enemy can soon hit something, we are no sooner home than a man here in the states, who would not come to one of my meetings for anything in the world, but he always wanted to get the Contender to see where I was, and get our tapes. But he would not stand up and teach what I would teach for anything in the world. So he goes to the Philippines and gets with Bro. Villagonza, and in no time he had his ears filled with adverse ideas and things. Immediately he began to sell out to this brother here from the states. When he did, the biggest part of the congregation sensed it and said, we will not go along with this. Then Bro. Elevera, which up until 1996 we had never really known personally, when he saw what Bro. Villagonza was getting wrapped up in with that other line of thinking, and he saw in the hearts of the people and realized he was compelled to do something he stepped away from Bro. Villagonza and said to the people, we will go on ourselves. In a few short months, all the people, one by one, began to leave Bro. Villagonza and follow Bro. Elevera. In a few months Bro. Villagonza, after all the years of saying what he had, he turned completely against what we had published through the years and it was not long until I had some communication from some of the people, that all the people had left him. That was not my fault. Let every scribe take a look at what God has called him to do. He does not start you for twenty years following one thing, and then bingo, you do an about face. You are going to be every day exactly what God called you to be and do, you are going to say it right. So if you think that doesn’t hurt your heart, you have another thought coming. When I began to get wind of how this third phase was being applied, I have sense enough to know what the 9th chapter of 2nd Kings says, that son of the prophet, his name is not even mentioned, he is anonymous. He was just told to take this vial of oil and go anoint Jehu. So if Elijah was anointed, Elisha was anointed, then who is the next person anointed, if we are going to preach a third stage. Let’s not be anonymous. I am not going to leave you hanging in the air. So then when my brother implies that the apostles were with John the Baptist, I know they were not. The Bible does not read that way. In fact, Jesus did not start preaching until John was in prison. That is what it says in Matthew. As soon as John was in prison, then Jesus left Nazareth with some of the disciples He had and came to Capernaum. From that place on, He began to pull and seek these men that the Spirit led Him to. Now John the Baptist was phase number one, but he is in prison, he does not get out anymore. He soon lost his head. He falls out of the picture. Now Jesus is in the forefront, and He no sooner starts, and He starts picking His disciples that eventually will be apostles. All you have to do is read the 10th chapter of Matthew. By the time you get to the 10th chapter, He has all twelve of them. He has had a congregation following Him, but these men who became apostles later, were hand picked by Jesus. John the Baptist had nothing to do with it. That is why I say, do not try to put me in a corner, I have had to defend this book too long already, and lose my friendship and confidence in a lot of people, so I know where I stand. Therefore when my brother tries to persuade me that this is the order, he brings it in like Bro. William Branham was the prophet, the Elijah, but I am the apostle that stepped next in line. Now the five fold ministry comes along after that. That is not so. I have been preaching a five fold ministry ever since God opened my eyes to the fact, because that is what God has called me to do. From Norway to India, I have said, God has called me to stand for some men, it is not a one man show. Now He is not going to use one man to stand in the second term, so that a new generation of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers can come on. I will take you back to John the Baptist, then Jesus, then the twelve that did become apostles, they are the beginning of the ministry that followed. Paul wrote about it, and John was the last one of them. You cannot break the continuity of what the Bible says. You can use types all you want to, or ideas, but that does not make it so. I want my brother to know, you are my brother, and I am your spiritual daddy, and you are going to hear me bark from now on until you can prove to me by putting something together in Norway, that proves to me that you are right and I am wrong. If I see that I am wrong, I will be the first one to admit it, I will not go and hide in a closet, I will publicly say I am sorry. Now how many heard me say that? I don’t like to talk like this, but through thirty some years, all I have seen is these hypocrites running the road, pretending that they have such a great revelation, they are ready to tell me all about the man of God and they don’t know a thing about him. They could not even tell me how much sugar he used in his coffee, but I can tell them. I sat in his own house while Banks Woods played a trick on him. Bro. William Branham only liked just a little bit, but Banks Woods took a spoon and stuck it in the sugar bowl and poured a whole bunch in his coffee. When he came in and sat down and starting drinking it, he said, who has been messing with my coffee? I say these things, not to be a smart aleck, but it is a shame that we have people running the road of life tonight, that are supposed to be preaching for the Bride, and they are preaching everything else. I want to say, for thirty some years, that is what we have been trying our best to do. I have to say, we are almost at the end now. I believe with all my heart we are in the process now, just before the end is here, God is going to move in our lives, in our hearts, in our homes, and in the ministry, to the point it will get us together, get us to thinking alike and living alike. He is after unity. Some could say, oh that Jackson wants to have authority over your life. No, I don’t, I don’t tell you what to eat, nor drink, I don’t tell you where to go to buy your groceries. I don’t tell you when to buy a car. I am not interested in any of that. But if we are interested in being some people that are going to be united as the Bride of Christ, then there are certain things that have to be understood in the right way. We cannot wind up with half a dozen ideas, well that is not the way I see it. I see it this way, that is the way it is. If the apostle Paul was alive today and walked down the aisle among us, there would be people ready to criticize him, he just does not understand. Well I say he did understand, and what he said back then is still good enough for me today .When I was twenty seven years old, it was good, and now that I am seventy eight, going on seventy nine years old, it is still good. When I started preaching these messages about two months ago, you don’t know, but I have in my possession seven different dreams, none of them came from me, but from different areas of the world. That is why I know the time has come and we are entering into it, and I will say the first thing He is going to shake is the ministry. He is going to shake it to the very foundation of our being. We are going to prove that we are in unity, and are working hand in hand for the Bride of Christ and not for our personal self only. Every scribe will say the same thing, but he will not quote word for word, and be a repetitionist. Every scribe will have a revelation by the Holy Spirit, what the major picture and the central thought is, that he should relate to. It will come out the same regardless of the words of expression. We do not have to be copy cats. We will be realists though, and our hearts will be cherishing the Word of God. A few days after I started these message, you would be surprised at the people getting them on the internet. A brother that lives away from here, he and his group are usually here every fall during convention time. He called and said to me, Bro. Jackson, I am really enjoying these messages. He said, I had a sister that had a dream a few weeks ago, I will write it down and send it to you. So he did.


I received the dream this certain brother sent to me, and it goes like this, we are in a big convention, in every one of these dreams lately, it was always seen with Faith Assembly full of people like it was a big convention. In other words, the whole element of people is all represented. I was preaching, beside of me was a rack that had a beautiful white wedding dress hanging on it. I was using this to illustrate certain points of scripture, how they apply to our lives. The sister noticed as I would reach certain points in my explanation, she could hear people say, I see that, and they would mark in their Bible. For some unknown reason, she didn’t know why, after awhile she would see these people that were seeing this and remarking like this, how they would slowly get out of their seats and come up behind me, where there was a big platform. They would take their place on the platform. But every once in awhile she would hear a voice say, I don’t see this, or I can’t find it. Over a period of time, she would see those same individuals eventually get up and move out. Now that did not come from me. That came from somebody that does not even live here, but they have been here nearly every convention. Do you know what that tells me? As we get closer to the end, every person in the body of Christ, somewhere, is going to be used. How many understood what I meant? They are going to be able to see things, that they are going to see applied in a spiritual sense, to the whole body of believers. I refuse to stand here and dictate, like, you either be here and get this or else get on out. To me, that is wrong. I look at every one of you as a valuable person, you are a part of God’s property, He purchased you with the shed blood of His only begotten Son. He died in agony, that you and I might have life. But I have enough concern for the whole body of Christ, that I am not going to water this thing down just to make it please a bunch of carnal minded characters, to make it sound good to them to keep them here, and anonymous to everyone else. I have to see myself in this thing and be willing to take my place in it. Therefore every scribe, which is going to be every God-called man that is called to be in the five fold ministry. I refuse to take the second place after Bro. William Branham, then let the five fold ministry follow later on. How many understood what I said? Because Paul did not have to wait years and years until the five fold ministry came on the scene. You know that. It started with apostles, but as the body collectively grew, necessity caused the Holy Spirit to pull men in that would fill these other categories, so that within a few years time, when local assemblies are scattered everywhere, Paul could see a picture of what the Holy Ghost has been doing. Isn’t it strange, one of those original apostles was still alive when a lot of those others had already had their head’s cut off? I do hope you everyone understand the picture I am putting before you, of what I am trying to relate to you. I am thankful for every last one of you. However I refuse to stand here and let you be over run with every cheap supposed-to-be revelation that might suit somebody else’s mind and desire. I refuse to put up with that. I have shared this platform with every brother that professed to be called to preach, up until he begins to play with something strange. Then, is when I will say, That is off limits. I hope you everyone understand what I mean. If some of you want to get on the telephone and gossip, help yourself. One day something will hit that thing and bounce it right back against your mouth. I am not saying that to be mean. But there is no lay person that is going to straighten up God’s Church. Forget that idea. You can complain all you want to, find fault all you want to, but you and your words mean about as much to God, as a little dog barking at a rat. You either follow God, because God is the One that is going to straighten us all up, myself and everybody else that is willing to be straightened up, or you will be out of the picture. I want God to put me in the right place, with the right motive, with the right attitude. But I refuse to sit here with my ears numb, trying to pacify and please everybody that has a different idea, like, well don’t you think so and so, that it could be this way and so forth? They will say, Have you ever heard this or that?. I have heard of everything, and most of it doesn’t amount to a dime’s worth of anything, because the people that want to cater to it, are not willing to go any further with truth. I am thankful for what God has done among you, and what He is going to do for you, and I believe we are on the right road. I believe we will take the things God has put in our hearts and cherish them. I love friendship as much as you do, but I will not sell out to every Tom, Dick and Harry just to please a bunch of people and then have God frown on me five years from now. This word is far more important, so say it right and say it like you know what you are talking about. Don’t just throw it out there anonymously hoping it will have a specific effect according to a thought in your mind. I hope you everyone understand me. The reason I know, by the grace of God, what I have been standing for through the last number of years, all goes back to just shortly before Bro. William Branham was taken off the scene. This was in 1965 in the month of October. I knew he was scheduled to have some meetings at Shreveport and different places going through the west. On this particular night, I saw myself in a dream. I had never been in Shreveport, I had never been in Jack Moore’s church. But I saw myself in that church for three meetings. I saw Bro. William Branham, each night and each service, he would come out and preach a sermon. As I listened to him preach that sermon I got the sensation, he is preaching this like he will never preach it again. Then at the end of his preaching, the prayer line would start. Person after person would come before him. He listened to what they had to say, he took each one of them and prayed for them like, you had the feeling he would never pray for that person again. After I had the dream, then I heard he was going to be in Shreveport, I called him and said Bro. William Branham, I have had this dream, I don’t know what it means, but I will tell you the part of it, I saw myself in a city somewhere and some friends that we know have brought us to this church where you are going to be preaching. When our friends pulled into the parking lot and parked their car, I noticed that when I got out of it, and looked straight across the street from the parking lot, there was a military armory building. I noticed when we came down the sidewalk, just about half a block, here is the church building. Then, is when he said, Bro. Junie, have you ever been in Shreveport? I said, no. He said, that sounds like Shreveport Louisiana, Jack Moore’s church, Glad Tiding’s Tabernacle, because diagonally across from that church there is an armory building. He said, try to be there if you can. I did not tell him what I had seen in the dream. So we went, we went on Friday, I knew if we got there by air, then Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night, that would be four services. But in my dream, I was only there for three services. We got to Atlanta, Georgia and the flight took off, we got to Jackson Mississippi and landed, we had more than an hour delay. Then I knew when our flight did leave, by the time we would get to Shreveport, we would not get there in time to get into the church service. But the friends we had contacted, they met us at the airport and took us to the motel where they were staying. So we didn’t get to the Friday night’s service. When we got to the Saturday night service, I saw Billy Paul and told him, I would like to tell that dream to your dad. He said, alright. So when I had a chance to go into the prayer room where Bro. William Branham was, I saw Bro. William Branham, and that armory building, which was just like I saw it in the dream. I told him exactly what I saw. I said, I saw you preach these messages, and prayed for these people like you would never be praying for them anymore. But at the end of each prayer line, I noticed there would be standing a young man, like a young minister, and he walked up and told you, and said to you, Bro. William Branham, I have had a dream about you. You told the young man, when he told you the dream, you said, young man, something is getting ready to happen, and when it does, you will have something to do. Then the next service, the same thing was repeated. The next service, the same thing was repeated. But then I noticed in the third service, which was on Sunday night, all of a sudden there was a phenomena took place in the roof of that building, which was like on the outside was a giant earthquake that shook that building, and people were there from Canada and Mexico in Shreveport at that time. They had a telephone hookup back here to Jeffersonville, and into Canada and different places. In the dream, Bro. William Branham was standing, and when that shaking started taking place, when the last man, he had told him there was something ready to take place and when it does you will have a part, he motioned back to me, come to the front. I got to the front, and he motioned, stand down there. Then the other three men came and stood by me. When that sensation began to shake that building, that is when people began to scream. I’ll never forget it, people were screaming and falling prostrate on the floor, oh God, oh God. Then I woke up. When I went down to Shreveport, nothing like that took place. I thought to myself, I should have kept that one to myself. But he left there, this was in November, and he went to Yuma Arizona. That is when he preached to the Full Gospel Business Men. Then he went on to Bakersfield California, I forget the message he preached there. But then he went to another place on the California coast, that is where he preached “Choosing of a Bride.” From that point he came back to Tucson. Then it was just a short time before Christmas 1965. On the way home, he was hit by those drunks and his life was taken from our midst. When I heard that, I thought, Oh my goodness. But do you know, his death shook this movement, it shook it to the foundation. When people began to come to Coots Funeral Home, more than one walked up to me, Bro. Jackson, this is your dream. From Canada to Mexico, it shook this movement to pieces, because he was God’s voice. That is why he was the scribe, but from him all these other scribes were to rise, not simultaneously, not all at once, but one by one, as they would hear the truth and fall in line. I will say, I am thankful to God that He has allowed me through the years, the grace to stand. I have been privileged to see men around this world embrace this truth, rejoice in it, they have even wrote their own testimonies how it has benefitted them. They too have been belittled, ostracized by the Branham movement. But when they saw what we have published and put out and it has gone throughout the whole world, I have to say tonight, it has been the grace of God. I could not have done it if it had not been for the grace of God. But when I see how God has used it, for thirty some years now, since 1969 when we began printing, I am thankful to God. I do not care how many more turn me down, I just say, God give me grace to have patience and love for truth, and love for people, but sense enough to know that when people begin to play and begin to be weighed in the balances, it is all in your hands. Regardless of what some of you may think of my person, that is immaterial to me, but I hope you understand what truth is, because I love what truth is. I can say, thank God for what it has done for me, when I used to be a bull headed kid, I did not want to be a fanatical Christian. I do not say today that I am a fanatic, but I am bull headed for God. I am going to stay that way. I thank God for the wife He gave me. I have told her many times, these young preachers, the minute they get into a little squabble or opposition, it is not long until their wife will say, I am going to leave, I cannot put up with that anymore. My wife has stood by my side and she has never cried or complained, saying, this is enough, I am not going to put up with it anymore. I am thankful to God for that. Truth, to me, is more important than a million dollars. I know it is the ticket to get us out of here. If you embrace it and understand it, what it really is, it is better than a pocket full of paper money, because it can be a treasure that comes from glory. I want to love this treasure and be able to share it with people. I like to see a smile come across their face. I don’t want to come back five years later and backtrack and change it and say, well I didn’t mean it then. I have to say, thank God for what He has done for me. I thank God for every last one of you. Young people, I have stood here through the years when you were little babies. I dedicated many of you, now look at you. What made you stay here? Why didn’t you go off somewhere else? What did you see that kept you here? I thank the Lord, some of you have spent more of your life here than anywhere else. You can’t say soup suppers did it, or chicken fries. I am glad we have a fellowship hall, but that wasn’t built to win converts. When you feed them to get them, then you have to feed them to keep them. Most of the time you will lose them anyhow, if you do not feed them the same quality or something better all the time. They get tired of this, then they get tired of that. Now I am going to leave you right there, but I have just got to the place in this message where I want to take you to the rest of Matthew 24 and 25, and show you the importance of how certain scriptures were written, so insignificant, Jesus said it, yet from this point to this point here, we have been living through that time factor. It cannot be as long as it has been. I am thankful to God for what we have learned up until this time. May God bless each one of you. You pray for me because I love people. I will bend over backwards and do everything I can to try to help people and encourage them, but I will not compromise on what I know God has called me to stand for. Some people will say that I try to control peoples’ lives, but that is a lie. Don’t ever think I am going to bow at your feet and beg you, what do you want me to say to keep you happy. If I have to start doing that, I don’t even want you around. You are just dead weight to any congregation, hard to get along with, hard to please. When God wants us to go north, you want to go south. I intend to follow God’s leading. My confidence is in Him.


Israel Taking Her Borders – 2011, July

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson


About two weeks ago there was one of the big leaders of the Hamas movement found, he had been killed. Now the Hamas and PA together, have vowed revenge against Israel and Jewish targets. When they say that, that means there is no way that the United States or Canada can escape it. We have approximately 5.2 million Jews here in the states. Most of these Jews are manufacturers of different products as well as holders of many stocks in different companies. Once this starts, there is no doubt they have plans to rain havoc on as many Jewish and Americans as they can, because they know that America has always stood with Israel in the hour of crisis. Also, there is another man that has an article here, I have his picture, he is a Jewish man, and this other man is supposed to be a Christian. I do not know if he is a Christian from some Arab country, or what. The article says, “Israel Wants to Rule Arab World.” Well, that is a fact, you can’t escape it. I am going to point to some things here on the map. Right here is the Middle East. Here is the Suez Canal. This is the Sinai, and here is Israel right here. Here is the country of Jordan. Over here is Syria, here is Lebanon, and here is Iran. It takes you right straight through to the Euphrates Valley. We are going to title our thought this morning, “Israel Taking Her Borders.” There was never but one time in the whole history of the nation of Israel, that Israel ever did possess everything in her borders given by God. Turn with me to 2nd Samuel. Before I start this message I will say, During the coming meetings I have a message to deal with, that brings us a little more up to date on the pending things in the Middle East, why it is necessary and why it should be important to us. I realize that right now, maybe what we are saying about a war in the Middle East just sounds like to much talk, and so much being torn to pieces. But by the time that has started and you begin to see how it affects the world in general, there has never been a war in the world that will affect the world and society, nations and people, like this one will. God has designed it according to His plan. Once it starts, there is not a man on the face of the earth that can stop it until God brings it to its justified end. It will be a war that God starts. It will be a war that God ends His way. There is an objective that He is after and God will be the captain in the midst of it. There is not another mortal man, no matter what his rank would be, that could even design or change it. In 2nd Samuel, King David has been elevated to king of Israel. This is really just in the beginning of his kingdom. But David has a plan in his mind. As we read some of this, and as we talk about it, I would like for us to think that somewhere in the months ahead God is going to move upon the leadership of Israel to do a similar thing, only with much more supernatural display, because of the type of military weapons that are going to be involved in this event. David had been anointed king and he had begun to set a few things in motion. I am going to read a few verses of the 8th chapter. When David accomplished this great victory, this is the first time that the borders of Israel that were promised to Abraham and his seed, were ever accomplished. Starting in verse 1 we read, “And after this it came to pass, that David smote the Philistines, and subdued them: (We know that up until this time, all the conflicts that Israel has had with the Philistines, they have never been able to subdue this people for any lengthy period.) and David took Methegammah out of the hand of the Philistines. (That was evidently a major city in that hour. This was the Philistines’ land. It was somewhere in along in here (map) in the Gaza Strip area. We see how David, for some reason, was able to accomplish a victory over the Philistines.) And he smote Moab, (That is across the river, right here below the city of Amman.) and measured them with a line, (Notice what he did.) casting them down to the ground; even with two lines measured he to put to death, and with one full line to keep alive. (The world is no doubt going to howl. We do not know that Israel will do this, it is one thing to realize Israel has no intention of destroying every human being, that is not the objective, but she has got to be rough enough and severe enough that it puts enough fear in the remaining ones, that they will realize from then on, this is no good. In reality, it causes the Arabs, who have been brought to their knees in fear, now to be willing to go back and accept the same God that Israel and the Arabs of old did in the days of the twelve tribes.) And the Moabites became David’s servants, and brought gifts. David smote also Hadadezer, the son of Rehob, king of Zobah, as he went to recover his border at the river Euphrates. (Now those men there, we can say, are the present day Iraqis, right in here on the map.) And David took from him a thousand chariots, and seven hundred horsemen, and twenty thousand footmen: (We don’t know how large Israel’s army was, but when you capture that much of an enemy, in those days, you are reigning terror upon an opposing force.) and David hocked (or chopped up) all the chariot horses, but reserved of them for an hundred chariots. And when the Syrians of Damascus came to succour (or to help) Hadadezer king of Zobah, David slew of the Syrians two and twenty thousand men.” Now imagine, a man with an army out of a little country, that has already hit the Philistines, he has crossed over to Moab, he goes into Iraq and goes all the way to the Euphrates River, because it comes right down through here and out the Gulf. Then as he returns back, because Syria had helped this same man, he lays them low. I received some literature a few days ago, stating that they had just received word that Syria had purchased between three thousand and five thousand new tanks from Russia, of different types. What is a nation the size of Syria going to do with that many tanks. Not only that, but there is another article, about our intelligence and Israeli intelligence. It is a known fact that Iran has purchased atomic weapons from Russia. It does not say what size, but they know that Iran has atomic weapons. She has also been able to purchase certain rockets from North Korea. Also some Russian scientists have for several months now been helping the Iranian technicians put together a possible early strike. The Jews calculate the Iranians could have rockets with atomic warheads within eighteen months. That would allow them to be able to start an attack against Israel. Let us not take this lightly. The news every day can get dull, but once it starts, it is not going to be dull from then on. You are going to look at it in reality. Because God will not let it start until it is His exact time. When it does start, the world and all other things will never return to what it has been prior to that. She is on her way to the end now, and things seem to be moving very fast. I will continue reading here. “Then David (notice what he did) put garrisons in Syria of Damascus: and the Syrians became servants to David, and brought gifts. And the Lord preserved David whithersoever he went. And David took the shields of gold that were on the servants of Hadadezer, and brought them to Jerusalem. And from Betah, and from Berothai, cities of Hadadezer, king David took exceeding much brass. When The king of Hamath heard that David had smitten all the host of Hadadezer, Then Toi (the king) sent Joram his son unto king David, to salute him, and to bless him, because he had fought against Hadadezer, and smitten him: for Hadadezer had wars with Toi. And Joram brought with him vessels of silver, and vessels of gold, and vessels of brass: Which also king David did dedicate unto the Lord, with the silver and gold that he had dedicated of all nations which he subdued; Of Syria, and of Moab, and of the children of Ammon, and of the Philistines, and of Amalek, and of the spoil of Hadadezer, son of Rehob, king of Zobah. And David gat him a name when he returned from smiting of the Syrians in the valley of salt, being eighteen thousand men. And he put garrisons in Edom; throughout all Edom put he garrisons, and all they of Edom became David’s servants. And the Lord preserved David whithersoever he went. And David reigned over all Israel; and David executed judgment and justice unto all the people.” Now when we read this, all that we can say then is, This is the first time that Israel, as a country, since God gave Abraham that promise when he was coming into the land of Canaan, ever possessed that much of their inheritance, therefore they had everything laying against the seacoast, and he (David) has this whole part of the country here, he has Edom, the Moabites, the Ammonites, he has Syria and he has reached to the border of the river Euphrates. That is the only time we have in the Bible that the nation of Israel ever possessed that much of her original covenant land. That was because it seemed as though the children of Israel could never stay faithful to God in obedience to His word, wherein God would honor them in that type of covenant agreement. We know that after David’s death, and king Solomon took over, there was peace. But after Solomon reigned for a period of time, there were two sons born into the family, and then what happened? The nation was split. From then on and started losing out. Now we see what David did one time, but a lot of the things we read about here only set a type of the day we are living in. I have to believe the world is ready for a shocker, but they do not realize it. In fact, they have totally ignored the Bible. I would be ashamed to be a president, a congressman or a senator, and trot off to some church building every Sunday morning, giving the impression I was a dedicated Christian, and that I believe in God and His Word, when in reality, they do not. It is just an expected formality, which is just a mockery. Actually it is very cheap. Anybody can put a suit on and go out looking good, but spiritually, it is just a sham worth nothing in God’s eyes. This is why, when we look at the scriptures, and see how they are laid out, we realize mankind in our modern day, really forces God to bring about the conditions our society is ready to complain about. This so-called civilized, educated world we live in, is responsible for the condition the world has drifted into these last number of years. Every time you hear a leader or politician, especially in this country, they have sold our country out somehow. It was not that way years ago.


I want to something as humble as I know how, because I know there are some immigrant type people that will hear this. I am not a racist, but I have sense enough to know there are races in this country, that did not come here to be American citizens. They came here to bring their culture, their ideology and have their own way, because they think it is the only spot on the face of the earth that they can carry on that kind of culture, that kind of double minded way of life in looking at things, and get by with it. Whatever they purposed to accomplish by being here, it is destined to be of short duration. Because when America was first discovered, the people that came here out of Europe and wherever else they came from, regardless of how poor they were, they came here because it was a place to get a new start in life. Their purpose was to become American citizens, and get a new start in the richest country they knew of. I want you to know it was not made rich because of the multiple racial choice it had. Most of the founding people who came here, when you go back beyond the Pilgrims’ hour you see only the trappers, the hunters, the adventurers, I cannot say they brought much of God here with them. They were mainly trapping bears, wolves, foxes, mink, beaver and all like that. Then they took it back to Europe. That is why Europe, for many years, has always bought fur and hides from the United States and Canada. Keep in mind, they are an old country, they had just about consumed their wilderness livestock capacity. But now we have an element in this nation, they want to hold on to every skunk, every rattlesnake, every fox there is. Don’t kill them, they have a right to live. How pitiful! When you begin to put an animal on the same level footing as human beings, you are spitting in the face of God, no matter what kind of education you have, or what part of the world you come from. When God put man here, His command was, Subdue the earth, dress it and take care of it. I am not necessarily telling you to go out and kill all the animals, but I am saying this, when the environmentalists today stand between leadership and society and claim to have so much power and authority that they can determine where we ought to turn wolves loose, where we ought to turn the coyotes loose and all this kind of ridiculous maneuvering, we could well wind up like India. We will have sacred cows sleeping in the streets, with manure in the doorway to department stores. I know this does not sound good to everyone when I talk like this, but I say to you, if you go to Bombay or Calcutta, anywhere in India, there you will find a society where many never get a square meal, because they live in the streets. I will say to my black brothers and sisters, Come and go with me. Let me take you down Main Street. Let me show you these people. It was not the British colonial era that brought society to that level. The British Empire did not take the caste society, or culture to India. That was already there and has been there for hundreds of years. The high caste, the low caste, and then the middle caste, different classes but they are all the same skin color. The high caste marry within the high caste. The middle marry within the middle. And the low caste which are the poorest, only live the best they can. In any metropolitan city on the main streets, in the alleys, these poor people by the thousands, live in the streets. They have a few rags they drag around with them from daylight to dark. There is no work for them. We have seen them in the city dump going through the trash, taking every kind of morsel they can find to eat. You wonder how they keep from breaking out with some kind of deadly plague of disease and all die. No matter how beautiful a hotel might be, when night sets in, if it looks like there will be a little rain, these poor people come in from the outside, with their blankets, and they will lay down under the porch, wherever they can get a little bit of roof over their head that will protect them from the drizzling rain. There they will sleep, on the porches and almost in the doorways and hallways, while the high caste as well as tourists have the interior of the hotel to sleep in. When I would look out in the daytime and see these sacred animals walking around, I just have to say this, and I realize we have some teachers in here, and I want you to know I respect you for what you are doing. I ask you though, do you know what I would have done if I had been the head of the British army when they first went to India? I would have taken one good look at that culture and would simply ask, Where did these cows come from? How come they have such freedom? You have to walk around them, you cannot even touch one of them. But if I would have had my way about it, there would never have been anybody going hungry in India. That is stupidity. When you have thousands of them in the low caste society, that will not even swat a fly, they have to sweep the pathway where they will walk: that is stupidity. I have to say to educated leaders of a society of a nation that is supposed to be civilized and know better, why in this world do you send envoys over there to carry on some kind of discourse, yet you do not try to tell them how to straighten up their environment? They have leprosy running rampant, simply because of unsanitary conditions. We were on a train coming back to Bombay, we pulled into one small town, and were sitting on the main track, waiting, I guess the engineer was changing something. We looked out the window. Here is a young woman probably not over twenty some years of age. She had a little baby in a sling around her neck. But her hands were rotted off. She had a little can hanging around her neck because she had no hands to reach out for alms. There was a man who looked like a business man that got off the train, he walked over to her and put a coin in that little can. I thought to myself, Britain, you have been there a long time. You could have probably stayed there a lot longer too, but it is a shame no one ever tried to teach them that the caste system is evil. They never tried to teach them that this sacred animal business was a junky idea. Even so it has been carried down through centuries of time and it has affected the society so badly that it is shameful. Then in Bombay as we were coming out of the depot, some of the buildings have large gateways into them. As we came outside there was a big pile of dirt alongside the driveway. There was a human body laying on that pile of dirt. I thought to myself, this world is in a bad shape. You do not realize the millions of people that die throughout this entire world, simply because they have a certain culture that is responsible for it. They may say, I have a culture, you cannot take my culture away from me. Well if it doesn’t do you any good, and if it makes you suffer and get hungry, and your hands and feet rot off, then you need to get rid of that culture. Why do you not take a few lessons? I could say a lot more, but I realize I have said enough. Just keep in mind, Israel, many years ago, used to have leprosy. Plagues would always follow some kind of catastrophic judgment.


I now want to get back to the actual message we are dealing with. I want to take you back into the book of Numbers. This goes back and picks up the prophecy that Balaam prophesied to Balak, what the children of Israel would do at a later time. We are at Kadesh Barnea, right at the edge of the borders of Edom. The children of Israel are on their way through the Sinai, on their way to the borders of Canaan land. They are on the approach to the country of Edom, coming up from the south. Numbers chapter 20, starting with verse 14. “And Moses sent messengers from Kadesh unto the king of Edom, Thus saith thy brother Israel, (Moses is actually saying to Edom, which is actually Esau. In other words, Esau, your brother is coming through the land out of Egyptian bondage.) Thou knowest all the travail that hath befallen us: How our fathers went down into Egypt, and we have dwelt in Egypt a long time; and the Egyptians vexed us, and our fathers: And when we cried unto the Lord, He heard our voice, and sent an angel, and hath brought us forth out of Egypt: and, behold, we are in Kadesh, a city in the utmost part of thy border: Let us pass, I pray thee, through thy country: we will not pass through the fields, or through the vineyards, neither will we drink of the water of the wells: we will go by the king’s high way, we will not turn to the right hand nor to the left, until we have passed thy borders. (Notice, a kindred people, this is Esau and his descendants. This is Israel and her descendants of that hour.) And Edom said unto him, Thou shalt not pass by me, lest I come out against thee with the sword. And the children of Israel said unto him, We will go by the high way: and if I and my cattle drink of thy water, then I will pay for it: I will only, without doing any thing else, go through on my feet. And he said, Thou shalt not go through. And Edom came out against him with much people, and with a strong hand. (Now imagine this, these relatives have been gone, in Egypt for many years. Now they want to take a short cut to pass through Edom. Before the birth of Christ there was a Jewish prophet by the name of Obadiah. Think of it. He looked down through the years. The ten northern tribes had not been carried away yet, and neither had the Babylonian Empire come into full preeminence yet. But Obadiah could see in the spirit just exactly what the Edomites would do unto the children of Israel, mainly the two southern tribes, when Jerusalem would be torn to pieces. He prophesied and warned Edom, you should not have stood on the other side and made fun of your brother in the day of his calamity. If that was true then, how many times, even in our day, people, if they have a disliking for somebody, and if they see things going hard for them, you should never say, good enough for them. Leave all those kind of remarks to yourself and to God. Because God has a way of correcting things and when He does it His way, He does it right. He does it without showing any prejudice. When we read that whole book of Obadiah, we can see the end of Edom and it is just right before your eyes. All these Palestinians that are now in this land of Israel, daring Israel, challenging Israel, threatening Israel, suicide bombers with their bombs, creating all kinds of oppression, we cannot help but see what these tribes across the river have brought about in these many years that they have immigrated into the land of Israel. Because one of the prophets of old said, and thou will say ahh, these two lands will become ours. That is what happened when the ten tribes were carried away in 728, never to be brought back until the end of days. The two southern tribes were carried away later, that is when these people on the other side began to move in and take occupation, not in a major way, but after the two southern tribes from Babylon were brought back in five hundred and something to build the temple, to build their altar and to rebuild the city to get it ready for the coming of Christ, yes there were a few Arabs in the land. They harassed these people too. They belittled them. They threatened them. They did everything they could to make life miserable. But after the fall of Jerusalem in 69 A.D. and the temple, through the centuries that followed, out of the Bedouin country came these people, little by little, century after century, until they have fully occupied the land of Israel. Again, they did just exactly what the prophets of old said, that they would do, let the land go desolate. They did not know how to really farm it, they raised goats and sheep and a few cattle. They did not modernize anything. That is what caused the land of Israel to be in the shameful state it was in when the Jews began to take over these different places in the Six Day War. With all this in mind, knowing what we do about the Arabs that are there, we can say this, he is either a Moabite, an Edomite, or an Ammonite. There are descendants of all three tribes of them living there now. When you hear in the news, the Palestinian Arabs, as they call themselves, and that is because they were born in the land of Palestine, but literally they are not the legal owners of the land. I would like for us to keep our minds centered on this fact, Jerusalem has a lot of things going on right now, that they have to deal with. The Palestinians are talking big. You can see that they are wanting to take a hack at Israel, they are wanting to start a war. When I think of the prophecy in the book of Micah, where it says, in that day when thy walls are to be built, God said, I will show unto him, meaning Israel, great and marvelous things. Imagine the battle that Gideon had with the Mideonites, three hundred men, and it brought death to the Mideonite camp. In this day and hour when it looks so hard to believe that God could really be that kind of God, that He could cause the waters to part in the Red Sea, that He could cause the waters to bank up in the Jordan River, and He could cause the Israeli army to be victorious over the fall of the city of Jericho, it is like I have said many times before, look back at that conflict. The minute they got over on the other side, they are lined up to head for Jericho, the largest encampment of Canaanite military power there was in all Canaan land, the largest fortified city with the highest towers, the thickest walls and trained troops that controlled the going in and going out. Yet somehow or other, when the two spies went into the city and ran upon the woman named Rahab, and she began to communicate what was in the hearts of the people of Jericho, she reminded the spies, when we heard what your God did for you at the Red Sea, our hearts did melt within us. Now that was a long time ago. That was about thirty four hundred years ago, roughly. Of course a lot of people today will say, Oh but that is mythology. When it is that old, they call it mythology. They cannot imagine that there is any reality to it, but let me remind you, it is when people think like that and they calculate like that, that is what makes God say, I am going to show you something. You know, when you look at that whole approach, how they marched around one day and blew their trumpets and went back to camp, can you not see those troops up on the wall, thinking, I wonder what they are up to? Look, they had no spear men in that army of Israel, with brass shields and helmets. No. It looked like a bunch of bums that came out of the desert. But here goes these funny looking priests, every morning, one time around, blow their trumpets and then they all go back to camp. I can just see those big Canaanite guards up there with all that brass and military might, making fun. Wonder what those quacks are up to? But you everyone know what happened, those Israelites had this record, the same God that has fed us for forty years, He is going to do something for us now. The same God that has brought a rock with us and we have never died of thirst, the same God that has kept our shoes from wearing out, the same God that has kept our clothes from wearing out, He is going to do something for us here. So when that seventh day came, from the Canaanite’s viewpoint upon the wall, everything looked to be the same. Here came the same crowd. But as that crowd came around to the starting point, suddenly something changed the Canaanite’s mind, oh, they are starting around again. When they started around again, now that threw their thinking off, what are they up to? They not only went around the second time, they went the third time, the fourth, the fifth time. Now those Canaanite soldiers are sending messages, how does it look on your side over there? What is going on? They began to get nervous. Those guards, if they were walking the wall, they could have looked down and seen a red cord hanging down from one of the windows, but they did not see that. So the fourth time, the fifth time, now they are getting confused and nervous. The fifth time, then the sixth time, how long can they stand that? The sixth time they went around, then they started the seventh time. Little did they know, this is it. That set a perfect type, that at the end of seven Gentile church ages, when this world is encamped in the largest buildup of military might, scientifically, Israel will again show the world who God is for. Just as God showed Israel how this Canaanite camp doesn’t mean a thing, because when they walked around at the end of the seventh trip around, they all turned facing the direction of the wall, they were all completely encircling the city, and they did not go back to camp that time. As they blew their trumpets and began to shout a loud shout, there was not one spear that left the camp of Israel. All of a sudden there was an earthquake. This was not a horse fly landing on a leaf. This was an earthquake of tremendous proportion because it says the walls fell outward. That meant God, from within this thing, caused this city wall to fall so that the children of Israel, walking toward the city from their position, could walk right over all this rubble of the wall and walk right into the city. By that time the fall of the wall and the confusion it brought to the inhabitants, had so terrorized the Canaanite’s, it was no job at all for the Israelites to take their spears and swords and kill, simply slaughter the Canaanite’s. God said, don’t save a one of them. When the seven church ages are coming to their end, we are closer to the end than we even think. I have to believe, as the message that was brought to this seventh church age, which was really a message that consists of this, That a called out man of God took every doctrine of the Bible that was preached in the early age which was the true gospel, he took every gospel doctrine there was that was preached in the first age, he rehearsed it, it was exemplified, it was confirmed. He displayed it right here at the end of Gentile time. God has let time last long enough for that message to be rehearsed until every soul around this world that is ordained to be in the Bride of Christ has heard it: they have got to hear that message. Please keep this in mind, that through the years of time as we have lived and heard it, I realize many times people will say, I get tired of hearing the same things. Please brothers and sisters, I am going to say something, and I ask that none of you get angry with me. You do not have any right whatsoever to really say, I get tired of hearing this, I get tired of hearing that. You are a lot like a little boy or girl from a rich family. They have had so much of the nice things in life, when you give them a certain flavor of ice cream, they say, I don’t want that. You give them another, I don’t want that. Another one, I don’t want that. Well what do you want? I don’t know. I have seen kids just like that. When you begin to see them get picky that way, you can rest assured they are not hungry: their taste buds are not crying out for food. They have had too much already. That is how many that are known as Christians conduct themselves, so what does that tell you? They are not hungry for the Word of God.


