Important Notice

Microsoft announced in 2017 that they will stop supporting Adobe Flash beginning in August 2019. You can read about that by clicking here. Flash is an older video playing technology that has been replaced by HTML5 video players. This may prevent you from being able to watch our live church services or access our archives.

How do you know if this problem affects you?
This problem will only affects people who use a Internet Explorer on a Windows computer. Tablets, phones and Macintosh Computers are not affected. If you get a blank white screen instead of a video player, then this problem is affecting you. In some cases, you may get an error message where you expected to see a video player.

How do you fix this problem?
If you have Windows 10, use the Edge web browser instead.
If you are watching on a device that has an older version of Windows (Windows XP, 7, 8, etc), you will need to download and install Google Chrome and being to use Chrome instead. You can download Chrome by clicking here.


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