The Contender is a magazine published by Faith Assembly Church eight times each year and freely shared with thousands of subscribers around the world. It is our desire to stand for the truth of God’s revealed word and to share a message with you that is timely for the hour we are living in. If you have questions about the end time, a desire to have a closer walk with God, and want to understand the deep things of the Bible then you will find many answers in the pages of The Contender.

We consider it a great joy and privilege, to be a part of something that is bringing a true revelation of the Word of God to precious believers around this world. Every new issue is anxiously waited for, by those who find The Contender to be a source of truth that refreshes their Word-hungry soul. All glory, honor, worship and praise belongs to our Great God that created all things; and to His only begotten Son Jesus, that gave His life on that old cross to pay our sin debt once and for all. That is the message we enjoy bringing to all believers of His precious Word the world over. We wish God’s best to all who give Him first place in their life, is our prayer for all of you.

Our mailing of the papers, and the correspondence with saints that write and call, requires the cooperation of many of the saints at Faith Assembly. Everyone works together to make the paper available to all who desire to receive it, and to answer any questions that come in from those who need an answer to something. We have printed in The Contender all the major topics that Bro. Jackson has preached and taught on and we are currently working to publish the major topics that Bro. Allen is preaching; therefore most of your questions may have been answered in one or more of the printed messages.

Book of JudeJude 1:3

Beloved … it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

Recent Contenders

  • Revelation 10, Part 10: Rewards – November, 2018 (11/8/2018) - The rapture is very close to us. You may say, “Well Paul thought it was close in his day.” Paul did not know the end of it. Then he began to look at the rapture in a different way when he was getting ready to depart from this world. He began to see that it was in the future. In Thessalonians 4:1, he spoke believing he would still be alive. But then when you get to 2nd Timothy, you see realizes he will not be living when the rapture comes. But whenever we see today the things that are happening, which are a sign of the time we are living in, it lets you know that we are very near now. The things that were foretold in the scripture are coming to pass, so we can know we are not a thousand years off. No, it is much closer. I remember men preaching about the coming of the Lord when I was Methodist pastor. There was an older preacher who had retired, and had a doctor’s degree from college. I asked him to preach when he had come to visit his family. He said “The coming of the Lord is a thousand years away.” Some in the congregation knew that I had preached the coming of the Lord was nigh...
  • Revelation 10, Part 9: The Rapture – 2018, October (10/4/2018) - In the last edition, Bro. Allen was going over the scriptures which let us see the rapture of the Bride of Christ will come before the tribulation begins. We are picking up now where he left off. In my last message I touched on something that may not seem to be a part of the message, but really it is. I am looking at the rapture. I have some more scriptures I will go over on this topic. I was thinking about something I heard this week on the television. There was a certain program that came on and Jonathan Cahn was on it. He was talking about a Jewish wedding which is typed in Jesus’ illustration about the marriage supper. As we look at that, I thought I would deal with that a little bit, from the scriptures, to see what is promised for the saints of God in this hour. I am going to start my reading in Matthew 25...
  • Revelation 10, Part 8: The Millennium and Beyond – 2018, August (8/9/2018) - I want to show you this picture of the temple again. Now the water will come out of the temple area, by the side of the eastern door. Then it goes out and will flow down into the Kidron Valley. After you leave the temple area, there will be a cavern in there. The water will flow into that cavern, which it is very shallow at first, but it is a big stream. It will be very swift. Then it will go down into the valley, it mentions a thousand cubits, which will be fifteen hundred feet. Then it is getting deeper the further you get from the temple

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*It took several years of work to convert the back issues of The Contender into a digital format. The combined length of the converted editions are over six million words long. Some older editions have still not been converted.