I have been talking with some people down in Mexico: brothers that wanted to talk with me before the morning service. They came to the room where we were staying. They began telling me how Dr. Lee Vail came to Mexico years ago, along with some of the men that believed like he did. Those men told the Mexican people, nobody can be saved anymore. God will not use gifts of the spirit anymore either. On and on he went like that. They asked me, Bro. Jackson, what about this? I said brothers, I am not here to condemn the man, but I am here to say this, I knew the man, I remember when he was a Trinitarian. When Bro. William Branham was preaching the church ages, Dr. Lee Vail was a Trinitarian, and a historian, a bible scholar. I will say for sure concerning him, he was always trying to push himself into everything that was gong on, projecting himself into the crowd around Bro. William Branham. It was evident that he was trying to use certain types of influence to get into the picture. It was not until 1962 that he finally decided to be re-baptized. Then he came all the way from Ohio down here to have Bro. William Branham personally baptize him. After that, Bro. William Branham turned over to him the manuscript of the Church Ages he had preached; and he started to work on it. I also said, but he was the man after Bro. William Branham’s death that got up in the pulpit at the Tabernacle and said God will save nobody anymore, the revelation is all finished, God will not use the gifts anymore, God will not do this and He will not do that. I said to the brothers, at the time Dr. Lee Vail made that statement, that the world did not even know yet, how Bro. William Branham baptized. Yes, they knew he was a man with an unusual gift, he went to Africa and prayed for the sick, he went to Norway and prayed for the sick, he went to Finland and did likewise, and the Spirit of God worked with him. Therefore they knew that he was a man with an unusual gift, but they did not know his doctrine nor his teaching. I just simply said, Would God have been a just God, if He cut off the means of salvation for everyone else back then? No. How could He judge a world of unlearned people, that had never had access to the most important thing? Then I also said, I thank God, that He is still God, and that the Lord Jesus is still on the mercy seat. That is why I have to say, All seven seals were not broken when Bro. William Branham was used to reveal the contents of six of them. Because six of them were broken, I can read them and tell you what they are. However there is not a person on earth that can tell me what the seventh one holds. Therefore until that one is opened, do not try to teach me what it holds. I am not going to argue with anyone about it, because no one knows what that seventh seal holds. With all this in mind, we know we are living very close to the end of this Grace Age. When I taught this message in Mexico, I could see people with tears in their eyes because it was something they had not heard. They had not heard or been able to see just how close we are to the end. I know when we put the chart up here, it shows that time is running out about 2004 ½. Some people will say, Bro. Jackson, aren’t you afraid you are going to get us into a period of time when it might not be that way? No I am not. Have I ever told you what date Jesus is coming? No. Have I ever told you what hour He is coming? No. That is what we will talk about in the message next Sunday. We have a clue in the Bible. The Bible is so written that you would not notice these little clues. That is why I have to say, a lot of these prophetic pictures that we are getting out of these prophecies, in years gone by they looked so small and insignificant, unimportant, and that is why people would say, well that is irrelevant. That is where they miss it: I want you to know, every one of them are important. That is why right now, because of the shortness of time and the end of it is close at hand, I have to say, God is going to reach in this book, and reveal every little paragraph, every little word or prophecy that relates some way to this day and the future, God is bringing it out of hiding and putting it together. It forms a beautiful picture. Like I said in Canada, when you see a prophecy that mentions the same object twice, remember this, that is a center piece. You put it right in the center where you imagine the picture to be and you build around it. Do not just take it and stick it here or here, or there, or off to the side somewhere. Why do I say that? Because whatever it means, it is an important piece, it has to have preeminence somewhere. This miracle war we have been talking about, will definitely, in a few short days, just as fast as those Israeli tanks and planes can go to work, Israel will spread her borders to their proper place. There is going to be enough fear grip the society in this modern world, I cannot help but imagine, just how these college professors will react, that have been known for their unique intelligence, how they can speak things and how they can say things, and imagine how they have belittled and looked down upon people that really like to have a dedicated outlook toward God and His plan. I just wonder how they are going to feel when they cannot help but look at the TV and see how Israel has laid Iraq wide open. How are they going to feel when they see Egypt, what has happened to them and all these areas across the Jordan River. Some of those places, from the aerial view, you are going to see dead bodies scattered from one end to the other. God is going to strip that country, He is going to lay enough fear there in those people, when it is all said and done, and it is over, those Arab people are not going to say, well now wait a minute, we have got to get our cabinet together, we have got to get our congress, we have to get our senate. No, they are going to say, Allah no longer hears our prayers, it is Elohim for us from now on. I just say it that way because when you see the end results in Isaiah, when you see it worded like it is, that from Saudi Arabia comes gold, I have asked before, how many of you people tonight, if you were asked to go to Saudi Arabia and say, I am here to take up an offering for the children of Israel because they want to build their temple, what kind of an answer would you get? You know good and well you would not get anything from them, will you? No. Because they are in no shape right now to hear anything like that. But tell me why the Bible reads like this: Out of Sheba, Dedan, and those places, here comes the long camel caravans over the desert sand dunes, laden with gold and incense, to be offered on His altar, and to beautify the house of His glory. What happened down there? There was a war that just took place in the Middle East and the world looked upon it and just sneezed at it, is that their answer? No, they will not have to say that, but I do believe some of their history books in colleges are going to be thrown into the trash. At least I believe some of the students will say, look, you told me there was no such thing as a God the Jews believe in, so what about this? I just saw this in the News this morning. I can see college students shaking their finger at the professor and saying, look, you told me there is no such thing as creation, that we descended from a monkey. How come all this is going on over there? Explain it! You see, sometimes God just lets man have his way. I do have to say this, before the week of Daniel starts, Israel will be through with her wars, she will have all her borders back, and she will be carrying out her rebuilding program. That is a fact. To think our modern world today has done everything they can to trying to design the future, and look what a mess. Last night our president was down in South America, where he is trying his best to get this American area to trade with one another. In some of the articles I have read, it told how in the past twenty years since our government has put in this free trade, a lot of it has been going on for quite awhile. There was just another chapter of it wrote here and signed about three or four years ago. It told that the middle class working people of America, that we used to have, has just about been wiped out. Twenty percent of our total population is getting richer. Sixty eight percent is getting poorer. So you can see that what the politicians are saying, is not true. It does not better the American people. Actually they are taking away from you, your future security, and they are helping to raise it up in another nation. Yes, the rich are getting richer themselves, but my point is, is it right for the president, and for the senators, the congressmen and that type, to go from seventy five thousand to a hundred thousand, then a hundred and twenty five thousand? Is it right for him to get this kind of wages, while it is taking from this man down here that was getting thirty five thousand a year? He is cut back to twenty eight thousand, and it just keeps getting lower, so I ask, is that right? Look at the Fruit of the Loom factory over in Kentucky, where will it go to, Taiwan? Japan? I have to say, that is not right. Of course some may say, Why would you bring this into the pulpit, Bro. Jackson? Simply because everything that is taking place in your country today, is fitting right into the last day picture we see in the Bible. I do not necessarily like to talk about it, but I have to say, our nation is being sold out, lock, stock, and barrel. Only God Himself knows what is liable to break out in this nation not too far from now.


In 1952 I was introduced to Bro. William Branham. I thought at the time, he is such a great man, there is no need of me taking up his time. I have looked back since then, what if they had, had church order back then? I never would have got to talk to him like I did, shake his hand and him say anything to me. Bro. Glenn took me up on the platform one day, I was standing a little to his right behind him, he turned and looked back at me. Bro. Glenn told him my name. He said, I understand you live on a farm. I said, yes. He said, would you allow a little fellow like me to come down and squirrel hunt. I said, I sure would. You know, back then when I had some livestock on the farm, about six thirty in the morning was when I got up to start my day. The next morning when I awakened and looked out the bedroom window, there was Bro. William Branham’s little van sitting in the barn lot. I thought, My goodness! I just couldn’t understand it, he came that soon! But I will say this, he was a great man of God, yet he could make you feel so at ease in his presence. You did not feel like you were shaking hands with the president or some congressman. He was right down on your level. My father-in-law was not a Christian, and I had watched my father-in-law through the years, and especially with some preachers that he would get around, you could tell that he was very backward (shy), he would not enter into the conversation. However when Bro. William Branham would come down to go hunting, my father-in-law was always ready right then, whether it was squirrel hunting or rabbit hunting, he was right there ready to go. Bro. William Branham was not a man that preached to you all the time. He could talk on your level. Every time he would be around my father-in-law, he was always talking about something on the farm. My father-in-law enjoyed it. That is why I have to say, a lot of people thought they knew him, but really, they did not. They just knew about him, but they were not around him, to watch him and study him, how he conducted himself around other people. His intention was always to make you feel at home under all circumstances. I will have to say, had Bro. William Branham not been killed on his way back here from out west, there would have been no church order in the tabernacle today. I can guarantee you that. Because he had already called the Wright family, which lived in Depauw, that was Bro. George Wright and his wife, and their daughter. He had called them from Arizona and told them he was going to take out church order. Yet somehow or other God saw fit to take him from us on the road home. He never lived to get back here, he never lived to carry out his plans. It would not do one bit of good, for me to go over the countryside and say, Bro. William Branham was going to take out church order, those are just my words, so it is my words against others. But the very people he talked to, told us twice over the phone, and this was in a short interval of days, he was on his way back, number one, to take out church order, number two, to preach a message that he felt that God had given him, which was called, The Trail of the Serpent. But he never did get to preach it, and he never did get to take out church order with the authority that it would require to do that, so it has gone all over the world and people have taken it and put it in over little congregations everywhere. People will look at you like you are committing a crime because you do not put it in if the case be so. If I want to go into a church building where it is real quite, I will take you to a Catholic church. I have been at two Catholic funerals in my life time, it can get very still, very still. There is a lot of repetition, Hail Mary this, Hail Mary that, on and on and on. It is not much different than what many people are doing when they go around saying, Bro. William Branham said this, Bro. William Branham said this, Bro. William Branham said this. What is wrong with that, some might say? Why do they not say, Jesus said this, Jesus said that? When Brother Branham was still here, he preached Jesus, so I ask you, why do you want to preach Bro. William Branham? Many of those who do that did not really know him: they just heard of him on a tape. You are the kind that just know of him. That is just like the Seventh Day Adventist: they read the Bible and get one message, Jehovah Witnesses read it and get another message. Christian Science people reads it and gets another message. On and on it goes like that. Even the Catholics that read it get another concept. You have all those denominations in the world, but where is the true body of Christ? Bro. William Branham was sent to get true believers back on track, get us back into the Word of God, and free from all those different versions of what truth is. I am thankful for that. The Bible has the answer to whatever condition we find our society in.


Turn with me to the 60th chapter of Isaiah. I am going to speak now on this, to go along with what I was on this morning. A lot of people might say, Bro. Jackson, you are running this into the ground. Well you just wait until I finish this the way it winds up, and you will understand why. There are certain things worded in the Bible a certain way. The 60th chapter gives us a graphic picture of this terrible war that is going to be fought in the Middle East. Some might say, well I have never heard anything about it. It has been in your Bible all these years, so why are you surprised? A lot of things can be in your Bible, but if you never read it, how would you know? You read about it, you read of it, but you really do not see the contents or the thought in it all, and that is because it was just not the season for it to be understood. We can say this, This miracle war that brings such devastation in the Middle East, will come to an end, somewhere just short of the last week of Daniel opening. What is the purpose of this war? It changes the whole world’s political structure and gets things ready to go into the week of Daniel. If you tune in to Trinity Broadcast, you will hear modern day preachers who preach on prophecy, whether it is Hal Lindsay or some of the others, they have a repetition of things they say, and when they are finished, about all you know they have said, is that the man of sin could come any time, and that Jesus can come just any time. Really, there is no such thing as Jesus can come just any time. Well I have always been told that. That does not make a bit of difference. Jesus can not come at just any time. He can come for you or He can come for me, but He cannot come just any time to rapture His bride Church. There is a certain plan for that in the Bible, and it is going to be exactly like that. You cannot hurry it, neither can you delay it. Preachers say all these things because, without spiritual revelation they have nothing else to say. There is a definite plan in the scriptures, laid out so graphically perfect; and that is how it is going to be. This terrible war is going to change a lot of the picture that society has in mind right now, and I will say this, what is going on right now just makes me very disgusted: especially when I hear young teenagers crying because their schools have become such pot holes along the road of life. I am going to tell something right now; and it is not a joke: it really happened. At one time there was a man that lived out along Blue River. I was a young boy then, back in the 1930’s. He always raised a lot of pole beans. These pole beans he raised, required a lot of poles for him to be able to support the beans vines. He went around all over the community to find out if any farmers had any sassafras thickets that he could go through, and cut poles. So one day he met my dad and asked my dad about getting some poles, and dad said, Sure, go ahead. So he came up and was going along the edge of the fields through the sassafras. I was out following them around. He told how down in Kentucky he had gone to a mountain one room school. He said this actually happened. There was one big boy about seventeen years of age in that school, that no teacher could do anything with him. He never would study, so they could not pass him on to the next grade in school. Then one particular school term, they had hired a new teacher, a girl, I think she was nineteen years old. You would wonder, how can a girl that young get a bunch of mountain ruffians under control. He said the first day of school she came in, very nice, very polite. She assigned lessons. She did not keep them long, just a short time. The second day of school, she came in carrying what they thought was a lunch sack. She went to the desk and put this sack in the drawer. Everything went well for the first two or three days. But then this seventeen year old began to make his remarks, cracking jokes, making the whole class laugh. Finally the teacher looked up and called him by name, I would like for you to remember you are in the school room and it is time to be still. Of course he got a big grin on his face and just kept it up. That teacher just sat there, while he had the whole school room laughing. Directly she said, I have asked you in a nice way, to stop this. He said, why don’t you make me? That teacher got up from her chair and reached in the drawer and pulled out a twenty foot bull whip. She laid it in the aisle. Then she said, I am giving you one more chance to shut up. He jumped to his feet, but he had no sooner jumped to his feet, she wrapped that whip around his ankles and jerked him to the floor. After all the laughing stopped, while he was trying to get that off his ankles, she whipped it again and let him have one right across the back. She said, either get up and get out of here, or get in your seat and start studying. From there on, she never had any more trouble with that seventeen year old boy. You see, they did not have to go to a school board and get it settled. Who wants that kind of school teacher? It is better than some today and it is better than some who are running the system today. It just goes to show, when you have given yourself over to the justifying of lewd, rude, conversation in the classroom, that there is no discipline measured out to anyone, it is a law of the fallen generation of mankind, where one evil is justified and another follows. After awhile evil overrides the good. Then you have everything imaginable going on, where the innocent suffer the consequences of what the evil ones do. That is why it says in Isaiah 13, in that day it will be like this, evil is called good and good is called evil. The last twenty five years it has just kept getting worse and worse. Every year they come along, what can we do, we have to change this, that and something else. Why blame the parents? I bring that in with one statement, which is this, they have already taken away the parents’ authority to use the correcting rod on them, Parents are not allowed to chasten their children any more. If you do use a stick on some sixteen year old kid, you know what he does? He goes to the school and tells the teacher, now they have you before the school board. Some of these seventeen year old children are at the point that you have to beat the disobedience out of them. They are just like some of the wild horses in the mountains. They don’t know to do any different. The only language they know is force, but it is force that is meted out in a proper way. Maybe a lot of people don’t like that today, but you have got a sick world because of that very attitude. Don’t cry when you hear of more teachers and young people getting shot on the school grounds. This liberal society has brought it on and it is here to stay. It is not going to change until man changes it, or rather when God does. When God changes it, rest assured of one thing, it will not be done by a school board. It will be done by the hand of God Himself. It will not surprise me, when whatever God has designed to straighten out and clean this country up to get it ready for the last episode, if many tears are seen. People who neglect their responsibility are the ones that shed the most tears. One thing is sure, whatever God does will be done right. Well I had better get back to my subject again. A lot of people that hear me talk about this war, seem to get the idea, well this war in the Middle East is not going to be much of a war. I just have to say, when you look at the way certain prophecies are worded, it is going to be a war in which God intends for the entire world to see it take place. How are they going to see it? Just like they saw the Gulf War, only it will be more explicit, more in detail. Knowing of all the satellites in space, with cameras watching everything, tuned in on every event of interest, there is not a nation on the face of this earth that has TV equipment set up, that will not be able to see it. The way Isaiah 60 describes it, I can see that not only people in the Middle East are suddenly shocked by what they view, they are also going to have their attitude about the whole thing changed. This is also going to affect other nations such as the Far East. We may think, just because China, Thailand, Tibet, Burma and those isolated places, which at one time communication for them was very limited, that they will not see it all take place. I ask you to keep in mind, there is a society there today that can watch what is going on right here in America just as well as what is going on in their own country. When that thing does take place in the Middle East, some of these nations that are Hindu, Buddhist, and other religions, if I am looking at the wording in this 60th chapter right, God is going to use this episode, the way it is brought about, to touch the minds and hearts of some of those people who have been so wrapped up in a heathen religion for centuries. When it is all over, and they have sat and watched their TV through it all, they are going to realize, Buddha was nothing after all. Hindu was nothing after all. It is God’s way of doing just exactly what His word says. In Haggai the 2nd chapter, it expresses it like this, In that day, yet once more, a little while, I will shake not only the heavens and the earth, but the sea and the dry land, and in this place, (meaning Jerusalem), will I give peace. The shaking is not just a shaking in Israel. It is not just a shaking in the Arab world. It is a shaking all over this planet. If God said He will not only shake the heavens, but the earth, then the sea and dry land, and He will shake all nations, that when it is all over, the end result is, God has accomplished to get attention drawn to an element of people that are His chosen people. That is why it follows up and says, the silver and the gold is mine, the glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former. What does all that add up to? When it is time for God to get the temple built, He will not send out envoys to the nations, to see how much money He can borrow from the Canadian treasury or the United States. There are people in the nations of the earth today, that have most of the wealth. Think of Ted Turner and Bill Gates and those kind, which are millionaires. God knows exactly how to touch their hearts by letting them see something of His great power. Regardless of how much they presently believe in the materialistic world they are familiar with, when God displays His favor on behalf of Israel, it is going to get through to them. When this Middle East strike does hit and it shocks and paralyzes the world, it really begins to show people the reality of a God that sits in the heavens and can touch all things. He can move anything and change it by His sovereign power. God knows exactly how to bring about the development of a scene, so that a certain episode will usher in an event to serve His purpose. There is not a man on the face of this earth, regardless of who he is or what he possesses in the way of wealth of this world, that God cannot speak to His heart, I want a little bit of what you have, for the rebuilding of my temple in Jerusalem. We heard last fall, that Ted Turner pledged a billion dollars over a ten year period, to the U.N. I hope he never gets to write the first check to them, because one billion dollars in a time of what I am talking about here, would come in mighty handy. That is why it says the gold is mine, the silver is mine. God knows where all of it is, and who has it as their possession, and what it is tied up in. We will say this tonight, the world has not yet seen this, but when they do see it, that is going to be the shocker for all of them. I am compelled to believe that God is becoming very fed up with all of this scientific, modernistic, materialistic, high tech world that is so willing to bypass Him and His purpose. We now have an instrument that was not available years ago, the computer. Sure it is helpful, but if someone does not come up with a clear cut answer for it, some of this computer programming is going to go berserk. Man has been mighty smart to invent this thing, but to think that there is a point where, even though it can perform perfectly up until that time, when it reaches that line, who knows what will happen? It was never programmed in the proper sense. Therefore there can be a breakdown. Everything is programmed today, department stores, all their supplies are ordered by the computer system. That is transferred to the trucking industry. On and on it goes. Then all of a sudden, if you have a terrible shut down of the computers, and they cannot operate to order the produce anymore, what then? Now they are going to have to go back and write this and write that. You know what they are going to have. It goes to show, man is smart, up to a certain point, but beyond that, he has to utterly depend on God. I am not saying that Jesus is coming when the computers are shut down: do not even think like that. I will say this, God sure knows how to let certain things go on the blink, just to show the world we live in, that He is still in control. I will now read a few verses of this chapter. Try to put in your mind, that whatever this war, in the eyes of God, is to accomplish, when it has finally reached its end, let us begin to see the after affects, actually what begins to take place. We are in the 60th chapter of Isaiah. This prophet, looking down through the scope of time, is seeing the Jewish nation reconstructed, restored. They have had to fight a terrible war to set everything in place for God to come on the scene and fulfill His word. It says here, verse 1, “Arise, shine; (Who are these words addressed to? Jerusalem.) for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” We know this, there is a lot of the Branham followers that have the idea that the temple is going to be built after the Millennium opens up. I would ask them, What scripture do you have for an idea like that? You cannot get it from this one. I will show you scripturally, why you are wrong. I will start with a question. How is it possible, if the temple is going to be built in the Millennium, for the scripture in 2nd Thessalonian 2:3-4, to be fulfilled? “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.” The temple will have to be rebuilt before the middle of the 70th week of Daniel, in order for the antichrist to be able to set himself in the temple of God, showing himself to the world, that he is God, after he has the two prophets killed in the middle of the week. When was that temple built? Put it together. We have too many people today, that just throw a bunch of stuff out there on the blackboard and figure that is the picture of the coming of Christ. It is not. Jesus Christ is coming right on schedule. Every verse of scripture in the Bible is moving right into place precisely. I say with due respect, Bro. William Branham said a lot of things concerning the coming of Christ, and I am not saying these things to disrupt the thought, but it is a pitiful shame when men get so side tracked that if you begin to talk to them about anything you hear, well if Bro. William Branham didn’t say so: I will not listen to it if Bro. William Branham didn’t say so first, and all such as that. Such people refuse to pay attention to one such as I. It sounds to me like you are saying, if Bro. William Branham did not say it, you refuse to even look for it in the Bible. I ask you, What did that man preach the loudest? Why did he keep pounding the platform and saying, Get back to the word of God? What word was he talking about? Something he just got through saying? No. He was referring to this, the Bible. This is the Word he was referring to. The Catholic Church tried to destroy it and Protestantism has done much in bringing confusion to the interpretation of it, because they are void of revelation by the Spirit of God, but God’s Word is ever the same. You everyone know that is the truth. That is why we have so many denominational divisions in what is commonly referred to as Christianity. Each person, each leader, each system has their own interpretation. It just simply cannot be that way: it was not written that way. That is why the prophet to this age came with an understanding, that in this book (the Bible) is written what will give a picture that God wants you and me to see. Those who have the Spirit of God abiding in them are able to see that picture when others cannot. Now I want to get back to these verses, for the time has arrived, when I can see the power of God begin to settle on this nation of Israel, and the children of Israel are becoming very enthusiastic, very excited, and they are getting ready to start rebuilding their city of Jerusalem. I am not talking about the one that lays on the outer summit of Mt. Zion. I am talking about the one inside that old block wall, approximately four square miles. That old desolate, run down cesspool where the Arabs have made it smell like a latrine. I will never forget, when I was there for the first time, in 1968, our guide told us, that after the 1967 war when the Israeli army took the old city, they went in a few weeks later and told all the shop keepers who were Arabs, either clean up the streets, change the looks of things around here, or we are going to close your shops. You will hear a lot of people today, well they shouldn’t do that. Well regardless of what some may say, one thing is sure, the Jewish people do not live in a hog pen. They are very sanitary and hygienic, and they wanted the Arabs to come out and do the same thing. Notice the 2nd verse, “For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, (It is dark tonight in our society. The more we boast about our education, you know exactly how they want certain things said, they don’t want education taught with morality. They do not want education taught with spirituality. They want every mind to be subject to all the derogatory, negative stuff they can feed into our children. No wonder some people have done their best to try to raise their children at home with some moral principles and character. I say that because, when they go off to these institutions, most of the time, the spirit that dominates the crowds they are thrown in with, act more like gangsters. No wonder the devil can come in on the school grounds and take a bunch of deranged minds and put in their hands some kind of weapon to take their vengeance out on someone or something. The last twenty five years of our educative system has not made things better, it has made things much worse. We are not talking about the math they are trying to learn, we are talking about all the other nonsense. We build these massive stadiums so they can play football and basketball. Now we have athletes that are twice as tall as they used to be, yet they leave the basket at the same height it has always been. I would have to say, scoot that basket up the pole about three feet and make it just as competitive as it used to be, when the average basketball player was five foot, nine. Now they are six or seven feet tall. That is a shame. That is mockery. They reach up and push that ball through the hoop, anybody can do that if they are tall enough. Am I saying something I should not have said? If you think so, I am sorry, but when I was a kid going to school, I never was able to reach up and just grab the hoop and do it that way. Now they are all giants, those are the ones they want to play basketball. Brothers and sisters, it is mighty dark out there tonight, awful dark. You cannot talk spiritually to many of them. Darkness shall cover the earth, spiritual darkness.) and gross darkness the people: (spiritually) but the Lord shall arise upon thee, (Israel) and His glory shall be seen upon thee. (Jerusalem) And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, (Now imagine, come on you Trinitarian preachers with this new world order. I want to ask a simple question, if the New World Order was in force, how many do you think would come to see Jerusalem rise? They would absolutely be interrupting every agenda in the general assembly to say, we have to stop this, this is not according to our agenda. Well one thing is sure, whatever God has started, He will finish it. This is why it is going to be very interesting, once this war starts, just to sit back and watch how things develop. The Gentiles shall come to the light of what? The rising of Israel, the rebuilding of the temple, the rebuilding of Jerusalem.) and kings to the brightness of thy rising. (Thy restoration) Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons (talking about Jews that are still scattered throughout the world. In the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish population is just now approaching almost four million Jews in the land of Israel. There are almost three million Arabs in the land of Israel. That is why I keep saying the United Nations and these characters that say, yes the Jews ought to be allowed to come back to their land, but the New World Order has made the land such a little thing: it is like trying to put a bushel basket of marbles into a quart jar. It is scientifically impossible. We are close to seventeen million Jewish population in the world. There is more yet to be brought back. So you see, it is not the way the U.N. or the New World Order looks at it that counts: it is the way God looks at it. So we can say this, when this war in the Middle East does break out and tears everything all to pieces, it tears the political process into complete smithereens. Man then has no more plans or agenda to lay out there. God has torn it to pieces. Now He can start dictating, He can start speaking to mankind, to bring about the order of things, the development of things, the way He wants them. This is why it is worded like this. Thy sons….) shall come from far, (Some might ask, Well why don’t the Jews that are still scattered, go home? Many of them are just like you and me: they don’t like to be disturbed in their every day programs. They are in the business of making money. They are in the business of enjoying life and the material world, especially the Jews in North America. With this in mind, can you not see why there is hardly a Jewish family that wants to leave America and take their children back to Israel, for fear that there is a terrible war going to break out and their children might have to face going into the army or become involved in this conflict in some way. So they are going to stay right where they are. When this thing does strike and God shows His miraculous delivering power to the Jewish nation, that is going to speak to a lot of these young college, Jewish young people. When they see the hand of God and the power of God displayed in the Middle East in the land of their heritage, just like it was when God led them through the wilderness journey, there is going to be many a young person that will say in his heart, I want to go back there where my God has shown Himself to me, that He is just as real today, as He was three thousand years ago. Something will speak to their hearts, something is going to draw their attention. That is when they are going to go back there. That is why it says, thy sons shall come from afar.) and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side. Then thou shalt see, and flow together, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged, because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee.” Now I want to ask you something. Is God actually talking about that body of water out there? I hardly think so, but the abundance of the sea shall be converted. This is not spiritual conversion brought about by preaching the gospel. This is not conversion of human life. This is conversion of raw materials, substance that at one hand has been designated to be used and brought to a certain finished product. But when that victory is obtained, it becomes known now what Israel needs, to get this job going, so it is sent to them. Watch what nations all over this earth will begin to say about this. God knows exactly how to speak to certain rich, industrialized people. That is why it says here, the abundance of the sea (people) shall be converted unto thee. Then thou shalt see and flow together, yes, unity among the Jewish people, harmony, working for one certain purpose. God wants to rule and reign over them. This is why, through the years of time, here and there, God has saved a few Orientals, a few Japanese, a few Chinese and a few Vietnamese. He knows exactly how to accomplish His purpose in and through the two thousand years of Grace, as He has caused the gospel to go around this globe. He knows exactly who He has saved to represent something in the Bride of Christ. When the Millennium does start, that reigning Bride is going to be made up of every race on the face of this earth. No Jew is going to rule over a Gentile nation in the Millennium. That would be inconsistent with the way God’s plan goes. This is why you see it in Revelation 20, right there when the Millennium is just ready to start. That is when John saw thrones, that is more than one. And they sat upon them, who are they? The same people that came back with Him riding white horses (the Bride saints). They are not going to ride those white horses all through the Millennium. Those white horses are only speaking of the designated power that the Bride is coming back with, when she comes back with Jesus, to execute wrath and vengeance upon the planet in dealing with sinful mankind. When all of that has been corrected, when the judgment is finished, then the thrones become judgment seats. That is why it says in the 20th chapter of Revelation, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them, so there sits the Bride on those thrones. Where are they sitting, over in Jerusalem? No. Where are they sitting? That represents every nation on the face of this planet, so there are positions wherein that portion of the Bride that has been taken out of those races related to that, will be seated there among those that she came out of. That is exactly where the Bride sits in the Millennium. She is going to sit there, she is going to execute judgment. She is going to pass out sentences in connection with things that are wrong and needs to be corrected. That is why, the Law then shall go forth from Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. That is the headquarters. No matter what race of people is found fit to be left alive to pass into the Millennium, there is not going to be any heathen there. There is not going to be any idol worshipers there. Every one that is there, is going to somewhere find out that there is a true God to be worshipped. They are not going to have to wait until the Millennium to find out if He is real. They are going to see Him do something that opens their eyes. When I say this, please do not think I am saying, oh but there is going to be a massive revival. Forget that. When that time comes, the revival as far as for the Bride, is over. Now God is working exclusively to open the minds, the eyes of an element of people, mortally, to prepare them to settle in their minds how to look to the future. God has many ways, He can take that mortal heathen mind, and when He is done, He has instilled another picture in him, one that He will never forget. I think many times, how off in the South Pacific, through all that vast region where there are hundreds and thousands of natives, just wait until the Bride of Christ settles back down there. Do you think there will be any of them spared? Yes. I believe God has a way of touching the heart of that poor heathen from the backwoods, that doesn’t even know that Abraham, Moses, or Jesus ever existed. God has a way of doing a lot of things right here in the closing days of time. Now let us read verse 6. We are still in Isaiah 60. Did you know Saudi Arabia is the wealthiest oil producing Arab country in the Middle East? In verse 6, the war is over, and the Spirit of God is working in other areas of the planet, through other elements of people in different geographical spots, to produce His purpose. Out of Saudi Arabia, where this Islamic spirit rose up, back in 700 and something, to become one of the most blood letting religions that has ever been on the face of this planet, He will cause them to contribute. (I have read of the wars and conflicts that has followed this Islamic religion. It is not an enjoyable picture to look at. This was a religion brought on by forced conversion: it was not something voluntary. But it goes to show that this conflict in the Middle East, however long the Lord allows it to last, the end result is, that the Islamic spirit has been squeezed out of that Arab world and God has given those Arabs a different insight.) Listen to this, “The multitude of camels shall cover thee, (talking about Zion and Jerusalem) the dromedaries (meaning the caravans) of Midian (This is where the ancient Midianites lived, they are the ones that harassed Israel. You have read about Gideon and the Midianites. This is the modern century of them. They are under that Islamic spell. But when God gets through using Israel to correct that whole Mideast picture, it is going to be a blessed beautiful picture to watch the end results. Think of it, in a land that at one time they would cut your throat and say, away with Israel, they now have an altogether different attitude. Now they are loading up with gold.) and Ephah, all they from Sheba shall come: they shall bring gold and incense; (What? A little handkerchief full? You wouldn’t even get that now, with that Islamic spirit on them, but when this is over, it is going to come in great quantities.) and they shall shew forth the praises of the Lord.” Now verse 7 shows you that the altar has been erected, that is the first thing they do, so that they can start offering sacrifice. Out of the little region in Jordan, there is a little area called Neboath. That is one of Ishmael’s sons. They are bedouin people, they raise sheep and goats. Think of it, there it says, out of that region, here will come the livestock that they can offer upon God’s altar of sacrifice. The world will know then, that Israel is home, God has restored her, she is back in the land, she is building her temple and there is not a thing the world can do to stop it. The world, in that hour, is going to look at this picture with a different attitude. Even church people that have been affected by various things, are going to see a lot of things change the picture they have. That is why I would just love to see how some of these college professors will respond to what they see taking place. I am not making fun of the schools, but it is the way the enemy has taken and used them to brainwash and stop the young generation from being able to believe, to study and be realistic. It is the way the devil has harnessed the whole program, that makes such a grim picture today. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, about a week after this conflict starts, as it starts with such an explosion, with such a shock to the world, that there is not a professor that can turn the TV off? I want to watch it. I will never forget that Gulf War, having been through WW2, that Gulf War, there were some episodes that went on, you could not help but realize, God was giving our fighting forces something to regain their prestige. It went from Korea to Viet Nam, they had been used by the dirty politicians in Washington. They would say, You can’t take this, you can’t bomb that, you can’t go there. No wonder the thing lasted so long and there were so many casualties. When politicians map out the whole war, you can be guaranteed it will go berserk. In the Gulf War, the politicians could only say so much, they had to leave it to the military men to design the strategy. I will say this, we are six years past that and there is a lot more modern technology now in the military equipment, than there was back then. Now Iran has the atomic bomb, she is working on a rocket to deliver it to Israel. Israel has already said, we will not rule out a pre-emptive strike on them. Young people it is not going to be a kid’s game. You are going to see things literally turned upside down and wrong side out. When God does do this, He has a question and an answer, and a results to show to the whole world. I am thankful there is a true God in control. All the signs today, let me know this Grace Age is just about over, so let us be watchful and prayerful. Amen.


Holiness vs. Tradition – 2011, February



In Romans 13:8, Paul says, “Owe no man any thing, but to love one another; for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law,” and some have taken that verse to mean that a Christian should never finance anything, nor borrow any money. I have actually had people say to me, Bro. Jackson, I have never borrowed money in my life; I just do not believe in it. If any of you feel that way, let me ask you this; on what scripture in the Bible do you base such a conviction? I hope you have more than Romans 8:13. Maybe some of you, who might feel that way, have never had to borrow money. That is well and good; God bless you, but I am one that has had to. I will always remember one time, when I wanted to put a furnace in my house, and my salary in the church was very small, so I knew I would have to borrow a little money, if I was going to do that job. I was praying about it, for I always tried never to do anything that would be in excess of what I saw my future potential to be. As I continued to pray about it, one night, I had a dream. I had said, Lord, you know what I need, and you know when I should do this, and in the dream, I saw myself standing in the Corydon, Indiana State Bank, when Mr. Miller was still alive. I was standing just outside his office door, waiting, and I could hear him talking to another person. After that man left his office, Mr. Miller said, Raymond: Come in. I saw myself go in and sit down, and I could hear myself telling him what I wanted to do, and how much money it would take. When I finished, he said, Raymond, when you get ready to do it, come on in. That was the dream, and it was some time after that, before I felt that I should go ahead with the project, but the day I went to the bank to see Mr. Miller, that is exactly what happened, just like I saw it in the dream. I do not owe the bank for that furnace now though. To owe no man nothing, means, do not borrow, without paying it back. Furthermore, you should pay it back on the contract basis, and not wait until your creditor catches up with you and demands payment. You do not have to take my word for this; just open your Bible to Matthew 25:15-27, and read the parable of the talents, and you will see what Jesus said of the slothful servant that should have at least invested his master’s money with the exchangers, so that he could have received interest from the use of his money. In other words, they could have loaned the money and received interest, (usury.) That just goes to show, that borrowing and loaning is a part of the economics of our society. What we have to realize is that there are always certain people who will twist every truth of the Bible, trying to get someone else under bondage. It is all right to borrow money, or to finance a purchase, but it is not all right to fail to keep up with the contract agreement. Now, do not worry about what will happen if the rapture takes place before you finish paying for something you have bought; you are not going to take it with you. Some people ask questions like that.


Brothers and sisters: True holiness is more than just a shell that we put on. True holiness is perfected, when you are inside, what you appear to be on the outside, if what you appear to be on the outside is in harmony with God’s principles of righteousness. Raymond Jackson has his faults, but by the grace of God, I try to keep them subdued, so that they do not rule my life, nor cause me to become a stumbling stone to you. My desire is to be a stepping stone that may enable some to draw closer to the Lord. It is one thing to have faults, but there is something wrong with your experience in the Lord, if you do not appreciate His grace enough to try to better yourself. We should never allow anything to become an obsession with us. Take clothing, for instance. We are living in an age when clothing has become an obsession with many people who profess to be Christians. You do not need to have on a new dress or a new suit every time you go some place, and certainly, Christian people do not need to be trying to keep up with the styles of the world. Back some time ago the miniskirts were popular. The worldly crowd started that fad, but it crept right into the churches. All you could see was women’s knees, everywhere you went. Then the styles changed, from extremely short to extremely long, but what did they do then? As the skirt length got longer, the blouse necks got lower and lower. Everything is designed with a sex slant, to grab the lustful attention of the opposite sex, and men are just as bad as the women, with their clothing. It makes me wonder, what will they come up with next? One thing that has become popular as the women’s skirts got longer is the slits up the sides. At first glance you may think a woman is modestly dressed, and then find out that her skirt has 3 slits that run practically all the way up. We encountered such a sight on our way into Canada recently. Walking down through the Toronto airport terminal was a nicely dressed man, with what seemed to be a very modestly dressed woman, walking by his side. Her skirt length was about half way between her knees and her ankles, and at a distance you could find no fault with her appearance, but as they came on in and sat down, it became very obvious that the front panel was the only thing that hid the woman’s nakedness. When she sat down across from us, the whole underside of her body was exposed. All you can do is just bow your head to keep from looking at such as that. It is all a design of the devil, in this sex crazy age. Not all of those skirts are slit that far up, but if they are slit at all, it identifies with the spirit of that thing. Let me hasten to say this, now; Do not become legalistic about this, for I am sure that any right thinking person will know the difference between this kind of skirt, and others that may have always had a little ½ inch or 1 inch gap where the seams are, on the sides. There is nothing that can be done about how people of the world dress themselves, but Christians do not have to identify with them. Christians ought not to display themselves in such a way as to draw sexy glances from the opposite sex, and you do not need a list of do’s and do not’s; all you need is some Holy Ghost convictions.


Now I want to call your attention to another extreme. Some preachers in times past, have preached so hard against women displaying themselves, sexually, that they have even forbade women to wear shoes with the open toe. They feel that a woman’s toes sticking out the end of her shoes is displaying herself in the wrong way. I sometimes wonder, just how silly some preachers will get before the end? I have never seen a woman’s big toe yet; that I felt would entice anyone sexually. I have always felt that any preacher who preaches like that should be prepared to go into Africa, India, as well as other places, and furnish shoes for all of those women. Saints: It is not whether your toe shows or not, when it comes to this thing of holiness. There are Christians in the world, who have never owned a pair of shoes in their whole life, and just to have a pair of little sandals would be the most that they could ever hope for. Could you say those dear souls are not holy? Shoes are just like anything else. They can reveal a lot about the individuals who are able to have any kind they may choose, but you can never set up a standard, and enforce it around the world. That brings us right back to our text. “Hast thou faith? Have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth.” I would never try to get any brother or sister to violate their convictions on these issues of holiness, but I do encourage every one of you to strive to bring your convictions into harmony with the word of God. If you believe that it is wrong to wear a wedding ring, it would be wrong for you to wear one, if you did it just because I said it was not wrong. But just as Rebekah put something on her head, showing that she was espoused, you owe it to yourself to display something, showing that you are married. Otherwise the man on the street sees you young married sisters, the same as any other young virgin. The ring could prevent a lot of ideas on his part. I wear a wedding ring myself, and I do it mainly for that reason, to show that I am a married man. I was asked to take it off one time, and for the sake of the preacher who asked me, I did it, while I was in his pulpit. But within three days, some of his people started coming to me, Bro. Jackson: Is it wrong to wear a wedding ring? That kind of puts you in a corner; you cannot be a hypocrite, yet you do not want to cause trouble in a man’s church, so I said, If you believe it is wrong, it is wrong for you, but to me, it is not wrong. Before long, that preacher’s wife told my wife, to tell me, to go ahead and wear my ring. The next time I went back there, you could see wedding rings all around the place, but deep in his heart, the preacher himself was stubborn. You know what the Bible says about stubbornness. That is what happened with King Saul, that made him go against the word of God, and here is what the prophet Samuel, had to say about it. (1st Sam. 15:22-23) “And Samuel said, Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and STUBBORNNESS is as INIQUITY and IDOLATRY. (Notice what a severe penalty he received.) Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, He hath also rejected thee from being king.” A person should have convictions that are based upon the word of God, but stubbornness, and manmade traditions can never stand in the place of true holiness with God. Hast thou faith? Have it to thyself before God. If you have trouble with your family, and your old friends, let it be because of a genuine conviction from the word of God, and not just because of something you may have heard me say. I hope you get the point.


We have all read 2nd Corinthians 7:1, where Paul wrote these words, “Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, PERFECTING HOLINESS in the fear of God” and I suppose every extreme theory of holiness might have been instituted because someone read that particular verse. The real problem seems to come from carnal minds which read certain scriptures, then stretch the truth of that scripture, just like a rubber band, until it breaks and slaps them in the face. Every rubber band had a certain amount of elasticity, and within its limits, it will hold things together, compactly. However when you stretch it beyond those limits, it breaks, and whatever it is holding together, falls apart, many times, making a mess. That is exactly how a scriptural truth is. When it is applied within its scope, it will serve a good purpose in the plan of God, but when it is stretched beyond its true application, and carnal minds are allowed to play with it, sooner or later, you have a mess for someone to straighten up. We definitely are to be about the business of perfecting holiness both in our bodies as well as our spirits, just like this verse says, for without holiness, no man shall see the Lord. But like I have said over and over again, True holiness is a relationship between every genuine Christian and God; and it cannot necessarily be measured by man’s standards of holiness. There are some obvious areas in individual lives, where a lack of holiness can be detected, but there is no possible way that we can look at people, and declare that they are holy, for outward appearances and ways of life are very deceptive. If holiness was based only on outward appearances, then Jesus did wrong when he spoke to the scribes and Pharisees as He did. Listen. “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES! For ye are like unto whited sepulchers, (whitewashed tombs) which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so YE ALSO OUTWARDLY APPEAR RIGHTEOUS UNTO MEN, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.” (Matt. 23:27-28) Do you see what I mean? He could speak to them like that, only because He was able to look inside their outer shell, and see what their heart condition was like. We have people, supposedly in this end time message of restored truth, who travel around from place to place, measuring holiness by what they see. Regardless of what part of the world they may be in, their measuring standards are the same. They dwell on the length of hair, the length of dresses, whether you wear jewelry or not, whether you speak in tongues, how high you jump when a fast song is sung, whether the men wear neckties, and whether the women wear shoes that cover their toes. Brothers and sisters, they have a list of do’s and don’ts a mile long, but they do not all dwell on the same things. They all have certain main points that they pick on. If they can get you to subscribe to their formula of holiness, you are a true child of God in their mind, but if you do not agree with them on every point, they will put you out of the family of God. At least in their mind, you are out. But listen, while I read another verse from this same chapter of Matthew’s gospel. Verse 23, “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES! For ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, (in other words they followed their own little set of rules, which were alright as far as they went) and have OMITTED the WEIGHTIER matters of the law, JUDGMENT, (JUST JUDGMENT) MERCY, and FAITH: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.” In other words, if our heart is right with God, we will not dwell on certain outward ways and appearances, and neglect other things that are just as important. Verse 24 applies to those who do. Jesus just looked at them, and said, “Ye BLIND GUIDES, which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.” It is not my responsibility to judge the eternal destiny of anyone; that is in the hands of God, but to those scribes and Pharisees who placed so much importance on their outward appearance, when their heart was full of deceit and ungodliness, Jesus said, verse 33, “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” I know that is strong language, but it was Jesus Himself that made the application, and He made it applicable to men whose hearts are so vile that they would destroy another man’s image and testimony, if he refused to bow to their set of rules.


Some of you may think I am speaking a little too plain about these things, but let me tell you something, the hour is late. Our time for playing around with the scriptures is running out. I have never said anything to deliberately hurt anyone. God forbid that I ever would, but there has to be a dividing line drawn somewhere, so people may have an opportunity to get their eyes opened, and see why they are following whoever they may be following. I have said many times, and I am going to say again this morning, Please do not follow my flesh, regardless of how much you may like me as a person. Without a revelation, you will miss God completely, even if you do and say all the right things as you go through life. Upon what did Jesus tell the apostle Peter that He would build His church? I know there are ten thousand different opinions as to what that rock is, but I hope all of you are able to see that He was speaking of the rock of revelation. He had just asked His disciples a question, “Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?” Some of them replied, John the Baptist, others said that the people thought He was Elias, or Elijah, and that some thought He could even be Jeremiah, or one of the other old prophets. After hearing them report what the multitudes were saying about Him, He looked them in the face and said, “BUT WHOM SAY YE THAT I AM?” Peter always seemed to be the quick one to reply, or to act, so he blurted out, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” We are in the 16th chapter of Matthew, and in verse 17, “Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.” That simply means that no earthly man revealed such a thing to Peter. He knew it because the Spirit of God had revealed it to him. This caused Jesus to say, “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock (this rock of revelation, not this rock Peter, as some have understood it) I will build my church; (the rest of this verse gives a clue to understanding what the rock is, for anything that is built upon any man is subject to have the gates of hell prevail against it, but that which is a revelation to you is such a part of you, that the devil and all his angels can never take it away from you.) And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Those who have the word of God hid in their hearts by a spiritual revelation are not at the mercy of the devil and all of his angels, but anyone who is just following some man, without a personal revelation to stabilize them, are as helpless as a fly in a tub of molasses. The devil can run them up any old road he chooses to.


Now let me ask you, Are you in this end time message of restored truth, or are you just trying to play around with it like the denominational theologians play with their theories. This is not a message that you can play with. This message that so many people claim to have heard, from the mouth of God’s prophet messenger to this age, will place a demand upon your life, and require you to meet Bible standards in a holy walk with God. All who play around with it, get hurt. Many have been hurt already. Some of them have gone past the point of no return. They have departed from the truth that Bro. William Branham stood for, deified him, and given him the place that only the Lord Jesus Christ could ever have, and because of this, God must deal with them as idolaters. To a great extent, their conscience is already seared, as with a hot iron. They are branded, and regardless of who they may be, they should be treated according to Paul’s instructions in the 5th chapter of 1st Corinthians. As we begin reading with verse 11, I want you to pay attention to what is written here. “But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man THAT IS CALLED A BROTHER be a fornicator, or covetous, or an IDOLATER, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one, no, not to eat. For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? Do not ye judge them that are within? But them that are without God judgeth THEREFORE PUT AWAY FROM AMONG YOURSELVES THAT WICKED PERSON.” Brothers and sisters, that is plain enough. Paul says, do not keep company with such people; do not even eat with them. Many such people have been blindly led into such a place; therefore, there is hope for them if they will come to their senses, and return unto the word of God, but there are others that have gone too far. They will never return. You could preach to them until you become grey headed, and all they will do is look at you with a smirk on their face, as if to say, Preacher; God gave me this revelation. That is exactly what those idolaters will tell you, if you question them as to why they have elevated Bro. William Branham into such a place of deity. I have heard them say, you have to have a revelation of who he was. Saints! I praise God because I do have a revelation of who he was. He was a man, just like you and me, in the sense that he needed a savior. But he had a call of God upon his life that no other man among us had. He was commissioned to put us back in the Bible, where we could see just exactly what a Christian is supposed to be. He did what he was called to do, and he will receive his reward for it, in that day when God rewards His saints. God will not hold him accountable for the extremes that some have gone to with the words he preached. They have become idolaters by their own choice; they become subject to be dealt with according to Paul’s instructions. Saints, it is bad when we lose fellowship with people because of the truth we stand for, but I would certainly hate to be deprived of fellowship because some crazy, devil idea had grabbed hold of me, and true believers had to put me out.


Look with me, at some other instructions that Paul gave to believers in Thessalonica. 1st Thessalonians 5:21, “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good, (That lets me know, that somewhere in our Christian lives, we have to reach a point where we know what good principles are.) Abstain from all appearance of evil (that means, abstain from those things that God calls evil, not just every little whim of some carnal minded person you may respect) and the very God of peace sanctify you wholly: and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Speaking of abstaining from every appearance of evil, reminds me of something that happened years ago, out in the state of Missouri. I was invited to a young couple’s home for an evening meal, and the young man was one of these fellows that are always doing some kind of bodily exercise. He spent fabulous sums of money, buying exercise equipment, trying to keep his muscles built up. He was very careful about eating the right foods, and taking vitamins, and all of that. When he found out that I drink coffee, what do you think he did? He went over to a cabinet, took out a bottle that had some little yellow pills in it, and said, Bro. Jackson, I do not mean to be offensive, but according to research findings, each cup of coffee has an amount of caffeine in it, which is equivalent to one of these caffeine tablets. Now what would be the difference between you drinking a cup of coffee, or just taking one of these caffeine tablets? I knew what he was driving at, this was not the first time I had encountered this sort of thing. I just took a little time to think, and then I said to him, God knew when He made the coffee tree that some people would have a nervous type stomach, and coffee would not set well with them. But he also knew that some other people would have a stomach that could consume a barrel of coffee, without any adverse affects. These people might enjoy the taste of it, and also appreciate the warm stimulating feeling that a cup of coffee can give them on a cold winter morning. As a matter of fact, I learned to drink coffee years ago, when my sister and I had to walk 3 miles through the woods, going to school, on those cold winter mornings. A cup of hot coffee helped a lot. I have been drinking it ever since, and it has not affected my salvation one bit, and I do not believe it hurts my physical body either. If I thought it did, I would quit drinking it. Furthermore, if you think it would hurt you, then do not drink it, but please do not try to tie it to holiness. When the apostle Paul wrote to those Christians at Philippi, and told them to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling, it was this matter of holiness before God that he was referring to. We all know that there is only one way for lost sinners to be justified from their state of unbelief, that is, by faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. We do not work that out; it has already been worked out for us, there at Calvary. But we do have to work out the affairs of our life, after we have believed, to bring our lives in line with the word of God. If you do not work out your own salvation on this question of holiness, you will always be under bondage to the devil, trying to follow some man. Brothers and sisters, what I am trying to get across to you, is that holiness is a personal relationship between every true believer and God; it is not just a doctrine with a set or rules to follow. Of course there are some guidelines to get you started on your Christian walk with God, but then, you must have your own convictions about what is right or wrong for your own personal life, and a lot of that is based upon the culture of your own society. When it comes to water baptism, for the remission of your sins that is the same, no matter where you are. It requires you to repent first, and then be immersed in water, not sprinkled, and just pouring a little water on your head is not good enough either. You must be put under the water. That is the only way your baptism can be a type of burial. When you bury something, you put it under. Now God has one formula for receiving the Holy Ghost, (Acts 2:38) and there is no other formula, so you do not have to work that out. You just believe the word of God, and obey this one formula from the heart, and it then becomes God’s responsibility to give you the seal which is the Holy Ghost.


When you receive the Holy Ghost, there is no certain manifestation that you have any right to expect. You may speak in tongues; then again, you may not. You may fall out under the power of the Spirit of God, but then again, you may not. It is up to God to give you the Holy Ghost with whatever manifestation pleases Him. The only important thing is that you receive the Holy Ghost, not how you receive. The Holy Ghost is not an option in salvation. You do not have the new birth until you receive it. That is why Paul wrote as he did to the Romans. Look in the 8th chapter of Romans, beginning with verse 8, “So then they that are in the flesh (without the Holy Ghost) cannot please God. But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. NOW IF ANY MAN HAVE NOT THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST, HE IS NONE OF HIS. And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. But IF the SPIRIT of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken (make alive, raise from the dead) your mortal bodies BY HIS SPIRIT THAT DWELLETH IN YOU.” That should help you understand why I said, The Holy Ghost is not optional. It is the Holy Ghost that places us in the body of Christ, and if we are not in that body, we are not of Him. Look at 1st Corinthians 12:13. “For by ONE SPIRIT (the Holy Ghost) are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one SPIRIT.” Brothers and sisters, we are either in the body of Christ, or we are not; it is as simple as that. If we are in that body, we have the Spirit of God in us, to enable us to have a holy walk with Him. But if we do not have that Holy Ghost experience, we are not in the body of Christ and whatever amount of outward holiness that may be displayed is just a shell, and God will not accept it. Perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord is to be constantly moving toward a Bible picture of holiness, not a human picture. We titled this message, Holiness versus Tradition, to keep the title simple, but what we are dealing with is true Bible holiness in contrast to man made traditional holiness. One is by the Spirit of God in true believers, and the other is by human zeal. That which is by the Spirit of God will allow for circumstances, but that which is by human zeal is rigid and unbending, without mercy, and without just judgment. It is only for an outward show.


We have already touched on clothing, and I do not mean to be repetitious, but there are yet a couple of things I want to say. As you travel around the world, you become very conscious of the fact, that in every continent, there is a traditional type of clothing that identifies those of that continent. They are known by that certain style the world over. Therefore when you go into their part of the world, and convert them to Christ, are you to touch their dress style? Only that which might tend to draw immoral, suggestive glances from the opposite sex. Only then, would you interfere with their traditional style of dress. When Jesus Christ came into the world, He was manifested to the Jewish race. His natural genealogy was traced back through Jewish parents, therefore He did not dress like a Turk, nor like someone from the Orient; He dressed Himself according to the traditional life style, and customary dress of the Jewish people at that time. He did not dress Himself in such a way that when he walked down the street, His clothes made Him stand out like a sore thumb. If you did not know who He was, you could have taken Him for any average Jewish man walking down the street. I am certain of one thing though, He was dressed conservatively. Now when we say conservative, it must be understood like this; whatever the traditional custom in clothing may be, in any nation, God will accept that. When Paul or Peter spoke of apparel, they were dealing with fads that pop up for 6 months or a year or so, until another one is introduced to take its place. The devil works in those things, most of the time to display the human body in some sex suggestive way. People who design things like mini skirts, or skirts with slits up the sides, or promote the image of the unbuttoned blouse, or the low neck blouses, do not do that to portray morality, decency and godliness; it is just the opposite of that. Therefore every woman who wears clothing like that, no matter how pure in heart she might be, is looked upon by degenerate mankind just like any woman of ill fame. If your style of dress identifies with that kind of image, what else can you expect? That is why I do not hesitate to say, No born again child of God will submit themselves to such an image as that. Just plain common sense is all it takes to know what conservative clothing is, in whatever part of the world a Christian may be living for God in. Over the years, living standards and modes of travel have brought about changes in traditional customs of dress; that is understandable. But that kind of change will always have a consistent pattern; it will not be one thing today and something different six months from now. In other words, just for an example we will think about the American style of dress, back around the turn of the century, when the automobile first came on the scene. Up until that time people rode horses, or in a buggy or carriage of some sort, that required a different style of clothing than what we are used to now, since most all of our transportation is motorized, and on good roads. The Amish and the Mennonite people are an example of those who refuse to change with the times. You will see them going down the road in a horse drawn buggy, where everyone else is driving a modern day automobile. You will usually see, in that buggy, a man dressed in black, with a low profile, wide brimmed hat, and the same style shirt and trousers that was worn in Holland, back in 1400. Their ancestors came out of the Dark Ages with convictions against worldliness, against worldly appearance, world fashions in dress, and everything else that seemed like worldliness to them. In almost 500 years, they have not changed their style of dress. They will not own an automobile, or any kind of farm tractor or equipment, and they will not even have electric lights in their houses. They are not all like that, not that strict anymore, but many of them still are. They will not even have window shades.


I heard the testimony of an old Mennonite brother, back in the late 1950’s. He told how a certain physical condition had caused him to go to one of those salvation and divine healing meetings. I have forgotten who the particular evangelist was, but in that meeting, God got hold of him, healed his body, saved his soul, and filled him with the Holy Ghost. Then God got hold of his whole family, and saved them, but his testimony later, was that back on the farm, he was plowing corn one day, with an old horse drawn cultivator, and he could look out across the fields and see other farmers with their high powered tractors, plowing acres of corn in one day’s time. It made him feel that he was at a crossroads in life. He just stopped right in the middle of the field to rest his horses, got off the seat, and took off his hat, wiping his brow, and saying in his heart, O Lord, if this condition was only changed. At that moment, he heard an audible voice speak to him; Go tell your people wherein they are wrong. It scared him. He thought someone had slipped up on him, and heard him talking to himself. He looked all around and did not see anyone, but then, he heard the same thing again; Go tell your people wherein they are wrong. Then he knew that God had spoken to him, so he did exactly that. He went right back to that old Mennonite Church, took his seat, and waited for his time to give testimony and read scripture, according to their custom. When he finished giving his testimony, and telling them they were wrong about this, wrong about that, and wrong about tractors, electric lights, automobiles, and so forth; they held court right there in the church, and voted to throw him out. Now the point is this, they were so old fashioned in their lifestyle, that God could no longer talk to them, yet you could not say that they were not a holy looking people, from their outward appearance. That is why I said, you can get into a holy looking shell, and miss God altogether. In other words, you can get yourself so separated, that even God will have to pass you up. That may sound strange, but that is exactly what happens when individuals, or groups, just pick out certain things, and make a doctrine out of it. They always reach a point where they will jump over Biblical truth, in order to enforce their doctrine. The Shaker movement was a good example of that. They had what you and I call the Holy Ghost, but they got off course. They secluded themselves into colonies, practiced confession of sins, and community of goods, which you could not say is unscriptural, but they went on to demand celibacy, and equality of the sexes, which definitely required them to jump over many scriptures. For instance, did not the apostle Paul tell Timothy, that the younger women should marry, bear children, and guide the house, without giving the adversary an occasion to speak reproachfully? Did he not also tell him that the women should learn in silence, with all subjection, and that they should not teach, nor have authority over any man? Yet this society of Shakers, or Shaking Quakers pushed women into roles of leadership. They had no formal statement of beliefs, but starting out in America with only a handful of members, somewhere around 1780, and by the middle of the 19th century they had grown into eighteen colonies, with around six thousand members. History records that the Shaker movement was the most successful experiment in religious communitarian living in the New World. They were noted for their neat, well planned, and peaceful villages; their pure architecture and fine craftsmanship; their progressive practices in agriculture, and their concern for social betterment. They suffered persecution at times, because of their peculiar ways, but it was all in vain. They had jumped over too many scriptures, therefore God allowed the movement to die out. In 1959 there were only twenty nine known members of this society. It just goes to show, that when you leave the scriptures, no matter how holy you may appear, the day will come when you reach the end of your rope. Shakertown, Kentucky, today, is nothing more than a memorial of bygone days.


It seems that many people get to feeling so holy, and so close to God, they begin to feel that they do not need a scriptural foundation for what they decide to make a doctrine of. That was the case with these Shakers, on the issue of celibacy. In the year 1758, a twenty two year old young lady joined the society, which was then under the leadership of James Wardley and his wife Jane. This young lady was Ann Lee, a textile mill worker. Four years later she married a man by the name of Abraham Standerin, a blacksmith, by whom she had four children, which all died in infancy. Hers was an unhappy marital experience complicated by severe illness, and during these trying times the conviction grew upon her that “concupiscence” was a cardinal sin. (That, of course, is the condition of man and woman living together physically, intimately as man and wife.) She became convinced in her mind that this was strictly wrong, and that it was the cause of sin in the world in the first place. It was because of her influence that the discipline of this sect became so severe. But it was while she and some others were in prison, for disturbing the congregation of a church during worship services, in the year 1773, that she claimed to have a vision whereby she was divinely ordained to complete the mission of Jesus Christ, on earth. This would require her to repudiate, or abstain from every lust of the flesh. Her testimony was so powerful, that she was accepted as an inspired prophetess, and appointed leader of an order known as “The Millennial Church.” Ten months later, in the year 1774, seeking freedom of worship, Ann Standerin, with seven devoted followers, sailed for America. Coming from England to America, they settled first in New York, where they waited for an opportunity to open their testimony on the shores of the New World. Their big opportunity did not come until the year 1780, and Ann Standerin died four years later, but she left behind, American born converts that expanded the movement until it reached its peak with about 6 thousand members, before it started its decline. During that time they spread into Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, as well as various parts of New England. They rebelled against the established church, because it condoned marriage. Saints! When you start establishing teaching like that, no matter how holy you may appear to be, you are stepping over the Bible to do what you are doing. What did the apostle Paul say, in Hebrews 13:4? “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” That scripture meant nothing to them; they converted whole families to their teaching. But sad to say, many times they only converted either the husband, or the wife, and this broke up that home. The men lived in separate dormitories from the women, and the children were placed in nurseries. There was no home life, as we know it. Brothers and sisters: when you go to that extreme in your holiness, you have left the Bible completely. God told Adam and Eve, to be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it. Then, after the flood of Noah’s day, God spoke to Noah and his sons, and said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and the fear of you shall be upon every other living creature. It was at this time, that God told Noah and his sons, Every living thing that moveth upon the earth shall be meat for you, but do not eat flesh that still has the blood in it. This last part is for you that believe it is wrong to eat meat. It does not matter whether you eat meat or not, but if you teach, abstaining from meats, as a doctrine, you have left the Bible to do so. God never reaches into the leadership realm of movements like these, to pull out men who will stand for truth. No. He goes down the line until He finds some little fellow who is hungry for the truth, and then He has someone He can lead, by His Spirit. That is the reason John the Baptist, did not come from the ranks of the Scribes and Pharisees. That is also why the messenger of this age, did not come from the high ranks of oneness Pentecost; they had already settled down upon their statement of beliefs, and locked all the doors and windows so tightly, that God could no longer speak to them. Then, when Bro. William Branham did come on the scene to fulfill his calling, Pentecost looked at him with a big bug-eyed look, and wondered how he could be of God, since he did not come from among their ranks. They thought they already had all that God had to give, and they tried to lock the devil out, but that will not work for anyone. If you are going to be led by God in these last days: for goodness sakes, leave the door open. When you lock the devil out, you lock God out too. But if you will keep the door of your life open to God, He will make a fool out of the devil when he comes around.


Did you ever take time to think about what causes a denomination in the first place? Every denomination that has ever been started has been the result of God reaching down into some old dead system, and dealing with the hungry soul of some individual that did not lock up his own heart’s door along with the system he was in. God leads individuals out of those old dead systems, through a revelation of truth that He imparts to them, but before long they begin to notice how the devil is harassing them. The first thing they think of is to lock the doors and windows, so to speak, in an effort to keep the devil out, but the moment they do, God is locked out also. How is that, Bro. Jackson? It is very simple. The devil is a spirit, and he gives people ideas. He causes some people to read the Bible and get strange revelations from it. Therefore to prevent such a thing from being mixed with the teaching of the Church, they all get together and make a list of the basic Bible truths that they all stand for. This is what they call these articles of faith, even though we realize that not all of them are Bible truths; the devil has already been busy. Nevertheless what they commonly agree upon is all that they are going to allow in their services, therefore God is shut out along with the devil, for He (GOD) also, is a Spirit, and that is how He deals with human hearts, by causing them to see things in His word, that their denominational system does not see. The truth is, you will never keep the devil out like that; he gets in just the same, but God will not force His way into those old cold places; He just lets them go on and die, but He is ever looking for a hungry soul that has His heart’s door standing open for Him to enter. Now all of this should lead us to one conclusion; we can never keep the devil out of the church building, as long as people are free to come and go by their own will and choice. But every true child of God absolutely can keep the devil out of their personal life. How many of you know what I am talking about? There are always some who will not walk where I walk, but I am not the final judge of the matter. I will say this though, Brothers and sisters of this end time restored truth: If we will walk with God day by day in a true Biblical holiness, it will get harder and harder for the devil to sit among us. As perfection becomes more and more a Biblical reality for us to attain, the devil has less and less room to move around in.


Let me say another thing or two, and then I will try to bring this message to a close. I want to touch on music in the church for the next little while. I had Bro. Neil Connolly play that song on his slide trombone for a reason. Five or six years ago, when Bro. Connolly was here, he was asked to play that song for us. It is a beautiful song to me. “Down from His glory, every living story, my God and Savior came, and Jesus was His name. Born in a manger, to His own a stranger, a Man of sorrows, tears and agony.” I did not know that the tune itself originated in Europe, years ago. But there was a man in the congregation at that time that had come over from Norway. I had picked him up at the airport myself. While Bro. Connolly was playing that song, I saw the brother get up and start toward the platform. I met him, and checked him. He was wanting to say something. But I said, not now, and lead him back to his seat. When the song was finished, and one of the preachers started to preach, (This was in our convention) the man came down to the platform and turned around, like he wanted to say something to the congregation. I went over, and said to him, Brother: Is there something wrong? Yes. He wanted to say something. By that time the preacher was already preaching, and I again said, not now. Wait until after the service. He went back to his seat for a few minutes, but then got up, and went outside. He would not sit in the service. The deacons told me after the service, that they had taken him back to his motel room when he would not remain in the service. I went to his room to find out what was wrong with him, and this is what I heard, “The song that the brother played on his horn is a worldly song.” I said, “Brother, that is not so. That is a beautiful song.” But he insisted, “It is of the world.” Then I said, “How do you know that?” At that, he began to tell me how the song was written in Europe, so many years ago, and that it was a worldly song. It was a classical number, and it was worldly, and Christians ought not to be playing it. I knew that whatever classical music America had, came from Europe, but I said, Brother, the only time I have ever heard that tune it was to the beautiful words known to us as, Down From His Glory. But he did not want to accept it any differently, and I thought to myself, this is where people can really get carried away. They think if any tune was ever associated with the world, that brands it as no good for God, and Christians should not play it. I realize that he did not hear the words that we sing to that tune, and this naturally made the worldly association, when he heard it played by Bro. Connolly, but that did not give him any right to be unreasonable, when I tried to explain the situation to him. I wonder how many of you sitting here, realize just how many of the gospel songs we like to sing, at one time or another, the tune to them has been used by the devil’s crowd? Does that make it a bad song? How many of you ever heard that little song, “Oh, I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes?” It is a worldly song, about a sailor that was far over the seas, and he is thinking about his love back home. It was not a vulgar song, like most worldly songs of our day, but it is a worldly song. Now, Let me ask you this, How many of you know that the tune to that song is the same tune that Roy Acuff sang, “The Great Speckled Bird,” to? The great speckled bird is the Bible in this song. Should we throw that song out, now that we all know this? If you feel that way, I could probably help you throw away a lot of your gospel albums that you love so much, for I can think of a lot of gospel songs that are sung to what, at one time, was a worldly tune. Suppose we leave America with this thought, and go to the other side of the world. A few years back, there was a little country western tune came out, “Anybody Going to San Antonio, Anybody Going My Way.” I know some of you have heard that little song. Truck drivers enjoyed hearing it on the radio, as they drove along. It was not a vulgar song either, but it was a worldly song, not for the church. But when we went to Norway, we heard some young people singing a little song in church, and it was to that same tune, “When I Remember What He Has Done For Me, I’ll Never Turn Back Anymore.” We sat there listening to that little song, and I kept wondering, now where have I heard that tune? Then I remembered it was the tune to “Anybody Going to San Antonio,” and then I wondered where the tune first originated? Which song had it first? It does not make any difference as far as I am concerned, for it is the message contained in the words that determines whether it is a worldly song or a gospel song. Those young people had learned that little song in Germany. They did not know that the tune was used with any other words, just like I did not know that the tune to “Down From His Glory” was one that my brothers and sisters in Norway would consider a worldly tune. Saints, we really need to keep an open mind about all these various things that are attached to holiness. The first thing you need to be conscious of, is that the Church of the living God is universal, and that we Americans have no right to make a sin list for saints that live in a completely different environment than ours. God knows how to deal with every soul that is truly born of His Spirit, regardless of where they may live, and those that are not born again, can never be made holy in the sight of God, just by following your rules for holy living. Just let me say it like this, You follow your own rules, so that you yourself may have the answer of a good conscience before God, but leave room for the Spirit of God to deal with you, just in case you do not have all of your convictions built upon a solid foundation.


For another example of extremes that some people are guilty of, let us consider divine healing. I have crossed paths with many people in the last 25 years who did not hesitate to express their viewpoint on divine healing. Many of them would say, so piously, if you believe in divine healing; then it is wrong for you to take pills, and go to doctors. Brothers and sisters, listen carefully to my question. Where did they get such an idea as that? In all of His 3 ½ years of preaching, Jesus never preached one sermon against doctors, nor against taking medicine. Neither did Paul, nor any of the other apostles. On the other hand, we do find where a certain woman had been ill with a blood disease for twelve years, and that she had spent all she had on physicians, and constantly grew worse, instead of better. In other words, she had a medically incurable physical condition. But when she heard about the miraculous power that worked through this man called Jesus, the Christ, she said in her heart, Oh, if I can only touch the hem of His garment, I will be made whole. No one instructed her like that; it was a feeling from within her own heart. Therefore she pushed her way through the crowd until she got close enough to touch His garment, and at that very moment Jesus turned, and said, “Who touched my clothes?” She had hoped that she could do that without being noticed, but Jesus felt virtue go out of Himself, and that caused Him to ask the question. His disciples said, Lord, you can see all this multitude thronging about you on every side, and yet you say, “Who touched me?” About that time, Jesus looked over, and saw the little woman fearful and trembling, and said to her, “Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.” The little woman was healed immediately, from a disease that physicians could not help her with, but did Jesus or any of the others; take that opportunity to condemn all physicians? You know they did not, as well as I know it. Let me tell you what probably did happen though. When Jesus went back to the Capernaum area, after the news of that had had time to spread, they probably had all the sick folks lined up waiting. It is such a common thing for people to feel that whatever works for one will work for everyone, I can just see them, Lord, just walk along here where we can all touch your garment. We are not asking you to pray a long prayer for us, just let us touch you. Does that sound familiar? Is that not the way many preachers of our day, promote such things? I am not making fun of them; many people have been healed in much the same way as that little woman in the scriptures, but I must point out one thing, That little woman was probably not the only sick person that touched Jesus that day, in all of that great multitude, so what was it that made the difference? It was her faith. “Thy faith hath made thee whole.” (Luke 8:48-Mark 5:34) Every believer should know, that when that kind of faith reaches out to God, favorable results come back in return, but none of these scriptural accounts of healing, provide any reason for us to condemn a brother or a sister for going to see a doctor. People have such a tendency to take certain scriptures and use them for a club or a whip, just to beat someone else down, and make them feel bad. They all quote scriptures such as 1st Peter 2:24, which reads like this, “Who His own self (speaking of Jesus) bare our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed,” and they will say, If you are already healed, why do you go to the doctor? Brothers and sisters, it is alright to remind each other of the many benefits and provisions that are in the Bible, but it is wrong to do it in such a way that it becomes a whip, and brings feelings of guilt upon some who may need to go to a physician. I have always said this, if you can live above sickness, without going to the doctor or taking medicine, that is wonderful; may God bless your soul. But please! Do not condemn a brother or sister that has not attained such a place. Always allow room for the grace of God to work in every person’s life. Do not be so foolish as to think that God is helpless to deal with His true children when they need to move up a notch or two. What do we read in Romans 8:29? “For whom He (God) did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His son, (Jesus) that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.” If God has predetermined to do a thing, Brother! You can be sure that He has a way to get it done. Bro. Jackson, does that mean that we should not try to help each other? Of course not. Did I say anything against the children of God, helping each other? Everything I have said has been to help you keep from condemning each other, and to keep you from condemning yourselves, when carnal minded people find fault with you. I have not said one thing that should keep anyone from obeying any scripture that God may reveal to them. Some of you, who have grown more in the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ, may recognize many things in the lives of others that you feel should not be there, but it would be wrong for you to assume a pious attitude toward them, knowing that growing in the grace of God is a progressive process. No one reaches maturity suddenly.


Let us read a few more words that Paul wrote to the church at Rome, and then we will try to bring this little message to a close. Our hope and our confidence must rest in the ability, and the faithfulness of the one that called us to this great salvation by the wooing of His Spirit. Picking up verse 30, there in Romans 8, we read these words. “Moreover whom He did predestinate, them He also called: and whom He called, them He also justified: and whom He justified, them He also glorified. What shall we say then to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? WHO SHALL LAY ANYTHING TO THE CHARGE OF GOD’S ELECT? IT IS GOD THAT JUSTIFIETH.” God is able to carry us through, if we will just hold steady and depend upon Him. Let us not be as concerned about what other people may think of us, as we are about what God thinks about us. Let me read you a few verses from the little epistle of 1st John, beginning with 3:11. “For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another. Not as Cain, WHO WAS OF THAT WICKED ONE, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because HIS OWN WORKS WERE EVIL, and his brother’s righteous. Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hates you. We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. HE THAT LOVETH NOT HIS BROTHER ABIDETH IN DEATH. WHOSOEVER HATETH HIS BROTHER IS A MURDERER: AND YE KNOW THAT NO MURDERER HATH ETERNAL LIFE ABIDING IN HIM.” There are some people who become so violent when they cannot get others to subscribe to their formula of holiness; they are almost like Cain, who physically slew his brother Abel. They may never kill you physically, but they will do everything within their power to kill any spiritual influence you may have with people. Why? Because their own deeds are evil. Their own heart is not right with God. Who would follow such leaders? Those who have drifted along through life without ever becoming grounded upon the word of God. Those who love excitement, more than they love truth. Those who hope for some material advantage, and those whom the devil has set in your assembly just for such an occasion. All of this is foretold in the scriptures, that those who love truth, and desire a holy walk with God, may be forewarned. I am going to close now. I never had any intention of making a sin list for anyone. If you have a Bible, you already have a sin list. If you do not have a Bible, try to get one. Then just humble yourself before God, and ask him to show you from His word, how to conduct yourself as a child of God. If anything in this message leaves a question in your mind, do not hesitate to write us. We are here to help you, if we can. I have always felt that there is a Bible answer for every honest question that anyone may have, concerning their spiritual walk with God. Meanwhile, May His grace be precious to each and every one of you. Amen.

2010-01-The Countdown Is On, Part 1

Earthly Wisdom vs. Divine Wisdom, Part 2 – 2010, November

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson


I will say to all young people, if you are going to seek a certain professional type job in this world, you have got to have an education that will enable you to fulfill that profession. But we have a world of people now that have taken over society and they do not want to allow you to stop with just a common school education: they insist that all go to college. I have said many times, If you are going to fly an airplane, then please get a good education, but if you are just going to fry hamburgers for McDonald’s, even though they want you to have a college education, we everyone know you can do that without a college degree. I learned to fry eggs and bacon a long time ago. I am not saying I am the best, but I have never had to throw one out yet. When I think of these men that have worked for the city ordinances, like the water company and such, in cold weather like we have now, suddenly a main line breaks. No matter where he lives, it is an emergency. Do not tell me the man that gets down in that ditch with a pick and shovel, to dig, needs a college education to know how to do that. I would say to the man who says that, When you point your finger at me and say, oh but it is necessary, I will have to say, Your education has made you talk foolish. To demand any such is to display stupidity. Maybe you would not get in the ditch, but it is a shame the way the American public has been brainwashed. No wonder we have a society where little children are being starved in their own homes. Do you believe you have heard it on the News lately, have you not? That is a shame. I have to feel sorry for a lot of little children. Young people, we are going to talk about children of light, and children of darkness, so please pay attention. You ought to be very thankful, that you have been given a privilege in your young life to know something about the grace of God. We are going to prove to you by the Bible, we are living in the end time. The Bible speaks for itself. I have data right here, but I will not read it all: I will only refer to some of it and then read certain paragraphs to let you know the hour we live in now is one of the darkest hours of human history. The Bible has told us it would be this way and now it is upon us.


I want to take my text today out of Matthew, chapter 4, starting with the 12th verse. We know that Jesus came upon the scene two thousand years ago. He came to a nation that was supposed to be a religious people, but as it turned out, religion was all most of them had: they knew nothing about God. Let us see what the Bible says about all of that, then let us look at our own nation and see what the Bible says about the way it is. Jesus had already been baptized by John, and He has returned from the wilderness back to Nazareth and He hears about John. Now when Jesus had heard that John was cast into prison, He departed unto Galilee; And leaving Nazareth, He came and dwelt in Capernaum, (That was a little town by the Sea of Galilee.) which is upon the sea coast, in the borders of Zabulon and Nephthalim: (Notice) That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, The land of Zabulon, and the land of Nephthalim, by the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles; The people which sat in darkness (Think of that. This is areas of the Jews, but also an overlapping area of Gentiles. The people which sat in darkness…) saw great light; (What kind of light did they see?) and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up. In other words, Jesus was the light of the world. No matter what modern man may say or what era of time you are looking at, your intellectual people of the hour might have been natural man, in all his technology and wisdom, so we cannot refer to it that he is in the light. He is actually forecasting darkness. Just think, Jesus came at a strategic hour of time in the history of the Jewish nation, which boasted of their belief in the God of Abraham, but most were just following a ritual. After fifteen hundred years, they had deteriorated so far away from the true light that their revelation of what the Law was about, had come to the place they no longer looked forward to a change, or to what the scriptures or the prophets might have pointed to. If that be the case back then, turn with me into Romans the 1st chapter. The Holy Ghost fell approximately 33 A.D. in Jerusalem. By 54 A.D. it is now witnessed in Asia, and in the areas of Turkey and Greece. Paul, on his return to Jerusalem many months later, after he had been among Gentiles in Macedonia and that region wrote this letter to the Roman believers. His letter was actually written in 60 A.D. That is several years after the birth of the Church. As I read this, I would like for us all to take a good look at our Gentile, American society today. It is getting very dark. I am going to prove to you by all these scriptures and accounts of today, that we are living, time wise, in the American society, in utter chaos and darkness. At the time Paul took occasion to write this, keep in mind, that which was the Roman society had not yet been converted. Rome, through the influence of Satan, had fought the Christians, especially in Asia. They martyred them, butchering them in almost inconceivable ways. Not much of the Roman society had been affected by the gospel yet. Some think that, but as I read here, I want you to take a good look at America today. We have missing, pregnant mothers, children starved to death, babies killed before or at birth, dead people found in city dumpsters and widespread evil. Then we have a governor that pardons them on death row, pardons them all. When I heard some of the things he said, I just thought, all of you politicians and all of your court systems, you have twisted the meaning of our laws until they are now hitting you back in the face. So you feel bad about it, because you cannot even take a certain person that is known to have committed certain crimes, and run him or her through your judicial systems and wind up knowing whether he or she is guilty, because of your standards or principals. Somebody somewhere has become a victim of such stupidity. Some of you might say, Bro. Jackson, you are always using that word, stupid. I am going to read to you what the word stupid, means. Stupid, means to be marked by a lack of intelligence. Like maybe if someone had hit them in the head and knocked them cold, when they came to their senses, they cannot think properly. It also means dazed, lacking in understanding, slow willed or dull. So I have to say, due to a lack of light, everything else is nothing to them. You and I, to them, are considered stupid, we are fanatics, we are the outcasts of a modern society. Let me now get back to what Paul said in Romans 1, starting in verse 18. What I am going to read now, is not very well received by deceived people of the world, but it is God’s Word.


As we read this, just remember that this was written by the apostle Paul, the apostle that wrote half of the New Testament scriptures. He was a faithful servant of God. Notice, For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; (We have them today with great degrees doing that same thing.) Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of Him (God) from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse. Brothers and sisters, when we see the sun begin to come north, it begins to affect nature and plant life. You know that. It does not mean spring is fully here, but the bright sunlight and the warmth of it begins to affect nature. It lets me know God set certain laws in motion that are ruled by the universe in its cycle. But we have an educated element of people today that close their eyes to all of that. Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, (America, through the last number of decades, has done just exactly that.) and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, (Now I am not the one saying this, it is Gods Word.) they became fools. (Paul said that.) And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. (They are fools. In God’s light, they are fools.) Wherefore God (Paul is writing about the old Roman world.) also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, (Look at America today, the lusts of their hearts, they cannot seek after things that are decent. Yet they say we need a better education. They are walking blind, ignorant, and totally stupid. God looks upon them as fools because He sees all of them for what they are. They have willfully turned away from the knowledge of God that once was evident to mankind.) to dishonor their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, (Now we let professors come along trying to tell people that we all came from evolution. Just like this cloning incident. This woman came along somewhere, saying there was a god that sent a space alien. Well, my God sent an angel, for He had said, Let us make man after our likeness and image.) and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, (The human body today, in the eyes of some, is more thought of than to say yes ma’am, yes sir, or to know how to be a decent human being as a neighbor.) who is blessed forever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: (He has given America up to these vile affections.) for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: (Look at women’s rights today, and especially lesbians, they run the show, they run the banks, I can do what man can do. That is why I have to say, Let them take such women to a twelve foot ditch with a sixteen inch main water break, and then we will see how she does down in that hole, when it is ten degrees above zero. How many understand what I am talking about? Oh no, we don’t want to do that, but she wants to get in the office somewhere and run the computers and do the book work while men do the manual labor. For even their women, and I am saying women today, have changed the natural use of their bodies into that which is against nature.) And likewise also the men, (They are no better.) Leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. (Or deserving. Old Rome used to be like this and now it is everywhere. In an hour when all we hear is, we need to appropriate more money for education. They are not making it better: they are absolutely making things spiritually darker for modern mankind. Do you know what this Bible says God is going to do with this perverted mess? When Jesus comes, He is going to destroy the sinners with the sword that goes out of His mouth. No matter what their degrees in the intellectual system are, He is going to look upon all of them as fools because they have willfully chosen the route of life they are now caught up in.) And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, (A mind that is filled with evil. That is why I have to say they are stupid. They are stupid, because in actual principals, they do not know how to communicate with you in that respect.) to do those things which are not convenient; (or right, and here is our society of this hour following that same pattern.) Being filled with all unrighteousness, (You hardly hear a News program any more when anything good is spoken of. It goes from one story of evil, to another episode of evil.) fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; (I looked up that word in the dictionary. The main meaning of it is to hate, to do bodily harm. We have a society today that are intimidators. They spend their life time trying to get even with you. They make a professional occupation out of it. Our judicial system has become ruled by a bunch of perverted crooks. Honesty is no longer in the picture. Whoever has the most money, is the one that is going to wind up on the right side of things, according to their crooked way of living.) whisperers, (They always have a story, a lie, have you heard the latest, or did you know? Their mind is constantly filled with everything that is negative.) Backbiters, haters of God, (We have a society of them today that do hate God. Just the word God alone, makes them want to take you to court. Yet on the other hand they will allow alien nations to come in here, build their mosques’, and spend fabulous sums of money to do everything they can to convert young people of America, black and white, into this devilish religion that is solely bent on turning this world upside down. Being at that point, I want to remind you, I am not a politician, but when I hear the News and hear the Journalists and the News commentators, how they talk about things, you know they do not want anyone talking to them about what the Bible says. That is a book that is out of their mind’s. This is what makes the American society today, fulfill all this scripture the way Paul brought it out in his teaching. We are living in a nation that has literally sold our young generation to every kind of devil that can be brought out of hell and turned loose on our streets and in our institutions of learning. There is where it operates. The American people today think there is nothing wrong with it, because it has come on them so slowly. It has just gradually crept in. This is exactly what we read here.) despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, (I saw a News story the other day, a certain high school in New York, it told the percentage of high school students that every time they have some type of special get together, it shows them by the dozens in a beer joint, drinking. It told how a year ago, one school had planned a certain occasion for all the students to attend. It was going to be some kind of dance, a get together, but when the occasion started and the doors were opened, every student that came was under the influence of alcohol, so they cancelled it. It was not like that sixty years ago. This certain man had the audacity to say, well it all starts in the home. No it did not start in the home Mr. Stupid. I will show you exactly where it started. Several years ago they stipulated a certain year to be the year of the child. The child has a right to speak his negative views. The institutions backed it up. A man called me, not from this area, that said his daughter was going to high school, but she was very much under the influence of the schools curriculum. When she would come home and he would try to correct her, try to show her the right way, she would go back to school and tell the authorities a negative story. He was sent word that he could be arrested, because he had not respected his daughter. He called and said, Bro. Jackson, I don’t know what I am going to do. He said, the more you try to do right, the more public opinion is against you. Keep in mind, a lot of the younger generation we now have in schools, their parents were the generation that started this nonsense. When they became brain-washed, became hoodwinked, do you think they had anything to pass on to their own children? No, nothing, because they learned every bit of that rotten stuff in the school system. That is when the doors were opened to hell itself. That is why I have to say, in forty five years, you have two generations of offspring now. It is a shame that public officials want to blame the parents for not doing a miracle. Notice….) Without understanding, covenant-breakers, (That is our society today.) without natural affection, (Give them a little kitty cat or a little dog to play with, and there is more love and affection shown to those little pets than a little baby. I am not against people having a pet, but when that pet becomes more important in a household than a little child that is to be cared for, there is something dreadfully wrong in that home. Without natural affection….) implacable, unmerciful: (That is the American society, kill, rape, beat, torture. They run the roads that way.) Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things (This is what Paul says….) are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them. That is an exact description of evil in our society today. They know that some of their evil deeds make them worthy of death, but they do them anyhow and have pleasure in knowing that others are doing likewise.


I want to say this, When you read those scriptures in Romans, and then see them being fulfilled all around you it is very troubling. I have right here, a record of government investigation, so they call it. When President Bill Clinton was in office, there was a certain man by the name of Ron Brown, that was sent to the Orients to take care of some kind of agreement, some kind of trade or something. However when Ron Brown went over there, for some reason or other he could see what it was going to lead to. He purposed that he would not lie and have anything to do with it. He did not want his own conscience to have to suffer for carrying out some crooked politician’s plan. When he came back, he had a confrontation with Bill Clinton. Already there had been a man in the White House, by the name of Vince Foster. He was supposed to have been a secret lover of Hillary’s. Somehow or other, he got in somebody’s way. His body was found in a park, he had been shot. They tell that he committed suicide, but this concerns an investigation of both of them. He did not commit suicide. Somewhere, some government hit man in high places was hired to carry out a plan. You might think, oh Bro. Jackson, our government would not do such a thing. My answer to that is, You do not live in the days of George Washington, so wake up! We have men up there today whose honesty can be compared to the devil himself. Notice how I said that. That is why I say, When you study political science, it is none other than a study of how a politician can say yes, when you know he really means no. Here in this article, the investigation was carried on until the men who were doing the investigating were threatened themselves. Ron Brown was on a government plane, flown by a government pilot. There were so many passengers on this plane. The plane was in route to a place in Bosnia, in that area. But in order to make this look like an accident, the man in charge of the radio frequencies that keep the plane on course, because he was to land in a certain terminal, it describes the weather, the direction of the wind, the sun was shining bright, but whoever was involved, this hit man drove a jeep to the foot of this certain mountain. He turned his radio signal on. The purpose was that the man on the mountain that was operating the regular incoming flight, had already been told, You will be a rich man if you will just turn off your signal. As he turned his single off, the other one went into operation, which makes the plane coming from a certain direction veer a certain degree, and that plane hit the mountain. When they find the plane and find the bodies, evidence proves there has been a bullet hole in his brain. There was one stewardess that survived the crash, but when the authorities found out about it, do you know what? She was never left alive to get to the hospital. She was killed. Young people, we are living in a world of darkness, sin and corruption. America, that used to be the beautiful, has became the home of crooks and gangsters. That is why I can say, We are living somewhere just before the coming of Jesus Christ. I have no doubt, all these problems in the Middle East, are about to reach a boiling point. I cannot help but believe, as we prepare to go to war with Iraq, that this is our politician’s motive for some unannounced purpose, but I also believe that in the eyes of God, He is using this whole thing as a triggering device. We everyone know, that since the 9/11 attack, Islamic cells of terrorism have sprung up in many places, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Europe and who knows where else. I have to say there is no need for our president, or any other politician to think that we, as a nation, can take the leadership and do away with this terrorism stuff, as though it is nothing. I cannot help but believe God has allowed this thing to maneuver things to a certain point, because, if they try to eliminate it the way man would eliminate it, it is a war here, a war there; and time could go on another twenty five or thirty years. We do not have that long. According to the scriptures and the prophecies in them, somewhere God is going to meet this Islamic spirit. He is going to meet it head on, and He will use that little nation of Israel to do the clean up. He will put His angelic powers in the battle situation with Israel. With a stroke of His mighty hand, He is going to kill this Islamic spirit around the world. With a stroke of His mighty hand in a miraculous way, He will let Israel be used as a means to bring about the devastation. I have to say, these Islamic terrorists could go to sleep some night with a big plan to do something the next day, but by the time God shows His power in what He is going to do, their mind’s can be changed in a matter of a few short hours. If we read the scriptures right, He can do it that way. I can say this, Eventually the gospel spread into the European world. As it did, I am thankful that the gospel, as it traveled through Europe and the different nations, it did affect European societies. It did not always stay pure as it had been in the beginning, but at least it did affect certain elements of the European society. For two thousand years the gospel, as it left Jerusalem, it went around the world. It has not only come through Europe, it has come into the new world also. It has made an impact here for two hundred years. From here it went to the Far East. Time wise it is on its way back home. In this article, from the desk of the executive director, Ronald W. Wilcox, this did not come off the internet. To prove to you, that for the past forty years America has slowly had the light shut out, I am not going to read everything here, but I want to read enough to let you know you are living in the hour of the greatest ability for man to have an education. The devil has also used this opportunity to brainwash our young generation of people. I get that from what I have here, I have had these articles for quite awhile, so I want to read some of it to you.


As I read this, I will be making comments .Citizens: Nightmarish textbooks await your kids. (This was from September 17, 1990) Thousands of public and private school children, first through sixth grades, will be taught how to cast spells. (Since when was that important for a student to learn in order to make a living for himself? Then you say, You have no right to call them stupid. I do too. They prove it by their actions. They have been hit in the head by the devil.) They will be told about hungry creatures that attach themselves to children’s bodies, or lust for their flesh. They will be asked which horrible death they would prefer. There is more. This fellow they have over there in Afghanistan, that had been American, I believe he had been raised in the state of Washington somewhere, I forget what his name had been changed to. I remember on the news one morning they were interviewing his parents, where he went to school and everything. But on top of that, they interviewed another man that lived in that area. He went to the same school that fellow did. He testified that morning, that he was a heathen. He said he worshipped devils. I just thought, When America opened up our institutions to this kind of teaching, this nonsense, What has gone wrong with America? They want to make America a model of something. They sure have opened it up to the devil, to come in a have a heyday. I have another chapter to read. This is why I read what Paul wrote there in Romans 1. Indiana Planned Parenthood is training to teach kids about sex. Young people, my dad taught me all I ever needed to know about it, but he did it in a way, that when he was done, he said, now you keep your mouth shut about this. He thumped me on the head. I have looked back to that ever since then. One thing is sure, nobody needed to pay taxes to pay my teachers to teach me about sex. My dad was my teacher. That is the way it should always be. Let me read a paragraph of this. This is not in Harrison County, this is above Indianapolis. Meet Jenny, she is sixteen, a good student and active in many school activities. She just received her driver’s license and is trying to teach young children about the facts of life. Welcome to Planned Parenthood’s newest attempt to teach children all they ever need to know about the facts of life. No wonder we have a society now, with babies born out of wedlock, left in an alley, or left at fire stations. They find them in dumpsters. We didn’t need this kind of education sixty or seventy years ago. Those who claim not to believe there is a devil let him in and gave him control. Since they do not believe there is a devil, they just look at everything as being normal. Last night being Saturday night, only God knows how many people are crying today, over the affects of something negative that went on last night. When the sun goes down again tonight, the same thing will be repeated somewhere. It is very evident that eleven and twelve year olds are already becoming sexually active. Now when they started that, here came the devil with AIDS. When you open the door for one thing that is perverted, you only open it for two other things to come in also. This articles goes on down through here and gets very gruesome, because of what is being taught in our schools under the guise of Planned Parenthood. I heard one person say years ago, when they first started this sex education in schools, I don’t want my kids to learn all about it behind the barn through jokes. I would like to look him in the face and say, You are an ornery rat. The people who did say certain things behind the barn had more principals in their mind, because they did not come out in public and carry it out in every day living. I am trying to say this without using some of these graphic words. We build these schools of better knowledge, but then turn students out with their brains warped, never to grow up to be an honest father, or a mother that knows how to be a mother. I know we have a society today where our standard of living has been so twisted and changed, that it is hard for some people to live without both having to work for a living. You can see how the overall leadership in the nation began to twist it that way. If we were to have a depression that would take it back like it was in 1929 through 1934, you would see a lot of people committing suicide. When you see a new house, with payments anywhere from six hundred to more than a thousand a month, what kind of standard of living do you think the two have, to make payments like that? Then they have their utilities on top of that. I have heard that a certain airline is going to have to cut their salaries down to a certain amount. I saw last night that a certain industry is going to cut off four thousand employees. The unemployed figure keeps rising. I am not standing here trying to push something at you to cause anyone to go home with your head hanging down. That is not my point. I do want to say, All this education we have had going on for the last twenty five or thirty years, has brought to us an era of darkness. The way tings are going there is no future to look forward to. Unless God takes it over and changes the flow of things, some are going to wind up in death. Right in this article, in certain schools, they study how to commit suicide. I never had such junk fed into my mind when I was going to school. Why do we need it now? Do you know the statistics of suicide among teenagers is climbing to an all time high, simply because they are teaching a bunch of junk in our institutions that does not give that young person a stable mind or environment that would enable him or her to think properly? I subscribe to an independent magazine in which there was a short story about a man and his wife that had raised all their children with home schooling. They have done their best to teach them certain principals. The children have always done well and been good, but one daughter wanted to go take a course in college, so they sent her. She was not there but a short time, when in the dorm where all these girls were sleeping, she was exposed to pornography magazines and pictures. When she did come home she began to complain about how she began to feel psychologically. There was not a thing she could do about it. She could not walk in there blindfolded, and go to bed blindfolded, walk out blindfolded and try to find her way to the kitchen. She did not even get through one semester until she committed suicide. Those same kind of teachers would not want a young person coming here, oh no, they would not want them to be brainwashed with religion. Well I am against religion also, but I am strong for salvation and true Christianity.


America has willfully chosen the very downward trend she is going in today. Our freedom of speech and choice has taken a toll on our liberty. I have another magazine article that tells about five Arabs, or Islamic’s that have entered the country illegally. They began to look for them and our different security systems have finally gone to work. Now there is an alert at the customs places between Canada and the United States, because young mid-east people are leaving America because they have been here beyond their legal stay. One man from Pakistan has been living here seven years, working, while his visa has already expired. He showed up at the customs and wants Canada to allow him to pass through because he is going home. It tells they are flocking through these custom places trying to find a sanctuary, because they are afraid the United States is going to rise up and kick them out. All that lets you know somebody in America has gone to sleep on their job. We were going to show the world what a model nation is like, but we are getting ready to pay a huge bill, a costly bill for just doing this. Let me take you to the writing of Zechariah. I cannot even tell you how many times I heard Bro. William Branham refer to this passage of scripture. I can now see what it really speaks of. Now is when it really has a deep meaning. Zechariah prophesied this just a little under 500 B.C. We will start with the 6th verse of chapter 14. Zechariah was looking down through time and saw our day. And it shall come to pass in that day, (That is a period of time.) that the light (Notice, the light, that means the light of truth.) shall not be clear, nor dark: (That is a picture of our religious, denominational realm since WW2 came to a close. Each system has become so set in their theology and their particular beliefs, you could not change them if your life depended on it.) But it shall be one day which shall be known to the Lord, (Yes, it will stand out.) not day, nor night: but it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be light. That means just before the sun sets on that era of time, which we will say is a semi-state, there will be light shine through. I have to say to you, That light was not brought on by A.A. Allen, nor Oral Roberts, nor Tommy Osborne. It was brought by a little man raised right here in this area. He did not have a high degree of education as the world thinks, only a sixth grade education. God mightily used him for a few short years to preach certain things out of the scriptures, and to demonstrate the power of God to a lot of people. To me, it opened up and let light shine through, and hit the hearts of a lot of people, light that you could not see in the denominational realm of religion. Sooner or later you would hear something that let you know, God has sent that man to give us a little glimpse of true light just before the sun sets completely. I can see exactly, why Daniel 12 prophesied like it did. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. But the wise, that does not mean wise in worldly knowledge. It is spiritual wisdom. It says they will shine as the stars of the firmament. If you ever look into the heavens at night, when you have a semi light, you have light of the moon. The only stars you can see are the real big ones and bright ones. Then let that moon rotate to where it is on the other side of the globe, you have darkness, the dark of the moon. The darker the night, the brighter the stars shine. You can see them right down to the minutest speck. Saints, young and older people, thank God for what He has given you, which is the privilege of walking in the true light that we share and cherish. You might look at the world right now and say, Well they make fun of us. That is true, but there is another hour coming, an hour when God is going to make a bunch of those hypocrites say, What do you people have? Tell me about it. I see here in Revelation, chapter 10, that John was told to go to the angel and take the scroll and eat it up. When the angel told him, eat it up, it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey, but in thy belly it will be bitter, meaning it will set up a bad case of heartburn. Then John was told, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings. John is not going to do it, you know that. That means that same anointing is going to come back. It will not be somebody coming along that has a college degree of human learning. It is somebody that has a revelation of truth and an inspiration to be able to open their mouth and say something that is going to make politicians sit up and take notice. They will not listen to you now, but just wait until God turns the tables in the Middle East. I will say to all the students listening from universities, Keep listening to us all you want to. I just pray you will listen enough to cause you to spend the rest of your time there at that place learning something that will be worthwhile later on, when God opens up and begins to do the things we have been talking about. Not too long from now, God is going to shake this planet earth, psychologically, domestically, economically, and militarily. He is going to shake it to the point that when He is done, there is going to be an element of people from one end of this planet to the other, that are going to be able to say, Regardless of what my god was until now, I can certainly see that there is only one true God. Saints, that is God’s purpose in all of this, to cause some to recognize, there is only one God. There is no such thing as a God of the Christians and a god of Islam, and a god of Buddha, nor any of the other gods that are talked about. The ONE and ONLY TRUE God is going to get rid of all the others. Every man will worship God in his own place, not his own god: he will worship the God he has been permitted to see, as His miracle working hand accomplishes all the Bible tells us about. Right now they can listen to us and say, That guy is just blowing his lid. No, I am not. I am looking at some scripture, that sometimes I just cannot contain myself when I think about how just and honest God is, how wonderful He is. I am glad He woke me up one day and let me see, He is still the same yesterday, today, and forever. I have a lot more to read to you, but right now I want to show you what kind of light the religions of the world are shining. Bro. Nelson brought me this article last Sunday morning. Here is your big men of the denominational world, as they minister what is supposed to be prophecy on the TV. Tim LaHue, Revelation Unveiled, The antichrist will be Roman, Greek, and Jewish. (My, he is going to be a hybrid critter.) Also Babylon will be rebuilt. (Well, Saddam Hussein started that several years ago.) Dave Hunt, The pope will be the false prophet. Philip Morrell, Jesus will make a covenant and be cut off from it in the middle of the week. (They don’t realize what actually took place two thousand years ago.) Grant Jeffery, Babylon will be rebuilt. Jesus created Satan and the daughters of men got pregnant by fallen angels. (They tell such as this and call it Holy Ghost revelation.) The antichrist will come from the tribe of Dan. He will be killed and come back alive again. The pope will step down and the antichrist will take his place. (How scripturally ignorant can carnal thinking mankind be?) A man named Perry Stone, God showed him the antichrist will be a Muslim. Listen to me brothers and sisters, That Muslim spirit is going to get the tar beat out of all who have it before that time comes. I just say, Thank God for His light. I am thankful for what God sent that little man, years ago, to guide us into. We do not know everything yet, but we have not had to walk in spiritual darkness and confusion these last so many years.


Turn with me to a very familiar passage of scripture, John 3:16. We will not stop with this verse. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, (I have heard so much lately about how peaceful this Islamic religion is. Well it does not teach a religion of salvation. It is just a religion of belief.) that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved. He that believeth on Him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that light (We are talking about spiritual light.) is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” When you look at America tonight, that is exactly the picture we get. Every News broadcast that comes on, there is nothing ever said about God, His sovereignty, or His Word, nothing at all. It is all the lips of politicians, educators, philosophers and such. Men love darkness rather than light. I have a lot of books at home that have some of the prayers and speeches that our founding fathers made in the days they were alive and in a position of leadership in America. Hardly a speech was ever made, without them referred to God or Jesus as being the central object. Their faith was in the fact, if America was going to be great, it would have to put its confidence and trust in the One that made it possible for us to have light. I have thought of this scripture many times, where Jesus was speaking to His disciples. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you.” What was He talking about? When we think of Europe and how it went through a long era of what we call the Dark Ages, in those Dark Ages, the Roman Catholic Church frowned on education. Well, Bro. Jackson, you feel the same way? You have not heard me right. I do not frown on a decent education. It is what they have made out of it that I speak about. Because of that, the world went into that Dark Age period. It was dark in every way, and just think, that historians would write of it in history as a dark age, and for this reason, there was no progress, no achievement whatsoever during that time. Whatever the style was when they went into it, a thousand years later they came out the same way. I have to say, that is darkness. We can say this, when the Reformation did start, it did not just come all of a sudden. It was God gradually opening up the light of the word of truth. After God allowed America to be discovered, the people in Europe eventually began to leave and come to the new world, a new continent, to start their faith on new grounds. When we look back upon the history of America we have to say, America did not reach this point of greatness because of her scientific knowledge. It was because of how she trusted in God and God led her leaders. As I have said before, when Daniel the prophet, back five hundred years before the advent of Christ, wrote what we read in the 12th chapter of his writing, you have to know he was led by the Spirit of God. Just think how, at the time of the end knowledge would be increased. We have to say, there is not one nation on the face of this earth that God has blessed any more with material knowledge of things like He has America. I am not trying to be a know-it-all, but it is sensible when we think of the telephone and all these other things that the world today enjoys, you must agree. That is the knowledge that Daniel was talking about. It has come about in the last one hundred years. It gives me great joy to think of those people that are called the wise, while the wicked will do wickedly, the wise will understand. Young people, please do not get discouraged because you feel things are not going right for you. You are the one and only element of people on this planet that have an opportunity to shine anything that is really sensible, which is a true revelation of the truth that has been presented to you. We are blessed to know that we are in the truth. I have to believe God is going to let His children, the wise ones, shine very soon. Since Daniel wrote about it, that the wise will shine as the stars of the firmament, then you and I know as I said before, stars do not shine unless you have the darkness of the moon. The blacker the sky gets, the greater those little twinkling stars become. The fact that you can see them shine in the darkness, ought to bring great joy to your heart as you look at the darkness of the world around you. When the moon is shining brightly you cannot see the stars, except the big ones. So when we think of this world today and how dark it has become in our society we think, what a shame! Well it is almost time for bride saints to shine. At one time, John 3:16 was a well accepted verse of scripture to be read in any classroom, especially in the early grades, but today men love darkness rather than light, lest their evil deeds be reproved. I want to take this word “light” and go a little further with it. As I read the different things this morning about these various men and what they are teaching, like who or what the antichrist is, where he will come from, this and that, I do not mean to say this arrogantly, but in a way I pity those men, because they are all so confused. I have to say to you, Are they really servants of light? Are they really preaching light? Do they even know what light is? I want to talk about the difference between spiritual light and spiritual darkness.


Turn with me to 1st Thessalonians. Let us notice how the apostle Paul spoke of the children of God back then. There came a time when Paul felt it necessary to preach something about the resurrection and how the saints of God would be benefitted by it. In the 4th chapter, starting with the 13th verse, let us read, “But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, (Paul said that two thousand years ago, but I ask you, If he were still alive tonight, would he not say the same thing? Bro. Nelson was telling me last Sunday morning, that he had been talking to some person at work. The man was quite open to talk about the scriptures, but when it came to something being said about the rapture, the man said, well I don’t believe it is necessary that we know when it is going to take place. We do not have to know right now, exactly when it will take place, but I just have to ask, is that man a child of light? Or is he just a man that has religion? I believe you everyone could answer that question. I have to believe there are a lot of people that have religion, but religion is not Christianity and it does not make you happy. It is just a belief without any of the promised blessings to those that love God. You can carry it in your pocket, but it is just a belief. You can argue about it, or you can just keep still about it. Salvation is something altogether different than religion. Salvation gives you a feeling inside, that religion can never give. When you have true salvation you can say, I know what I believe, and I know in whom I believe, and I know why I believe what I believe. I am going to hold to it until that day comes. Paul had a reason to write like he did, something had been asked, that he felt it necessary to inform the Christian people there in the Thessalonian Church, in 54 A.D., when he said, but I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren…) concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, (Brothers and sisters, this is a divine revelation. He did not get this out of the Old Testament. God has given this to him by inspiration.) that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent (or hinder) them which are asleep. (That is true. It does not matter what this intellectual world wants to say, there is no hope for them, they were alive yesterday, but they are gone and we will never see them again. I have to say those that went in the ground, in the Lord, the day is coming that we are going to see them first.) For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, (These little words stand out so vividly, yet the religious world today does not seem to be interested in those particular words at all. It is just so many words to read.) with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: (There are three things there that stand out.) and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. There are many tonight saying, oh but the saints go through the tribulation. We know better, but they do not know how to read this. I have to say, They talk like that because they are not children of light. God is not going to let voices of darkness feed children of light. That is just common sense. Notice these words.) Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” Well if somebody just said, it does not matter when, that goes to show that kind of people are not even interested in when it is going to be: they are not even concerned when it is going to take place, so they are not even talking about it. I ask you, How can they comfort one another? With what? The reason I am bringing this out is to ask, Where are these children of light? What is the light? We are not finished here yet, so let us see what Paul talks about in the 5th chapter: it just comes right on down the line. “But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh, as a thief in the night. (It is like that to the world, because they love darkness rather than light, and have pleasure in unrighteousness.) For when they (the world) shall say, Peace and safety; (they have it all figured out) then sudden destruction (On the children of light? No, it is on the children of darkness. Let us see how he wrote this.) cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; (The world, as a whole, does not know what tomorrow will bring to this world. Neither do our politicians and educators know what is just about to take place in the Middle East. But what we are looking at and what we have been reading about in the last two years, lets you and I know, that fuse is not going to set there simmering forever. I have thought about this much of late: it is not only that this Islamic spirit is in the Middle East, because for the last number of years that Islamic spirit has been planted all over the world. There is no need of me standing here and naming it all to you. I have to say this, Since the 9/11attack on our nation our leaders have said, we have to do something to get rid of this terrorism in the world. We want a new world order, but with this in the way, we have to get rid of it first. Well you and I know the politicians are not going to get rid of terrorism in a short time: it is going to involve several years of time, a lot of money, which means going deep in debt. However if we believe the scriptures, which gives us light and understanding of the situation, then I am compelled to believe God has planned this whole thing to suddenly explode by surprise. It is not going to catch the children of light by surprise, they are looking for it. In fact, I am hoping for it. Do you know why? I want an opportunity to tell some of those broadcasters a few things. I want to send them a little e-mail note saying, If I had sent you this last week, you would have laughed at it, but now, come on, give me an answer. We have known for a long time that this was coming, but you would not have wanted to listen to anyone talking about it. Well let us go on here with our reading. Sudden destruction will come upon them, the world, not the children of light.) and they shall not escape. But ye, brethren, (He is talking to you and me now. The ones he was writing the letter to at that time are dead, but these words still ring on down through the years of time. He is now talking to you and me.) are not in darkness.” Oh, I like that part. Men love darkness rather than light. Preacher, don’t preach that stuff to me, they will say: I don’t believe in that. Well, come around maybe a year and half from now and tell me that same thing. I have to say brothers and sisters, When we look at the Bible the way the Bible portrays this picture of things, you and I know, when God does show His power in the Middle East to bring this whole thing to a picture the way He wants it, it is not something that is going to dwindle on and on and on with politicians bickering and fussing over it. It is going to be the conclusion of something that God has ordained and He is going to get glory out of it. Today, while the terrorists are planning their jihad here and there, ready to tear up things, we just know that God is still in control. When He gets through showing His power in the Middle East, it is going to cause young men all over this planet to change their former beliefs. That is why I say, especially to Christian young people, be faithful, you are children of light. You do not have to look at this thing with a big question in your mind. God is going to do this to let you know His Word is absolutely true. See verse 5, “Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, (As do those in the denominational structures. Well why don’t you leave me alone, I don’t know if I want to go to church today or not. Saints, I find it a great joy to go to the house of worship where my brothers and sisters are assembled to worship together and learn more about the coming of our Lord that has been so good to us.) but let us watch and be sober. For they that sleep, sleep in night; (How true. They sleep and snore. If you wake them up they say, Well I don’t believe like you.) and they that be drunken are drunken in the night. But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation. For God hath not appointed us to wrath, (tribulation) but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ.” Let me word it like this, We are to see the light and walk in the light of our Lord Jesus Christ. When this miracle war begins to unfold in the Middle East, I believe the Spirit of God is going to start dealing with the heart’s of His Bride people. He is going to let you see how you are really going to stand out in an hour like this, when the world has been talking about everything but spiritual reality. You are going to say in your heart, Oh thank God, I know where I stand, I know what I believe, I know where we are and what we are waiting for. When this thing really does begin to fulfill the scriptures to the point that young men will come and tell the Jewish nation, I want to help you, what is that going to cause you and me to say? We are going to be able to say, Thank God: we have been right all along. Does that mean we are personally right? No, it is the grace of God that has made us able to receive revelation. He has called us to be children of light. I am grateful for this light. It is not something you play with: it is something you cherish. Any kind of light that you have, you and I know, from whatever means is used to cause that light to reflect and to be beneficial, you have to cherish it and take care of it, whether it is a lamp of kerosene or a candle. You have to be careful how you handle that light, lest you end up without it. Light can be beneficial to you, but if it is tossed around any old way, then there comes a time the light can go out because of our ignorance and carelessness or indifference. I have read these scriptures to show you, we are the generation of children of light. It is going to be important for you, and me, to understand that there are some people in these end time days, that are going to have the picture right. Yes, foolish virgins are going through the tribulation period and there is going to be a bloodbath. They will be martyred because of their belief in God. Let me say this, The people that the world looks upon right now, as totally foolish and fanatical, (saying, Stay away from them: you don’t want what they are promoting)…. all have something inside of them that rings a bell loud and clear. They know truth when they hear it. When you hear those denominational preachers, regardless of how much they are acclaimed in the News Media, when they come out with some of these outlandish interpretations of the scriptures, it lets us know they are not sent to be ministers to the Bride of Christ at any time. They are not ministering light. They are not a voice for light. They just have religion. I have to say, God did not have to choose us, He did not have to choose me, but I am so thankful that He did.


What I want to say now is a little off the subject, but I will get back to it. Last Sunday I mentioned something about us having a president and some of the evil he did to the Waco people. I will say this; they were not children of light. First off, if they had been children of light, they never would have cultivated the concept of belief they had. What I have to say though, is what right did our president and/or Janet Reno have to destroy those people? Like I said last Sunday, why do they not destroy some of these Muslim terrorist? Right now Saudi Arabia is spending millions of dollars to educate their religious leaders in these mosques, to teach American people, both black and white, to become converted to that belief. They are training some of these to be agents to carry on jihad as well. In the magazine I have, it tells that our intelligence sources know this, because they have spied on them, and they have found out that some of these agents are being trained to shoot certain people on the street corner, and to watch golf courses where predominant world figures, politicians and such, like to play golf, and assassinate the public figures. I just thought, if that one man, and that young boy, had the nation half way paralyzed through thirteen shootings, what do you think would go on if something like that happened in about thirty places across the nation? You would have society standing on their toes not knowing what to do. Listen to me, and do not think those who are planning these things are ignorant. They know why they are here. They know exactly why they have been sent here. I just want to say this; Thank God we are not part of that. I have here documents of investigation, what went on concerning Waco. When you read some of this, it makes you say down inside, this evil did not come from the little man down on the street level. It was not even designed by him. I have to say, this never would have happened forty years ago, because we did not have public figures back then that thought evil about a cult or anything. Their idea was, they will run their course. But now our nation has chosen to walk in darkness, the politicians and educators cannot help but come up with devious ideas like this. I do not have enough time to read all these documents to you, but it shows over a hundred and some people, some little children, all were burned alive. Not by John Dillinger and his kind of gangster people, but by government agents who are carrying on a front that claims to be protecting our national security. Those people were not bringing the nation into any kind of danger whatsoever. Then at Ruby Ridge, they sent more of our agents in there to put an end to some people they thought were nuts. I do not approve of what they believe, but when they shot a baby in its mother’s arms, I have to say that is as bad as what Hitler did. I cannot commend the government for such atrocities, in a country that has turned itself over to darkness and evil. They are so scared that the wrong thing will get in the door; they fail to act on the real danger to our society. Just think, here we are later, when there really is danger at our doorstep, and I ask, why do they not do something now? Watch, I have said this before, God will make every one of these officials pay for this, what they did at Waco. I refer to that only to establish the point, we are a nation that is no longer a nation of light. They shut the light out. They boast of our technology, our science and so forth, but to me science is not worth a dime if it cannot benefit the little man down on the street level, who does the work and pays the tax bill. We open our borders to these illegal elements of international immigrants that do not come here like the old immigrants of years gone by. They come here because they want the icing off the cake. Our welfare agency, our Medicare, our Medicaid treasuries are being pumped dry to give them access to what a lot of our citizens need. Those people are allowed to come into our country and siphon benefits, while the native people of America, both black and white that have been born and raised here, work hard, pay their taxes, then when something happens to them health-wise, they have to go through a long process of paperwork, trying to get a little help. Our nation is so wound up in technicalities; it is just about ready to snap at the heart strings.


We are living in a time of foolishness and desperation. Why do I say that? I am thinking now of how quick so many are to sue someone. Common sense tells me there is a point of over suing for anything. I heard a couple months ago, concerning someone who was suffering from asbestos insulation problems that those industries in the past have been sued so much that those small industries are now bankrupt. (That type of insulation is not produced by any particular industry anymore.) They told the number of hundreds of thousands of dollars they were going to sue for, and I just thought, America has become a nation of people that have lost their common sense. When I heard last week, that in Pennsylvania and Virginia both, in certain localities, doctors have already said they can no longer afford to keep malpractice insurance, the cost is so great. The reason I bring this out tonight is because our leadership has lost sight of reality, of decency, of principals and common sense. No man or woman was ever forced to smoke. If those who do smoke, now have cancer of the lungs, no one compelled them to smoke. Common sense will tell you that. Now they are suing tobacco companies because they produced the product that has made these people sick. To me, that entire idea is sick, because they were not forced to use the product and they have been constantly warned of the danger of smoking. We spend millions of dollars to try to educate people, telling them, don’t smoke, it could cause lung cancer, yet they ignore the warning and smoke anyhow. I have to say, you bunch of educated hypocrites, why do you not sue the liquor industry? I have never known of a home being broken up because of a man or woman smoking. I have heard of men stopping at a beer joint and spending their entire week’s earning to get drunk before they get home from work on Friday. They then come home to a wife and children who need a livelihood, but he has already spent it on liquor. To me, common sense is common sense. Let us be sensible about what we are doing. The sad truth is, we have become a nation of darkness. When you live in darkness, your brain runs wild. We have people that just look for a means to sue something or someone for enough money that they can sit back on easy street the rest of their life. Common sense has gone down the drain. It has been flushed down the gutter of ignorance and stupidity. You cannot read such articles without getting angry. America, why have we become a nation that is so mean and unreasonable in certain things? Truck loads of money are spent to evade these certain issues. What a shame! Our leadership is walking in utter darkness and it can only get worse.


I want to take you to Romans 13, verse 10, and let you hear how the apostle Paul taught his listeners in that period of time. He starts like this, “Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: (We have a lot of American people today, that grow up watching every step someone makes, and when you make a wrong one, they are ready to sue you, because it has become a habit in this hour of time. Suing has become a pattern of life for a certain element of people in our day. I remember a time when we did not have a lot of lawyers advertizing on TV all the time. We now have them coming out our ears. They pop up every little bit, if you have had an accident call me, if you have had this disease, call me, really encouraging people to sue.) Therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. (I have to say this, Regardless of whether your neighbor is a Catholic or professes nothing, live by him and conduct yourself right. I had a phone call the other day, from a character that calls me once in awhile. I do not get a chance to say anything. He talks all the time. What has God showed you of late, Bro. Jackson? Oh I tell you, he is so great isn’t He? He showed me this the other day. He said, my wife and I were going to Sodom-Wall, you know what that is, don’t you? I said, what is it? He said, it is Wal-Mart. I thought, you poor character, what did you go for? That is stupidity. While you are in the world, you do not have to act like the world. While you are here you make the best of it, you do not have to fellowship with all of those you meet up with. Only God knows when you might be out on the highway and have a flat tire, and you left the jack at home. Along comes one of those old hypocrites that you snubbed your nose at last week in Wal-Mart, and pulls up behind you and asks, Can I help you? Love worketh no ill.) And that, knowing the time that now it is high time (Yes, now it is time.) to awake out of sleep: (stop snoring) for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, (Let us not live like them, let us not talk like they do.) and let us put on the armor of light.” I like that, if we get our senses right and we know who we are and what we believe, we can walk through the filthiest place on the face of this earth and it does not have to contaminate us. I do not say that you choose to, but if you are compelled by circumstances to walk through there, then just walk through there and say, God give me grace that none of this hangs on to me. “Let us walk honestly, as in the day, not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.” I would have to say, in the light of what is going on right now in America, young people, prepare yourselves, so you will not be caught up in deeds of darkness. Let us always be thankful for what we do know and what God has done for us. There are a lot of things you can see in this generation that just simply disgusts you, but that does not mean you have to open your mouth and say something that makes you a spectacle in a public place. That is what some of these “holier than thou” types of religious characters do. They are so holy, they cannot go here, and they cannot go there, because it is all Sodom. Concerning them, I would have to say, Maybe the Lord should just shut them up in a cave somewhere, and let them live in the darkness that way. I am thankful, that a few years back I met a little man, and all I had to do was watch that man, how he lived and taught. It did not matter what kind of man he came in contact with, a farmer that maybe did not believe in anything, but Bro. William Branham was not a man that would make another man feel out of place. He made him feel at ease. Yes, he was a prophet, but he was not all the time preaching to a stranger. I remember when he first came down to my home. My father-in-law always went to the Methodist Church, but you never heard him talking about salvation or anything. Bro. William Branham made my father-in-law feel at ease. Every time he would come around it was, Mr. Funk, how are the cattle doing, how are the crops doing? He would talk on your level whoever you were. I have to say, while in this world, though not of the world, we can let our light shine. Did not Jesus say, “Ye are the light of the world” What else did He say? “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. That was not just idle talk: we are to do that in our every day life.


I will now ask you to open your Bibles to Isaiah 60: I want to use this scripture to finish our subject. As we see the world tonight, Europe is in darkness. I believe it was Friday night they announced in the World News, that there is a wave of anti-Semitism going through France right now. Many of the Jews are leaving and heading back to the land of Israel. Some are going other places. I can see where a lot of them will wind up. They will wind up in America. My point in saying that is to show you, when the nations of Europe no longer uphold a religious standard of anything about Jesus Christ, you can see why the nations as a whole go under spiritual darkness. Then when we see America like it is tonight, it just lets us know we are moving fast toward the ending of time. I am not going into details about the war in the Middle East, but it is going to take place not too far in front of us. God is going to use it to open the eyes of people who sit in darkness. It is not to give them salvation. Listen carefully. It will not give people salvation, but it will be a means that God will use to cause them to change their attitude, and they will open their eyes and have a respect for the knowledge of God. It is God’s way of separating them from the midst of the filth, that one day when Jesus does come; He will destroy all that filth with the sword that goes out of His mouth. I hope you have understood my statement. He does it, not to give them salvation, but to preserve them, so that He can carry them on through into the Millennium. Something has to happen to a lot of these people so that there can be some people out of every nation, that He will see fit to rule and reign over. You are not going to reign over people that have salvation. Mortals that have salvation will not be carried over into the Millennium. How many understand that? You, as the bride of Christ are going to reign over people who are still mortal in their flesh. It is not because they have salvation, it is because their mind has been turned away from heathenism, atheism, demonism, to believe and respect God. Therefore when we see the world like it is right now, I have to say God is setting the stage. The stage is the Middle East. When He pulls the curtain back, all actors will be in place. The greatest biblical story that has unfolded in a long time is going to transpire right before the eyes of the world. From the Far East to the Middle East, the world is going to be able to see it all on their television screen. When I read that prophecy of Micah, how it says the heathen will come crawling out of their holes, when they behold, which means see, how the hand of God has been manifested right before their eyes, it lets me know that prophet knew what to say, and how to say it, just in the right place, to fit a precise time. We have a lot of religion around today, the Amish, the Mennonites, Pilgrim Holiness; they would not have a TV in their house. They know how to dress holy, but they are as spiritually blind as the Church of Christ. Do not ever think that just having a holy look is going to cause you to escape the wrath of God. There were a lot of Pharisees in the days when Jesus walked among them, that were as holy looking as anyone could be. Do you know what Jesus called them? He called them a generation of vipers, whited walls. I say to everyone, do not hide behind religion. If you do not have an understanding burning in your heart, that is causing you to be happy as a child of God should be, then a holy look may be all you have, just religion, no salvation. The Hindu’s have religion, and so do the Buddhists. God is going to let this war in the Middle East be conducted so they will all see it. When you can see a young Buddhist going to some institution of learning over there, to learn how to be a construction engineer, when he sees the Middle East through the TV screen, what the Jewish God has done, then I can say, Every Islam, whether in Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, or where, God is going to make them get in front of that TV and watch the scene. When they have to sit there with their mouth gapped open, and they shudder to see the reality of a Great God, I will say to the News Media, shame on you, you will print it then or you will die from a heart attack. We have an element of educated philosophers today, that are nothing but hypocrites, because they think like the devil and act like him. Oh they can crow now, but one of these days they will be biting their fingernails. It is going to happen at a time when the whole world is in darkness; even when the Jewish nation is in darkness. Let us see, here in this 60th chapter of Isaiah, something that he saw a long time ago. There came a time when Isaiah picked up the binoculars of prophecy and looked down through the span of time and saw this very day and hour we are living in. The words that came from his mouth are recorded. “Arise, shine; (he is talking to Israel) for thy light is come, (For two thousand years the devil has dragged you from nation to nation, from pig pen to slaughter house, butchered, and made fun of those left alive. You have been spit upon and enslaved. As Ezekiel said, the day will come when you will say, I would to God it was evening, and when evening comes, you would say, would to God it was morning. Why? Because every day you will be filled with frustration, confusion, doubt and fear. Well that is just about to be changed.) and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. (Oh Brothers and sisters, I do not know what I will be preaching when those days come, I might just stand here, jump up and down and shout Hallelujah! When God sets this thing on fast forward in the Middle East, the Christian people in different nations, that have lived in a constant state of hostility and fear because the devil has shut them up, are going to look up. When the news of that light beginning to shine on Israel comes and shows God’s divine favor, arise and shine, thy light has come. God’s favor is going to shine on the apple of His eye. The glory of the Lord has risen upon thee, while the rest of the world has gone to sleep, the light is shining on Israel. It is shining so bright that not even the News Media can shut it out.) For, behold, the darkness (spiritual darkness, atheism) shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: (You cannot tell them anything now.) but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light.” That lets me know, right now there are nations, some little, some big, that are standing at the crossroads of political decision making, not knowing which way to go. But when this thing is all over, they are going to know which way to cast their vote.


When you read on down through Isaiah 60, and read the outcome, the Gentiles will come, and God said He would milk the breasts of kings. That means He will cause politicians, and no, they are not going to take up an offering, God is going to cause the heart of kings to say, we will give you so many billion dollars to help you in this reconstruction. God said, the nation that will not minister unto thee in that day, I will waste them, or bankrupt them. They will either come to God’s light and serve Him in it, or they will live on in darkness and walk off into oblivion. I hope you can see that when this does happen the whole world has been living in spiritual darkness. America tonight, what a shame, a nation that has been so blessed of God, turning into almost total darkness. I am thankful tonight, that we are children of light and we can be wise. It is not how much education we have that makes us wise. It is the light of truth that has put something in our hearts that changed us from children of darkness to children of light. I am so thankful. I would not trade what I know tonight about God, for the best theological degree anyone can have. If they would just give it to me, I would reject it. I heard a preacher one time say this, out in Illinois in a dean’s office, in a certain university, where there is a plaque hanging on the wall with a picture of a bumble bee on it. Under that is the these words written, due to the law of aerodynamics and the law of relativity, it is scientifically proven that a bumble bee, due to his wing span and the weight of his body, is unable to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that, so he goes ahead and flies anyway. He said, that says it all. So young people, if you go to get a job now, maybe just to flip hamburgers, you do not have to know how many pints are in half a gallon, just as long as you have a diploma to hang on the wall. It is a shame. We have become a nation walking in darkness. What an hour. It is sad, but God knows exactly how to take the veil off of some of those mortal people out there, so I say to you, Hold on to the light, cherish it, let it shine wherever you are. You cannot hang this light in a tree: it is made to shine in you and from you. Did not Jesus say, Ye are the light of the world? That is worthy of repeating. Again He said in so many words, you are like a city sitting on a hill. In other words, seen from every direction. May God help us; and may His blessings abide on those who walk in His light. Amen.

2010-01-The Countdown Is On, Part 1

Earthly Wisdom vs Divine Wisdom, Part 1 – 2010, October

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Yesterday I got a letter from our insurance company that we carry fire, wind, and tornado insurance with on our property. It said this is to notify you that there has now been a clause added to your policy, it will not cover any kind of terrorist activity that involves sabotage, loss of property, bodily harm, injury of any kind. Brothers and sisters, when insurance companies will start sending out things like that, I cannot help but feel that they have been notified of something that we do not know about. My message today is going to go right along with that, so open your Bibles to Genesis 1:26. The title of my subject is A Earthly Wisdom versus Divine wisdom. I know we have some school teachers sitting here, so please do not take offense at what I will say. I have enough scriptures and historical facts to back up what I will say. We have several universities listening in to our services, and I will say to them, whether it is teachers, students, or what, I am ashamed of America, that has sold its birthright to the devil. I have facts for what I have to say, so let us read. My text does not come from here, but the overall thought will start here. For almost six thousand years now there has been a contest and battle going on between earthly wisdom and divine wisdom. We have teachers and philosophers in America, the last great world power on the face of this earth. We have those that are trying to project the idea that we Christians are a bunch of fanatics and do not know anything. Well I just pray, God help me bring out the facts. To every one of you that feel in your heart that you are a Christian person today, and you are endeavoring with all your heart to follow the Lord, to allow your life to be molded and fashioned into the very image and likeness of Jesus Christ, you have an enemy, the devil. The conflict we now see going on between people who dare to believe in God and His plan of salvation did not just start in school buildings in the last hundred years. It started a long time ago. In Genesis 3, we find that something happened in the Garden of Eden. God has come on the scene to have a little fellowship and talk with Adam and Eve, and they had hid themselves. Adam finally had to admit their disobedience and the Lord then questioned him. We come to the 15th verse. Here is where the Lord is cursing the serpent. We have in our educational institutions today, the idea that we all evolved from some lower form of life. A few days back, it was announced the cloning of a little girl baby being born. They believe in some kind of religion, and their theory is that a space alien came and brought forth the first form of life. I have to repudiate that idea, that it was something from outer space, because of Genesis 1:26. God said to the angels; let us make man in our image and after our likeness. You students in universities, wherever you are, you may think of Christians as being idiots, but not very far from now, something is going to shake this planet and every human being on it. I will say to all you students, you have your say, your teachers and philosophers are having their say, but the hour is coming when we are going to have the last word and we will be able to say, I told you so, but you would not listen. May God have mercy. Well what I want you to notice now, God is about to curse the serpent. He was not yet a snake at that time, he was some kind of creature that had vocal chords and talked. He walked upright and was not hanging in a tree by his tail. He was the highest form of the animal kingdom, and was given to Adam as a servant. The Bible tells you, when God first made these animals, he made each one as a helpmate for Adam. There were baboons, gorillas, chimpanzees’ and all the rest of them, but this creature was made to be a servant like creature. We have a lot of critics today that will say the Bible does not say that. Well, listen to me. If He made every one of the animals to be a helpmate to Adam, look at all the other animals down the line. But this creature here was the most intelligent of all of them. He could talk. If he could communicate vocally with Adam and Eve, then just think about what his earthly occupation was. He had to be some kind of servant. He was not going to pull a plow, but he was going to be the one that would do the manual labor whatever it would consist of. I have to believe he had a lot of intelligence that let him know about plant life and all that function. However when he has yielded his body to the devil as an instrument of deception, then here came the Lord on the scene. When the finger is pointed to the serpent, the serpent was not the devil; he was an earthly instrument that the devil used. He was standing there upright. The Lord was looking right at that creature, so notice His words. “And I will put enmity (which means a difference, hard feelings) between thee (the serpent) and the woman, (Eve stood there, knowing exactly what that creature had done, how he had deceived her, but we want to look at the rest.) and between thy seed and her seed; (In this sense, the seed is the offspring. When God said that, He was not talking about the seed of a cobra. He was talking about the seed of that serpent that was still standing there upright. We will just say this, if enmity was going to be put between his seed and her seed, it did not matter from then on what form he would be in, the woman was going to know him wherever he is crawling. What we need to see is that the enmity passes on to their offspring. That is common sense. The seed of the woman is her offspring that she would bring forth by Adam. Therefore the enmity, the difference, the hard feelings, is absolutely going to be multiplied between these two lines of seed.) it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. We know this all points to Calvary. But let us take a look now at earthly education. We are living in an hour when that is all the whole world is crying for. We are spending fabulous sums, millions of dollars to try to better educate our younger generations. Our younger generations are becoming more violent, more hostile to the principals of right living all the time. Morality is out of the question. Spirituality is gone. Ethics, principals, how to live among mankind, how to treat mankind, that is gone. Our institutions are no longer taking life as it was in the past and using it as examples for today. I heard in the News, that dope and alcohol in New York, among students in college is to the point that students are coming to school drinking an excess of alcohol and liquor. Naturally the philosophers say it all goes back to the home, that they need to be taught in the home. I would have liked to ask such a person, then why did you pass a law a few years ago, not allowing the parents to touch their child in correction? You voted to give the child his freedom. You think a parent is supposed to do everything with just words. That will not always work. In North Carolina this morning, the police stopped a car with a man and his wife, and I believe three children in it, and their pet dog. Some of you might have seen it in the News. The police held guns on them, and made the man and woman and children get out of the car and walk backward with their hands in the air. The police actually handcuffed these people, and then they ended up shooting the dog. Then after they realized they had made a terrible mistake, they said it was all a mistaken identity. What has gone wrong in America? What would cause a policeman to lose common sense? Not everybody going down the road is a crook. Since when have our law officials lost common sense, to look at a man, to look at a car and have any sense of discernment? Well, you cannot profile like that, so we have a nation today that has gone haywire. Our security people want to search every creature that goes through the airports, but we have no investigators anymore that have common sense. I have to say, I think it is a shame to make an eighty year old woman take her shoes off going through an airport. I would like to tell the officials who have made such a silly law, you have lost touch with your senses. You have allowed so many to come into America illegally, that you have flooded our society with them. I have the numbers on it, so do not tell me I am not right. It makes your blood boil to think we have a nation today, managed by people who do not know right from wrong.


We had a president from 1992, to 2000, a womanizer and pervert, as the head of our government. During that time, out in Waco Texas there was a feud between Gentile, religious fanatics, and our government. Let me say, I do not agree with their religion, but at least they did believe in God. They figured there was an evil day coming to America, so because they cached away a few arms, our government officials decided to do something about it. I do not care if the FBI, the CIA, the ATF and all the rest are listening to me, one of these days the God I serve is absolutely going to dish out something you cannot correct. You sit with your diplomas of education and belittle people who do believe in God. Those people never did hurt America. They never did plan an attack, and you know it. Then after you spent days, weeks, and money investigating the whole cause, you wind up by telling the biggest lie you could tell, that there was not one shot fired by a federal agent. I am telling you, there were shots fired by them. We have the video that shows two men climbing a ladder, going up on a roof and what they did. They had ATF on their jackets. I am not blind. I want to say this morning, America, you were great at one time, but your leaders are blind now. They besieged that little compound because they had the idea they were a threat to America’s national security. They went in there to destroy them all. Even the captain of the Texas Rangers, I read the article in which he testified that he knew David Koresh. He said, I don’t believe in their religion, but at least I knew every one of the people, and they were hard workers and they paid their debts. What else are you demanding of your subjects, America? Now I will say this to the FBI, the ATF and all the rest of the security agents, I have right in here an article by the editor of this paper. It says we have hundreds and thousands of Muslims in this nation. The nation of Saudi Arabia, that we have had to tip toe up to, to keep them on our side, pumped millions of dollars into this nation to build Islamic mosques. They are training agents now to carry on a bloody jihad in this country of America. That is a national threat. I ask you who run our government, Have you turned your eyes away? David Koresh will rise again in the resurrection to testify against you bunch of hypocrites. You thought 9/11 was terrible, and it was, but it is a shame that you blindly closed your eyes, because you want to make America believe that we have thousands of Muslims here that are peaceful and gentle. Well what about the other thousands that are not gentle? Are you going to do something about it? Or do you have to wait until your own bed is on fire? It is a known fact that some of these jihad agents are training to participate in drive by shootings, break-ins, taking people captive and holding them as hostages until they get certain things done their way. Then they are absolutely going to kill them. They are going to assassinate people on the golf courses. They are going to do everything they can to assassinate public figures. They are training for it. Well if this is the same country, if it is the same government, run by the same philosophy, let us do to them what they did to Waco. No! You want to push for money, popularity, and politics. You have sold America into the clutches of the devil and he is putting a stranglehold on all of you. That is the truth, it is not a lie. Of the millions of people born on this planet, all they know is education, manipulation, politics, being crooked, opposing anything that is spiritual, divine, holy, or sacred. Godly people have had to fight for their God-given rights, and they have been slaughtered down through the centuries of time. You everyone know it.


Please turn with me to 1st Corinthians. These are words the apostle Paul wrote in this letter two thousand years ago, and he was writing to a Gentile congregation of people. We are in the 2nd chapter. The Corinthians were Greek people. It is a shame that even our church world today has lost sight of what Paul was saying here. Let us read the 9th verse. “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” I will say this, Saints; love the Lord with all your heart, because He has not destined you to a life of ignorance. He is going to let you see the history and the picture of how this thing winds up. “But God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God. For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but (or by) the Spirit of God. Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, (I thank God for that. I want to make a comment at this time; True Christianity is the only religion that guarantees you a new life and a change of attitude. Hinduism does not change the old man at all. Buddhism does not change the old man at all. You are born to think, to live, and to look at your environment and you die just thinking like that. Neither is Islam a salvation religion, it is a religion that more or less controls your being, but it does not change your thinking.) but the Spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man”s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: (He doesn’t want it, he is not interested.) for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.”Brothers and sisters, there has been a conflict for six thousand years going on between God’s people and worldly minded people. When I say this, I do not want you to think that we are supposed to walk down Main Street snubbing our nose at everybody, because for some reason they do not believe like we do. When we start living and acting like that, we have lost sight of God, we have lost sight of what Jesus Christ can really do in our lives. We need to go back in the histories of time. Watch mankind, watch what he seeks after, and watch what he really goes after. We can start in our first civilization that we know of, which is the great land of Egypt. All over Egypt you see the structures of stone and such. Here is the early portion of the civilized world as it began to develop. You know, somebody had to have a mind to devise and design all these mammoth structures, pyramids, how they buried, how they embalmed, how they did this and that, those things have lasted for centuries of time. Yet when it comes to spiritual things, there is no testimony that comes out of Egypt about any of the Egyptian people being spiritual. How many understand the point? If God allows America to last another hundred years, the day will come when America will be like every other great nation in the past. You will only read about what had been her glory days, with her scientific achievements. But I have to believe that God does not allow any one nation to be in complete supremacy from the time it comes into existence all the rest of the way. I remember a statement Bro. William Branham made years ago when he was alive, which is proof that no great empire lasts much over two hundred years. How true that is. When 1976 came, this nation, from the Declaration of Independence until then, was two hundred years old. But America was already on the road of decline. The American leadership began to change their philosophies. Our politicians from the president down are no longer sitting in an office, trying to rule the nation for the betterment of its constituents, they began to design and put together certain types of political ideas, they can use themselves to keep them in their position. So it becomes warfare between the two party systems. But they lose sight, each one, of their loyalty, their obligation to do their best to govern the people for their benefit. It is a proven fact that America has been opened to every kind of an illegal person today. I am not against people that are not of my race, that is not what I am talking about, but if you don’t listen to me, the day is coming when you are going to close your eyes and you are going to cry your heart out and say, My God, why does the world have to become like this? In America, for better than two hundred years, our government screened and watched over the different types of immigrants that came from other parts of the world, we did not allow people to come in here that were going to be gangsters, mobsters, dope peddlers and such, our immigrant type people came here looking for freedom, looking for an opportunity to make a better life for themselves. There has always been that racial buffeting all down the line. Any time you try to mix races together in the same society, there is always going to be that. I can prove it to you by history. There has never been a city stand, that tried to mix races together and think they are all going to speak the same language, do the same things, and accept the same culture. It will not exist like that. Why? Because of man’s nature, and because of that enmity between him and his Creator. I can say this morning, when God does destroy this wicked element of humanity we have on this planet and He takes His Bride to Himself, which will be made up of people that have been selected and chosen out of every race, creed, and color. The Millennium is going to be put together by the supervision of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and His Bride. The bride will be delegated to rule over the tribes of people they have been brought up out of. As I said before, God does it, and He does it right. He does not throw them all in the same kettle and turn on the gas. He does it right. If God would have wanted one race of people to be the total ruling factor, then He would have let the rest go to hell. That is why I have said, there will be no Jew ruling over any Gentile people in the Millennium, and vice versa, there will be no Gentiles ruling over the Jews. The Chinese that are chosen to be in His Bride are not going to rule in New York City in Chinatown or in Los Angels Chinatown. They are going to rule in China. That is why God saved them. We have people today that say; well I don’t want to rule there. It is not your choice. That is nonsense. God knows what he is doing. He brought a lot of Irish over here when Ireland was going through a terrible economic problem. People were starving to death. America needed laborers for the Union Pacific Railroad that was being built across the nation. We did not have enough labor type people to work on such a large job. The reason I say that, I have read the history of it. I was reading yesterday in a book, speeches made by some of our statesmen in years gone by, some of those men did not have a college education. They educated themselves before they went into an office. They had more sense, they had more morals and principals about them. They were not reading from books written by atheists. I realize my language may not be acceptable by some university students, but this is who I am. If you want to listen, please feel free to keep on listening. I must say, I understand why all our politicians go to some kind of college where they can study law; they want to find out how to tell a lie and be justified in it. They know exactly how to change the words to their benefit. Law does not help do a better job: it only helps them be a better deceiver, not all, but many of them. They are legalized, educated crooks. It seems like they do not know how to be totally honest. They can promise one thing, but they will say, well with the Senate and the House, they will not do this and that, so I cannot do what I want to do. Well I say to them stop promising it. Politicians make promises they know they cannot keep.


I will continue by dealing with man as he began to spread himself upon the face of the earth, I am not going to pick up before the flood; I am going to pick up after the flood. Everyone will have to agree with me, that in that ark there were eight people, Noah and his wife, three sons and their wives. There were no children born in that boat. I believe for the year they spent in there, while that old boat was rocking on the waves, they had plenty of time to rehearse some of the things they remembered from the society God destroyed while they were lifted up out of it. There were no written books at that time. Noah had no books in the ark. The only thing they had knowledge of, was what they heard and saw. But when the flood was over and they came back down, it took several weeks for the flood to abate. It tells you in the book of Genesis, they finally journeyed their way down the mountains, out into the plains of Shinar, which is over in Iran today. It is close to the area of the Euphrates valley, which is where the human race began to spread and build. I wonder what college they had attended when they started building again. I wonder how many of the architects had diplomas when they all consented to build a tower that would reach into heaven? That was the first building they started. According to some of the archaeological writings they put together, there is a mount of dirt over there; they call it the ancient tower of Babel. It is just a pile of rubbish. Why? Because they did not have stone. It was adobe. Out of that valley they took the mud and baked adobe blocks and put them together. This monster thing was man’s first attempt to build something as a memorial unto himself. They wanted to do it as though they were trying to seek the favor of God. God let it go on just so long; you can read it all in Genesis. God said to His angelic helpers, Go to, let us go down and confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. He did not have to send them to college to learn to speak another dialect. Just think of it, He just sent the angels with a certain order to distribute the different dialects in their homes. Do not think God pitched husband against wife. The wife didn’t go to bed talking to her husband, telling how much she loved him, and wake up the next morning cursing him through another dialect. Do not ever look at this like that. When God confused their language, He had already determined how certain ones would be divided from others. When He did it, He did a good job. That monster tower stood there like that for ages upon ages. I believe though, as the people began to multiply God began to press them out from there to scatter them. They began to go into different other areas. They began to travel into the ancient areas of Egypt. Of course the record in the Bible was written by Moses. He was raised up there in that area in sight of all those pyramids. I believe he knew all about those things. It plainly tells you in the book of Acts, he was learned in all the ways of the Egyptians. Why? He was raised up in the princess’ household. That is why, when I look at the wisdom that was in Moses to cause him to be used of God, in that journey out of Egyptian bondage through forty years of wilderness wandering, somewhere God spoke to Moses in a unique way. He began to write what is called the first book of the Bible, the Jewish Torah. No other book up until that time had been written, that even contained the history of mankind from the beginning until then. He told you all about the flood, how long it lasted, and why it came. But when you go down to Egypt, no sooner had people began to spread down there, it goes to show they began to lean toward an earthly wisdom to build monsters of structures. For hundreds of years they built them. They embalmed and overlaid bodies in gold. They were leaving a memorial of themselves and what they had learned. But the more you study it, when it comes to the absolute knowledge about God, they were ignorant. When we think about the call of Abraham, one loan man with his household and servants, their herds and flocks, from the land of Ur, which was in the land that is part of Iran today. He said, get thee out of thy country and thy kindred and come on down into a land I will show thee. You can read in Genesis the route he began to take. He did not make that journey in two or three day’s time. They came to a certain place and there they stopped for a time. There Abraham’s father died. After his death, God refreshed his thinking, now go on. But when they came into the land of the Canaanites, there was no big structures built by them. Every one of these Canaanite tribes were barbarian, blood letting, human flesh eating. God told him as he entered the land, all this land will I give to you and your seed after you. However there was a drought in the land. Abraham was not ignorant of the fact that there was a country right ahead, that no matter whether there is a drought or not, they always have plenty to eat. Why? It was because Egypt was watered by the Nile. They had the largest kind of irrigation system to water their land. You know the whole story, so there is no need for me to dwell on this. When Abraham and his flocks went down there, Abraham was just a rural farmer type person. He did not have a big education, but he was not ignorant. So we find out he had to lie to keep his wife from being taken from him. We know how the Lord spoke to that pagan pharaoh. This caused the pharaoh, the next day, to talk to Abraham, why have you done me this way, why have you lied to me? Then he said, you take your family and go on. Abraham leaves and goes back toward the land of promise. I bring this out, because I want to show you how mankind is. Outside of those that have a spiritual calling of God, the only thing their mind is interested in is earthly education. I have said this, if you are going to fly a plane, get an education and fly it. However I heard the other day that they now want to force upon the American public, you have to send your children to college. You are forced to. Now they are saying to every family man or woman, you need to start putting money away in some kind of fund to guarantee your child an education, which will include eight years common, four years of high, and at least four years of college. We got by without all that nonsense for centuries, so I ask you, what is leadership after? They are trying to prove to the world, that we are going to open up an era here that is going to be a utopia for fallen mankind. I have to say, the more you try to educate one element, the more you stupefy another element. Why would I say that? Because children today, their brain can only absorb so much, it does not matter how you try to educate them, by what means, by what scientific technology, the Creator created us with a certain potential. But if man loses that and tries to force upon the minds of people that don’t have a touch of God’s intelligence in them, then you are going to put together a nation, a culture with multiplied thousands of people that can never reach the desired goal. You will spend fabulous sums of money to educate them and their mind is only going to absorb so much. Common sense tells me, you cannot make an expert; you cannot make a mathematician out of somebody that was born to do nothing but re-shoe horses. This is just an example of what I am trying to impress upon you. You might say, you don’t know what you are talking about. Well there are more horses in America now than there were in the days when we pulled plows by horses. That is statistics. Do not tell me we do not need men to shoe horses any more. How many know what I am talking about? Imagine a man, bent over with a horse’s foot between his knees and he is trimming it. Tell me how much college he needs to do that. I am not against an education, but there is a spirit in America today to stupefy our young generation.


Let me read something for you. I got this out of a history book yesterday. I am reading about colleges that were built in the early colonial days to educate young ministers that felt the call of God upon their hearts. These colleges were set up to teach them the fundamentals of a normal education, but they were actually to spend their time in study of the scriptures. Harvard was a law college, founded in 1636, built to train young ministers how to preach the gospel and how to understand the Bible. What is it today? Harvard, then Yale was built in 1701, Princeton 1747, Columbia University 1754, Brown University 1764, all of these are in the eastern part of the country. Rutgers University 1766, Dartmouth 1769, all were founded in the New England colonies. Today they have turned themselves over to institutions of hell, denying the deity of Christ, and religion is only allowed to be studied as a subject to compare with Buddhism, Hinduism, and all the rest of that which I consider useless. Two hundred years ago they were universities and institutions where men learned about the Bible, the history of it. They studied the laws in the Bible, how to use it to divide and bring out certain things, and how they wrote our constitution to help govern a nation. But today we turn out young generations that do not have a clue of what is ahead of them or what got this nation where it is. The more I study and read this, the more disgusted I get, just to think the last three generations of youth born since 1946, have been taught all about sex and immorality, and excluded teaching about faith in God. You cannot correct your child any more, except with words. When they go to school and teachers tell them, you do not have to obey your parents, and then another crazy character comes along and says, well the problem all begins at home. That makes no sense to me. How many know what I am talking about? I am glad I had a Dad who knew how to correct me. We have some philosophers today that I would like to get hold of and say, you and your kind are the ones who caused the problem with our youth today! Forty some years ago some philosopher that was an atheist and had no morals, went to work on our institutions of learning. We had morals when these colleges first went into operation, but now they are institutions of the devil. Young girls go there, many that have come out of a Christian home, and by the time they go there and sleep in their dormitories, they are subjected to pornography and all sorts of immorality that changes them forever. By the time those silly teachers get through telling them how to be sexually active, listen to me, after forty years of this nonsense, we have thousands and thousands of little children born, and some of those people that brought them into this world do not even want to keep them. Now these crazy philosophers are saying, open up your homes and adopt them. What has gone wrong? After they have butchered them by the millions in abortion they still have all those that their parents do not want. Earthly wisdom is a decaying thing: it has lost its foundation, its roots in the principals of what life is all about. Back in the late 1700’s in the English area, when some of the homesteads began to open in the west, flu and certain diseases would hit some families. In those areas there were a lot of children that no longer had a parent at home. Word was sent west, that if any settlers could adopt a child to do so. For several years there were a few children, not born out of wedlock, but were children who had lost parents through disease, so these children were sent west and adopted by western homesteaders. But today, they have taken our American society and are openly advocating being sexually active. Another incident I heard about last week, a certain city in Texas, some woman gave birth to a little baby, after it was three days old, they did not want it. They took it to the fire station and left it in a little basket. Out there they have a code, if any person decides they do not want their child, bring it to the police station or the fire station and they will take it with no questions asked, and see that it is taken to some home to be cared for. That is America today. You want to say, well Bro. Jackson, you ought not to be against education. I remember when we got an education all about reading, writing, and arithmetic, taught to the tune of the hickory stick, which was a little song we would sing. God brought one little man on the scene, little did the world realize what this man Abraham was destined for, a sheepherder, a cattleman, and had a lot of camels, mules, horses and more. We know the story. God settled him in that certain land. Here are the Canaanites. He ordained this nation, the seed of Abraham, to be a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, to grow up and know His law, and His will, and to be subject to it. It was not long until that people began to look around them. They took a look at the nations. They wanted to adopt certain styles and things like that. That is what began to bring Israel to a downfall. God had the Babylonians, which had multiplied. Did you know the area of ancient Babylon is in ruins today? It was not a city made of stones and great architectural design. When you read the history of that element of people, they were the largest city of that hour. The walls were fifteen miles square. Every mile there was a solid gate of brass. There were that many thoroughfares that crossed the ancient city of Babylon. They had the largest walls, and the thickest: chariot races could be conducted on top of the walls of Babylon. There was no other city like it. That was her pride. But since this city was built astride the Euphrates River, then the city itself sat on a plane. Because many of the people in the royal line liked mountains, they had architects begin to design terraces. On these terraces they planted all kinds of flowers for beautification. They called them the flowering gardens. Out of the river Euphrates, giant water wheels began to pump water and take it up and dump it into a ditch, where another would take it another distance. They crisscrossed across these gardens. Each water wheel had to get smaller, because the amount of water it could take was only so much. But those gardens were kept growing the year round. That was the beauty and pride of Babylon. It was the architect design of man’s brain, but when it came to something divine, they did not have it. But because Israel had strayed from God and no longer would observe and keep His word, just like America is getting today, God raised up these ancient Babylonians and used them to deal with Israel. They were the beginning of the first world power to begin to come in and be used of God to discipline this nation of His people. You can go to your own Bible to pick up the history.


Babylon was the first nation that came to Jerusalem, ransacked and tore it down, tore the temple down, and carried thousands of people off into captivity. For seventy long years the Jewish people were going to suffer for their failure to observe God’s word. I want to bring this out, as I said, this was the first kind of beast, political system God used. Nebuchadnezzar their ruler was a pagan. After Daniel had been appointed to the position he was, and also the three Hebrew children, just to show you how God looks upon earthly wisdom compared to divine wisdom, Daniel had been chosen along with his three buddies to set in certain strategic positions in the government, as counselors. They represented the Jewish people. One night Nebuchadnezzar had a strange dream. I wish that our President Bush would have a dream one night, I really do. I wish he would have a dream that would wake him up, make him get up the next morning and not want to eat. Well one night Nebuchadnezzar had this terrible dream. When he came to himself, somehow God had caused the whole dream to leave him, but it left him ever so emotionally disturbed inside. So he began to bring in his soothsayers. We have them in Washington D.C. also. Oh yes. Nebuchadnezzar began to tell them, I have had a terrible experience, I dreamed something but I can=t remember what it was, but I want you soothsayers to tell me what it was. Tell me what it was and then tell me what it means. Naturally they all began to say, well you tell us what it was, and then we will tell you what it means. Finally he said, you either tell me what it was and what it means, or I am going to have all of you beheaded. But somebody passed the word along to Daniel. Saints of God, we live in an hour when your name doesn’t mean anything in the society of America. You are probably not on the record of popularity, or importance. You are just in the category of a minority of people. They are going to tax you to death. They will do everything they can to rob you of your ability to pay taxes. Nevertheless, when Daniel heard about it, he was a person just like you and me. The reason I bring it out like this, I want some of these university students who are listening, to remember what I am saying. You have listened to your philosophers and educators, many of your lives are being affected by what they are teaching. But not too far up the road God is going to send something down the road toward this present world system and it is going to shock and shake this world to pieces. For the last number of years God has folded His arms, (so to speak) He is not dead, He has just folded His hands and turned the whole thing over to the devil to wreck a lot of young people with the philosophy of ignorance. You can study all about science, technology, innovation, all that stuff, but it is going to come to an end one of these days. If you don’t know God, your hour is going to be filled with a lot of sadness. Finally when the word got around to Nebuchadnezzar, there is a Hebrew fellow here, the God he serves is the God that can reveal mysteries. Nebuchadnezzar said, then bring him to me. At that time, Daniel was a young man. Daniel did not have an education like we have. But when he walked in before the king, I can just see that king sitting there wondering what kind of critter was he going to look at. But when Daniel looked up to him and said, your honor, I not only know your dream, but I can tell you what it means. When Daniel started telling what his dream was, I can see his eyebrows raise, his eyes began to get big. After awhile he got excited. When Daniel got through telling him what it all meant, he had told Nebuchadnezzar, you are the beginning of world empires, and that is what it all summed up to be. He told him exactly what the end of all them was going to be. When we come from that, look at Cyrus, he was mentioned by the prophet Jeremiah. Cyrus was a man that God could deal with in a pagan kingdom of the Medes and Persians. Then we come on down to the Greek empire. Here is the highest educated empire of the time. High on the mountain in Athens is the Parthenon; it was built in 1200 B.C. still standing as a memorial to the Greek’s achievement to the gods. That is where Paul, in the book of Acts, had been looking at all that splendor. As he came down off that, there was a place that overlooked the Greek marketplace. He began to speak to them and said, gentlemen, I just passed by your place of devotions today. I have seen the sign there, to the unknown God, so that is the one I want to talk to you about. By the time he got through speaking to that bunch of educated Greeks, it caused some eyebrows to raise. When we leave that era of the Grecian period, not much credit is ever given to the Roman intellectuals. Go back to the Babylonians, yes, they had a city of splendor, of beauty, of magnificent fortifications. But little did Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar ever realize, God would only allow that kingdom to last so long. Here came the Medes and Persians. They had built a fortification of walls that no army could penetrate. But when we read in the Bible, here is Belshazzar, he had gathered all the princes, their wives, and all the hierarchy people into a big banquet one night. They brought all the utensils of the temple of the Jews. They were using them and desecrating them. All of a sudden on the wall was the writing of an unknown language. He too called in all the wise men. Finally there was one lone woman in high places, she said, there is a man here that can tell you what it means. As Daniel was brought in to tell him, mene, mene, tekel, upharsin, Thou art weighed in the balances, and found wanting, this night thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians. At that time Cyrus, had planned one of the greatest battle strategies of that hour of time. He had dug a canal and diverted a lot of water out of the Euphrates, lowered the water line, and his troops were marching under the arch into the city. My point is, it does not matter how great your intelligence is, that you have put into structures, how magnificent it may be to look at; There is a time coming when God will tear it all to pieces. I will say this; we have built some mighty nice buildings in America. Did you know, there was a prophet in ancient Babylon that prophesied of the time of the end? You can read it in the 12th chapter of Daniel, how knowledge will be increased. I say this morning; our world today is fast drifting away from the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I believe, that right in front of us, as I look at certain scriptures, these are hanging right before us, and God is going to fulfill every one of them. I will say, I am thankful to God that He has allowed me to be a child of His. One day he woke me up to the reality that there is a God to be served and there is His word that will direct your pathway. I know what they are teaching in our schools now. It is pitiful for young people to have to go and be fed all that junk, yet you hear politicians and statesmen say, we need to appropriate more money for better education. If you took every dollar there is in America and spent it for better education, I have to say, by the law of God=s word, you are destined to wind up bankrupt on the losing end, because when you shut God out of America, as you have done, then there are hundreds and thousands of young children that will grow up, never being able to stand the pressures of life. Common sense tells me, not every animal that is born into a certain species, is going to learn as much and know as much as its parents. The Creator has certain laws. When Daniel said, but they that will be wise will shine, I am so thankful, wisdom, in the children of God, is not going to be your diploma from Harvard, Yale, or Cambridge. Do you have the Holy Spirit in you? Is the Spirit of the Lord inside your soul? Can He speak to you at night? Can He guide you in your daily pathway? When you are faced with problems, and you are looking at circumstances you cannot figure out, there is a God that can figure it all out for you and show you exactly what to do. I know America is spending fabulous millions to try to build better schools. Better buildings is not going to do one earthly bit of good toward what is ailing multitudes in today’s society. We have children sitting in schools today that have plush carpeting. How much do they learn from that? Sixty and seventy years ago they had only hardwood floors, and most of them were just oiled to keep the dust down, but we turned out a better quality of youth back then in the overall realm, than they do today. I do not say these things to belittle people, but we have hundreds and thousands of youth today working in menial places of employment and they have no security that guarantees them a yearly salary that is going to be up there in thousands of dollars. On the other hand, when I hear that we have gone so far down the drain that we let some character from India come over here, after he has lived here a little while, because McDonald fries potatoes in beef tallow, he wants to sue them. That really goes against my grain. Well, I thought you were a Christian? I am a Christian, but you are not going to stupefy me with that type of idiotic, animal worshiping stuff. I know where they came from. You can go to Calcutta and see some of those poor Indian creatures get out of the way so that sacred bull can walk on the sidewalk, defecating, urinating wherever it pleases. People have to step around that. Then the world politicians say, well what we need to do is try to help the world of poverty. What we need to do is change the politician’s brainwork. We walked in Calcutta and other places; I thought to myself, this is stupid. A big bull roaming the streets, defecating and urinating, people carrying all that into a shop, and the next day the proprietor is sweeping it out on the sidewalk. Then our politicians take your tax dollars and send it to those places as aide. I have to say, let us educate them on how and what to eat, that is what God put that bull here for. Then you politicians let them come over here and sit at McDonald’s and cause trouble. If I want to eat McDonald’s french fries, I do not care whether it is fried in soybean oil, or cow tallow or what. I have to say, you poor Indian character, go back to India where you came from if you have to eat like that. Don’t come over here and try to ruin our system. You educated politicians, you are cowards for sure, to let this stuff keep infiltrating in here until one day you will have a society that is going to get real sick. You will be just like Venezuela. If you have been watching the News you know what is going on in Venezuela. I will have some figures for you tonight. You may think I should not say some of the things I am saying, but I have to say them. Right here, I have the figures of money that is being spent by Saudi Arabia to help build mosques. It tells in what cities certain ones were built and how their Muslim priests are over here and are preying on our black people, because they are suitable products to turn into that blood letting Islamic religion. It is not a religion of salvation; it is a religion of blood letting. You in the colleges and universities that are listening to me may say, well do you have the right to discriminate? I do, if I can see that the end of it is going to bring harm to America. If you cannot see it and you will not believe it, the Christians that will listen, when the day comes they begin to carry out their jihad the way they have planned it, then you write your e-mail letters and say I have told you so. I told you so! We knew it was coming! God help America! We are the last generation that is going to be given a chance by the grace of God to have some divine wisdom in the midst of all this heathen intellectualism that is out to desecrate and ruin and bring the whole human race to nothing but trash. Therefore as we think about our title for this message, “Earthly Wisdom versus Divine Wisdom,” It is very evident today in our world as a whole, there is no place in any system of society or government, even in our institutions, that have reserved a spot for God to have a voice. He is ruled out. I would like for you to turn with me to a familiar scripture in Daniel, the 12th chapter. I will never forget how I used to read this scripture years ago. I am going to start in the 4th verse. Daniel lived approximately 534 B.C., (before Christ), but God let him see the end time unfold. “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, (To those that are listening tonight, we cannot deny that prophecy is accurate. A hundred and fifty years ago, there were not many people running to and fro. We know that, but as we came out of the eighteenth century into the 1900’s, for some reason knowledge began to flow, inventions were stepping up the means of travel. Many shall run to and fro….) and knowledge shall be increased.” I have to say tonight, that points to earthly knowledge. It is very evident. It is the things that people brag about today, how we are living in the greatest era of mankind’s learning ability. Verse 5, “Then I Daniel looked, and, behold, there stood other two, (He was looking at angelic beings.) the one on this side of the bank of the river, and the other on that side of the bank of the river. And one said to the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, how long shall it be to the end of these wonders? (mysteries, and such.) And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished. And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things? (He is really asking, what do all these things mean, up to the end.) And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, (That is salvation, coming down to this age of Grace.) but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.” Years ago, I used to wonder, who are these wise people? Does this mean there are going to be some people born into the world in the end time that will be exceptionally invested with knowledge? But you know, we live today when evil seems to be the order of the day. It is more prevalent as we notice it here in America, because in the last fifty years we can see how much evil has multiplied. The more laws they make to try to control evil, it just becomes more prevalent. We have built in the last thirty five years, penitentiaries, jails, additions to them and so forth, and now they are saying they are going to start emptying some of these places with those of just petty crimes, to make room for more coming in. I can remember when my wife and I were first married: the old jail is still standing down there in Corydon, but there was hardly anybody in that jail, other than maybe a drunk on Saturday night. There was one man in New Middletown, every fall and winter when the weather turned bad, he would get on a big drunk and go into Corydon and put on an exhibition. They would arrest him and put him in jail for several weeks. He did it deliberately so he would have a nice warm bed to sleep in and he would be fed, having his meals brought to him. I have seen him many times, after they would let him out. He would hitchhike from Corydon back to New Middletown, and there were times I picked him up. As long as the weather was nice and warm, he would run the road, seeing who he could get a free ride with. I am just using that to illustrate something that was back in the 1950’s and on into the early 1960’s. Then all of a sudden there began to be an influx of young people being arrested and put in jail. They found them trafficking in dope and such. Then it was not long until that jail would not hold them all. Now, in Harrison County they have built a large jail. It was built to hold many people. So our increase of earthly knowledge has not made this world a better place to live in. Yet when you hear educators and politicians talk, that is their dream. They have been saying that for the last forty years. They want to put together a Utopia where everybody on this planet will have the possibility of having a good life, a good income, a nice home, no matter who he or she is or where they live. They are ready to take the educated, the well to do nations and societies that have bettered their way of life through the last number of years, and they are robbing those people through high taxation to funnel this through the United Nations. To me it is nothing but a devilish institution. I do not care if the FBI hears this. I do not plan on dropping a bomb in the United Nations building because I feel this way; that is not my purpose. However for the past forty five and fifty years, you have blindfolded, hoodwinked, and tried to mislead the American society, to think that you are all so smart, that you are going to put together a new world order, where everybody is going to live in a heavenly setting. Therefore I must say, you ignorantly ignore the word of God. That causes me to ask you a huge question, How are you going to make things better for everyone? For centuries, our government, and our people had an opportunity to be free to worship God according to the dictates of their conscience. They could choose any of the varying different denominational beliefs they wanted to. The government was not pushing anything in the religious way upon society. In other words, our society was left free to choose, and because of that, we had a government that was very stable. We had politicians that looked forward to the betterment of the American person and society. But it has been much a fact since WW2, when there came thousands, even millions of Jews which were displaced in Europe, after the great struggle, finally the dictator lost, after six million Jews had been slaughtered. I am going to ask a question, if there are university students listening to me, I am going to ask a simple question because it will all come back to the Bible. When the United Nations, in May 1948, was compelled to give an answer to the question, what shall we do with these Jews, thousands of them were in holding camps in Europe, waiting for some kind of way to leave Europe and go to the Holy Land. Britain had left, lock, stock and barrel. The Middle East was as unstable as thin ice. It left an element of Arabs in that Holy Land which are called Palestinians today. I have to say this to the institutions of learning, do not tell me I don’t know the history of these people that have been there for the last several hundred years. They were not the original Philistines. The original Philistines have all been assimilated through the centuries on down. The Holy Land has been run over by different types of Arab people and the Turks. But for hundreds of years it has been Islamic, since the seventh century. The Jews have been dispersed throughout the world. It fulfills the prophecy of Deuteronomy. Keep in mind, all you students, you professors, my question is this, Who gave the United Nations the authority to make a distinction as to who has the right to live there in that land? On the merits of what? We had a president at that time, and I do not think he was a spiritual man, but he had a knowledge of the Bible and the history. He was the first one that spoke up in defense of the Jews. He said we will give them a foothold. Then the rest of the United Nations voted unanimously. So in a few hours time, May 8, 1948, a lot of Jews that had immigrated by different means out of Europe back to the Holy Land, and had landed there in the face of opposition from the Arabs who were already living there, and that began a struggle to possess what was rightfully theirs. I say this, by the authority of the Bible, not your politics. Those Arabs that were living there at that time had no more right to live there, than an illegal alien coming to America on counterfeit credentials. I say this to the government of the United States, the FBI, the ATF and all the rest. The Middle East, for hundreds of years was a boiling pot. Most of those people that set up against the Jewish people, were descendants of Abraham, but another line of Abraham himself. Therefore do not tell me this is a political system in the Middle East. It is not. It is a religious thing. It is a conflict between two seed lines of Abraham. It is true the Arabs will say, it was promised to us, they get that from Mohammad. I will say tonight, Mohammad’s religion is not a true religion. You might say, you do not have a right to say that. I do have a right. I stand where my forefathers stood in America to declare this. On what merits did President Truman decide? What information did he have? Why did he choose to give the Jews a state? On what merits? You have to agree with me, he did it from what he knew was in this Bible. There is no world history that gives the Jew any more benefits in a place, than any other race, you know that. In fact, this is the oldest book of recorded history of the world, there is in circulation. Most all the history of ancient Egypt has been burned. A lot of what we have today that is used in our colleges is prefabricated. No one particular world empire has left you accurate histories of their beginning and their end. But the Bible gives you a clear picture, that tells you in clear language, why the Jews were scattered by the Babylonian Empire. Do you mean to tell me that gives you an excuse to keep them out of that land forever? How come our founding fathers believed the Bible and they all believed that one day the God of heaven would lead these people back and restore them in that sacred land that is actually theirs? I have to say to all college professors and whoever else might hear, you nor anyone else has a right to dictate the terms when, where, how, and what, as to who lives where. This Bible gives the children of Israel a deed to that land, and you everyone know it. You who may not know can find it in Ezekiel’s prophecy, because Ezekiel prophesied to them, It shall come to pass in the last days I will bring you back, I will gather you out from the nations, I will plant you in this land that I gave to your fathers, and I will establish you according to your former estates. I ask you, What knowledge did President Truman use to do what he did? To him it was a beginning. So I say to you university students, keep in mind, in the advent before the coming of Christ, there was never a nation called Jordan. No sir. Most of that territory belonged to Israel, from Gilead on down, outside of the area of the Moabites, the Edomites, and the Ammonites. But since the Babylonian captivity, this nation, this power has come and that area of the Bible has been fought over with much bloodshed. Only God knows the politicians and the leaders and generals that have all walked over this land. They divided it. They used it as poker chips. Think of the human lives that have been lost, while the Jews were out of that land, except for a few hundred now and then. I know we have the educated fellows today that will say, but how do we know when and what? I will say to you, you never will know when and what, for it was not meant for you to know. It tells me in God’s word, He has hid these things from the wise and prudent. Come on, you with your diplomas of ignorance and biblical know-nothing. You may know how many rocks are on Mars, but you cannot predict what is going to take place fifty hours from now, but this Bible can predict to you precisely certain events that are going to happen in the world and you could not change any of it if your life depended on it. You can criticize the people that believe this Bible, you can condemn them and call them fanatics, and I want you to know I am one of them. Just remember this, we do not drive up and down the highway to aggravate people. We honor our country, we pay taxes where taxes are due. We try to conduct ourselves like decent human beings. We are not walking into public places and snarling our nose at people. We do have a right though, to look at some of the stuff you have perpetrated in our society in these last days in utter disgust. Why do I say that? Because every bit of it comes out of hell. You are taking the great America that used to be free, with freedom that allowed children to be born and be raised up under the care of a father and mother that knew how to love them and care for them. Instead of that you now have a bunch of perverts and deviates that will bring them into this world and turn them over to the government to take care of, while they perpetrate their back-slidden, fallen ideas of how a nation of people ought to live. You call it freedom. There is no freedom that allows a chicken, and a hog, and a cat, and a cow, and a horse, and a goat to all live in the same barn and stay healthy. Sooner or later one of them is going to get sick and you have a problem. I think tonight, how for twenty six hundred years, this little nation of Israel has been tossed about from nation to nation, ostracized, ridiculed and belittled, and how her youth have been taken from their homes and isolated from their families. I have read some history how over in old Europe, next to the Asian line, how they used to come and take little boys with the pretense of educating them, but instead of educating them, they only isolated them from their parents, fed them just a minimal amount of food, and after awhile the little fellows started having colds, and from one sickness to another, then they would die. That is in their history. World Gentile nations that are now looked upon as great participants in the world order, you have a debt that one day you will pay to the God that created you. I know you will not find that in your own books, but it is right here in this blessed old book, the Bible. I am saying tonight, because I realize when I look out upon America, and I hear the stories of pregnant mothers that come up missing, and then hear what has happened? Did her husband do something? They keep the police and detectives all on their toes. They cannot get one case solved until there is another that has happened. I can remember when we had our Al Capone’s, John Dillinger’s and that kind, but you did not have all these drive by shootings back then. I say to people of America, in your ignorance, and in your refusal to open your eyes and stare facts in the face, you go on and perpetrate your new world system, educate your young generation to be ignorant in the future world, to know nothing about God, but live like the devil. Go on and educate your new generation of up and coming beasts. One of these days God is going to draw the curtain on all of you. He will make you look so ignorant you will not even be able to sleep at night. When God takes your sleep away from you, regardless of whether you are the richest man in this world, or those with little of this world’s riches, He can send you into a nervous fit. You will find yourself taking all kinds of pills to calm your nerves, but when you cannot even look at your morals and see anything in reality, it is because God has taken it all away from you. We have a situation now in the Middle East. Every time I hear the public officials, it is almost sickening to listen to them, retired generals, professors of this and that, politicians and so forth. They are all looking to the future with great expectations and hopes. They think, all of a sudden they will say the right word and they are going to print so many millions of dollars. They will be able to draw a line right down through there and say, you Jews take that side, and to the Palestinians, you take that side, and they will have peace at last. I will say to any educator or student, It is not going to work that way, mark my word, it will never work. The Lord did not promise that kind of future for the Jews. You know it as well as I do. Why would anyone want to go against what this Bible says? Could it be that God has allowed you to act this way, so that one day He can throw the whole thing in your face? I believe that is exactly what is getting ready to happen in the Middle East. Who are all these Muslims around the Holy Land? They are enemies of Israel. America you have opened your doors and let them come in here by the millions. Your politicians will say, we have a right to let them come in here. Then listen to me, Mr. Professor, or Senator, or Congressman, when you wake up some morning and your bed is on fire, do not blame we Christians. It is going to be your problem. You cannot perpetrate a kingdom made of anything and everything, and at the same time you have let hundreds of these Muslims come in here. They are drilling right now to carry out bloodshed in America. Mr. Politician, you better be sure that the CIA and the ATF and all the rest are your bodyguards, because they are coming after you. You fostered it, you perpetrated it. You have deliberately gone against God’s word to try to bring something about in the Holy Land that the Bible does not allow. That is why I ask, On what merits do you even have a right to take your finger and draw a line through that land to divide it? It was not you who gave it to the Jews: it was God Himself that gave it to Abraham over three thousand years ago. This is why the book of Daniel is going to look some of these professors in the face. They say, well you cannot take that literally. You may say that, but I believe it, and I can believe the same way as the kind of men that God used to write it. Daniel was not a young man that was learning to be a professor of ignorance. He was a young man that was very devoted to the law of God, and the ways of God. He believed in living among his fellow people with a spiritual attitude to know how to treat them. But when that bunch of Babylonians came and took them out of that land, Daniel was a young boy. He was not twelve years old, but we can say he was probably around sixteen to eighteen, somewhere along there. By the time they all got back to Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar began to look them over, he saw something in the face of those young boys, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego that was different from the others. He chose them to be in his counsel. You know how they were to be tried. Daniel proved his loyalty to God, that he would not eat of their diet. When he asked permission, you just put us on trial, if we don’t come through looking better, then we will do whatever you want us to do. At that time, Daniel did not know what he would one day write that would speak to men through time, right down to the end of time.


Yesterday I was reading in a book, and in these colleges that I read to you about, every last one of them, colleges and universities, the Bible was the number one book. It states, This is the only true history of the world that involves creation, humanity, and such. Let me read to you what it says about one of the fellows. “In May 1783, Ezra Stiles, president of Yale University, made a speech before the governor and members of the state legislature. He referred to the Bible, the importance of it, how it was a book they could use and put together basic laws to govern a society of people. The statesmen of that hour all agreed unanimously.” How come then, men of that quality could say Amen to what it says, but we have them today, that educate people to become liars and crooks and shun the Bible? I say this because their record proves it. They say one thing now, three years later it is something worse. The more money they print, the more they spend. They are throwing the future into more and more indebtedness. I can say tonight, concerning the Middle East and the country of Iraq, we have a lot of people in America that think we should just let it go. All they think about is their almighty dollar. But I will say to those listening, somewhere in the past forty years, God has seen all this lying and hypocrisy, spending money, trying to appease and put a picture together which is absolutely like playing with dynamite. It seems like they do not have enough sense to know what is happening. The Bible never did say that any man was going to be responsible for giving the Jews their land back. Up to a point, God has allowed it. Man has stuck his nose in there and tried to interpret the future for them, because America today is looking at it from the standpoint of oil. If they would get their mind off this new world order and realize the potential we have here in America, they could tell Saudi Arabia, go jump in the creek: we have our own oil. When the 1973 oil embargo went into affect, we started turning corn into ethanol alcohol. Regardless of what mechanics may say, ethanol leaves less pollution in the air than straight gasoline does. That is a proven fact. Do not try to tell me we do not have enough product to increase any amount of ethanol. We grow sugar beets by the tons, potatoes by the tons, and corn by the tons. We could absolutely have every gasoline engine running on ethanol, if we could get the politicians to agree. Just remember brothers and sisters, we are comparing earthly wisdom of mortal men with divine wisdom which is totally different. Instead of doing what would be best for our civilization in every way, all our politicians can think about is how to change the atmosphere. They worry about the atmosphere, but think nothing about the spiritual environment. They are willing to let all go to hell, just as long as they are free to work their selfish agenda. That is the way they look at the future spiritually. I say to you, Do you really think you can do all these things and God is going to let you get by with it all? We have those critics saying, Well you cannot put any dependence in those Bible prophecies. Are you telling me then, that there never was such a thing as the birth of Jesus Christ? To me, and thousands of other people, that is as real as life itself. We have borne witness to that down through the centuries of time. We do not need you spiritually ignorant politicians and atheists trying to disprove it. God gave you enough opportunity to realize it, but if you reject it, then in the future, May God have mercy on your deceived soul’s. I say to the young element of college students sitting somewhere half naked, You may be having a good time now, living your life like you want to, not caring how many little babies are born out of wedlock, you just kill them and throw them in a trash heap somewhere, simply because you believe what your professors promote, to live sexually active. Not too many years ago America did not live like that: they lived like decent human beings, and believed that the sex life was strictly for a man and woman to bring up a family. They loved their children and wanted to raise them to respect the Bible and people who believe it is the Word of God. As I said earlier, educators have taught this rotten system we have today, and because of it thousands of babies are born into this society, nobody wants them. I would like to take all these educators, these professors of ignorance that have perpetrated this and say, Come here, I have something to say to you. If I were president, I would tax you to the hilt. I would take your dollars from you and build buildings and your kind will feed those little fellows, and you will love them, because you are the ones that built this incubator, now you take care of them. Do not perpetrate this loose living, then ask the rest of us to pay the bill for what comes of it. You are the ones that need to pay the bill. For fifty years Israel has fought and struggled to hold on to every little inch of ground; and we have a bunch of educated politicians here in this Western world that know no more about the word of God than a rabbit dog. Just look how ignorant they have become since the life of our predecessors. When President Truman was in office, the U.S. Supreme Court said something, and he made this remark, (He was not very religious so), he told the U.S. Supreme Court, you go straight to h—. We have not had a president since then that has had the backbone to do that. That bunch of old cranks that sit up there and twist their fingers, change the American laws to fit every rotten devil there is in society, are a joke and a disgrace to righteousness. Since when, can a U.S. Supreme Court practically run a nation? How many know what I am talking about? I have to say, they never would have been put in by our former founders to be a committee of old cranks. Some of them ought to be in a home somewhere nursing their old age. If they are going to be allowed to make laws, let those laws be made for the benefit of the human population. How many know what I mean by that? When I read out of Daniel, you can make fun of Daniel all you want to, sure he was a Jewish prophet, he prophesied there in the land of Babylon, then later in the days of Darius and Cyrus. When I started this message, Earthly Wisdom versus Divine Wisdom, it was with the intention of pointing to the difference between the wisdom of carnal mankind and the wisdom of those who are led and motivated by the spirit of God. You can go to any library and get all kinds of books on the history of Egypt. Some of it will be true, some of it will be make believe. You can read all about the findings of the tombs, King Tut, and all that he left behind, but what will you learn that will compare to what the Spirit of God can reveal to you? My wife and I, and those that went with us when we traveled to Egypt, had the privilege to be in the second largest pyramid, and then in the Cheops also, which is the largest. When I came out of there I thought, it sure is a big pile of rock. But I did not learn one thing, because the character it was made to bury in it, is not there anymore. I do not know what they did with his corpse, furthermore, I am not really interested. My point in bringing it up, when you travel all over Egypt, you see its ancient past. It says in the writing of the prophet Ezekiel, the day will come when Egypt will be the basest of nations. If we were not pumping billion of dollars into that nation since WW2, her kids would still be sticking their fingers in the cow manure, getting grains of corn to eat. Why do you say those things, Bro. Jackson? I did not learn it in a one room school house: I learned it from a history book. In the 12th and 13th centuries when Egypt was so poor, they show kids, walking naked, getting their livelihood out of the dumps. I say these things to you, because there comes a day when a generation of people can live in a nation and enjoy the best of materialism, but after awhile God will strike that thing and it will start dying. You could pump billions of dollars into Egypt today, you could never bring it back to its original state. God would not allow it. There will be nothing but welfare cases on your political hands. That is what they have been since WW2. Then when we move from there to Babylon, as I said this morning, they can boast of their walls, they can boost of their flowering gardens and all of that. They had the best water system at that time, but when God used Cyrus to divert that river and his troops came marching out of the walls, little did the people of Babylon know that night, that their enemy was ready to start knocking on their doors. That is why the writing on the wall plainly said, This night, thy soul shall be required of thee. They found him dead. There is handwriting on the wall in America tonight, if people would read and believe it. When that passed, it was not long until the prime and the glory all began to fade. The Medes and Persians had their day, but it passed also. Then we come on to Alexander the Great, the greatest general in that time that ever lived. He had conquered all the world, the then known world. When he finally conquered Egypt, he was an intellectual leader, so at the mouth of the Nile he built a city. That city carries his name yet today. In that city of Alexandria Egypt, as time came and went, schools of learning were established, philosophers from the Grecian era came. There was something about the climate, and the opportunity. For many decades and years, families all over the Middle East and European countries, sent their students, their sons and daughters, to learn higher education, because that is what the Greeks were known by. Go to your libraries, you can get poetry, you can get novels, the Greeks gave the world a system of education. But look at Greece today. She is another bygone era. She can hardly lift herself out of the shadows of ruin and decay. Then here came Rome. All that Rome ever gave to the world was the knowledge of bloodshed, gladiator fights, all that. You can record it in books and study it in the future generations to come, but what good does it do you? You cannot live the future on past mentality that made them great. Because, if God is not in it, you will never be great. For a thousand years, in European darkness, when the Catholic Church controlled the political structure of Europe, they called it the Dark Ages. It was dark, spiritually speaking, economically speaking, and materially speaking. Nothing advanced, nothing changed. They went ahead building their arches and things, their system of life was the same. Then one lone man sparked a change for some.


When the time came that God wanted to show some mercy, He did not use some backwoods hillbilly preacher. He took a young man out of the Catholic Church, and began to put conviction in his mind. That was Martin Luther. When Martin Luther began to feel like that, he began to pray and separate himself, and he wound up a changed man. He then came out and faced the society in Germany one day. He had a long sheet of paper in his hand, and on it he had written down ninety five thesis. We could say essays, little paragraphs, of what he had against that old system of religion after God had dealt with him. The people followed him down through Wittenberg Germany as he tacked it on the church door. This man, that at one time had studied to be a priest, was now ready to leave the whole mess behind him. He looked the people in their faces and said, Take a look, see what I have done. Little did he realize he was saying things and writing things right then, that were going to set the change for many people, to help bring them out of that darkness of ignorance after the church system had said for so long that education was sin. Well is that not what you have been saying, Bro. Jackson? You did not hear me right, if that is what you got out of what I have said. This junk you are being fed in institutions of education today, a lot of it is definitely sin. How many of you know what I have said now, and what I meant when I said it? If you go there to learn the basics of arithmetic, learn it well, because you may need it. When it comes to all this other nonsense, psychology, and so many other things that are taught or allowed, I say you would be better off if you could skip it, Some of the best psychology in the world is found right here in the book of Proverbs. If warns you about this, and tells you when to keep your mouth shut, and it means every word of it. But we have a nation today, that for two hundred years was proud of its achievement. It lived off the benefit of our founding fathers. I have an article at home, written by some idiot, that said America was never brought up to be a Christian nation. He thinks everybody is stupid that believes that. He evidently thinks we cannot go to a library and find books of speeches by Thomas Jefferson and others, which were things they had spoken in public, what George Washington said, what military men said in those periods of time. To think we have a bunch of educated people today who try to rewrite all of it. Do you know why? Their hope is that they can brainwash our young generation, and get out of them the old things that we all knew, and feed to them all this new junk so they will face the future knowing nothing about the past. I have to say, I have not forgotten those things of old, and I am not going to. I am going to keep on holding to them and preaching it. I would not give up George Washington for all this bunch of stuff we have today, Thomas Jefferson, and all the rest of those men stood tall compared to these of our day. They take our Constitution and say, The Constitution allows us to bring this in and bring this other in. It did not until you started changing it. Those men that spent hours praying, Lord, guide us to put together an article to govern our nation, that is different than any other empire has had. May we be a model of human government that will uphold you and your principals, that our people can benefit by this. May this be a model. They wrote it with every tear and every prayer for that purpose. We have had politicians for the last sixty years, that have done everything they can to rewrite it, to change it, so they can brainwash our younger generations. It is no wonder, that we have so much crime any more. No wonder we have little children born into this filthy society that are crying tonight because they have no daddy to love them, they have no mommy to love them. They want somebody else to come along and adopt them. I am not against adopting a little child, but it is a shame that this bunch of perverts perpetrated this kind of incubator to bring this about, then they beg society to open up their hearts and their homes and take them in. Why should we have to be left with the responsibility of something they perpetrated? As I said this morning, never in my lifetime did I ever hear of, in the United States government, any official, setting their eyes upon any particular religious group of people, large or small to interfere. America wants the world to look upon them as the greatest nation on the face of this earth. She was, at one time, but America is being looked upon now, even as their enemy by some. Why? It is because we have outlived our good days when we were setting an example. We have had fellows like Bill Clinton in the White House, and we have crooks in our branches of government that have been instrumental in lowering the American standards to where they are now. I will never forget WW2, in those islands we went to, that were freed from the Japanese: which were brutal conquerors. When we went into the Philippines, here came the Filipino people, they would grab our hands and say, Thank you for coming and liberating us. There was one little boy who used to hang around us as much as he could. Wherever we were, unloading supplies, he was right there talking to us. He had a mouth that looked like a hair lip. His whole mouth, from here, down to his chin, was deformed. We asked him what happened. A Japanese soldier hit him in the mouth with the butt of his rifle. Only a devil would do a little boy that way. He was not even seven years old when that happened: he was seven while we were there. Everywhere the American soldiers went, we freed the people from tyranny, from oppression. Now we put our influence in every nation under the sun and are trying out best to live up to the hero image. Maybe if we had kept God in the picture all along we could, but we have not kept God in the picture, so we are on the way down. We have perpetrated and put together a new world order that is designed out of the pit of hell. To students that would hear me, I want to remind you, I am talking from what I know about the book called the Bible. I am thankful I was born in this nation, but I sure do not like the way it is drifting. I can remember the former days, but I can see the evil days now and ahead. I can see all the suffering and untold heartache, the crying and weeping that goes on in our society. In New York City, old people have to go inside and lock their doors at night, and cringe in a corner, because gangs of hoodlums prowl the streets all night. They ought to have a pack of police dogs turned loose in those alleys, to chase those characters right out of town.


I have told this before, but I will tell it again. It has been about five years ago, we saw a program on TV. It was a testimony of a girl and boy. He had come and got her and they went to a movie. This was up in New York somewhere. They were leaving the theater and coming home. They had walked down the main street, then had turned a corner and headed down a street that was not well lit. It was in a part of town where there were quite a few rough necks that walked the streets at night. They were walking along, minding their business when all of a sudden a Doberman pinscher dog came running up to them, now you know they are a breed of rowdy dogs. It came barking and bouncing across the street. The boy was scared, and the girl said, be still. She just stopped and that dog came right up, sat down on his haunches, and looked right up at them. She reached out and petted it on the head. The dog started walking between them. About that time, around the corner, here came five hoodlums. I like to tell this story, I watched it on TV. Those hoodlums stepped up their pace, they wanted to overtake that young boy and girl. The boy and girl were beginning to get nervous, they walked a little faster. Of course this gang got closer. Then suddenly, without them having to say anything, that Doberman pinscher turned and let out a big howl and took right after those hoodlums. He did not stop until he had run those five boys around the corner, yelling and screaming. After awhile that Doberman came right back and walked between this boy and girl and walked all the way home with them. They said goodnight, and once the girl was inside, the Doberman took off down the street going toward his home. I just have to say, God has some animals on this earth that have more sense than a lot of human beings. You can make laws and stick them in books, but those laws cannot protect a soul on a back street where a bunch of no good rats roam all night, ready to attack, torture, or just terrorize people that are minding their own business. That is why I have to say, God, bring on some more Doberman pinscher dogs, at the right time, at the right place. Some officials like to sit back in their corners of security, well secluded and protected, while their poor constituents have to cringe in a corner somewhere. What a nation. Isn’t it a shame, we had a president, and a lone woman in Florida who was the head of our judiciary system. They set their eyes on the little camp of what they thought was religious fanatics. They looked upon them as a danger to American security. That is how they justified doing what they did. They say they did it for national security. I say to them, you did not. I read the article that the captain of the Texas Rangers in that area wrote. He did not accept it, but there was nothing he could do about it. The federal government overruled everything. He said he knew David Koresh, and knew most all the people, which he said were hard workers, people that pay their debt, and mind their own business. He said, I do not accept their religion, but they have done no one any harm. Then look, for days on end, the roads to it were blockaded by federal agents and their cars, until finally they rammed a tank barrel into the side of the building. Then it caught on fire. The video we have here showed it, with ATF men with those letters on their jackets, climbing ladders on the outside, getting on the roof. One man went through the window and the other fired right through the walls of that building. Do not tell me there were no government agents involved. That video proves it. Then to think a hundred and some people were killed, brutally butchered, and burned, all because of what was described as national security.


Listen to this article. “Saudi Arabia alone has spent eighty seven billion since 1973 to spread Islam throughout the United States and the western hemisphere. For example, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia pledged as much as eight million to build a new mosque in south central Los Angeles last year. Saudi’s Islamic development bank committed an additional two hundred and ninety five thousand for the construction of an Islamic primary and secondary school.” Now brothers and sisters, let me say this, we have government officials that have stood against Christians having a voice. We are not allowed to speak in public places. Then I have to ask, why should these Islamic people be allowed something we are denied? I can tell you exactly why you have done it, you want to dechristianize America and you think you can make friendship with the Islamic world for political wealth and prestige. You are going to pay dearly for it. A certain person was in the Saudi area, they wanted to ask certain questions to find out the sentiment of the people of Saudi Arabia. “The Saudi government prevented the Gallup from asking the following questions of its citizens. Is U.S. military action in Afghanistan morally justifiable? (They would not allow it to be asked.) Do you believe news reports that Arabs carried out the September 11 attack? (They would not allow it to be asked.) Do you like or dislike President Bush?” They would not allow these type questions to be asked. The reason I am saying that, the church world has gone so blind they cannot see it. They have had their own put together picture of prophecy, how it is going to be fulfilled. They miss every bit of it. So allow me to ask some of these university students, and let me tell you, right now, in the Middle East there is a conflict that has been boiling for over two years now. I ask you students, whether you believe or not, I am going to quote to you some Bible prophecy. The Bible tells me in Zechariah 12, in that day, what day? It is a day when He is going to cause His word to be filled. In that day I will cause Jerusalem to become a cup of trembling. That is just not a figure of speech. Ever since 1948, Israel has been oppressed by the Palestinian squatters, actually all the Arab states around them are Islamic. They do not want any Jew back there in that land. It is death to the Jew, death to Zionism. Those Arabs say, This is all our land. Well the Bible tells us, there was never a state of Jordan. Some of that land belongs to Israel. But getting back to this Bible prophecy, in the year 2000, September 9, you had a holy jihad started, suicide bombings and all. For once in the history of American media, Jerusalem began to hit the headlines. The Palestinians were wanting Jerusalem to be given to them as their capital of their new Palestinian state. There never has been a Palestinian state in the first place. Jerusalem has always been, according to the Bible, the capital of the land of Palestine or the land of Canaan, which eventually the Jews occupied. It tells also in that same verse, that it will be a cup of trembling to them round about. How do you interpret that? Look at all the Muslim Arabs around them. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey. Sixty percent of southern Russia is all Islamic. They are all against Israel, because of that little spot of land. Every one of them are against Israel. Here we try to play nursemaid to a bunch of Islamic Arabs, when we do not have good sense enough to leave God alone and let Him do it. This is exactly what is going to happen in the weeks and months ahead. This thing has boiled and boiled, our own government officials are still saying, now you Jews, don’t get too rough, don’t be too mean, don’t be too harsh. They can lose a hundred lives, yet you tell them to be nice and kind. But if they come over here and tear up your front porch, then you are ready to go after them and teach them a lesson. I have to say, Mr. President, there are a lot of Christians that voted for you, to get that other one out of there. But the day that you can stand before us and tell us that all these Islamic characters are so peaceful and loving, you are going to wake up some night with your back all broke out, because you are going to break out with a case of political hives. You have got to shut off that bunch of characters. They are like insects, when people get too close to them, they break out with hives and itch all over. This Islamic world is anti-Christian, it is anti-everything we stand for. You have put a philosophy of life together in America that allows the atheists and any other religion to come in here. But those Islamic characters are in here by the thousands. Whenever they get the word to go to it, you better hope you have enough FBI and ATF, and CIA and all the rest of your crew, so you can stop them in their tracks. You have not stopped them yet. You did at Waco and that was a tragedy. Since when is one bunch of religionists so devilish, so anti-American, so worthy to be burned alive, but then you turn around and let this other bunch that really can pose a threat come in here, some that is practicing and rehearsing right now, how to carry out drive by shootings of police and blow up our buildings? It will be worse than the Washington D.C. sniper case. When they open up from Los Angeles to New York, from Detroit to Florida, and they have expert snipers trained, they will pick you off. When they start in and people cannot leave their dwellings and go to the grocery store for fear of those you let come here and train for this. Mr. Politician, what are you going to do? Are you going to come to the defense of your own people? Do we have to cower back? We are the ones that pay your gigantic bills. You strip us of our tax dollars to perpetrate and carry out your own ideals. You may be anti-Bible, but I am not. It plainly tells me in Zechariah, He will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone. Oh yes, it is heavy if you try to relocate it and give it to some other kind of people. Then you read that chapter, students, because it also says this, in that day, though all the world be gathered against Jerusalem thinking, we are going to tell the world what we are going to do with it, who we are going to give it to. God said, I will break them to pieces. Then again He said, I will cut them to pieces. Why? Because the prophecy goes ahead and says this, for Jerusalem shall be established in her own place. The Jews will come with haste to sit up their habitation in that city that God is going to give back to them. Politicians and educators, the hour is coming when God is going to take the curtain off of all this entire mystery. It plainly tells you that politicians, in the 49th chapter of Isaiah’s prophecy, in that day, they that made thee waste, (these that have been sitting there for hundreds of years, squatted on the land), God said they will be far removed. I just read it again the other day. Now there is a leader in Israel saying, Let us cause the country of Jordan to be the new Palestinian state. I said to that, now you are talking right down the line. Now what have I said all day, earthly wisdom is about ready to come to an end. They have put together and perpetrated all kinds of designs; and all the time they have tried to design this for their own selfish gain, ignoring the word of God, laughing at it, trying to tell all who believe in it, that they are stupid, fanatics. Saints of God, hold on just a little longer, because the light is going to shine through very soon. In that day the wise will shine as the firmament of the heavens. Now I can understand why it was written like that. When the world is stooped in such darkness, when the world is saying down with the Jew, I say saints, look up, because Israel is going to rise. Isaiah 60, verse 1, Arise and shine, thy light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee. Verse 3 says, The Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising

2010-01-The Countdown Is On, Part 1

Water Baptism – 2010, May

Rev. Raymond M Jackson

Rev. Raymond M Jackson


“I was wondering if you could speak on water baptism. I can see it in the Bible, how God’s plan of redemption was water, blood, and spirit. I have a friend that says there is no need for water baptism, as that was only for the Jews. He said there is no need for that anymore, as it was a part of the Law Age and is not necessary for the Grace Age. Obviously, I do not believe that, but was wondering if you could help me see the picture of water baptism so I can explain to my friend the need for it.” I also got an e-mail about a week ago from a man that is a follower of Bro. William Branham. He has it all lined out that the thunders have already sounded in 1963 by Bro. William Branham and that we no longer need to observe water baptism and the Lord’s supper. As you can plainly see, there are yet two extremes. One from a denominational standpoint and another from the message standpoint. Brothers and sisters, the Bible, the whole gospel, is built around water baptism, repentance in name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore it is my desire to be able to stand here and present this message to you from the scriptures. These last few weeks have given me a chance to do a lot of research, reading and praying, and I know I have an answer for a lot of people. Tonight, at the end of the service, as I end this water baptism message, I have a message to deliver to the church here, especially. I am going to relate some things I know to be a fact. It is my desire that you will take it and apply it to your understanding and use it wisely. If you want to know what it is, then you be here tonight, don’t come slipping up and asking, Can I get the tape? There is not going to be any tape. I will say to any critic that might be tuned in, no matter what your religious views might be, you cannot take the Bible, the New Testament, and discredit water baptism as an essential thing in the plan of salvation. It all begins with it. First it begins with repentance, then baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and then from that to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. So this morning if you have your Bibles with you, let us see what the scriptures say, instead of what our religious ideas from denominationalism or what the critics say. It is true, water baptism has been taken and been used in many ways throughout the years and centuries of time in the denominational realm. While they have discredited it in one way, substituted it another way by sprinkling, I have to say the end results are, the Bible has the answer as to whether it is a fact or just a myth. If you will turn with me to Matthew chapter 3, verses 1 thru 6, we will see what is written. John the Baptist was the forerunner of Jesus Christ. He was the spirit of Elijah for that day and hour of time, to do exactly what Malachi had said he would do. When he came on the scene to introduce this advent of the kingdom of heaven, it starts out here in the 3rd chapter of Matthew, like this,“In those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judaea, And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah, saying, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make His paths straight. And the same John had his raiment of camel’s hair, and a leathern girdle about his loins; and his meat was locusts and wild honey. Then went out to him Jerusalem, and all Judaea, (This was not something as a carry over from the Law, this was the beginning of something New.) and all the region round about Jordan, and were baptized of him in the Jordan, confessing their sins.” Now with that we see he has announced, repent, for the kingdom of heaven, a new dispensation, not the Law Age, but it means it is the Grace Age. So we take it from that standpoint, that baptism is truly an essential thing to be observed in the right way. We see after John is off the scene, Jesus came along doing the very same thing. But go with me now, as we come to Matthew 28:19. Jesus has now suffered, He has died on the cross, He has given His life as a ransom, His blood has been shed as an atonement. He has been buried, He has from the grave. Now He appears to His disciples. So in Matthew 28, we will start with the 16th verse, “Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them. And when they saw Him, they worshipped Him: but some doubted. And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, (Notice the word, baptizing, this is the beginning of something that is to start the dispensation of the kingdom of heaven.) baptizing them in the name (singular) of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” Now as we look at this commandment, we can say this, The Trinitarians of the religious world today, take that as meaning water baptism has to be done just using these titles. However when we study the titles mentioned here, the titles are pointing to a name, not to the titles themselves. That is why He said, baptizing them in the name, singular, not titles. Name singular, of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. When we study the gospel of St. John, many times Jesus said, I have come in my Father’s name, and you did not receive me. If another will come in his own name, him you will receive. He is pointing to the antichrist. But Jesus is repeating many times, He has come in the revelational name of the Father, because when Jesus was born, He was given that name Jesus. Keep in mind there were other Jews in that day by the name of Jesus. But this man was the only Jesus who had the Spirit of God dwelling in Him. That is why He is Jesus, the anointed One, or the Christ. That name Jesus, in its singular usage is the manifested name of the Father revealed in the Son, and then the name of Jesus is the name of the man that He is. We see that when the Holy Spirit came to those disciples on the day of Pentecost, He came in the name of the Son, because God ordained that the name Jesus, the whole family of people in heaven and earth would be named after that name. That is God’s family name. No matter how much you want to twist that scripture, it is pointing to the finished product, the name of Jesus, which is the name of the Father in His redemptive work through His Son, but it is the name of the Son in the sense that He is a man in the public picture. But when the Holy Spirit came back on the day of Pentecost, it came in the name of the Son because that is the family name. Does not the scripture say there is no other name given among men whereby we must be saved than Jesus the Christ. Therefore we have to begin to realize when we go further in the history of baptism, how it was used. Did the disciples walk away from there and say, Well, I thought He said so and so: What do you suppose He meant? That is the way a lot of people are today: they would rather guess about some things than to learn exactly what a certain scripture means. Now having said that, let us go to Mark 16. In Mark 16, we find that Jesus is speaking again, and we are starting in the 14th verse. “Afterward He appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, and upbraided them with their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them which had seen Him after He was risen. And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but He that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” There is a lot said in those verses. At that time the Holy Spirit had not yet descended, so go with me to Acts. 2.


After Jesus had made certain statements to His disciples, on the last occasion for Him to be with them, He is leading them over onto the Mt. of Olives. As He did, He told them, Tarry in Jerusalem until ye be endued with power from on high. So there has been no baptism on their part carried out at that time. They have been given a commission, which gives you all the analysis of how they are to do this. Here in Acts, it is recorded where the Holy Spirit came to them as promised. I am going to start here in the 32nd verse of the 2nd chapter of Acts. We know that in this upper room they have waited, they have tarried, that is what the Lord told them to do. Notice, He never said go and tarry ten days. You go into Jerusalem and tarry until you be endued. But we find here they have waited and when that day of Pentecost or feasting had come, that is when the strange sound came in the upper room as a rushing mighty wind. Jesus never told them what to listen for, or anything like that. He just told them, tarry. So there in that upper room they are waiting, one day, two days, three days, four days, five days. God had intended and ordained that when that feast day of Pentecost, according to the Law, after the passover season, which was the natural side, when that would come, that is when the Holy Spirit would drop. That is exactly what happened on that feast day. I am just referring to that. Now that it has come into the upper room, they all began to speak in other languages. I am bringing these things out and I want some of the old Pentecostal men, you have carried in your heart for years that speaking in tongues is the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, to pay close attention. If you were here, I would stand here and look you in the face and say, There is nowhere in the Bible that says speaking in tongues is the evidence of that experience. Don’t argue with me. I have a surprise for you. You go back here and read the 2nd chapter. When they came out of the upper room speaking in other dialects, staggering like drunk men, those other Galilean Jews, as well as the visitors from other nations that only knew the Hebrew Galilean dialect, they each heard something said to them in the dialect wherein they were born. No matter what nation they were from, they everyone knew the Hebrew dialect, but they also knew the dialect of the nation wherein they were born. These were the Jews of dispersion. Now notice, when they heard these home town Jews speaking to them in other dialects, dialects that the home bunch did not themselves know, they could understand every bit of it, because some of it was Latin, some Greek, and many other different dialects. These that were visiting there on this particular day, began to look at one another and question, What is this, that we hear the wonderful words of God spoken to us in the language wherein we were born? It is a question, What is going on here? They had come from the place where they lived, to Jerusalem, to feast and offer their sacrifices in the temple, observing this feast day. But now, in the streets, they are startled. They are actually surprised. Here are some Galilean Jews, never been anywhere else, not knowing any other dialect before that, and they are coming into the streets among the visitors talking in other dialects, and even they did not know what they were saying, but it was God, speaking through them, telling these other Jews that were there from other nations, of the wonderful works of God, which was exactly the fulfillment of what the feast day is a type of, so God was manifesting it to them. I am taking this way to explain something, because you do not know how many times I have been asked through the years, Bro. Jackson, don’t you believe that speaking in tongues is the initial evidence? It is hard to say to some of those old Pentecostal fellows, no, because he looks at you like you do not have anything then. Nevertheless if you will listen to me carefully, whether you are an old Pentecostal adherer, or whatever you are, the Bible does not point to tongues as the initial evidence. Let us now go to the book of Acts. Peter is preaching, so we now come to the 32nd verse. “This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses. Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, He hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear. For David is not ascended into the heavens; but he saith himself, The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, Until I make thy foes thy footstool. Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus, whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ. (Remember, this is Peter preaching.) Now when they heard this, (That is the ones in the streets) they were pricked (touched) in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do? Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you (Now to the man that we are preaching this message for, this is not a carry over out of the Law Age. This is the beginning of something that is to inaugurate the Grace Age. It is the beginning of something new. He said be baptized every one of you…) in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call. And with many other words did he testify and exhort, saying, Save yourselves from this untoward (unbelieving) generation. Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.”


Now I want to say to the critics, and I ask you to listen carefully, If you go back further, before that, when they came to Peter asking, well what is this? Peter said this is that which was prophesied to you by the prophet Joel. Can you show me anywhere in Joel that it said they would speak in tongues? No. Joel said, I will pour out of my Spirit in those last days, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy. So prophesying and speaking in tongues is two different manifestations of the Spirit. Have you caught the point? Peter is quoting Joel and how Joel said it. At the same time Peter knew also, that the manifestation they heard was the fulfillment of that prophecy. The difference is, Peter did not make it an evidence of one receiving the Holy Ghost. How many understand that? Let us just take this on further in the scriptures. We are going to see something here, where Paul refers to this in 1st Corinthians the 13th chapter. I will say this, In that hour of time it was a sign, but only a sign: not an evidence. I trust that you everyone see the difference. When you want to make it an evidence, you are really saying that is the one and only thing you would ever know it by, and you have gone too far. Go with me now to Acts 10. Peter has gone over to Joppa. We know from the scriptures that it is dinner time, (noon time). While the meal was being prepared downstairs, he thought he had an opportunity to go up on the rooftop and pray. The rooftop in those days was flat, because they stored a lot of their belongings up on the roof. He went up on the rooftop to pray. There, is where the Lord came to him in a vision. There is no need for me to read it to you. He did this three times. Three times was to signify that there were three unclean men, Gentiles, soon going to stand outside the front gate, inquiring about the man called Peter. So while God is giving Peter this vision, Peter began to converse back with God. All God said was go and doubt not. Peter did not understand what it was all pointing to, but it was all done to show, that even though, up until this time it had been only Jews that Peter had seen receiving the Holy Spirit. But the minute he heard the voice of those men at the gate, inquiring, Do you have a man by the name of Simon Peter here? that conversation caused Peter to begin to question God. God told Peter, Go down, join them, and doubt not. Down Peter went. As he did, we find that the Lord had told him to go and follow these men. Peter has some other Jewish brothers that accompanied him, so they traveled with him. They followed those men to Cornelius’ household. Cornelius was a Greek. I had a Greek man himself tell me, Cornelius is a Greek word, not a Roman word. Do you think that only Romans were in the Roman army? When Rome controlled the world at that time, do you not realize that there were other nationalities present? Do you believe that? Sure. I say that because some people just read at the Bible, but they do not really read it: because most of the time they do not even know what they have read when they are finished. Cornelius was a Greek man, but he was a man who was an official with much authority. He was also a proselyte to the Jewish belief. Coming there, he commanded a garrison of Roman soldiers, possibly mixed with both Greeks and Romans. It tells us in here, that he had done many good deeds to show kindness in wanting to help the Jewish people. God looked upon the man’s heart, the sincerity of Cornelius. That is why the Lord sent an angel to Cornelius’ household. You can read it. The angel told him his prayers and his alms have been heard and received in heaven. He told Cornelius to send men down the coast to Joppa and inquire for this man. So that is what he did. The Lord told Peter to go with those men and doubt not. He does go with them, but still wondering what it is all going to add up to. Being a Jew, he never dirtied his hands to affiliate with a Gentile. They looked upon them as dogs, unclean people. Therefore he could not understand why God had done this to him. Nevertheless Peter has come to the household of Cornelius, so just think, the fact that Peter, being a Jew, has entered this man’s house was unthinkable, Cornelius being a Gentile, just fell on his face before Peter; and when he did, Peter said, Rise up, we are just men like you are. Now with that, he has more or less given a cordial invitation to Cornelius, saying who he is, and he doesn’t know why he is there. Well the onlything he knew, was talk about Jesus


Let us pick it up on the 34th verse of Acts chapter 10, and listen to Peter preach to those Gentiles. “Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him. The word which God sent unto the children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ: He is Lord of all: That word, I say, ye know, which was published throughout all Judaea, and began from Galilee, after the baptism which John peached; How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him. (Peter is preaching, not yet knowing what was going to take place.) And we are witnesses of all things which He did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree: Him God raised up the third day and, and showed Him openly; Not to all the people, but unto witnesses chosen before of God, even to us, who did eat and drink with him after He rose from the dead. And He commanded us to preach unto the people, and to testify that it is He which was ordained of God to be the judge of quick and dead. (Peter is preaching, expressing himself toward this unclean Gentile man, because this was the only thing in his heart he knew to talk about.) To Him give all the prophets witness, that through His name whosoever believeth in Him shall receive remission of sins. (Now notice, Peter enters the house, not knowing why he is there. He has been told by the men that was sent from there what their master had seen in a vision, and what the Lord had told him. I believe for sixty some miles up the coast of the Mediterranean, Peter and the other men, being Jews, went obediently, not knowing what God was going to do. God never explained one thing. So when he was introduced to Cornelius, all he knew to do, was just to start preaching about Jesus. When he gets his sermon to a certain strategic point, we need to pay attention to the sovereignty of God. “While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word. And they of the circumcision (the ones that came with Peter) which believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost. For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God.” Now I will say to those that have preached that tongues is the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost, It was not the initial evidence, it was a sign that God was fulfilling certain things to those believing Gentiles. When they stood there, seeing and hearing these Gentiles speaking in tongues, when they have not yet been baptized in water, I imagine that greatly shook that bunch of Jews that thought everything had to be done a certain way. My God, what is going on here? It just goes to show, God had seen the attitude and motive of these peoples’ hearts, so on the basis of that, He gave them the Holy Spirit. They immediately began to speak in tongues. “Then answered Peter, Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized, which have received the Holy Ghost as well as we?” In other words, they got it just like we got it. That is the picture we have to see here, if we are to understand. Brothers and sisters, we are not finished with water baptism yet. We are not finished with this evidence thing either. We must take this though, that those Jews quickly settle the fact, these have received the same gift we received. It tells you they took them out, And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord. Then prayed they him to tarry certain days.” Now that is just one event. Go with me now, over to Acts 19. This is also among some Gentiles. Verse 1, “And it came to pass, that, while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul having passed through the upper coasts came to Ephesus: and finding certain disciples, (These were disciples that had been converted to accept by the ministry of Apollos, who was a follower of John the Baptist, what John preached.) He (Paul) said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? And they said unto him, we have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost. And he said unto them, Unto what then were ye baptized? And they said, Unto John’s baptism. Then said Paul, John verily baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying unto the people, that they should believe on Him which should come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus. When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied.” Prophesied is what Joel the 2nd chapter said. How many got that? Now which one of these is the evidence? Let us be serious now. It is a sign, and prophesied. “And all the men were about twelve.” I have said these things to try to show you, as the Holy Spirit began to move among the Gentiles and as time moved along, there have been many manifestations of the Holy Spirit among the Gentile people. Gentile people have taken this and manipulated it and given it a lot of different meanings. We never did hear much about evidence until we came into the 20th century. Then at Azusa street back in the beginning of the 1900’s when people began to speak in tongues, immediately Gentile fellows began to say, This is the initial evidence. There were a lot of people turned away from this, but that is not for me to see or explain. I will say today, When you say it is a sign, then a sign it is, because in the hour it is manifested, it is a sign of something different. But to say it is the one and only thing that you will ever know that they have the Holy Ghost by, oh no. Because prophecy can be as much as tongues can as pertaining to a sign. The reason I am saying this, is because, all through Acts, you do not hear the apostle Paul saying anything. It is Peter doing the speaking and explaining, and yes, Paul is saying some things. But when you come into 1st Corinthians the 13th chapter, you will run into the words Paul said, and he refers to Isaiah 28: 11, “For with stammering lips and men of other tongues will he speak unto this people and yet for all this they will not believe.” So it was Isaiah who said that would be manifested. But you notice Peter did not even refer to that: all he referred to on the day of Pentecost was, This is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel. Well Bro. Jackson, explain it. Do you not think Peter knew what was going on, that whether it was speaking in tongues or prophesying, it is all a sign. Let us just keep it as a sign and we will keep out of trouble. How many understand? When you start arguing, that tongues is the one and only evidence, you are going to find yourself out on a limb. Think brothers and sisters, in these last number of years, especially in the charismatic move, and even right here since 1994, we have had young people laying on the floor, running the aisle, speaking in tongues, and also some of them prophesied. Did they not? The reason I bring this in is to show you something, when you start trying to nail down an evidence, which means proof, you actually get ready to hang yourself, because how many of them that went through this kind of experience are still here today, faithful to the experience they received? Did you hear what I said? How many of them are here today, upholding the experience they received? Many of them are not here. Where are they? Out there running around in the world. So what does that tell me? You cannot take either one of them as definite proof that the person has received the Holy Ghost. It has been a sign these last number of years that the Holy Spirit can come on people, it can slay people, they can run and shout, jump, and everything else, but if that Holy Spirit is not allowed to get down in the heart and begin to deal with them and give them an understanding of how to apply this word, then it is just like pouring water on a hard piece of concrete. It was never allowed to penetrate the soul at all. It has just had an affect on the flesh. That is why I have to say, Do not hold to anything like that as an evidence, which means proof. It is not proof, it is only a sign. I will say though, There have been others that received that same Holy Spirit, that did not speak in tongues, they did not prophesy, but they have had dreams, and some have received revelations that have been hid, or concealed, but God has opened it up to them and they have been able to see and understand some things of how God wants them to conduct their lives. I can say today, out in this Gentile world of religion, there are untold numbers that can boast about how they have spoken in tongues and have done this and that, but they do not live the godly life that is required by the scriptures. How many understand? Therefore I say, Do not come around harping on evidence, which actually means proof, because your tongues are only a sign. I can honestly say, In these last days there have been a lot of people who have spoken in tongues and it is not a sign that they have anything, because they went by the way of the world afterward. I say those things with proper respect for all that do have a genuine experience with the Lord. Go with me now, to 1st Corinthians. This is where the apostle Paul was speaking to the Corinthian Assembly about a symbol, or a type. This is where I suppose the man that was talking about this was saying it was all of the Law. No, not water baptism. Certain things were typed in the Law, pointing ahead to real water baptism. Anyhow here is the type, but not the actual application of it. That is why Paul uses this event from the Old Testament Law era. Paul writes like this in the 10th chapter, 1st verse. “Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant, how that all our fathers were under the cloud, (which was a symbol of the Holy Spirit) and all passed through the sea; (They did not get wet. They went down into the bowels of the sea and walked on dry ground. So we see how Paul uses it only as a type. Now is where he takes it and says….) And were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea; (Actually Paul was saying, they were baptized in the cloud, the Holy Spirit, and they were baptized in the sea, water baptism. Do you get the point? It is only a type, not the actual elements at all. As Paul referred to it, all were baptized in the cloud and in the sea.) And did all eat the same spiritual meat; (the hidden manna) And did all drink the same spiritual drink: (the waters that flowed from the rock) for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ. (Now notice, how Paul could say back then, look what our fathers did, look what many of them that came through the same experience, which was only a type did later. In other words, look how many of them fell away later.) But with many of them God was not well pleased: for they were overthrown (overcome) in the wilderness. Now these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted.” If that was a type, not the real thing, and could produce the two kinds of people, real believers and others, which were make believers or imitators, that is what it all comes to, so he then brings it to this age likewise. These things were examples that we should not lust after evil things as they lusted. Verse 7, “Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play. Neither let us commit fornication, as some of them committed, and fell in one day three and twenty thousand.” When you go back and read the books of Leviticus and Numbers, of the numbers of those people that fell, was overcome with all kinds of plagues and things, all because they looked at all this that God had done miraculously for them, and they could not see the purpose, they could not recognize God. So God gave them over to all kinds of trials and things that took them out by the thousands. I brought this out to try and show you God has a purpose in everything He allows, so now I am going to take you back to Isaiah 28. When they want to say that speaking in tongues is the initial evidence, go to the dictionary, see what the word initial actually is pointing to. It really means the one and only proof. When Peter preached on the day of Pentecost, he never did quote Isaiah because he knew it was all pointing to Joel. Let us read Isaiah 28, starting in the 8th verse. “For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean. Whom shall He teach knowledge? and whom shall He make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts.” Bring it to this age when you have in the world at large today, all kinds of people that have had their minds filled with all kinds of ideas of what it is, and what it is not. I just have to say it is a shame that people sit in congregations today, claiming to believe the word of God, and yet, if you have not spoken in tongues, you have nothing, according to them. They live like that, they think like that, they act like that, and all because they do not have a revelation of the scriptures they read. Brothers and Sisters: you cannot find the apostle Paul talking like that. Let us continue on here. “For precept must be upon precept, (I will say since the beginning of the Reformation, that is exactly what has been going on as God has slowly been restoring truth, a little here, a little there, for precept must be upon precept.) line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little: For with stammering lips and another tongue will He speak to this people. To whom He said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear.” That plainly tells you that there is a time coming when some will speak in tongues and others will not pay a bit of attention to it. Is that right? That is exactly what is going on in the Gentile world today. I will plainly say this, I believe in all the manifestations we read of in the scriptures, but let us not let our minds get hung up on one particular thing, and feel like it has to be that or nothing. Just look at this religious world we live in, all the many things that has been going on. People can boast of the various experiences, like, Well I lay on the floor for so long after I fell in the Spirit, or I ran in the spirit, I shouted in the spirit. Sure, all of that can be manifestations of the Spirit of God, but if somehow something genuine does not get down into the heart of such a person, that person just simply cannot live on the visible evidence of these things as though they got everything God has to offer. It simply comes down to this very fact, watch the life that is lived after such experiences, look at that life in the light of God’s Word. How steadfast is it? What kind of spiritual foundation does that life have?. Back in the 1960’s when Bro. William Branham was preaching the Church Ages, in December 1960, and then in 1963 here came the revelation of six Seals, so after that, here came people from all along the eastern portion of the nation, because they began to hear about Bro. William Branham and the ministry he had. Many of them were people that had come out of Pentecostal movements. They felt like they had something, and they felt like this man had a message they needed, so those people began to move here. You could hear them talk about the Holy Spirit, this and that. I am not looking back on that era to condemn and find fault. I have respect and appreciation for people with these kinds of experiences, but when you want to use these things as some kind of yardstick by how to measure everybody else, you are absolutely getting on the wrong track. Some of those people that moved into this area, came here, not because they were led here, but just because they felt obligated to other people. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been approached by some of the deacons of the Tabernacle, while we were sitting there with service going on, they would somehow get word that there was a family that just moved into the area, and were in need. They would ask, Can you contribute something to help these people. I will never forget one particular family that we not only helped to put them up after they got into the area, but that family was all over creation around here. They spoke in tongues also, but do you know, when Bro. William Branham moved west, they left the area and moved west also. I began to wonder, Are these people just following this man and not following God at all? I will always remember this one particular family that moved into this area. He ended up getting a house in New Middletown. That man was an expert at plastering walls, but he would get an idea that he was going on a missionary trip, and it was not because he was led by the Spirit of God: he would just take off. One time he left his wife and children in a house he had rented in New Middletown in the middle of winter. I heard they had no fuel, and no groceries. I wound up buying coal, taking it to the wife and getting groceries for them. That man, when he finally returned, never did show any respect for that. Months followed, and finally they left the area. I am saying these things to try to help some who will hear me. I am thankful to God today for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and I am so thankful for what that experience has taught me. It has taught me how to live and give place for the Word of God. When I look back through the years, from Oklahoma and Arkansas, they came by the car loads. They knew we lived close to the Tabernacle, so they stopped over at our place. I remember one night when we had twenty seven people sleeping in our beds and on our floors, because we were generous to all. We wanted to show Christian love, but they had come here to hear the great prophet, so when it was all over, my little wife and family did not amount to a dime’s worth of anything to them. This area has been full of this type of professed Christians, so we have had ample opportunity to learn some things first hand. Therefore as I stand here and look at you I must say, Speaking in tongues is a wonderful experience, but do not ever attempt to make that the one and only thing that proves you have the Holy Ghost. It is a sign, it is part of ones experience, but not the only sign. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God Himself, which can get inside of you and teach you, guide you, and show you how to be led by that Spirit. I look back and say, Lord, thank you for leading me and helping me through the many trials and tests, the problems we faced. I have seen my share of people who were quick to say, Oh they have the Holy Spirit: I heard them speak in tongues. That spirit within a believer will cause that person to live a proper life before others. Some of the things we would see them do, and the testimony they would leave wherever they went, was that they would use you and abuse you and then when they would leave, you would never see them anymore. Think about all of this as you continue on from here.


I realize I said something earlier, concerning the name of Cornelius, what it meant. I said it pretty loud, and maybe it sounded a little rough. I want to say a few more things before getting back to water baptism. There was a young man, who was a Greek descendent, he told me this, Cornelius is Greek. I have a history about the Roman Empire. The original founding of Rome was not one particular race of people. There is the mythical story about Remus and Romulus, the two brothers who survived by nursing from a wolf. In front of the old capital building in Rome there is a big female wolf in bronze, with two infant boys nursing from her. That is Roman mythology, but according to the history, as Rome began to become a city, it was far west from Athens, Macedonia, and those places of the far east Mediterranean. It tells the history of the many different kinds of people that began to make up the population of Rome. It said most of the bandits, cutthroats of the previous society here in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, eventually made their way into Rome, because it was a hideaway. You then had many other Macedonians, Greeks, and all, who were the original people that began the population of Rome in its growth. So you have to look at some of these names. The person might have been a Roman citizen, but whatever their descendants were, whether they were Greek or Macedonian, or whatever, usually that is what their names brought out. It is just like the name Jackson: Everyone jumps to the conclusion that it is English. But do not forget, some of them are Irish, some are Scottish. What am I saying? It is all from the same area of the British Isles. How many realize that? So is it with the Roman name: many of them were the ancient descendants of the ancient populations east of there. That is the way history brings it out. We must realize there were not only Macedonians, and different ones like that, but Grecians and so forth that made up early Rome. We do know that in the days when Rome did rule the world, her army was made up not only of Roman citizens, but there were German soldiers also in it. I said that to try to clarify why I said Cornelius was Greek. It is true, he was a Roman citizen and a commander in the Roman army. If you doubt that, I can bring the history to prove it to you. Rome was not made up of any one particular native people who were the parent structure. I just wanted to get that in, so we will now get back to the water baptism message.


I want to touch on some of the closing points, as we deal with this evidence thing; and especially from the beginning of the Reformation, wherever there was a manifestation of speaking in tongues, people jumped to a conclusion that it is the initial evidence. Why? Because the hour had not yet come, when God was going to straighten up those things. He was in the process of restoring truth to believers, putting truth back into proper application and fulfillment. Having said that, I will say this, It is right here in the end time, that He intends to straighten up everything that has been taken out of balance in the line of scriptures. As I read to you this morning from the book of Acts, in the 19th chapter, that Paul, when he came to Ephesus, found certain disciples, but they were the disciples of Apollos, who was a disciple of John the Baptist. He had baptized all of them in the baptism of repentance as John had. But when Paul asked the question, Have you received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? They said, we know not whether there be such a thing. So when Paul explained to them the meaning of this which they were dealing with, he then took every one of them out and re-baptized them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. As he prayed for them, they not only spoke in tongues, but they prophesied. Now you have two prophecies in fulfilment. Which one is the initial evidence? That is the point I want to place emphasis on, so we will now take it from that point, and when we go back into the book of Acts, here the disciples had come out of the upper room, speaking in other dialects, languages, but it was not unknown tongues: it was other dialects that were being spoken in and around the Mediterranean area. What did it say about those Jews? They were devout Jews out of every nation, that had come back to Jerusalem to keep the day of Pentecost, that special feast day, and what was the question they asked? What is this, seeing that we hear the wonderful words of God in the language wherein we were born, whether it is Rome, whether it is Greece, or where. There were different dialects of languages being spoken by the 120 Galilean Jews from the upper room, which knew nothing about speaking in other national tongues. All they knew was the Hebrew Galilean dialect. When Peter began to preach his message he plainly told them, This is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel, the 2nd chapter. When you turn there and read it, and you read the entire scope of it, you will find that Joel had prophesied, verses 28 and 29, “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. You can see there, two more things that it takes the Holy Spirit to do. It is not until we look over here in 1st Corinthians the 14th chapter, that we find the apostle Paul, as he is seeking to set proper order in the Church, and clarify the usage of tongues and what it is as a gift. He has told the Corinthian church, that if they come together and all are speaking in another language, will they not say that you are mad? What he was actually saying is, there is a proper order for all things. That is exactly the way it is in our era of Pentecost, especially in some of the backwoods churches where many times the preacher did not really know how to study the Bible and get a true picture, Therefore people were just left to run the aisle and speak in tongues without any teaching of scriptural order. Many times, if someone would say something about it they would hear, Oh you just want to quench the spirit. Keep in mind saints, that this church at Corinth had been established by the apostle Paul. Let me say this, Paul was not against the gifts because he taught the gifts, but he sure is not teaching the people just to let loose and let God have His way and do anything you want to do. That is not what he is talking about. The main thing is, Paul was not against the gifts, because he taught the proper use of the various gifts. In the 14th chapter, he is the first one actually in all the New Testament up until that time, that even goes back to the prophets and speaks about this thing of gifts, the tongues and all. Open your Bibles with me, to 1st Corinthians 14:21. He says, “In the law it is written, With men of other tongues and other lips will I speak unto this people; and yet for all that will they not hear me, saith the Lord.” That is exactly what happened on the day of Pentecost. All these disciples from the upper room were speaking in other languages, in other tongues. It was the visiting Jews out of other nations that were asking the question, What is this? When we go to the 2nd chapter of Acts, we hear the home town critics spouting off that unbelieving statement, Oh these are just drunk on new wine. That is all they knew about it. They did not have any scripture to explain it. Then when Peter gives an answer, did he go to Isaiah 20. He did not. He said, men and brethren, this is that which was spoken unto us by the prophet Joel. He is quoting from the 2nd chapter. In that, Joel had said that they would prophesy, young men would have visions, old men would dream dreams, and so forth. These are all manifestations of the same Holy Spirit. But when the apostle Paul is straightening up the usage, the conduct, to the Corinthian Church, here we find him going back into Isaiah and bringing it out of there. So he is saying here, God had already said in the law how He would speak to this people, yet for all this they would not believe. That is exactly what happened on the day of Pentecost. The home bunch heard this manifestation and could not explain it, but it was a Holy Spirit manifestation, a sign of the Spirit of God, that God was speaking through these people, to them, yet for all that they did not believe. They only said, they are just drunk on new wine. My point is, the apostle Paul is actually showing us the first time tongues was spoken of, by Isaiah the prophet, that it would be manifested. On the day of Pentecost it was. Just notice, when these devout Jews began to say, what is this, seeing we hear the wonderful works of God? It was the apostle Peter who goes to Joel the 2nd chapter and explains this manifestation by quoting Joel the 2nd chapter, this is that which the prophet Joel spoke. He did not say with stammering lips and men of other tongues, he said instead, in the last days I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy. That is quite a difference than speaking in tongues, isn’t it? The point is, I want you to know both prophecies have an important part to play in this. If we fail to get it balanced right, then we are guilty of following the tradition of ignorant men. They read the sign as it pleases the flesh and then go jumping and skipping down the road, Hallelujah, this is the Holy Ghost! Then you hear, This is the initial evidence. Well I have to say, Tongues is not the initial evidence of having the Holy Ghost. It is a sign, just like prophecy is a sign. Visions and dreams are also signs, but none of this is to be taught as the initial evidence. If you look back to the time Moses and Aaron were in the process of leading the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage, you will discover that the magicians under Satan’s power were able to duplicate everything Moses and Aaron did as a sign, with the exception of creating life. Therefore this is the way we have to look at the scriptures, that these things are signs, not evidence. The reason I say that, is because, in this end time, as God has brought a messenger and a message, whenever Bro. William Branham would say something like, Tongues is not the evidence, it seemed like some of those old Pentecostal fellows went up in the air, saying, Well he is wrong there. They take a traditional thing that they had played with so long and want to hang everything on it. My point is, that we are not living in the day and hour when we can play with terms. If there is going to be a living element of a Bride here in the end time, we have got to get this thing straightened out in our minds, what did it say, and what did it mean, and also what it did not say, and then lay all these traditions aside and get the truth straightened out in our mind. I have to say, Water baptism was a necessity from the very beginning of Pentecost, right straight on down through two thousand years of the Grace Age. It is true, scriptural water baptism in the denominational realm has been substituted by sprinkling. That is carnal man doing that, but that does not change the Bible. It does not change the authority nor the truth of the word. As God sent a messenger to this age, to restore us back to the truth taught by the apostolic fathers, water baptism was one thing that needed to be restored in its true scriptural application. I am thankful I was privileged to hear the man and hear how he said things, in order to let you and I know that all this traditional stuff that the denominational world has upheld, while they have become so modernistic in their ideas, that scriptural baptism is no longer important to them, not even necessary. That goes on especially in your charismatic part of the church world. I must say to you, It is a necessity, for us to understand what the scriptural truth is and let it be applied to our lives to get our hearts in line with the word of God. Jesus is coming back for a people whose lives have been lined up with the scriptures. As I begin to bring this to a close, we have to realize Joel mentioned three things as visible signs of the Holy Spirit. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, old men shall dream dreams, young men shall see visions. Right there, are three manifestations of the Holy Ghost, but which one is the initial evidence? When we see Paul explaining the usage of the gifts in the Church, he is the one that goes back to Isaiah 28, verses 8 thru 13, and shows to them how that gift of tongues was manifested on the day of Pentecost. It was a sign, but it was a prophetic sign and it had a dynamic purpose. As God manifested this through those disciples, those Galilean Jews that did not understand, did not believe anything of what was really being manifested. The fact that they disbelieved, criticized, and condemned it, just goes to show that you cannot pick out one of these things and say that is the initial evidence. It is a manifestation, it is a sign. Somewhere along the route all of this is going to be restored and cultivated within the mystical body of Christ. That is why, next Sunday, the Lord willing, I am going to begin a message on God restoring the body. He is going to restore it just as it pleases Him. That is why He sent a man with a message. I have read this and I want to clear it up tonight, when God sent His prophetic messenger to this age, he brought a true scriptural message that was to take these loose ends of what the Reformation has been used for and put them together, and put them back in the Bible, to get us back on the Bible path of what the Bible faith originally was. I have to realize when God took the man, He did not take him because all those things had been fulfilled. I have a reason and a purpose for saying this; and I will explain it.


When I look back at the years when God began to compel me to write and teach certain things, my message is not a bit different than what Bro. William Branham brought. I have heard some people say, Well it was good for its hour, but now we will take Bro. Jackson’s. You are misunderstanding me altogether. Let me say this, What he did and said was the beginning of the restoration of truth. While he did not live long enough to finish the ultimate purpose, I have to say as humble as I know how, that God has allowed me, by his divine grace, to pick up where Bro. William Branham left off. Therefore what I have taught through the years is no better and no bigger than what he brought. To me, it is a continuation of the one and selfsame thing, because the end result will be the same. Now let me say to those overseas, Wherever you may be, you may have a very unique way of wanting to say what Bro. William Branham brought is our absolute, but then some will say, Well, what Bro. Jackson brought is our absolute, but you who engage in that kind of statements do not know your Bible, so stop playing with ideas! I want to ask you a question. All the epistles in the New Testament, those that are written by Paul, What do you think Paul meant when he said, 1st Corinthians 11:1,“Be ye followers of me even as I also am of Christ?” What do you think he meant when He said to the Church at Philippi, (chapter 3;17-19) 17″Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample. 18(For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: 19Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.)? Be ye followers of me and mark them that do likewise as though you have us for an example. It all means this, you cannot see Christ in the flesh, you do not know what He looked like in the flesh. Do you? But we know from the writings in the Bible, He portrayed a character that is clean and upright and honest. He was a spiritual man. He was a manifestation of everything God wants you and me to be. So if Jesus is not here in the natural flesh that we can see Him as an example, just realize that when God reaches down here and gets many of us, lifts us up out of sin and unbelief and we follow Him in obedience in baptism, then He puts in us His Spirit. What does He do this for? Is it just so we can run the road, yell, and shout, and just make a noise? That spirit within you and I is the gift of eternal life, and the objective of it is to take the word that is written, that brings out character, how we are to conduct ourselves as the person we are, and by faith seek to apply a change to this fleshly person we are, and try to envision Jesus, that He can be molded in us. So I have to say, When Paul went to preach to the Gentiles in the different areas, and when he said to them, Be ye followers of me even as I am of Christ, we have a lot of people that are ignorant of the written Word. Well, bless God, I am not going to follow him, he is just a man. Shame on you. Let us not be so ignorant. If that man is living something that you know is the truth, it might behoove us to take the example. When I met the man, William Marrion Branham, I not only recognized him to be God’s prophet, but I saw a man that lived a simple, honest, upright life. All I had to do was watch him. I said in my heart, I want to take the things that this man lives and do my best to apply them to my own personal life, because I believe he conducted himself just exactly the way God would have him to. We cannot see Christ in the flesh, but if we can recognize Christ, how He has reproduced His attributes in other people, then God wants us to recognize that life and try to apply the example to ourselves. We have a lot of people in the denominational world today, that will copy almost anything because they do not see true exampleship. I have to say, People have gotten to the place today, that if they like you, they will follow you from here to who knows where, but if they do not like you, they look for every excuse to throw rocks at you, no matter how much truth you have. It just goes to show, they do not see Jesus. They only look for an element of flesh to follow after, flesh that attracts them and appeals to their own ideas. That is not supposed to be the way we live. From the least of us to the greatest, we are all supposed to be able to live and apply some conduct and behavior on our part that will cause other people to say, I cannot find a fault with the way he lives. It is not how super we might look, but it is how honest and sincere we are with living and carrying out what we do live. We are living in a day when God is going to restore His Church precisely, to what the original apostles preached. They preached a true revelation that does not need to be changed, but the church world in general, is getting further and further away from it every day. One night lately I happened to catch a little of TBN on the TV, and I am not belittling the people, they are doing what they do because they are ignorant of the truth. Oh how beautiful they sing though. They have to take their handkerchiefs and dab at the corner of their eyes, but when you look at the way they are dressed, how they fix their hair and the make up on their faces, you come to one conclusion, There is very little of a revelation of Jesus Christ in their lives. The natural minded man of the world is made to think they are wonderful people. In some ways maybe they are, but we are supposed to be the reproduction of Jesus Christ. That is exactly why we are to study this truth and do our best to apply it to our lives, so that our lives are a product of the regenerating and molding power of the spirit of Christ. We are expected to bear the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. I am very thankful for what God has allowed me to see and understand of His Word. When Bro. William Branham, many years ago, would deliver a message, how wonderful it was to hear him take the scriptures and use them to portray a beautiful picture. It was how he could explain them, that really captured your attention. I will never forget one time down in Carolina, it was just a weekend meeting they had, and on the first night he took the text where Jesus was in the boat and began to preach and tell certain things to the disciples. Bro. William Branham took the occasion, and as he was dramatizing this, it made you feel like you were sitting in that boat with Jesus. Then when He was telling the disciples what went on in certain periods of time, Bro. William Branham used that, and when the Holy Spirit began to use Bro. William Branham, and he began to reveal the secrets in peoples lives, it made you feel like you were re-living those days when Jesus Christ was here in the flesh, in the little boat with His disciples. His disciples were caught up and mystified with how Jesus explained in simplicity, the truth of that time. All of that was so wonderful, and so simple because it was the unadulterated truth for their hour of time. All of that was expanded as God revealed things to the apostles and anointed them to teach them, but one thing I want you to know for sure, nowhere in the Bible do you find anyone teaching anything about an initial evidence that someone has received the Holy Spirit. I believe we have already shown plain enough, that from a dictionary standpoint, that term points to the one and only. There is no verse of scripture that implies anything like that. How many can see that? I realize, that until the time came for the truth of it to be made known, if you would bring these things out, you only have an argument, you have people breaking up and running, stay away from that false prophet, he is against the Bible. We are not against the scriptures, but I am sure against a doctrine that is made out of a traditional thing and thousands of people have believed it, when it is not even that at all. So the reason I have used these things in this message, is to show you, wherever water baptism in the gospel age was ministered, it was necessary that the Holy Spirit be presented to the people and that they were to receive the Spirit by being obedient and baptized in water. I hope what I have said has been understood. I realize there are a lot of old timers that will shake their head and say, That can’t be so. I say, Yes it can be so, and it is. They will say, I have believed this way all my life. Well yes, but that does not make your traditional idea right. Any of you can go ahead and believe what you have been believing, but God will not accept you as bride candidates when you refuse to turn loose of non scriptural ideas. When I look back to 1952 the time when I was privileged to meet Bro. William Branham for the first time. I just have to say, Thank God. He let me see a man, and hear him preach, and I heard him take a story from the Bible and make it so real. When he was finished I said, This is that man that is to fulfill Malachi 4:5-6. A few weeks after that, he was talking about people receiving the Holy Spirit. I was sitting about the third row from the front. He looked over my way and said, This is good for you Methodists too. Well I could have become offended at that, but I didn’t. I only said, Lord, whatever is in your word and whatever is available, I want it.


A few weeks after Brother Branham said to me, This is good for you Methodists too, a Pentecostal evangelist came to Louisville. Bro. Glenn was going over to listen to him and wanted to know if I wanted to go along. I said yes. I went with him on this particular night. Up until this time I had never seen Bro. William Branham pray for the sick. As I went that night and saw this brother, he asked for those that were sick or crippled or anything to come forth. This certain woman walked up to that platform on crutches. He did not take the crutches and break them like Jack Cole would. He just took the crutches and laid them down nicely and took the woman by the hand and led her across the platform real slow. Then he said, follow me, he took her back across the whole platform. Ever once in awhile he would ask, How are you feeling? I could not tell what she was saying to him, but she was saying something. He led the woman back and forth about three or four times. Finally the last time he led her, he said, Now you go back by yourself. She walked just as straight back to the other side, just as if she had never needed crutches. That particular night when the service was over, for some reason or other, it fell my lot to walk out of that building right behind that woman, and she was carrying the crutches on her shoulder. She was walking just as straight as I was. That let me know God is still a miracle worker. The preacher announced a night or two after that, that on a certain night he would be praying for those that wanted the Holy Spirit in their life. He said, I am going to ask you, if you can possibly fast for a meal during the day, do so. I made up my mind that morning that I would not eat at all that day. I did not eat. I went back that night, determined, God I want the Holy Ghost, whatever measure you have for me. I got in that prayer line, and as I got within three or four persons from him, I began to feel something get hold of me and I got dizzy. When I got to him, he laid his hand on me and I heard him say, Lord, you have your hand on this man. Down I went. Bro. Glenn was right behind me. No sooner was I on the floor, the first thing that came to my mind was, I am a dignified Methodist, this does not look nice laying here on the floor like this, so I thought, I will get up. When that thought came into my mind and I tried to get my left elbow under me, I just simply could not do it. The more I tried, the less it accomplished. I felt like I weighed a ton. Finally the thought came to me, that he said God had His hand on me, so I just gave up. I have to tell you, the power of God began to surge through my body like electricity. In that building the lights all became as one, and everything began to go round and round. I did not know what was up and what was down. I lay there for several minutes and thought, If death could be like this, I am ready to go home to glory right now. Finally I heard the evangelist say, you can get up now. I thought, get up, I don’t know which way is up. Bro. Glenn helped me get on my feet. Brothers and Sisters: I am saying this to you, When I got up off the floor, I felt like ten million volts of electricity had gone through my body. I did not speak in tongues, prophesy, or anything like that, but I knew something supernatural had been in this vessel of clay. I knew that I had received something I had never received before. I began to thank God for giving me that gift of the Holy Spirit. As I studied more and more, I began to realize there are a lot of people out here that will never believe you received anything unless you have spoken in tongues. I began to make this promise before God, Lord, if you will let me speak in tongues or manifest it as a gift in my life, I promise I will never teach it as an evidence, because I know it is not an evidence. When we came to the year 1957, A.A. Allen was down in Evansville. I had been praying, Lord, if you will just let me get somewhere that I can see the gifts of the Spirit work, I feel like you will do something in my life to help me. Well one particular night we went. That night, there was a large crowd in the big tent. When the evangelist made the announcement that he would be praying for people that wanted more of the Holy Spirit in their life, I went up and joined that line. After awhile all the preachers on the platform, along with him, formed two rows. All those seeking something from the Lord began to walk between them. I finally realized myself, I am getting about five or six persons away from the preachers, I had my hands in the air and praying, Lord God, you know the desire of my heart. By the time I got up to those preachers, I had lost all sense of where I was. I was heading for the floor, a dirt floor. I heard the evangelist say, pick him up. So they picked me up by my shoulders and dragged me over and laid me down in some straw, face down. I had not lain there but a moment or two, and I did not feel electricity going through me, but I felt something deep down in my stomach begin to roll. As it began to roll, it was like a little rock, finally it came up to my throat area. As it began to roll from my throat out my mouth, it was a word, then here came another, an another word. I laid there on the straw with my face down, speaking in a dialect I had never spoke in. I said, Thank you God, you have heard my prayer. I laid there about fifteen or twenty minutes. I never felt electrified like I had before, so I do not want anyone telling me that you cannot receive the Holy Spirit without speaking in tongues. I know you can. That was the time God was going to answer my prayer and fill my heart’s desire. When I got up from there that night I realized He had let me speak in another dialect. I came home rejoicing within. The next day I wondered, Will I ever speak in tongues again? Saints, I have to say God knows the sincerity of your heart. One particular day when it was raining, I could not do anything out in the field, so I took the opportunity to go to the barn, where I got into the oats bin, which was about half filled with oats. I got in there on my knees and lifted my hands toward heaven and began to pray, and for about half an hour the Holy Spirit began to speak through my lips. I think I spoke in every dialect there ever was. No one but the angels in heaven heard me, but I say these things to you to explain, God knows exactly how to deal with your life. He knows how to manifest Himself to you, to establish you, to ground you, to help you in your sincerity, and how He wants you to live and walk with Him. I look back on those early days and say, Thank you, Lord. He gave me an understanding that settled me, which is, that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the living God, and that there are many manifestations of His presence within you. It takes all these things working, as He manifests them through the body of Christ, to make the body complete. Just watch what I tell you, Before the true Bride leaves here, every one of these things are going to be manifested precisely, accurately, exactly the way God has ordained them to work. I think I have said all I am going to say on this message, so I will close by saying, Scriptural water baptism is still a must. It is not a choice: it is a command. As long as God is still in the saving business, then it is important for all true believers to get baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. From that, you can believe that somewhere He will add the other portion according to His will and purpose, giving you the Holy Ghost as He chooses. May God be gracious to each of you. Amen.

2010-01-The Countdown Is On, Part 1